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RE: =DF= ChickenCow (All Versions) Discussion Thread

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2/9/2016 14:40:32   

Alright, I finally managed to get the gold needed for the class(thanks for the tip, btw flashbang), and frankly, it was totally worth it!

As far as the blocking text and height, I can see where you guys are getting at. But at the same time, not only is the skill set a good notch above the ECCl class, but it also makes it feel a lot more powerful!

I absolutely love it!!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 126
6/23/2017 21:32:15   
hero of time drago

im trying to get the acc armor but I keep getting my but handed to me in the quest dose anyone have any ideas on how to help im lvl 82

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AQW  Post #: 127
6/23/2017 21:35:57   

@hero of time drago

max out your healing potions and your dragon's protect stat. then spam mad chickencow attack, healing only when absolutely necessary.
DF  Post #: 128
6/23/2017 21:47:26   
Cherubic Card

@hero of time drago @Greyor_42 I did the quest when I was pretty high-level, and well-kitted out, so I had that going for me. My biggest suggestion is if you're having a really hard time, untrain your stats, and pump your END and your main attacking stat. You don't need any WIS, as the Chickencow armor you're forced to use has very low mana costs. In addition, I utilized the Blade of Awe, which you can by from a guy named Eye-gor in the Book 3 Rosewood. It has a special that periodically regens your health and mana on-hit, and because the Mad Chickencow attack that you'll be spamming has 12 hits, there's a good chance of getting the regen at least once, if not twice during a turn.

That's my recommendation, one that requires significantly less time investment than Greyor's (no offense!) suggestion.
Post #: 129
6/23/2017 22:22:29   
hero of time drago

o I do have the elemental changing dragon scyth

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AQW  Post #: 130
6/23/2017 22:23:38   
Cherubic Card


The above is a comprehensive list of the best equipment for you level. A lot of it is honestly Deathknight Equipment. It requires a lot of farming, though there are DC versions, but seeing as you're earning ACC and not buying it, I'm assuming DCs aren't an option.

Max out your stuff, then if you do everything else, max your END and your STR/INT/DEX, whichever stat you use, then it should be cake.

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Post #: 131
6/24/2017 0:35:31   

Just equip on-hit healing weapon, you will manage with pretty much any kind of status distribution.
DF Epic  Post #: 132
6/24/2017 0:50:41   
hero of time drago

AQW  Post #: 133
3/2/2018 12:44:52   

Is the Ascended Chickencow Armour meant to make the hero look taller than everyone else XD. Just noticed it when I replayed "the Apprentice" quest with the armour on.
DF  Post #: 134
3/2/2018 12:48:33   

Yes, it is meant to make the Hero look tall, since the class is a demigod. And it's a pain.
Post #: 135
3/9/2018 4:10:39   

To beat the challenge of moocluckles, all you have to do is get either the Sun God Scythe or an Escelence Defender Dagger/Sword/Staff for the Hydra and the Dragonblaser or the Dragon Blade from Eyegor’s Replica Weapons in the area outside the Rose HQ trees. Upgrade your Healing potions, get the Rotten Hardtack and Seaweed, get 200 End/200 Luk/20 wis for level it players. Follow Greyor_42’s strategy of showing a healing weapon. Try to max out your resistance to the element of whichever monster annoys you the most. Bring a Fire, Water and Light Weapon. Spam the multi hit.
DF  Post #: 136
2/1/2021 15:30:56   

I will bring this topic back from the dead for a good cause.

I think a revamp for Ascended ChickenCow Lord should be in order, because the armor/class is horribly outdated for DF 2021, and especially, for the Inn.

why is it that way?

- High mana costs, tone them down by about 10%-15%.
- Very long cooldowns for most skills that don't justify
- the outdated damage values - all the burst skills feel very weak for DF 2021, their base damage needs to be increased.
- Mega laggy (although cool-looking) animations.
- Keelia's Superfried cow (stun skill) is quite laggy and could receive a reduced cooldown by 1-3 turns.
- Shield (Super ChickenCow Dance of Defense) is very weak - for 2 turns you get +140 Avoidance, which is extremely weak -

(as confirmed by the request to revamp Pyromancer, which is ever since one of the more OP classes in the game, because that class shared an even weaker shield)
practically all Inn bosses, even those that have aged poorly, basically ignore the shield if they use any sort of BtH buff, and even if they don't the coin flip for a hit will most likely fall on their side instead of yours.

- Blind skill (Blueberry Pie) doesn't compensate for the shield because of the long cooldown
- There is a need to increase the effect of the Egg of Mystery - boost debuff skill (say, -50%), but reduce duration by 1 turn as well as cooldown by a few turns.
- the only healing skill should have its' cooldown reduced at least by 3 turns. For the amount of possible heals that you get, I don't think its' justified to have such a long cooldown. Maybe add more hits to it, while lowering and retaining the same amount of healing and retaining the same amount of damage it does?
- self BtH & Boost buff skill (Summon Archimoodes?) should have the same treatment as the boost debuff skill - i.e., - reduce duration so you could use one or two of the burst skills, instead of trying to find the optimal skill rotation for the next 4 turns and maybe increase their effect (?).
- defense debuff skill (Chickcalf Horde) should get less hits but higher damage and reduce both M/P/M as well as B/P/D, otherwise, it just doesn't work for its' intended uses which is to say, debuffing bosses.
- remove the element-lock for the Spicy Wings - DoT skill, I don't even know why that is there; maybe slightly increase the DoT damage.
- Leave the ''Flee'' skill for meme purposes (Or don't).
- Leave the base attack, the Eggteors (multi-attack) and ChickenCow Bomb (175% damage) attacks as they are.

And before you say it - yes, I am well aware this was released as a joke armor. But that didn't prevent it from making it to Tier 3 and destroy things before the Inn became a thing.
Why am I writing all of this?
Because I think it is kind of shameful to just leave this cool armor in the dust collection corner. It should be brought back from the dead, considering the new options for special slotting among others, so it can be a proper Tier 3 armor.

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DF  Post #: 137
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