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Child of Moon

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5/27/2014 12:58:16   

Discussion thread here

Child of Moon


In the magical world Minland, live a slender, fragile, beautiful girl.She have silver in her blonde hair, her touching is delicate, her look is warm, like an angel,her smile is comely,her blood is red,like the rose,her eyes are blue, like the oceans.If once her tears touch the dead, the life will be recovered, to it.If once her blood touch the earth, the flowers of peace, will grow.Lynaria is her name.But her origins are a mystery.Townspeople whisper about she might be an angel,rumors say she is a fairy, others are saying that she is a goddess.....but, even she doesn't know, from where she is.
A griffin, with silver fathers and silver fur and also diamond claws is considered the "pet", of Lynaria. Her company, her friend.
She is 16 years old.
Her home is the nature, her friends are the animals.She is alone, but she never felt herself so.Nothing can sadden her.
Always she walks in towns, villages, on everyone's mind is the question:"Who is she?"

But, in that story, this will be revealed.

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5/27/2014 15:26:51   

The cognition

Two orphans live also in that world.The one is 15 years old, his name is Chase.The other is his younger brother who is 9 years old, his name is Steven.Their parents died because a dragon, when Chase had 9 years, and Steven 3.All what they had from their family is the pair of dagger of destiny, what is inherited from generation to generation.One pair has got Chase, and the other pair has got Steven.
Now, they live somewhere without house, alone.

But one day, they decided to go on a "trip", in Elyria, the magical forest.The two brothers though they will have more luck in a forest, what is filled up with magic, and plenty....

-Go, Steven, and gather some moss and grass, for a soft "bed".But don't go too far!-said Chase.He took his dagger and then said:
-I will go to cut some woods for fire, and for a shelter.After you had done, we will meet here, clear?-Steven just nodded.After a while, he lost.And he scratched his hand as well.He didn't knew what to do.Steven was desperate.He ran and ran everywhere he could,in attempt to find his brother.He screamed after him,but all these in vain.He couldn't find him.Steven seat under a tree, and tried to don't cry, to keep his cool.He was trembling.
And then, someone asked him:
-Why are you afraid?
-How do you know?How can you see me trembling from there?Are you a witch??!
-*smile*No, I can feel it.I'm Lynaria. And you, you are more scared than you look.Tell me, what is the problem.
-I....what?Umm....**sigh**well, I'm lost. I came here with my brother.He send me to gather grass and moss, but I lost.
-Sure he told you to don't go so far.
-*nod*I forget that...Now, I don't know where is he, and.....
-And where are you?What you must do?
-What???How..could you kno...you are a witch, aren't you?Stay away from me!!
-If I'd a witch, I could do that?-and she cured the wound from Steven's hand.
-Well...so, you aren't a witch.And then, what are you?A fairy?An angel?-Lynaria turned her head to right, and said:
-I don't know too.But what is important now, is to find your brother.
-So, you will help me? -Lynaria nodded.
-Thanks! -After a while, Lynaria stopped, and putted her right hand on the ground.
-We approach to your brother.I can feel it.I sense that your blood, is the same.-Chase gathered already the woods, and turned back to the place where he must meet with Steven long ago.After a while,he though Steven has lost,and went to search him.After a few minutes, Steven and Lynaria find Chase.
-At last, we find you!
-Wait, what?"We"?Who is she?
-She is Lynaria. She helped me to find you.
-Thanks, Lynaria! But where are my manners?I am Chase.And if you allow me to ask, who...are you?
-I...don't know...I want to find out my origins.I want to find out who am I.-and she went away.But Chase stopped her.
-Wait, wait wait wait w-w-w.You helped us, now is our turn.We may help you.Anyway, we don't have any better work to do.
-Seriously?Can you help me?But, this may be hard.And I don't want to put you in danger.
-Be sure we may help you.You can't go on your own.We may start tomorrow, early in the morning.
-Right, so, we meet tomorrow.
-Hmm...maybe you may remain with us.We must just made this shelter, gather some woods and moss.If you help us, this will work faster.You may stay here...at least for a night.

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5/28/2014 9:30:05   

The rune-stone

The dawn arrived.The shiny light pierced like a fire arrow, the darkness.Since Steven awoke, the adrenaline and the emotions struck him.He was thinking only on the adventure, what he'll have.Anyone was already awoke, except.....Chase, the most sleepy.
Steven went to the river.He took some water, and then he poured it on Chase.
Chase had a beautiful dream, but suddenly, he sensed the water, and heard a voice:

-G'day, Chase!-it was Steven.
-This is not funny!
-This is VERY funny! Anyway, are you ready for the greatest adventure?
-Right, let's begin.
-Yes!Let's begin!-said Steven very elated.And then, he ran and ran screaming:Let's begin!Let's begin!Let's begiiiiiiiiiin!-and then he turned back asking: ummm....guys..from where we start?
-Hmm...well, I know that my origins have a connection with the Moon.Here's the moon stone, on this are writed some runes.
-Let's figure out what is there written!This will be very eas....-as Chase saw how complicated are the runes, he stopped for a moment:wow..these runes are...pretty complicated.-Steven was sitting near Lynaria and Chase, saying:
-Are you done?Are you done?Are you done?Are y....
-Steven! If you want us to figure that out, let us try that in silence.....if you know what is that!
-*sigh*fiiiiiiiine...-and he sadly went away.After a while, Chase and Lynaria figured out the runes on the Moon stone.
-At last!-said Chase.-I think I upset Steven, but this will cheer up him.-and Chase went to him, and told the good news.
-Super!What are the runes saying?
-It says:"If once you will want to know your origins, follow the full light of the Moon.If once the Moon will disappear from the sky, touch that stone and your strength will arrive back."Lynaria, do you know what this mea....
-The full moon...and the eclipse.
-I told you that my origins have a connection with the Moon.Always, when is full Moon, I feel myself much better.I feel myself whole, complete.But if is a moon eclipse, I feel myself weak, I feel a huge hole in myself.-Steven remembered, that he heard the villagers talking about the next full moon, what will be "tomorrow".So, that day.
-I heard that the next full moon will be....tonight.We may start that today!!!

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5/29/2014 13:36:01   

The dream world

The full moon arrived. Lynaria felt more and more the moon.She felt more and more better, whole.And suddenly, the entire moon was on the sky.

-Do you feel something different?-asked Chase. Lynaria putted her hands in the air, just like when someone is crucified.
-I...I feel...somehow the moon..somehow much better...-she listened to the moon.She listened to the light.And suddenly, she fell in a sleep.

Lynaria awoke in a strange place.A place what was somehow between the human's mind, and somehow the real world.It was the dream world.
-W...where am I?Chase?Steven?
She saw a lot of doors, in every room was a dream.She opened a few doors, but didn't understand a thing.Everything was strange, dazing.She was walking everywhere, trying to get out.But.....

she saw a silhouette.She saw someone, but didn't knew who is it, cuz this person quickly leaved in a door. Lynaria heard just a voice after the person leaved what was saying:"find them, and start the next chapter."
-Wait, who are you?-said her.
Lynaria went in that door, to find out who is the mysterious person, but when she opened the door, she saw only a dream, and a nightmare. Lynaria decided to search Chase and Steven, how the voice said.She went over the bridge of night, over the plains of dreams, and passed the forest of nightmares.In the river of endless night, was Chase.When she caught his hand, Chase disappeared.But, what she didn't knew, is that she actually freed him.Suddenly, Lynaria saw Steven falling from the clouds of midnight.She caught him, but, like Chase, disappeared, but also freed him.
Lynaria felt something strange.She was leaving the dream world, just like Chase and Steven.
They awoke on the grass.

-W...what happened?-said Lynaria.-and why were you two with me...
-Wait a minute-said Chase.-you followed the light of the moon, just like the runes were saying, right?Hmm....this brought you to the world of dreams.It's possible that you may accidentally bring us with you?
-If the runes were saying to listen to the moon, what is seems it has brought you to the world of dreams, this mean you had something to do there.Do you saw something...a clue about your past?
-I saw....-Lynaria closed her eyes for a moment, and than said:I saw someone, what quickly disappeared, but was saying me:"find them, and begin the next chapter"This person must be a clue.It has a very familiar silhouette.I can't remember that to who is it resembling.
-Hmm....so we must begin the next chapter...right, so, from the first chapter of our adventure, you saw a familiar silhouette....noticed..
-You'll notice all what we will find, Chase?-asked Steven.
-To answer you, yes, yes I will.I don't want to miss any information.-Steven looked at the moon stone, and saw that the runes changed.
-Chase, Lynaria, come!...Look, the runes changed.
-Hmm...this must be the next chapter.Good....we will begin this tomorrow, because I'm tired.
-Me too!-said Steven and Lynaria at the same time.

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6/4/2014 9:12:35   

The stone-fall

Everyone awoke.
-*Gape*Right, Steven, gather some fruits from these trees, me and Lynaria will go for water.-after they ate, Steven immediately remembered that they have to decode the runes, and the adrenaline, and also the excitement were only on his mind.Chase and Lynaria take the moon stone and started to decode the runes.Steven went to them, but remembered what Chase said.
-Right, right.....I know, I must let you alone...in silence.
-Thanks....anyway, you may stay here, but don't interrupt us.-Steven was very happy, that he may watch them..and, moreover, he may helped Chase and Lynaria.
-Got it!-said Chase relieved.-It says:"East of Elyria, where the stones imitate the water what fall, there are written runes on the "stone-ball"."Hmm.....-Chase was thinking about the conundrum.-The stone-fall!

-You're right!-said Steven, and remembered, that truly, the stone-fall, is where they once saw a stone in the form of a ball.
-And, for what are we waiting?Let's go!-said Chase.The road to the stone-fall was PRETTY long, but, as they was walking to east, they heard more and more loudly, the stone-fall.And in the sunset they arrived.Steven saw the river-stone, and then he followed only with his eyes the direction of the stone-river, and then saw the stone-fall.
-Right, we are here.So, let's search the ball-stone.-said Chase.Steven tripped into a stone, and when he turned his head to see in what was he tripped, he saw a rotund stone.
-Is this the.....-and he rotated the stone, and saw that is completely rotund, and also saw some runes.
-I think I find it.Come!
-Good job, Steven!-said Chase and Lynaria.
-Well, let's decode these.-said Lynaria.This work was pretty hard, cuz the loudly sound of the stones disturbed a little bit them.After they almost decoded all the runes, Steven observed that slowly the night arrived, and the moon wasn't on the sky.Later, he saw that is a moon eclipse, what wasn't some very good news.Steven said scared:
-Not now, Steven, we are almost ready....
-But Chase....
-Wait just a little bit...
-But, Chase...
-Ok, we are ready!The runes were saying only the letter "G" and the letter "O".Noticed.Now, say, what?What was so important?
-That!-and he showed the moon eclipse to Chase. Lynaria fell in knees.
-The runes were saying you must touch the moon stone in a moon ecl.....-and she didn't heard more. Lynaria fainted.She fell in the stone-fall.

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6/6/2014 9:36:36   


As Chase saw Lynaria falling in the stone-fall, he caught her hand, but he tripped in a stone and fell with her.....Steven did exactly the same....he caught Chase's hand....and....eh....so all three fell in the stone-fall.
But they had still hope.
-*KREOW!* *KREOW!*-shouted someone, or...something.It was the silvery griffin, what is in fact, Lynaria's friend.So, the rumors were right, this majestic animal is truly a friend of Lynaria.It caught them up.
-Thanks goodness!!!!-said Chase and Steven RELIEVED.And, after a few minutes, Lynaria awoke.
-**gasp**W.....what happened?Luna?
-Wait.First of all-and he took his notice book-a griffin named Luna.Noticed.
-He,he is my friend.From long ago.
-Lynaria,-and Chase started to tell all what happened. Lynaria was wondering for a short time and then asked:
-Anyway, what are saying the next runes?-and they started to decode them.When the griffin arrived back to the place where the "shelter" was, they decoded the runes.
-Steven, come!This is interesting.-said Chase. Lynaria read what was written:
-It reads:"To begin the next chapter, the light and the darkness must meet."
-Hmm....-Chase was thinking about that, and than said:
-Wait a minute!The two runes from the stone-fall!The runes what once decoded is "G", represents the darkness, and the other what once decoded is "O", represents the light.
-I don't know if this is right, or from where do you know that , but let's try it.-said Steven.
-Right.....-and Chase touched the "darkness rune", with the "light rune".A huge, bright light appeared, and.......


Chase awoke in a hot place.A place where everywhere were flames.As he awoke, he sensed the fire, the hotness.
He was thinking:"Is this the hell?"
And he realized that Steven and Lynaria weren't with him.And also that he was in the fire realm.
-Lynaria!Steven!-shouted him.He ran everywhere to search them,and screamed after them, but vainly.And then, he saw something big.Something with 3 horns.Something red.Something with a wicked face.Something what approached to him.It was .. a .. DRAGON!*Dun dun dun!*
This was the being what was Chase afraid by mostly. *Dun dun dun!*
Well, everyone is afraid by dragon, but Chase is more afraid by dragons than everyone.This beast killed his parents.. *Dun dun dun!*

Enough!Who put this annoying sound?!
*Dun dun dun!*
Henry, take a break.

So, where I was?Ah, yes..
So, as Chase saw the dragon, the dread and the fear hit him.
"I can beat that beast!I can do it!"-was he thinking.He took his dagger.THE DAGGER OF DESTINY.
He pierced the dragons feet, he pierced, pulled his tail.As the dragon tried to bite him, Chase pulled out a tooth from it.And then, he trowed the dagger to the dragon, and the beast died.
The dragon disappeared.
It seems it was just an illusion to beat his fear.
When the dragon disappeared, another rune appeared.Chase took it.
And then.....and then he was free.....


Steven awoke in strange place.A place, what was empty, what was unknown, what was kinda dark.A dark purple "skin", a dark purple "color", a dark purple "being" lied in the background.
The eyes watched him."Everyone" watched him.Even...even if he was alone.Alone, somewhere in the void.
Yes, he was in the void.
Even he don't saw the eyes, he felt followed, by someone, or something.He felt alone, but chased.
-Chase?!Lynaria?!Where is everyone?!-shouted him.-What the......-and he saw Chase, for a second, and then saw him disappearing.It looks like his fear was to be alone.To be forsaken, by the single one who he know.His brother.
He remained alone.This...was his biggest fear..
He was thinking:"Right, right Steven.Don't panic, don't panic....you are not alone...you are just....here..in this... creepy place...*sigh*How this could be possible?"
He was really scared.He couldn't calm himself.Only the fear was on his mind.Only, the though that he will remain alone.
-I know!-said him relieved.-I must think like Chase.What would say Chase?Hmm.....-he was thinking for a minute, and than he said, relieved:
-"Steven, you're not alone.If once we will be far away from each other, know that I will be, somehow always near you."Would say him.-and he was thinking with loud voice:"In fact, he really said that."-And in that moment, Steven looked to the necklace, what Chase added to him, to remember that he is not alone.He remembered, that his brother will always be near him.
He beat his fear too, just like Chase.
Appeared a rune to him too.He took it.
And, Steven was free......


Lynaria awoke in a cold, frozen place.She was somewhere, where the frost, the ice itself lied.Somewhere, where was nothing warm, nothing soft, nothing hot, nothing pleasant.
There was nothing.....good.Only her heart was the only thing, what was warm.This was the Ice realm, what is also named as the "Frozen heart".Of course, it is a frozen heart.There was no hope, no humility, no love, no pleasant, no goodness, no joy, no kindness.It was endless, desolate.
Lynaria searched everywhere Steven and Chase, but, just like her friends, this was vainly.She decided to search in another place, when she saw....
she saw someone dark.She saw someone evil.Someone who approached to her.
It was Yahor, the god of death. Lynaria heard a little voice, a whisper what was saying:"Come with your family."Looks like Lynaria was afraid about she might be the daughter of the god of death, or the god of darkness, or the goddess of evil, or.....
Even she have a connection with the moon, this thought remained on her mind.
She was going backward, but as she saw the evil god following her, she stopped and than she was thinking:"I must accept who am I!From where am I!Even...even I don't agree!However, I know a thing!I am not one of the darkness!"
And the god disappeared.Another rune appeared.
Lynaria took it.
And then, ....and then she was free......

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6/11/2014 7:33:35   

Your past

Everyone awoke on the grass, in the sunset.
-Another teleporting?Seriously?Seriously, again?-said Chase, a bit annoyed, but elated, and also happy, cuz he beat his fear.
-Well, everyone were face to face with it's fear?-asked Steven, hoping, that he wasn't the single one who was face to face with it's nightmare.
-I was!
-Me too!-said Lynaria and Chase, wondering.
-Hey, look!-said Chase, and he showed the rune, what he got.
-I gotta a rune-stone too.-said Steven staring.
-Me too-said Lynaria.
-Hmm....wait, if we do that....and that....with a little bit....hmm.....-was Chase thinking about how to decode the runes.-Right, let's start decoding that, TOGETHER.-This wasn't pretty easy.The runes were very complicated, and all that took approximate an hour.....
-Right Steven, we are done.My rune is saying the letter "D", Lynaria's rune is saying another "D".And your, once decoded is saying the letter "E".-said Chase.-We will start the next chapter tomorrow, cuz the night will arrive soon, and we must make now the fire.
Later, very late, when Steven was sleeping long ago, Chase saw Lynaria with tearful eyes,looking to the fire..Chase went near Lynaria.
-Hey, are you alright?
-Yes...just...it's a little bit hard to be always far, from the family.
-I know exactly how is this feeling.....but, what happened....I mean, you don't remember anything from your past?
-I remember....just...I remember only...only Luna.I remember that he was always near me, when I needed help.He is my friend, since I born...but.....no...I don't remember anything...but, what about you?
-...Was...was a calm, cool night, in my village.I had 8 years...and, Steven 3..I remember, that I awoke to drink some water...when I saw...I saw...in the window, something big..outside..... ... ..and...and suddenly...I saw a flame...a flame, what spread....quickly..I awoke Steven....and...when we went to our parents....they....*sigh*.....they were....lost..The only thing what remained, was....the dagger of destiny.The dragon burned the house, and...and only me and Steven survived that.
-I imagine how hard must be.-Chase did a weak nod.-But...from where do you knew, that the runes represented the light and the darkness?
-Mom and dad were saying me...a lot about the mythologies....Look!Do you see that?-and he showed the magic, what was everywhere in the enchanted forest, Elyria.
-I...I can sense it.
-This forest was named by the goddess of magic, Elyria. Somewhere....somewhere really close....she is listening to all what happen..here.-Steven was sleeping, but, he awoke for a second...he heard all what Chase and Lynaria were saying.

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