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What is Humanity?

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6/4/2014 14:38:06   
Lord Coake

Prologue: How The World Came to Be

"It all started in 2110. That's when the United Nations finally failed. There were a number of things that caused it, all of which are unimportant. What's important is the resulting war between the United North American Commonwealth(a hybrid nation of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.) and the Socialist Union of North Asia.(a hybrid of Russia, North Korea, and China.)

The war would eventually boil down to the remaining nations being absorbed into the larger two, leading to a two-nation Earth, and a stalemate. By 2120, both nations had gotten desperate, and began to delve into a new side of weapons: Genetics-altering Chemicals.

These weapons were designed with only one purpose, to alter the genetics of the opposing side in order to disable them from fighting. By 2125, both sides' versions were ready. No one knows whose weapons went off first, all we know is the aftermath.

A large amount of people were horribly disfigured in the immediate days, dropping the total population from 11 Billion to 8.3 billion in a week. Those who lived did not suffer any effects until around a year later.
Then the true results began to pour in. Humans had begun to change into something that originally only existed in Science-Fiction stories: Humanoid Animals.

It was entirely random as to who became what animal, but almost no one was spared. The two nations collapsed entirely, leaving the world in a Post-Apocalyptic scenario in which many new 'nations' arose.

All history before the war was forgotten, most of the world was set back to a tech level similar to the years 2010-2015. As for those humans left unchanged, they began to reproduce, and now they make up around 20-28% of the population.

Various species of the new Humanoid Animals began to form 'single-species nations', in which the founding species Reigned Supreme, and all others were seen as 2nd-class, or sometimes slaves. There also became a new hobby: Raiding. A Moderate amount of the populace turned to this, making an unarmed person's life a living Hell.

Now, the year is 2137, and I think to myself: What is Humanity?" - Excerpt from the Journal of Jason Smith, former United North American Commonwealth soldier, found in a destroyed bunker by an unknown scavenger.
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6/4/2014 20:18:28   
Lord Coake

Chapter 1: A Big Discovery

"Look, I don't care how many Soap Bars they charged you in Tok City for a box of .223 Rounds! Here, it's 50 a box, no more, no less." said the Arms Merchant to Nikolai. Nikolai, a fearsome-looking German Shepherd, snarled at the Man, a short Persian cat. He then mumbled "Fine. I'll take 2 boxes of ammo, and...uh.....How much for that gizmo over there?" The merchant looked at the cube-like object to which Nikoli indicated and said "That old thing? It's some kind of Pre-Chemicals relic. I think they called it a "Holo Projector", or something like that. You can go ahead and take it, I've got no use for it." Nikolai grabbed the object, payed the man for the ammunition, and left.

Once outside, Nikolai stopped to admire the beauty of his home city, Yoham. Many of the smaller residential and business buildings had been restored, while the larger buildings, such as older corporate skyscrapers, remained in the same shape of disrepair as they had been since the end of The War. He gave a happy sigh, and began to walk back to his home. Along the way, he purchased a fresh apple from an outdoor fruit stand, run by a nice Rottweiler woman. He stopped and chit-chatted with her for about a minute, then resumed his return home.

Nikolai eventually reached his home, a small, one bedroom, one bathroom house on the outskirts of the city. He stowed away his AR-15 rifle, changed out of his makeshift combat armor into clothing, and sat down in an armchair. He pulled out the strange object the merchant had called a "Holo Projector", and fiddled with it a bit. He turned a few knobs, pushed a few buttons, but nothing seemed to happen. Little to Nikolai's knowledge, a projection was slowly being turned on and warmed up. Nikolai shrugged, and set the Holo Projector down. He stood up, and was preparing to head for his kitchen, when the cube began to buzz. He turned towards it, and reached out to poke it. Just before his hand reached the cube, an Image of a Human Male wearing a Pre-Chemicals Socialist Union Military dress uniform appeared. Nikolai lept back in shock, but was very intrigued when the image began to speak.

"Greetings. I am Major Dimitri of the Socialist Union of North Asia's Armed forces. If you are hearing this, then our new Gene-Chemical Bombs were either a success, or a catastrophic failure. Either way, this message is extremely important to anyone alive. There is a large supply stash, hidden under a city called 'Aomori' in the S.U.N.A. Territory of Japan. It contains munitions, weapons, food, water, hygiene supplies, clothing, and building supplies. Our hope is that whoever finds it puts it to good use." Nikolai noticed that the machine had stopped talking, and that the man had been replaced with a map of what he assumed was Japan. He felt that it looked familiar, and quickly pulled out a map of the nation in which Yoham resided, Nipon. They were extremely similar, with the upper half of Japan coinciding with the Rival Nation of Jinan. He noted that Aomori was in the center of Jinan. He knew that reaching that supply stash would be extremely difficult, due to the large amount of wasteland in between Yoham and there, and the border skirmishes currently happening between the two nations. He decided that, if he were to go after this stash, he would need some assistance, and he knew just where to find some......
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6/5/2014 13:19:02   
Lord Coake

Chapter 2: Assistance Needed

Nikolai had decided to search for help at the local Club. Called 'The Fighting Den', it's been known to serve as a hangout for all sorts of mercs and bodyguards. Nikolai knew it would be the perfect place for finding some extra firepower. As he arrived, he noticed a Tiger being tossed out into the street by a pair of Siberian Husky Bouncers. One of them spat at the man and shouted "And don't come back!" The man mumbled a few short obscenities under his breath, and turned to Nikolai saying "Whaddaya looking at?!" Nikolai apologized to the man, and quickly entered the Club. He immediately noticed a large Grizzly Bear sitting in a corner, armed to the teeth with firearms. Nikolai decided to approach him, and see if he was looking for work.

"Hello, I'm Nikolai. By the look of things, I'm guessing you're a merc. You wouldn't happen to be looking for a job, would ya?" asked Nikolai. The bear looked at him and said "Bro, you whacked up. I can't understand what chu sayin'. Sound's like Russian or sumthin. Chu speak english?" Nikolai was now very confused. He thought to himself 'Whacked up'? 'Bro?' He must be one of the Outsiders who came in by boat from The West. I wonder if he speaks Handspeak? Nikolai then made the handspeak gestures for "Are you a merc?", which only made the Bear more confused. He called over one of his friends, a female Leopard. She said "Relax, Carlos, I speak some Russian. He said his name is Nikolai, he thinks we're mercenaries, and wonders if we need a job." She turned to Nikolai and said "Lucky for you, we ARE mercs, and yes, we need a job. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you use Soap Bars as currency here, correct?" Nikolai gave a relieved sign and said "Finally, an Outsider who makes sense. To answer your question: Yes, we use Soap Bars for money. Unfortunately, I'm running low at the moment." The woman started to turn away, but Nikolai quickly spoke up "However if you hear me out and listen to the job offer, you might still want to help. I have this Pre-Chemicals Holo Projector here that details the location of a stash of supplies capable of supporting a whole town hidden in the Nation of Jinan, far north of here. You help me, and you can have half of the supplies to keep as pay. Deal?" The Leopard Woman looked at him and said "I'm game, but I'm not sure about Carlos. I'll have to talk to him about it." Nikolai nodded, and the woman turned and began talking to Carlos.

Across the Club, in a corner table, 3 men, all Norwegian Brown Rats in black suits, were eavesdropping on the conversation. They used a device designed to translate the languages, and were able to understand everything said. After Nikolai had shared the stash info, the three men began quietly discussing it.

Back at the table where Nikolai stood, Carlos and the Leopard were having a slightly heated conversation. "Look, Carlos. He is willing to split the loot as long as we help him. Imagine if we had those supplies! We could save the whole town." "I get dat, but what good are supplies without any cash to go wit it? How we supposed to get back to town?" "We could always trade a small portion of the supplies for passage, then use the rest to help Pecaro. I say we do it." "Fine, chu win Abby. We'll do it, but I'mma keep my eye on him." The leopard turned back to Nikolai and spoke. "We've reached an agreement. We'll help you. By the way, My name's Abby. I believe I already told you he was Carlos. We're from a small town across the ocean called 'Pecaro'." Nikolai responded by saying "Nice to meet you, Abby. Now, tell me, what kind of weapons do you two use?" Abby gestured to Carlos and said "He prefers larger weapons, such as a M60 light machine gun or a Missile Launcher. I prefer longer range combat, so I carry a Remington 700 rifle. What about you?" Nikolai gestured to the AR-15 on his back and said "That's Vera. She's gotten me out of more than a few tight situations. Now, if you're ready, lets get going. I'd like to get to Tok City by the end of tomorrow." Abby nodded, gestured for Carlos to follow, and walked with Nikolai out of the Club.

After they left, one of the three Rats that had been listening in pulled out a phone, dialed a number, and began to speak. "Sir, we've got a lead. Three mercs planning on crossing the border through Tok City, and heading for the stash. Yes, sir. Understood, sir." He then hung up the phone, signaled the other two to follow him out the door. They stepped outside, and began to tail Nikolai's group.
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