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The Forest of Ryphtine

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7/9/2014 8:20:18   

Đīūī thŕđ


.....he kept running. But as the night arrived above his head the ground disappeared under his legs.
He fell somewhere, somehow.It was cold, it was dark, it was silent.And it was desolate.At least, that was what he though.Suddenly, something, or someone, interrupt the silence. Some grows he could hear.
He knew he's not alone, and something , is coming more and more closely to him.Even though he didn't saw a thing, he felt their moves.He felt that they are going to attack him. But, his slash saved him from the things that wanted to attack him."Who....what are you?" he asked angry, and then he slashed another one with his blade. He tried to not show his fear, keep his cool."Argh!"shouted him. A spear pierced him brutally.
"Die!Die at once!"
"The more correct term for that would be "Die again!" Said a female voice, and then she slayed another creature.
"Those are undeads!"
"Wait, you can see in the dark?"Said Ethan, while he tried to touch something with his right hand, to know where he is.And, suddenly, his hand stopped.He touched someone."AAHH!It's burning!"shouted her."...Did you put that hand in the lava?!"
"Sorry for that, it's a long story, but now...careful!"
"Easy to say if you're not burned till bleeding!"
"Don't worry"
He blocked a blow by a skeleton.He tried to fight with all the undeads, and defend the girl too."the burn from my hand should end after a while."and he slayed a pile of skeletons wildly. Ethan cleared the path.But, more undeads were coming.And he knew that.Outside, a blast could be heard.
"Ugh!...some undead pierced the two.And then....someone came, but the two....fainted.

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Chapter 1
~Same paths~

He awoke between two distant walls, and on a soft bed.""What...what is this place? Where am I?" said Ethan, while he got out from his bed, and looked around. As he looked outside trough the window, he saw nobody. But as he turned his head left, he saw the door what leaded outside his room. For him it was like an escape door.
He ran down the stairs. As he arrived at the downstairs he saw someone, and also a placard what was saying:"WELCOME TO THE LUNA INN!"And then, he knew that the person, is the innkeeper."Good day!You must be the one lost, from the last night."said her."W..what??How do you kn.....by the way!Last night I saw someone...well, it was dark, I didn't saw a thing, however, I saw a female silhouette. Do you know something about her?But, first, tell me how I get here, and what was the place last night?Anyway, what was with that blast?And why there's no body at the village?"
"So many questions to answer.Looks like this place is totally new for you. ..The place in what you was last night, it was a cursed,underground crypt.No one should be in that place.It is very dangerous.As I heard some voices, I was sure that someone is in.I came with helps to bring you two out, but when I arrived you fainted."looks like Ethan fainted because the wounds caused by the undeads."And about that girl..." she smiled. "why don't you search out her?"and she leaved, somewhere. Ethan noticed, that she still didn't revealed him, why isn't anybody in the village.What was with that blast, last night. Maybe she didn't knew.Maybe she don't wanted to told him.Maybe she don't wanted to talk about that...everything was so new for him.

He ran back to his room, and then, he saw another person.A girl, with long, blonde hair, with a blue rose in it what was covering her ears, and a harsh, but comely looking. Her wearing was a sky-blue dress what was almost touching the ground."Who.Are.You?" she asked, with a mixture of anger and surprising in her tone.
"That voice..."said him quiet. "you are the one from the last night! I remember you!"
"I...I remember you."
As Ethan saw the blue rose from the girl's hair, he took his sword.
"Wait!You are one of the realm of Mystin?!" said him with a hatred in his voice.The realm of Mystin, and the realm of Imperia have a conflict from centuries.The blue rose is a symbol of the realm of Mystin. Ethan observed the girl's origins immediately he saw the rose.
"If you're one of Imperia..." she took her sword. then you're my enemy! she sensed the pain of the wounds, in her every movement. But, she didn't care. Then Ethan was thinking for a moment, and then he let down his blade.
"...But...no.. I have never understand. Why are we enemies? Can't we just put away the sword, and end the struggle? We may end the war. That, if you want, too." the girl stayed for a moment motionless. But, the silence ended as she bashed grossly Ethan.
"No! You're my foe, and you always will be!"
"I will not harm you!"
"Too bad I will!" and she tried to attack him again, but Ethan dodged it.
"You're not my enemy!
"Do you think I will fell for that?" and she jabbed him away. Ethan slipped. Hardly, he get up, and said with anger in his voice:
"I don't wanted to do that, but you forced me!" and he slashed the girl.
".... What are you waiting for? Kill me! That's what you want anyway!"
"I am not going to kill you. How I said before, I don't want to harm you.I don't see the sense of this war." and he stretched his hand to her. The girl was thinking for a moment on trusting him or not, then... she believed Ethan. The girl smiled a bit, and then, Ethan knew that she is trusting him. Then he helped her up, from the ground.
"I-- ..you said that burn ends in time.." said her softly, and put her hand to her chest, where the wound was.
"Well, if the burn is at your heart...then this will be harder....but, I know how to right this."
"Anyway, what was you searching last night, in the crypt?" Ethan felt himself left behind, because everyone knew about that cursed, underground crypt, except him.
"I was...lost." said him, with an unsure voice, causing the girl guess he hide something.That he didn't told all.
"But, what about you?" she sighed.
"Always everyone were saying me "Don't do this!" "Be careful!" "You will hurt yourself!" "Do not make this!" "Little girl...."And finally, I can change that. Finally, I am free to live.It's like I get out from some chains. I have begun my journey.And sometimes, I fell that something mystic calls me. Black magic.. /..Good magic. I feel a bound to them in myself. I felt some sort of magic in that crypt.Even though it was black magic. It called me, somehow..." she closed her eyes for a moment.
"But, where are my manners?My name is Sofy.
"My name's Ethan.My real destination is the forest of Ryphtine." Said him, with a pretty quiet voice, what hided something. Something what he won't tell her. But, she knew that. As she heard what he said, he knew that he didn't tell him everything, but in the same time, she was surprised.
"Really? That's exactly where I am going." Sofy didn't believe in coincidences.She knew that something is happening.She considered Ethan really a strange one.A strange character, with all the things, what he hides, with that weird, burning hand, and the same destination, like her.
"I feel...a bound to that forest. It's like something calls me there."
"But, last time you listened to the magic, you get hurt.
"It was black magic. The black magic never leads you to good. But, In that forest, there's only good magic.
"We may go together, but..."
"...I am the "lonely" one.." said him, but then a thought crossed his mind.He felt something new. For the first time he felt that he don't want to do something, alone. They sensed a hatred, but an attraction to each other.
"..Better we go together.You know, if something happen, we may help each other.Anyway, I am going to help you. I know how to cure that wound." Sofy was a bit relieved, but again, she considered him weird.Who changes it's decisions so fast?And however, why?She still didn't understand him.
"Then, let's go!"
As they get outside, they didn't saw anyone, except a very old man.
"W...what happened here? Why is this village so desolate?There's nobody."
"The spirits" said the old man with a harsh, old voice.
"Last night, the spirits from the Totem island where here...no one should be outside.Be in a sure place.Beware.And lower your voice when you talk about that.They could be back.
"The blast from the last night..... said Ethan quiet. He realized, that the spirits made that mystic blast..
"Wait, if no one should be here, outside, why are you here?" The old man said nothing. He hided something, just like Ethan.
And why attack the spirits here?
"That's a question for what the answer you have to discover by yourself, young lady." and the old man leaved in a pale smoke cloud.
"You've heard the old man, there might be spirits.Get your weapon ready. Sofy?" she was lost deeply in her thoughts.
"I have heard you, but they're spirits!I can't slay, hit or pierce them!

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8/3/2014 15:41:51   

Chapter 2:
~The blizzard~

As the two leaved the village, they heard some whispers, they sensed some breaths on their necks. Nor Ethan or Sofy dared to mention it. They though a single word could enrage, and in the end, summon the spirits.
So, the two walked forward slowly, quiet, without a word.
Then at every step the whispers became more and more loud, scary, and the air became cold as ice.
The fear overtaken the girl, causing her to talk about her fear.
"Umm....Ethan... do you remember what the old man was saying?" said her with a pretty quiet voice.
"About the spirits?"
"Y-yes. And what if.... they're here?"
"No way!" Tried him to calm the girl, and himself. That was what he wanted to tough. But, the truth is, that he was afraid by that as well.
"He said that the spirits has attacked the village. Not that desolate road."
"Well, then what are those whispers? said her, and then she felt another breath on her neck. This time, that was so cold, just like the air. A storm begun. The ravens has started to squawk.
And then something pale appeared in front of them. Some sort of a wraith. They could see trough it, yet it was visible. It was a spirit.

"Please told me that is just an apparition.." Ethan took his sword quickly, but with the fear what pushed him, it was hard. He though that if he takes his looking a second from the spirit, it will attack him. Then as he grabbed his blade, he tried to bash the ghost. But the sword went through it.
"Oh bravo, genius!"
"Got a better idea?" and he took away his sword.
"Well, ho can you beat a ghost?' mean, what's their weakness?" and she dodged a dark magic. Then more ghosts came. Their form were angry, raging, and scary. The fear has moved in their very heart.
"I don't know! Maybe, holy things, water, dark, fire, or in the best cases, an aspirator."
"Got an aspirator? Or some sort of magic?"
Sofy closed her eyes. She had a red necklace, in form of a cross. She was concentrating about something....something lost. Something dear to her. And she let her bright necklace, waving by the winds of the storm.
"Umm....Sofy! What are you doing? Beware!" and he dodged another black magic. But Sofy didn't heard a thing from the outside world.
As the dark spirits saw the holy cross they grunted, then leaved. The storm stopped then.
"Well, what was that?"
"Love may chase away a ghost. That cross, is a symbol of the celestial realm, and the only remembrance from my mom." said her smiling, but with a tear in the corner of her eye. Then she went forward.
"Wait, wait! What happened? Have you lost your mom?"
"I....let's go forward." and she went slowly further. Ethan stopped a bit. He was thinking for a moment about what said Sofy. Then he caught her up.
As Ethan and Sofy get at the end of the road, they didn't saw a thing. A thick fog was covering all what was in the background. Only the top of the mountains of Hirue could be seen. Those great mountains are so high, that they passed the clouds, and the fog. Everywhere was snow, ice, coldness.
As they went forward, their steps became more and more hard.
As the time passed, slowly a huge blizzard begun his start. Slowly, it became more and more massive, large. They could breathe more and more hardly, and every breath was cold as ice.
"That's the hugest blizzard I've ever seen!It's--really...." she coughed hardly. Her voice was almost frozen. hard!"
"Hold on!! Just....a bit!"
And he hardly, trough the snow and the fog, Ethan saw a cave, in the ice mountains. They narrowly could keep their eyes open.
"All right. There is a cave.We may stay there, until that blizzard ends...give your hand."
Sofy caught Ethan's hand, and they went to the cave. Every motion was so hard to did. Yet they arrived. Probably the true will hold them into the cave. The whistling of the blizzard faded a bit as they get in the cave, but the massive snow still grew outside. Fortunately, the huge blizzard couldn't reach them in the cave.
"Woah....looks like we will stay here a while. That storm will not stop soon."
"If we--if we melt the ice from the ground, we may make a fire."
"And, how is supposed to make a fire??Just look around!"
"Use that burning hand!"
"Oh, well..." he put his hand on the ground, and the ice was slowly melting. After a while, a perfect, dry place for fire has done. Then, he tighten his fist for a few minutes. He sensed the heat how gathers into his fist. Then a huge flame opened his palm. The fire was done. Ethan set it slowly on the ground. It was burning, shining on it. It was like the single source of life from that cold, frosty storm.
They sat near the fire, but the girl still trembled. As Ethan saw her cowering, he went at Sofy. He put his arms around her.
"You warm enough?"
"Thanks." with a warm smile she looked at him.

As the night arrived, the storm grew so much, so the night couldn't be seed. It was so silence, that the cracking fire and their breaths were loud.
"So...what was you meaning early? Have you....have you lost your mom? Tell me." Sofy looked at her necklace for a moment, remembering something. Then she sighed.
" All what I remember, is that it was a war.-begun her, staring to the fire. I remember some splendid, green magic, in the background. It was, the nature. It was, the forest. The forest of Riphtyne. That's why I want to reach that place. I think it is connected to my home, and my family. The realm of Mystin isn't my real home. I only have adoptive parents."
"But...you don't remember nothing about your mother?"
"I remember a comely person, rocking me in the time of the war."
"I guess I know from where you inherited that comely looking." Sofy smiled weakly.
"Look, I want to reveal you something. I...I am not...exactly a human."
"Then what?"
"I am a part elf."
"W...what...?" he paused for a moment.
"I don't blame you. I know how is when you are excluded, just because you're different."
"Anyway." she looked to Ethan.
"I have told you my story. Now, tell me yours."
"Better go to sleep." said him. He felt that he could be sincerely with her, but even so, something whispered to him, to not tell her. He don't wanted to talk about that. It was a painful mind.

After a while, when Sofy was already sleeping, Ethan was thinking deeply on what Sofy was saying to him, and about how they can go forward, in a blizzard like that.
Then the storm brought some small, cold, light blue pieces in Ethan's palm.
Ethan tighten them in his fist.
"Oh no..." said him quiet, very worried. The fear get down from his head to his stomach. His heart begun to beat quickly. As the pieces fell in his hands, he knew that they're shards, from the stone blizzard. The stone blizzard, known as the icy agate, too, is a fragile stone, what once broken, it causes the mightiest blizzard. That is the first relic bound to Evil. Alas, the blizzard never stops, it grows from minute to minute. It might frozen an entire realm, destroy completely a region.
"Sofy...Sofy wake up!" sad him, while he moved her delicately.
"I didn't slept. I can't."
"Well, we have a problem here." Sofy got up.
"What is it?
"That blizzard...it is not what it seems. It is..."
"Please, get to the subject."
"The thing is... the blizzard stone has been broken by someone.."
"What?! Great! Now, what do we do? Conform the legend that blizzard is capable to frozen a heart."
"We have to pass it."
"Easier to say than to done." and suddenly the fire extinguished.
"Look, I have got a mythos book. he had one, indeed. It was a book with hard cover, and a star on it, in which was scratched "The Land Of Seven Stars".
"It writes about every being and every thing what exists in the Land Of Seven Stars. Now, the chapter 14 writes about the icy agate. Look, here. he showed her the chapter. Their papers were oldish, but still really resistant. At the end, it writes about how to stop it."
"Right. And what is it saying?"
"It says:
"Only the ones with pure heart can pass the blizzard, and only the love may stop it, forever." We have to try."

"Let's do that!" said her really with an unsure, but definitely voice. Both were afraid by the icy beast from outside, what was waiting for them, but they knew that they don't have any choice.
Sofy caught Ethan's hand, then they get out from the cave. The great snow hit them suddenly as they get outside. Nothing could be seen. Their every steps looked like were vainly. Like none step approached them outside the storm, on that endless, desolate landscape. Though it was to step on the mountain's hard terrain.
The seconds were like minutes, the minutes were like hours..
Ethan sensed how the girl trembled, just as him. Then she left his hand. She fell.
"I-I can't keep this. Leav-ve me here... I..I will b-be all right." Ethan went near her. He caught her hand, he looked into her eyes.
"I will not leave you here." and the blizzard stopped. They were surprised, but they were too glad to think about that. They get up. Sofy hugged Ethan. A tear was in her eye.
"Thank you for remaining with me."
"Don't worry. I am here."

After some moments, someone interrupt the silence.
"HA HA HA HA! The danger didn't ended yet, humans!"

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Chapter 3
~The old one~

And there it was. A beast with horns like a ram's, with fangs of a wolf, with a mind poisoned by anger, and a stone heart inside it's chest. Apparently, it looked like with the might of a dragon.
It was like in it's eyes could be still seen a bit of good.
"You humans are just as a pile of dust, blown away by the winds of my great destiny!" it told his words, with a monstruos voice.
The fear begun to lurk in their heart, however, the courage hold them in battle.
"Do you really think you have a chance against me?HAHAHAHA! So pathetic!" every sword went trough it, every knife threw was burnt, and every try was vainly.
"Who are you anyways? What do you want?"
"Who am I? I am the might what no one of you humans have unlocked!" it hurled it's flame at them wildly, angrily.
With every blow dodged, the beast's wrath grew.
"I will smash the life from your bones!" the land of the icy, snowy, mountain made the battle against the monster harder.
"Fear my magic!" as the dark magic what he threw hit them, their fear grew bigger, also with the beast's power.

"Arrgh! The beast is to strong."
"This ends now!"
But even with any try failed, giving up it wasn't a choice for them.
"You can't feel my power! How do you think you can defeat ME? I will destroy all what is good, especially, you two!"
"What? So, you was the one who has broken the icy agate?!"
"HAHA! That would be good. But no." Sofie turned her sword to the beast.
"Don't lie to me! Speak!"
"How do you dare to adress me with such a tone?" another wave of black magic was threw by the beast to her, what stoled the girls energy.
"You'll be burned!" bigger become their fear, and so bigger became the monsters's power.
"Wait, it is feeding with fear! Don't be afraid by it!" Ethan turned his head to the beast. "You are no more than a being made by fear! Fear and anger! Nothing more....!"
"SILENCE!" It threw it's wrath, in a form of darkness, leaving him weak.
"Now, with him down, only you remained!" the beast went to the girl slowly, tasting it's close victory. It thigten it's fist, ready to burn the girl. But then, Ethan's true words crossed her mind. Then she knew that she has nothing to be afraid off.
Then Ethan got up from the icy ground, with the same thinking just as Sophie's. And the monster became weaker from moment to moment.
"NOOOOOOooo!" it just fell. As weak as it was, it couldn't do anything, than watch them with it's eyes, in what the anger could be seen.
"You have won this time! But remember, that is not over yet! No one will escape! NO ONE!" and it leaved within a winter breeze.

"All right, who was that?"
"I have no idea, but whoever it was, it is not human."

After thinking deeply a moment on what just happened, they have leaved the great mountain of Hirue.
As their steps hold them further, they could see some woods. It was dry, desolate, old, forgotten by time. It's trees, plants were spiny, however, everything was calm.
Knowing that it was the only way getting further, they've entered.
Not even the wind breezed there. The grass was dry, almost dead. However, every wood, every plant was hidding a secret.
But, even so, the rays of the sun just barely entered trough the woods, making the forest dark.
"I don't think we'll find anything here." said Ethan, on a normal tone, what in the deep silence looked almost as a shouting. Sofy nodded, a bit careless.
Neither animals were through that forest.
Within almost every step they stepped on the dry branches, that caused an echo.
A graveyard was in the wood's neighbourhood. Then sofy stopped in her steps.

"Sshh! Can't you hear that?" Ethan looked around.
"Hear what?"
"Hush a bit..." after a short while, a childlish laugh Sofy could hear. However, Ethan still haven't heard anything. The voices were thiny, like a little girl's, that looked familiar to Sofy.
"Someone is trapped here."
"What? And it couldn't be a little kid playing here?"
"So, a little child in a gloomy forest like that? I'm going to search out it. She ran forward, leaving the voices guiding her. After a few steps, she truned her head back.
"Are you coming?" agreeing with her, Ethan ran forward, in attempt to catch up the girl. He though he could help someone, during his journey.

Hours passed, and the night slowly arrived. The forest became pitch darkness. They still haven't find anyone, anything.
And, they still haven't get out from those woods.
"Look, there's pitch darkness, we won't find anyone."
"Maybe you just heard some voices...it's normal if you're tired."
"Yeah....maybe, I've exaggerated..."
"But..I don't know, it looked so familiar."
"Look, we'll continue this tomorrow. But, now, better go to sleep."

M...mom? Is...is it you?
Who are you?
I... you don't recognize me?
Should I?
I am...I am your daughter.
Sorry, I don't have a daughter...I...
I think I would remember that.
I don't know who you are!
Wait! Where did you go?
Ethan? Mom?
She doesn't know you anymore!
What? Ethan...I... help me, please...
Why I should help you? You said I'm your enemy. You with your own will!
Don't remember? Don't remember?
Yes, but...I...
We are enemies, As you said.
That's why I'll finish you!

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! she awoke up gasping, still sitting, but with her hands supported on the ground.
"Can't sleep?"
"No..." said her, after her shock passed her.

"Don't wanna make a campfire and disscuss a bit?"
"Sure." said her with a warm smile.

Ethan made the campfire, just as he made the first. This time, it was larger, thanks to the dry branches, that lied on the ground.

"So, what was with that scream before?"
"I....these day, I have only nightmares."
"Ethan... what...what if my mom abandoned me with a reason? What if she hates me? What if I meet her, and she'll pretend I don't know her." Ethan was thinknig for a moment.
"You don't know what happened. Only she knows. It deserves to try." begun him, with his words comforting her.
"If you don't try, you'll miss her anyway."
"Now...you can be the one who faced it's fear, or that one who ran away from them."
"You're right..."

"You have to try."
"You know what to do, now. Now, clear your mind, calm your spirit. Take a deep breath."

A while ended, and she calmed down at last.
Then she was thinking about Ethan.

"So, will you tell your story?"
"....maybe, on day... and he put another piece of wood on the fire. Then he put his burning hand in the fire because of the anger, what his dark memories created.
Sophie still didn't understood him.
Then Ethan looked at the graveyard, and he saw somebody. Someone who looked odd to him. He sensed a negative energy coming from it, just as from the undeads from the cursed crypt.
"...nothing..." he won't tell her about what he saw. He though she'll consider it as someone "graving".
But, he felt something odd at it.

Then both could hear some steps, that approached to them.

"What are you doing here young ones?" an old women appeared in front of them.
"We...we are just somewhat passing through."

"Don't have to stay here. I have an inn nearby. You can stay with me till tomorrow."
An inn sounded better than a forest that's pitch dark, and a soft bed than the hard ground.

"It would be good, thank you." the old one smiled, then guided them to the inn.

And as when they arrived there, a divine dinner has been prepared. With every [spoon] they've sensed how it calmed down their mind. It was like the black thoughts leaved them.

"This recipe was my mom's. I still remember how we were waiting for it, when we were children.
"I had two older brothers. Both leaved me, but I can still hear their whispers..."

While eating, they've told all that they were trough, to the wise one.

"I see..."
"The stars aren't lying. You will discover on your own, what are you capable off. They were given to us to add light, and to illuminate our way. When troubles overtakes you, remember that there is still hope. When sadness fills your heart, remember that there is always light. And when you feel lost, believe in yourself, little elf and knight."
"Wait, you knew?"
"Ohh, I haven't born yesterday. Believe that everything is possible. Even the past can overtake the future, even the light may born in the shadows, and even death may be life...

Not finished yet...

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