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(DF) Azan's Quests and Sagas

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9/25/2014 20:55:38   

Discussion/insults thread here!

Table of contents

A questchain I wrote after reading the Hunger Games series. I figured that after everything they have been through, the Hero would have just as many nightmares, fears and crushing guilt as Katniss - and probably even more. I also wanted to experiment the idea that there was a villain out there who was really trying to help, even if misguided.

I. Gathering of Shadows
II. Banquet of the Dead
III. The HeroSlayer
IV. The SoulGem
V. Fairy Dust
VI. Dark Essences
VII. Half-eaten Sandwich
VIII. Showdown
IX. Another Hero
X. The One Stick
XI. Riddles in the Dark
XII. The Last Battle

Every AdventureQuest Classic player knows the iconic super uber beast Carnax, the Destroyer of Talados. I thought it would be great to import the story of him and his creator, Makkisar, into DragonFable, with the addition of elements unique to DF, of course! Please note that this was written before Elryn was revealed as a character in the Espina Rosa saga.

I. The Blue Scroll
II. Loremaster
III. Asking for Directions
IV. The Icebound Land
V. The Icebound Temple
VI. Seeking Answers
VII. Doomwood's Mists
VIII. Mountainbound Temple
IX. The Storm
X. The Summoning
XI. Controlling the Scourge
XII. War of the Great Scourge
XIII. Chasing the Wizard

A questchain I wrote after reading through a thread in the DFGD: The reason Ash failed replacing the Hero. A lot of forumites pointed out that Ash was never meant to replace us, but to protect his home, Falconreach. I found the idea good and decided to write a questchain about what turned Ash from the Book 1 Puny Pip Squeak into the Book 3 Hero of Light.

I. The New Hero
II. The Saviour
III. Journeying South
IV. Invasion
V. The Necromancer
VI. Apprentice
VII. Assault
VIII. Darkness
IX. Seeking Light
X. The Archknight

A mini-questchain quite unlike everything I wrote so far. This one is done in an April Fools style, so expect 0% seriousness and 150% derp! What else would you expect when playing a game of Scrabble against the Boxcat Verlyrus?

I. An Unexpected Memeting
II. Derpstroying Villains
III. Derpnapped!

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9/25/2014 20:59:57   

HeroSlayer Questchain
I. Gathering of Shadows

Location: Falconreach -> Twilly
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Ravenloss Saga, Book 3, and Final 13th Saga, Book 1

Objective: Shadows are gathering in Surewould.
Objective completed: You have a very bad feeling...

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(7) Manahunter
(5) Manahuntress
(5) Energizer


Twilly: Something strange is happening, <You>...

• Quest!
• Back

The scene shows Surewould, above the trees. From a distance, dark clouds are gathering in the sky. The scene changes to the Hero, kneeling besides Twilly's stump.

Twilly: Very dark things are going on, <You>! Twillies is afraid.
Twilly: It's been three days since these clouds appeared, and now they're even thickier.
<You>: Don't you worry. I'm not sure who is behind these shadows in the sky, but I'll go investigate in Surewould.

Quest in Surewould. You battle Rose members until you get to the waterfall where Cinquefoil stands, but there's no Cin.

The scene shows the Hero running in the screen from the left, and three Manahunters running in the screen from the right.

Manahunter 1: Ha! There you are, magic-user!
<You>: Stop! I mean no harm... this time! I just wanted to know who was behind these shadows over the woods.
Manahunter 3: Like you didn't know, you liar! It's the manifestation of a powerful dark mage's presence. We're hunting him, or her, or it.
Manahunter 2: Wait, I think I know your face. You're <You>, right?
<You>: Yes, that's me. And I don't like it when dark mages appear near Falconreach, so if you'd just let me hunt it down...
Manahunter 3: Hunt it down? Ha! Hunt down a dark mage like you hunted down the Shadowscythe? Like you hunted down the Great Fire Dragon, of the Rift Creatures?
Manahunter 1: You let your town, and a good part of Greenguard Kingdom, be destroyed a number of times. Now the Rose is the hero, and we're doing a better job.
Manahunter 1: Don't meddle in our affairs, and let us do the work you cannot do.
Manahunter 2: Wait. Should we really let <gender (him, her)> go? It's been a long time since I wanted to give that "hero" a lesson...
<You>: A lesson? And for what exactly?

The camera closes up on Manahunter 2's face.

Manahunter 2: Because once, I had a sister in Ashenvale.

• Battle!

You battle against the three Manahunters.

The scene shows the Manahunters fleeing.

<You>: They don't realize how stupid they sound. Actually blaming me for the troubles in Lore... how ungrateful.

The screen starts blackening.

<You>: Now what is that...
(text bubble without a name): <You>.
<You>: Who's speaking? Show yourself!
(text bubble without a name): I am your nightmares...

• Complete quest

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1/9/2015 18:41:21   

HeroSlayer Questchain
II. Banquet of the Dead

Location: Falconreach -> Twilly
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of "Gathering of Shadows"

Objective: Is this a nightmare?
Objective completed: Oh no...

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(5) Undead fighter
(5) Zombie
(1) Ghost of Sha'Rae
(1) Ghost of Valencia
(1) Ghost of Konnan
(1) Ghost of Demento
(1) Ghost of Xan
(1) Ghost of Sepulchure
(1) Ghost of Celestia




• Quest!
• Back

The scene shows the Hero in defensive stance, where they were at the end of the last quest.

<You>: My... my nightmares?

The background fades and is replaced by a banquet-room in a castle. There are long tables with food, and undead are feasting.

<You>: W... w... what?!?
(text bubble without a name, coming from the far right): Ah! <You>, Hero of Lore! We were waiting for you!

The scene changes to a front view of the head table. There sit the ghosts of Trey, Sha'Rae, Konnan and Demento. In the center, in a great chair, sits the ghost of Celestia.

Celestia: Welcome, <You>, to the Banquet of the Dead.
<You>: Celestia! What... what's happening?

Laughter comes from the undead.

Celestia: Those who you failed to save are feasting here together. Look at every one of us.
<You>: Alright, this... this must be a nightmare...

Another wave of laughter comes from the undead.

Trey: You did not save me.
<You>: But...
Sha’Rae: You did not save me.
Konnan: You did not save my family from Akriloth.
<You>: I...
Demento: You did not save me from Drakonnan.
<You>: Demento, I...
Celestia: The dead shall have their revenge.

You battle Undead, Zombies, Ghost of Valencia, Ghost of Sha’Rae, Ghost of Drakonnan and Ghost of Demento.

The dark background changes to the ruins of the old Falconreach after Xan’s attack. Just like in the boss fight of this war, Xan stands here.

Xan: Hahahahahahahah! Your town is in ruins!

You battle Ghost of Xan. When at 50% HP, he kills you with a single fireball.

Xan: Pathetic little “hero”.

You are fully healed. The background changes to Falconreach during the Final 13th War. Xan changes to Sepulchure.

Sepulchure: What did you do when my undead army conquered Lore?
Sepulchure: What did you do when I stole the Elemental Orbs?
Sepulchure: In the end, Drakath was better than you.
Sepulchure: Ha! Pathetic little “hero”.
<You>: Stop it! I did my best to...
Sepulchure: You cannot save the ones you love.

You battle Ghost of Sepulchure. He’s undefeatable.

Sepulchure: Your circle of allies grows smaller, <You>.

The background changes to Sunbreeze Grove. Sepulchure changes to Celestia.

Celestia: You did not save me.
<You>: No, no, no! I tried to save everyone! I...
Celestia: You failed.

You battle Ghost of Celestia. She’s undefeatable.

The background changes back to the dark. Tomix appears.

<You>: Oh, no... oh, no...

The camera closes on a front view of Tomix’s face. He opens his eyes, they are green with the symbol of Envy.

<You>: No! TOMIX!

The screen goes all black.

• Complete Quest
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1/9/2015 18:42:40   

HeroSlayer Questchain
III. The HeroSlayer

Location: Falconreach -> Twilly
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of "Banquet of the Dead"

Objective: The HeroSlayer arrives.
Objective completed: You have three days.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(5) Manahunter
(5) Manahuntress
(5) Energizer




• Quest!
• Back

The scene shows the Hero, alone near the waterfall, in crouching position. Undefined shadows are moving around.

<You>: Oh, no... oh, no...
<You>: No! TOMIX!

The camera closes on the Hero's face. They open their eyes. The camera covers the whole scene again, and the undefined shadows vanish.

<You>: It... it was just a nightmare...
<You>: Tomix... Celestia... I...
<You>: I wonder how much time I've spent lying there...

The Hero gets in standing position. A flash of darkness emerges from the water and engulfs the screen. The screen returns to normal, and facing the Hero is a figure in a black armor wielding a blade from which black smoke rises.

<You>: ...
(text bubble without a name): <You>, Hero of Lore. It was time we met.
<You>: Who... are you?
(text bubble without a name): I am known by many names. You can call me the HeroSlayer.
<You>: I’m... not sure I like that name.
HeroSlayer: Just like the others.
<You>: First, nightmares, then you... what is going on exactly?
HeroSlayer: Ah, the nightmares. It was something of mine.
<You>: You... sent me this dark dream?
HeroSlayer: Yes. Let’s talk.

The Hero gets in defensive stance.

<You>: I definitely don’t want to talk to anyone named “HeroSlayer”. And if you sent me this terrible dream, you are going to regret it. Dearly.
HeroSlayer: Oh, I was not asking for your permission.

The HeroSlayer raises his blade. A gust of dark wind makes the weapon in the Hero’s hand disappear.

HeroSlayer: Stay calm now.
<You>: Who... who are you exactly?
HeroSlayer: Let's start by the beginning... once, I was a Hero just like you. I had my own city to protect, in a land you do not know.
HeroSlayer: Just like you... I was the idol of my people. Every time a threat came, I was there to save the day.
HeroSlayer: But then, the Great Darkness arrived.
<You>: The Great Darkness? Do you mean the dragon that ate the sun?
HeroSlayer: No. The Great Darkness before, the one that led to the creation of the elemental orbs.
HeroSlayer: When the shadows flooded the land... as usual, my people expected me to save everybody.
HeroSlayer: Hah. What could I do, alone against the Darkness? I failed.
HeroSlayer: I was taken as captive for the next years. The shadows tortured me with dark dreams, night and day.
HeroSlayer: They let me watch as the scattered remains of my people fled their home. The survivors were... cursing me. Blaming me for my failure. Some even said I ran away.
HeroSlayer: Because this is what happens to heroes like you and I. One day, something happens and everybody forgets the good deeds we have done.
<You>: It’s not true... I...
HeroSlayer: Not true? How many of the Roses that want to take you as captive have you saved from countless wars? You just met three who openly blamed you for the Ashenvale disaster.
HeroSlayer: And some of those that side with you are nearly as ungrateful.

The scene changes to the first floor of Sulen’Eska (before the shroomcase), with Paina Jainen.

Paina Jainen: Can you really be trusted...

The scene changes to Lanrete in Ravenloss.

Lanrete: Oooh, you are the one who's been doing nothing these past years, while Rose gained more influence. Great job with that.

The scene goes back to the Hero and the HeroSlayer.

<You>: But...
HeroSlayer: No but. The people who criticize you for your mistakes are often those who never did anything heroic.
HeroSlayer: I know your mistakes. And you don’t have to be sorry for them. I understand you cannot save everyone.
HeroSlayer: But one day or another, something will happen and you will lose everyone’s respect. Everyone’s love. That always happens to heroes like you and I.
HeroSlayer: I am here to save you from your kin's hatred, <You>.
<You>: To save... me?
HeroSlayer: Yes. I am the HeroSlayer, but by slaying heroes, I save them.
HeroSlayer: I escaped the shadows of the Great Darkness with my new powers and roamed Lore for hundreds of years, searching for heroes like you.
HeroSlayer: Every one tried to resist. But in the end, their souls are now with me, in my blade. Hundreds of past heroes I have freed from their coming doom.
HeroSlayer: Now they are happy, and they help me in my quest. Join me. Join them. We are your new family, and we have come to save you.
<You>: And... you think you will save me by trapping me into a weapon?
<You>: What about my friends? Did you think that I would not, perhaps, want to spend my days with them instead of having my soul in your blade?
HeroSlayer: You will get to see your friends again, <You>. I am not heartless.
HeroSlayer: I will let you go and enjoy yourself for three days. Then, I will save you.
HeroSlayer: You will realize, sooner or later, that my way is best for you. You will see no more of your friends die.
HeroSlayer: Go. Return to Falconreach. I don't think your way is clear of enemies though... ungrateful men and women which you have saved before...

The HeroSlayer vanishes.

Quest in Surewould, from the waterfall to Falconreach's gates. Once you get to the gates, your quest is completed.
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1/9/2015 18:47:30   

HeroSlayer Questchain
IV. The SoulGem

Location: Falconreach -> Twilly
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of "The HeroSlayer"

Objective: How can you save your soul?
Objective completed: Go collect the reagents!

Scaled Yes/No: N/A




Twilly: <You>! You're back!

• Quest!
• Back

The scene shows the Hero, Ash and Twilly in Falconreach.

<You>: ... and then, he told me I had three days, then he’d trap my soul into a weapon.
Ash: That’s... quite a strange way of thinking.
<You>: I know. He looks convinced he is here to save me from my heroic existence. Apparently, he did so with many other heroes of the past.
Twilly: Oh noes... what can we do?
<You>: If only we had a way to prevent him from stealing my soul... don’t we have some artifact to nullify his power or something?
Ash: I don’t know any...

Cysero appears in a flash of green.

<You>: Cysero?
Cysero: Yo!
Cysero: I heard you want something to keep your soul!
<You>: How exactly did you hear...
Cysero: My shop is, what, ten feet from Twilly’s stump? If you had to spend your days standing with a house-vendor orb in front of your door, you would be listening to other people’s conversations, too.
Cysero: You wouldn’t imagine how boring the house-vendor orb is. And when I tried to work on it so I could play tic-tac-toe with it to kill time...
Cysero: It kinda started acting weird. Instead of selling houses in Falconreach, it sold houses in Baconreach.
Cysero: Boy, Zeuster got sooo mad after me...
<You>: Ahem. You were talking about something to keep my soul.
Cysero: Oh right! Yeah, I have something for you.

The camera closes on a profile view on him. He raises his hand, and in his palm is a pale gem.

Cysero: This is called a SoulGem! It used to place a protection veil on your soul so nobody can steal it, but now its power has faded.
<You>: ... great. How useful.
Cysero: Don’t be afraid! I can repower it. With a charged SoulGem, if your mind is strong, nobody can steal your soul. However, I’ll need some reagents.
<You>: What reagents?
Cysero: First, head to the elemental plains. I need a bottle of fairy dust.
Cysero: Second, head to the Deadlands. I need the essence of 15 darkness elementals.
Cysero: Then, you can go to the Rosewood and find a sandwich half-eaten by a sneevil.
<You>: Find a what?!
Cysero: Hey. I didn’t invent magic, okay? Reagents can be weird, sometimes.
<You>: Um... okay, alright.

Nothing happens for two seconds.

Cysero: Well, what are you waiting for?
<You>: Right. Let’s go.

• Complete Quest
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HeroSlayer Questchain
V. Fairy Dust

Location: Falconreach -> Twilly
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of "SoulGem"

Objective: Gather Fairy Dust for the SoulGem!
Objective completed: You now have a bag full of Fairy Dust. Hopefully that will be enough for the SoulGem!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(X) Manahunter
(X) Minx Fairy
(X) Sylphdrake
(X) Ribald



Twilly: Go gather fairy dust, <You>!

• Quest!
• Back

A random dungeon in the fairy grove. You battle monsters until you get to the completion point.
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1/9/2015 18:50:26   

HeroSlayer Questchain
VI. Dark Essences

Location: Falconreach -> Twilly
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of "Fairy Dust"

Objective: Gather Dark Essences for the SoulGem!
Objective completed: You now have a bag full of Dark Essences. Hopefully that will be enough for the SoulGem!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(X) Darkness Elemental



Twilly: Go gather dark essences, <You>!

• Quest!
• Back

A quest in the Deadlands. You battle against 15 darkness elementals, the quest is completed when they are all defeated.
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1/9/2015 18:52:08   

HeroSlayer Questchain
VII. Half-eaten Sandwich

Location: Falconreach -> Twilly
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of "Dark Essences"

Objective: You need to find a... sandwich half-eaten by a sneevil. Eww.
Objective completed: CYSEROOOOO!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(X) Manahunter
(X) Manahuntress
(X) Energizer
(1) (has a 10% chance of occuring) Sneevil with the Sandwich



Twilly: The last reagent is... the half-eaten sandwich.

• Quest!
• Back

A random dungeon in the Rose treefort. When you get to the last frame, you have a 90% chance to find an Energizer boss and a popup “You haven’t found any sneevil with a sandwich! Better luck next time!”. You have a 10% change to get this cutscene:

The scene shows a Rose-shackled sneevil sitting on a wooden chair, eating a sandwich. The camera widens, the Hero runs in the screen.

<You>: There you are! Drop that sandwich at once!
<You> (thinking): By the Avatars, I really sound ridiculous.
Sneevil: ...
<You>: Well, haven’t you heard me? Give me your sandwich!
Sneevil: ...
<You>: Okay, looks like I’ll have to take it from you.

You battle Sneevil with the Sandwich.

The scene shows Cysero in his tower. He has the SoulGem in one hand, and it shines brightly. The Hero runs in the screen.

<You>: Cysero! I have your sandwich!
Cysero: You have my what?
<You>: Your... sandwich. The sandwich half-eaten by a sneevil you wanted me to find.
Cysero: Oh, that! Thank you, you can put it right on the table there.
Cysero: Look at that! I have your SoulGem, fully recharged!
<You>: But... you haven’t used the sandwich.
Cysero: Yeah, the sandwich wasn’t for the SoulGem.
<You>: ....
Cysero: See, I always wanted to test something... what if I could turn a sandwich half-eaten by a sneevil into a sneevil half-eaten by a sandwich?
Cysero: Will you want to watch this little experiment?
<You>: NO.

• Complete Quest
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HeroSlayer Questchain
VIII. Showdown

Location: Falconreach -> Twilly
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of "Half-eaten Sandwich"

Objective: You need to defeat the HeroSlayer!
Objective completed: The HeroSlayer is not done with you yet...

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) HeroSlayer



Twilly: Good luck with the HeroSlayer, <You>!

• Quest!
• Back

The scene shows the Hero in Surewould, near the waterfall. The SoulGem floats on their side.

<You>: Show yourself, HeroSlayer! I am ready.

A cloud of darkness appears and the HeroSlayer materializes, facing the Hero.

HeroSlayer: <You>. So you say you are ready.
<You>: Yes. I am ready. Ready to fight, because I’m not going to let you steal my soul.
HeroSlayer: Sigh. You do not understand.
HeroSlayer: Hundreds of heroes from all over Lore went from loved to despised because they were heroes. I told you all of this before. I want to spare you from your kin’s hatred.
<You>: I appreciate the thought. I really do. A Hero’s life isn’t easy, I know this.
<You>: But your way is wrong. You can’t save us by trapping our soul into your weapon.
<You>: I chose to be a Hero, and you cannot choose for me. Now prepare yourself.

• Battle!
• Extreme Mode!

You battle against the HeroSlayer. He will either slash you with his sword to deal Darkness dmg, or raise his sword and try and fail to steal your soul in a vacuum of dark energy, dealing 0 dmg.

The scene shows the Hero hitting the HeroSlayer. He backs a little, breathing heavily.

HeroSlayer: Your soul... I cannot steal your soul.
<You>: You didn’t think I would just try to defeat you without anything to protect it, right?
HeroSlayer: Ah.
HeroSlayer: I suppose I can say nothing more to try to convince you.
<You>: Indeed.
HeroSlayer: I suppose you already have considered the fact that if you allowed me to spare you from your hero life, you will feel no more pain. No more suffering. No more sadness.
HeroSlayer: You will know no more losses.

The ghostly figures of Celestia, Tomix and Demento briefly appear and dissolve.

<You>: My mind is made. Now begone!
HeroSlayer: I see.
HeroSlayer: This is not the end, <You>. In the end, you will see my way is the better one for you.
HeroSlayer: You will join me.

He disappears.

• Complete quest
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1/9/2015 18:54:23   

HeroSlayer Questchain
IX. Another Hero

Location: Falconreach -> Twilly
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of "Showdown"

Objective: The HeroSlayer is not done with you yet! Battle through his minions!
Objective completed: Ash...

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(15) Dark Drinker
(1) Mother Bat



Twilly: What happened with the HeroSlayer?

• Quest!
• Back

The scene shows the Hero, Ash and Twilly, sitting at a table at Serenity’s.

<You>: ... and then I told him my mind was made.
<You>: He told me it would not be the end, and that he would return.
Twilly: Oh noes! At least you defeated him one time, so you can do it again!
<You>: That’s the spirit, Twilly. This HeroSlayer’s motives may be good, but he just doesn’t realize his ways are horribly wrong.
<You>: If I can’t talk him into sense, I’ll have to whack him into oblivion.

The scene slowly changes to a room made from shadows. The HeroSlayer is standing there. His blade floats above the ground.

HeroSlayer: <You> is the first one to have resisted.
HeroSlayer: That will not do at all. <Gender (he, she)> does not understand.
HeroSlayer: I only want to help.
HeroSlayer: What if...
HeroSlayer: What if I had...
HeroSlayer: Yeeeeeeeessss...

The scene changes to the dark clouds over Surewould. They seem to thicken, then a swarm of dark drinkers (the vampire bats) emerge from them. The scene changes to the Hero, Twilly and Ash in the middle of Falconreach. Their heads are raised.

Twilly: Bats!
Ash: Twilly, tell everyone to lock them in their house!
<You>: I don’t know what the HeroSlayer wants this time, but if he thinks bats are going to beat me...
Ash: We’ll take care of them.

Battle against the bats! You must clear Falconreach of 15 bats.

The scene shows the Hero and Ash striking down the dark drinkers. The scene closes on the Hero’s face.

<You>: I think that’s the last of them.
<You>: ... Ash?

The camera covers all the scene: Ash is lying on the ground. The camera moves to the right, and there stands the HeroSlayer. His blade absorbs Ash’s soul.

<You>: YOU!
HeroSlayer: Hero.
<You>: I should... I should... I should END you!
HeroSlayer: I am afraid I am beyond your skill.
HeroSlayer: I have an offer for you, <You>.
HeroSlayer: If you want to see your friend again, be at the waterfall at dusk tomorrow.
HeroSlayer: If you are a true hero... which I know you are... you will accept.
<You>: ...
HeroSlayer: Oh! And one last thing. You have made a little mistake. That was not the last of the bats.

He vanishes as a very big bat with very big fangs flies on screen.

• Battle!

You battle against the Mother Bat.

The scene shows the Hero kneeling besides Ash.

<You>: I don’t know what the HeroSlayer’s offer is, but I swear I will save you, Ash Dragonblade.

• Complete Quest
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1/9/2015 18:57:10   

HeroSlayer Questchain
X. The One Stick

Location: Falconreach -> Twilly
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of "Another Hero"

Objective: What can you do to save Ash Dragonblade?
Objective completed: The time has come to face the guardian.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Boulder Elemental
(3) Wind Elemental
(3) Scar Scarab
(3) Tarentula



Twilly: We must save Ash! But how, <You>?

• Quest!
• Back

The scene shows the Hero, sitting at a table at Serenity’s. Twilly is sitting on the table. It’s night outside.

<You>: I know what the HeroSlayer will ask me.
<You>: If I want to save Ash, I must join him. Let my soul be absorbed by his blade.
<You>: Either I sacrifice myself to save Ash, either I sacrifice Ash to save myself...
<You>: He knows what I will choose. He was a Hero, he knows how I think.
Twilly: You won’t sacrifice yourself, <You>? Surely there must be another way?
<You>: I don’t see any...
(text bubble with no name): Of course there is another way.

The camera moves a little to show a man wrapped in a traveler’s cloak, sitting at another table and resting his booted feet on another chair. His head is hidden by his hood.

<You>: Who are you?
Strider: I am called Strider. I am very pleased to meet you, Hero.
<You>: So... am I. I don’t think I have ever seen you...
Strider: I know. I can usually avoid being seen, if I wish.
Strider: I know this HeroSlayer. Do you really wish to sacrifice yourself to him? He is terrible.
<You>: Yes, but I haven’t got any choice. It’s to save my friend.
Strider: There are ancient artifacts in this world. Some, like SoulGems, have the power to protect your soul.
Strider: Others have the power to steal souls.
<You>: ... and how does that help me?
Strider: Have you ever considered that, perhaps, the HeroSlayer might not have the only object able to trap souls?
<You>: ...
Strider: I see you understand.
Strider: If you can steal his soul, he will not steal yours.
<You>: Should I do this? It does not seem like the heroic thing to do.

Nothing happens for two seconds.

<You>: All right. If it’s the only choice besides sacrifice, tell me about this artifact.
Strider: It is said that, once, the elven smiths of Dreamwood forged three scepters, one from rupee, one from sapphire, and one from diamond, for their kings under the sky.
Strider: Then seven golden scepters for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone...
Strider: Nine for mortal Humans, doomed to die.
Strider: And a dark lord, who once was a great general of the shadows when the first Great Darkness flooded the land, hearing of the scepters...
Strider: ... decided to forge his own.
Strider: Out of a carven branch of oak he made it, and empowered it with his will and malice.
Strider: But when you just look at it, it would seem like an ordinary stick, just like Twilly’s.
Strider: The One Stick he called it. One Stick to rule them all, One stick to find them...
Strider: One Stick to bring them all and in the shadows bind them.
<You>: And this is the artifact I could use against the HeroSlayer?
Strider: Indeed. It grants his wielder the power of invisibility as well as the power to steal souls.
<You>: It seems very evil.
Strider: It is.
<You>: Well, if it’s to save Ash...
<You>: You know where to find it?
Strider: I do.
<You>: But wait. Why are you helping me?
Strider: You are not the only one in this land who wants to fight against the darkness, <You>.
Strider: My line goes up to great kings before the Drakath family.
Strider: And now, as a wanderer, I try to help as much as I can, try to live up to my ancestors.
Strider: There is good in this world, <You>, and it’s worth fighting for.
<You>: Well then... thank you, Strider, for your help.
<You>: Where is the stick?
Strider: I will accompany you in this quest. We must go to the Mountains in the Elemental Plains, where the artifact’s guardian lives in the shadows of a cavern.
<You>: Well then, let’s go.

Quest in the Plains! You start from the portal and fight monsters to get in the mountains, where you fight more monsters. When you get at the last frame, there’s a cutscene:

The scene shows the Hero and Strider in a tunnel.

Strider: This is it. The guardian’s cavern is very near. Be quiet now.
<You>: Who exactly is this guardian?
Strider: A wretched creature. Its story is a sad one, but I shall not tell it here.
Strider: Do not trust it. It is treacherous and wants to keep its treasure at all cost.
<You>: Well, that’s reassuring.
Strider: Are you afraid?
<You>: Well...
Strider: Apparently, not afraid enough. Let's go.

• Complete Quest
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HeroSlayer Questchain
XI. Riddles in the Dark

Location: Falconreach -> Twilly
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of "The One Stick"

Objective: Try not to get eaten!
Objective completed: You now have the One Stick to rule them all. It does not look so dangerous, but hopefully you will be able to use it to bring down the HeroSlayer!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Guardian




• Quest!
• Back

The scene shows a dark lake in a dark cavern. In the middle of the lake, there is a small island of rock. The camera widens to show the Hero and Strider on the shore of the lake.

Strider: There lives the Guardian. I do not know if he is here, but...
(text bubble with no name): Bless us and splash us! It’s a choice feast!

The Hero gets in fighting position and turns. The camera moves a little to the left to show a small creature. You can guess what it looks like.

<You>: Aaah! What are you?
Strider: It’s it. The guardian.
Guardian: What are them, treasssure? What’s they got in their handses?
<You>: Hum... weapons.
Guardian: Ssssss. Weapons. Praps we sit here and chats with it a bitsy, treasssure.
Guardian: Ssss... it likes riddles, praps it does, does it?
<You>: Hum...
Strider: Quick, <You>, accept.
<You>: Hum, sure! Let’s have a contest. You ask me, I ask you. If I win, you hand me the magical object you are guarding.
Guardian: And if we win, treasssure, we get to eat you!
<You>: ... fair enough. You go first.
Guardian: If I drink, I die. If I eat, I get bigger. What am I, treasssure?

You get a bar where you can type the answer. The correct answer is “a fire”. If you have the wrong answer:

Guardian: Wrong, wrong, treasssure!

You have three chances to guess the answer. If you don’t, your quest is completed and you must do it again.

If you have the right answer:

Guardian: Ssssss, it guesses right, treasssure! Now you ask!

You get two bars: one to type your enigma, one to type your answer.

<You>: <Question>?
Guardian: Sss... give us a little time, treasssure!
<You>: ... well?
Guardian: Ssssssssss...
<You>: It looks like I have won.
Guardian: <Answer>! <Answer>!
<You>: Hmm. Yes, you’re right.
Guardian: What can you catch but not throw?

Again, you get the answer bar. The correct answer is “a cold”. It works the same as the first question. If you get the correct answer:

Guardian: It guesses right, treasssure. Now you ask!

Again, you get two bars.

<You>: <Question>?
Guardian: That one is easy, treasssure! <Answer>!
Guardian: What has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps, can run but never walks, and has a bank but no gold?

The correct answer is “the river”.

Guardian: Sssss! Now it asks us one last question, ssss. Jusst one more question to guess, yes, yess.

Again, you get the two bars.

<You>: <Question>?
Guardian: Sssss.

Nothing happens for two seconds.

<You>: Well, it looks like I have won.
Guardian: Ssssssss...
<You>: Really? Nothing?
Guardian: ...
<You>: Well. Now, apparently you guard here some kind of magical soul-stealing stick. Now hand it to me.
Guardian: It wants the treasssure, does it?
<You>: I earned it.
Guardian: Oh yesss? Did it, treasssure?
<You>: You agreed.

From his cloth, the Guardian produces a wooden stick.

Guardian: If you want the treasssure... come and claim it! Sssssss!

• Battle!
• Extreme mode!

You battle against the Guardian.

The scene shows the Hero and Strider running out of the tunnels. Strider has the stick.

Strider: You have talent to ask riddles, <You>. And to fight.
<You>: Thank you. Now, let’s see if this One Stick can steal the HeroSlayer’s soul.

• Complete Quest
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HeroSlayer Questchain
XII. The Last Battle

Location: Falconreach -> Twilly
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of "Riddles in the Dark"

Objective: Fight the HeroSlayer one last time! You must free Ash Dragonblade!
Objective completed: The HeroSlayer is defeated. May this foe's soul rest in peace.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Soul of Warrior
(3) Soul of Mage
(3) Soul of Rogue
(3) Soul of Paladin
(3) Soul of Guardian
(1) HeroSlayer



Twilly: We must fight the HeroSlayer to free Ash!

• Quest!
• Back

The scene shows the Hero standing near the waterfall. It’s dawn.

<You>: HeroSlayer! I am here, show yourself!

In a flash of darkness, the HeroSlayer appears.

HeroSlayer: <You>. I suppose you already guessed what my offer is.
<You>: Yeah, I’ve pretty much guessed it.
HeroSlayer: So...?
<You>: I accept to sacrifice my soul if you let Ash walk away unharmed.
<You>: But first, I ask for one last battle, to close properly my life as a heroic fighter.
HeroSlayer: One last battle? Hum. I see.
HeroSlayer: Well... why not? But you shall not only battle against me then.
HeroSlayer: Meet some of your future companions, <You>.

He raises his blade. The souls of warrior, mages, rogues, paladins and other heroes appear around.

• Battle!

You battle against the souls of the fallen heroes.

HeroSlayer: Is it enough for you now?
<You>: Well... I thought I could challenge you to a fight. You know... because I want to know what your full power exactly is.
HeroSlayer: And after this fight, you will join me?
<You>: I will.
<You> (thinking): If I can focus his attention and his energy on me...
HeroSlayer: Well then... come and face me!

• Battle!
• Extreme Mode!
• Melt Face Mode!

You battle against the HeroSlayer.

The scene shows the Hero and the HeroSlayer. The HeroSlayer is breathing heavily.

HeroSlayer: I admire your skill, <You>. Now you had your fight.
HeroSlayer: I will free Ash, and take your soul in exchange.
<You>: This is indeed what we agreed to. Now free Ash.

The HeroSlayer raises his blade. A soul materializes and flies away of the screen.

HeroSlayer: There. The soul found its way to its body. Now Ash Dragonblade should be waking up.
<You>: Thank you. I’m done with you now.
HeroSlayer: ... what?
<You>: TWILLY!

Twilly gets out of a bush and raises the One Stick. The HeroSlayer’s body dissolves in a black mist and gets sucked in the stick. His blade falls on the ground. Nothing happens for one second, then the stick melts in a dark cloud.

<You>: ... did it work?

Strider gets out of the bush.

Strider: Yes, <You>, it worked. The HeroSlayer is a very old and powerful being, the One Stick must not have been meant to hold such dark souls.
Strider: It’s done now.
Twilly: Twillies is happy this bad HeroSlayer is no more!

The HeroSlayer's blade starts vibrating, then explodes in dark energy. The souls of the fallen heroes appear around.

Fallen Paladin: Hail, <You>, Hero of Lore.
<You>: The souls of the HeroSlayer's victims...
Fallen Paladin: Thank you for freeing us. The HeroSlayer really wanted to save us, but he could not see trapping our souls did no good.
Fallen Paladin: Now we can rest in peace, and see what has happened of our people. You have our eternal gratitude.
<You>: Rest in peace, heroes of Lore, my kin. Your exploits will not be forgotten.
Fallen Paladin: This we hope. Farewell, and by the Light, may your blade never fail.

The souls bow and dissolve.

<You>: Phew. Well... this HeroSlayer was a worthy foe.
<You>: I wish he would have realized before the end that his ways were wrong...
<You>: Though I actually felt he understood the downsides of being a hero.
Twilly: Twillies promises, <You>, Twillies will never hate you!
<You>: Thanks Twilly. Now let’s get back in Falconreach. I think we have some explanations to give to Ash...

The camera moves up in the sky, where the dark cloud is slowly dissolving, then the screen goes dark.

• Complete Quest
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Carnax Saga
I. The Blue Scroll

Location: Falconreach -> Ash
Level/Quest/Items required: N/A

Objective: What was that?
Objective completed: This scroll... it looks very strange...

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4)Dirt Beetle
(3)Boulder Elemental



Ash: Hello <Character>!

• Quest!
• Back

Ash and the Hero are sitting on logs, in some forest.

Ash: It’s very nice to take a day off, isn’t it?
Character: It is! A Hero’s life is full of adventures, but sometimes we just have to relax.
Character: Tomorrow, I’ll have to clear that haunted crypt... and go beating up some manahunters in Surewould.
Character: Oh, and also these alchemy reagents I’ll have to find...
Character: But right now I can rest. *smiles*

Something growls.

Character: What was that?
Ash: I don’t know... It’s coming from this way... (he points right)
Character: Let’s go figure out.

The scene shows Ash and the Hero arriving at the entrance of a cave.

Ash: Oh... It’s just a cave.
Character: Probably full of monsters, like always.
Ash: Well... What do we do?
Character: We do like we always do. We grab our weapons and go knock them out.
Character: You can come with me or stay behind. I’m going!

• Invite Ash

The quest, a cave filled of beetles and elementals and togs and things.
In the end room, there’s a stone pedestal with a little treasure chest.

Character: Look here, Ash! A treasure chest! I wonder what’s inside.
Ash: Careful, it could be a trap...

The camera shows the treasure chest being opened. There’s a fragment of blue parchment inside.

Character: It’s just a parchment...
Ash: Is there something written on it?
Character: Let me see...
Character: Hmm. There’s something written on it, but I don’t understand what it is.
Character: Nal yej du bi riaoal, toarak tal gein woln om Talados gawin u elt Henaon Tedon.
Ash: I don’t understand it, either... Maybe we should take it back to Falconreach.
Character: Sigh. So much for the day off...

• Complete Quest

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Carnax Saga
II. Loremaster

Location: Falconreach -> Ash
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of "The Blue Scroll"

Objective: Who could help you translate this strange scroll?
Objective completed: Head to the Icebound Temple!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes




Ash: Who could help us?

• Quest!
• Back

Ash and the Hero are sitting at a table in Serenity’s Inn, with raspberry smoothies and the blue scroll on the table.

Character: So... Have any idea?
Ash: Maybe there’s sometone who could translate the scroll for us?
Character: Not a bad idea. Maybe Loremaster Maya could help...
Ash: Isn’t she in Oaklore Keep?
Character: Yep.
Ash: Isn’t Oaklore Keep inhabited by Rose members?
Character: Yep.
Ash: ...
Character: It’s not that hard to get past them, you know. You just have to enter the Keep at lunchtime.
Ash: Sounds like a plan.

• Invite Ash

Quest from Falconreach to Oaklore with several hostile manahunters on the path.

Ash and the Hero arrive at the Keep. A manahunter guards the entrance.

Boursault (the manahunter): Halt. Who goes there?
Ash: Just two non-magical adventurers.
Boursault: Your blade... It looks magical!
Character: What? Absolutely not. It’s actually powered by the totally non-magical, magnetic force of natural solar energies that...
Boursault: ‘Kay, whatever. It’s lunchtime, get in.

The scene changes to show Ash and the Hero entering Maya’s library.

Maya: <Character>!
Maya: What are you doing here?
Character: Um, I have this... scroll. I found it in some random cave.
Character: The text is written in a language I don’t understand. I wondered if you could translate it for us.

Maya takes the parchment, her eyes widen and she blinks twice.

Maya: So the legends were true...
Character: ... Maya?
Maya: <Character>, do you know the story of the Great Scourge?
Character: Great Scourge? Hmm... no.
Maya: A very long time ago, legends say there was a cult of wizards who lived on the island of Talados.
Maya: They were evil mages, their hearts corrupted with greed and hatred.
Maya: They created a beast known as the Great Scourge... or, as they named it in their language, Carnax.
Maya: The beast, however, was so powerful it grew out of their control. It destroyed the entire island of Talados.
Maya: The island sank into the ocean, and the beast with it.
Maya: But the legends also say there was a way of bringing back the Great Scourge to unleash destruction on our lands.
Maya: It is said that a parchment known as the Blue Scroll of Doom holds this secret. It was separated in four and hidden...
Character: So... this is one of the parts of the Blue Scroll of Doom?
Maya: Yes. Let me translate it for you...
Maya: “For the beast to be awakened... activate the last source... of Talados magic...”
Maya: “... at the Icebound Temple.”
Character: The Icebound Temple... Maya, do you know this place?
Maya: Hmm... no, sorry.
Ash: Neither do I...
Maya: You should go, <Character>. Lunchtime is almost over.
Maya: And please... keep this parchment safe.
Character: I will. Let’s go.

Ash and the Hero run out of the screen. The scene darkens and changes to show the cave where the scroll was found. A cloaked figure opens the treasure chest.

???: The scroll... it is gone!

• Complete Quest

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Carnax Saga
III. Asking for Directions

Falconreach -> Ash
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of "Loremaster"

Objective: You just need to find someone who knows where the Icebound Temple is now...
Objective completed: You have your directions.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4)Arctic Wolf
(6)Ice Golem
(3)Ice Elemental
(5)Ice Dravir
(3)Ice Elf



Ash: We need to find the Icebound Temple!

• Quest!
• Back

Ash and the Hero are standing in a snowy plain.

Character: So... now what?
Ash: Well, I figured the Icebound Temple may be in this area.
Character: Mmm-mmm.
Ash: And if we want to find the Temple, we might ask for directions.
Character: And who exactly do you plan on asking to?
Ash: The Ice Elves. Years ago, before you were frozen, you told me about your adventure here with Galanoth.
Character: Did I forget to tell you we were fighting AGAINST the Ice Elves?
Ash: Don’t be silly. We’ll just have to pretend we want to use the power of the Icebound Temple against the Rose or something. I’m sure they will understand, they are magical creatures.
Ash: Well, I hope so.
Character: Good... so we’ll just wander this frozen land until we find an Ice Elf?
Ash: Do you have a better plan?
Character: Err...
Ash: Then let’s go.

• Invite Ash

Quest in the frozen plain. As usual, there are ice monsters everywhere. When you get to the last frame, the scene shows Ash and the Hero arriving on a spot where a small village of igloos, full of Ice Elves, can be seen.

Ash: There they are.
Character: I don’t know... it seems... wrong. Aren’t the Ice Elves living in their hidden kingdom?
Ash: Well, time to ask them.
Character: Right.

The scene shows Ash and the Hero arriving at the entrance of the village. Three Ice Elves stand guard.

Ice Elf: Humans? Where do you come from?
Character: We, hem...
Ice Elf 2: Wait, I know you! You were the one with the Dragonslayer!
Ice Elf 3: You were the one who defeated Queen Aisha and took the Ice Orb!
Ice Elf: Attack!

• Invite Ash
• Battle!

You battle against the Ice Elves.

The Ice Elves kneel, defeated, breathing heavily.

Ice Elf 2: What... what do you want? Why coming here again?
Character: We did not want to fight. But why are you here, instead of staying in your hidden kingdom?
Ice Elf: The Rose... the Rose came. Dispelled our magic.
Ice Elf 3: Invaded our kingdom. Very few could escape.
Ice Elf: But you... why are you here? Are you with them? Do you come to end the last remnants of our people?
Character: Actually, we’re... erm... we want to ask for directions.
Ice Elves (the three of them): ...
Character; Would you happen to know anything about an Icebound Temple?
Ice Elf 2: Why are you searching for it?
Character: Some old scroll... says it, hem... contains a powerful magic. You know, something I could use against the Rose and...
Ice Elf: The Temple is northwest of here.
Ice Elf: It is in a region where the winds and tempests are so strong nothing can grow.
Ice Elf: What it contains we do not know. What protects it...
Ice Elf: The Temple is haunted. Howling ghosts in the storm, armored spectres patrolling the area.
Ice Elf: Icebound Revenants, we call them.
Ice Elf: Go. Find the Icebound Temple. I am happy to give you your directions, because I know you will never return...
Character: Oh well. Thanks for the help, I guess.

Ash and the Hero run out of the screen.

• Complete Quest
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Carnax Saga
IV. The Icebound Land

Falconreach -> Ash
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of "Asking for Directions"

Objective: This cold wind chills you to the bones. Better keep moving.
Objective completed: Charge!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(X)Undead Warrior



Ash: Are you ready to go through the Icebound Land?

• Quest!
• Back

Ash and the Hero are standing on a cliff. From a distance, a dark cloud can be seen above an area full of whirling snow.

Character: The Icebound Temple must be in this area.
Character: We’ll need to stick together. We could easily get lost in there. We must also make haste, the cold could hurt us if we don’t move fast enough.
Ash: Good. Then let’s go.

Ash is auto-invited.

Quest! As said, the cold hurts away some HP, and the frames are random, so you could find the end in the first few seconds or wander for a very, very long time. In some frames, there are blue spectres, or undead.
At the last frame, we can see columns of ice forming an entrance. The scene shows Ash and the Hero arriving at that entrance.

Ash: There it is! The Temple!
Character: It was TIME! I’m freezing in my armor!
Ash: So...
Character: Right. This isn’t over yet, we have to face the spectres inside the Temple.
Character: CHARGE!

Ash and the Hero charge inside.

• Complete Quest
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Carnax Saga
V. The Icebound Temple

Falconreach -> Ash
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of "The Icebound Land"

Objective: Be careful of what you find in the Temple.
Objective completed: Charge!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(16)Icebound Revenant



Ash: ...

• Quest!
• Back

The quest starts without any cutscene. Quest in the Temple! There are a lot of Icebound Revenants around, one trap or two. This temple is huge. At the last frame, you can see a massive gate of ice.
Ash and the Hero arrive at the gate of ice. Ash raises his hand and tries to open it, without any success.

Ash: Hmm... it’s locked.
Character: Can you destroy it?
Ash: I can try...

Ash raises his sword and throws a blast of light at the gate, without any success.

Character: There must be a way to get inside. Let me see...

The camera goes back and forth on the gate, then stops at a snow patch covering a part of it. A hand (the Hero’s) removes the snow, and we can see some puzzle on the gate. Once you complete it, the gate shimmers and opens.

Character: There!

Ash and the Hero enter the gate. The scene shifts to see them arriving to a room where there’s an altar of ice, irradiating energy.

Ash: This altar... it must be the place where the Taladosian magic can be released.
Ash: If it is, maybe we should destroy it.
Character: Good idea.

Ash is auto-invited.

• Battle!

You battle against the altar. It has a LOT of HP, and it attacks by shining even more to inflict Ice dmg. When it’s at 80% HP, “altar” unleashes a special attack: a text bubble appears behind Ash and the Hero saying: “Enough!”, followed by a blast of magic from behind dealing 20,000% Energy multi dmg with 850 BtH.

Ash and the Hero are both kneeling, defeated. The camera moves a little to show an old man in mage robes, his hand full of magic raised toward them.

???: And what did you think you were doing?
Ash: Who... who are you?
Makkisar: I am Makkisar! The Blue Scroll of Doom you stole from the cave is rightfully mine...
Makkisar: And you have no right of destroying the altar! I built it myself!
Character: You built it? But who are you exactly?
Makkisar: I am the last of the very order who CREATED Carnax, a thousand years ago.
Makkisar: The beast was supposed to be ours! But instead it destroyed our home and sank with it.
Makkisar: I was the only of my order who could escape. And I knew the spell that would bring the beast back!
Makkisar: With my magic, I created the four Element-Bound Temples...
Makkisar: And the Blue Scroll of Doom, to activate the Altars.
Makkisar: I hid the Scroll, waiting for the moment to rise again. Now it has arrived...
Makkisar: Only you are interfering.
Character: You want to summon Carnax again? But why?
Makkisar: Why? Hah! Foolish “Hero”.
Makkisar: Your Rose has weakened magic since five years, forced it to hide, enslaving the most dangerous. Now very few sorcerers powerful enough to fight me remain...
Makkisar: And now, I am powerful enough to control the Great Scourge.
Makkisar: You will all be slaves.
Ash: We won’t let that happen!

Makkisar’s hand starts glowing brighter.

Makkisar: The Icebound part of the scroll. I sense it on you. Give it to me.
Ash: Never!
Makkisar: Well then...

Makkisar points a finger towards the Hero, generating a life siphon (like Dragonrider’s), hurting the Hero.

Makkisar: If you don’t give the scroll to me... I shall absorb his/her very existence.
Ash: <Character>!
Character: Ash... don’t!

Ash looks at the Hero, then at Makkisar and closes his eyes, raising his arm to give the Blue Scroll of Doom to Makkisar.

Makkisar: Haha! This is better.

The scroll levitating just ahead of him, he points it with his staff. The scroll melts in blue energy, striking the altar. The altar generates so much light the screen goes white, then the altar completely stops shining. A spiral of blue energy (like the one used to restore Sek Duat’s power in Book 3) appears on top of it and flies out of the screen.

Makkisar: Too late now, little heroes. The magic has been activated and there is nothing you can do against it.
Makkisar: Now get out of here. I have other things to do.

Ash and the Hero stand up.

Character: I don’t think so. It’s time to show you a lesson about hurting people.
Makkisar: Hah! You think you stand a chance against me?
Makkisar: I do not wish to fight you now anyways.

A huge chunk of ice falls from the ceiling onto the altar.

Makkisar: The whole place is collapsing now! If I were you, I’d flee!

Makkisar disappears, the Hero and Ash look at each other and run out of the screen while other chunks start falling down around them. The scene shifts to show Ash and the Hero standing on the same cliff where they saw the area around the Icebound Temple.

Ash: I’m sorry, <Character>. I couldn’t let him siphon away your life...
Character: It’s okay, Ash. He would’ve taken the scroll from you anyways.
Ash: Are you still in pain?
Character: Aah... it's alright. I've seen worse.
Character: It’s not over. If this Makkisar wants to awaken Carnax, we’ll be in his way.
Character: He said there were four Element-bound Temples. We will get to the other three, if they’re not already activated...
Character: And stop him if he tries to activate them.

• Complete Quest
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Carnax Saga
VI. Seeking Answers

Falconreach -> Ash
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of "The Icebound Temple"

Objective: You need to find the three other Temples.
Objective completed: You have a new ally now! Be careful with this one. It is said that when he hugs somebody, it takes that somebody a minimum of three years to get oxygen back in his lungs.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes




Ash: We have three other Temples to find, and nothing to start with...

• Quest!
• Back

Ash and the Hero are sitting again at a table at Serenity’s Inn.

Ash: So... now to find the three other Element-bound Temples.
Character: Yes. I have no idea about where to start looking though...
Ash: We would need someone who knows all sorts of legends and lore.
Character: Yes, we would... a sage, an archivist, somebody like that...

Ash frowns, then smiles.

Ash: Yes, I know who we need!
Character: Who?
Ash: I see all sorts of travelers here in Falconreach. A few days ago, there was a man in mage robes...
Ash: He said he was a Warmage and an Archivist. Elryn, he called himself, although his friends call him Gildarts, I have no idea why.
Ash: He stayed here one night. There was a gathering around a campfire somewhere in the town...
Ash: Elryn was there, telling a story. He knew a lot of legends. Maybe he’ll have heard something about the Temples...
Character: Interesting... any idea on where he is now?
Ash: He said he was going south when he left.
Character: Then we’ll go south too.

• Invite Ash

Quest on the road going south! There are Roses and bandits, but also some NPC travellers. In the quest, when you run on them, you can ask them if they’ve seen a traveller in mage robes. Some will not know and some will give you indications. According to some, you enter in a forest where you finally find, in a clearing, a campfire and Elryn sitting on a stump.

The scene shows Ash and the Hero arriving near Elryn, who turns his head toward them.

Character: Elryn, the Warmage and the Archivist?

Elryn nods.

Character: We need your help.
Elryn: Please sit. (he points to a log.)

Ash and the Hero sit on the log.

Elryn: Now. What do you need me for?

The scene darkens for the explanations. It goes back to normal and Elryn nods.

Elryn: I’ve indeed heard of such Temples. Dangerous areas, they are.
Elryn: There’s a golden one in Doomwood, well hidden in the mist. Lost adventurers say they saw a golden house glowing in the fog...
Elryn: But no matter how they tried to approach it, it always stayed out of reach.
Ash: It could be one of the Temples, indeed.
Elryn: Another in the mountains near Willowshire. The only visible part is the entrance, and the stone columns flanking it. Those who have tried to explore it have never returned.
Elryn: And the third, that one is particular. It’s a cloud.
Ash and Character: A cloud?
Elryn: Aye, and a very dark one. It is only seen above the sea, and apparently no single drop of rain falls from it.
Elryn: However, there’s a dark hole in the middle of it. An entrance, they say.
Elryn: I can’t say for sure that it’s a temple, but I guess it may be the thing you’re looking for.
Ash: Yes, thank you very much! We must go now. We need to find them, if possible, before Makkisar activates them.
Elryn: Then let me accompany you. I know something about fighting and adventuring, and I’d like to help saving the world from this threat.
Elryn: “grins” That’d be a great story to tell around the campfire.
Character: You’re welcome to help us, Elryn.

• Complete Quest
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3/7/2015 22:27:57   

Carnax Saga
VII. Doomwood's Mist

Falconreach -> Ash
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of "Seeking Answers"

Objective: Find the Goldenbound Temple in Doomwood's Mist!
Objective completed: You are too late for this Temple. There are two others to check.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4)Villager Vampire
(3)Vampire Warrior
(3)Vampire Mage
(2)Albino Werewolf
(3)Fat Werewolf



Ash: We will start with the Goldenbound Temple.

• Quest!
• Back

Ash, the Hero and Elryn are standing at the entrance of the foggy part of Doomwood (where Necromantress was in Book 1 Amityvale).

Character: So... the Goldenbound Temple is somewhere in that mist.
Elryn: It is. “frowns” I’m not sure how we will find it though. The mist always pushes it out of reach.
Ash: I can handle that.

Ash raises his Blade of Destiny, which shines and turns into his princess of light.

Princess: We shall repel Doomwood’s mist together. As long as we stand, we will drive it away to allow you to find the Temple.
Ash: Protect us. There may be some beasts in there that want our light extinct. They must not harm us.
Character: Got it.

Auto-invites Ash and Elryn.

Quest in the mist! In the frames, the mist is only on the borders, allowing you to see everything. The “Ash” guest is special: in battles, it shows Ash and the Princess holding hands, generating light. It is scaled to have three quarters of the Character’s HP. It does not attack. The wandering monsters in the fog ONLY attack Ash. If Ash’s HP goes down to 75%, the fog in the frames hides more of the frames. If his HP goes down to 50%, it covers even more, and if it goes down to 25%, only the area around the Character is shown. If Ash dies, the mist closes on the Character and grudges their HP until they are dead.

Have a nice little skillset for Guest Elryn. It's just below this quest!

At the last screen, we can see the ruins of a golden building in a clearing. The scene shows Ash, Elryn and the Hero arriving near the ruins.

Ash: We are too late... Makkisar already activated that one.
Elryn: Don’t lose hope. We still have two other Temples to check.
Elryn: If the Great Scourge is not yet awake, it must mean Makkisar hasn’t activated them all.
Character: We don’t have any time to lose now. We must leave this place. Ash, ready?
Ash: Always.
Character: Lead the way then.

• Complete Quest
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Elryn guest skillset. Guest specificity: Goes enraged and deals 100000x normal damage whenever somebody says "Gildarts".

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Carnax Saga
VIII. Mountainbound Temple

Falconreach -> Ash
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of "Doomwood's Mist"

Objective: Time to check for the Mountainbound Temple. Hopefully this one has not crumbled yet...
Objective completed: Note to self: learn how to be heroic while climbing rocks.

Scaled Yes/No: N/A




Ash: Time to check the Mountainbound Temple...

• Quest!
• Back

Ash, the Hero and Elryn are standing on a cliff, with a forest below. In a distance, a chain of mountains can be seen. One is bigger than the others.

Elryn: That’s it. In this mountain lies the Temple.
Character: We’ll have to climb it though...
Ash: It seems so. Anybody has a spell or something?

Silence for some seconds.

Ash: Because I’m... not sure I can climb with this armor.
Elryn: “grins” We can do it, <Character> and me.
Character: Very well... Ash, can you stay behind and stand guard?
Ash: Of course.

The scene shifts to show Elryn and the Hero (their faces only) with a rocky background.

Character: Oof, this was exhausting. I’m not used to climbing.
Elryn: ...
Character: No, seriously, I’m not! I can run during hours in heavy armor carrying my heavy backpack full of heavy weapons, but I’m not a climber.
Character: Like this one time Serenity asked me to climb on top of her inn because a Vultragon decided it would make a nice nest.
Character: I tried to climb, but I fell and... huh... anyways.
Character: Anyways... how far from the top are we now?
Elryn: ...
Character: What?
(text bubble from below) Ash: Ha ha ha!

The camera now shows the whole scene: Elryn and the Hero are on a tall rock, only one meter above Ash, laughing on the ground.

Elryn: Sigh. This will take a looooooong time...

Instead of a classical quest with monsters, this is a special one: there are twelve “layers” of mountain. Each one can be climbed by a Roll needing 40+ to complete. There’s a DEX bonus: 1 point for every 5 DEX. Each time you complete a roll, you climb one layer. Each time you fail, you fall one layer and hurt yourself 5% HP by doing so. The quest is completed when you reach the twelfth layer.

The scene shows Elryn and the Hero standing on a rock plateau. There are two columns carved on the mountain, but the entrance to the Temple is hidden by several chunks of rock.

Character: The Temple... it crumbled.
Character: Makkisar already activated it.
Elryn: Aye. So if Carnax has not yet rose, it must means Makkisar has not activated the Cloudbound Temple.
Elryn: If we act fast, we may be able to stop him before he does.
Character: The Cloudbound Temple is our next stop then.
Elryn: Aye, it is. Ready to go back all the way down, <Character>?
Character: Sigh.

• Complete Quest

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Carnax Saga
IX. The Storm

Falconreach -> Ash
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of "Mountainbound Temple"

Objective: Ride through the storm into the Temple!
Objective completed: Uh-oh.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4)Energy Elemental



Ash: This is our last Temple, our last chance to stop Makkisar!

• Quest!
• Back

The camera shows the sea, peaceful and calm. The sun shines brightly. However, there’s a black cloud far away, with lots of electricity around it. Three gryffins appear from the camera’s point of view and fly towards it. The scene shifts to show the three gryffins mounted by the Hero, Ash and Elryn.

Character: So that one has not collapsed yet!
Ash: This will be our last chance of stopping Makkisar before he summons Carnax!
Elryn: “frowns” Aye. However, the cloud is surrounded by energy...
Ash: We have no choice! We must charge through the storm!
Character: So, Elryn, you say there’s an entrance directly in the cloud?

Elryn nods.

Character: Good. Then we’ll separate and regroup at the entrance.
Ash and Elryn: Got it.
Character: Charge!

In a “run of the Kessel”-like quest, you must charge through the storm on your gryffin and avoid the electricity and thunderballs not to get hit.

The scene shows the gryffins flying through the bottom entrance into the Temple. The scene shifts to show the Hero, Ash and Elryn inside a corridor made of black cloudy substance, with occasional electric arcs. Ash’s hair is very, very static.

Character: We made it through. Wasn’t an easy ride, but I’m glad we are all here.
Ash: My hair... It’s static, isn’t it?
Character: Don’t worry about that. I’m sure Aria would love it.
Ash: Aria? I wasn’t talking of Aria...
Character: ... nevermind.
Elryn: So, we are inside the cloud now. We should explore it, try to find the altar.
Character: Right. Let’s go!

Auto-invites Ash and Elryn.

Quest inside the Temple! There are a lot of energy elementals and shockwisps, and there are some giant electric arcs that can hurt you (like the steam vents from Popsprocket). At the last screen, you can see an opened gate with a lot of light coming through it.

The scene shows Ash, the Hero and Elryn arriving near the gate.

Ash: The altar must be in the room behind!
Character: This is our chance! We have to destroy it!

They charge through the gate. The scene shifts: you see them arriving in the room.

(text bubble from far right of the screen) Makkisar: You again!

The camera shows Makkisar, front view, with another fraction of the Blue Scroll of Doom in his hands.

Makkisar: Won’t you ever stop interfering?

• Complete Quest
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Carnax Saga
X. The Summoning

Falconreach -> Ash
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of "The Storm"

Objective: Prevent Makkisar from summoning Carnax at all costs!
Objective completed: Carnax rises.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1)Cloudbound Golem
(3)Dark Wind Elemental



Ash: We must stop Makkisar!

• Quest!
• Back

Like the ending of last quest, you see Makkisar with the blue scroll.

Makkisar: Won’t you ever stop interfering?
Makkisar: I’m done with you!

The view changes to a profile view of him. He raises his staff and all the energy in the room condensates into one very big energy monster.

Makkisar: Destroy them!

• Invite Ash and Elryn
• Battle!

After you defeat the monster, the camera shows you, Ash and Elryn striking it down. The view shifts to Makkisar, staff raised, sending the Blue Scroll’s energy into the altar. Like the Icebound one, it shines very brightly and stops shining. A twirl of energy appears and leaves the screen.

Makkisar: YES! It is done now! The Great Scourge has been awakened!
Character: NO!

The Hero charges at Makkisar, but gets pushed back by a flash of energy.

Makkisar: I told you, at the Icebound Temple. There is nothing you can do against me. All you can do is enjoy your last moments of freedom.

He frowns.

Makkisar: But I don’t think I will allow you these. You have been annoying me by trying to interfere and stealing my scroll.
Makkisar: The Cloudbound Temple is collapsing on itself... and you will collapse with it!

Makkisar disappears in another flash of energy, and three dark wind elementals with electric arcs on them materialize from the cloudy ground, then charge at the Hero, Ash and Elryn.

• Heal
• Battle!

You battle the dark cloud elementals. The scene shows Ash, the Hero and Elryn standing. There are now entire patches of cloudy walls or floor gone.

Character: We must find a way out of here!
Elryn: The whole Temple... it’s disappearing...
Ash: So how can we...

The patch of floor he was standing at disappears, he falls.

Character: ASH!

The scene changes to show the entire cloud with several holes in it. Ash (a very small figure) is falling, but another small figure (the gryffin) flies below him for him to land on it. The scene shifts to show Elryn and the Hero, still inside the Temple.

Character: The floor... I feel it thinning...
Elryn: Watch out!

The floor disappears entirely, they fall. The scene shows again the cloud with even more holes in it, and two small figures falling down caught by the other two gryffins. The scene shows Elryn, Ash and the Hero sitting on their gryffins.

Character: Remind me to give these lots of treats when we get back to Falconreach.
Gryffin: RAAAAWK!
Character: Yeah, Stewie. LOTS of treats.
Ash: So now Carnax has been awakened.
Elryn: Aye. If the scrolls were right, the beast will appear very soon to lay waste on our lands.
Character: Oh well... it can’t be worse than the Super Mega Ultra Darkness Dracolich I fought five years ago.
Ash: Are we sure about that?
Character: ... nope.

The scene changes. We can now see, in the middle of a forest, a stone building (the one on Carnax’s back). There are four circles of magical energy. One is full of pale blue energy, the second of golden energy, the third of green-gray energy and the fourth is empty. The twirl of energy released from the Cloudbound altar arrives on the screen and fills the fourth. The circles start to shine so bright the screen gets white. The scene now shows a view of the forest above the trees. An explosion throws away lots of trees, and we can clearly see Carnax itself rising through the smoke...

• Complete Quest
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Carnax Saga
XI. Controlling the Scourge

Falconreach -> Ash
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of "The Summoning"

Objective: Makkisar needs to control Carnax to use it as a weapon!
Objective completed: The son is now the father's slave.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1)Carnax's Soul



Ash: ...

• Quest!
• Back

In this quest, you are Makkisar. The quest starts with a complete black frame.

Makkisar: My son.
Makkisar: The day you were born should have been one of rejoicing, laughter and happiness. Instead if was one of tears and sadness.
Makkisar: I should have known your mother’s body was too weak for a baby. The moment you took your first breath, she took her last one.
Makkisar: I watched as you grew up, purest soul of Talados. Kind, mature and intelligent.
Makkisar: Then, one day, your mother’s spirit came back. She learnt things in the Underworld she taught me. Powerful magic.
Makkisar: I became the head of the Taladosian Wizard Order. Your mother guided me to greatness. But it was not enough. All the power in the world, she said, would be mine one day.
Makkisar: And for that we had to create a weapon.
Makkisar: Purity. The purest soul causes the purest destruction. Your mother told me about the ritual.
Makkisar: You were the price I had to pay. I performed the ritual, watched as you were turned into a gigantic beast, to the weapon I needed.
Makkisar: The purest child became the greatest weapon. The Great Scourge.
Makkisar: But you were not ready. Not ready to embrace your new body, your new power, your new mission.
Makkisar: You turned on us. You destroyed your home, your people. Then sank with it.
Makkisar: It was my fault. I should have prepared you to this sacrifice.
Makkisar: The years you spent waiting in the Ethereal Realm... you embraced your body, your powers, but not your mission.
Makkisar: As long as your soul controls your body, you are not my weapon.

The scene appears: Makkisar is standing on a cliff. Below is a forest, and in that forest is Carnax, taller than the mountains.

Makkisar: My son.
Makkisar: I forgave you after you destroyed your people.
Makkisar: Now is the time for you to forgive me... I have no choice. I must enslave your mind to ensure that you won’t turn on me ever again.
Makkisar: Forgive me.

Makkisar raises his staff. It starts glowing brightly, and the screen goes white./i]

• Heal and potions
• Battle!

You battle as Makkisar against Carnax’s soul. It has the form of a young boy made of white energy. The background is completely black. This is the battle of crazy numbers: as Carnax’s soul is supra-strong, it has thousands and thousands of HP while Makkisar inflicts thousands of dmg each hit (see his skillset). When Carnax’s soul is defeated, spiritual shackles (like Cryptic’s) appear on it.

The scene goes back to Makkisar on the cliff. Carnax closes its eyes and inclines its head in submission.

Makkisar: Now the beast is mine... now the weapon is mine to control.

• Complete Quest
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