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10/2/2014 22:58:55   


Soluna City -> Click on ďM.A.T.H. - Better get to class!Ē button,
GEARS University -> Walk into the lift -> 'Classes' button -> Right four times -> Extra -> M.A.T.H. Class
Objective: Measurements are tricky, tricky things.
Requirements: None
Release Date: September 5th, 2014

  • [link=]Student[/link]

  • Aleysia
  • Denara
  • [link=]Michael[/link]
  • [link=]Robert[/link]
  • [link=]Sarah[/link]
  • [link=]Sarrina[/link]

    <Character>: Back to class! Letís see here.
    <Character>: What do I have next? Glad they gave us all those P.A.D.D.S. last year for our schedules and such.
    <Character>: M.A.T.H. class? I donít remember signing up for that one. I wonder why itís on here.
    <Character>: I should probably ask Denara whatís going on. If anyone would know, she would.

    *Walk over to Denara to see whatís going on*

    <Character>: Excuse me?
    Denara: Yes? Do you need something?
    <Character>: I was checking my schedule and for some reason I have M.A.T.H. class now?
    Denara: Ah. Yes, all students are now required to take that class.
    Denara: There was anÖ incidentÖ on one of the outer colonies.
    <Character>: They didnít multiply properly for the amount of fuel they needed or something?
    Denara: If thatís all it was it wouldnít have been an incident.
    Denara: Youíll get a full explanation when you get to class.
    Denara: Hurry up. Itís about to start. Just head down the hall past Advanced Combat Theory.
    <Character>: Thanks!
  • To Class!

    * Walk towards the lift and go all the way to the right until you see a ĎM.A.T.H.í signboard*

    (If you speak to Aleysia:)
    Aleysia: Why are you stopping to talk to me? Youíre going to be late! Go. To. Class. NOW!
  • Meep!

    <Character>: I think Iím actually on time for once!
    Sarrina: Not quite. Youíre about two minutes late.
    Sarrina: Luckily Iím used to waiting for stragglers who wake up late like you.
    Sarrina: Take your seat and weíll start.
    Everyone: *muffled laughing*
    Sarrina: Thatís enough of that. Letís go, <Character>, take your seat.
  • Yes Maíam

    Sarrina: This is Mathematical Applications of Terraforming for Habitation.
    Sarrina: Itís better known as M.A.T.H. Class.
    <Character>: Erm. I have a question.
    Sarrina: *sigh* Yes?
    <Character>: Did you use the acronym M.A.T.H. WITH the word Mathematics in it?
    Sarrina: I didnít come up with that. Someone has a very bad sense of humor.
    Sarrina: Now, as I was saying.
    Sarrina: Something you all probably didnít know was that Loreon was Terraformed.
    Sarrina: It was done hundreds of years ago, but it allowed for perfect spacing between buildings.
    Sarrina: Loreon used to be uninhabitable. It was totally flat with no features and a toxic atmosphere.
    Sarrina: After the process was completed there was a usable planet but the perfectly flat landscape was left.
    Sarrina: This allowed for the cities to be built in a perfect geometric placement.
    Sarrina: Not all terraformed planets were as nice as Loreon though.
    Sarrina: Just a few weeks ago there was a colonist who decided to break one of the most important rules.
    Sarrina: Does anyone know what that is?
    Michael: Donít eat the berries?
    Sarrina: Well, someone was paying attention to my notes on the board.
    Sarrina: Yes. Never eat ANY plants or animals on a terraformed planet unless they have been cleared as safe.
    <Character>: So does that mean the class is over? If thatís all this was forÖ I wonít eat any plants.
    Sarrina: Nice try, but no. That was just a reason to make you all take this class.
    Everyone: * Loud Groan *
    Sarrina: Apparently some of you didnít want to take my class.
    Sarrina: I know, using math all the time in relation to how planets are made habitable.
    Sarrina: Itís a horrible and necessary thing to know.
    Sarrina: Now. Since I know you all hate having to stay inside and you all want to pass and be done as soon as possible...
    Sarrina: There is only one assignment.
    Everyone: * Cheers *
    <Character>: I donít like this. It seems Ö too Ö easy.
    Sarrina: You are a smart one arenít you, <Character>...
    Sarrina: Soluna was built in such a way that all the buildings are a certain distance apart.
    Sarrina: You all are going to go out and measure the distance between half the buildings in town.
    <Character>: Called it.
    Sarrina: Off you all go. Since this class was scheduled for 3 blocks you should have plenty of time.

  • Yay...Math!

    *Defeat some (3) students around the city when you are taking the assignment*

    Sarrina: So did everyone finish?
    Everyone: * Mumbling *
    Sarrina: Robert, what measurements did you get?
    Robert: I donít know! I thought it was 6,000 kilometers butÖ
    Sarrina: Not quite. Sarah?
    Sarah: 500 square miles?
    Sarrina: Still no.
    Sarrina: Let me guess. Everyone measured it differently in a different unit?
    Everyone: ... ........... ...... ...... ...........
    Sarrina: This was also part of the lesson. If you donít all use the same unit of measurement none of you will be accurate.
    Sarrina: You also have to use the same type of measuring device.
    Sarrina: And donít use Plex Loreon Maps next time Sarah.
    Sarah: How did you knowÖ
    Sarrina: You told me the distance for the entire town, not just between buildings.
    Sarah: Oh..
    Sarrina: Luckily for you all this class isnít graded, you just needed to attend it.
    Everyone: O.O
    Sarrina: I didnít mention that? Silly me.
    Sarrina: This is a required course but itís to make you aware that you canít just randomly do things.
    Sarrina: Imagine if you just put some random amount of fuel in your Mecha.
    Everyone: ... ........... ...... ...... ...........
    Sarrina: Always pay attention to details. Always ask about the units things need to be in.
    Sarrina: And, yes, donít eat random objects unless you know what they are.
    Sarrina: Make sure to pick up one of the measuring devices on the way out!
    Sarrina: Make sure youíre always paying attention! Good luck out there, students. Make us proud.

  • Complete!

    Rewards Shop:
  • Nova Ruler Dueler
  • Ruler Dueler
  • Star Ruler Dueler

    Thanks to Peachii for original entry!

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