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After the Reset

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10/8/2014 20:44:35   

After the Reset

Soluna City -> After the Reset! What is on the horizon?,
Main Menu Interface -> News! -> After the Reset! What is on the horizon?
Objective: You saved the Universe from the Shadowscythe but now a new enemy is on the horizon!
Requirements: Completion of EndGame
Release Date: October 3rd, 2014

  • Dragonoid Fireblade

  • Warlic
  • [url=]Kira Inaldra[/url]

    <You>: Woah...
    <You>: Shouldn't there be... wreckage?
    <You>: Ugh I've got a wicked headache. I seem to remember something though...
    <You>: A... Renaissance Faire? Is that right?
    <You>: All these images of people I know that just look different. Not like I know them.
    <You>: It's starting to fade if I don't concentrate.
    <You>: GAH! Trying to concentrate on them just makes my headache worse.
    <You>: What was I doing here?
    <You>: There was the fight in space with Valoth and then...
    <You>: No. NO! The countdown! The Bomb!
    <You>: Wait. It doesn't look like there was a crash at all.
    <You>: VALOTH! Where are you!
    <You>: I don't understand. There's no Shadowscythe anywhere I can see.
    <You>: This place should be crawling with them but it's like they just disappeared...
    <You>: There's not even any of their ships. The sky was full of them before...
    <You>: I don't like this. Something's wrong.
    <You>: Something happened to me, to everything. It's like reality itself was altered.
    <You>: I can almost smell...cappuccino too. That can't be right though.
    <You>: It reminds me of Dean Warlic for some reason.
    <You>: Was I supposed to meet him for coffee or something?
    <You>: I'll just go talk to him. He always seems to know what to do.

    <You>: Dean Warlic?
    Warlic: Ah, <You>, it's good to see you're alive.
    Warlic: After all the fighting I had assumed the worst.
    Warlic: I even had The Mage ready. I'm relieved I didn't need it.
    <You>: There were points when I wasn't sure I'd make it.
    <You>: That's actually why I came to see you.
    <You>: What happened?
    Warlic: What do you mean?
    <You>: Everything! The Shadowscythe are just gone!
    <You>: I was fighting Valoth on his ship. I beat him and then... I don't know.
    <You>: It's hard to remember, but there were Shadowscythe everywhere before... well I guess I blacked out.
    <You>: What happened to them all?
    Warlic: I'm not sure to be honest.
    Warlic: There was a flash of light that seemed to cover the entire planet.
    Warlic: I just finished talking to several of the representatives of the other planets that were under attack.
    Warlic: The same ligh was seen on every planet in the quadrant that was under attack by the Shadowscythe.
    Warlic: When it faded all of the Shadowscythe were gone.
    Warlic: There are still some of their Mecha wandering around, but when they were defeated and checked they were on autopilot.
    Warlic: I was about to contact you to see if you had something to do with it.
    Warlic: While everyone is thankful that the attacks are over, we thought that it was thanks to you.
    <You>: I'm not sure what happened.
    <You>: One minute I was fighting Valoth, then I think there was a crash, and then I woke up a bit ago.
    <You>: I did have a weird dream though.
    <You>: You, Artix, Sys Zero, and even Mr. Z and Safiria were in it.
    <You>: Except everyone looked different. You were in all blue and your hair was a lot different.
    <You>: Artix was in a totally different armor.
    <You>: Ugh. There's that headache again. The images are so distant now.
    <You>: I think there ewer others but I can't remember...
    Warlic: It couldn't have been.
    Warlic: That means that the Universal Reset Device was activated.
    Warlic: But the changes... somehow the program would have to have gotten corrupted.
    Warlic: ...
    Warlic: The Cappuccino Maker. I knew I should have moved it.
    Warlic: I must have put him/her back after he/she arrived which is why he/she can still somewhat remember the altered reality.
    Warlic: What caused the removal of the Shadowscythe though?
    Warlic: Someone or something must have made changes that <You> was returned to.
    Warlic: Who or what though? What would have the power to alter things on that scale...
    <You>: Umm? Dean Warlic?
    <You>: Are you ok? You've been really quiet.
    Warlic: Oh, yes I'm fine, <You>.
    Warlic: I was merely trying to think of who or what could have caused the removal of the Shadowscythe.
    Warlic: I will speak to our allies and see if anyone has any ideas.
    Warlic: In the mean time I wanted to congra...
    <You>: Who is that?
    Warlic: It appears as though we are about to find out.

    ???: To all viewing this broadcast.
    Kira Inaldra: I am Grand Admiral Kira Inaldra of the Thenastrin Imperium.
    Kira Inaldra: We have detected signatures of the Precursors in this quadrant of the galaxy.
    Kira Inaldra: My ships will be moving to collect any of their Artifacts that are found.
    Kira Inaldra: These Artifacts come from beings you cannot begin to comprehend.
    Kira Inaldra: Do not interfere or you will be dealt with, severely.
    Kira Inaldra: If we find that you are harboring any of the Artifacts you will be required to surrender them to my forces immediately.
    Kira Inaldra: If you do not comply then we will take them from you, using whatever force is necessary.
    Kira Inaldra: We will begin at the remnant so fthe planet formerly referred to as Westion.
    Kira Inaldra: If you are in that sector, you will vacate it. Immediately.
    Kira Inaldra: Cooperate and you will not be harmed.
    Kira Inaldra: Any resistance is futile. You will comply with our directives.

    Warlic: This is very troubling.
    <You>: What did she mean by Precursors?
    Warlic: She mentioned Westion. Besides the Shadowscythe, what beings did you confront there?
    <You>: Well there was the giant lava monster, Pyras, then there was the...
    <You>: Oh no..
    Warlic: What is it, <You>?
    <You>: The Dragonoid.
    <You>: One was destroyed, causing the destruction of Westion.
    <You>: It said that it was constructed during the height of the Dragon war with the Shadowscythe.
    <You>: That makes them incredibly ancient.
    <You>: There was also bunches of Crystallized Dragon's Breath on the planet. There might still be some in the debris.
    Warlic: This is very disturbing.
    Warlic: The amount of power and destructive potential of one Dragonoid was enough to destroy the entire planet?
    <You>: And that was just from it crashing into the planet. It never actually attacked the planet. It was fighting a corrupted Dragonoid.
    Warlic: We must find out exactly what this Grand Admiral is up to.
    Warlic: If she means to collect Dragon Artifacts or even just pieces of the destroyed Dragonoid, she must be stopped.
    <You>: My ship was damaged in the fighting but I can still use it to head to Westion.
    Warlic: Thank you, <You>.
    Warlic: While there isn't enough time to give you a proper reward for saving the Universe...
    Warlic: Even though it's in trouble again....
    Warlic: I'm allowing you to choose one of your classes to receive an automatic 'A' in.
    Warlic: I'm sure none of the staff would disagree after everything you've done.
    Warlic: Very well. I'll make sure to relay that to the Professsor.
    Warlic: Now, head to Westion and try to stop them from recovering anything.

    <You>: Alright, finally here.
    TW17713: Warning. Unknown signatures detected in orbit of planetary fragments.
    <You>: Those must be the Admiral's forces.
    <You>: Hopefully I'm not too late.
    <You>: TW17713, can you plot me a course around the main group to a landing site?
    TW17713: Working...
    TW17713: ...Working...
    TW17713: Course plotted.
    TW17713: Please note that the course has a 19.7% chance of success as no known patters for unknown forces are on record.
    <You>: Well I've had worse odds.

    ???: The Grand Admiral wants those crystals loaded up as fast as we can.
    ???: We've got the Artifact remnants already so you need to hurry it up.
    <You>: Hey you! Dragony guy.
    ???: Who are you? You're interfering and I know the Grand Admiral made it clear what happens to people who do.
    <You>: I can't let you get away with the Dragonoid wreckage or the Crystalized Dragon Breath.
    ???: So you know what the Artifacts are. It's not going to do you any good though.
    ???: Our mecha are enhanced with the knowledge we've gained from them!
    ???: You can't hope to stop us!
    <You>: I'll die trying.

    <You>: I need to hurry up and stop the rest of them!
    <You>: No. I'm too late.
    <You>: They've gotten away with the Artifact and Dragon's Breath.
    <You>: I'm not sure what I'm going to tell Dean Warlic when I get back.
    <You>: I have to find a way to stop the Admiral, I can't let her keep doing this.
    <You>: Maybe someone we know will be able to help to find another piece of Dragonoid wreckage or tech somewhere before she does.
    <You>: This seems like it's as bad as the Shadowscythe invasion.
    <You>: I need to head back to Loreon, talk to Warlic, and figure out what to do.

    *Main occupation force no longer detected in this galaxy.*
    *Initiate plan 66.*
    *Bringing dormant units back online.*

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