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Backstories for ALL the characters in Oversoul in the "A" category

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10/19/2014 5:33:11   
elite dark slayer

OK, so, this is what will happen. I'm going to write up backstories for every single character in Oversoul, and I'm going to post it here. If this conflicts with the backstories written by the players who designed them, this is an original work, but I might stick to some of the better stories, if I like them. It will be in alphabetical order, starting with the Abberants. Every time a new character is created, a new post will be formed. To prevent cluttering, There will be a separate topic for each letter of the alphabet. If you wish to find a specific post, you can use the "search" button up there^.
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10/19/2014 5:34:28   
elite dark slayer


There was a child, once, and his name is now unknown, lost to the mists of time. He grew to the age of thirteen, a strong, healthy boy, popular with his friends, excelling at sports as well as studies. It was then that the thought took him that, as he already knew most of the languages of the overworld, such as Orcish, Dwarvish, Elvish, and the tongue of the human inhabitants of the world, which did not then have a name, and spoke them all fluently, except for one language that few dared to utter: The dark tongue, also known as the language of the lost, for it was the language one should only use in the direst situations, to summon the dead, or demons, or simply create the worst curses. Some people could learn it, and speak it so fluently, that they could strike deals with all manners of beings, most not of the overworld. If you were to master that language, you could master anything, for Death himself would listen to you and strike bargains with you. And so the boy sought the permission of his parents to find a scholar to teach him the language of the lost, for he wished to become an immortal being of infinite power. As most wise parents would, they refused. Seeing that there would be no way to persuade his parents, he did what he thought was best, and ran from home. That was the first of his many follies in his long, and ultimately tragic journey. Once he ventured out of his hometown and into the forest surrounding it, he caught the attention of the many denizens of the shadow realm, who lacking a host body, fear to venture into the overworld for prolonged periods and instead lurk at the corners of reality, searching for a suitable host who ventures out of the protection of large groups and decides to travel without a companion. They are the source of the fleeting shadows that you catch in the corner of your eye, momentarily, before you dismiss it as a trick of the light. A young boy of thirteen, with an obvious intelligence, and an athletic frame, caught the eyes of many of the shadows. Many converged on him, struggling to possess his body while fending off the other shadows. In the fury of lashing claws, the boy's arm was torn apart. Eventually, the winner of the struggle, leaving his dying enemies to dissipate in the light, possessed the boy, whom we shall now refer to by the name he has gone by since: Abber. The shadow attempted to heal the boy's arm, but darkness having more of a capacity for destruction than healing, the arm merely fused into a spike. The boy had had a strong will, and it served him well in this instance. He was not controlled fully by the shadow, and could still control himself if he concentrated. He eventually learned to live with the shadow in the forest, and ventured into a nearby town. As he walked through the streets, he could hear the whispers of the people clearly, due to the heightened awareness the shadow brought to his mind. They called him a freak, and made fun of the name he gave them when they asked his name. "Abber? More like Abberant!". In a moment of rage, he lost concentration and the shadow, taking full control of Abber, massacred the towns inhabitants. When Abber realised fully what he had done, he gave in to grief, and the shadow gained his body forever. Wherever he went, he was always an outcast, and he always ended up killing people. Eventually, a group of paladins captured him and threw him into a dungeon. He eventually escaped stabbing the dungeon guard with his spike from behind and stealing the keys to his cell and the guard's helmet, which he always wore from then on. Aberrant has been seen only a few times a year, and whenever he is seen, he always leaves a trail of bodies in his wake. If you see him, either try to make sure he doesn't see you, or run.

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11/9/2014 5:38:00   
elite dark slayer


Once, this fearsome, stumbling giant with no capacity to form proper words, was the high priest of Ver, a man greatly respected throughout the overworld. He learned as much as he could from Ver, communicating via a primordial form of magic which he had perfected, known as electricity. He had refined the art to such an extent that he could press a few buttons on the large rectangular device he called a computer, and send messages to the heavens. This, he called email, standing for electronic mail. Nobody knows why he called his device a computer, though. He learned many marvellous things from his god by way of his "email" and soon became the most influential man in the overworld. He eventually started looking for a route to immortality, as all powerful men do nearer the end of their lives. On this subject, Ver was strangely silent, refusing to reply to the "emails" sent to him. The high priest grew desperate, and tried increasingly dangerous experiments on any being he could get his hands on. He tried many things, such as implanting the brain into a metal carapace that would never rust or deteriorate and injecting a living body with embalming fluids. After many unsuccessful attempts over several years, people and animals stopped venturing near him. He could no longer perform experiments on anything... apart from himself. And so that is what he did. He started a new process to attempt immortality. He began to slowly replace various parts of his body with mechanical parts, starting with his blood. He had created an alloy which had its boiling point at 9000 degrees Fahrenheit and its freezing point at -5000 degrees Fahrenheit. The new material, reacted strangely with his body, not killing him, but changing him internally and externally. He started growing arger again, as though he was still a young person, but he grew into a giant. The material also seemed to give him a new lease of life, smoothening his wrinkles and growing his hair back, turning it black again. Another side effect was that he no longer had to eat, absorbing nutrients from the air instead. This, coupled with the fact that he no longer had anyone to speak with, causing him often not to speak at all, shrivelled his tongue into something less than useless, rendering him unable to speak. He tried to reduce his size and give himself a new tongue, but nothing he tried would work. Instead, is skin grew a greyish green from the lack of exposure to natural light, the metals in his system reacting with each other to produce metallic boils on various parts of his skin and patches of brown appearing on his skin from the untested medications he had made and tried. Eventually, he did find immortality, but through magic, not science. However, the only way to keep the magic going was to absorb as many souls as he could on Holloween.

The moral of this story is: DON'T TAKE DRUGS, KIDS.

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11/16/2014 5:08:25   
elite dark slayer


The creatures of the Void, also known to many as the Infernal Abyss, are not, contrary to popular belief, all soldiers and spellcasters intent on the destruction of the mortal world. It is true that many of these beings are warlike creatures, but that merely comes from their coming from a land where there are battles raging all the time. Many of the "Voids" as we like to term them, are content to stay at home, lounging by their version of a fireplace, while reading the papers. Or... whatever it is they read for news and the crossword. I'm not kidding. In my younger days as a reconnaissance agent and a researcher, I made may forays into that strange place. However, a warlord named Nulgath rose to power and, much like Hitler in that realm known to most as Earth (what an odd name), united many of the voids under a single banner, killing those who would not join and hunting down the ones that hid. Their goal was to pillage the land of Lore and to then move on through the realms, until they had conquered not just everywhere, but everywhen they could. Did I mention they could travel in time? I didn't? Well know you know. However, Nulgath was nearly defeated in Lore, and made a tactical retreat through a portal. However, the unforseen energy overload from the portal shut down their time vortex manipulators and they were stranded. I'm going off track, aren't I? Where was I before I went into the history lecture? Ah yes, Nulgath rising to power. One void in particular had much latent power over that primordial substance I have told you about, electricity, but would not use it for harm. Instead, he enjoyed creating a wide array of delectable dishes (I really enjoyed his black pepper crab, I couldn't get him to give me the recipe though). Nulgath knew this and eventually managed to capture him. Finding him resistant to the very idea of killing, Nulgath tortured him for months until his mind snapped and he unleashed a wave of electricity, killing the guards that were torturing him and breaking his supposedly unbreakable shackles. Nulgath saw the perfect opportunity in this, and, exploiting the cook's hatred of killing and strong morals, drove him insane, then brainwashed him to believe that humans had caused him to kill the guards. Being insane, he lost his morals and became Nulgath's elite captain, assassinating those who got cold feet and left Nulgath's army, as well as any humans he came across. Eventually, even Nulgath could not control his newfound bloodlust when he started killing the loyal part of Nulgath's army, so he captured him again and sold him to the first oversoul he saw, through his arbiter, Malakai.

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12/3/2014 3:30:57   
elite dark slayer


Alpha frostzards are, essentially zards adapted to the freezing temperatures of the alpine forests to the north of Solace. Roughly 19 years ago, people realized that alpha frostzard leather was not only durable and warm, but nigh-impossible to destroy, requiring incredible sharp blades to pierce it. As such, it was highly prized by adventurers keen on not getting killed during their shenanigans and going to the trouble of filing all the paperwork in the afterlife necessary to get back onto the Overworld as an Oversoul. When Nulgath started to monopolise the afterlife's oversoul policy, it got even harder for some to get back. But I'm straying from the topic again, like I did in my last post. Wait, why am I breaking the fourth wall? I'm a lecturer in the Solace town hall. Oh dear, now the wall police will be after me. Oh wait no they won't be, I don't actually exist and therefore neither do they. (Stop breaking the fourth wall you puny lecturer, this is the supreme writer speaking). Ok, ok, I'll get back to the topic. As I was saying, the alpha frostzard got hunted nearly into extinction and so a group of adventurers had to rescue some of them and move them to a secure location which I will not tell you. And that is how the alpha frostzard found its way into the rocky pass. Oh wait, why did I tell you that? YOU HEARD NOTHING!
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