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Seeking Silence

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Times Silent Keeper

Seeking Silence

Location: Battleon » Warlic's Shop » Change Face » Wow, so many faces! » Seeking Silence

It has been a year since we last saw Silence. Between her service to the Boatman, and the people who she has taken under her wing, she has been busy. But, there is trouble. There is an individual in Lore who is desperately trying to die before his time. The person continuously pushes the realm to accept him, when it is not meant to be. You must seek out this person, learn why he so desperately wants to die before his time.

Please note that this quest explores some more mature themes. We're offering the opportunity to skip the dialogue if you're just seeking the battles and rewards, as some people may be uncomfortable with these topics.

«You are given the option to 'SKIP QUEST' or 'Continue'. Choosing to skip the quest eliminates all dialogue, directly jumping into all the battles in this quest. Choosing to continue proceeds with the dialogue below.»

«Scene: Clarice speaks to Silence. Silence does not look happy.»

Clarice: My Lady, why do you look as if you have no hope? What can I do to make you smile?
Silence: My dearest Clarice, such a thing is regrettably beyond you right now. There is an issue in my own realm that neither I nor my master have found a solution to and ... I fear that it is starting to eat away at me.
Clarice: But, are you not one of the most powerful of all of Lore?
Silence: My sweet subject, you are too kind to afford me such distinction. Nay, I am not the most powerful; there exist many beings who are greater than I.
Silence: Yet, possessed of power or not, my master and I must find a way to resolve this issue or there will be grave consequences.
Clarice: If nothing one such as yourself is able to do can solve this problem, then perhaps you must seek the aid of someone from the mortal plane.
Clarice: «You», for example. He/She was such a tremendous help to us last time. Surely, with his/her thoughtfulness and your intelligence, together the two of you can figure this out?
Silence: «You»? Oh, but he/she is so busy. Yet... you are right, my disciple. We cannot let this situation continue to persist.
Silence: Perhaps the touch of a mortal is what we have been missing all along. Thank you for your assistance, Clarice.
Clarice: Always, my Lady. Please tell him/her how we fare, and that his/her work continues on.
Silence: Of course. I will return once this is taken care of. Please see to the harvest.

«The scene fades to black. Over in Death's Domain...»

Boatman: Mortals are so complex. Must they make everything this difficult? My job is already hard enough as it is without someone trying to violate the status quo.
Boatman: ...Silence.

«Silence fades into the scene.»

Silence: My Master.
Boatman: Please tell me that you have come up with something regarding Morcef.
Silence: Master, I have tried all things at my disposal, as have you. But, one of my subjects remembered «You». Perhaps... a mortal would fare better in this situation?
Boatman: I've seen him/her often enough, I should have thought of that myself. The idea has merit. Go, and petition «You» to see if he/she will help us.
Silence: Yes, my Master. Right away.

«Silence fades away from the scene.»

Boatman: *Sighs* It is hard enough to bring those to my realm when they are destined to, but one whose time has not yet come? Why defy fate when you have such a long life ahead of you...?

«The scene fades to black. Over at Lolosia, you finally have a chance to take a break!»

«You»: Ah, peace at last! After spending time on another of Eukara Vox's adventures, searching for artifacts in the dusty ruins of some nearly forgotten civilization...
«You»: Nothing beats the feeling of sand beneath my feet. The sun, the surf, and the gentle breeze coming off the waves are truly all one needs to relax.

«Silence fades into the scene.»

Silence: «You».
«You»: Silence! It's been a while. What brings your beautiful countenance here?
Silence: Charming an immortal, huh? *Smiles* I have come seeking your help.
«You»: Seeking my help? What on Lore could I possibly do for you, servant of Death? I swear, I haven't bothered the Boatman in a while!
Silence: If only it were that simple, «You». I have a heavy burden, one that I have struggled with for a long time, and this burden is becoming heavier and heavier.
Silence: Even my Master's shoulders are threatening to collapse under its weight.
Silence: You may be our last hope, for nothing we have done has resolved the situation.
«You»: Please, Silence, tell me what is wrong.
Silence: There is one on Lore who wishes to visit my realm before his time.
Silence: Everyone has a time, fixed and determined, when they meet my Master and myself on the other side for their last voyage. The laws that bind the universe are set.
Silence: Yet, there is a man who is so determined to undermine this law that the very foundations of my Master's realm shudder.
Silence: I can feel my realm's pain, its befuddlement at the constant bombardment by this man's sheer will.
«You»: Wait... Let me get this straight. There is one on Lore who wants to visit your realm before his time, and this very act has shaken the after realm to its core?
Silence: Yes, and if we cannot right this, I am not sure what the consequences will be. Please, «You», find him and see if you can do what I have failed to do.
«You»: Of... of course, Silence. I will go now and find him. What is his name?
Silence: His name is Morcef Dantes. He lives west of Azma Lake, in Augerthorne Forest.
«You»: I will do everything I can, Silence.

«You leave the scene.»

Silence: Fly, «You», for my realm is groaning under the weight of this man's spirit.

«The scene fades to black. On the way to Morcef's residence, you are attacked by monsters!»«You arrive at the village where Morcef lives.»

«You»: Such a small place for such a large problem. Hey! Sir! Yes, you there, can you help me?

«A villager enters the scene.»

Villager: May I help you?
«You»: Oh, thank goodness. My name is «You». I've come from a distance to seek out one named Morcef Dantes.
Villager: «You»? Ah, yes, the «You»! Even out here, we have heard of your efforts to do good. Why are you seeking Morcef?
«You»: A private matter. Can you tell me where he is?
Villager: I can, but good luck getting him to talk, cooperate or even muster enough energy to acknowledge you exist. Morcef is on the northern edge of the village.
Villager: My daughter has tried to take him food, but he seems determined to ignore her generosity. Young children often think they can save the world, don't they?
«You»: ...Has she had Eukara Vox as a teacher?
Villager: No, we have no teachers here. Eukara Vox, you say? Perhaps I should look into that.
«You»: Oh, no, I meant, well... Ms. Vox's students are very unique in their, um, outlook on the world. They frequently fly into danger, with their teacher at the helm.
«You»: Anyway, I must go before I cause any unfortunate futures...

«You leave the scene.»

Villager: Mmmm, Mercedes would be better off with a teacher...

«The scene fades to black. At the northern edge of the village, you come across a house, but its door has collapsed on its side, allowing anyone to enter.»

«You»: Yikes... this isn't good. Morcef?!

«Morcef exits from his house.»

Morcef: Why do you bother me?
«You»: I've been sent here to find you and learn what it is that makes you so determined to visit Death's realm before your time!
Morcef: *Groans* Another do-gooder bent on "healing me", huh?
«You»: No, not really. I come here by direction of a greater cause than my own. What you are doing is tearing the nether-realms apart, Morcef. Something has to give.
Morcef: And why should I care? That doesn't matter to me. Nothing matters...
«You»: Everything matters in the end, Morcef. Everything we do, everything we act on, results in a reaction that furthers reality's timeline, whether for good or bad.
Morcef: Do you think I don't know that?! I, of all people, know that far too well. Begone, glory seeker. You will not find your worth in helping a wretch like myself.
«You»: I do not seek personal glory, Morcef. I seek to keep this world together!
Morcef: I have ruined more than I have blessed. Do you wish to hurt me by bringing this to mind?
«You»: No, but neither will I stand aside and let my reality break into a million pieces because you insist on breaking the laws that bind the universe!
Morcef: Has anyone ever told you that you a hard-headed, pushy, insensitive nuisance?
«You»: Well... hard-headed, yes. Pushy, yes. Nuisance... insinuated. But insensitive, no. That's why I'm pleading with you to tell me what's made you like this, Morcef.
«You»: I'm not ignoring your pain, but neither can I ignore the pain that your actions are causing so many others. So please, Morcef...
Morcef: ...Very well, then, glory-seeker. Follow me and let me tell you why. Maybe reliving it will finally bring me darkness and an end.
    Refer to Monster List above

    Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
«You arrive at another house within the village.»

Morcef: This was the house and office of the only doctor our village has known in three generations.
«You»: Was?
Morcef: Yes, was. You see, he had taken myself and another under his wing to train us to take his place.
Morcef: He was old, older than anyone could guess and was in need of a successor. I spent three long years studying and learning under him.
Morcef: In the fourth year, when it came time to take on more responsibility, I felt as if the doctor was putting me aside.
Morcef: The last year's service would be more intense, readying his choice for his position, and it was clear he was not going to choose me.
«You»: So, you were not chosen. I am assuming you didn't take it well?
Morcef: How would you feel if you were cast off like trash, «You»? Of course I didn't take it well. I did everything he wanted me to and more.
Morcef: I knew in my heart that I was the right choice. The other student might have been slightly older than I, but I never felt like he'd cared enough.
«You»: What did you do, Morcef?

«Morcef walks slightly forward, turns to you, kneels down and touches his temple as a flashback begins to what happened. In his flashback, he sees the aged doctor carefully guiding his other disciple, with Morcef just looking from a distance.»

Morcef: I was so very determined to get this position. I look back now and see that I was blind. But at the time? I was the only choice.

«The next scene shows Morcef writing with a quill on a piece of paper.»

Morcef: The choice was made, and all that remained was for it to be finalized. I learned that the doctor was meeting with my rival to secure, for the community, his place as successor.
Morcef: I couldn't let that happen, so I wrote a letter to my competitor, in the name of his uncle, who was serving in the Knight's army of Rennd.

«The scene changes, to the doctor's other disciple reading the letter from his "uncle".»

Morcef: The letter requested him to go to Rennd immediately, as his uncle had been grievously wounded.

«The disciple is seen traveling to Rennd.»

Morcef: He left. I had secretly taken the summons from the doctor so my rival couldn't see them. He had no idea about the meeting. In addition, I also intercepted his note to the doctor explaining his absence.
Morcef: I arranged to have the summons laid out on his table, as if he had read them, for later.

«The next scene shows a really disappointed doctor.»

Morcef: When the doctor had come to greet him with the town's leaders, the letter looked read, but he was nowhere to be found.

«With disappointment, no disciple and sickness ailing the doctor, the doctor draws his last breath and dies in his bed.»

Morcef: I had meant to make the doctor realize his mistake, but instead, I created a disaster. He was sick, but told no one. He was dying and needed to choose.
Morcef: He made his choice and I sent the choice away for a long time. The journey to Rennd from here is not easy. We were without a true doctor for a long time.

«The next scene shows the doctor's other disciple in Rennd, confused with what is happening, as a Rennd guard speaks to him. The flashback ends.»

«You»: I... don't know what to say.
Morcef: Oh, the story isn't over. My rival felt that the death of the doctor was all his fault. He left the good doctor, in his time of need, for an errand that hadn't truly existed. He was gone when he was needed most.
Morcef: My rival... locked himself away from the village. He felt he had let everyone down.
Morcef: At the same time, the townspeople were without a doctor; someone to stop them from getting sick, to truly treat their injuries. And it has only gotten worse and worse.
Morcef: I condemned and broke a man. I have watched him slowly waste away from grief and heartache. Out of guilt, I tried to care for him, but it only gave me a front row seat to his suffering.
Morcef: I have watched the village suffer because we have no one to care for them.
«You»: But... you trained under the doctor? Can't you--
Morcef: If I learned anything, glory seeker, it is that I never truly was right for the job. My intentions weren't to help, but to be important.
Morcef: I can't do the job. I can't. I have failed, over and over. I have hurt, killed, maimed, destroyed.
Morcef: And for that, I deserve to have the stone over my grave, not the doctor. I am the one who deserves the fate befallen my rival, to die a lonely death because he thought he failed.
Morcef: But, I am the one who can't seem to get what he deserves.
«You»: There is still reason for you to be here.
Morcef: And what is that? To live the rest of my days knowing I ruined lives? To continue suffering because I was a prideful, stupid man in my youth?
«You»: Not necessarily.
Morcef: Then what? What could I possibly offer Lore? What is there left inside of me, after all I've done and deserved, to do anything useful with the life that might remain?
«You»: Morcef, you made mistakes. You did things you shouldn't. Yes, there are consequences and you have had to live with them.
«You»: But, the sun rises and grants you a new day. You have something more to give this land.

«Morcef hangs his head down in shame.»

Morcef: I don't know if I can.
«You»: Look, you started something years ago. Maybe back then, you did it for the wrong reasons. But, perhaps you really are meant to be a doctor, and serve others.
«You»: Maybe... you just needed to be broken first, before you could truly give of yourself like the doctor you once studied under.
«You»: Morcef, for one moment, just imagine that all you learned is still there, just waiting to be released by the true person inside you, to be great for others. To serve others. To be... the lifeline that someone needs.
Morcef: I don't know... I... Surely I don't deserve that?
«You»: We all pay for the deeds we do, whether good or bad. But, if you don't learn from that payment, then what is there left for us?
«You»: Learn from this, but don't throw it all away and try to end what could be glorious because you cannot see the next sunrise for the storms inside.
Morcef: The storms are all I've known... How can I silence them?
«You»: Just ask. Silence waits for you to simply just... ask.

«Silence fades into the scene.»

Silence: Morcef...

«Morcef raises his head.»

Morcef: Who... are you?
Silence: I am the one who can quiet your storms. If you desire Silence, all you have to do is ask.
Morcef: Please... I don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to lay beneath these dark clouds that plague me. I want to... to do what this person speaks of. I want to try to be someone who means something.
Silence: Seems Clarice was right. Thank you, «You». I will take it from here.

«The scene fades to black as Silence approaches Morcef. Over in Death's Domain...»

Boatman: It worked. «You» came through again, and this time I didn't even have to negotiate a return fee. For one wonderful moment, my boat is empty and I can enjoy the sweet sounds of life.
Boatman: I envy Silence. She gets to see them while they live, breathe, run, fight and experience the array of emotions which only those full of life possess.
Boatman: Just one day, I want to know what she knows. Just... one day...

«The scene fades to black, and the Seeking Silence shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Seeking Silence

  • Boatman's Bow [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]
  • Silent Stars [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]

  • Torturous Torrent [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]

    Corrections and gender dependent dialogue thanks to Archlist. Monster list thanks to In Media Res.

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