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The Hallows Inn - Accepting

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11/16/2014 16:03:24   

~The Hallows Inn~

Welcome to The Hallows Inn, the spiritual successor to my original roleplay, The Faintly Gallows. This roleplay will take place in a heavily forested region known as Darkwald. Darkwald is home to many strange tales, stories, legends, and myths. At the heart of Darkwald is the town of Blackwater, home of the Hallows Inn. Your character is a patron at this inn, and it is here you will take part in dozens of stories alongside alongside your fellow adventurers. I encourage you to work with me, and with each other, in order to create rich and interesting stories that we can all take part in. To break the ice, I will start the first story, which focuses on the arrival of a mysterious warrior and his young companion.

Nestled between various kingdoms and provinces sits a mysterious and heavily-forested region known as the Darkwald. The trees are old, groaning as the chilly winds pass through their branches. Little sunlight can pass through its thick canopy as you traverse the winding trails. Flowing down from the north is the Stone River, and along this river is the 'Main Road', and both run southward until they reach the epicenter of the forest. Here the river and the road bend and head southeast. It rains in the Darkwald practically every night, causing much of the wooded region to remain wet and groggy year round. During the winter, the forest experiences moderate snowfall, and many of its lakes, streams, and creeks ice over. The area is ripe with lakes, ponds, streams, creeks, and more, but the Stone River is the widest, quickest, and deepest river, allowing boats to actually sail down it, and row back up it.

The safest and most quickest way to get through the Darkwald is to follow the Main Road, which hugs the Stone River as it runs from the north and bends at the center, where it runs southeast. In the middle of the forest, where the river and road bend, is the town of Blackwater. At Blackwater's center is the Hallows Inn, built on a stone-arch foundation which hangs across the Stone River. The inn offered refuge for travelers who were brave enough to pass through the forest and became famous. It wasn't long before other shops, stores, and other businesses appeared, and then homes. Before long the settlement became known as Blackwater and was formally recognized as a legitimate settlement. A strong, wooden palisade wall was constructed around the town and it is protected by a militia force of guards.

Warriors. Apostates. Rogues. Thieves. Mercenaries. Adventurers. Scholars. Scum. They all come to the Darkwald for something, and they all take refuge at the Hallows Inn, and they all become acquinted with the 'colorful' folk of Blackwater. Who are you, and what is your story?

Toren - A mysterious, shaggy-haired, bearded warrior wielding a 'Runeblade'. Toren arrived in town with his young companion, Lily, and formed a volunteer force to defeat the Nazha. With the Nazha defeated, Toren and Lily are now safe to head back home, north to Asgeir.
Lily - A young girl, no older than eleven, traveling with the warrior known as Toren. After the defeat of the Nazha, the two are safe to head back home to Asgeir.
Sloan - Sloan is the short, bald, stocky man who owns the Hallows Inn. His ancestors built, maintained, and still own the inn to this day. Sloan is a simple man who only cares about the preservation of his inn. He tends to his customers as needed, and as such is one of the most well-known, well-respected figures within the Darkwald. Sloan seems to know everyone in town and like all innkeepers, Sloan is a source of valuable information.
The Red Lady - A mysterious fortune teller living at the Hallows Inn upon Sloan's allowance. Not much is known about her other than she sits idly in the corner, offering her services to any who has the coin. She wears a crimson robe that conceals her entire body save for her hands and the peak of her nose. Her facial features are hard to see beneath her hood. The Red Lady seems to know much, and may have ambitions of her own.
Jaque - A peculiar, tall, and skinny man wearing black-and-white stripped clothes and a top-hot. Jaque comes and goes throughout Blackwater, and every time he returns he brings with him an assortment of strange trinkets that he often sells to the townsfolk.
Gallund - A simpleton who, for some reason, is in charge of Blackwater's defense. Gallund can mostly be found atop the gates, ensuring his gatekeepers are not sleeping on the job. He's a well-learned swordsman and archer and has basic knowledge of tactics, but he's still just a common man.
Yara - A young rogue who is often hired as a guide within Darkwald. She is highly proficient with her bow and leads a band of mercenaries in Darkwald. She's quite young, which is strange considering her rank within her gang. Yara teamed up with Luke and his gang of fellows, but soon learned they were not what she thought they were, and seeks help to deal with them.
Luke Grange - Persuasive and charismatic mercenary who teamed up with Yara, but quickly earned her ire. Luke is a swordsman and a bowman, but is more known for his guile rather than his prowess.
Vaelun - A monster slayer with a careless and easy-going personality. He's come to the Darkwald with two companions in an effort to reap the benefits of hunting monsters there.
Velen - A young, naive girl from the country of Vessex. Though a virgin to adventure, she's a capable warrior. Unfortunately, she's quiet dumbfounded when it comes to how the world really works. After meeting Vaelun, Velen eagerly joined him in a 'crusade' to fight evil.
Moran - An old sorcerer with arcane knowledge and power. He joined up with monster slayer Vaelun and Velen as they traveled to the Darkwald, where his intentions continue to remain unclear. He acts as a sort of walking encyclopedia for the trio.

Marietta Gellentara - Kellehendros - 1
Kitsondra Fon - Draycos777 - 1
Kenet the Wanderer - Zephyrial - 1
Maria Melodrem - Riprose123 - 1
Heinrich van Hjaalreich - Legendium - 1
Lockwood - Tdub - 1
Sera Blackwell - Gingkage - 1
Marcelline Wakefield - Master K - 1
Sorlan Therin - black knight 1234567 - 1
Symphony - Bastet - 1
Franklin Fullrich - blankmascara - 1
Graye/Jackel - brotherinlaw - 1

Remember, Darkwald is home to roguish individuals. You won't glorious and noble knights here. you guys should be subtle and common in nature. Commonfolk, hunters, lumberjacks, explorers, mages, criminals, bounty hunters, mercenaries, retired soldiers, etc are examples.

Name: Any names or aliases your character goes by.
Age/Race/Gender: How old you are, what race you are, and whether you're a man or woman (or neither, or both). Humans, elves, and dwarves are all completely fine. Custom races are also fine, but ask for permission first (give me a brief description as well, please).
Physical Appearance: How do you look? Facial features, skin color, hair style, hair color, eye color, scars, tattoos, etc.
Armor/Clothing: Any special armor, clothes, or robes you typically wear.
Weapons: Any weapons (including staves) you may own.
Other Items: Trinkets, odds and ends, books, jewelry, etc.
Skills: Any learned/natural skills. This includes parkour, tracking, agile, strong, swordsman, archer, etc. Personal traits that are not magic.
Abilities: Magical abilities. Most magic is subtle; you won't find a pure mage or wizard here, although magic is allowed. Most magic-users rely on mana reserves, spelltomes, grimoires, and runestones. They often wear robes, but that's not always the case. They may also use wands and staves, but they almost always carry daggers, swords, or whatever else they may need.
History: What you did up until this point, unless you want to keep it secret for now (or forever).

[b]Physical Appearance:[/b]
[b]Other Items:[/b]

Official Plots
The Nazha
The Ballad of Luke Grange - A thief? A gambler? A lustful man? Perhaps. But also a man of opportunity. What sort of opportunities can Luke offer the people of the Darkwald?
Dewmarsh Witches - Mysterious, treacherous, and seclusive, the witches of Dewmarsh have been employed by the Nazha leader, known only as 'The Master'. But what could they possibly be after. and what sort of vile plans will they concoct?
The Hunter, Vaelun - Employed by the ever-mysterious Toric, Vaelun - the slayer-for-hire - makes his way to Blackwater to recruit a team of monster hunts to dive into the deepest and darkest legends the Darkwald has to offer.
Raze's Offer - Though a notable member of the Nazha, Raze has always had his own ambitions outside of the group. He has his eyes set on a particular individual, but his plans for her remains unclear.
The Vampire's Keep - Whose to say what became of the Count who once lived within the abandoned Keep?
The Werewolf's Lair - Werewolves are just superstition. Legends. Myths. Right?
A King's Greed - The Darkwald belongs to no one, not even a king.\
Children of the Grave
The Hanging Tree
The Wolf of Asgeir

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DF AQW  Post #: 1
11/16/2014 16:32:55   
Eternal Wanderer

Noting interest. I'll see about getting a bio together tonight, but probably tomorrow.

Need to see if I can look up an old friend.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 2
11/16/2014 16:51:12   

Some pictures to get you familiar:
Stick to the road, travelers!
Blackwater Building
All manner of crooked folk.
Be weary of bears, friend.

EDIT: For further reference, this roleplay is going to focus on subtle 'horror' elements. Now this sort of stuff relates, but is not limited to:
-Classical werewolf stories
-Classical vampire stories (think Count Dracula type stuff)
-Urban Legends (Big Foot, Chupacabras, Headless Horseman)
-Haunted buildings

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11/17/2014 21:02:54   
Eternal Wanderer

Name: Marietta Gellentara
Age: 27
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Female

Marietta is tall and slender, made of lean whipcord muscle. Her features are sharp and angular, with cheekbones that appear able to cut a finger if touched carelessly. Her hair is a fine brown cascade that falls to the middle of her back when unrestrained, though it is generally worn in a tight braid to keep it up and out of the way. That style emphasizes the gaunt nature of the woman's features, and draws attention to her pointed elven ears. Marietta's eyes are a clear blue whose shade can shift subtly with her moods, resembling chill ice and stormy skies.

For clothing, Marietta generally wears black trousers, tucked into heavy leather boots that come up nearly to her knees. Her tunic is a forest green, belted securely and worn beneath a leather vest treated with a variety of dyes. The resulting patchy blots are of use in Marietta's work, helping her to blend in to forest surroundings. She has only minor protective covering in the form of forearm bracers and an archer's chest guard that protects her left side.

Marietta's most obvious gear is the bow and quiver of arrows that rides over her shoulder. The bow is remarkable insofar as it is a greatbow, a massive, powerful weapon meant for war. The stave, unstrung, is taller than Marietta, and on first sight, most wouldn't credit her with the ability to use the weapon.

At her waist, Marietta has a pouch containing several extra bow strings, along with some arrowheads and fletching gear. Joining the pouch on her right hip with a single-edged dagger, which isn't a weapon so much as a utility knife, though it works in a pinch. Balancing the items out on her left hip is a shamshir, an elegantly curved, saber-like weapon that Marietta never uses, though it is almost always on her person.

Other Items:
The final item of note carried by Marietta is an old spearhead, the weapon's wooden haft shattered several inches behind the head, which is stained with old blood.

Marietta is a hunter by trade, and a soldier by training. As such, she has a great deal of experience with archery, wood craft, and hunting. She can live off the land, and cover distances efficiently and quietly at need. One thing she is not, however, is a swordswoman. Marietta knows how to use the blade she bears, but she's mediocre at best. While she is not physical imposing, with her slender elven build, her heritage does gift her with certain advantages, among them keen eyes and hearing, as well as a swift and silent step.

The hunter moved to Blackwater two years ago, running from something, or perhaps chasing it. Marietta has never spoken much about her past, and has met inquiries with a silence as cold as her blue eyes. Her arrival sparked some interest among eligible bachelors within the small town, much as any new arrival might. That interest was short lived, overtly at least, foiled by Marietta's intense privacy concerning nearly all matters of her personal life. She set about making a place and a name for herself as a hunter, living in a small house on the outskirt of the town, just inside the wall. While Marietta doesn't know the surrounding woods as well as some long-time residents, she has familiarity with the local area borne of her hunting expeditions.

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11/17/2014 21:18:51   

@Kellehendros: Marietta is an acceptable character, and she has potential synergy to work for nearly any party that is created in the roleplay (which is a huge plus in my book). Expect Marietta to spot enemies before the other characters do as well. I'm just curious about the stave; if it is taller than she is, and 'unstrung', would it not be cumbersome to carry around? And the vague history is perfectly fine, I like the 'secrecy' in characters, especially in a roleplay like this; to me, we as players learn about your character alongside our own characters within the roleplay (if that makes sense, it's worded weird). You are accepted.

EDIT: It's not really important to the OOC's first post, and probably not in the IC either, but I've always liked the idea of lumberjacks who work upriver that allow their logs to flow downstream until it arrives in Blackwater, where it is collected and sawed into useable building materials. Just a trivial fact I wanted to state for no reason at all.

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11/17/2014 22:04:22   
Eternal Wanderer

The stave is unwieldy, yes, but Marietta's got enough experience to mitigate the issues that it causes. That being said, while unstrung the stave can do a passable impression for a quarterstave. She hates to use it that way for obvious reasons, but when push comes to shove, there you are.

If the bow isn't strung, she'll usually carry it around in that fashions, using it like a walking staff.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 6
11/18/2014 0:51:07   

Name: Kitsondra Fon; Queen of Illusions

Age: early 20s by appearance

Race: Vampire

Gender: female

Physical Appearance: small and petite, Kitsondra barely reaches 5'4. Her hair is a deep violet, straight, and ends halfway down her back. Kitsondra has caucasian, almost pale, skin which contrasts with her blood red eyes. Kitsondra's most noticeable feature are two pairs of black, bat wings that grow from just below her shoulder blades and just above her waist, respectfully. The pair that grows out below her shoulders are bigger then the lower pair and are capable of carrying Kitsondra through the air. The smaller pair of wings are able to catch air making them useful for evasive maneuvers or fine-tuning her position while in mid-air. Her small pair of wings also have small, sharp bones that stick out at the tips that Kitsondra can use as jabbing weapons. Both pairs of wings are retractable, letting her blend in with the people of blackwater.

Armor/Clothing: Kitsondra's daily attire is a black open back shirt with a white line running down both sides. It is held together with four criss-crossing bands that avoid the wings so that they can move freely. The shirt is accompanied by a black, steel plated skirt, which the white line continues down. On Kitsondra's feet and legs are a pair of steel, point-tipped sabatons and leg-guards. A pair of gauntlets rest on Kitsondra's arms; the pointed tips giving the illusion of claws.

Other Items: a dochu gappa for when it rains or to keep stray rays of light, that happen to reach Blackwater, from hit her body.

Skills: Due to her vampiric nature, Kitsondra can sense magical residue that has been left behind by a spell as long as it's been 48 hours after the spell has been used. She also has vampiric strength and speed, as well as being known as the queen of illusions. While she doesn't carry any weapons on her person, Kitsondra seems to be skilled at welding longsword and greatswords. Kitsondra spent many years mastering flight and is still learning how to master evasive maneuvers.

Abilities:(suggestive) control over the five senses; illusion magic.

History: For the longest time, Kitsondra was one of the reasons travelers were told to say on the main road. As a vampire that can kill most enemies that confront her simply by punching them into a pulp, Kitsondra can be incredibly haughty at times, yet she has not forgotten her past life which she refuses to speak of at all. From time to time, Kitsondra stays in the Hallows Inn to lounge around and talk to the travelers or join groups of adventurers in their quests to relieve her boredom. The only one who seems to know her true nature is the owner of the Inn, whom she has promised that she would not harm any travelers while they are his patrons. Kitsondra's whim has brought her back to the Hallows Inn once again.

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11/18/2014 4:27:43   

@Kell: Oh, alright then. That's fine.

@Draycos: Kitsondra will fit in, but as we've discussed keep her subtle; the people of Blackwater would not take too kindly having a vampire in their midst... not right now anyway. You are accepted.

EDIT: If no one makes a witch character, expect an NPC to take their place. I like the idea of witches and I think it fits nicely into Darkwald.

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11/18/2014 6:33:58   
Eternal Wanderer

TJ, I apologize, but I made a minor edit to the bio. I forgot Marietta's armor, such as it is. The details are now added in the clothing appearance section, at the end.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 9
11/18/2014 15:34:53   

@Kell: No worries Kell, that's okay.

We have 2 characters, I would really like to have 5. No less than 4 though.
DF AQW  Post #: 10
11/24/2014 3:53:38   

This looks fun. Hopefully this character is appropriate.

Name: Kenet the Wanderer
Age: Late Twenties
Race: Human… mostly
Gender: Male

Physical Appearance: Approximately six feet tall, Kenet cuts a dishevelled figure. His long, well-defined face is perpetually dirtied by a thick covering of mud and grime, obscuring his skin. A curtain of filthy black hair frames his face and brushes his shoulders, and world-weary olive-coloured eyes stare forth from the thicket.

He wears a shabby grey shirt and britches fastened with a leather belt with a brass buckle. Above this, he has donned a heavy woolen poncho stained permanently with mud which covers virtually his entire body. Leather pads strapped to his shoulders give him a robust profile. His is the attire of a homeless wanderer – an entirely normal sight in every city of the world.

Beneath his clothing, however, Kenet is decidedly abnormal. He appears muscled, yet his form is too slender, and the curves of his body are all wrong. His skin is unnaturally smooth and without blemishes, and appears silvery in the right light. Poke his skin, and beneath you will find a flesh so dense it feels like iron, and which radiates cold. In a word, he is unnatural, like an automaton constructed by one with an incomplete understanding of the human form. Yet cut him, and he will bleed.

Weapons: Not a thing. His body is his weapon, and an effective one at that.

Other Items: He only possesses one item of importance. Around his neck, on a mythril chain, hangs a tiny sphere of greenish, polished metal which has defied all attempts to mark it. A series of moveable concentric rings extend from the metal seamlessly, as if dipped into water. When they are aligned… nothing happens. Despite its uselessness, it is Kenet’s only link to his mysterious past, and he hunts for its origin with a will that cannot be tamed.

Skills: Whatever was done to Kenet has changed him, in many ways for the better. He is fearsomely strong, seemingly beyond any natural limits. He has been witnessed (by the dead) crushing a cannonball into a flat disk, or putting his fist through the exterior wall of a castle. He moves at a comparable speed to any normal human, but his motions carry a weight which cannot be attributed to any of the normal sources of strength. The truth is that whatever he has become is inherently inimical, weakening all which he strikes to the point of utter decrepitude.

For this reason, he is virtually invulnerable to all threats towards which he is moving. Even a movement of millimetres will render any and all strikes or projectiles as harmless as a breath of wind. He can, however, be damaged or even killed just as any normal human by anything which attacks him from behind, or while he is motionless, and he possesses no particular healing factor or resistance to damage. Unsurprisingly, he is a light sleeper. When he is called to violence, he fights with unbridled ferocity and aggression, propelling every molecule of his body forward, and never exposing his back.

Combat aside, he is relatively competent at most household tasks and manual labour. These are the means by which he sustains himself on his travels - he still needs food, drink and sleep, as well as protection from the elements.

History: Kenet’s past is a black cloud. At some point in his late teens, he woke up on a stone table in a cave nestled deep in a forest. Shrouded figures surrounded him, and he cast them aside as he fled blindly into the world. After carving a swathe of destruction through the forest as he fled, he passed out and awoke again in a cell on a slave ship, having been picked up as a vagrant. He exited through the hull of the ship, and was carried to an unknown shore by the current.

From there, with nothing more to his name than an absent memory, a mysterious pendant and inexplicable powers, he began to wander, searching endlessly through the forests of the world for the cave where he lost everything. Years passed, and passed and passed. Having once been called a vagrant, he adopted the role wholeheartedly, stealing a name out of the ether. Now, his travels have brought him to Blackwater, and he drifts into town on a floating log, searching for answers.

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11/29/2014 1:17:04   

Posting interest. Still need a witch type?
DF MQ  Post #: 12
11/29/2014 11:50:29   

@Zeph: I'm sorry Zeph, I did not realize I had new posts in this thread, haha. Kenet is indeed... strange. I have to ask though, you mention 'automaton', is that to say he's robotic? His incredible strength is something the group could probably use, and while some would call it overpowered, I think I can work with it.

@Riprose: If you'd like to create some sort of witch, feel free too.

EDIT: Kell, Draycos, Zeph, and Rip? That is enough players to get started, perhaps an IC may attract another RPer or two. I will work on the IC some more (it's only partially done).

EDIT2: The first IC may end up rather long, but most of it is just banter between the characters and introductory information, so please don't be shied away from it, lol.

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11/29/2014 19:59:54   

Ah, that's good. Don't worry, I'll be certain to avoid godmodding.

Automaton was more a point of comparison - he's essentially a human whose flesh has been transmuted by magic. He was partly inspired by Siegfried of the Nibelungenlied, although obviously with some twists.
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12/3/2014 0:59:50   

Name: Maria Melodrem
Age: Just shy of 19
Race: Human, boringly
Gender: Female
Physical Appearance: Maria stands at about 5' 3" and weighs about 103 pounds, though most often she will lie about her weight. Many people judge her weak by her small size, though her body is a near sheet of hard, taught muscle, defined from years of traveling, fighting, and working. Her skin is a rich, cream colored, and a multitude of pale scars run up her back, shoulders, and arms, forming lightning-like webs, a stark contrast to her complexion. Her hair is cut short, growing to the top of her neck, and trimmed in the style of a man's, colored strawberry blonde, naturally. She has a pixie like face, often times perceived as cute, and misleading to the seriousness she often shows, with a peppering of soft freckles about her nose and cheeks. Her mouth is soft and finely curved, with lips of light pink, seemingly made for smiling. Her eyes never seem to stay on one color, changing from green, to blue, to brown, to even hazel. Some have even claimed they have witnessed them turn to grey, and even pitch black. Her hands are rough, scarred, and callused; they are the only anomaly to a otherwise beautiful and charming young women.
Armor/Clothing: Maria dresses sensibly for the road. Rough leather riding pants, soft, comfortable boots for walking, made of doe skin, and a shirt of linen keeps her comfortable, even on days that require much work. She also possess a few other clothes, primarily another shirt, of dark red silk, pants made of felt, and a dress of blue cotton. She wears all these excellently. As armor would hinder her during combat, as well as destroy her most prominent means of defense, moving quickly and quietly, she posses not a single piece of it. The last piece of clothing she wears is a cloak and hood. It is pure black, and when touched, it seems to be of a material as soft as silk, but as hard as a shirt of ringmail. It is filled with many clever little pockets, perfect for holding all sorts of items. No matter the temperature around it, it stays the same, warm temperature, and often times, if watched closely, it may sway, as if carried by a wind, even when the air is dead still, and nothing moves.
Weapons: Her entire body is a weapon. Combined with her aptitude for not being seen, and being abnormally lucky, she can usually avoid combat. But when she is forced into it, her fists can be mightier than the largest great axe, especially with the added enchantments of her rings. I suppose, you could count her rings as weapons, though they only serve to add to the already dangerous force of her unarmed capabilities.
Other Items: She possess only three other items of note; a locket, with a picture of a handsome young man inside, and two rings of dull, scorched iron, with faint lettering etched around the simple bands. They give off a feint aura of magic, and when used, they combust, engulfing the user's hands in fire.
Skills: Just as her father was trained as a physician, herbalist, and all around great adventurer, so too has Maria inherited these skills. She knows most anything there is about setting up and taking down camp, more knots than your common sailor, how to make a fire in even the heaviest rains, and how to make a meal fit for kings out of crumbs of cheese, a loaf of stale bread, and even the mangiest game. She is adept at sneaking and hiding, even in plain sight, and has been mistaken for a creature of wood before. She also possess an odd, slightly chaotic form of unarmed combat, which she calls, "the Art of the Storm." She has attempted to teach her art to others, but so far, any students have been to iron willed and disciplined to become adept in it's ferocity and chaotic nature.
Abilities: Apart from the enchantments given to her by her rings, she also possess a certain natural ability that she's had for as long as she remembers. She is fully aware of it, but has yet to find away to control this odd ability. She calls it, a "Luck Siphon." What it does, is it makes those around her less lucky, i.e., things left up to chance are more likely to go wrong. You may trip and fall, or stub your toe on a chair leg. The more emotional attachment that is formed between her and an individual, the stronger it affects them. As such, she makes it a standard to stay emotionally detached, and refuses to form attachments. As other's become less and less lucky, she becomes luckier. She earns more money, is well liked by those she meets, and is less likely to be hurt. Her endeavors are more successful, and she is less likely to be blamed for the string of bad luck everyone else seems to be suffering from.
History: Maria was born to a normal couple. They were good, god fearing folks, and as such, they could not stand the sight of their daughter, born with eyes as black as coals, and so, on the night of the full moon, they set her adrift in a basket, hoping that, by not killing her, she would not seek revenge on their abandonment. She was found by a wandering doctor, who was fishing at the time, and taken in. He raised her as his own for years, until one day, he caught the plaque, a terrible thing of boils and fever dreams. She tended to him for days upon days, secretly praying to the gods to catch this fatal disease so she could die with him, but as she sapped his luck away, she would not get sick.

Maria traveled then, wandering from place to place, but not staying for more than a few days. She did some odd jobs, but before too long, she found someone to stay for. At the age of 16, she met a blacksmith's apprentice, and fell in love. It was a great time in her life, and though she did not know the full extent of her leech-type condition, it took it's time setting in. But set in it did, and one day, as the boy tempered hot, molten steel, he fell, and the mold he was carrying, filled with liquid metal, fell over him. He died three hours later. Two bands of the molten steel were found, and hammered into rings. They were then enchanted, and given to Maria at her beloved's funeral. Maria was devastated, and set out on her own again.

When she was eighteen, Maria met a monk. She traveled with him, and together, they learned of her condition. He taught her how to move without being seen, and how to fight with no weapons. In return, she taught him of herbs and the body, and how to treat illness with things given by mother nature. They traveled together for almost a year, until he too, was struck down by her luck siphon. As they traveled, bandits attacked, and killed the monk. Saddened, and knowing it to be her fault, she left again.

Now, almost 19, Maria has traveled to Darkwald, where she has no ties, nor relations. She has taken a room at the inn, and keeps herself secluded, fending off any attempts to socialize with a chilly demeanor and hostile attitude, though deep inside, she craves human relationship and interaction.

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DF MQ  Post #: 15
12/3/2014 3:18:26   

Noting interest (Yeah, I'm back).

I have exams this week and next week, and school has gotten quite tough, so don't expect me to post too often if I'm accepted, but I'll try my best.
I'll see about getting a bio up after exam weeks.
DF MQ Epic  Post #: 16
12/3/2014 9:14:37   

Posting interest, although I'll be swamped with assessments for nearly the whole week. I'll try to get a bio up by Saturday/Sunday.
Post #: 17
12/3/2014 17:20:37   

Now that I look at it, Maria's history is rather rough. I'd like to edit it later, but it's the bare bones of everything you need to know about her. >.>
DF MQ  Post #: 18
12/3/2014 18:27:33   


@Riprose: Interesting, I must say. Something different, that's for sure. I will accept Maria. So her Rings light her fists on fire, and she's pretty much a martial artist to boot?

@Legendium, Blankmaskara: Alrighty then!
DF AQW  Post #: 19
12/3/2014 18:47:39   

Si, with some added luck mixed in. And since she's the only one to use her style of martial arts, it's hard for others to counter
DF MQ  Post #: 20
12/7/2014 16:48:00   

That's four people. Legendium noted interest, and that would be five. I would figure that is a good number to start.

Is everyone okay with this? If so I will work on the IC some more and post it here soon.
DF AQW  Post #: 21
12/7/2014 17:50:17   
Eternal Wanderer

I'm up for it, naturally. I'll be around.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 22
12/7/2014 22:18:45   

I'm all for it! Let's get this show on the road.
Post #: 23
12/7/2014 23:01:22   

whenever you're ready to start the RP, I'll be too.
AQ  Post #: 24
12/8/2014 3:18:52   

I've almost finished the bio 'cept for the history, so expect it tuesday or so.
DF MQ Epic  Post #: 25
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