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RE: =AQW= Armor Suggestions

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10/8/2019 2:04:15   


Here's a set I've commissioned Tyronius to create :D

Void Valkyrie

I wanted to get a Valkyrie feel as well as that Nythera void type into the mix.

Basically having Angels of death sent from the void hence the purple as well as an ominous vibe with the tendrils.
The weapon design resembles that of a flower as an analogy to picking flowers for the dead similarly to how a Valkyrie controls the flow of life and death on the battlefield is just like picking out flowers from a garden.


I wanted it to resemble Ereshkigal from fate go but with Tyronius twist on it to avoid copy right issues.
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10/9/2019 5:59:45   


I would like an armor version of the pinkomancer class

Post #: 552
10/19/2019 10:29:43   

Undead Curse should have an ac non mem version in nostalgiaquest
Post #: 553
10/30/2019 15:19:54   

Void set suggestions:
AQW  Post #: 554
11/3/2019 1:35:12   
dra suzumebachi

i apologize if this has already been posted i dont have the patience to go through every page of suggestions anyways here goes so cysero can upgrade the blinding light of destiny, sepchure's helm, and the necrotic blade of doom (i forget what its called in aqworlds) however is unable to upgrade sepulchure's doomknight armor which makes no sense for 2 reasons first is it is possible to upgrade his helm and sword the second being that the blinding light of destiny can be upgraded and from a questline standpoint sepulchure's armor is the direct counterpart of the blinding light of destiny so long story short my suggestion is simply add a upgrade for sepulchure's doomknight armor to cysero's forge
Post #: 555
11/9/2019 4:33:08   

Suggestions for Black Friday:
-Formal Black Warrior Male
-OLX Black Ultimate Scythe


Suggestions for Black Friday
-Dreadfulblack Garb MALE Armor

Suggestion for Black Friday:
-Defender Black

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AQW  Post #: 556
11/16/2019 16:38:31   

Can you guys add please Valencia old armor and hair in AQW?
Post #: 557
12/11/2019 13:59:48   
elli drk11

Please make a color customizeable evolved dragonlord

there is one in dragonfable and there is also a color custom one of the normal one in game there should be one for the evolved as well
AQW  Post #: 558
1/14/2020 17:14:17   

Suggestion for naval's, National Naval: Pirate Armor of all nations, each naval would have a country specific pet, eg Brazil Arara, Canada Beaver, US Hawk, etc ...

Pirata Comandante Nacional
AQW  Post #: 559
2/5/2020 18:20:38   

Devoted Worshiper of Nulgath (Evolved)
Description: It started as simple worship now you are hopelessly devoted to the arch fiend nulgath
Obtained: Color Custom Version for owners of the original Non Color Custom for the rest

Quest Truly Devoted One
If you own the original worshiper of nulgath you will be able to turn in the quest for just Unidentified 10 (quest summary) Ahhhh yes you are truly devoted I have something for you.
Appon turn in... yesss yess marvelous
Quest Prove your devotion
If you do not own the original you will be able to turn in the quest with the following items (description) Are you devoted to the archfiend ? Bring me these items to prove it! Appon turn in: Ahhh I see you are surely devoted here wear this with pride
Totem x5
Voucher (Non-mem) x1
Diamonds x250
Unidentified 13 x1
Bloodgem x15
Nulgath's Approval x100
Archfiend's Favor x100

Arcanist Robes of Love
Posted it on twitter but if i really want it it probably needs to be here too

Merged double-post. -Laos

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AQW  Post #: 560
3/3/2020 2:09:47   


First post!
Just want to share my work. Itís called Glaivestorm Sniper.
Post #: 561
4/12/2020 12:47:09   

I posted this in Item Sets, although I guess it could go here as well, not sure which it goes better as personally:

Add a new daily quest that requires Desolich (the level 99 version with nearly 9 million HP) to be defeated for a token. Call it the Desolich token. Have them stack to 25.

Sepulchure's Master DoomKnight Armor (Legend, AC)

Cosmetic armor, goes over class armor

+51% Humans
+51% Dragons

What is required to construct armor:

Active membership
Level 100
1 year played as a member in AQW
2 years purchased membership in AQW
Necrotic Sword of Doom completed
50k AC obtained badge
Drakath's Original Armor badge
Sepulchure's Doomknight Armor badge
Evil Rank 10
Doomwood Rank 10
Arch DoomKnight quest line completed (this includes entire chaos lord quest line too)
Legion DoomKnight armor, level 10
Legion Revenant quest line completed, with armor at level 10
Lightcaster armor quest line completed, with armor at level 10
Void Highlord rank 10
Yami No Ronin rank 10
Stonecrusher (three reputations) rank 10
Infinity Titan rank 10
Arch Paladin (quest line) rank 10
Mindbreaker rank 10

What is consumed to forge armor:

1 Barium of Doom
1 Immortal Iron of Destiny
1 Calamitous Chromium of Doom
25 Bones of the Void Realm
10,000 Undead Energy
10,000 Dark Energy
7 Desolich Tokens

Where to obtain: Shadowfall

Sepulchure's Master DoomKnight Helm (Legend, AC)

+51% Undead

What is required to obtain helm:

Sepulchure's Master DoomKnight Armor obtained

What is consumed to forge helm:

1 Barium of Doom
1 Immortal Iron of Destiny
1 Calamitous Chromium of Doom
10 Bones of the Void Realm
3 Desolich Tokens

Where to obtain: Shadowfall

Sepulchure's Master DoomKnight Cloak (Legend, AC)

+50% to EXP, gold, class points, and reputation
+51% Chaos

What is required to obtain cape:

Sepulchure's Master DoomKnight Helm obtained

What is consumed to knit cape:

Arch DoomKnight Cape
ShadowFiend Cloak
2,000 Void Aura
5 Desolich Tokens

Where to obtain: Shadowfall

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 562
4/21/2020 21:54:29   

Classic Armour Additions

It would be cool to see a few classic armours brought back or updated in a basic way. This suggestion isn't super complicated so I won't add a ton of detail.

Acolyte armour: (A colour custom variant added, or a green variant added to match the green classic healer armour).

Healer armour (classic): A white variant added to match the acolyte upgrade armour).

Healer armour (new): (A green variant of the new healer armour to match the classic variant currently in the shop).

Mage robes (new): (Colour variants of the new mage default robes, made to match the traditional "elemental" robes currently for sale in warlicks shop.)

Post #: 563
4/30/2020 17:26:48   

Sorry for the intrusion, here are the sets that I came up with.

Thunderfall Knight:

Toxic Raven Knight:

Berserker revamp:

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Post #: 564
5/17/2020 9:14:55   

Another armor concept I made


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Post #: 565
5/18/2020 10:36:23   

I would love to see more hockey related armors, kinda like the old Bears Jersey and Orca Jersey from the 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs.
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 566
5/22/2020 20:01:15   

Reborn Sepulchure's Doomknight Armor +%51 damage buff against humans
Location: Battleontown-Cysero
Requirements: Sepulchure's Doomknight Armor
What it would be like?: Hole in the chest would be fixed and colors would be the same as Reborn Sepulchure's Helm
Post #: 567
6/29/2020 17:01:02   

Doomwood Scourge

Char page: Onik
AQW  Post #: 568
7/6/2020 5:04:03   

Hey there, big anime fan, including this really popular series titled Fire Force which also just received a second season that premiered recently. An AQW adaptation would be absolutely incredible.

Some looks include these overalls coupled with black shirt.

Another is this rad orange jumpsuit or classic look

The protagonist, Shinra, has the ability to control flames through his feet, so that could end up being a cool animation used as well for the armors. Maybe even a cape?

Plenty of flame/fire/heat puns to be made as well and parodies of the outstanding cast, so there would be no problems with descriptions or item names!

Char page is vash if you want to deposit my suggestion into my inventory

Post #: 569
8/7/2020 3:13:42   

Who loves batik? I really love it, it's Beautiful!!
I hope someday, AE will put this into the game haha

My concept : Batik Naval Commander
AQW  Post #: 570
8/11/2020 2:02:56   

I think we need more kimono armors that looks like the Prismatic Dragon Samurai
Post #: 571
9/3/2020 15:03:02   

This was my suggestion for Mogloween, commissioned through Lae
Post #: 572
9/17/2020 14:17:01   

I doubt that this is going to happen anytime soon.

but i really would like a Goldun Armor and Helm, who is the War Boss from /join ChaosAmulet.

Both the Armor & Helmet would Color Customizable to Skin Color and Eye Color.

THESE ARE NOT HUMAN ARMORS. Please make the limbs look thick and muscular like This Armor

The Drakel Skin parts of him would be CC to Skin color, this is important because no Drakel armors in the game exist that allow us to customize the color of the skin

The red glows on the armor would be CC to Eye Color.

Optionally: The black parts of the armor would also be CC to something, but if anything, I really just want to be able to change the glow and skin colors.


A color Customizable version of the Drakel Guard Morph.
Skin, Eyes, Scarf and the glowing blue parts would all be CC.


This goes for the matching Tail as well.


Merged double-post and removed image tags. -Laos

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MQ AQW  Post #: 573
10/1/2020 14:02:41   

Make Extreme Fishing Jersey AC's for the free players instead of Membership
Post #: 574
10/14/2020 12:04:26   

Hello , "Alteon's Royal Armor" needs little design revisions , also can you add missing parts to "Good Repulation Shop".Missing Parts: "Cape", "Crown(Alden Helmet is Changes Character Face Too)".

I explained revisions on image for clearence.

Image Link: https://ibb.co/mCPgTYx

Alteon's Royal Armor: http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/alteon-s-royal-armor-non-ac
Post #: 575
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