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Base Camp of the verses(OOC superthread for the new era)

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12/2/2014 22:32:28   

Hey. I'm back and already working on new A&Rs.

Also like Tomix Saga 2, I lieeeeeeeeeeeed

Dark Infection(Applications open.)

That list above will slowly and hopefully be filled with new and active A&Rs at some point.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
12/3/2014 0:05:31   
DA Holder67

Are applications open? Also, just some general advice, don't be so quick to make new games. Its going to be better for everyone if you just focus on keeping one game interesting and regularly updated.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 2
12/3/2014 9:19:37   

Oh, I know better then to do that. Though I do plan to make new ones at some point far down the line, when either the current A&Rs die from lack of interest or if their story makes it to the end.

Applications are open, I put that in first post of this topic. As well any thoughts/critiques about Dark Infection? I'm a bit rusty at making these. XD
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 3
12/3/2014 16:29:45   

Well there's rather limited customization for Infected and Neo, meaning that all the players would end up sharing powers. Though what I really want to know is if it is possible to play some middleground between Infected and Neo or otherwise have an Infected that can legitimately think they're an Neo initially. Because the character I had in mind was one that thought they were a Neo, but is actually an Infected (with a more violent split personality and "The Chained Devil" as their moniker to complete). There also doesn't seem to be any real incentive to play as Regulars, unless there are bio scanners that the governments place everywhere to find Infected & Neos.

Though does nobody study the Infected/Neos or employ other specially designed biological freaks of nature to fight them? Do they just send in countless waves of vanilla humans armed with machineguns to fail at slaughtering them?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
12/3/2014 22:04:02   

The limited power selection for now is more of a balancing act(for now), though what you see right now is just over families of smaller more specialized abilities that can be obtained.

In-game/universe, the governments have revealed that yes Neos and Infected exist. Though they never released or even fully know the difference themselves. They've seen people they think Neo mutate and people they think Infected not mutate(well at least not right away). They've also not released what powers are normally associated with either group. IC a Neo can mutate if they're near death due to extreme trauma(i.e getting beat up, cut, etc), an Infected can mutate at almost any point they are too infected. There is "technically" a fourth class, Neo Infected, they are basically Neos that became infected and subsequently suffer the boons and banes that come with the infection.

Playing as a Regular, well you're a normal human surrounded by other people with super human powers that could transform into vicious monsters in the blink of an eye? Being normal isn't very good thing in this situation. Though as a Regular without powers to rely on, you have to use your wits more allowing for more inventive ways of overcoming obstacles that will appear. You can also help create more of the specialized powers.

As for studying Neos/Infected, most highly trained scientists need to have a full defense detail, a special research permit, specially designed hasmat suits, etc. To "legally" study either group. There are of course off the beaten path research groups, or at least there were. Those mostly ended up all either mutated or dead due to not having the equipment needed to contain an Infected. As to fighting either group, most governments have created strike teams that are trained solely for fighting with Neos and Infected.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 5
12/5/2014 1:00:38   

I'm fairly interested, I'll soon make a bio.
One comment I have is that, like kkutwar said, the power choice feels a bit limited.
Also, I might come off a bit ignorant, but could I ask what a "poison entry" specifically is? Referring to Infected paragraph, second skill: paralysis.

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Post #: 6
12/5/2014 7:47:52   

"poison entry" Is simply referring to the paragraph above it about the Poison Skill.

I do know the power selection is very limited, that is a sad fact. I also can't really think of other powers to give out. Though if you guys have any suggestions, I'm open to them.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 7
12/5/2014 9:36:55   

Oh, okay, I was thinking of an entirely different thing. Alright then, I'll have my bio up by tomorrow.
Post #: 8
12/5/2014 22:43:33   
DA Holder67

Forum name: DA Holder67
Character name: Jordan "Sawbones" Hopper
Class: Regular
Power: N/A
Bio: Jordan was born in Gary, Indiana. His mother was gang affiliated and was shot to death a few months after he was born, and his father was a nurse. His father groomed him to be a doctor his entire life, not wanting him to grow desperate and follow in his mother's footsteps. He joined the military to help pay for school and earned his nickname "Sawbones" for his medical aspirations. After less then a year, he left the military to be treated for severe depression. During this time, his father died, leaving Jordan over $2 million in secret craps winnings. The loss of his father combined with his newly obtained affluence drove him to be a doctor even harder. He received a PhD and now works as a dermatologist. He was in the process of opening his own practice when the infection hit. He is 32, 5'9", and 155 lbs. He has dark brown hair and eyes, and very dark skin. In addition to his medical skills, he has a basic understanding of how to operate pistols and assault rifles from his days in the military, is an avid sailor, and casually runs marathons bi-yearly.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 9
12/6/2014 20:19:43   

Forum name: Bastet
Character name: Mireille Willem
Class: Infected
Power: Paralysis (thrown poison style)
Bio: Born in Belgium, Mireille happened to move to a town close to the nuked Haven, to continue her biology studies. Being this far from her homeland caused the contacts she had with her family to deteriorate, eventually disappearing wholly once she happened to come in contact with an infected subject. With the infection beginning to manifest itself within her, it wasn't long before she developed the ability to throw a kind of paralyzing liquid from her hands. More than a few government agents controlling the area around the ex-Haven took an interest to this, being soon ordered to quarantine her in a testing facility. Mireille didn't take this well, obtaining no help whatsoever from the Belgian embassy after successfully managing to contact them. A strong hate towards humanity grew in her, being treated like an animal by those studying her. When she finally took advantage of a chance to escape, not long after the government revealed the existence of Neo and Infected people to the world, she swore silent revenge and found a hiding place to stay in for a while and observe the situation. The imprisonment had made her gentler side disappear entirely.
Post #: 10
12/6/2014 22:41:40   

DA Holder67: I didn't expect someone to actually make a Regular. Though you have given an interesting back ground as well as useful skills. You are in.

@Bastet: Even for as brief of a history as that is, it was dark. I approve. She's in. Though since she's hiding out I have a question. Is she hiding as in "disguised" as a hobo or staying at someone's house?

I also added in the "Viral Sample:" section. Thoughts on this?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 11
12/7/2014 9:22:51   

Heh, I have a thing for writing characters with dark bios.
I think that the viral samples are a good way to introduce new powers to the game, making it more interesting.
Also I meant hiding as in "disguised", with my character staying away from people who could possibly recognize her, and moving constantly.

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12/9/2014 16:08:53   

Forum Name: Kkutwar
Character Name: Cornelius Hawking
Class: Neo
Power: Arc Energy
Bio: "Did you know there was once a young man who fell in love with an angelic princess, and that the young man's father disapproved of the angel? His disapproval stemmed from his envy, that such a graceful and perfect creature didn't choose him. The young man and the angel princess were going to leave to a new world, which enraged the father. 'How dare she steal what he mine' he spoke, and thus he confronted the angel with an evil weapon. Knowing the angel would protect his son, the father aimed for the young man... and the angel was felled. That moment played itself in the boy's mind endlessly, and... and he fled with tears streaming from his eyes, never to see his beloved angel again until his inevitable end. To this day, the young man continues to weep as he drifts from place to place forever running from the nightmare his father made."

The tears flowing unchecked from his eyes, Cornelius silently sobs as he puts the notebook down. Standing up from the chair, he briefly glances over his "home". Scorch marks and holes are everywhere, while the word "Why" and the phrase "He deserved it" is scrawled over the walls. "Just a little longer Sarah, I'll figure it out..." Electricity crackling from his right hand, he thrusts the arm forward and launches a bolt at the wall. "So very happy for the gift by the way, my sweet angel... I've been making good use of it, so don't worry about me." Wiping away his tears only to retain his sadden expression, Cornelius begins packing up his things. He has to keep moving, to avoid the madness. Being only sixteen doesn't help him in getting away, but the rundown buildings are nice enough to stay at... Why?

Why: Sarah was growing progressively more dangerous and malicious as she mutated, and in her last few mad moments was going to kill & eat Cornelius after tricking him to let down his guard. Cornelius' father, though not the best parent, was never actively malevolent and ended Sarah with a shot to the head before she could murder Cornelius. Being an antisocial teenager who had no real reason to think his father truly cared, stood still in silence for several minutes. After several worrying prompts from his father, Cornelius went absolutely berserk and blasted his father. Once done beating his father's corpse, he looked back at Sarah and just cried. Ever since he's been mentally re-imagining his past and moving endlessly, though seems like a typical stoic when he normally confronts people.

Hmm... Before I write the bio, I would like to know some things. First, do all the Powers function strictly as listed (minus the hidden effects) or can they be creatively utilized in different ways? Like using Arc Energy to perform an Exo Spark like attack or coating yourself in Poison so enemies can't physically touch you. Second, do we only grow stronger by getting more viruses or do we progressively get stronger over time? I'm kind of fond of the making the powers grow stronger by using them, but eh. Third, if a female Infected continuously grows more infected while pregnant what happens to the child? In addition to that, what happens if a Neo and an Infected have a child?

Besides that, how tough is the Poison and Paralysis substances? Would wrapping something in Paralysis webs be an effective offense modifier, or do the webs have to completely entangle someone to work? In fact, how sticky are they? Cause I kind of do want to see an Infected swinging around like Spider-Man. Though do we only get one Power altogether, or do we also get a Passive?

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 13
12/9/2014 17:35:13   

They don't function strictly as listed(that just wouldn't be fun). The powers are yours to command as you see fit within reason of course. Remember your bodies are physically producing the products needed to use your powers, and thus have a ready to use supply of it before it has to make more(so use your powers wisely). Creative use will net you "abilities" which are just distinctive ways of using your power.

As for powers becoming more powerful, it depends on how you use it and how much. Poison is the only power that truly gets stronger and more dangerous the more infected you become. Where as the others get easier to use and can become "stronger" through continued use. Note however over using Poison and Paralysis(liquid) can increase how infected you are and thus over use can mutate you early.

That depends on how infected the mother is. Low infection levels can have a normal human or two or with rare cases a Neo. Moderate infection levels have a 50-50 chance for a Neo or an Infected. High infection level the child will be an Infected. Though at high levels, three* things can occur.

1. The baby is born as a special class infected. With the mother dieing in childbirth and/or mutating on the spot.
2. The baby mutates before birth well you get the idea of how they get out.
3. Both the mother and baby mutate and fuse in some horrifying creature.
*stillborns can still happen though.

The highest level of Neos came from the population of the survivors of Haven City. Either being born prior to the incident or after.

The Paralysis webs can hold up at least to half a ton. Though if turned into a type of rope they are extremely hard to cut. As for stickyness, yes an Infected could in theory swing around like Spider-Man for a while they could even climb walls/ceilings like Spidy does. The web form more relies on ensnarement and/or entangling the target like rope traps. Though a good coating will have most things stuck until it dissolves or they get attacked by mutated Infected.

As for Passives, everything under that block labeled "Passives" all Neos/Infected have to greater or lesser extent. Though each power does have it's own passive or set of passives(not sure if I should do one or more than one here) that I'll *hopefully* be able to reveal during the game. Though an example would be Arc Energy Neos have heightened reaction times(Yes this does apply in game).
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 14
12/9/2014 18:09:28   

Hmm... What are some example of "Abilities" you thought about then? Would Exo Spark or Thundaga Shot be a valid use for example? Besides that, the child couldn't be half-mutated (like a tentacle for an arm and shark teeth being the most notable abnormalities) or be purely a Neo despite physical abnormalities? Or simply just be physically abnormal and neither an Infected or Neo?

"Spider-Man is a menace!" has never been truer then. I kind of just want to play an Infected whose a Spider-Man fan now. Though I'll just stick with Cornelius Hawking. Speaking of, I'll write up his bio later, got the Dark Below expansion for Destiny so... By the way, what year does this take place? Oh, and how about the ability to manipulate one's own electrical attraction? Thus they can move through objects and "teleport", but only for very short periods before having to rebond their body.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 15
12/10/2014 7:46:41   

Glad more people are joining in, your bio looks very well-written kkutwar.
Post #: 16
12/10/2014 9:14:27   

Cornelius, is in. I do like the addition of an Infected to his back story like that. Though be aware there will be enemies like that in game. Not many of course but some.

Those work as "Abilities" for extreme situations, i.e bosses, optional bosses, etc. There is no "known" way to stop mutation, though extreme willpower has been known to delay it and cryogenics would possibly suspend the process indefinitely. So the baby will fully mutate. Though in theory it could just be a mutant and still be able to grow like a normal human, but most people are willing to take that level risk.

I'm thinking about putting the year to about 2020 with the Haven City incident being in 2004. As for manipulating your own electrical attraction like that I'm going to have to say no go. As awesome as it is, it's too far into the impractical range for me. Though do I will be making a Spider-manesk NPC and giant spiders.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 17
12/10/2014 15:09:45   

I meant as a completely separate power from Arc Energy. Besides that, I suppose they could last a minute before the strain starts becoming too much and completely lose control thirty seconds later. Though other awesome stuff... What about the power to detect the electric impulses in others' brains and process that information yourself? Thus surface mind reading, and to make it more useful it could include sending impulses into other people's brains to be processed into information (therefore thoughtspeak).

Could you elaborate a bit on what you mean with that first line? Would like to know what "like that" is supposed to mean for example. Besides that, for Infected would organic absorption (with the sub-abilities of utilizing how that mass is used, like increasing defense or replacing a lost arm) and mook making (like snap off a finger and have it mutate into a thing) be acceptable Powers? Ooh, about what Organic Claytronics (either by transmuting other organic things or using their own mass)? Shape-Shifting has to be an Infected power though. Ooh...

Neo Powers should be normal Super-Hero stuff (thus Flight = Electrical Repulsion), while Infected should get nightmarish body horror messes. Thus for a Neo Infected, the two archetypes should combine (such as an Arc Energy Neo Infected growing combat tentacles to fire their lightning blasts or a Flame/Paralysis combo being able to shoot burning webs).
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 18
12/10/2014 16:31:32   

I don't think that just detecting electrical impulses will help read minds but I also admit I have no idea how neuro-electricity works. So I'll let it work like how Cole in InFamous reads the brains of dead people. With thoughtspeak the problem arises of the recipient being able understand what they just got. So it'll work like reverse Cole instead(kinda).

I was referencing that the mostly mutated Sarah appeared to Cornelius as something that wasn't the body horror it was. Which will you all may or may not face in game.

Organic absorption is a go and so is mook making, though mook making will be kinda like making a golem or the like. Can you give an explanation about what you mean by Claytronics? I'll keep Shape-Shifting as a enemy only power because well I don't think the current selection of PCs what to feel their bodies twist, morph and shape into something else.

Neo powers will be harder to come up with imo. Though bring ideas you think would work for them.

I like the power combination idea.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 19
12/10/2014 18:16:25   

Healing-Type Neo Infected should be able to spread the infection or mutate people by healing them. Really just makes sense if you think about it. Though isn't that the point Deathlord? That being Infected is suffering, and anyone applying to be an Infected would know fully well their character is going to become a suffering abomination. Hmm... [joke]Don't know what that makes me think of...[/joke]

Are you going to add the new powers to the list? Oh, Telekinesis can also be a thing by having the Neo manipulate the electrical attraction of objects. Electrical attraction is awesome by the way, given that if it can be harnessed it would greatly revolutionize society and human existence. No more would we need planes or cars, as we could just fly! Now that I think about it, the whole Mutation/Virus strain happened because some folks aiming for artificial evolution messed up horribly right?

Claytronics, and besides that... Vocal changeling powers and complete control of one's emotions/body chemistry seems like things you could include as well. Though those seem like powers that could belong to either type...

The Arc Energy Neo Infected could alternately grow hand-mouths from which bone spikes jut out, which channel their electric bolts. Ooh, perhaps some Neo Infected could end up with mutated Neo powers? Like an Arc Energy Neo Infected being able to drain electricity as well, or a Flame-Type being able to spit fireballs. Besides that, what are your plans for our characters?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
12/10/2014 19:47:25   
DA Holder67

Kkut, it's deathlord's game.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 21
12/10/2014 21:29:50   

@DAHolder: Let him go for now. It's helping me think up a few thing and fleshing out the world.


Any and all possible problems/weird can arise for different power combos. Well that and Shape-Shifting wouldn't really work well with a regular human body(Yes I know most people aren't normal here but your body still looks it) and it has game breaking potential otherwise.

I'll add the new powers to the list at they are either encountered in-game either via enemies or by Viral samples. Telekinesis would be fun, though it will have a power limit because I know that sufficiently powerful telekinetic could also break the game.

As for what originally caused the Haven City incident. It was a company with mostly benign leaders having developed a liquid that could be used to make humans better. The liquid was brought before the government or approval/testing. Of course the government signed right up(because super soldiers). Then during the tests came the horrible side effects(the first Infected) and the government put the stop to the tests and all the participants families were given recompense for their loved ones dieing due to unforeseen side effects(bullets). The company itself survived quite well and gave up on the liquid seeing the problems it could cause. Not everyone agreed. So a small splinter group of the company instead of destroying it began illegal and unknown tests on the residents of Haven City. Unknown chain of events(maybe looked at later with a prequel game) caused what became known as the Haven City incident.

As for what I plan for the current group of PCs, is(and I blame 3rd Birthday and InFamous1 for) the city has been quarantined off and factions have formed. Scientists also want to examine Infected and Neos(yadda yadda yadda). As for what the factions are, well I have to have some surprises don't I?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 22
12/10/2014 23:18:17   

The more mutated the Infected is would probably reduce their ability to assume humanoid form, likely requiring an intense amount of focus. Thus it ends up purely for combat applications, and one way to prevent it from being game-breaking is by having more severe shifts take multiple turns or require the Infected use biological energy to fuel it.

Hehehe... "Hey guys, we just invented a liquid-based super soldier serum! Now we can artificially evolve humanity because normal evolution is too lazy to make us Gods. We're gonna dump this in the city water supply, so nothing can go wrong!" Five Days Later "So... Did we use the F1 or F2 batch?" "F1, why?" "Crap, that's the flawed one! Was starting to wonder why monstrous screams and burning buildings were occurring more than usual."

Wait, so there's no strain of Infected that can absorb metal? That would make nicely for high-level body horror, and demonstrating such an ability would help establish Infected as things to be feared. Besides that, how about the Infected being able to expel various gases from themselves, like poison gas or stupid gas.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 23
12/12/2014 11:06:10   

True that would make it less game-breaking, though I'll probably put it as a viral sample for how. Since it seems more a kin to a conjunction power than a standalone in case of PCs and none mutants. Haaaaaaa, that is kinda what happened(maybe). The problem with metal absorption is how the body would assimilate that metal, I could see it working for Stone Skin or like Wolverine. Gaseous powers would be fun, though seems more a enemy power or a field effect.

I might just mark it "complete" here soon. Though thoughts on Infected(mutated kind) animals? That way the powers wouldn't be stuck to just humans and it would add a more dangerous feel.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 24
12/12/2014 11:58:22   

Sure, why not? Anything can work as long as it's balanced properly. I really don't see a reasons mutated animals shouldn't appear.
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