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Yulgar's Inn: The Legend Returns!

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12/3/2014 16:45:47   
Ronin Of Dreams
Still Watching...

"Ah, Yulgar's Inn, a most fantastic place to stay. The building itself sits as an unassuming edifice, standing two-stories tall but no more ornate than any of the other buildings of shingled roofs and tastefully stained wood. A simple cloth banner advertises its state as an Inn, reinforcing the simple elegance of the place. The doors are stout, thick oak bounded with strips of iron, but this is to be expected. It is Battleon, after all, site of a number of invasions in the past. Tis good to be prepared. They do open at the slightest pressure, making one wonder if they are meant to keep chaos out, or chaos within..."
~Arcadius Corosco

As the door opens wide, the first impression that strikes any visitor isn't the sight of Yulgar's impressive physique working behind the bar, nor Hans flitting about with restorck or serving orders of food to patrons, nor even the sounds of cheer and conversation coming from the dining area beyond. No, the first impression is that of the doorway itself. It taunts the mind with its simple nature and purpose. That it is the Way through which one comes through the Door, and therefore enters the Inn. A curiousity that, to the normal visitor, is easily dismissed by a simple greeting coming from either Yulgar or Hans. Then the waves of sound from assembled laymen, smiths, and workers wash over the average visitor, embracing them with the busy business of relaxation.

Even some adventurers and guardians have made their way to Yulgar's Inn, but still there are plenty of spaces at the round tables left open for anyone wishing to strike up a conversation. Extra chairs lay against the walls as a small fire gleefully dances in the confines of a hearth, filling the room with an extra aura of pleasant warmth. With rooms upstairs for the asking, and the price of a meal a mere three gold, its the type of Inn one can make themselves cozy in without much difficulty.

As for those wishing to make a name for themselves...now that is the true secret behind the success at this most seemingly simple Inn.
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12/10/2014 21:25:59   

Kitsandra's vision was fading in and out and the landscape looked hazy to her, but it felt familiar to her.

Kitsandra was in a lightly forested area a good two hundred yards away from a decent-sized town. The town itself was on a well known trade route to Battleon. Large patches of open meadow were scattered throughout the immediate area. The forest increased the further east you went, away from Battleon, and decreased the further west you went, closer. While traveling to Battleon Kitsandra stayed on the outskirts of town, just far enough away so that she wouldn't be seen but close enough that she could see the route and follow it.

Kitsandra had been traveling for sometime now, going from town to town, to somehow find a way to remove the magically induced void placed of her memories that anything to do about where she came from and the people she called family; or the person who placed the spell on her for that matter. The only thing she can recall is her birth and the associates of her family. Hiding out in taverns and apothecaries or mages houses, as a bat, she searched for any information that might give her some sort of clue. So far Kitsandra has come up with nothing and this last town was a dud as well. Deciding not to waste anymore time, after a short rest, Kitsandra thought it would be best to skip over the small towns and villages and head straight to Battleon. She was sure at least someone in such a well known human town could help her or known the nature of the spell blocking her memories from her and why she can't do away with the spell herself.

Kitsandra turned to face a thicket to her right. "Something tells me that a creature will attack me from there." Moments later and a very angry and very hungry bear came charging out of the thicket, straight at Kitsandra.

Sure enough, hardly a second had passed until and arrow flew into the bear's eye. The animal roared in pain as its legs buckled and it fell to the ground. To her right, a man came running toward her; bow in hand. He stopped as he saw Kitsandra walk up to the downed bear, which was trying to get back to its feet, and blast strange magic in its head. The bear fell back down for good this time, blood coming out from its nose and ears. Kitsandra heard the stretching of the man's bowstring again, though this time the man's bow was aimed at her. Kitsandra's magic no doubt made him stop and notice that the wings on her back were to life-like to be fake. He would try to kill her now, just like every other human who realized what she was. As she stared at the man, waiting for the moment to strike back, he foolishly aimed his bow to the ground and let loose the arrow into the dirt. Kitsandra felt herself take a step back and question the man.

"What are you doing? Why aren't you attacking me? I'm your kinds' enemy, am I not?"

"I can't attack a child. Even if you are a vampire." The man shook his head in defiance to Kitsandra's prompting.

At first Kitsandra stood there confounded, staring at the man, but soon anger started to build up in her.
“Are you saying that just because I look like a child I'm not a threat? That kind of reasoning will get you killed one day.”

The man shook his head. “That's not what I meant and even if it is dangerous it's just my belief.” “Wh...doin....out here...?” Kitsandra's vision started to fade in and out once more as the man spoke. “Where...y..home...?

“I can't remember where I'm from or how to get back.” Kitsandra replied to the man, though she wasn't sure if he could hear her. “I'm traveling to recover my memories. And what about you?”

“.....enjoy nature more...” His choppy explanation came back. “Headed back to Battleon...job as bod...ard....to the woods.” The man stopped for awhile and then spoke more nonsense to Kitsandra. “I'll help you get back your memories.”

“Wh-what?” Kitsandra mouth hung open slightly as she took a small step back. She didn't seem to care that her vision had readjusted itself. “Why would you do that? What's in it for you that you'd go out of you're way to help me?”

“Logically speaking, nothing.” The man said plainly. “But I can't just let a child travel around here by themselves. Plus I'm sure you know that the people around these parts aren't too fond of vampires.”

Kitsandra closed her eyes in annoyance to the man's 'child' remark, but kept a straight face. “You being the exception?”

The man laughed. “Me being the exception.” He said, as he placed the bow over his shoulder. “My name is Aerin, what's yours?”

Kitsandra stood there in silence for a few moments before she finally opened her eyes and answered him. “Kitsandra.”

“Huh?” The man, who called himself Aerin, seemed to miss Kitsandra's name or wanted her to repeat it.

“Kitsandra. My name is Kitsandra.”

“Kitsandra, huh.” Aerin mulled the name over in his mind. “Ok, then Kit it is.”

Kitsandra's eyes widened as anger showed visibly on her face now. “I am a powerful vampire, not a child.” She said as took a few steps forward and placed her right hand on her chest. “Don't mock my name by giving me an odd human nickname! I am the Queen of Illusions and-”

“So you do have emotions? Alrighty 'Little Queen', how about we set up camp first?”

Kitsandra gritted her teeth. This man infuriated her to no end but she could tell his words were honest. “Fine.” She muttered as she followed him. Walking Kitsandra felt a slight pain in the back of her head as her vision faded completely to black.

The floor was shaking as Kitsandra opened her eyes. Her back was against the floor and she stared upwards towards and white, canopy-like covering. Kit was riding in a caravan headed to Battleon; the inside of said caravan was quite dark. The only source of light came from a crack in-between the drapes that covered the backside of the caravan and a small opening at the front where the driver sat steering the horses. Kit's head was facing the drapes and straining to peer in-between the drapes, she could tell it was still day, however, due to the lack of light, in was close to the later hours of the day. Sitting up Kit rubbed her eyes and looked around. The caravan wasn't big, but it was made for traveling purposes and was built to accommodate five to six people at once. It was a bit tight for her wings but it was manageable since the caravan was empty besides her and the presence of one other.

“Awake now?” To her left was Aerin sitting on a large, rectangular, wooden crate. Checking the equipment, he had a bow in his hand that he was restring. Kit laid back down and closed her eyes. Placing the back of the right hand on her forehead, Kit answered Aerin in a soft and tired voice.

“Yeah..” A dream, that's why the place felt so familiar. “That's right, we've been traveling together for a week and a half now. Aerin decided that we should head to Battleon by caravan three days ago.”

"...Although I still feel that checking out those smaller towns was a waste." Kit thought aloud purposely, though Aerin acted as if he didn't hear her.

A moment later and Kit understood what had awoken her. One of the caravan's back wheels hit a bump in the trail and lifted Kit's head in the air, causing it to come crashing down on the floor. “Ow...” Kit sat back up, now fully awake, and rubbed the back of her head. Aerin laughed a bit at this, which caused Kit to stare at him. “What's so funny about someone hitting their head while trying to sleep?” She inquired.

“I'm sorry,” Aerin shook his head, as if to deny her statement. “It's not that. Its just little funny to see you keep that emotionless face as you say 'ow'.”

“Well, I'm sorry that this is the face I was born with.” Kit retorted as she continued to stare at Aerin who was trying his best not to laugh. Just then the diver looked over his shoulder and spoke to the two.

“This be the last stop until reach Battleon, you two getting off?”

“No, we're headed straight on through to Battleon.” Aerin answered the caravan driver as he slowed the wagon to a stop on the outskirts of a little town. “You should probably become a bat now.” Aerin awkwardly told Kit, as she was still stare at him with a straight face. “No telling if someone plans on using this caravan.” Kit sighed and seconds later the sounds of faint scratching can be heard as a silver furred bat crawled next and into a brass birdcage off to that side of Aerin's feet.

“Why must I do this?” Though the question had been asked countless times and she had received an answer countless times, Kit continued to ask every time they had to go into a town or someone join them inside the caravan.

“Don't worry.” As Aerin closed the cage's gate, he avoided the question. He had realized by now that no matter what, there would be no answer he could give that would satisfy her. “Once we get to Battleon you can move around freely. Trust me, they get stranger guests then you visiting all the time.”

“Oh?” Kit said as Aerin hoisted the cage she was in up on the crate's left side. Kit's ears pricked as she heard the sounds of gold coins being exchanged between hands. “Somebody is coming on board with us.” Her report was whispered to Aerin, who repacked his equipment and sling the restrung bow over his shoulder. The drapes opened and a male and female adventurer entered the caravan. Outside Kit could see that the sky was covered in grey clouds; it would rain soon. The two new travelers sat on the opposite side of Aerin. The female spotted Kit first. She was a tall women who wore a worn metal suit and carried a battle lance with her. She had long red hair and hazel eyes. Resting the lance's pole on her right shoulder she turned her head to face Aerin. “What an interesting looking bat you have there.”

Kit slightly tilted her head upward, waiting to hear Aerin's response.
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12/14/2014 14:23:18   

Precision. Patience. Perception. These were the traits of the Hunter. This is what allowed them to succeed. But then came the crunching of footsteps. Aerin loosened the grip of his bowstring, rotating his head until he could pinpoint the source of the noise. It was footsteps. The pattern was... human? A two-legged individual no doubt. He turned his head back towards the bear who had its own head cocked in the same direction as the sound. He had heard the sounds as well. But it had no patience, and therefore the bear - as a Hunter - would not succeed. It launched itself from the brush, charging at the intruder. Just when it neared its target Aerin let loose an arrow with unreal Precision. His Patience had paid off. His Perception his ally. The arrow hit straight and true, penetrating the bridge between the bear's eyes and causing it to limp down in pain.

Jumping into the open, Aerin finally caught sight of the intruder: just a young girl. Her short silver hair hung down to her shoulders, a stark contrast against the purple dress she wore. Aerin drew another arrow as he approached, ready to finish the bear off, but not before the young 'girl' unleashed a blast of unusual energy, killing the bear instantly. The act frightened Aerin to a degree, who immediately strung his arrow and aimed it at the girl.

A few moments passed as the two looked one another in the eye. A simple movement of his fingers would allow his arrow to strike the girl between the eyes, just like what happened to the bear. But he couldn't do it. Her violet eyes were unusual. Her silvery hair was unusual. Everything about her was... unusual. She wasn't normal. He aimed his bow at the ground, letting go of the string. The arrow pierced the earth a few feet away...

"What are you doing," she began, "why aren't you attacking me? I'm your kinds' enemy, am I not?"

"I can't attack a child. Even if you are a vampire." Aerin shook his head. It didn't matter what she was or where she was from. She was just a child.

The girl seemed confused at first, but anger began to set in. “Are you saying that just because I look like a child I'm not a threat? That kind of reasoning will get you killed one day.”

Aerin simply shook his head in protest. “That's not what I meant and even if it is dangerous it's just my belief.” “What are you doing out here? Where is your home?

“I can't remember where I'm from or how to get back,” she replied, “I'm traveling to recover my memories. And what about you?”

“I personally enjoy nature more. The outdoors... it is my home now. I'm headed back to Battleon, just finished a job as bodyguard, escorting someone through the woods.” The girl did not reply. “I'll help you get back your memories.”

“Wh-what?” The girl asked as if surprised. “Why would you do that? What's in it for you that you'd go out of you're way to help me?”

“Logically speaking, nothing,” Aerin admitted “But I can't just let a child travel around here by themselves. Plus I'm sure you know that the people around these parts aren't too fond of vampires.” It was just. There ws no way Aerin could live with himself if he just let this girl go off on her own, especially given her... condition.

The girl simply closed her eyes. “You being the exception?”

Aerin laughed to himself, “me being the exception.” When he felt comfortable with the girl he told her, “my name is Aerin, what's yours?”

“Kitsandra," she said after a few seconds.

“Huh?” Kitsandra was a strange name, or at least not one he was accustomed too.

“Kitsandra. My name is Kitsandra," she repeated.

“Kitsandra, huh.” After deciding the name would be cumbersome to continue pronouncing, he finally just came to a conclusion: “Ok, then Kit it is.”

“I am a powerful vampire," she began, "not a child.” She said as took a few steps forward and placed her right hand on her chest. “Don't mock my name by giving me an odd human nickname! I am the Queen of Illusions and-”

“So you do have emotions? Alrighty 'Little Queen'," he teased, "how about we set up camp first?”

“Fine.” She muttered as she followed him, but it wasn't long before she blacked out.

The two new individuals climbed into the caravan as Kit's bat form entered its cage. An armored woman looked at the cage and said "What an interesting looking bat you have there."

"It's just a bat," replied Aerin. "There's nothing particularly interesting about it." The woman nodded her head in acceptance, positioning her lance in a more comfortable position.

"Just strange is all... having a bat as a pet, don't you think?" The woman leaned forward, anticipating Aerin's answer. The man beside her leaned back, putting one of his hands behind his back. He looked to be stretching, but Aerin knew all to well he was faking. Something was definitely wrong.

Aerin ignored the woman's question and replied with his own, "might I ask where you're headed?"

"Battleon," she replied quickly, "yourself? Where are you and your... 'pet' headed?" Tension began to build in the air, Something wasn't right. Aerin let his right hand rest beside his hip, in close proximity to his dagger, just in case. The caravan hit another bump and Aerin used his left hand to stabilize Kit's cage.

"Battleon, just like yourself. I hear the hunting's good around those parts," Aerin replied, still trying to get a good reading on the two adventurers. "What exactly are you after in Battleon?"
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1/20/2015 21:06:34   

Casually, Ebony pushed the door to the inn open with his side as he walked into the building. His black robes nearly trailed across the floor as his face welled up in disgust beneath his mask, invisible to the world. A slight groan escaped him, "What a rugged dump.... So unsightly." The mage mentioned under his breath. The whole place seemed to have a homely feel to it but was just so simple. No real elegance or wit to be found anywhere, but if it had to be done it had to be done. Ebony had traveled quite the vast distance to find his way to Battleon in an attempt to try and find a willing adventurer to help him with something very important, an experiment that could only be done with someone that has high mental fortitude and willpower! And, if he wasn't able to find someone who met those qualifications, Ebony still had another much more dangerous task that he would require help for. Even if that help came from someplace like this....

The mage slowly walked across the room before finally settling down at a small table near the entrance. It seemed to be a good place to scout out people who might potentially be of use to his cause. "Now, the only problem is figuring out which people can be of use and which can be trusted...."
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7/20/2015 14:05:50   

The good Mme. de la Soleil hobbled in the door and clutched her stick tightly in one claw-like hand. It wasn't that she distrusted the Inn, although that certainly didn't help. But that old gimp leg was acting up all the way here, and she couldn't afford to fall down, not in front of everyone. She would rather die than fall down. A few gray hairs drifted over her face as it sweated slightly, belying the smooth and careless facade that she put on to make the trek to her chair appear simple.

The bright yellow dress stood out against the rich brown of the comfortable inn, but the ferryman's wife did not feel the stares of the curious. She made her way laboriously over to the far corner and ordered a bite of steak and something very pale that tasted of the better times in her life. Fishing around in a pocket, she drew out a letter and scanned its lines once more. For a brief instant, her face was something terrible to behold, drawn and hard and bearing a kind of perseverance usually unknown to mortal men. The housewife sat back and closed her eyes, dreaming and hoping and praying all at once.

She ate quickly and sharply, savoring each bite for an appropriate amount of time to balance it with her hunger. It was clear this was a rare treat for her, and indeed: as Mme. de Soleil paid for the meal, she was forced to root around in her purse for the final coin; it was clear that she had none to spare. When the food was gone and at last she was alone, her hands sought out the letter again and continued to scan it.

My dear Madame,

It has come to my attention that you have been living in discomfort for a long time. I may be able to do something about that, in return for a small favor.

Yulgar's Inn, 6 o clock.

A friend

She looked up at the clock just in time to hear it boom 6 times.
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8/7/2015 15:40:09   

Two and a half hours ago.
Location: 60 kilometers west of the Maelstrom, Frigate Caedus.

It had all been going to plan. Yulgar's Inn, at 6. He'd have gotten there an hour or two early, found a nice spot to sit. Had a drink or two. Read a book. Then gone to meet their decrepit contact when it had been time. Tabs would've been able to meet up later, once she'd finally woke up.
Sleeping in was one thing, but sleeping in until 3:30 in the afternoon was a bit odd. And incredibly lazy.
That aside, it was the whole sleeping in thing that caused this whole mess.
Well. Not really. It was the whole 'staying-up-late-and-telling-the-navigation-crew-the-wrong-destination-in-her-haste-to-get-some-sleep' thing that had ruined everything. Well, probably. There was a good chance it was something else, but it was probably Fatality's fault and it was probably because of something dumb.

It wasn't the crew's fault, far from it. Vox probably should've checked whether they knew where to go, to be honest. Or made sure Tabs had told them the right destination. Or maybe he should've checked to see where they were sooner.
Sure, everything did look about the same from several thousand feet in the air, within the clouds. But even so, there were some landmarks you'd normally be able to see. Or not see, as the case were.
About 2 minutes ago, he'd stuck his head over the edge of the airship to have a quick look and had seen greenness, trees.... Coast. Battleon wasn't near a coast. And Yulgar's Inn was in Battleon, meaning that they were in the wrong place. Or Battleon had been moved by some super teleporter or mega dragon. As cool as that would've been, he doubted very much that had been the case.

As a matter of fact, they had been over water. And heading towards a bloody huge whirlpool. If he listened, Vox could make out the sound it was making over the thrum of the airship's engines and the rushing wind.
So yeah, that had been a bit of a shock. Not the worse one he'd ever had, definitely not. It was an impressive mistake though. Most importantly, not his mistake. Of that he was certain. It was rarely his fault, and he had no doubt that this time was no different from the others.

So after he'd pulled his head back on board, he'd gone through their options as he strode to the bridge.
Option number one. Call it off.
Less than an hour and a half to the meeting? With an old lady we can contact with.... maybe pigeon? Or letters wrapped around rocks? No calling that off.

Option number two. High tail it to the right coords. That was pretty much their only option.

Vox strode into the bridge. A few of the navigation crew turned around to see what was happening, then turned back to what they were doing. A few snapped off salutes, though most didn't. A couple of the non-vital posts had snoozing men in them. Vox didn't mind. He didn't exactly run the tightest of ship or care if people slacked off occasionally. It was only when they didn't follow orders, that was when he had a problem. If he did ever have a problem with incompetency, it was either when people were being dumb while being in the thick of it, really.
He walked up to the man at the helm and tapped him on the shoulder.
The man turned around.

"Yessir?" The helmsman's name was.... unimportant. Vox rarely remembered names.

"So, Mr. Helm."

"It's Leonards, sir. Corporal Walter Leonards," the helmsman said, pointing to the name tag on his breast.
Why does he have a name tag?

"Whatever," Vox continued, ignoring him. "So our destination. Where are we heading exactly?"

The Corporal made a strange face. "Uh, the El Tee said that we were heading for Paxia.”


“Yup. Yessir.”

“Did she say anything else? Did she seem to know what she was doing?”

“Nope. And as much as she normally did, I guess.”

Vox stared at the man for a bit while he processed the entire ordeal.
Paxia doesn’t even sound like Battleon.

There were a few moments of staring, during which the Corporal waited and blinked. Vox looked snapped out of it so suddenly that he flinched.

"Anyway! Admiral!"

"Uh. Did I receive a promotion, sir?"

"Even if I could, I never would!" Vox said cheerily, titling his head to the side.

"Fair enough. Um, anyway, sir?"

"We have a new, -correct- destination that we need to reach by 5:50 at the latest," Vox said, walking over to the map display.

He tapped his hand on a spot several times. A marker appeared, in the shape of a building. An inn, perhaps.

"There," he said, tapping the spot a few more times. Arrows appeared around the spot, more appearing each time he tapped.

The corporal examined the spot.

"Hmm, and that would be 5:50 in the morning, roughly 14 hours from now?"

Vox tilted his head again, his version of a cheerful-yet-not-cheerful smile.

"No, that would be 5:50, exactly 2 hours, uh," he paused, checking a clock on the wall and continued, "16 minutes and 12 seconds from now."

The corporal didn't say anything. A few other members of the crew had been listening in and were either making adjustments to the instrument panels at their stations or looking at the two men. Not one wore the bored or carefree expression they had had several moments ago.
Neither Vox or the corporal had moved, when Vox put a hand on the man's shoulder and gestured to the nav crew.

"Well, it's on you lot now. We probably shouldn't be late, so I'd get a move on," Vox said, his tone somehow even more cheerful than before.

"Um. And just, uh. How are we supposed to-"

"Firstly, I'd say we turn the ship around," Vox suggested, taking hitting a button on the side of the helm.

A loud, blaring siren blared throughout the ship. The warning for a course change or sharp, banking turn.
There was silence, save the thrum of the engines. Then activity burst around the ship as her crew leapt into action.

"Secondly, full speed. This trip might not seem that important, but it just might be. I'll be down below, seeing if there's anything else that can be done," he finished, turning and striding towards the door.

The entire ship lurched as its starboard wing rose and its port wing dipped. Caedus's engines had powered down momentarily as they changed direction.
Within a minute, they had powered up again and the thrum had risen to a high whine as they maxed their output.
The ship shuddered as it picked up speed, a roar following in her wake as she tore through the sky.


Present time
Location: 5 kilometers from Battleon, Frigate Caedus.

Their destination wasn't far now. They'd be able to make it, barely. Though they would have attracted the attention of anything or anyone within several dozen kilometers of their path here.
Vox'd ordered the nav team to bring Caedus to its closest contact range on a slower, quieter level. They didn't need all the townsfolk to be aware of their arrival, after all. Knowing Fatality, they might be well aware of their visit by the time they left.... Though hopefully not. The engines had been plenty of noise for one afternoon.

He strode down a dimly lit passageway, towards a steel door at the end.
Wonder if these lights'll be too bright as well?

Vox reached the door. It was a thick door, inset with many rivets and bolts, with a remarkably thick handle. Standard for the ship, though Fatality had taken the liberty of adding a few enchantments and things to sate her paranoia.
He rapped on it twice and waited. No response.
Two more raps.
He pressed the red gem set next to the frame, and watched it pulse for a while. Nothing from the magical doorbell either, nope.

He muttered a curse under his breath and then stood back. One foot back, heel on the floor and kicking through-

The door didn't move.

Vox stared at it for a few more seconds, and contemplating a new 'no-door' policy on the ship.
He tapped the crystal on his left shoulder.

"Uh, yeah. Natalya? You're gonna need to get us a table."

Three seconds after the clock struck 6, there was a shrill squeak followed by a thud and another squeak.
And then there were 3 crisp knocks on the door. Several more seconds passed, and then the door opened slightly. A lady with shiny, purple hair, purple glasses and a bandana around her face peeked through.
After a few seconds of assessment, the door opened fully and the purple-haired lady strode through.

The purple-haired lady walked past the bar, only stopping momentarily to nod at Yulgar, as though greeting an old friend. Ignoring the curious gazes that flickered her way, she strode on.
She continued until she reached the table at which the Madame sat, where she stopped and took out a small square of paper.
The lady appraised the paper for a few moments, occasionally glancing up at the lady seated before her.

At last, she folded the paper and tucked it away before bowing her head slightly and sitting in front of the elderly lady.
A few seconds ticked by before the purple-haired lady pulled out another square of paper.
The hastily scrawled message read:

Hello, my good Madame.

Unfortunately, our meeting will be running a few minutes late and we my carry-on apologises profusely for this.
In the meantime, while you wait, please enjoy the company of our messenger and order whatever food or beverages you like.


P.S: Seriously, I can't get her cabin door open. You might want to start eating first, we'll be down in a bit.

The purple-haired lady sat with her back straight and hands clasped on the table, and stared straight ahead.

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