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RE: =AQD= AdventureQuest Dragons Discussion Thread

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1/11/2015 13:08:52   

Could someone reply to my question please? (below)


How does one unlock the story for Ichorus? I have unlocked the last upgrade and bought it 15X, but there are no story pop-ups like the other dragons? Is this a bug?

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1/11/2015 14:06:57   
The Hollow Soul

@Dread97, I've been messing around with upgrading it to answer your question. So far I haven't gotten a popup for any story development and I've upgraded it 36ish times. I am guessing it is a bug of some kind. I may write to the team on Facebook and see if they answer to confirm it though.

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DF  Post #: 52
1/12/2015 9:39:24   


I tried to update the game, thinking it would make the game boot up normally again but unfortunally it still doesn't. I don't know what to do to make the game start and load properly. I don't want to erase the game and install it once again. I don't want to lose my progress.
Any ideas on what I can do to make it start up maybe? I tried to restart the phone, but that didn't work, tried that multiple times.

Been thinking to make more space in my phone's memory just in case it needs more soace for a reason I don't know... :P
It worked before, so I can't really think that's the problem.

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 53
1/12/2015 10:57:36   
How We Roll Winner

Did you get THIS Update recently...? If so, then that update probably won't help your Loading screen problem since the Update that I've linked to serves as a rectification for a side-effect that one previous update had, one where players were logging in and finding that all their gems had been reset to 0 and all Dragons were locked.

For your problem, try using the Bug Tracker which has such an option for Login and Loading Problems. That should clear up your problem.

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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 54
1/12/2015 13:02:14   

I received a message from AE telling that backup files (in tablets). Open the folder sdcard/Android and find a folder named aqdragons. The game backups are in files folder. It worked very well to me.

Other think that can help whose still had crash problems:
**Install All-In-One Toolbox (29 Tools)
**Open it and install Game Booster (Plugin)
**Open Game Booster and select ADVQ Dragons

Really, I only could play the game after had installed it.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 55
1/12/2015 13:13:25   


Do report it at the Bug Tracker(http://www.artix.com/tracker/category?appID=13)

I did it minutes ago. But again, I don't know if my repport was sent. And I won't try send again. Be called as being a spammer only once is terrible, imagine than twice!
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 56
1/12/2015 13:26:52   
How We Roll Winner

If you've succesfully sent it once already, then I believe that's all that's required.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 57
1/12/2015 13:39:52   


If you've succesfully sent it once already

It's the problem Arthur. I don't know if my repport was sent...
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 58
1/13/2015 13:29:21   
How We Roll Winner

There's been another update.

This update solves the problem where Video Ads were not giving players keys. You should be experiencing an increased rate of getting keys now if you were getting absolutely none out of the video ads.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 59
1/14/2015 13:33:59   

If "time since started" means how many time I turn on the game, then OK. But what "current session" means? And how is possible that both be negative and random numbers? Considering that time counting game system determine when players van ser sponsor videos and try get free Dragon Keys, may e these negative numbers explain why I (and maybe other players) can click once or twice video sponsors per day. And maybe spent a out 1 week of almost any sponsor video without any DKs.
The sentence "10% chance to get a free key. Limit 1 per day" could be more specific. For example: can this button be hitted until players gain 1 DK? Or is it possible no gain any DK (very bad to unlucky players)?

I unistall and reinstall AQ Dragons about 5 times, and in each uninstal I learned whar I did wrong last time. But is impossible maky any strategie due imprevisibilty of bugs. I'm a little sad because, without bugs, I already had bought Glacius (cold is soooo cool-d)

These are time repport registered by my tablet (numbers in sequence).

Playing offline:
Time since started: -18 secs, -13 secs, -57 secs
Current session: -59 min, -59 min, -59 min

Playing online:
Time since started: -12 secs, -6 secs, 3 secs, 0 sec, "time passes out" e "no ads available at this time..."
Current session: all the same than "time since started".

I sincerely guess don't had write nothing offensive here (english isn't my native language. Anyway, I can't wait to play AQV Dragons tottaly free of bugs.

Thaks for all.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 60
1/15/2015 7:17:05   

DragonFable & MechQuest

@ugauga: The number of ads you can watch varies, depending on your location. One free key per day refers to one key within 24 hours. You can still continue to earn gems of a specific dragon after watching an ad, but once you've obtained a free key you won't be able to do so anymore until the 24 hours period is over. It could be possible to not gain any key at all after you've completed watching all the ads.

I'm not sure about the time shown on the Stats button in the Achievement panel. It appears on my phone as 8 hours / 0 min, which could probably be: Total time online / time played since login.
DF AQW  Post #: 61
1/15/2015 13:29:59   
Lord Machaar

Why does the founder package include prizes in Oversoul and AQW games only? Why not in ED, HS, MQ, AQ... and in other games, to encourage players to buy that package?
MQ Epic  Post #: 62
1/16/2015 7:40:07   


The number of ads you can watch varies, depending on your location.
My location is South America.

You can still continue to earn gems of a specific dragon after watching an ad, but once you've obtained a free key you won't be able to do so anymore until the 24 hours period is over.
I installed the last version (1.0.40) that told me to wait 28 hours to click again.

It could be possible to not gain any key at all after you've completed watching all the ads.
With or without Dragon Keys and/or unknown hours of wait time, the "watch sponsor videos system" didn't had work for me.

It appears on my phone as 8 hours / 0 min, which could probably be: Total time online / time played since login.
Then, seems that these are bugs. What other explanations to always have Total time online and time played since login expressed by negative numbers?
Thanks for all help, specially Arthur and Peachii! But seems that my my problem is my (un)lucky. How much gold a big Pot O'Luck cost?

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 63
1/17/2015 13:38:13   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Well I just found out I could buy an AQ Dragons upgrade using my mobile phone credits through Google Play. I live in the Philippines and I just found out I could pay using Smart services or something. You can find instructions online (I can't give them right now since I haven't tried it, but am tempted to!). This is actually great 'cause it means I don't need to get a credit card to pay. I just have to load up with a Smart prepaid card/other means of loading up and I can get my Dragon Keys. So excited to try it out!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 64
1/17/2015 20:11:47   

Ok Is it normal having problems with connecting my aqw acc to aqd since i bought the founder package?
AQW  Post #: 65
1/18/2015 3:52:16   

DragonFable & MechQuest

ugauga: As I've not played using a tablet, I'm not sure of the specific details that caused the ads to not load and the negative time record. I suggest to submit a bug report via the Bug Tracker. An update is coming along soon that might fix the glitch.

Pinwheel: Yes, you can use mobile payment through Google Play. Most of my purchases is charged to my monthly phone bill payment.

Installman: From the Help page - http://aqdragons.com/help/

If you still encounter the problem, try contacting player support by filling up the form in the help page.


Q. I received an error when I attempted to link my AQDragons Founder account to my AQWorlds account!
This may occur if your AQWorlds account name and password are entering incorrectly. If you need your account information sent to you, please go to www.AQ.com/play-now and click Forgot Password. This can also happen when you have a password with symbols, we suggest changing your password to only contain letters and numbers and after you link you can change your password again. You can always login to the AQWorlds Account Manager to verify or change your password. If you are entering the correct AQWorlds account name and password, it is possible that your Founder package purchase cannot be validated for some reason, such as we did not receive the payment. Here is how to contact Apple, GooglePlay or Facebook regarding in-app purchases:
Apple - iTunes Store: About In-App Purchases
GooglePlay - Apps with in-app purchases
DF AQW  Post #: 66
1/18/2015 22:44:58   
Jrr Kein

Few days ago or weeks ago, I obtained a free key from watching ad videos; I got the huge quantity of gems and 1 free key before I close my android screen or going back to the menu after few minutes later I decide to go back, I lose a single key from ad videos. should I have 1 key by now, but no. I lose 1 key from ads.

as right now, I have 10 keys from green gem and I SHOULD have 11 keys from the ad videos on last week ago.

I know the ad video is a way to monetize things, but just losing a key from a slimmer chance just plain horrible
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 67
1/19/2015 21:59:45   

man these prices are getting ridiculous, how many months are we supposed to save up for these upgrades O.o

my main dragon gets 49B GPS ... the upgrades are around or above 5 QD. i make 176.6 T per hour takes me around 28 hours of none stop 'play' to get a upgrade ... and they are only going up and the GPS isn't really keeping up :/
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 68
1/20/2015 12:50:05   
Zero Natal

I'm having the story lock issue with fluffy. Have 32x purchases in the last upgrade and no new story
Also one of his other skills? Idk what they called. I have at 100x but in my chievos there's one locked with a 2 on it. And 150but I haven't gotten that one
AQ DF MQ Epic  Post #: 69
1/20/2015 12:56:04   
The Hollow Soul

News on the Cookie Dragon. It won't be costing keys, but instead will be unlocked by a sharing feature.
That's nice news that there is technically another free non-key costing dragon in this game.
DF  Post #: 70
1/21/2015 8:11:47   

DragonFable & MechQuest

Zero Natal: Most of the upgrades are found on the Achievements section. If you see some numerals stated on an icon, THAT is the number of upgrades you need to earn on that particular skill to unlock. It's also worth noting that some of the upgrades remain locked on a dragon even if you've earned that required upgrades.
DF AQW  Post #: 71
1/22/2015 15:17:47   

What is the best dragon? Right now all I have is the starting green dragon?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 72
1/23/2015 0:33:34   
The Hollow Soul

@Bugattiboy91, there really isn't a best dragon. Which ever one you consider to look the coolest or the one you want to play the most is "best". Now there are some that are cheaper to unlock than others, but that doesn't effect them to make them better than others. It just makes it better if you don't want to pay real money to play any of the dragons.

< Message edited by The Hollow Soul -- 1/23/2015 0:35:05 >
DF  Post #: 73
1/28/2015 9:38:38   


This happens every time I try to link my account, tried Restoring purchases and I've tried re-installing the app. Anyone know how I could Redeem my Flame Dragon warrior set ?
AQW  Post #: 74
1/28/2015 21:23:08   

^ I also get the same error and have tried the same things to fix it. Is there any way you could help us out?
AQ  Post #: 75
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