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(AQ) The Legendary Warrior

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12/31/2014 11:39:56   


Arlin was the son of King Jorik of Raxis, a kingdom far in the west. Shortly after Arlin's birth, Queen Tyranna of Stormfallen led a demonic onslaught, conquering most of the West and decimating it. Of the original kingdoms only Rennd remained. Raxis was destroyed. King Jorik remained in the west and attempted to lead a rebellion against the demons of Stormfallen, no one knows of his ultimate fate. Arlin's mother fled east with her child. She made it to a small village just outside of Battleon before collapsing outside a farmhouse. The farmer and his wife took the mother and her child in but sadly, a short time later, the mother died. In order to keep Arlin's identity a secret the farmer and his wife claimed him as their own.

Arlin was raised by the farmer, initially there was friction between him and the young farmer's son, Xander, who thought Arlin received special treatment. However, as the two grew up, they became close friends. Arlin was taught many skills by his surrogate parents during his childhood. He learned math and reading by his mother, and his father taught him to fight with a sword and work their family farm alongside Xander.

Arlin made many friends among the youth of the village. Xander, on the other hand, was always shy and reserved. Xander was a natural mage and many people in the small village feared and shunned him. Arlin always stood up for his brother and defended him against his would be attackers. Arlin and Xander had many adventures together, playing the woods near the village, and by the time they reached their teenage years the two were inseparable.

For his 16th birthday gift Arlin's father gave him the finest sword that he could afford and finally told him of his true heritage and how Raxis fell to Queen Tyranna of Stormfallen like so many other kingdoms in the west. Finally Arlin was told he would have to go out into the world of Lore and discover his own destiny...

The Undead Princess

It was late one afternoon in the small city state of Battleon. Arlin had just returned to his small shack, outside the Guardian Tower, after a long day of training in the arena. Sweat was still rolling down his brow and his heavy armor made his movements slow and sluggish. As he staggered in the small one room shack the heavy wooden door slammed shut behind him. Even though he was exhausted, and wanted to do nothing more than throw his weapon and shield on the floor, he made sure to place them gently in their place on the armor rack next to his bed. He undid the heavy leather straps that secured his armor to his body and placed it on the rack one piece at a time. He collapsed into his single wooden chair next to his tiny wooden table and pored himself some water out of a red clay pitcher into a matching red clay cup. After gulping down the water he peered out his one little window at the evening sun hung low in the sky.

Arlin: Well, looks like I got about another hour before supper time, maybe I should try to get a quick nap in.

He leaned back in the chair, folded his arms across his chest and tucked his chin down before passing out...

Arlin walked until the moon began to rise, a dark mist rolled in from the east. An unnatural cold washed over him and he heard the footsteps of something lurching towards him. Arlin drew his guardian blade from his scabbard as quick as lightning and whirled around. He raised his shield as he saw a ghastly skeletal form step through the fog, it had long stringy patches of blond hair hanging from its bald white skull. Black, moldy, leather armor hung loosely from its shambling frame and it clutched a long black staff topped with a giant red gem stone.

Arlin braced for the inevitable assault and the ghoul launched a fireball from the tip of it's staff. The fireball fizzled out on the surface of the invisible magical barrier that was generated by Arlin's guardian shield. Arlin readied his sword and stormed forward with his shield in front. He slammed into the skeletal assailant with the force of a Gogg, knocking it to the ground, and lashed out with his sword, landing a blow between its empty eye sockets. the skeleton went limp. After the battle, the dark soul of the Undead lingered on, a transparent figure of a beautiful princess formed in front of Arlin's very eyes.

The Undead Princess: Thank you brave warrior, for you have freed me, Princess Essinel, from a deathly prison in which I have suffered so long.
The Undead Princess: Now I ask of you this one thing: travel to free the spirit of my father King Orthas from the same horrible form. Do this, and earn my eternal gratitude.
Arlin: I will...

Arlin woke with a start in his cabin where he had fallen asleep. He looked out the window and saw that the moon was high in the sky, he had missed supper. The dream lingered in his thoughts and he decided to talk with Xander about it in the morning...

The next morning Arlin walked into town after having breakfast at the guardian tower. His dream still weighed on his thoughts, it had seemed so real. He walked down the winding dirt road that lead to the center of town and stopped in just short of the town square. He did a quick survey of his surroundings to make sure no one was watching him before heading off to his right, off the dirt road and into the woodlands that surrounded the town.

Arlin had taken this path many times before but there was no foot trail to show him the way. He had to navigate based off of the memory of his childhood. Once he had walked a few miles he found himself walking into a small clearing with a stream running through it. Xander was already there, throwing stones into the water. Xander was the same height as Arlin but his slender build, spiked up silver/grey hair, and ghost white skin made him look taller and other worldly, he was clothed in his usual black and gold robes.

Xander: Brother, why do I have the pleasure of being summoned here.
Arlin: Sorry to pull you away from your studies but I had a dream last night.
Xander: A dream? You brought me out here for a dream?
Arlin: Yes, but you have to understand, I've never had a dream like this. It felt so real.

Arlin explained the dream in detail...

Xander: That is interesting, I've looked into your mind and what your describing seems more like a memory than a dream.
Arlin: Hold on, you can do that?!
Xander: Of cores I can, I am a great and powerful sorcerer after all.
Arlin: Yea, that's what you keep telling me. So what do I do about this?
Xander: Well, I think its time we take a little trip to Darkovia Forest.

As Xander said the words a boyish look of excitement came over his face.

Xander: We've got a mystery to solve...

Two days later they arrived at edge of Darkovia Forest. Arlin was leading his faithful burro, Fred, by his harness, all of his guardian armor on the burro's back. Arlin was dressed in his traveling leather armor, with his guardian blade secure in its scabbard at his side. Xander walked a few paces ahead, clothed in plain gray robes with a big slouch hat that covered his blue eyes and carrying a long red wood walking stick. A shambling skeleton walked at Xander's side, all of his magical equipment in a large pack on it's back.

Arlin: So, tell me again how you know that this god awful place is where we need to be.
Xander: I told you, I looked into your mind and followed your memories back here.
Arlin: Yea, and that makes since.
Xander: It is actually very complicated but that is the easiest way for me to explain it to you my minion.

Arlin scoffed and rolled his eyes. As much as he loved his adoptive brother, his arrogance could be annoying.

Arlin: We should stop here for the night, you don't want to be in Darkovia Forest when the sun goes down.
Xander: Don't be silly, it is hardly past mid day.
Arlin: Xander, you may know everything there is to know about magic, but trust me on this. Your spells wont protect you from the creatures that dwell in those woods. We'll get a fresh start in the morning.
Xander: You do realize I'm a necromancer right? Vampires and zombies do not scare me. Besides, I've been looking for a new powerful thrall. Old bag o bones over here has seen better days.
Arlin: Your forgetting about the werewolves, they are not un-dead and they would not think twice about making you a tasty meal. Plus I think Fred could use a break.
Fred: I wont argue with that.
Xander: Fine, we can stop here.

The party stopped and broke out

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