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(AQ) Nzethereus

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12/31/2014 14:16:03   
Frieza 100 Percent

The Beginning

Once there was a child found by the mighty blue mage Warlic. He found him near a dark and horrible place known as "Nzethereus". A realm filled with the most dangerous and vile of creatures. It was rumored that in the farthest reaches of Nzethereus the "Goddess of Darkness" could be found. No one had ever dared to seek her out for fear of letting loose a terrible evil across the land.

Warlic found the child helpless and alone; he couldn't have been no more than a year old.

Warlic: "Well what's your name little guy?" Warlic picked up the child and saw writing on his collar. It read "Jeremiah". "What are you doing out here by yourself Jeremiah? Where is your family?" Jeremiah stared at Warlic. "Can't talk yet? Don't worry we'll find your family."

Years went by but Warlic never found Jeremiah's family. So he took him home and raised him as his own son. He grew up to be a fine mage. His powers were unique, a form of ghost magic lied within him. The magic was a part of him. To be exact, it was the only magic that Jeremiah knew how to do. Every other form of magic would blow up in his face. Despite this, Jeremiah quickly became proficient in his own magic. Now 18, the time he had been waiting for had come. It was time for the test to become what few had reached, an Archmage.

The Trials Part 1: The 5 Magi

Jeremiah: "Warlic...Warlic...War..."

Warlic: "I'm in the back. Give me a second." Warlic is heard rummaging through stuff in the back room of the shop. "Yes, what is it?"

Jeremiah: "Today is the Archmage Trials. I'm finally going to get my chance at becoming an Archmage. I've been waiting for this forever. Do you think I'm good enough?"

Warlic: "You'll be fine. You got what it takes to be a great Archmage." Putting his hand on Jeremiah's shoulder he said, "And no matter what happens, Archmage or not, you'll still be my son. I want you to know that."

Jeremiah: "Ok." Warlic turns around and picks up a handful of books off the table.

Warlic: "Now if your done, I could use some help cleaning the shop."

A few hours later in front of the council of magi...

Council: "Now it is time for the great Archmage Trials. Wizards and mages from all around have joined us to partake in this grand event. For all those who have entered, prepare yourselves. This year's event will feature 5 magi, and only one winner. Each will be tasked to a quest across all of Lore to find the 5 fragments of the Orb of Amara, hidden in five separate locations. The locations are on the map provided to each contestant. Whoever finds all five pieces and combines them together will become a legendary Archmage." The crowd roars with excitement. "But be careful, for each location is filled with danger around every corner. On another note, for those in battleon, we have created a magic sky dome to view all five contestants throughout the event. Starting up we have the amazing Azara. Skilled in pyromancy of all types, he makes the sun look cold. Be careful against him, you might just get burned! Next up is the spectacular Ryker. Skilled in Aeromancy, he might just leave you coughing in the dust of his tornadoes! Next is the mighty wall, the invincible Torrik. Standing 7 feet tall, he is a skilled geomancer. Everywhere he goes the earth shakes and mountains crumble beneath his strength! Coming up is the darkest of mages, the necromancer Nethereal. He delves in the darkest of magics and is the nightmare of nightmares. He is not afraid of death, but death is afraid of him! Last but not least, we have the son of the blue mage, Jeremiah. He is one of the few mages to use ghost magic, a relatively unknown form of magic. Nonetheless, he is a force to be reckoned with! Now for what you all have been waiting for...Let the games begin!."

Picking their first locations, the five mages set out. The five locations on the map were Darkovia, Dagin Fields, Thunder Mountain, Azma Lake, and the Dark Lands. Jeremiah decided to head in the direction of Thunder mountain, hoping to get the fragments there and at Azma Lake nearby.

The Trials Part 2: Thunder Mountain

Luckily lodestones had been set up just a few miles outside of each location by the council, and each contestant was given small remote lodestones to teleport back to their last used lodestone. Otherwise, the trials would last for weeks. With them, the trials could be completed in just under three days on average.

Jeremiah had already teleported through one to thunder mountain. From what it could seem, he was the only one who had chosen this path. But nonetheless, he couldn't let his guard down. In the distance he saw Thunder mountain, glowing blue with electricity. According to the map, the orb could be found at the top of the mountain. Not only that, but Jeremiah was pretty confident a certain dragon by the name of Krenos may be waiting up there too.

Several hours into the journey, Jeremiah came across a massive set of stairs winding around to the very tip of the mountain. In front of the entrance were two pillars with statues of mighty lions on them. Their eyes were sparking with lightning, as they began to speak:

Lion 1: "You there, address yourself! Who dares come and face the mighty Krenos?"

Jeremiah: "It is I, Jeremiah, son of the blue mage!"

Lion 2: "Or so you think, son of the blue mage."

Jeremiah: "What do you mean?"

Lion 1: "Enough! You will have your answers in due time. Step forth now if you wish to fight Lord Krenos."

Jeremiah: "But I don't wish to fight. I just seek a fragment of the Orb of Amara located at the top of this mountain."

Lion 2: "You will have your orb...if you survive. Now go forth and face our master or leave us be!"

Jeremiah glanced up at the lions one last time before heading up the stairs. An eternity past by before Jeremiah began to approach the top. When he got there all he saw was a massive and barren plateau. Dead in the center was the 1st fragment of the Orb of Amara. Jeremiah quickly approached it and picked it up. As he held it in his hands he caught a glimpse of the ground. It seemed as if it grew dimmer. Looking up he saw the sky darken and lightning pierce the sky.

Krenos: "You dare steal from me!!! The MIGHTY KRENOS!!!

Jeremiah turns around and looks directly into the eyes of the massive lightning wyrm.

Jeremiah: "Wait I..." Krenos breaths a giant lightning blast knocking Jeremiah off the mountain. "Ahhhhhhh!!!!" Jeremiah falls through the air picking up speed. Krenos flies past him shooting lightning at him. Using his ghost magic, Jeremiah flies past Krenos's lightning and lands on the ground. Angry Krenos charges a pure beam of energy focused on Jeremiah's location. At the last second, Jeremiah uses his remote lodestone to teleport him back to the lodestone he was at earlier. "That was a close one... He's gonna be angry for quite some time. Wonder how the council got the orb up there in the first place with Krenos being there and all." Jeremiah pants as he talks. "Once I catch my breath I'll head to Asma lake. Hopefully the monsters are friendlier there."

Meanwhile in Warlic's shop...

Warlic: "I've never heard of this orb of Amara? I'm a Senior Council Member. Why wasn't this addressed to me. I sense something horrible is approaching; a terrifying evil presence. I hope Jeremiah's ok..." The screen fades out...

Azma Lake:

Jeremiah: "I'm finally here. Azma Lake."

The earth beneath Jeremiah's feet begins shaking and the wind starts to pick up. Jeremiah turns around and sees the Geomancer Torrik and the Aeromancer Ryker. In Torrik's hand is one of the fragments of the orb.

Jeremiah: "How?..."

Ryker: "We knew you would head to thunder mountain first. So we came here to Azma Lake. Figured we'd work together and battle at the end. Had to fight a few nagas to get this baby. And look at that! You saved us the trouble of fighting Krenos ourselves. We'll take that." Ryker uses his aeromagic and the orb flies out of Jeremiah's bag into his hand.

Jeremiah: "Hey, that's mine!"

Torrik: "Not anymore! It's ours now."

Ryker: "Well, we'll catch you later, places to go, fragments to find, you know...but don't worry. We left you a few nagas." They both vanish into thin air.

Jeremiah hears hissing behind him. Three nagas appear before Jeremiah.

Nagas: "You there! Your dead. Prepare yourself for oblivion thief!"

Naga Witch Queen: "Move out of the way!" The queen knocks one of the nagas out of the way. "I'll deal with him myself." She begins an incantation, summoning forth the 8 elements. They swirl around her naga staff before launching at Jeremiah. Jeremiah dodges out of the way and begins harnessing his ghost fireball in his hands. Aiming it at the Nagas, green fire erupts from Jeremiah's hands incinerating them all, beside the queen who put up a force barrier. "You're going to have to do better than a measly fireball."

Jeremiah: "Bring it on! I've had flies put up a better fight than you." The naga queen gets enraged and charges at Jeremiah. Jeremiah envelopes his hands in green ghostly fire attacking the naga queen. Both of them exchange blows over and over, neither gaining the upper hand. Suddenly the naga queen coils her snake tail around Jeremiah, squeezing the life out of him.

Naga Witch Queen: "Hah, now whose the fly trapped in the spider's web! I'm going to enjoy devouring you."

Jeremiah: "Think again..." Jeremiah turns into a green transparent ghost. "You're the one I've trapped! Ghost Coffin!" A black coffin with green chains, surrounds Jeremiah and the naga queen. The chains tighten, enclosing the coffin around them. Jeremiah phases out of the coffin like a ghost. "Norvum Kel A' Razem Vel' Nevar, I banish you to the Nether Realm!" The coffin sinks slowly in the ground as the naga screams in fury. Her voice is muffled as the coffin disappears in the Nether Realm.

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