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Frostval 2014

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1/4/2015 3:45:42   

DragonFable & MechQuest

Frostval 2014

Access Point: Frostval Storybook -> Chapter 9
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Dueling Timelines
Release Date: January 2nd, 2015

Quests Available
A Tale of Two Timelines
Snowy Forest
Dueling Timelines
Ultra Meltface Merged Akriloth

Frost Moglin
Icemaster Yeti
Papa Moglin
Time Travel Fairy

2014 Presents
5 Gold Rings
Ash's Birthday
Frost Dragon Weapon
Frost Moglin Defender
Frost Moglin Slayer
Frostval 14 (Shop)
Frostval 2009 Presents
Frostval Shop
Lumps of Coal Shop
Silly Hats
Togsmas Gifts

Frostvale, Act 31

Cysero: Hey <Character>! Do you think I should dye my hair?
  • Talk
    Time Travel Fairy: Thank you, <Character>. Your work with my sister helped to get everyone back to the right time and place.
    Cysero: I'm thinking blonde... or maybe metal.... For some reason I keep seeing super shiny metal!
    Time Travel Fairy: Yes... now that the timelines are separated the memories from your other selves will start to fade as well.
    Cysero: Other me's? Preeeeeeetty sure, there's only one Cysero! Though... two Cysero's would be pretty amazing!
    Cysero: Hey, can I borrow your wand for a second? I just want to see one tiny thing....
    Time Travel Fairy: Not a chance.
    Cysero: Oh well... Happy Holidays!
    Time Travel Fairy: Merry Frostval, <Character>!

  • Moglin Shops
    Time Travel Fairy: My friend, Cronix, crafted these beautiful sets to thank you for your help with the timeline chaos!

Maya: Once again, you've saved all of Frostvale, <Character>! Thank you so much!
  • To Quests!
    Maya: I have recorded all of your great deeds for King Alteon!

  • Talk
    Blizzy: <Character>, thank you so much for saving everyone on Lore from being merged!
    Blizzy: Though, a few positives did come out of it...
    Chilly: I'm extra warm now!
    Maya: You managed to stop all the confused and merged monster and separate the timelines again!
    Blizzy: Now we can spend Frostval together!
    Chilly: Thank you so much for saving us! Merry Frostval from all of us!
    Maya: Happy Frostval!
    Blizzy: Happy Frostval, <Character>!
    Chilly: Happy Frostval to one and all!

  • Gift Shop - opens Frostval 2009 Presents

Fizzle: <Character>! I've made more healing weapons for the Heroes of Frostvale! Take as many as you like! Thanks for saving us!
Opens Lumps of Coal Shop

Frost Moglin: Thank you again <Character>! You've saved the village, and now we have more than ever to celebrate! HAPPY FROSTVAL!

<Character>: We really did it! Again!
Icemaster Yeti: I'm glad to be back to normal... I felt so... so... flat before!
Icemaster Yeti: I am glad that the threat this year wasn't to my buddies directly too.
<Character>: Yeah, the Frostvale Moglins seem to have come out ahead!
<Character>: (thinks) They're so fluffy.... I wonder if one would just let me hug them....
Icemaster Yeti: Don't even think about it, <Character>!
<Character>: What?! No, I was just... just thinking about finding some nice, hot moglinberry tea!

T9: I guess congratulations are in order? You've defeated a huge creature, I bet you could get a nice bounty for it.
  • What now?
    T9: I'm going back to my timeline. The... "Time Travel Fairy" was nice enough to accept my request.
    T9: I'm sightseeing right now. I'll go after this holiday celebration you call "Frostval" is over.
    T9: It was nice meeting you... I suppose.

Frost Moglin: Happy Frostval, <Character>! Thanks to you and your friends, we're safe again! A lot warmer too!

Doozle: Can't we get one peaceful holiday year?
Rubix: I doubt it!

Frost Moglin: Have some warm cocoaberry juice to warm you up, <Character>. Happy Frostval!

Storm: Another year, another victory, eh?
  • Talk
    Storm: I'm glad you were there to save us again. All that fur.... *shudder* I couldn't stand it!
    Storm: I can't believe all the others wanted to stay so... so... fuzzy.
    Storm: If you're feeling cold, I still have quite a good stock of silly hats from previous years. No one else needs them anymore!
    Storm: I also have a special armor... just in case you see any togs lurking about....

  • Silly Hat Shop - opens Silly Hats

  • Togsmas Presents - opens Togsmas Gifts

Frost Moglin: Happy Frostval, <Character>! I didn't know which of these you'd like. You can have all five of them if you want!
Opens 5 Gold Rings

Frost Moglin: Thank you for stopping all those monsters, <Character>! The rumbling from that huge dragon was scary!

Frost Moglin: This year I'm playing the Frostval Theme! If you can't hear it go to Options and turn your Music on! You can find it under the Sound options!

Frost Moglin: I'm glad that we can all spend Frostval together! Well, I'm glad all of us in only this timeline can!

Ashendal: Hey there, <Character>. Looks like you survived after all.
  • Who are you really?
    Ashendal: I'm really me. That doesn't answer the question though, does it.
    Ashendal: I'm a wanderer, or what some people here have called a Voidwalker.
    Ashendal: Since my primary way into this section of the multiverse is through the Void, it seemed fitting and the name stuck.
    Ashendal: I wander through the various timelines, and the multiverse, to find objects that I like and adventures.
    Ashendal: I also help various temporal fragments out from time to time, as I did in a similar one a long time ago.

  • Why come here?
    Ashendal: I have a place to live set up far to the south of here.
    Ashendal: It's close to something... bad... that occurred.
    Ashendal: I come back every hundred years to see how things are progressing and what's changed in the world as a whole.
    Ashendal: Plus it lets me collect some interesting items.

  • You're a collector?
    Ashendal: Yep. I like all manner of fancy or shiny things.
    Ashendal: When I find something I like I usually hop into a parallel fragment that won't miss whatever it is.
    Ashendal: I'm especially proud of Sepulchure's Necrotic Blade of Doom that I picked up. Once I told it to stop laughing all the time that is.
    Ashendal: What can I say, I have a soft spot for powerful items.

  • Where will you go now?
    Ashendal: Once everything settles down fully I'll make a sweep and send anything back that managed to stick around.
    Ashendal: Can't have too many things that don't belong in a timeline hanging around that might cause a few issues later on.
    Ashendal: After that I'm going to head to my tower on Dragontooth Isle.
    Ashendal: Once I've had a chance to settle in I'll send you a message if you want to come visit.
    Ashendal: You handled yourself pretty well here and I wouldn't mind a guest when I go checking the Fissure for changes.

  • Unbeatable Akriloth?
    Ashendal: So, you want a real challenge? That Akriloth wasn't strong enough for you?
    Ashendal: I think I can help you out. I can send you to one of the parallel fractures to fight an even stronger merged Akriloth.
    Ashendal: Don't blame me if he melts your face though. I'll do my best to pull you back here if he does, but no promises.
    Ashendal: It'll be like what I made the other you go through, only harder. It should be fun for me to watch at any rate.
    Ashendal: Let me know when you're ready and I'll take us there.

  • Multiverse Weapon Shop - opens Ash's Birthday

Papa Moglin: Season's Greetings! If you have any Rank of Ice Dragon Weapon and an Ice Dragon Head then I can UPGRADE it to Rank VI or VII!

Other information
1. Togslayer Armor can be found through Storm.

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