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Knight Class - Frogzard Knights

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1/20/2015 6:19:56   
Times Silent Keeper

Advanced Knight Class Training - Frogzard Knights

Knight Level 5

Tathlin: Your basic training is now complete, my friend. Your safeguarding of the Eye has earned the faith of all three of our allied kingdoms.
Tathlin: Purify the Eye of the Unholy, and take your rightful place as a full-fledged Knight!
  • I'm ready!
  • Not yet...

    Tathlin: Excellent! The magi are preparing the purification ceremony now, so we will have time to talk.

    «You don your Squire's Training Armor and meet with Tathlin.»

    Tathlin: We have a bit of time between now and the ceremony, friend. Have you thought about which kingdom you intend to join?
    «You»: Yes, I have.
    Tathlin: I'm eager to hear your decision! Which kingdom are you joining forces with?

    «You are given the four kingdoms to choose from.»

    «Kingdom of Rennd»
    Tathlin: I am very pleased to hear that, friend!

    «Kingdom of Granemor / Deren»
    Tathlin: I am very pleased to hear that, friend! My only regret is that we must part ways, but I am confident that you will be an excellent Knight in any order.

    Tathlin: Come then, let's get the Eye purified. The magi should be ready now.

      «If you gave the Eye of the Unholy to Urgoth previously...»

      «You»: Er... about that, Tathlin...
      Tathlin: ....you have the Eye, right?
      «You»: ....I must be honest, friend. The Demon Knight forced me to relinquish it.
      Tathlin: WHAT?! You should have told us immediately!
      Tathlin: We could have sent others to pursue him...
      Tathlin: Do you not realize the trouble you've caused, «You»?
      Tathlin: I thought I could trust you...
      «You»: You can, Tathlin! I just couldn't bear to see you hurt. I thought I'd have more time to retrieve it...

      «Off the screen, a voice can be heard.»

      ???: Not to worry, «You». It's right here.

      «A few Demon Knights enter.»

      «You»: You! You still have the Eye? Why?
      Demon Lord Urgoth: My Queen recognizes power. What better way to show my power than to slay the head knight of Rennd?
      Demon Lord Urgoth: You can't stop it from happening. While my minions deal with you, I shall dispose of him!

      4 BATTLES: Demon Knight
      Full Heal after battle #2 and #4

      «Urgoth and Tathlin are caught in an intense battle. After exchanging a few blows with each other, Urgoth retreats and returns, riding on a salamander. The salamander breathes fire on Tathlin with such power that he falls to the ground.»

      «You»: Tathlin!
      «You»: I won't let you harm him further. I'm going to beat you, and get the Eye of the Unholy back!
      Demon Lord Urgoth: You may try, but you won't succeed!

      1 BATTLE: Demon Lord Urgoth
      Full Heal

      «You»: Ha, got it!
      Demon Lord Urgoth: ...impossible! Give it back, or die!

      «Tathlin returns to the battlefield.»

      Tathlin: I'll take it from here, «You»!
      Tathlin: Take the Eye to the magi and get it purified! Then we can use its might to finish this!
      «You»: Right!

      «You rush off to find the magi.»

      Tathlin: As for you... shall we pick up where we left off, now that you lack your dishonorable magics?
      Demon Lord Urgoth: Even without the Eye, I still have plenty of strength to crush you.

      «Tathlin raises his blade, now glowing in a blinding yellow.»

      Tathlin: We shall see.

      «Tathlin charges toward Demon Lord Urgoth.»
      «If you did not give the Eye of the Unholy to Urgoth previously...»

      «You»: Alright, I'll retrieve the Eye from its hiding place and rush it to the magi....

      «A Knight of Rennd enters the scene.»

      Knight of Rennd: The demons are coming! They must have found out about the ceremony!
      Tathlin: Curses... «You», take the Eye to the magi.
      «You»: What will you do?
      Tathlin: Hold them off as best I can. I can't stop them all, some will get past... but...
      «You»: Tathlin, I don't want to abandon you here!
      Tathlin: I will not fall to them. They haven't the strength to manage that feat.
      «You»: Alright... fight well, Tathlin, and Battle On!
    «Scene: Purifying Grounds»

    «You»: You need to purify the Eye, fast! The Demon Knights have come to claim it!
    Magi: We can only work so fast. Can you buy us some time?
    «You»: Absolutely!
    Magi: Good, because here they come!
      4 BATTLES: Demon Knight
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    Magi: It has been purified! Quickly, take it and go to Sir Tathlin's aid! We cannot lose the heart and spirit of Rennd!
    «You»: Don't worry. He will survive!

    «You return to Sir Tathlin, his hands full with defending Urgoth's onslaught.»

    «You»: Demon! The Eye is purified, and your force is broken. Flee now and perhaps you'll be spared.
    Demon Lord Urgoth: Absolutely not!
    Tathlin: Then we shall end this, together!
      1 BATTLE: Demon Lord Urgoth
      Full Heal
    «Urgoth falls to the ground, defeated.»

    Tathlin: «You», you've done it!
    Tathlin: For your heroism this day, you may take the Eye with you on your adventures, wherever you go.
    «You»: I thank you for your excellent training, Tathlin.
    Tathlin: I have sent ahead correspondence. They will be expecting you.
    «You»: Thank you, Tathlin. I will see you again as soon as I can.

    Congratulations! You are now a Level 6 Knight, and have learned a new skill as a result of your training!
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    1/20/2015 6:20:14   
    Times Silent Keeper

    Knight Level 6

    «Scene: Practice fields in Deren»

    Cerin: Greetings, «You»! Ready yourself for the intense training of the Frogzard Knights!

    «A new option - Join Another Order! - is unlocked for you, and can be accessed from the Knight Class menu from this point on. You will now train as not just any ordinary Knight, but a Frogzard Knight. The Frogzard Knight Class shop is open as well, containing the Frogzard Knight Armour, which Cerin tells you to "use this equipment well".»

    Cerin: Welcome to Deren, new recruit! Tathlin has spoken highly of you and believes you have excellent potential.
    Cerin: Our order is best known for its tactical intellect and ability to adapt to a variety of combat conditions.
    Cerin: This is because we embrace the traits of our order's mascot and mount: the Frogzard! Are you ready to learn how to ride one?
  • I'm ready!
  • I need more time to think about this.

    Cerin: Excellent! You'll want to go get fitted for your new armor, and trade in your training gear.

    «You equip the temporary Frogzard Knight Armour and meet with Cerin on Deren's practice grounds.»

    Cerin: I'm glad to meet you, «You». Let's begin with...

    «A Frogzard Knight enters the scene.»

    Knight: My lord, I've received a report that the thief has struck aga... oh, I'm terribly sorry, have I interrupted something?
    Cerin: It's quite alright. It figures that our little thief would strike another garrison's supplies at such an inconvenient time.
    Cerin: With so many knights committed elsewhere, the thief has gotten bolder as he knows we have no one available to track him down....
    «You»: Allow me, sir! I'll catch your thief!
    Cerin: Hm, but you've not had any formal training yet. Still, with resources stretched thin, I suppose it's worth a try.
    Cerin: Bring us one of the fastest steeds we have available.
    Knight: Sir!

    «The Frogzard Knight leaves the scene.»

    Cerin: Are you quite certain that you can handle a Frogzard mount without training?
    «You»: I will manage. If it means helping Deren, I'm happy to help.

    «The Frogzard Knight returns with a Frogzard mount.»

    Knight: This one is fast, but she has a fierce temper. Be careful!
    «You»: I will be. And I will return with our thief.
    Cerin: Excellent. I wish you luck, then.

    The knight informs you that a garrison in a nearby village has been plagued by a thief who has been stealing supplies. The thief has struck the garrison many times, but has never been caught, leading Cerin to believe that the thief has some special training that allows it to avoid detection.

    Following his advice, you ride swiftly to the garrison in the hopes of catching the thief. But will your mount cooperate with you in this effort?

    Frogzard Cavalry
    Have you gained your mount's trust?
    Difficulty: 41
    Stat Used: Charisma

      «If you fail the roll...»

      The mount is not convinced of your skills and, in an attempt to hinder your efforts, takes the long way to the garrison, causing you to run into a lot of local wildlife.

      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2

      You arrive at the garrison and wait for night....

    «If you succeed the roll...»

    The mount seems to tolerate you for the time being and takes you straight to your destination, avoiding undue delays. You arrive at the garrison and wait for night....

    «Scene: Garrison, night time»

    «You»: All quiet so far....

    «A ninja dressed in grey drops from above!»

    ???: Strange, the knights aren't supposed to patrol this route.
    «You»: Wow. I didn't think you would drop in right in front of me. How convenient.
    «You»: In the name of the Frogzard Knights, I hereby place you under arrest!
    ???: Ah, a tenderfoot knight. That explains the breech in our agreement.
    «You»: Hey! Are you listening? Shouldn't you be... surrendering?
    ???: Not hardly. Look, you're new here so I'd really rather not kill you if possible.
    «You»: Sorry, but I have orders to bring you in. You've got no choice but to fight me if you refuse to surrender!
    ???: A pity. I had hoped you would be less duty-bound, like your comrades. As you wish!
      1 BATTLE: Deren Ninja
      Full Heal
    ???: You fool!
    «You»: You have connections with the knights here, which means they let you steal their supplies! But why?

    «Cerin enters the scene.»

    Cerin: They were no doubt receiving compensation for looking the other way. How disappointing.
    Cerin: I had hoped that perhaps you were a misguided member of our rather secretive allies, but it seems you're merely a petty thief.
    ???: Petty? I have more connections than you kn....
    Cerin: I'm quite aware of your connections, actually. They were all arrested earlier this very night.
    Cerin: My thanks, «You»! You made it all possible.

    «Scene: Back at Deren's practice grounds»

    Cerin: I see Tathlin's praise was well deserved. I am honored to welcome you into the Frogzard Knights!

    Congratulations! You are now a Level 7 Knight, and have learned a new skill as a result of your training!
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    1/20/2015 6:20:32   
    Times Silent Keeper

    Knight Level 7

    Cerin: Your first assignment has gone well, but do not rest easily just yet.
    Cerin: I have already prepared a new assignment for you. This one will send you deep into Stormfallen territory.
    Cerin: Since you will be estranged from our assistance, this may be a good time to teach you basic First Aid.
  • I'm ready!
  • I need more time to think about this.

    Cerin: Excellent! I hope you remembered to bring your Frogzard Knight armor.

    «You equip the temporary Frogzard Knight Armour and meet with Cerin on Deren's practice grounds.»

    Cerin: Your mission is of the utmost importance, «You».
    «You»: What is it, sir?
    Cerin: Previously in your training, you encountered some Demon Knights experimenting with corruption magic, am I correct?
    «You»: How did you....
    Cerin: It is unimportant as to how. What matters at this point is that I believe these knights were not acting under the authority of their queen.
    «You»: Sir?
    Cerin: What I am about to tell you is classified information, known only to my most trusted operatives within the order.
    Cerin: It is the belief of King Tralin, and of myself, that the war against Stormfallen is being fought under false pretenses.
    Cerin: It has long been perpetuated that Stormfallen started the conflict, yet ancient historical texts suggest that this is not the case.
    «You»: Then what actually happened?
    Cerin: It is said that a war between demons and humans many years ago sparked an event in which a portion of the Western Expanse was obliterated.
    Cerin: The event led to a distrust of mages at the time, and especially of demons. It is believed arrived shortly after this event, so her arrival was ill-timed.
    Cerin: My king believes that the Paladin Order mistakenly marked Tyranna and her followers as another invasion force from Heck.
    Cerin: If this were the case, then Rennd would have followed suit. And Rennd was among the most influential kingdoms at the time.
    «You»: But what does the Paladin Order have to gain from this?
    Cerin: It's uncertain if their intentions are malicious or not, but Rennd seemed too eager to make Tyranna into a threat, and I suspect that is why she became one.
    Cerin: The war that followed destroyed virtually all of the West.
    Cerin: The devastation dwarfed even the first such cataclysm. If this war was, in fact, the result of human manipulation... then thousands have died for nothing.
    «You»: So we're seeking to prove the truth behind this war. Very well. What must I do?
    Cerin: In order to confirm my king's hypothesis, we need evidence that the conflict is being exaggerated.
    Cerin: I want you to venture into Stormfallen territory and investigate some of the villages that have fallen to Stormfallen's legions.
    Cerin: I also want you to further investigate the corruption magic. I have a feeling that Tyranna does not endorse it.... in fact, I suspect she isn't even aware of it.
    Cerin: I have identified one particular legion which I believe has crafted this demon magic in secret. They may be followers of Stragath who wish to see Tyranna fall.
    Cerin: If that is the case, it means that much of the case against Stormfallen is a finely-crafted lie perpetuated by outside forces.
    «You»: I will investigate immediately!
    Cerin: Excellent. Since you are headed into hostile territory, you will be in danger and aid cannot reach you.
    Cerin: I have prepared a First-Aid Kit for you. It is full of herbal remedies that do wonders for healing injuries, illnesses and ailments.
    Cerin: If you return successfully, I will teach you how to craft a First-Aid Kit of your own.

    «Scene: Near Stormfallen»

    «You» (Thought): Cerin told me that there was a village near this area which fell recently to the demons.
    «You» (Thought): Reports from Rennd suggest that the villages were forcibly relocated and have been used as slave labor.
    «You» (Thought): I hope Cerin is right.... for the sake of those villagers.
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battle #2
    First Aid
    Have you located the village?
    Difficulty: 61
    Stat Used: Luck

      «If you fail the roll, you receive a Full Heal and...»

      «You»: ...Not here. Maybe over the next hill...

      «You repeat 4 BATTLES as above, followed by another roll.»
    «If you succeed the roll, you enter the village and find a Demon Knight holding a villager hostage!»

    «You»: Halt, demon! Let the villager go!
    Demon Knight: I don't know what you're doing out here, Frogzard Knight, but this village is under the Obsidian Legion's protection!
    Demon Knight: Leave while you still draw breath!
    «You»: Wait, protection? Rennd has reported that you're using these villagers as slave labor.
    Villager: Slave labor? We were merely relocated because our resources were running out.
    Villager: Tyranna's troops have been very kind to us for the most part. They've given us shelter and food, and kept us safe.
    «You»: Safe from whom?
    Demon Knight: From the Crimson Legion.
    «You»: The Crimson Legion?
    Demon Knight: Tyranna doesn't like to admit it, but some of her followers are more zealous than others about the war.
    Demon Knight: The Crimson Legion has been slaughtering villages against the Queen's orders. We relocated this village to hide them.
    Villager: I've heard they even take some as captives and subject them to horrible experiments!
    «You»: Why does Tyranna allow this?
    Demon Knight: She doesn't want to, but the Crimson Legion are some of her best warriors. If she disbands them, Rennd would have us at a disadvantage.
    «You»: I see... that is a very different tale than Rennd has been telling to those in the East.
    Demon Knight: Unsurprising. They have been after us from the start, swaying other kingdoms to attack us, and....

    «From off the scene, a voice can be heard.»

    ???: Do my eyes deceive me, or are you making casual conversation with a Knight of Deren?

    «Demon Lord Eir enters the scene.»

    Demon Knight: ...! Demon Lord Eir of the Crimson Legion! What are your scum doing here? The Obsidian Legion is....
    Demon Lord Eir: The Obsidian Legion is weak, and refuses to do what must be done. Our Queen's orders to destroy the invaders are quite clear.
    Demon Lord Eir: Yet here I find one of yours striking up conversation with the enemy, feeding them information.
    Demon Lord Eir: Perhaps I should inform the Queen of the Obsidian Legion's treachery, giving our enemies information. Then the Crimson Legion can assume control of this camp.
    Demon Knight: You would lie to the Queen to consolidate your own power?
    Demon Lord Eir: Who says it is a lie? It is my word as a Demon Lord against yours. No one can vouch for you.
    Demon Lord Eir: Besides... you're dead.
  • !!!

    «Through the silhouettes, Eir can be seen viciously striking the Demon Knight, ending with a finishing blow that causes the Knight to crumble and fall to the ground.»

    «You»: I won't permit this!
    Demon Lord Eir: Then try to stop me, human!
      1 BATTLE: Demon Lord Eir
      Full Heal
    Demon Lord Eir: Ugh.... I underestimated you. It shall not happen again. When next we meet, you will fall.

    «Eir swiftly retreats from the scene. You are presented with two choices.»
  • Use First-Aid on Demon Knight!
      «The Demon Knight recovers from his injuries.»

      Demon Knight: You... healed me? Why?
      «You»: You are protecting these people. I have no quarrel with you.
      Demon Knight: Even though we may meet on the field of battle one day?
      «You»: If that should happen, then so be it. But today, it is clear to me that there is no reason for you to die.
      «You»: You have a responsibility to uphold, regardless. You must inform your superiors and your Queen of today's events.
      Demon Knight: Indeed. I am glad that we crossed paths, Knight of Deren.
      «You»: As am I.
  • Leave
      «Regardless of choice above, you return and meet Cerin on Deren's practice grounds.»

      «You»: It is as King Tralin predicted. There is a single faction within Stormfallen, the Crimson Legion, that is responsible for the corruption of humans.
      «You»: The reports from Rennd are most likely fabrications as well.
      Cerin: I am pleased with your diligence on this assignment.
      Cerin: It will be a little while until your next assignment, so let us retire to the alchemy labs so that I may show you how to produce your own First-Aid Kit.

      Congratulations! You are now a Level 7 Knight, and have learned a new skill as a result of your training!
    • AQ DF MQ  Post #: 3
      1/20/2015 6:20:59   
      Times Silent Keeper

      Knight Level 8

      Cerin: It is time to look into some rather distressing rumors surrounding Granemor's special 'benefactors'.
      Cerin: When rich benefactors arrive out of nowhere and transform a city virtually overnight into a strong military state, something is amiss.
      Cerin: Since you may be facing some very defensively-oriented foes, this may be a good time for you to learn the Wounding Arrow Barrage.
    • I'm ready!
    • I need more time to think about this.

      Cerin: Excellent! I hope you remembered to bring your Frogzard Knight armor. You won't be allowed to train in anything else.

      «You equip the temporary Frogzard Knight Armour and meet with Cerin on Deren's practice grounds.»

      Cerin: The events you experienced in Stormfallen's domain have me concerned. However, there is another problem: there are suspicious things throughout this entire war.
      Cerin: For example, Granemor has long been heavily invested in defense, due to its proximity to Darkovia. The destruction of Granemor seems to have changed that, though.
      Cerin: They quickly rose to become an elite military power, with ample funding to commit to the war effort against Stormfallen. And they seem eager to get involved.
      Cerin: The aid was desperately needed, so no one asked any questions at the time. But King Tralin has begun to worry.
      Cerin: It seems odd for so much anonymous funding to spring out of nowhere.
      «You»: Then where is it coming from?
      Cerin: We aren't sure. But something is very much amiss. We'd like you to investigate.
      «You»: Are you certain I should be wearing Deren's colors while I go snooping around there?
      Cerin: You're right, you definitely shouldn't be. That is precisely why I'm going to issue you some standard issue 'Emoran Knight armor.
      Cerin: Be careful. If your deception is caught and traced back to Deren, we will likely spark a political incident.
      «You»: That won't happen.

      You sneak into the fort wearing Granemor's knight armor and try to fit in by performing some menial chores around town. A captain of the guard stops you and asks you to perform a routine "cleaning" of the graveyard... this would be a good time to get some archery practice to help you learn the Wounding Arrow Barrage!

      «You commence a mini game, where skeletons run amok in the cemetery. Click on the skeletons to shoot them down.»

        «Take too long to shoot 10 skeletons and...»

        «You»: Do these undead ever die? ...Re-die?

        «You return to the mini game for another attempt.»
      «Once 10 skeletons have been shot down...»

      Wounding Arrow
      Have you cleared the graveyard of enemies?
      Difficulty: 61
      Stat Used: Luck

        «If you failed the roll...»
      «If you succeeded the roll, you obtain the Arrow Barrage skill and meet with a Granemor Captain in the town square.»

      Granemor Captain: Good work, soldier! Now take these parts down to the underground. I'll meet you down there shortly.
      «You»: Err, yes sir!

      «Click on the pile of bones held by the Granemor Captain to proceed with the dialog.»

      «You» (Thought): "Project"? What sort of project requires the body parts of undead?

      You gather up the parts and bring them down to a well-hidden underground passage within the keep, as directed by the captain. You then find a convenient stone to hide behind.

      «Scene: Underground Lair. The Granemor Captain speaks to a Necromancer.»

      Granemor Captain: We've brought some premium parts today, sir.
      Necromancer: Excellent. And you are continuing to bring in shipments of the dead soldiers from battlefields in the West?
      Granemor Captain: Of course. We bury them in the graveyard to avoid raising suspicion.
      Granemor Captain: Then we simply wait for them to rise as undead, smash them apart, and bring the leftovers to you for recycling.
      Necromancer: Clever. The Necromancer Order is quite pleased with how efficient your order has been.
      Necromancer: It seems our investment in this town was worthwhile after all.
      «You» (Thought): How horrid! So they're taking funding from necromancers in exchange for providing raw parts to grow the necromancers' undead legions?
      «You» (Thought): This is bad news. I'd better get out of here and report back to Cerin.
      Necromancer: What was that? I heard something. Captain, were you followed?
      «You» (Thought): Shoot! I'd better get out of here fast!

      You dump your armor and attempt to make a quick escape... but can you make it out?

      Escape detection?
      Have you escaped pursuit?
      Difficulty: 61
      Stat Used: Luck

        «If you fail the roll...»
      «If you succeed the roll...»

      You escape pursuit and make your way back to Deren.

      «Scene: Deren, practice grounds»

      «You»: Sir, I bring word from Granemor. Their funding comes from the necromancers, in exchange for a steady supply of bodies to build their undead armies.
      «You»: I had to flee to avoid capture before I could learn more, though.
      Cerin: What a gruesome deal. It seems that our allies are not as forthcoming as we would like. The motives behind this war grow darker with every day.
      Cerin: We shall have to check up on Rennd, I suspect, as well. I hope you are ready, for this could be dangerous.

      Congratulations! You are now a Level 9 Knight, and have learned a new skill as a result of your training!
    • AQ DF MQ  Post #: 4
      1/20/2015 6:21:20   
      Times Silent Keeper

      Knight Level 9

      Cerin: You have performed all of your assignments so far most admirably. Yet this one is perhaps the most important of all.
      Cerin: It's time to look into Rennd. Their order initiated the war with demonkind, and I fear there are things we haven't been told.
      Cerin: This task will require a knight of formidable skill, so it is time you learned of the Harmonizing Strike!
    • I'm ready!
    • I need more time to think about this.

      Cerin: Excellent! I hope you remembered to bring your Frogzard Knight armor. You won't be allowed to train in anything else.

      «You equip the temporary Frogzard Knight Armour and meet with Cerin on Deren's practice grounds.»

      Cerin: It is unfortunate that I must ask you to do this, but it is time to investigate Rennd itself.
      Cerin: We know now that the war has been perpetuated by lies from Rennd and the treachery of Stormfallen's Crimson Legion.
      Cerin: And Granemor has no interest in ceasing the bloodshed. It falls to Deren to be the last voice of reason, and to bring an end to this war.
      Cerin: To do this, I need concrete evidence of the falsehoods fueling this war.
      «You»: What can I do to prove something like that? It will take a great deal of evidence...
      Cerin: And we know where to find it. Rennd's historical archives.
      «You»: Why would Rennd keep accurate historical logs of the war? Wouldn't it make more sense to keep false records to perpetuate their lie?
      Cerin: They wouldn't. But there is a way to prove that the records are falsified. Stormfallen has access to a spiritual entity called the Flame of Truth.
      Cerin: It is a neutral creature that exists only to record Lorian history, and unlike the unreliability of human historians, it lacks the capability to distort the truth.
      Cerin: I have sent a secret correspondence to Queen Tyranna, asking for her permission to access this powerful entity.
      Cerin: If we can obtain copies of Rennd's historical archives and measure them against the truth-telling records of the Flame of Truth...
      «You»: Then Rennd's treachery would be exposed. But Cerin....
      Cerin: You are concerned about Tathlin.
      «You»: I am. I don't know how much of this he is aware of, but he doesn't seem the sort to commit his men to death in a bloody war like this.
      «You»: I'm not sure that General Herous is entirely satisfied with his situation either. They both seem like honorable men.
      Cerin: That is a fair point. However, we must consider the greater good here. This war has claimed many lives. Ending this war will prevent countless more senseless deaths.
      Cerin: The ends do not justify the means, «You».
      «You»: You're right... alright, I'll do it.
      Cerin: In order to give you the best chance of success, I will grant you a special magic spell.
      Cerin: Our order has long believed in harmony with nature, and adapting to its changing conditions. It is why our techniques are designed to adapt to changing battle conditions.
      Cerin: Our keystone technique is the ultimate representation of this: a blessing from the Elemental Lords that shifts the nature of our attacks to inflict a variety of powerful ailments!
      Cerin: Fortunately, as it is a blessing, this power is fairly easy to grant to others, provided you have the authority to do so. And so, I shall recite the proclamation and grant you this power.

      «Cerin leans backwards, looking at the sky, as he prepares his recitation.»

      Cerin: Hear me, Elemental Lords! I can testify to the virtuous nature that lives within «You»'s heart!
      Cerin: As a knight of Deren, their blade has served justice and their shield defended the innocent. Grant me your approval to bestow them with the honor of the knights of old!

      «The sky rapidly descends to darkness and clouds form above you.»

      Cerin: By the authority given to me by King Tralin of Deren and the Elemental Lords, I hereby grant you the blessing of the Harmonizing Strike!

      «Lightning bolts rain down from the clouds onto and all around you. Shortly after, the sky clears and Cerin ends his recitation.»

      Cerin: The blessing is granted. It will take you some time to wield its power fully, so I suggest you get practice with it while on assignment.
      «You»: I shall. Thank you, Cerin. I will prove myself worthy of this blessing, and return with the evidence you need.

      «Scene: Kingdom of Rennd»

      Tathlin: Greetings, «You»! How goes your training with Cerin of Deren?
      «You»: I have nearly completed advanced training. I wish we could spend time catching up, friend, but I have urgent business.
      Tathlin: Of course.

      «You are presented with two choices.»
    • Deren wishes to know more about the war's history. May I please see Rennd's historical archives?
        Rennd's Archive
        Can you convince Tathlin to grant you access?
        Difficulty: 101
        Stat Used: Charisma

          «If you fail the roll...»

          Tathlin: I am sorry, dear friend, but what you ask is impossible. The archives are our only logs of the war's events, and we are told not to grant access to anyone.
          «You»: Then I have no choice but to insist, by the authority of King Tralin of Deren, that you grant me access to the archives as part of a criminal investigation into the war.

          «Dialogue continues below, where you demand access.»
          «If you succeed the roll...»

          Tathlin: Well... I could get into quite a lot of trouble, but you are one that I trust with my life. I suppose it would be alright to let you in.

          «Scene: Rennd's Archives. Tathlin accompanies you.»

          «You»: Ah, this is the book I need....
          Tathlin: Hold on now, friend, you didn't say you were going to borrow anything. I can't let you leave with our historical records.
          «You»: Cerin only needs a copy of them, Tathlin. I'll bring them back the very moment that he's done.
          Tathlin: All the same, «You», I am bound by the law. You cannot leave with it.
          «You»: I must, Tathlin. If you cannot let me go....

          1 BATTLE: Sir Tathlin
          Full Heal

          «Dialogue continues where you return to Deren below.»
    • Deren is conducting an investigation into the war, and we demand access to your archives!
        Tathlin: ....what? This is a gross overstepping of King Tralin's authority! You can't just demand the right to access our secret archives!
        «You»: I was afraid you'd say that, Tathlin. Unfortunately, I don't have time to explain myself. I'm going into those archives, like it or not.

        1 BATTLE: Sir Tathlin
        Full Heal

        «Tathlin kneels on the ground, defeated.»

        «You»: I will take the utmost care in handling your archives, Tathlin. I'm sorry.

        «Scene: Rennd's Archives. A Pria Knight stands in your way.»

        «You»: I wish I could have done this peacefully, but... I need those archives.
        «You»: By order of King Tralin of Deren, I demand that you stand aside and grant me access.
        Rennd Knight: Not a chance! I serve my king, not yours!
        «You»: As you wish.

        2 BATTLES: Pria Knight
        Full Heal

        Rennd's Archive
        Your fight with those guards was somewhat loud... have any other guards been alerted to your presence?
        Difficulty: 61
        Stat Used: Luck

          «If you fail the roll, repeat 2 BATTLES as above, followed by the roll.»
          «If you succeed the roll...»

          «You»: Ah, this is the book I need....

          «Tathlin confronts you.»

          Tathlin: You can't do this, «You»!
          «You»: Tathlin, please stand aside. I must return swiftly.
          Tathlin: I cannot!
          «You»: Then I am forced to make you.

          1 BATTLE: Sir Tathlin
          Full Heal

          «Dialogue continues below, where you return to Deren.»
      «You return to Deren and meet with Cerin.»

      «You»: Sir, I have brought the archives. Unfortunately, Tathlin would not part with them willingly, and I was forced to fight him before I could make my escape.
      Cerin: It is unfortunate, but I was afraid this day might come. The alliance of our three kingdoms has been slowly fracturing... perhaps this will be the wedge that finally splits it apart.
      Cerin: Tyranna has received our message and is preparing some sort of special event. We will be able to finally reveal our hand there.
      Cerin: Though I suspect that the events of the days to come shall only bring more suffering than ever before... I pray that I am wrong.

      Congratulations! You are now a Level 10 Knight, and have learned a new skill as a result of your training!
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      Times Silent Keeper

      Knight Level 10

      Cerin: I am proud to say that you are a fully-trained Frogzard Knight. I have no more skills to teach you, and I welcome you at my side defending Deren.
      Cerin: The Demon Queen Tyranna has offered a chance for us to participate in some sort of tournament, with the victor deciding the terms for the war's end.
      Cerin: Queen Tyranna could not have set up this trap more perfectly. No doubt our 'allies' will be there, providing us an opportunity to bring them to justice and the truth to light.
      Cerin: Win that tournament. If you can do so, we can expose the corruption that has infested these kingdoms and begin moving towards a lasting peace that has been many years overdue.
    • I understand.
    • I need more time to get ready.

      Cerin: I knew you wouldn't let me down. I will be by your side when you win and the truth comes out.
    • Let's go!

      You must compete against champions from each of the rival kingdoms! If you can beat them at their best, your kingdom will earn the right to dictate the terms for the end of the war! Don't forget to use your class armor! You must wear your kingdom's colors in battle!
    • Continue

      «Regardless of choice, the dialogue you receive is the same. The differences are only in the battles, as listed below.»
        1 BATTLE
        Normal: General Herous (70)
        Hard: General Herous (90)

        Full Heal
      General Herous: Young Knight, I know that you were the one who stuck into our castle and spied on us.
      General Herous: Cerin may think himself too clever for us, but he will come to regret this. And so shall you.

      «Herous leaves the scene.»

      «You»: (thinking) I hope not...
        1 BATTLE:
        Normal: Sir Tathlin (70)
        Hard: Sir Tathlin (90)

        Full Heal
      Tathlin: I hold no quarrel with you, young Knight. I only wish that I would have the opportunity to face the demon's champion myself.
      Tathlin: Still, I will be glad when this war is over. My forces are weary from battle. It may be time for peace.

      «Tathlin leaves the scene.»

      «You»: (thinking) A pity, then, that peace will not be coming... at least, not for you.
        1 BATTLE
        Normal: Demon Lord Eir (70)
        Hard: Demon Lord Eir (90)

        Full Heal
      Demon Lord Eir: A meaningless victory, foolish human. The war will continue for so long as I command the Crimson Legion!
      Demon Lord Eir: And next time that we meet in battle shall be your last!

      «Eir leaves the scene.»

      «You»: (thinking) I sincerely doubt that.

      «Tathlin, Cerin, Herous, Tyranna and Eir gather in the arena.»

      Tyranna: Congratulations, «You». You have won the tournament.
      Tyranna: Your kingdom may choose the terms of the war's conclusion.
      «You»: All of the kingdoms shall cease their war-making efforts from this moment on.
      Demon Lord Eir: Stormfallen has no need to end the war when we are so close to victory!
      Tyranna: Silence!
      Demon Lord Eir: ....my Queen?
      Tyranna: If that is your wish, human, then you shall have it. But Stormfallen is disbanding the Crimson Legion, effective immediately.
      Demon Lord Eir: But... my Queen! I have been loyal to you....
      Tyranna: Do you think I was not aware of your experimentation with corruption magic? Or your refusal to grant safe harbor for civilians?
      Tyranna: You are hereby stripped of your title, and your legion is disbanded.
      Demon Lord Eir: I... I will not obey those orders! You are a weak queen, taking orders from a human! I shall....

      «Tyranna swiftly spins around and stabs Eir with her bare hands, immediately killing him in the process.»

      Tyranna: You shall do nothing, worm.
      General Herous: There is no way that we're going to end the war when Stormfallen is going to throw away its best troops!
      Tathlin: Indeed! I have not yet achieved justice for my kingdom!
      Tyranna: Not willing to hold to our agreement, then? Cerin, what do you have to say about this?
      Cerin: In the name of King Tralin of Deren, I hereby arrest you, Sir Tathlin of Rennd and General Herous of Granemor.
      «You»: Please come along with us quietly.
      General Herous: Arresting us? On what charges?
      Cerin: Your armies have been falsely perpetuating the war against Stormfallen. We have examined historical records and found that they have been falsified.
      Tathlin: What a slanderous lie!
      Cerin: Ah, but it is not. My king is certain enough of it that he is pulling his support from the war, effective immediately.
      Cerin: Any further attacks against Stormfallen will be treated as an act of war against Deren, with the appropriate reaction.
      Tathlin: We will never give up! We will take some time to prepare, but we shall return stronger than ever!
      General Herous: And my 'Emoran Knights will join in the battle!
      Cerin: I expected as much, sadly. Very well. Know that Deren will be prepared to come to Stormfallen's aid when you two foolishly choose to step out of line.

      It seems that the endless war in the Western Expanse has ceased for now... but it is a very uneasy peace. Even now, the four kingdoms are rebuilding, gathering their strength for when the war begins anew. And when it does, all of Lore might be engulfed in the chaos that follows! Knowing this, you depart for other adventures... but you must remain ever-vigilant, for no one knows when the peace shall be broken....

      «If you fought in Hard Mode, a shop opens for you (see below). If you fought in Normal Mode, you get the following instead.»
        1 BATTLE: Treasure Hoard

      Advanced Knight Armours

      «Opens only if you played in Hard Mode.»

    • Knight Lance G [L. 101 G]
    • Knight Lance [L. 121]
    • Knight Lance Z [L. 141 Z]

    • Advanced Pria Knight Armour [L. 90]
    • Advanced 'Emoran Knight Armour [L. 90]
    • Advanced Frogzard Knight Armour [L. 90]
    • Advanced Demon Knight Armour [L. 90]

    • Knight Helm [L. 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]

    • Eye of the Unholy [L. 95, 115, 135 | 145 G]

    • Play again!
    • Guardian Tower!
    • Leave

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