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Dangerous Parallels

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1/20/2015 8:01:26   
Times Silent Keeper

Dangerous Parallels

Location: Travel Map » Sail East » Travel South » Seekrat » Epilogue: Dangerous Parallels

«You can skip the cutscene at anytime.»

«Scene: The Veil»

«You»: I got here as fast as I could, ElBhe, but this had better not be....
«You»: Oh, you're here too, Lord Barrius. Then I guess it really is serious.
ElBhe: I'm offended! I'm vry srs about my job.
Lord Barrius: ....be that as it may, we may have a problem, «You».
Lord Barrius: You have been told that the shadow universe was created when the elements collapsed in on each other.
Lord Barrius: The shadow universe, a combination of Light and Darkness, was created because Light and Darkness were the strongest in that universe prior to the collapse.
Lord Barrius: But the shadow universe was not the only universe to experience such a collapse.
«You»: You're telling me there are other universes that collapsed into elemental dualities like the shadow universe?
Lord Barrius: Yes. As it turns out, this is what the SeekRat was trying to tell us when he left that book behind in his former lair.
Lord Barrius: It was a warning, one we couldn't immediately identify. In time as we researched the odd symbols, we realized their purpose.
Lord Barrius: They were tied to an ancient cult of magi that sought to gather power from other universes, the shadow universe being one of them.
Lord Barrius: Some of those magi still exist today. You may have come across one other archetype of them in the past: what you call the Fireshifters.
«You»: Oh dear....how many different types are there exactly?
Lord Barrius: We know of four, each representing a different pair of opposing elements. Most of the Darkshifters have sworn allegiance to us....
ElBhe: ....through significant use of force....
Lord Barrius: *ahem* but the other three groups, as well as those few Darkshifters who refused to serve the Order, have mostly kept to themselves and stayed in hiding.
«You»: But like you said, I've seen Fireshifters in the wild before. Why is that?
ElBhe: You're taking too long, Big B. Let me cut to the chase.
Lord Barrius: ....
ElBhe: What he's trying to say is that the Fireshifters have been out and about because they were spying.
ElBhe: They were looking for the hidden locations for all the duality gates. The SeekRat already opened all of the shadow gates....
«You»: And let me guess: you think that these magi-turned-tentacley things are trying to open up the other core universes.
ElBhe: Bingo. See, Big B? You need to be more direct.
Lord Barrius: ....and you need a muzzle.
ElBhe: Awww, I love you too. <3
«You»: So how do we stop them?
Lord Barrius: One of my men tailed their spies to their headquarters, a large cave hidden deep in the forests near the tip of the Middle Isles.
Lord Barrius: If we can get there quickly with a sizeable army, we can stop them before they have a chance to open the gates with another ritual.
ElBhe: We'll have to hurry. Lore barely fought off the shadow incursion. They won't be able to fight off the mist, plasma, and sand universes all at the same time.
«You»: Then let's get going!

Dangerous Parallels
An ancient cult of magi is attempting to open the other Duality Gates in Lore. If we don't stop them, Lore will be faced with at least three times the number of forces as they faced in the last shadow war!
  • To Battle!
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

    Twilly: These shifty shifters need to learn a lesson! ...Um, from you, not from Twilly...
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    Darkshifters - +0.1% Ranged Attack Bonus per Darkshifter shot. Max bonus of +20.0%, or 200 Darkshifters.

    Available only with the war scroll activated
    Potion Bag - Refills potions if you have less than four on hand. (Guardian Only)
    ElBhe - ElBhe the Shadow Kitty!
    Lord Barrius - Click on Lord Barrius' blades if you want him to join you in battle!
    Lodestar / Eventide - Lord Barrius will now battle by your side!
    Tree - This tree seems to be moving!
    Bush - These bushes look suspicious!
    Seas - The seas surrounding the Middle Isle!

    To Battle!
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
    «After defeating 100% of the shifters...»
      6 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal after battles #2, #4 and #6
    «Scene: Shifter HQ»

    «You»: This plan of yours ends now.
    Fireshifter: How did you know of our plans to begin with? We were still far from ready....
    «You»: Unfortunately for you, the SeekRat had the idea first. We found his research about the Duality Gates. That led to your cult, and to you.
    Windshifter: The SeekRat? But he is the one who gave us the idea!
    «You»: I can't say I'm surprised. He's fooled other villains in the past, too. Tricked them into doing him favors.
    «You»: What did he trick you into doing?
    Fireshifter: The rat wanted access to his other selves, in exchange for his aid in locating all of the Duality Gates.
    Fireshifter: We have been searching for the Duality Gates for many years, with no luck. Almost all of the records had been destroyed.
    Windshifter: So you can imagine our surprise when he offered to tell us the locations of all of them.
    Energyshifter: We taught him how to access the other universes to obtain his other selves without needing a gate, just as we had learned how to do to obtain the power we now have.
    Windshifter: And it seems he planned his betrayal to us from the beginning, if you have been in possession of these records as long as you claim.
    Fireshifter: The rat shall pay dearly for this.
    «You»: Then we're too late, and you've made him even more powerful than ever. Great....
    «You»: Well, I guess we're finished here, then. I'll leave you for the Order to sort out. They'll probably want to keep tabs on your movements from now on.
    «You»: Lord Barrius! They're all yours.

    «You leave the scene and Lord Barrius enters.»

    Darkshifter: Oh gods! It's YOU!
    Lord Barrius: Indeed it is. And if you know me, then you know why I am both feared and respected by your kind.
    Lord Barrius: The Order has not maintained the delicate balance in Lore by allowing creatures who wield hybrid magics to go throwing their magic around at a whim.

    «Lord Barrius unsheathes Lodestar as the scene fades to black... Outside the Shifter HQ, you speak to ElBhe.»

    «You»: I just hope we're done with all of these hybrid elements. Plasma, mist, sand.... it's enough to start getting really confusing.
    ElBhe: The SeekRat's already got what he wanted: power from the core four hybrid universes.
    ElBhe: The four core universes are the only ones that have created creatures like me, so he won't bother with them.
    ElBhe: Can't blame him, either. Who would want to go to a universe where there's no one like me around?
    «You»: ....
    ElBhe: ....

    «The scene fades to black. With a small light illuminating the scene, amid the darkness, the SeekRat can be seen. A magical orb flashing between multiple element colors can be seen before he crushes the orb, and the scene fades to black. Back at the Seeker's HQ, Lord Barrius is done dealing with the Shifters and has returned. A treasure chest is on the ground.»

    Lord Barrius: The Seekrat seems to be one step ahead. We'll have to double our efforts to take down this fowl beast.
    Lord Barrius: These Shifters may prove useful after all...

    «Click on the treasure chest and...»
  • Get War Reward!
  • Skip Reward / Already Have It
    Dangerous Parallels

  • Earthshifter Blade [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130]
  • Energyshifter Blade [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130]
  • Windshifter Blade [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130]
  • Watershifter Blade [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130]

  • Volatile Earthshifter Blade [L. 23 G, 150 G]
  • Volatile Energyshifter Blade [L. 23 G, 150 G]
  • Volatile Windshifter Blade [L. 23 G, 150 G]
  • Volatile Watershifter Blade [L. 23 G, 150 G]

  • Volatile Earthshifter Blade Z [L. 55 Z, 100 Z]
  • Volatile Energyshifter Blade Z [L. 55 Z, 100 Z]
  • Volatile Windshifter Blade Z [L. 55 Z, 100 Z]
  • Volatile Watershifter Blade Z [L. 55 Z, 100 Z]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
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