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The Past Unraveled - Prequel

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1/20/2015 8:04:38   
Times Silent Keeper

The Past Unraveled

Location: Travel Map » Darkovia Forest » DracoPyre Legacy! » 6: The Hall of Memories » Open Doors! » Click on the arrow » Prequel

«Scene: Hall of Memories. Donovan and Crispus exits a door.»

Donovan: The shade's manipulations of that event were quite impressive. I despise him, but one almost has to respect his ingenuity. Almost...
Crispus: When he sent Cara to the future, he sent her, and her son, right into his own waiting arms.
Donovan: Indeed, meaning he planned for Nightbane's creation from the very beginning. He has his hands in it at every step, just as he manipulated me.

«Cenara exits through a door.»

Donovan: The question is, how do we turn this to our advantage...

«Following behind Cenara is the White Abbess, exiting through the same door.»

Cenara: How odd. But why would Tralin have consumed that potion if it could have killed hi....

«Cenara turns around and realizes Donovan and his minion are in the Hall, too.»

Cenara: Donovan!

«Donovan turns to face Cenara.»

Donovan: Crispus, run along to the fortress. I will be there shortly.
Crispus: Lord.

«Crispus enters a door.»

Donovan: Why hello, sister dear. Enjoying the Caelestian's hospitality too, were you? How fortunate.
Donovan: And hello mother, it is good to see you again.
Cenara: Do not call me sister. You are no brother of mine...
Donovan: You make me such a bald lie with our mother standing right here? You wound me...

«Donovan transforms into Nightreign.»

Donovan: ...but not as much as I am going to wound you.

«Cenara transforms into Gracefang to prepare for Nightreign's assault.»

Nightreign: Unless you enjoy seeing your children come to blows, mother dear, I suggest you run along...
Evina: I will do no such thing. The two of you will stop this at once!
Evina: Or by the powers I will give you all the discipline you are owed.

«A mysterious character exits from another door in the Hall.»

???: I hate to break up such a loving family portrait, and such clearly clever repartee, but we need to leave the Hall.

«The Hall suddenly rumbles!»

???: NOW!
Abode: It's too late, the effect has already been triggered. I cannot cast you all out.
Abode: Scion, you need to seek aid. The barriers are breaking down already.
Scion: Sounds like you folks are in for a fun time.
Scion: Sorry I couldn't stick around to see the fireworks, but you know, people to do, things to see.

«Scion vanishes.»

Gracefang: Abode? Who was that and what is he talking about? What is going on?
Evina: I can answer the first part. That was Scion of the Nachtfee.
Nightreign: You know that impudent Night Fae?
Evina: He had some dealings with Balius long ago. The Nachtfee or Night Fae are a somewhat enigmatic race as a whole, but Scion...
Evina: He is something else entirely.
Nightreign: What about the second question? What is going on house?!
Abode: My name is Abode. Something is going wrong with my internal workings, something major. It is almost as if in the astral plane, memory prime itself is... leaking.

«Gracefang transforms back to his human form.»

Cenara: Leaking?
Abode: Yes. But that is impossible. Memories recorded there are immutable. Even uncreated things still have record there.
Abode: Though, such become sealed to non-divine entities and those not excluded, normally.
Abode: The collective unconscious cannot change. So the problem must be me... But how could it be me...

«Evina slowly vanishes into thin air!»

Cenara: Mother!

«Nightreign transforms back to his human form.»

Donovan: Where did our mother go?
Abode: I do not know... I told you it's leaking! Memories are spilling into each other; the past is becoming unraveled. She is lost somewhere within my halls.
Abode: She could be anywhere or anywhen within the limits I was able to erect.
Cenara: What are those limits?
Abode: Within Lore and about 11 years give or take.
Cenara: That is a very broa....

«Cenara vanishes into the depths of time as well!»

Donovan: Listen house, you brin...

«Donovan faces the same fate as Cenara and Evina. Shortly after, Kid Fal appears into the scene.»

Kid Fal: Abode, I am detecting something very odd going on, what's wr....

«Every entity of Falerin splits out from Kid Fal!»

Muscles Fal: What is this?
Lanfire Fal: Something has disintegrated us. Obviously...
Teen Fal: Enough of your biting wit. Besides, if you cannot use words correctly do not use them at all.
Teen Fal: "Disintegrated" would mean we were reduced to powder. The word you want is either segregated, disaggregated, or perhaps deintegrated.
Kid Fal: The time divides here are bleeding.
Teen Fal: I agree. The question is what caused that effect and why has it separated us.
Falerin (E): If you think I am sticking around to find out why, you are nuttier than E's fruitcake.

«E vanishes from the scene.»

Falerin: I will worry about retrieving him from the E continuum later. We have bigger fish to fry.
Lanfire Fal: Like what?
Ardendor: Like that fact that the only other time this ever happened to us was when Erebus killed us.
Lanfire Fal: Indicating he is probably somehow involved in this?
Teen Fal: But how, as he is clearly trapped elsewhere?

«Lanfire, Teen, Kid and Muscles Fal vanish from the scene.»

Falerin: Yes like that.... and the fact that the leaking barriers are scattering me through the Hall of Memories.
Ardendor: Well that sucks.

«Ardendor vanishes, too.»

Falerin: Yeah...

«Falerin vanishes from the scene. Everyone is now lost within the depths of the Hall...»

Abode: Hurry back Scion. Please!

To be continued!

The Past Unraveled -
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