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Maze of the Mana Dragon

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1/20/2015 8:17:23   
Times Silent Keeper

The Dragon's Maze!
Maze of the Mana Dragon!

Location: Battleon » Warlic's Shop » Mastercraft Sets » Maze of the Mana Dragon!

A large dragon has lived for many centuries, building up his magical power by draining mana from Lore's very core. To this end, he took shelter deep underground. However, a dragon of his size could not simply be "forgotten," and so to stop enemies from reaching him easily, he constructed the great maze. Adventurers would occasionally stumble into the maze and become lost. The dragon chose the most powerful adventurers from among these and augmented them with pieces of armor enhanced with corruptive dragon magics. These armor pieces eventually mutated the adventurers into part-dragon monsters that he could then manipulate as his servants to help guard the maze.

«Scene: Entrance to the Dragon's Maze»

Warlic: Thank goodness you're here, «You».
Warlic: I felt it only just recently. A powerful and forgotten magic dwells deep within this mountain.
Warlic: This magic is unlike any I've seen in a long time. It seems to twist both time and space, corrupting them and bending them to its will.
Warlic: If left alone, it could become quite dangerous to Lore.
Warlic: However, if you choose to go into the caverns to investigate, I must give you a few words of warning.
Warlic: First, bring any artifacts that you find directly to me. These magics must be coming from something or someone, and it's best to be on the safe side.
Warlic: Second, because of the distortions this magic is creating, I cannot heal you myself as I do not know what side effects it might bring.
Warlic: So instead, use these special potions I've brought along to heal yourself. They should be unaffected by the distortions herein.
Warlic: Be careful. A dangerous force is at work here.

Quest for the Dragon Knight set?
  • Let's go! - Enter the maze
  • Maybe later!

      General Information
    • The maze has three wings that you can explore, namely the Stone, Water and Fire wing (from left to right).
    • The potion bag on the floor refills your Full Heal potions (7), the ones Warlic gave. These are different from the ones you use for healing in battle.
    • You can only refill your potions when you return to the "lobby" of the maze, where the potion bag is.
    • Clicking on the potion bag yields the message "You grab as many of Warlic's specialized healing potions as you can carry!"

      Maze Traversal, Traps
    • Once you enter a wing, you cannot exit until you reach the exit point. Beware!
    • If you return to a previously cleared room, you have an unlucky 13% chance of re-encountering a monster.
    • Traps are DEX based. The Stone wing has Earth element traps, Water wing has Ice traps, and Fire wing has Fire traps.

      Completing a Wing
    • To meet the Ancient Mana Dragon (the boss) himself, all three wings must be completed first.
    • The Dragon Champion of a particular wing must be defeated before the wing is considered complete.
    • To access the Dragon Champion, a switch needs to be activated.
    • If you activate the switch within each wing, you get a message "You hear a far-off rumbling..." which indicates that the gate to the Champion has been unlocked.
    • If you attempt to enter a door before activating the switch, you are prevented from entry and a message "This door is locked and won't budge. There must be a switch somewhere..." appears.

      Progress Tracking
    • Once a wing is completed, it is considered complete until you log out, reset it through Warlic, or try on the helmet that the Mana Dragon offers you before taking it back to Warlic.
    • Your progress is saved only upon the completion of the wing. Dying midway through a wing means you will have to redo that particular wing again.
    • If you have already completed a wing, attempting to revisit it yields the message "You've already explored this wing."
    • Attempting to re-enter the Mana Dragon's domain yields the message "You've already fought the dragon."

      Respective Maze Component Rewards
    • Completing each component of the maze unlocks a different shop, namely:
      • Stone: Armor
      • Water: Shield
      • Fire: Weapon
      • Boss: Misc, Pet, Spell

    • Attempting to open a shop that is not unlocked yet yields the message "You haven't found this piece yet!"

      ...I need help!
    • And so you shall receive. Here's the layout of the maze:

      Maze Layout
      Maze Layout (with suggested directions available from each room)

    • You begin in room 'a' for each wing.
    • In certain rooms, you are not allowed to traverse diagonally to another room. This is intentional.

    • Stone wing most optimal path: Up, Up, Top Right, Top Left, Bottom Left, Top Left, Top Left (Switch), Bottom Right, Bottom Right, Bottom Left, Down, Left (Stone Dragon Champion)
    • Water wing most optimal path: Top Right, Top Right, Up, Top Left, Top Left (Switch), Bottom Right, Bottom Right, Top Right, Right, Up (Ice Dragon Champion)
    • Fire wing most optimal path: Top Left, Top Left, Bottom Left, Bottom Right (Switch), Top Left, Top Right, Top Left, Top Right, Top Right, Right (Fire Dragon Champion)

    «Stone Wing»
      1 BATTLE: Stone Dragon Champion
      Full Heal

      «You free the Warrior Spirit upon the defeat of the Stone Dragon Champion.»

      Warrior Spirit: Free at last! Thank you!
    • Why did you come here?

        Warrior Spirit: I came here seeking powerful items to wield in battle.... and I found them.
        Warrior Spirit: But once I put them on, I lost control of myself, and before I knew it, I was his servant.

    • Can you tell me of this place?

        Warrior Spirit: The dragon constructed this maze to keep his enemies from finding him.
        Warrior Spirit: This place has kept him hidden for a great many years. He has outlasted nearly every major civilization on Lore.

    • Any advice you can offer me?

        Warrior Spirit: You will need to defeat all of the dragon's champions to reach his chamber.
        Warrior Spirit: Once you do, the central chamber will grant you access to his domain.

    • Leave!

        Warrior Spirit: Again, my thanks. Now I may rest in peace.

        «The Warrior Spirit floats up and vanishes. You return to the lobby of the maze. You also gain access to the Dragon Knight's Hide shop.»

    «Water Wing»
      1 BATTLE: Ice Dragon Champion
      Full Heal

      «You free the Mage Spirit upon the defeat of the Ice Dragon Champion.»

      Mage Spirit: My spirit has been freed! I thank you, noble hero.
    • Why did you come here?

        Mage Spirit: I came here because I felt the powerful magic within, but the magic was too great for me to control.
        Mage Spirit: I suspect that the dragon does not fully command it himself, either.

    • Can you tell me of this place?

        Mage Spirit: I can sense a great build-up of power beneath the maze. The dragon lies below.
        Mage Spirit: I do not know why he has dug himself so deeply underground, but I expect that it cannot be good.

    • Any advice you can offer me?

        Mage Spirit: Do not attempt to wear any of the items you find here without purifying them first.
        Mage Spirit: They are corrupted by a powerful magic, one that seems far greater than the dragon should be capable of producing.

    • Leave!

        Mage Spirit: Then it is time for me to pass on. Take care, hero, for this place is still quite dangerous.

        «The Mage Spirit floats up and vanishes. You return to the lobby of the maze, and also unlock the Dragon Knight's Scales shop.»

    «Fire Wing»
      1 BATTLE: Fire Dragon Champion
      Full Heal

      «You free the Ranger Spirit upon the defeat of the Fire Dragon Champion.»

      Ranger Spirit: The dragon's hold has been broken!
    • Why did you come here?

        Ranger Spirit: I wandered into this maze entirely by accident, sadly enough, and quickly became lost.
        Ranger Spirit: When the dragon offered me the power to escape, I foolishly trusted him. And so, he corrupted me into a draconic minion, bound to serve him.

    • Can you tell me of this place?

        Ranger Spirit: I did get ample time to explore the maze when I got lost in here. It's fairly obvious that the maze itself is a decoy.
        Ranger Spirit: The dragon is nowhere to be found in this maze. You'll have to find another way to reach him.

    • Any advice you can offer me?

        Ranger Spirit: If the dragon offers you power, you must refuse him! His magics are too powerful for a human to bear.
        Ranger Spirit: They will corrupt you completely, turning you into his servant for eternity.

    • Leave!

        Ranger Spirit: Then I shall take leave of you now. Take care.

        «The Ranger Spirit floats up and vanishes. You return to the lobby of the maze, and also unlock the Dragon Knight's Fang shop.»

    «Domain of the Mana Dragon»
    «Once you complete all three wings, a swirling vortex opens in the center of the lobby of the maze, and the option to enter the domain of the Mana Dragon appears.»
      1 BATTLE: Ancient Mana Dragon
      Full Heal

      Ancient Mana Dragon: You waste your time. I cannot be killed by one such as you, no matter how much you struggle.
      «You»: What is this place? And what are you doing down here, anyways?
      Ancient Mana Dragon: You have made it further than any other, so I suppose you have earned an explanation.
      Ancient Mana Dragon: Ever since I was first born, I sought power. But not through squabbles over gold and land, like other Red Dragons.
      Ancient Mana Dragon: I wanted physical and magical might. I wanted to be more powerful than any creature on Lore, even the gods themselves.
      Ancient Mana Dragon: I began to consume magic from every ley line and nexus that I could gain access to.
      Ancient Mana Dragon: Naturally, the gods were not pleased with my actions, and sought to get rid of me.
      Ancient Mana Dragon: But I had not yet gained the power to face them. So I fled to the depths of the planet.
      Ancient Mana Dragon: And from deep within the planet, I began to feed upon the core of the planet, the strongest nexus of magical power.
      Ancient Mana Dragon: Oh, the gods tried to stop me. They sent those strange multi-colored elementals after me, but I killed them easily.
      Ancient Mana Dragon: Now they don't even bother. They know I have surpassed them! And if the gods cannot kill me, then what hope do you have?
      Ancient Mana Dragon: However, you have amused me with your valiant efforts to stop me. And so, you may take this.

      «The Crest of the Dragon Knight appears in front of you.»
    • Take to Warlic

        Ancient Mana Dragon: Now, begone. I must try once more to drain from the planet's magical reserves. Have to keep trying....

        «Scene: Outside the Mana Dragon's maze»

        Warlic: I see.... so the dragon tried to trick you into donning the full set in his presence, before I had time to purify it.
        Warlic: You were wise not to do so. You would have been corrupted almost instantly.
        «You»: How is he able to corrupt humans so easily with these artifacts?
        Warlic: It is a power he has no doubt acquired as a result of feeding on the planet's core.
        Warlic: A foolish move on his part. There is a reason that very few races draw magic from the planet's core. It is simply too powerful for them to handle.
        Warlic: I suspect that once he began to draw from the planet's core, the magic corrupted his very being, turning him into a shell of what he once was.
        Warlic: His magic has grown much stronger, true, but.... you could tell, couldn't you? He has drained too much.
        Warlic: His body and mind are broken. He is no longer able to syphon any further magic from the core because of the damage to his body.
        Warlic: He likely lacks the physical strength to escape from the maze now. That maze has become a self-made prison.
        Warlic: And the magic has taken a mental toll, as well. While he is indeed beyond your ability to kill, he is far from the godly power he sought.
        Warlic: He doesn't have a good grasp on reality.... he may have even forgotten his own name, so lost is he in the power he has gained.
        Warlic: Let this be a lesson, «You». Too much power will corrupt, and it will destroy both your body and mind.

        «You unlock the Dragon Knight's Crest shop.»

    • Try it on!

        «You»: Hey, this is a good look for me.

        «You don the full Dragon Knight set, including the helmet.»

        Ancient Mana Dragon: It seems that while you are certainly stronger than other adventurers, you are not smarter.

        «The Ancient Mana Dragon's eyes turn red. Your body flashes red.»

        «You»: Wait, what's happening.... I feel strange....

        «You sprout wings and turn into a green half-dragon. You then kneel on one knee.»

        «You»: I live only to serve you, my master.

        When you put on the helmet that the dragon offered you without consulting Warlic first, you gave him an opening to corrupt you, and to re-corrupt all of the equipment that you found. Now a mindless slave of the dragon, you spend the rest of eternity guarding his maze from future intruders. Now that you know not to accept presents from strangers, want to try again?
      • Replay
      • Return to Battleon

        «As a consequence of your actions, your progress of the maze is completely erased, and you have to start from scratch once more

    Maze information thanks to In Media Res and Westwind. Maze layout thanks to In Media Res. Second maze layout thanks to Tep Itaki. Correction thanks to Dragoon23. Dialogue for putting on helmet thanks to a post by Daimyo Daimyo in the AQGD newsletter thread. More optimal Water Champion path thanks to admahu.
    Dragon Knight's Hide

    Unlocked when you defeat the Stone Dragon Champion.

  • Hatchling Dragon Knight's Hide Z [L. 11 Z]
  • Hatchling Dragon Knight's Hide [L. 45]
  • Young Dragon Knight's Hide [L. 60]
  • Adolescent Dragon Knight's Hide [L. 75]
  • Adult Dragon Knight's Hide Z [L. 80 Z]

  • Adult Dragon Knight's Hide [L. 90]
  • Mature Dragon Knight's Hide [L. 105]
  • Elder Dragon Knight's Hide [L. 120]
  • Ancient Dragon Knight's Hide [L. 135]
  • Wyrm Knight's Hide [L. 150 G]
    Dragon Knight's Scales

    Unlocked when you defeat the Ice Dragon Champion.

  • Hatchling Dragon Knight's Scales Z [L. 11 Z]
  • Hatchling Dragon Knight's Scales [L. 45]
  • Young Dragon Knight's Scales [L. 60]
  • Adolescent Dragon Knight's Scales [L. 75]
  • Adult Dragon Knight's Scales Z [L. 80 Z]

  • Adult Dragon Knight's Scales [L. 90]
  • Mature Dragon Knight's Scales [L. 105]
  • Elder Dragon Knight's Scales [L. 120]
  • Ancient Dragon Knight's Scales [L. 135]
  • Wyrm Knight's Scales [L. 150 G]
    Dragon Knight's Fang

    Unlocked when you defeat the Fire Dragon Champion.

  • Hatchling Dragon Knight's Fang Z [L. 11 Z]
  • Hatchling Dragon Knight's Fang [L. 45]
  • Young Dragon Knight's Fang [L. 60]
  • Adolescent Dragon Knight's Fang [L. 75]
  • Adult Dragon Knight's Fang Z [L. 80 Z]

  • Adult Dragon Knight's Fang [L. 90]
  • Mature Dragon Knight's Fang [L. 105]
  • Elder Dragon Knight's Fang [L. 120]
  • Ancient Dragon Knight's Fang [L. 135]
  • Wyrm Knight's Fang [L. 150 G]

  • Akasha Wand [L. 150 G]
    Dragon Knight's Crest

    Unlocked when you defeat the Ancient Mana Dragon.

  • Draconate [L. 105]
  • Dracoform [L. 120]
  • Dragonify [L. 135]
  • Dracomorgrify [L. 150 G]

  • Hatchling Dragon Knight's Familiar [L. 11 Z]
  • Hatchling Dragon Knight's Familiar [L. 45]
  • Young Dragon Knight's Familiar [L. 60]
  • Adolescent Dragon Knight's Familiar [L. 75]
  • Adult Dragon Knight's Familiar Z [L. 80 Z]

  • Adult Dragon Knight's Familiar [L. 90]
  • Mature Dragon Knight's Familiar [L. 105]
  • Elder Dragon Knight's Familiar [L. 120]
  • Ancient Dragon Knight's Familiar [L. 135]
  • Wyrm Knight's Familiar [L. 150 G]

  • Hatchling Dragon Knight's Crest Z [L. 11 Z]
  • Hatchling Dragon Knight's Crest [L. 45]
  • Young Dragon Knight's Crest [L. 60]
  • Adolescent Dragon Knight's Crest [L. 75]
  • Adult Dragon Knight's Crest Z [L. 80 Z]

  • Adult Dragon Knight's Crest [L. 90]
  • Mature Dragon Knight's Crest [L. 105]
  • Elder Dragon Knight's Crest [L. 120]
  • Ancient Dragon Knight's Crest [L. 135]
  • Wyrm Knight's Crest [L. 150 G]

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