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Ultimon's Fortress Part 4

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1/20/2015 9:46:44   
Times Silent Keeper

Ultimon's Fortress IV

Location: Travel Map » Sail East » Travel South » Ultimon's Fortress » Ultimon's Fortress Part 4 OR
Location: Travel Map » Sail East » Travel South » Veil Base Camp » Got any Quests? » Let's Check it out! » Ultimon's Fortress Part 4

«You can skip the cutscene at anytime.»

«Scene: The Veil, inside Ultimon's Fortress»

«Ultimon exits from the Shadow Vortex.»

Ultimon: (thinking) Ah.... it's good to be home.

«Ultimon turns around to face the vortex.»

Ultimon: (thinking) I hope the Lorians don't mind if I bring along a few friends.

«Many shadow creatures exit from the vortex. The scene transitions to the outskirts of The Veil, near Ultimon's Fortress.»

ElBhe: He's back.
Lord Barrius: I know. I can feel him. And he can no doubt feel us out here, waiting for him. He's brought some very powerful shadows with him this time, too.
ElBhe: I'll go get «You» and his/her adventurer allies to come help us.
Lord Barrius: A good plan. I'll try to organize some sort of resistance to keep them confined to the castle grounds for the time being.
Lord Barrius: But I suspect this war will not be as easy as our last. The shadows in there are considerably stronger than normal.
ElBhe: Then we'd better hope that «You»'s prepared for some challenging battles.
Lord Barrius: I'm fairly confident that s/he can handle himself/herself against these monsters. It's Ultimon himself I'm worried about.
ElBhe: Can't you deal with that problem?
Lord Barrius: Perhaps, but I doubt that Mother would be happy to see her children fighting to the death. She's generally not fond of them fighting at all.
Lord Barrius: Besides, «You» is capable. I know the adventurers of Battleon will find a way.
ElBhe: If you're wrong, then we're going to have a very large mess on our hands. And I only have paws, so you're doing all the cleaning.
Lord Barrius: If I'm wrong, then I'll simply drag «You» back out of Death's Domain so I can punish him myself.

«The scene fades to black and you proceed to the war camp.»

Ultimon's Fortress
Wave I:
Ultimon has returned, bringing with him a horde of powerful shadow creatures! Can we stop him this time? And just what is his ultimate plan?

Wave II:
Ultimon has summoned a massive shadow creature from the depths of the shadow universe, and his armies continue to pour out of the portals! Can you stem the tide?

Wave III:
Ultimon's army is seemingly without end. The only way to end this is to close off the portals that he's using to get them here. Can you take on this task?
  • To Battle!
  • Explore Camp
  • Wave Selection
      How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Four
    • Five

      «Once you make your selection, the message "You will now fight «» wave(s) before returning to camp!" appears. You will then fight the stipulated number of battles.»
  • Back to Town

    Twilly: Ultimon's ready sooner than we thought... this is no place for small moglins like Twilly!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    Potion Bag - Refills potions if you have less than 4 on hand. (Guardian Only)
    ElBhe - ElBhe the Shadow Kitty!
    Lord Barrius - Click on Lord Barrius' blades if you want him to join you in battle!
    Eventide/Lodestar - Lord Barrius will now battle by your side!
    Eclipse Dragons - +0.1 BTH per dragon shot, max of +20.0 BTH (200 dragons)
    The Veil's wall - The massive walls of The Veil, aglow with ancient runes!
    Skies above The Veil's wall - Dark skies are perfectly suited for a villain like Ultimon!

    To Battle!
    Wave I/II:
    «As selected above. By default, 1 BATTLE»
    Full Heal after each battle

    Wave III:
    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE: Shadow Vortex
    Full Heal after each battle, repeat cycle «X» times based on selection above

      «When the war meter hit 100% for the first time, a new cutscene 'The Giant Shadow!' appeared in the war camp.»

      «Scene: Inside Ultimon's Fortress»

      Ultimon: (thinking) That «You» is proving more problematic than I imagined. It seems I should have killed him properly when we last met.
      Ultimon: No matter. I'll just deal with this little nuisance now, so we can be off to conquer the rest of Lore.

      «Lord Barrius enters the scene, surprising Ultimon who takes a few steps back. Lord Barrius unsheathes Eventide.»

      Lord Barrius: No, I'm afraid you're going to be staying here for a while longer.
      Lord Barrius: I would prefer not to fight you, however.
      Ultimon: Why not?
      Lord Barrius: Because I want «You» to defeat you at your best. I know that will vex you more than anything else.
      Ultimon: Your faith is most certainly misplaced. But it amuses me. Very well. I'll wait right here.
      Ultimon: «You» will never reach me, anyways. I already have an alternative strategy in place.

      «The scene fades to black. Outside, in the fields of The Veil, a shadow portal appears in the far distance, and a colossal shadow being exits from the portal before it closes.»

      «You»: Woah! What is that thing?!
      ElBhe: A very large shadow creature.
      «You»: ....thanks, but I can see that much. I was trying to ask how exactly you guys manage to get THAT big?
      ElBhe: Ordinary shadow creatures typically live in the top levels of the shadow universe. But they lack basic freedoms that you enjoy here.
      ElBhe: So often, the stronger ones will fight their way into the lower levels of the shadow universe, where they can escape some of those restrictions.
      ElBhe: Problem is, the lower levels of the shadow universe are much more brutal lands. Only the strongest shadows tend to survive. The rest get eaten.
      ElBhe: Unless I miss my guess, that shadow over there has been eating pretty well.
      «You»: Your world is really morbid, you know that?
      ElBhe: Duh. Why do you think I prefer to live here?
      «You»: Got any plans for how I can tackle something like that?
      ElBhe: Smack it really hard in the foot until it surrenders?
      «You»: I take that as a no, then. *sigh* Here goes!

      1 BATTLE: Shadow Colossus
      Full Heal

      «The Shadow Colossus disperses and is absorbed into a vortex swirling in the sky.»

      «You»: What's happened? Did that really work?
      ElBhe: Not entirely. It's not dead, it's just trying to shift into a different form.
      ElBhe: A shadow that large will take a very long time to reassert itself into a solid form, so while it's busy with that, you should get back to fighting Ultimon's army!
      «You»: Right!

      «The scene fades to black and you return to the war camp. The war meter dropped back to 50% as more shadow armies pour out...»
      «When the war meter hit 100% for the second time, a new cutscene 'The Shadow Reforms!' appeared in the war camp.»

      «Scene: Ultimon's Fortress»

      Ultimon: You know, I've always wondered something about you.
      Lord Barrius: Suddenly becoming talkative, are we?
      Ultimon: Not really. Just curious.
      Lord Barrius: You're going to be sorely disappointed when I don't tell you anything, then. I have no reason to give you information about myself.
      Ultimon: Nor do you have any reason to be here. You continue to interfere in the affairs of shadows even though you are a mere human. Why?
      Lord Barrius: That's rather dishonest. You know full well that I am not a 'mere human'.
      Ultimon: True. But that still doesn't explain why you bother with this 'keep the balance' job of yours.
      Lord Barrius: That much, you also already know the answer to. I do it because Mother asked me to.

      «The scene fades to black. Outside, from the shadow vortex in the sky, a colossal shadow serpent's head emerges.»

      «You»: It would be awfully nice if that thing would reform into something that's more reasonably sized.
      ElBhe: I doubt you're going to get that lucky.
      «You»: Fine, then. I'll deal with this.

      1 BATTLE: Shadow Serpent
      Full Heal

      «After its defeat, the Shadow Serpent disperses into shadow and forms a vortex again.»

      «You»: It's still not dead? How much abuse can this thing take?
      ElBhe: Never mind that, we have another problem.
      ElBhe: Ultimon's army seems to have no end. Those portals keep producing more shadows.
      «You»: Then I'll just close those portals myself.
      ElBhe: You think you can handle that?
      «You»: No problem, so long as your order can keep the monsters busy while I'm closing them.
      ElBhe: I think that can be arranged.

      «You return to the war camp. With even more shadow army pouring out from the portals, the war meter dropped back to 66%...»

    «Upon the defeat of 100% of Ultimon's army, if you have not fought the first two forms of the gigantic shadow during the period of time you're logged in, you receive the following scroll. Else, skip to the dialogue below.»

    The gigantic shadow brought through to Lore is still out there - and this isn't even its final form! You'll need to weaken something that big step by step if you hope to take it down!
  • The Giant Shadow! « Option appears only if you have not defeated Shadow Colossus
  • The Shadow Reforms! « Option appears only if you have not defeated Shadow Serpent

    Ultimon: So that's it, then? You're just a slave to your Mother's commands?
    Lord Barrius: Not any more so than you.
    Ultimon: I am independent! I have grown strong because I fought and consumed the weak.
    Lord Barrius: It seems to bother you greatly that I have reverence for your Mother. Or perhaps....
    Ultimon: What bothers me is that she sees anything in someone like you, when I am clearly her strongest child!
    Lord Barrius: Oh, is that all this is? So then, you're simply a little child with parent issues?
    Lord Barrius: Does it bother you that she speaks to me, but not to you?

    «Ultimon pounces toward Lord Barrius who swiftly deflects his attack.»

    Ultimon: In a few moments, she won't be able to.
    Lord Barrius: Save it. I told you before, didn't I? I'm not going to fight you. I want you at full strength.
    Lord Barrius: After all, I don't want you making excuses for your weakness when «You» sends you crying back to Mother.

    «The scene fades to black. Outside the fortress, the swirling vortex continues to fill the sky.»

    «You»: Doesn't look like it's picking a nice solid shape this time.
    ElBhe: That probably means it's weakened significantly from your previous fights. Finish it off, «You»!

    1 BATTLE: Shadow Storm
    Full Heal

    «The storm and the vortex disperse from the sky. You did it!»

    «You»: Alright. Clean things up around here, ElBhe. I've got to take care of Ultimon!

    «The scene fades to black. You make your way into Ultimon's Fortress.»

    «You»: I'm here!
    Lord Barrius: Good timing.
    Ultimon: You've made it further than I anticipated. But this is where it ends.
    «You»: Finally, we agree on something.
    Ultimon: Do you really think you have the strength to beat me, «You»?
    «You»: Your army is gone. I think you're already beaten, whether my attacks can down you or not.
    Ultimon: Armies can be rebuilt easily. There are always more weaklings to fill the ranks, and so long as the original Lorians survive, their shadows can be replenished with enough time.
    Ultimon: Besides... you have yet to see the true nature of my plan.
    «You»: What do you mean?

    «Lord Barrius moves over to join you. Ultimon raises his weapon and stabs himself. The shadows holding his form and armor pieces disperse. The armor pieces fall to the ground, and the glow in Ultimon's helmet disappears.»

    «You»: What?! Why did he just kill himself?
    Lord Barrius: ....I'm not entirely sure. But the death of such a powerful shadow will undoubtedly have ramifications.
    Lord Barrius: Our only hope is that this is truly the end of Ultimon's schemes. The alternative is too frightening to imagine.

    «The scene fades to black...»

    To be concluded...

    «Back outside The Veil, Lord Barrius meets up with you. A treasure chest lies on the ground.»

    Lord Barrius: Excellent work defeating Ultimon. Let's hope that is the last we hear of him.

    «Click the treasure chest and:»
  • Get War Reward!
  • Skip Reward / Already Have It
    Ultimon IV

  • Seal of Primal Shadows [L. 105, 120, 135 | 150 G]

  • Chiaro Symbiote [L. 105, 120, 135 | 150 G]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Corrections, missing clickies thanks to Archlist. Wave II war scroll thanks to Archlist via KingXKok's YouTube channel.

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