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The Past Unraveled II

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1/20/2015 9:50:03   
Times Silent Keeper

The Past Unraveled II
Some Think it's Funny but it's Knot

Location: Travel Map » Darkovia Forest » DracoPyre Legacy! » 6: The Hall of Memories » Open Doors! » Click on the arrow » 2: Some Think It's Funny, But It's Knot!

Deren - Several Years Previously -
Shortly before the Coming of

Darin: (thinking) Myr and Cerin are certainly being mysterious. Neither one will give me a clear answer.
Darin: (thinking) How am I to serve my new role if they will not even entrust me with the truth?
Darin: (thinking) What do they mean that Tralin has been gone for several weeks now? Gone where?
Darin: (thinking) First he sends me with that Brilhado to the Temple of Light on Neld and now he vanishes.
Darin: (thinking) He has not been king long enough to take a vacation.
Darin: (thinking) How could he possibly leave at a time like this?
Darin: (thinking) ...

«In flashes of light, you take Darin's Form in the scene.»

«You»: Uhm Abode... still not right. Every time we try to focus on Erebus' past, I find myself in some other place and time totally unrelated.
«You»: Now I'm inside Darin! ...inside Deren!
Abode: Sorry «You». Tracing Erebus without him in the world is proving more difficult than I might have imagined.
«You»: Why is that?
Abode: His actions had so many ripples, direct and indirect, that the entire time period is one great big knot in the timeline.
Abode: Trying to unravel the snarl requires separating the individual threads.
Abode: Even worse, his own nature leaves echoes. Even with him in exile the timeline is like a minefield with booby traps everywhere for the unwary.
«You»: But Darin in Deren? What has he to do with Darkovia and Erebus?
Abode: More than you might imagine. Remember, Diviara Celegra used to serve as a Mysterious Necromancer, which ties him up in the knot along with the rest of them.
Abode: At this point in history the fate of the Governor and Diviara are very much entwined and this segment pertains to them. In fact...

«Cerin enters the scene.»

Cerin: Commander Darin, please report to the audience chamber.
«You»: Oh? Uh, sure. I'll be along in a moment.

«Cerin leaves.»

«You»: You were saying?
Abode: *Commander* Darin, not *Governor* Darin. Though this is where that changes.
Abode: But first, one of those traps as I mentioned has just sprung...
«You»: *sigh* Yes, of course it has.
Abode: We have transmorphers incoming.
«You»: Again? I thought Falerin fixed that issue?
Abode: He fixed the initial memory error. That alone does not clear the hall of interlopers. Just follow this for a bit. I will try to get the timing fixed.
    Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
«You»: Abode, what just happened?! I can't use my equipment!
Abode: The Knot appears to be causing more problems than expected. One moment. This should be relatively easy to untangle this time.

«You are unstuck from Darin's form.»

«You»: Thanks. As good a fighter as Darin is, I'm going to need all the help I can get, given that I'm probably going to have to fight a million Transmorphers by myself.
Abode: Incorrect.
«You»: You mean, that's all of them? :D
Abode: No. Another who has vested interest in these events seeks to aid you.

«Scion teleports partially into the scene, his form not fully materialized.»

«You»: Scion?
Scion: Hello again, «You». Love the pantaloons.
«You»: Thank you, they are actually quite comfo... Wait! One problem. Won't doing this alter events and give me a less-than-accurate idea of what happened?
Scion: An astute observation, Chosen. Although your sarcasm detector may need tuning. You will be using your own abilities, and not those of the person whose place you are currently occupying....
Scion: Though given your reputation, I am surprised you have not realized the obvious already.
«You»: What?
Scion: You will already get an incomplete rendering of events.
«You»: Huh?
Scion: You do not think exactly as Darin does so your interactions will vary slightly from his own.
«You»: ... Huh. True.
Abode: True as it may be, the simulation takes this into account and guides back toward the original timeline.
Scion: Even so guided, however, minor discrepancies will remain.
Scion: It is why, when I run any simulation, I go through at least 3 times to get an accurate reading.
«You»: That will take forever! We cannot afford the time. I cannot be sure if -- or more likely, how soon -- Erebus will return.
Scion: Right now you cannot read Dhows' history at all.
«You»: Point. But that is even more reason I cannot afford repeated reads of the past.
Abode: Just roll with the punches. I'll keep trying to work out the timeline issue and I can track the original events exactly.
Abode: Remember: the Hall of Memories can both allow you to replay events and show a projection.
«You»: So you can alert us to any deviation from historical fact?
Abode: Yes.
«You»: Can't I just wait, return to the present and enter when you have worked out the knot?
Abode: No, because I cannot enter the memories myself and unravel them at the same time. Also, someone else needs to be active within these memories for me to trace and unravel them.
Abode: Ordinarily my analog and I employ each other for this sort of thing. However, he is not presently available as Falerin has him active on Caelestia.
Abode: So you can leave at any time but if you do so we have to start the whole thing over again.
«You»: Lovely. Well back to work. I better get inside before Cerin comes looking for me again.

«You enter the audience chamber and meet with Cerin, Myr and Giliara.»

«You»: What is it?
Cerin: We have just spotted an army of Drakel marching from K'eld Ner.
«You»: Why would they do that?
Myr: Relations remain strained and that has degraded since Tralin has taken the throne of a human kingdom. You well know that Commander.
Cerin: They make up a considerable force. It is possible, given his majesty's warnings, that they come to make war on us.
Cerin: However, Giliara, who has scouted the way, has determined that they fly Deren's colors. It could be a trick! What do you think?
«You»: The Drakel have always been far more direct in their behavior before now.
«You»: But it would be foolhardy to underestimate the Drakel intelligence. Clearly, they have shown themselves to possess a singular cunning.

«Scion takes over Giliara's character.»

Scion: Ah, that's better. I wonder though....

«Scion takes flight in Giliara's form in front of everyone!»

Scion: So I can fly in this form. How exhilarating!
«You»: Uh... of course you can "Giliara". Any "Scion" of what kind of weapons they possess?
Scion: Uh, right...

«Scion returns to ground.»

Scion: I saw little evidence of weapons of any sort.
«You»: Do they have warbeasts with them? Siege engines?
Scion: None, at least not toward the front. Though I do wonder why they...

«A Deery and a Doom Sheep enter the scene.»

Myr: What? How did these creatures get into the palace?
«You»: This is a problem.
Scion: Ya think, «You»? And here I thought we were going to have a slumber party with them!
«You»: They're following us.
Scion: That is very evident.
«You»: Abode has defenses in place and yet they managed to get in to this particular room anyway. How?
Scion: Eheh, I guess I left the door open.
«You»: Ya think, Scion? In that case maybe I can leave you to your tea party with them and I will come back later.
Scion: Slumber party.
«You»: ???
Scion: I had said slumber party, not tea party.
«You»: Wonderful....
Myr (in unison): ???
Cerin (in unison): ???
Cerin: Who exactly are the two of you talking to?
Myr: Have you gone insane?
Scion: Don't worry. I have seen this before, «You».
«You»: I know. Once we finish the transmorphers off, Myr and Cerin will not even remember the variation.
    Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
«Tralin appears into the scene.»

Tralin: You need not concern yourself about the army.
Tralin: They march under my direction. They are comprised primarily of De'me'thar, outcasts from Drakel society.
Tralin: They will be taking up residence here even as many of our people are escorted to their estates in K'eld Ner. That brings us to...

«A yellow glow envelops Tralin.»

Tralin: Hello «You». Hello Scion of the Nacthfee.
«You»: Uh... how did you...
Tralin: I am a communicant of the Creator. That status grants me some degree of awareness of the sort of temporal effect that the Abode employs in its mechanisms.
«You»: We are not trying to spy on you, your highness--
Tralin: Don't be silly.
Tralin: Though, it would not matter if you were anyway. I have nothing to hide.
Tralin: I merely was interested in who it might be poking at my memories.
Cerin: Your... majesty?
Tralin: No need to concern yourself Cerin. This event never occurred.
Cerin: But it is occurring right now?
Tralin: Is it? Then communicate with your lord.
Cerin: You are my lord, your majesty.
Tralin: The one who service antedates my own, Cerin. You are a communicant of the Lord of Water. Communicate with said Elemental Lord.
Cerin: You know? But how?
Tralin: Because this event never occurred and we are long since it.
Cerin: Have you hit your head, majesty?
Tralin: Just attempt to convene with the Lord of Water, Cerin.
Cerin: Very well. But this seems hardly the right environment to convene in.

. . .

Cerin: Silence. I cannot. I receive no answer.
Tralin: Naturally you do not. You are merely an echo, and as you did not do so originally, you cannot do so now.
«You»: Uh. That is a risky proposition your majesty. I have seen the Elemental Lords intervene in the Hall of Memories before.
Tralin: Oh no doubt, when there is direct bearing. Thus the Light and Dark Lord pay close attention to you in Darkovia. But it is far more likely that they are watching now than Calera is.
«You»: Calera?
Tralin: A Drakel Title for the Lord that the Elves call Melaris. The Lord of Elemental Water in his male guise.
«You»: You mean, what with the Elemental Lords' gender being, er, fluid?
Tralin: Some more than others. The light and dark lord are rather fixed by nature of their choosing to act as consorts to one another, but Water is fluid by nature.
Tralin: But it is, as far as history says, that form with which Darin and Cerin interact.
Cerin: This is the doing of the Traveler?
Myr: What? Why would he do that? He will blow my entire cover.
Cerin: Cover?
Tralin: Oh dear. This conversation has gotten us a bit off track.
Tralin: No one knows that you are about to betray us Myr, no less that that betrayal is an act.
Myr: If no one knows, Tralin, then how did you just pronounce it?
Tralin: I did not... Indeed I will not make that pronouncement for many years after the Devourer leaves us in peace.
Myr (in unison): !!!
Cerin (in unison): !!!

«More transmorphers enter the scene.»

Tralin: This is not correct. No such beings belong in this continuity.

«The scene of the audience chamber fades into nothingness. Cerin and Myr disappear along with the scene, leaving you, Scion, Tralin and the transmorphers.»

Abode: Remnants of Erebus polluting the Hall, your highness.
Abode: I am trying to undo the knot but there are parameters I do not understand. Every time I pull at one thread I reach another snarl.
Tralin: That is to be expected. Especially as you are directly abutting against a change I myself effected in time.
«You»: Jano's duplication? So we are near to the time of his death.
Tralin: Very near, unfortunately.
Tralin: And that leads us to a problem. If you skip over that period, with time branching there so directly, the Transmorphers could actually do some serious damage.
Tralin: They could even affect the material present.
«You»: But how? These are just memories, not actual time travel.
Doom Sheep: How interesting.
«You»: !!!
Tralin: He is self-aware. That is a serious problem...
«You»: He is sentient?! Since when are transmorphers sentient?
Doom Sheep: I am far more than merely sentient, Chosen of Lore.
MuttonCutlet: I, MuttonCutlet, am Sapient as well!
MuttonCutlet: In fact, it was I who so recently altered the abode and trapped the Loremaster and the Darkovians within.
«You»: This is a problem.
Tralin: Indeed it is. We cannot have this being spreading that information to his fellows. There could be considerable damage to the timeline if he is allowed to act.
«You»: So, what do we do?
MuttonCutlet: You die?
    Full Heal

    1 BATTLE: MuttonCutlet
    Full Heal
Tralin: As reluctant as I am to intervene in this matter, I have no choice.

«Tralin uncreates MuttonCutlet.»

«You»: Did you just UNCREATE that Doom Sheep?!

«Galian enters the scene.»

Tralin: That no doubt answers the question...
The`Galin: Is all well, Tralin? When the High Communicant of my wife calls upon my own portfolio, it tends to set off alarm bells.
The`Galin: Oh. Hello «You».
«You»: Uh... hey, Galian.
The`Galin: And a Nachtfee? You must be the one known as Scion.
Scion: Uh... that's right....
Tralin: No... all is not well Lord The`Galin. Not well at all.
Tralin: Erebus' creatures are loose in the hall of memories, and they had potential to spread information about a weak point in time to their fellows.
Tralin: Were that weak point exploited, it would have directly interfered with the events of your own coming... So I uncreated the being to prevent it.
The`Galin: How did he come by this information?
«You»: He overheard us talking.
The`Galin: A bit extreme a reaction then... I think. Uncreation of a being for being in the wrong place at the wrong time even where such as this is risked seems overboard.
Tralin: I concur, Lord, but I had few options. Though I must admit that it did occur to me that such an act might catch your attention.
The`Galin: I see... well then. Fortunately for the sheep and for you, you were right.

«Galian recreates MuttonCutlet.»

«You»: Did you just uncreate Tralin's uncreation of that sheep?!
The`Galin: Don't be ridiculous. That is beyond convoluted. I simply recreated it directly. I can create as well as uncreate, you know. My wife and I are but sides to one coin.
The`Galin: I did, however, omit certain... details... in his restoration.
MuttonCutlet: Baa! Baa! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Tralin: I am in your debt, lord.
The`Galin: You can repay me by promising to call upon me directly in the future rather than asking me to clean up your mess after the fact.
Tralin: Yes, my Lord.
The`Galin: Also be aware: given time, this being will go back toward his original sapience. He will not remember these events, but you have not dealt with him for the last time.
The`Galin: See you soon, «You».

«Galian vanishes.»

Scion: That sounds vaguely ominous.
«You»: Not really.
Tralin: It IS his month to host Card Night.
Scion: You play Terran Games with the Uncreator?
Tralin: Not just with him.
«You»: Anyway, I guess I have to fight my way through all of these events then?
Tralin: Perhaps not. I may have an idea. Let me work with the Abode. You continue watching things here.

«The yellow glow envelops Tralin once more, and Tralin releases control of his character.»

Tralin: This brings us to the issue at hand. As of now, I have assumed control of the K'eld: it is part of the Kingdom of Deren.
Tralin: Lord Jano remains in the K'eld as our T'palo and cultural liaison, but I need a royal governor to act as my voice in the city as well.
Tralin: Brilhado, do I take it by your presence here that you are now a communicant of the Lord of Light?

«Tralin takes over his own character again. MuttonCutlet disappears from the scene.»

Tralin: I was able to induce the creation of a "save point" using the Orb of Creation and the Shield of Lorithia.
Tralin: Unfortunately, it will lock this section of the hall of memories to you.
«You»: Meaning?
Tralin: Meaning that you can only resume from this point. You will eventually have to play through these events... but just not now.
Scion: Sucks to be him.
Tralin: The limitation applies to both of you, Scion...
Scion: Frack....

«The scene fades to black and the Funny But It's Knot shop opens. Once you exit the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Funny But It's Knot

  • Belmiah's Splendor [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 130 G, 150 G]
  • Belmiah's Zplendor [L. 130 Z]

  • Ancient Deren Mace [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 10 G, 150 G]
  • Ancient Deren Mace Z [L. 10 Z]

    Corrections thanks to Harold Saxon and Archlist.

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