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Xov's Fire II

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1/20/2015 9:53:03   
Times Silent Keeper

Xov's Fire II

Location: Battleon » Robina's Shop » Truphma Saga » 9: Xov's Fire » Part 2

Rumors whispered in tavern rooms and forested pathways between cities has Lore on edge. After the clandestine meeting between Bree'ha and the Truphma General some time ago, things have gotten out of hand. Smoke rises from areas where K'elds or Drakel settlements have been established, the Drakel seem harder and harder to come across during travels. There are stories of all-out war in some remote areas of the mainland and what few Drakel will stop and speak, speak with fear and fatigue.

And the name on every tongue is "Xov Arakue".

Has Bree'ha made his move? Has Xov Arakue finally had success on Lore? Is there really anything anyone can do to stop her? If one civilization falls, will the rest?

Yeeuh'ha: Why? Everything you have ever done was questionable, Cousin, but... but this?
Bree'ha: Why not? Think of it. No more will we be oppressed by the others on Lore. It would be all ours to control and do with as we see fit!
Yeeuh'ha: We have enough trouble caring for our own as it is. What makes you think having an entire world would be easier?
Bree'ha: It would be easier if we go back and embrace the old ways as a people.
Yeeuh'ha: So, you came out of hiding in times such as these to betray your own people and argue tradition!
Bree'ha: I came here because of the potential for more!
Yeeuh'ha: "More!" Always "more" with you! Why can't you just be satisfied with what there is?
Bree'ha: Because, Yeeuh'ha, it isn't enough! I am tired of our people being splintered, fractioned, and sequestered off away from each other and the world. We deserve the world.
Bree'ha: And she will give us that!
Yeeuh'ha: I've reports that she is walking into our lands and converting OUR people into her mindless creations. How is that necessary?
Bree'ha: They can be returned, Yeeuh'ha. I've been assured of that. All we would need is the one they call Eukara Vox.
Yeeuh'ha: And now you are pulling in outsiders to do your work? I thought that was unacceptable in your book!
Bree'ha: FOR THIS, I WILL MAKE AN EXCEPTION! If it means we get the world, I don't care how she helps, but she will!
Yeeuh'ha: Against her will? And what of the rest of the people of Lore?
Bree'ha: You never understood. They don't matter. Only we matter, Yeeuh'ha. Our people. My sovereignty. I will sacrifice them without a second thought.
Yeeuh'ha: Like you are regarding our people?
Bree'ha: It's not the same thing!
Yeeuh'ha: But it is, Bree'ha. I cannot condone this. If you continue down this path, you will do so without my blessing, my support, and my people.
Bree'ha: I had hoped it wouldn't come to this.

«Bree'ha strikes Yeeuh'ha with such force that he's knocked off-screen.»

Bree'ha: You will regret turning your back on me.

«Back in Battleon...»

Portal: She insisted. If you get her riled, I will haunt you.
«You»: What?
Portal: You heard me...

«Eukara Vox exits the portal.»

«You»: Ms. Vox! Are you well?
Eukara: I am getting better. An argument with Portal is exhausting, so I need to make this quick.
«You»: Yes... I was threatened.
Eukara: My apologies, «You». Through my research, I believe I know exactly what we can do to defeat Xov.
Eukara: Unfortunately, a more pressing matter has arisen.
«You»: What possibly could be more important than that?
Eukara: Remember the conversation you overheard? You sent me a message and I sent Kastio to keep watch.
Eukara: Xov attacked the Drakel settlements, outright, without resistance in many cases. Many have fallen to her.
«You»: What?!
Eukara: I wish that all I was doing is playing a joke on you, «You». Kastio brought back the report, detailed in all its terrible glory.
«You»: Then, Bree'ha and Xov are indeed working together to... destroy the settlements and the Drakel? That makes no sense, though.
Eukara: I know little of Bree'ha, aside from the scatterings of tales in Nel's Library. You need to go see if there is anything we need to do, or even can do.
«You»: Right away, Ms. Vox.
Eukara: Meanwhile, I will work on further development on the weapon to neutralize Xov.

«The scene fades to black. On your journey toward K'eld Naer, you come across the greying lands of the Drakel territory, along with Truphma and Truphma-ed Drakels.»

«You»: It is... as Kastio reported.

«From offscreen, a voice calls.»

???: An enemy of Xov is out there. Go, and bring the traitor to us.
    Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
«You»: (thinking) I never imagined... I know Bree'ha would do almost anything for power, but to stoop this low?
«You»: (thinking) I need to get closer.

«You proceed to snoop around the ruins around the area. Click on spots in the background to search them. For each wrong spot you search, you encounter 2 BATTLES, followed by a Full Heal. Revisiting already searched spots repeats 2 BATTLES as before. You can choose to leave at anytime, which will return you to Battleon. When you search the correct area, you arrive at a cell and find Yeeuh'ha trapped within.»

Yeeuh'ha: Amazing, «You». I would like to one day learn how it is that you find your way to the perfect places when needed the most. Can you get me out?
«You»: Who… who are you? Forgive me, but your injuries...
Yeeuh'ha: Heh, I guess I look as bad as I feel. I am Yeeuh'ha.

«From off-screen, someone has noticed your infiltration!»

???: There is the infiltrator! Intercept now!
    Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
«You»: Yeeuh'ha? But why?
Yeeuh'ha: My cousin is beyond sanity and help. He's given our people willingly to that monster. He thinks...
«You»: She will give him power?
Yeeuh'ha: They are lying to each other. My people, «You»... they are dying. And I am in here, unable to do anything.
«You»: I will try to get you out, Yeeuh'ha.

Pick the lock!
Can you unlock the cell and free Yeeuh'ha?
Difficulty: 44 to 81 (depends on CharLvl)
Stat Used: Dexterity

    «If you fail the stat roll, Yeeuh'ha continues being trapped in the cell.»

    Yeeuh'ha: Thank you for at least trying. You didn’t have to come here.
    «You»: But I did. No one deserves this kind of life. No one.

    Full Heal after battle #2

    Yeeuh'ha: They are everywhere. My brothers and sisters, turned... to these, these creatures. I had hoped, one day, that there would be a better peace on Lore between mine and yours.
    «You»: Many have resisted Bree'ha and Xov, so don’t lose heart. And, there will be that peace. You just need to hold on a little longer, Yeeuh'ha.
    Yeeuh'ha: They are too numerous. Go, «You». Go, and tell of what is happening. Bring help, please.
    «You»: But, Yeeuh'ha...
    Yeeuh'ha: GO. NOW!
    «If you succeed the stat roll, the cell lock is released and Yeeuh'ha comes out from the cell.»

    Yeeuh'ha: Thank you. We should hurry.
    «You»: This way.

    Full Heal after battle #2

    Yeeuh'ha: They are everywhere. My brothers and sisters, turned... to these, these creatures.
    «You»: Many have resisted. Do not lose heart.

    Full Heal after battle #2

    Yeeuh'ha: They are too numerous. Go, «You». Go, and tell of what is happening. Bring help, please.
    «You»: But, Yeeuh'ha...
    Yeeuh'ha: GO. NOW!
«After you make your escape, Yeeuh'ha returns to his cell and Bree'ha confronts him.»

Bree'ha: You have one more chance.
Yeeuh'ha: You will get nothing from me.
Bree'ha: I will get whatever I desire, Yeeuh'ha, no matter the cost.
Yeeuh'ha: I know there is resistance, Cousin. There will always be resistance so long as the people believe your actions are wrong.
Bree'ha: But, my dearest Cousin, I know how to break them so thoroughly, they will have nothing left in them to fight with.
Bree'ha: And break them, I shall. Then, all will be mine.

«The scene fades to black...»
Xov's Fire II

  • Yeeuh'ha's Plight [L. 6, 26, 46, 66, 86, 106, 126 | 146 G]

    To be continued...
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    Corrections thanks to Archlist.

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    1/20/2015 9:53:12   
    Times Silent Keeper

    Truphma Saga recap

    «Select the Saga Recap! button in the introductory text to the quest.»


    «You»: (thinking) What are Bree'ha and a Truphma doing together?

    «The Truphma and Bree'ha enter the beach hut behind them.»

    «You»: (thinking) What is this... Truphma's business here? I'd better listen.

    «You arrive at the entrance to the beach hut.»

    Truphma: ...that is her wish.
    Bree'ha: And her terms?
    Truphma: For now, she proposes an alliance. You, above all others, seem to understand her drive. If you work with her to bring this world under her fist, you will have a part in it.
    Bree'ha: Others have made such promises.
    Truphma: Others were not Xov Arakue, Sir Bree'ha.
    Bree'ha: Indeed. Tell your queen, Commander, that I am interested. We can work out the details upon a later date. For now, I will start spreading the message and make way for *your* queen.
    Truphma: Very well. I will return to her and she will be in contact with you.
    «You»: (thinking) Oh... this isn't good.

    «The scene fades to black. Later, last Frostval, in K'eld Naer...»

    Scientist: So what exactly is Bree'ha's involvement with Arakue? That being is anathema to our studies and research.
    G'hup: Precisely why you had better plan on relocating far from here. I have made arrangements with some distant relatives on Deren. If I were you I would make similar arrangements.

    «You enter the scene. The Drakel Scientist turns to face you.»

    Scientist: We have company, G'hup... How DARE you invade my lab? Prepare to die!

    «Later, outside the Moglin Village of Frostvale...»

    «You»: Now stand down Bree'ha!
    Bree'ha: But of course, «You». You have won the day. Bravo. I am only sorry you cannot stick around K'eld Naer for more conversation.
    «You»: ?!?
    Bree'ha: And you are very wrong, by the way. My schemes, of which there are several, have not even yet begun.
    «You»: !!!
    Bree'ha: One to stream, G'hup.

    «From within his earpiece, a voice can be heard.»

    ???: Commander G'hup is not here, Minister. He has already departed.
    Bree'ha: Ah, of course. Very well. One to stream, Mister O'frai'un.

    «Bree'ha streams away. Later still, inside the Truphma'ed K'eld Naer...»

    Xov: What business have you here, "Lore"-master?
    Falerin: Tread carefully, mirror, for the realms of Creativity and of Knowledge are not nearly as separable as you seem to believe. If you step further on my toes you will make me your enemy...
    Xov: You dare not intervene. You are not permitted.
    Falerin: Wrong on two counts.
    Falerin: First, despite your best efforts when your Truphma attacked me and my envoy, I did in fact appoint successors and join the local pantheon.
    Xov: And secondly?
    Falerin: Contained in the first. Your Truphma attacked me... Be very sure before you raise arms against me, Xov Arakue. You are prepared for the consequences. Toodles, dear.

    «Falerin vanishes. Shortly after, a Truphma form similar to Falerin enters the scene.»

    ???: It is done, Mistress. The form is learned.

    «Xov beams.»

    Xov: Who says there is no strength in imitation? A mere mimicry with no creativity or originality that copies the right template can do so very many things...
    Xov: But first, to complete our deal with the minister. Prepare for action.
    Xov: Mirror? That is wrong on so many levels, "Lore"-master.
    Xov: Though such foolish assumptions serve my purposes well enough for now. If it is a mirror you want, a mirror you shall get. For my Truphma have, indeed, mirrored you...

    «And now, the continuation...»

    Corrections thanks to Archlist.
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