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What Does Igneox Say?

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1/20/2015 10:39:20   
Times Silent Keeper

What Does Igneox Say?
SnuggleFest 2014

Location: Snugglefest Portal Painting » What Does Igneox Say?

«Scene: The Veil»

«You»: What's the big emergency?
ElBhe: Well, as you know, this is the week you humans celebrate 'Snugglefest'.
ElBhe: And you may recall that this has not traditionally been a friendly holiday to me. Last year's pony problems were especially annoying.
ElBhe: Only problem is... Vale wants to go out on a date today.
«You»: ....Vale?
ElBhe: You know, that cute little shadow vixen.
«You»: Oh, right. Well, why don't you take her up on it?
ElBhe: I did. But the thing is, I've never been on a date before.
ElBhe: You may have noticed, but I've got sort of a natural 'charm' in the company of females.

    «If your character is female:»

    «You»: I suppose so. I'm probably the only one you haven't fooled.
    ElBhe: Only because I've never 'put the moves on you'.
    «You»: Right, I'm sure that's what it is.
    «If your character is male:»

    «You»: Yeah, I noticed, but I hadn't really paid it much mind.
ElBhe: Anyways, while I've always been quite the charmer, I've never gone on a date. So I'm very nervous about this.
«You»: Just relax, ElBhe. Be yourself. Or, on second thought, maybe be a less obnoxious version of yourself.
ElBhe: *ahem* As I was saying... I found a great spot for us to have a quiet, romantic picnic.
«You»: And, let me guess, it's naturally going to be teeming with hordes of monsters, and I get to clear them out.
ElBhe: Oh, don't be like that. If it'll help convince you, I can offer you promises of shiny weapons that stab and pew at things.
ElBhe: That's what you adventurers usually accept as your bribes, right?
«You»: Fine, I can handle it, ElBhe. You just get ready for your big date.

«The scene fades to black. You arrive near ElBhe's picnic location and begin clearing the area.»
    Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
«You arrive at the picnic spot. ElBhe brings Vale into the scene.»

ElBhe: I, um... hope you don't mind, but I thought a nice quiet picnic might be... uh, nice?
Vale: Oh, ElBhe, a picnic sounds wonderful!
Vale: And how cute! You were so worried about making our date perfect that you hired a bodyguard to stand watch.
Vale: You're so thoughtful!

«Hearts and affection fill the air.»

ElBhe: Uh, yeah! Exactly! My friend here will make sure we're not disturbed.
«You»: *muttering* Never imagined I'd be serving as a bodyguard for a kitten and a vixen having a picnic in a monster-infested field....

«ElBhe turns to face you.»

ElBhe: What was that?
«You»: I said that you both can count on me!
Vale: Good, because I think I can hear some disturbances coming closer.
    Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
Vale: *sniff* Oh no!
ElBhe: What's wrong? Did I mess something up?
Vale: No, it's nothing you did, dear! It's just that... I think I can smell my father headed this way!
ElBhe: Woah now. I don't know if I'm quite ready for the 'meeting the parents' stage of things.
Vale: He's probably been looking for me ever since I went missing. And now he's found me!
Vale: Well, I'm not going back with him! I chose a life with you, and I'm sticking to it!

«More hearts surround the atmosphere.»

ElBhe: *muttering* I think I turned on the charm a bit too much this time, «You»....

«Vale hides behind ElBhe as Igneox enters the scene, bringing along a few of his personal troops.»

Igneox: There you are! Where have you been all this time?
«You»: Your dad is Igneox?!
Vale: Well, yeah. I did tell you that I was being raised to lead the Igneus clan one day.
Vale: But I left that life behind, father, all of it! Even my name! I'm a new vixen now: Vale!
Igneox: What a ridiculous name! You sound like a teenager! Now take off that black paint on your fur, and let's go home!
ElBhe: Man, your name is just two words stuck together. You don't get to mock anyone else's name.
Igneox: And who is this smart-mouthed little cat... thing?
Vale: He is ElBhe, my beloved!
ElBhe: Uh, Vale, might want to tone it down a bit....
Vale: Why? I'm not ashamed of our love!
ElBhe: Because you dad's probably already not fond of me, and he'll be even less fond of me when he realizes that 'black paint' doesn't come off.
Igneox: What do you mean?
ElBhe: Your daughter is a shadow now. She can't be changed back into one of you.
Igneox: Is this what the kids are into, now? Painting themselves black and pretending to be dark and misunderstood?
«You»: You have NO idea, sir.
«You»: But he's not lying. Once someone becomes a shadow creature, they're forever changed.
Igneox: So you're telling me that this kitten has corrupted my daughter into some sort of darkness-loving monster?
ElBhe: Hey, now, watch it with those kinds of descriptions. And she's not a monster. She's beautiful.
Vale: See, ElBhe? I knew you cared!

«The romance surrounding the area is too high! Hearts sprout from Vale once again.»

Igneox: So be it, then! If you're going to choose this creature before your own family, then there is no future for you.
Igneox: Seize them both!
    2 BATTLES: Igneus Clan Member
    Full Heal

    1 BATTLE: Igneox
    Full Heal
Vale: Why can't you just respect my choice, father?
Igneox: Because you're throwing away your family and our heritage! All for some strange creature you don't even know!
Vale: You're wrong! ElBhe is a wonderful and sweet little kitten.
ElBhe: (in unison) I am?
«You»: (in unison) He is?
Vale: I told you so many times that I wanted to form my own path in life. You just never listened to me. So I ran away.
Vale: I was lost and scared. I wandered into The Veil by accident, and there were strange shadow creatures everywhere.
Vale: I can remember them hunting me, begging me to let them take my body and making me promises of power.
Vale: If I had kept wandering, I would surely have given in to one of them, and become the monster that you claim I am now.
Vale: But ElBhe found me and saved me from that fate. He took me in, cared for me, gave me shelter and food and safety!
ElBhe: Of course I did. Once the corruptive nature of The Veil had changed you, I knew I couldn't just abandon you.
ElBhe: You were now a completely different being, unfamiliar with your new body and powers. Left alone, you could've fallen prey to any number of horrors.
Igneox: And you think I should thank you for letting her turn into one of you?
ElBhe: No. If I could have prevented it, I would have. But I failed.
Vale: And I'm glad you did. If you hadn't, I never would have gotten to know you.
Igneox: I will not accept this. I know that there is some way to cure you of this madness, and when I figure out how, I will return for you.

«Igneox leaves, dissatisfied. ElBhe turns to face Vale.»

Vale: I think it was very sweet of you to stand up to my father like that, dear.

«More hearts from Vale. Too... sweet...»

«You»: Truthfully, that could have ended much worse.
ElBhe: Yeah. I guess this Snugglefest wasn't so bad after all.

«Queen Fillymeana enters the scene.»


«ElBhe turns around to face the owner of that familiar voice...»

Vale: (in unison) ....
ElBhe: (in unison) ....
«You»: (in unison) ....
ElBhe: Why did I open my big mouth?

«ElBhe flees from the scene with Queen Fillymeana dashing off to chase her cheating partner!»

Queen Fillymeana: You were to be mine for Snugglefest! I commanded it! Obey your queen, ElBhe!

«Vale turns around to face the direction where ElBhe and Queen Fillymeana fled towards.»

Vale: Hey! I won't let you steal MY ElBhe from me!

«Vale proceeds to chase Queen Fillymeana chasing ElBhe.»

ElBhe: I was wrong, okay?! I was wrong! I STILL HATE SNUGGLEFEST!

«The scene fades to black. ElBhe's Weapons of Lurve shops opens. Once you exit the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    ElBhe's Weapons of Lurve

  • Love's Grip Blade [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110]
  • Love'Z Grip Blade [L. 22 Z, 143 Z]
  • Love's Grip Blade G [L. 87 G, 150 G]

  • Love's Grip Longbow [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110]
  • Love'Z Grip Longbow [L. 22 Z, 143 Z]
  • Love's Grip Longbow G [L. 87 G, 150 G]

    Correction and missing dialogue thanks to Archlist.

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