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Xov's Fire III

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1/20/2015 11:05:04   
Times Silent Keeper

Sacrifice of Yeeuh'ha
Xov's Fire III

Location: Battleon » Robina's Shop » Truphma Saga » 9: Xov's Fire » Part 3: Sacrifice of Hope

Rumors about the state of the Drakel have been flying around Lore. Are they completely converted? Have the Truphma assimilated the Drakel Magiscience? Was Bree'ha truly that capable of such atrocities? Everyone has a question or comment about what is spreading across Lore...

«Scene: Battleon»

Rogue: ...all of them? Are you sure? I swear I saw a few that looked normal on my way back from Deren.
Mage: Well, and I heard he gave up his family, too.
Rogue: I can't believe he would do that to family. I mean, he isn't a wonderful person, but... family!

«You proceed to the town square, outside Yulgar's Inn.»

Daughter: When is Daddy going to come home from his trip?
Mom: Soon, love. Soon.
Daughter: I hope so. Bedtime isn't the same without his stories.

«You proceed further up, just outside Robina's shop.»

Robina: I don't know Yeeuh'ha well, I mean, who really knows the Drakel. But, he was supposed to be a great advocate for the Drakel, fair and just.
Hans: And to be handed over by family!
Robina: How can someone just... give Xov everything? How do you willingly give your people to such a monster?
Hans: Something is not right with that girl. You know how they say that too much power isn't good for the soul...
Robina: Who's betraying who? You know neither of them will honor whatever pact they have going.
Hans: Figures Bree'ha would find a kindred spirit in Xov. Pathetic.

«You proceed toward the entrance to the Guardian Tower.»

Guardian: I don't know about you, but the fact that Bree'ha and Xov have teamed up scares me. If she takes the Drakel, and he helps, who else might she convince to do the same?
Guardian 2: What is she targets the Vampires or Werewolves next? And if she is successful?
Guardian: Oh lords... rampaging Truphma'd werewolves?
Guardian 2: Where is Eukara Vox in all this? Isn't she going to step in and do something?
Guardian: Ever since she was hurt, she's not been the same.
Guardian: My family drives me nuts. But, I wouldn't hurt them, torture them, or allow a monster to destroy them.
Guardian 2: My wife hasn't returned. It's been three weeks. What if she's been... hurt like that?
«You»: (thinking) There is a gathering of Drakel and Truphma, and those who are turned, in the west. I think it is time I go back there.
«You»: (thinking) I don't see Ms. Vox out, so perhaps she is holding school even with all this craziness? Why am I even wondering this? Of course she is...

«Over at Battleon's school...»

Eukara: The Drakel are ingenius inventors. They've mastered what we call "magiscience": The perfect melding of magic and science.
Eukara: There are many who think that the two disciplines shouldn't be mixed. But, something like this...

«Eukara takes out a floating, rotating blue cube.»

Eukara: ...is one of those items that could really make things much easier on anyone.
Kimmy: What's it called, Ms. Vox?
Eukara: It's called the Vezha Effect.
Jimmy: What's it do?!
Eukara: Well... its intent is to be able to know just what you want and retrieve it for you. Unfortunately, it isn't always consistently on time. It sometimes takes hours to retrieve what you need.

«The cube vanishes. Shortly after, an ice cream bowl falls from the ceiling. The ice cream however, falls outside the bowl and splats on the floor. The cherry remains floating above the bowl.»

Saedee: Um, when did you request that?
Eukara: Well, I had thought of eating one about an hour ago. I suppose that this serves as an apt demonstration of the device's capabilities.
«You»: *Ahem*
Timmy: Ms. Vox! «You» is here!

«Eukara turns to face you.»

Students: Yay!
«You»: I apologize for interrupting, but I need to speak to you about... matters outside the classroom.

«Eukara turns back to her students.»

Eukara: Students, please take your recess now. Saedee, you are in charge. Please record any evil doers on your notepad.
Saedee: *giggles* Yes, Ma'am.

«The students prepare to leave when Eukara interrupts.»

Eukara: Oh, Sam, please stay behind and go into the back until I call for you.

«The rest of the students leave while Sam goes to the back of the classroom, away from the scene. Eukara turns to face you.»

«You»: Ms. Vox, please tell me that you're aware of how far Xov has gotten with the Drakel.
Eukara: I am. And I am astounded at just how compliant most of them were in light of all that we know of Xov.
«You»: The rumors...
Eukara: Yeeuh'ha is not dead. Sam! Sam, please bring in our guest.

«Sam enters the scene, holding a Drakel's hand. As he enters, he enthusiastically chats with the Drakel, progressively revealed to be Tralin.»

Sam: And then, Mister Tralin, she told us that she would take us on a field trip to these ruins where Lore used to have a lot of adventures. Falconreach.
Sam: And they had this really cool zoo, or used to. That's where I would spend all my time exploring.
Sam: Timmy said he wants to find the statue of Warlic. Cassie wants to look for Lim's shop, but Saedee said....
Sam: She thinks that Cysero's stuff is probably still roaming around there because his magic was even crazier than Ms. Vox's.
Tralin: Um, Ms. Vox?
Sam: Have you ever seen a gorillaphant, Mister Tralin? The books all say they are bigger than houses! But I don't think they are. I think they are only half the size of a house.
Sam: I've never seen a zombiefish, have you? I think that is the weirdest thing. I bet they would make all of our fish zombiefish too if given the chance...
Tralin: *ahem* Ms. Vox?

«Eukara turns to face Tralin and Sam.»

Eukara: Thank you Sam. You may go and play now.

«Sam releases Tralin's hand and turns to face him.»

Sam: It was nice meeting you, Mister Tralin.

«Sam leaves to join the rest of the students.»

Tralin: Good Lords, what do you feed them here?
Eukara: Love of Learning, Tralin.
«You»: Tralin, what do you know of Bree'ha's and Xov Arakue's actions?
Tralin: I know that every Drakel who has pledged themselves to Bree'ha and Xov has begun moving towards the Kelds. Those who have fled the turning, end up with me.
Tralin: Since Yeeuh'ha's imprisonment, those loyal to him have nearly lost heart. The Drakel, as a people, is a very fragile thing right now.
Tralin: It saddens me that Bree'ha would give up his people so easily for power.
«You»: Yeeuh'ha didn't look good when I last saw him. Leaving him behind was difficult. I don't want to imagine what he is like now.
Tralin: They are gathering for something big. I dare not go and leave my kingdom vulnerable. Please, go and stop whatever it is that Bree'ha has planned.
Tralin: Bring Yeeuh'ha to Deren where I can nurse him back to health, please «You».
«You»: Seems I am returning to the Kelds. I will do my best, Tralin. I have a feeling this will not be easy.

«You leave the scene.»

Eukara: What if... this is more than any of us can handle?
Tralin: If that is the case, Ms. Vox, may the Lords and Lady have mercy on our souls.

«The scene fades to black. You swiftly arrive near Keld Naer.»

«You»: (thinking) There are too many of them. I can't hide for very much longer.
«You»: (thinking) Even though they seem to be moving like moth to a flame, I know I will have to fight my way there, cause trouble, disrupt time and space. The usual...

Can you remain undetected from the Truphma patrolling these woods?
Difficulty: 44 to 81 (depends on CharLvl)
Stat Used: Dexterity

    «If you fail the roll»

    Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «If you succeed the roll»

    «You»: (thinking) Well, what was once a proud and beautiful Keld is now in such a drab state of sorrow. I will work to fix this. I swear it.
«You arrive at the entrance to Keld Naer, now a complete dull grey.»

«You»: (thinking) I have to find Yeeuh'ha. Searching may take some time in a city this massive.
  • Find Yeeuh'ha!

    «You begin a mini game. In the background is Keld Naer, and certain buildings can be clicked on. Click on the building to check if Yeeuh'ha is within. If you search in the wrong building, you get the message "Yeeuh'ha isn't here! You have aroused the suspicion of a Truphma grunt." and engage in 2 BATTLES followed by a Full Heal, before returning to the mini game screen. Revisiting areas lead to a repeat of the 2 BATTLES. The correct building to click on can be found here

    «Once you find the correct building, you get the message "Muffled voices can be heard from outside. One of them sounds like Yeeuh'ha, this has to be the place!". You stay hidden from sight. Yeeuh'ha is seen bound and on a table, with Xov, Bree'ha and a Truphma Commander watching. A mysterious black figure is in the background.»

    «You»: (thinking) Lady of Light... what is going on?
    Xov Arakue: Have you made your decision, Bree'ha?
    Bree'ha: I have, Lady Xov. Yet, he *is* family. May I try, once more, to persuade him?
    Xov Arakue: IF you must.

    «The black figure speaks.»

    ???: *You are being too kind. That is not your job.*
    Bree'ha: Cousin, please reconsider. All you are doing is causing our brothers and sisters further pain and suffering by not complying and joining the rest of us.
    Yeeuh'ha: I stand by my words. You are wrong, and allying with this monstrosity is a mistake you will regret.
    ???: *See how they devolve and resort to childishness when they do not get their way.*
    Xov Arakue: They must be brought into the fold.
    Bree'ha: I will ask you one more time. Convert and stop this nonsense. A divided Drakel society is a dead one.
    Yeeuh'ha: You've already killed us, Bree'ha. You and your insatiable lust for power.
    ???: *Enough...*
    Xov Arakue: Enough! Your words are useless on one such as this. If he cannot see our ways, he must be made an example.
    Bree'ha: Very well. No one can claim I didn't try...
    ???: *You must make this something that will burn itself into their minds. You must make sure that this will be remembered every time they wake up. You must...*
    Xov Arakue: ...make them understand.

    «Bree'ha steps back.»

    Bree'ha: As you wish, my Lady. His death will be a tragic, but necessary, loss.
    «You»: NO!!!

    «Bree'ha turns toward the direction of your voice.»

    Bree'ha: Do not let «You» interfere!
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battle #2
    Xov Arakue: You are too late, «You»! All you have done is secured yourself a front-row seat to watch the death of Yeeuh'ha.

    «Xov takes a step back. White bolts emit from the tip of her staff and electrocute Yeeuh'ha constantly. Shortly after, Yeeuh'ha is shocked to death.»

    «You»: What... what have you done!?
    Bree'ha: What she's done is ensure my victory, human. Yeeuh'ha was in my way... he was always in the way. He was the final step between resistance and compliance.
    Bree'ha: Now that my soft-hearted cousin is out of the way, all of the Drakel will fall to their knees before ME!
    «You»: You are the monster!

    «Xov shoots bolts at you to prevent you from approaching Bree'ha as he begins to leave.»

    «You»: Do not walk away from me!

    «Bree'ha turns to face you.»

    Bree'ha: I tire of your attempts. You are working off of pure adrenaline now, and will fight until you can no longer stand. I have better things to do.

    «Bree'ha leaves the scene.»

    «You»: Why, Xov? Why did you have to kill him? You've never killed before now...
    Xov Arakue: It wasn't until now... until now, that it...
    Xov Arakue: It... had to be done.
    Xov Arakue: One by one... they all fall. They all fall down. They all fall...
    «You»: Something's not right here...

    «A group of Truphma enter the scene.»

    Truphma General: Seize the One! Do not let him escape!
    «You»: I have to get back to tell the others... another day you wretched beings!

    «You flee from the scene as the Truphma give chase. The scene darkens.»

    ???: My dear, do not waver, not while we are so close.
    Xov Arakue: Was it necessary? He could have been converted. All can be converted, you said so.
    ???: You doubt me?
    Xov Arakue: If you said all can be converted, but yet the death was necessary, are you not lying?
    ???: I would never steer you wrong, little one. Have I ever, in all the years I have raised you from toddler to adult, ever set you down the wrong path?
    Xov Arakue: You loved me when no one else did. You gave me life when there was none. No, you have not. But... I still do not understand. He died. By my hands. I didn't know I could do that.
    ???: Oh, my child, don't you remember? This is not the first time you've exercised such control over one's life.

    «Xov closes her eyes and bows her head for a moment as a light flashes across the screen.»

    Xov Arakue: But... S-so now it's necessary to take it away?
    ???: Yes. And then, once all is done, we will do the same to Eukara Vox and the Order of Moravion. Balance will be restored.
    Xov Arakue: Balance... will be... will be restored....

    «The scene fades to black, and the Sacrifice of Yeeuh'ha shop opens.»

    To be continued...

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Sacrifice of Yeeuh'ha

  • Drakel Energy Lance [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]

  • Truphma Surge [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 | 150 G]

    Location, corrections and stat roll additions thanks to Archlist. Mini game solution thanks to afterlifex.

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