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Facing the Darkness

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1/20/2015 11:15:51   
Times Silent Keeper

Facing the Darkness

Location: Travel Map » Granemor » Go through Granemor Cemetery » Click on Halenro's Statue » Go! » Extra: Facing the Darkness

«Scene: Somewhere near Deren. Brilhado swoop down to where you are.»

Brilhado: So the vote has been cast and Auricarius was elected leader.
Brilhado #2: An able one.
«You»: From what I know of the Red Wings, I would call it a fitting choice.
Brilhados: !!!
Brilhado #3: Defense, my brothers! We are under attack again!
«You»: Wait, what?
    Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
Brilhado: We are defeated! Flee, brethren!

«The brilhado fly away from the scene.»

«You»: (thinking) What in the world has them so riled up, I wonder?
«You»: (thinking) Something is rotten in the state of Deren... Time to find out what.

«Over in Deren...»

Diviara Celegra: Your highness, I thank you for seeing us.
Tralin: I always have time for you, my friend, and for your son. How goes the progress at the temple?
Diviara Celegra: It proceeds apace, my Lord. Why I wish to speak to you, however, has nothing to do with the temple, at least not directly.
Diviara Celegra: It has to do with the damage that has been done to Lore by the events of the war between the Necromancers and the Paladins.
Tralin: I see... it is a grave concern. How has this affected your people?
Diviara Celegra: The necromancer fortress is in chaos. There are signs of a budding civil unrest. But the real concern is that there are those who would seek revenge against them.
Diviara Celegra: I believe a war is about to start between vigilantes and the Brilhado.
Tralin: What? This is grave news indeed. Surely my citizens have greater respect for me than for that.
Diviara Celegra: Most, highness, do. You know that feelings run deep though, and there are outsiders stirring the pot. A war is coming, and I have no idea what to do about it.
Tralin: You will fight alongside your people, is what you will do about it. And you will have the Crown's aid in your effort.

«Back over in the countryside of Deren...»

«You»: Something is very wrong. The countryside is entirely up in arms.
«You»: Brilhado are moving in large numbers to the west and are all worked up. I am sick of the "fight first and ask questions later" mentality.

«Several Brilhado protestors enter the scene.»

Protestor #1: They flee because they know what is coming.
«You»: And what is that?
Protestor #3: Vengeance for what they have wrought on Lore.
«You»: What? What sort of vengeance?
Protestor #2: We shall drive them from the face of Lore.
Protestor #1: We shall take the war to them.
«You»: Oh whatever's next? Do people never learn? That is a foolish plan.
Protestor #3: Do you side with the Brilhado?
«You»: Several of them are my friends.
Protestor #2: He is a sympathizer.
Protestor #1: Let's show him how we deal with Brilhado sympathizers, boys!
    4 BATTLES: Angry Protester
    Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
«Back in Deren...»

Diviara Celegra: You cannot afford to send all of your forces to the Brilhado Gate, majesty. The stability of the kingdom will not allow it.
Tralin: Indeed not, Diviara, but I can send what I can spare, and I am owed favors. I will call in some debts. I will also contact «You».
Tralin: We have worked together on many past events, and I suspect that «You» too will come to your assistance if you call.
Diviara Celegra: Thank you, majesty... I had not considered that. We would not want to impose, however.
Amilara: The Chosen has many duties, and our personal problems are far from their main concern. They have no love for what my people have done, either.
Tralin: Your people, perhaps not. This is more than that, however. This is about the two of you. You still have family there.
Tralin: How about you allow them to make their own decision, Diviara. If they can spare the time and effort, they will come. If not, they will not.
Diviara Celegra: Sensible, your majesty.
Tralin: I take it that is not all you and your son wish to speak to me about.
Amilara: It is indeed not all, your majesty. We would like your direct aid in a far more personal matter.
Tralin: Go on.
Diviara Celegra: As you know Lore is surrounded by a network of lines of power that flow both within and without.
Diviara Celegra: Connecting to both the Void and to the Core of Lore itself and channeling the energy of those places in the form of Ley Lines.
Amilara: We have concluded our study of changes induced recently in those circuits.
Tralin: And your findings?
Amilara: I am now certain that the ley lines have been irrevocably altered and damaged by the war.
Tralin: The School of Thought has come to much of the same conclusion. Necromancers and paladins both will have to use entirely new avenues.
Tralin: The connections of those lines to the mana core, and indeed to the elemental planes, have been irrevocably severed by those events.
Diviara Celegra: Quite so.
Tralin: Undead themselves remain connected, though? Your friends Amilara, Cagliari and his brethren, they are not progressively dying as a result of these changes?
Tralin: I know that Delnar remains intact, but my own arts in this arena no longer function...
Amilara: Indeed not, your majesty. Though there was some initial weakening, it has since stabilized and reversed.
Diviara Celegra: It seems that once the alterations of the necromancers were made, changing living and dead to undead, it fundamentally changed the anima of those affected.
Amilara: Their connection is direct and does not depend upon the necromancers' ley lines.
Amilara: However, I can no longer aid them myself if hurt or injured, nor can I... nor can I... *deep inhale* nor can I protect them. I am sorry, majesty, the matter makes me highly emotional.
Tralin: I understand fully. Those undead are your loved ones. Friends and family.
Amilara: Quite.
Diviara Celegra: That is why we are here, your majesty. We are seeking any knowledge we can find about this shift in the necromantic powers.
Tralin: We have not been idle, I assure you, but... our search has yet to bear much fruit. The School of Thought has been investigating since the magic changed after the war.
Tralin: At first they studied vampires, but as yet we have not learned anything useful.
Tralin: They become through infection, so we are unable to learn how necromantic magic would create them, or other undead.
Tralin: One thing seems certain, though: there is a link of some kind between paladins and necromancers, and the source of their powers.
Tralin: We don't know what that link is yet, but both appear to revolve around creating or opposing undeath. It is the only explanation for why both powers ceased to work at the same time.
Tralin: The researchers at the School moved on to look for ancient archives of the oldest order of Paladins, but many of those we find have already been destroyed - or looted.
Tralin: Some of our researchers have encountered necromancers.
Diviara Celegra: Practicing necromancers? But... but how?!
Tralin: Not practicing necromancers, no. Their power over undeath is still lost.
Tralin: But to study necromancy, you must first be an accomplished wizard, so we have been unable to capture any of them, when we've encountered them.
Amilara: They must have realized the same thing you did, about the link between the magics.
Tralin: Just so. And they are taking or destroying anything they can find, to deny us the same knowledge.
Tralin: But we will continue to search for new clues, and if we learn anything I will make sure to share with you.
Diviara Celegra: We apprecitate it more than you know, majesty. Until we solve this mystery, I fear some of our people walk a dangerous path trying to reclaim power.
Diviara Celegra: For instance, Shroudbrood the Undying has proven that particular epithet false in his mad quest.
Tralin: He was delving into dangerous knowledge. I will have Nel send you the notes from the School archives, and I will also contact «You».
Tralin: You should prepare to travel to the Gate. Let us hope your people are not more cagey than you might expect. Some experiments could more than destroy them.

«The scene fades to black. After Diviara and Amilara leave, you and Darin meet Tralin.»

Tralin: ...and so, «You», we suggested that Diviara seek your aid in determining the severity of the situation.
  • Of course, your Majesty. Diviara and Amilara should never have ever hesitated. I will find out what I can at once.
  • To be perfectly honest, your Majesty, were it any other Brilhado I would be inclined to let them fend for themselves... But as this involves the Celegras I will make time.
  • I trust that, as this is of interest to the crown and the stability of your kingdom, that you will make the effort worth my while, Majesty?

    «Regardless of choice, you proceed to the following battles.»
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «A note can be seen on the ground. The note content reads: "The meeting is on for tonight at the Inn in Deren. The beginning of the end of the Brilhado scourge is at hand."»
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «You arrive at Deren Inn.»

    Jhan: What a deLIGHTful sense of timing you have, «You»!
    «You»: Oh?
    Jhan: I was about to call the guard. Things are not well.
    «You»: How so?
    Jhan: I fear my inn is being used as part of some fantastic plot that borders on treachery... And that is just not lovely at all...
    «You»: Let's not disrupt this meeting. It will allow us to gather information on the insurgency. I will keep things under control, Jhan. You just go back to looking fabulous.
    Jhan: That's where I excel.
    «You»: Evidently...

    «Inside one of the inn rooms, a discussion is ongoing.»

    Mercenary: The king seeks stability, as he must, but his vision is clouded. Brilhado keep close watch in his court and the Celegra family are his close advisors.
    Duke: And?
    «You»: The Celegras have fought hard in many wars against this kingdom and in others.
    «You»: Amilara has been a staunch ally from the beginning and Giliara Celegra gave his life for the people of Lore.
    Mercenary: And Diviara Celegra, whatever service he has since rendered, brought the Devourer to our doorstep. He killed the T'palo of Keld Ner in cold blood, and countless others.
    Drakel Merc: My human colleague is right. The Brilhado brought the Uncreator to this realm and their necromancy has been a constant source of blight on the whole of Lore.
    «You»: With the Truphma attack on your people, Kruath'ri, I would think you have other concerns. Do you really want to plunge the last vestige of Drakel stability into chaos as well?
    Drakel Merc: I am De'me'thar, not a citizen.
    «You»: That distinction is meaningless in Deren.
    Drakel Merc: Millennia of history do not change in a moment. And what I want or do not want is frankly irrelevant. Change is coming, and if we are to suffer or profit from that depends on the choices we make.
    Mercenary: Brilhado have held Deren and Lore in fear for far too long. It is time these demons are put to rest for good.
    Farmer: By starting a war of our own?
    Mercenary: They have been dealt a blow by the death of their dark arts but even now they experiment with fell forces that could bring utter calamity.
    Drakel Merc: It could bring total elemental collapse.
    «You»: Elemental collapse?
    Drakel Merc: That is correct, Chosen of Lore. Elemental collapse. Oh, yes, we know who you are and that you have been sent to spy on our assembly...
    Mercenary: We received word from the road of your inquiries. What you see here is but one assembly... many more such meetings occur.
    Mercenary: The time of the Brilhado ascendancy is at its end.
    Drakel Merc: So choose, Chosen. Do you side with the Brilhado, or with Justice?
    Mercenary: Do you side with demons or with right?
    «You»: You seem to have a bit of a false dichotomy. There are other options.
    Drakel Merc: No. If you are not with us, you are against us.
    Mercenary: Men, to arms against this traitor to Lore!
      1 BATTLE: Mercenary
      Full Heal

      1 BATTLE: Mercenary
      Full Heal
    «You return to Deren to meet Tralin.»

    «You»: So you see, majesty, the news is dire.
    Tralin: From what my other inquiries have determined, these mercenaries do not seem Derenian...
    «You»: They seem politically and geographically unaffiliated, Lord. Their purpose is profiteering.
    Tralin: This is dire news indeed. Thank you for your assistance, «You». I may need to call on you again. This battle is just beginning.

    «The scene fades to black. Over at the Brilhado Gate Fortress...»

    Argentum: Lord President, he was found experimenting with direct tenebromancy and mana channeling, in an attempt to twist it into a necromantic effect.
    Auricarius: Is this true, Grimveil?
    Grimveil: It is! And I make no apology for it. Our people are necromancers. We have long been necromancers. I seek only to regain what has been STOLEN from us...
    Argentum: You need to put your quest for necromancy aside. You may do whatever else you wish. You might consider a return to our Lady. Many have.
    Grimveil: Or else what?
    Auricarius: Or else, as elected leader of the Brilhado, I will have no choice but to exile you from the fortress.
    Grimveil: You would not! You could not be so cruel.
    Auricarius: We do not wish to do so, given the war brewing, but we have no choice.
    Argentum: Your continued experimentation could kill all of us if it goes out of control!
    Grimveil: No, you are usurpers and I refuse to recognize your authority! It is I, and not the Goldwings, who should lead the Brilhado!
    Grimveil: It is I who was appointed as my father's successor!
    Auricarius: The time of appointment has passed, Grimveil. Your father is dead. And the people made their choice known at the election.
    Grimveil: Bah.
    Argentum: Grimveil, I stood at your father's side. It was his arrogance and vain quest for glory and power that led to his death. You need to let it go!
    Grimveil: NO NO NO! I am my father's successor! My father may have been betrayed and slain, but Shroudbrood lives on. He lives on in ME!
    Argentum: Then we have no choice. Guards!
    Grimveil: I refuse to accept this.... you will pay! You hear me? YOU WILL ALL PAY!
    Auricarius: Grimveil, son of Shroudbrood, for the safety of all of our people you are hereby banished and exiled from the Brilhado Gate Fortress.
    Grimveil: Brilhado Gate NECROMANCER'S Fortress!
    Argentum: No longer. Take him.

    «Brilhado guards swoop down and take Grimveil away.»

    Auricarius: Powers have mercy on him. He is only his father's son.

    «The scene fades to black, and Facing the Darkness shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»

    To be continued...
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    Facing the Darkness

  • Auricarius Dagger [L. 3, 23, 43, 63, 83, 103, 123 | 143 G]
  • Auricarius Mace [L. 3, 23, 43, 63, 83, 103, 123 | 143 G]

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