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Battle of Flowers

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Times Silent Keeper

Battle of Flowers

Location: Battleon » Robina's Shop » Truphma Saga » 10: Battle of Flowers

Amidst the drama and trauma in Lore, a friendship hits a bump in the road. Where once there was constant communication, silence reigns. Can you find out what has happened?

«You can skip this cutscene at any time.»

«Scene: Aria's Shop»

Aria: Greetings, «You». How has your day been?
«You»: I can't complain, really. Seems everything is quiet and no one needs anything.
Aria: Oh...
«You»: You want something, don't you? This visit isn't just to show off something new in your shop?
Aria: Well, it is more that I am concerned about a friend's welfare.
«You»: Who?
Aria: Professor Akamu. I haven't heard from him in a while.
Aria: We had been testing one of Kamui's inventions for fast communication and that made exchanging research easier.
«You»: And you think the invention backfired, went completely haywire and may have destroyed the Professor?
Aria: Erm... no, not really. I mean, Kamui is a bit mad, but I think this invention actually worked exactly as it should.
Aria: After our last exchange two weeks ago, he went silent.
«You»: What was the last message?
Aria: "Aria, I've done it! They are beautiful."
«You»: What are "they"?
Aria: Professor Akamu was experimenting with the flowers he found around his lab. He never truly told me what he was doing, just that he couldn't wait to surprise me.
«You»: I see. So you are worried... Should I be on my way to Professor Akamu's lab?
Aria: If you don't mind...
«You»: As you wish, Aria.

«On the way to Fairwind Spring...»

«You»: (thinking) Well, at least the journey wasn't difficult.
«You»: (thinking) Hmmm, something is coming. Time to hide and assess the situation.

«Hiding behind a tree, you see a Truphma enter the scene with a Trakel.»

Trakel: Have you found the laboratory yet?
Truphma: No. It is either well hidden or you have provided false coordinates to Lady Xov.
Trakel: I assure you I am correct. Your doubt is proving you to be weak. Lady Xov wishes this creative person to be taken and brought into our way of living.

«A Trakel Scout enters the scene.»

Trakel Scout: It is found, Sir. But there is an issue.
Both: What?
Trakel Scout: There seems to be a legion of local flora surrounding it... and they are hostile.
Trakel: Hostile Flora? So, there are hostile trees attacking the lab?
Trakel Scout: No... no, not exactly.
Trakel: Then, hostile thorn brush?
Trakel Scout: Um, not exactly.
Trakel: Hostile Am-Bushes?
Trakel Scout: No.
Trakel: Strangler Vines?
Trakel Scout: Hostile *cough* flowers.
Both: . . .
Trakel Scout: Well, it gets worse.
Trakel Scout: We can't get through. They are strong. We've been able to distinguish four types and all four have very different attacking skills and abilities.
Truphma: We are talking about flowers... right?
Trakel Scout: I am NOT lying! They are able to fight back in droves. Nothing like we've come across.
Trakel: This I have to see.

«The Truphma and Trakels leave the scene to investigate.»

«You»: (thinking) Hostile Flowers... Why on Lore would Professor Akamu want to give Aria Hostile Flowers?

«Over at Fairwind Spring, you spot a group of hostile flowers which leave the scene.»

???: Pssst!
«You»: Who goes there?
???: Please cease your vocalisation and enter the doorway. The creatures will fill in the gap that you have left behind as you made your way to this position.
«You»: Professor Akamu?
Professor Akamu: Just get in here, «You».

«Scene: Inside Akamu's Hut. You spot several flowers on a shelf above.»

«You»: WOAH. Get back, Professor! I will take care of these creatures!
Professor Akamu: No, no, «You»! These are innocuous. They are unaltered, pristine specimens.
«You»: Oh. What on Lore were you doing? Why would Aria want hostile flowers?
Professor Akamu: Who on Lore believed I was creating hostile flora for the most wonderful and delightful Aria?
Professor Akamu: I would never contrive such an inhospitable, cantankerous, maniacal creature for the sweet keeper of creatures!
«You»: Well, she hasn't heard from you, and said you sent her a message saying you did it, and she said you were also making something for her, and then I arrived here, saw the monsters out there...
Professor Akamu: Do try to take a breath, «You». Speaking as if you had no time in the world is annoying and very unbecoming.
Professor Akamu: Pause and enunciate. That way, people will actually understand and care about what you are saying. I do not understand...
«You»: *mumbles* Why am I being lectured on grammar and presentation when there is a mob of Truphma and... killer flowers out there?
Professor Akamu: ...owed her something for her kindness. I thought that simple flowers would not be enough to express my gratitude, so I came up with something that would be a little bit of her world and a little bit of mine.
«You»: Flowers that kill?
Professor Akamu: Pay attention, you lout! Why must the youth be so undiscerning regarding common sense nowadays? I was creating empathic flowers! Really, «You», you can be a dullard sometimes.
«You»: ...
Professor Akamu: The very base elements of the flora of our world are ripe with possibility. In this very instance, I was experimenting with the natural proclivity of flora attractiveness to music.
Professor Akamu: The tendency to move towards musical compositions, especially overly complicated ones with several key changes, piqued my interest.
«You»: Um, Professor Akamu, there is a mob outside-
Professor Akamu: So, in line with the thinking that all things can naturally be improved through processes and experiments...
Professor Akamu: I began to dig into the framework of what makes each of these glorious, colorful vegetations the complex creations that they are.
«You»: -that is trying to get in here. One-
Professor Akamu: I found several key parts of their framework that can be manipulated. So, I systematically tried each one, eliminating the flawed specimens.
Professor Akamu: It took me a week of intense scrutiny and experimentation, but I found the key to unlocking the ability to reflect and create emotion!
«You»: -part of this mob is Truphma-
Professor Akamu: But, I ran into an issue that I had not foreseen, and it was a rather significant "bump in the road", as some would say.
Professor Akamu: *chuckles at himself* In order to vary the key to allow such a phenomenal alteration, I had to apply several complicated factors all at the same time!
«You»: -who most likely want to make you one of them-
Professor Akamu: At first, I thought I would only need to apply the chemical Ethylen, but that didn't work.
Professor Akamu: I tried many singular processes and applications, but the results were all failures, yet I knew that something outside of the plant's normal range of function was needed.
«You»: The rest are a seemingly irate group of flowers-
Professor Akamu: That is when I had a eureka moment! Each individual flowering plant was put under various combinations of ethylen, abiotic stress, select pathogens and abscis.
«You»: -bent on your destruction.
Professor Akamu: It turns out that the results of one specific pathogen, combined with a high rate of abiotic stress, a drop of ethylen and a pint of abscis triggered the polygalactase processes. And, voila! My empathic plant!
«You»: ...PROFESSOR!
Professor Akamu: What? Oh, yes, well that. Aria sent me an adorable truffle with a slight greenish hue to its fur. The poor creature is just learning to fly.
Professor Akamu: Its inability to stay perpendicular to the ground caused an accidental collision with the flask that held my solution for empathic empowerment.
«You»: And?
Professor Akamu: The flask fell onto some strange invention sent to me by Kamui and it ended up multiplying the solution exponentially, filling the entire laboratory with a vapor.
«You»: And what is out there?
Professor Akamu: What is out there, «You», is the result of over-stimulating the key within the fabric of the flower's make-up.
«You»: Joy...
«You»: So, you have over-stimulated, emotionally unbalanced flowers out there, alongside a troop of Truphma and I have to get you out of it?
Professor Akamu: If you would be so kind?

«The scene fades to black...»

Battle of Flowers
Thanks to Professor Akamu and Kamui, huge, mutant flowers are running around the forests of Lore. Even worse, the Truphma also want to capture the professor!
  • Fight!
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

    Nel: Your mission is of the greatest importance, friend! Good luck!
    Nel: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please - Full Heal and continue dialog below
  • Let me handle this! - Close dialog
    Nel: Your Health and Mana are fully restored!
  • Thank you!

    Potion Bag - Refills potions if you have less than four on hand (Guardian Only).
    Robina - Click on Robina's bow if you want her to join you in battle!
    Robina's bow - Robina has joined!
    Captain Rhubarb - Click on Captain Rhubarb's hat if you want him to join you in battle!
    Captain Rhubarb's hat - Captain Rhubarb has joined!
    Warlic - Click on Warlic's crystal ball if you want him to join you in battle!
    Warlic's crystal ball - Warlic has joined!
    Eukara Vox - Click on Eukara's dragonfly if you wnat her to join you in battle!
    Eukara's dragonfly - Eukara Vox will aid you in battle!
    Hostile Flower - +0.1 Ranged BTH per flower struck. Maximum of +20.0 BTH (200 flowers)

    To Battle!
      4 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal after battle #2
      Full Heal after battle #4
    «Once 100% of the flower/Truphma army were defeated...»

    «You»: We'd better get out of here before any more show up.

    «Professor Akamu exits from his hut.»

    Professor Akamu: But... my laboratory! I can't just leave it to be manhandled and destroyed!
    «You»: I don't think we have a choice, Professor. Blame Kamui, if you must, but we need to GO!
    Professor Akamu: Wait! I need my truffle!
    Professor Akamu: Fergus! Fergus Fae!
    Professor Akamu: Fergus Faaaaeeeeee!

    «Fergus flies out from Professor Akamu's hut.»

    Professor Akamu: Ah, there you are my sweet little furry sweetness.
    «You»: Okay, awkward...
    «You»: Now let's get out of--

    «The regular flowers around you suddenly mutate!»

    «You»: You just HAD to get Fergus Fae...
    Robina: You don't have to fight them all alone, «You»!

    «Robina, Captain Rhubarb, Warlic and Eukara enter the scene.»

    Warlic: We saw these powerful flowers coming to you.
    Captain Rhubarb: Can't let you have all the fun - ye'd better save some for us!
    Eukara Vox: Which one do you want to fight? We'll handle the rest.
  • Arconoid
      1 BATTLE: Giant Mutant Arconoid
      Full Heal
  • Connoridae
      1 BATTLE: Giant Mutant Connoridae
      Full Heal
  • Rasieu
      1 BATTLE: Giant Mutant Rasieu
      Full Heal
  • Toidieum
      1 BATTLE: Giant Mutant Toidieum
      Full Heal
    «After completing one of the battles above, you continue with the dialogue below.»

    «You»: Next time you want to mess with the "fabric of our lives" please make sure Fergus Fae is nowhere near your lab. And, keep all of Kamui's gifts locked away.
    Professor Akamu: I can make no promises, «You». Science will do what science wants! The random factor is what makes life, Life!
    «You»: I have a few things to say about Life...
    Professor Akamu: Though... look at the Truphma run. I never did get to meet one up close. Those accidental creations of mine proved very effective. You know, metaphysics and gold and all that rhetoric.
    «You»: Professor Akamu, how would you like to make all of this worth it for me?
    Professor Akamu: Do tell, «You».
    «You»: If you can turn those overly large, aggressive flowers into something more manageable in size, I think you may help save Lore from the Truphma.
    Professor Akamu: I believe I can do that.
    Professor Akamu: Now let's get back to my lab. Bravery like yours deserves to be rewarded!

    «The scene fades to black, and the Battle of the Flowers shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Battle of the Flowers

  • Potted Arconoid [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130]
  • Potted Arconoid Z [L. 55 Z]
  • Guardian Potted Arconoid [L. 87 G, 150 G]

  • Polygalactase Process [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130]
  • Guardian's Polygalactase Process [L. 150 G]

    Corrections thanks to Archlist.

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