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Weapons of Change I

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1/20/2015 12:14:08   
Times Silent Keeper

Weapons of Change I
Apocrypha Dramatica

Location: Battleon » Robina's Shop » Truphma Saga » 11: Weapons of Change » 1: Apocrypha Dramatica

«Scene: Eukara's Library»

Eukara: The accident at Professor Akamu's lab was a fortunate event.
Kastio: I've already begun helping him repair the damage. But, what you learned about the Truphma was invaluable.
Eukara: They are still as vulnerable to pure creativity as they were when the Weapon of Creativity was forged elsewhere, before I came to Lore. And, that is very considerate of you, dear friend.
Eukara: Tell me, have you been able to locate...
Kastio: No, Ms. Vox. I am baffled, since I should be able to find her anywhere in reality.
Eukara: That worries me. As you know, there is only a handful of people who could hide her this well.
Kastio: Aye, Ms. Vox. A mystery I would like to solve, sooner than later.
Eukara: Speaking of. The fragments?
Kastio: I found one that matches your parameters you specified. It's in Deren, my Lady. Surely, you haven't been here that long?
Eukara: *laughs* No, Kastio, I am not that old. But I had heard stories when I first came here and thought that maybe what we were looking for was in Deren.
Eukara: I will contact Zephyros. Hopefully, he isn't in the middle of something big. I do not want to take him away from his search and restoration adventures.
Kastio: I will continue my search, then, for both precious things.
Eukara: My thanks, as always, Kastio.

«Kastio teleports into his jar of sand.»

Eukara: Now, to send word to Zephyros.

«A quill and a scroll magically appear. The quill begins writing a message addressed to Zephyros.»

Eukara: Portal?

«Portal appears in the scene.»

Eukara: Please find «You» and take him to Zephyros in Deren.
Portal: My pleasure, Guardian.

«Portal vanishes.»

Eukara: Xov, your days are numbered. I know how to defeat you.

«The scene fades to black. Over at some abandoned Deren ruins...»

Zephyros: I was under the impression that «You» would be here by now.

«Just as Zephyros ends his sentence, Portal takes you into the scene.»

«You»: Really!? Was that absolutely necessary, Portal? Did you have to take me to the ruins of lords know where in the universe, where it was freezing cold and void of life?
Portal: Completely.

«Portal vanishes.»

Zephyros: You're late.
«You»: Not my fault. You try traveling via Portal. It's insane. I swear it has it out for me.
Zephyros: You just have to know how to talk to them. Anyway, you're late, which means we've lost time. I was under the impression that this was important.
«You»: It is. It's just her portal has a mind of its own. Literally.
Zephyros: We are going to start here in the theater. It's the logical place, considering what Eukara sent to me.
Zephyros: I've been working on the lower floor, where some intriguing artifacts have been buried under decades of dust.
Zephyros: I hope you aren't afraid of dust.
«You»: Dust? Unless you have dust bunnies. *laughs*
Zephyros: Dust bunnies are no laughing matter, «You».

«Zephyros walks into another room.»

«You»: Wait... what?

«Over in the next room...»

«You»: You willingly work in this dump?
Zephyros: Just because you don't understand something doesn't make it a dump. I mean, I could ask you why you choose to get smacked around by the creatures of Lore.
Zephyros: THAT's ridiculous in my mind.
«You»: Point taken. So, why are we down here?
Zephyros: We are here because-
    2 BATTLES: Dust Bunny
    Full Heal
Zephyros: I didn't have this issue when I was alone... Besides, I TOLD you to watch out for the dust bunnies. I've seen them take a man's head clean off.
Zephyros: Anyway, Eukara told me that there was a fragment, something important to the fight against Xov, that may be found in Deren. She said it was tuned to creative arts, primarily of the theatrical kind.
Zephyros: So, while you were gallivanting around with Portal, I started to look for the fragment here.
«You»: Well, I guess it is time that I help you search for what Eukara needs.

«You commence a mini game, searching for a fragment that Eukara mentioned. Looking around the storeroom, several items can be clicked. Click on the wrong item and the message "Nothing special about this... except for the monster interested in it!" appears, followed by 2 BATTLES with a Full Heal after the second battle. Clicking on the same item repeats 2 BATTLES. The item that progresses the cutscene is the picture in the middle of the room. Once you find the correct item, the message "Hmm... This is interesting..." appears and the dialogue continues.»

Zephyros: Again, I didn't have this issue before you arrived.
«You»: I haven't found anything. This is the last thing, in the very back of this floor and it is in shreds. Surely this isn't what she is looking for.
Zephyros: It looks to be a picture of something very old. Perhaps if it were still whole, it would be a clue.
«You»: Ah ha! Stand back, Zephyros. I've done this before. I got this.

«You begin the next mini game, which involves you piecing the picture fragments back together in their appropriate positions. Drag each fragment into its correct positions within the picture frame. Pieces placed in the correct positions will lock in place. The correct positions of the fragments can be found here. Completing the picture reveals an open-air amphitheater as the painting.»

Zephyros: What is this? There are no open-air amphitheaters like this on Lore anymore... Most people favor being in out of the weather. This picture is definitely of the old amphitheater that used to be nearby.
Zephyros: Maybe this theater kept the picture to remember their origins, but in any case, it's in the hills not far from here. Up for a walk?
«You»: Might as well.

«Reaching the site of the old amphitheater, you notice holes dug around the area.»

«You»: Seems someone knew something we didn't.
Zephyros: It had better not be Valencia. I swear...
Zephyros: Well, grab a shovel and start digging. Just... be careful. If you break anything, you will pay for it.
«You»: How will I pay for something old, buried, dirty...
Zephyros: ....
«You»: Oh... right.
«You»: Yeah, I will be careful.

«Commencing the next mini game, you are tasked to dig for... something! Click on arrows to dig that section of the area. Digging the area can yield potions, a Full Heal by a stealthy Ninja Cleric, or 1 BATTLE. Explored sections cannot be explored again. Clicking "I'm Done!" ends the digging, and "Start Over" causes the arrows to reset, allowing you to dig more. The location of the correct spot is random. Once you find the correct spot to dig, you get the message "Hey, what's this? Maybe THIS is what Eukara was looking for..." and you get Zephyros to verify.»

Zephyros: «You», I see something in the area you're digging. Don't move!
«You»: No problem. This digging thing is overrated and I am tired. How do you do this and not be tired all the time?
Zephyros: First of all, again, monsters leave me alone. You must smell like prey. And second, just look at me. Enough said.
«You»: *Grumbles* What do you see?
Zephyros: It looks to be... a crown?

«Zephyros picks the crown up.»

«You»: It's seen better days, though. It's broken.
Zephyros: Yes, but... there is something about it. I can feel it. Something special. This has to be what Eukara is searching for.

«The ground suddenly rumbles and a huge machine enters the scene!»

«You»: Well, from the looks of it, this is the one responsible for the amphitheater's ruined status.
Zephyros: Wonderful. The creature has actually torn apart the structure and added it to its body. Putting everything back where it belongs is going to be impossible.
«You»: Guess it's time to earn that crown.
    1 BATTLE: Hypogeum
    Full Heal
«The Hypogeum lies defeated post-battle.»

Zephyros: Well done. I would rather take the fragment myself, clean it up and safeguard it, but I know Eukara needs it more. Shame to lose it, but hey, I have a whole amphitheater to dig up now.
Zephyros: Hmm...
Zephyros: Ah HA! I thought I recognized this. It's the crown worn by Strat Avon in The Tears of Fairwell.
Zephyros: His portrayal of Prince Harkness was said to have been so noble that the king, aging and childless, made him his heir - a prince for real.

«Zephyros throws the crown to you.»

«You»: Wow... Well, thank you, Zephyros. I may come back and help you-

«Portal suddenly enters and rapidly teleports you away.»

Zephyros: That's what s/he gets for attracting all the monsters.

«Portal teleports you right into Eukara's Library, leaving Eukara speechless for a short moment.»

Eukara: Well... that's new.
«You»: No... it's just waiting for a time when I am not paying attention and expecting it, to zap me. You have a sadistic Portal.
Eukara: Portal does have a mind of its own. I trust you are here because you have what I need?

«You hand the crown to Eukara.»

«You»: It's broken, but Zephyros swears this "feels" right.
Eukara: It is.
Eukara: How intuitive that Zephyros felt it. There is a lot of essence and memory in this fragment. Many people used it, poured their passion and talent and creativity into it.
Eukara: It's perfect. Thank you, «You».

«The scene fades to black, and the Weapons of Change I shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Weapons of Change I

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    Corrections thanks to Archlist. Images of amphitheater puzzle thanks to afterlifex.

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