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Frostval 2014

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1/20/2015 13:54:02   
Times Silent Keeper

Decorate the Battleon Tree!

Location: Frostval '14: It's a Wonderful Life of Crime » Decorate the Tree!

«Scene: Battleon. Snow has descended on Battleon!»

Robina: «You»! So good to see you!
«You»: Hi Robina! What happened to the fountain that was in the town's square?
Robina: Yulgar had to remove it due to the frigid weather, something about pipes freezing and bursting. He said it made the town look empty so he replaced it with a tree!
Robina: He has such an eye for those type of things.
«You»: Huh, it seems a little... plain, doesn't it? I bet with a little hunting I could really spruce it up!
Robina: Hunting? I love hunting! I bet some Zard pelts and Behemoth teeth would look really nice, «You»!
«You»: What..? Ew, no! I mean we could look around, I'm sure there are some spare decorations left lying about.
Robina: Ohhh yeah, that's a great idea! I'll put together a list for us, this will be so much fun! I love this time of year!

«A list of items to hunt for pops up.»

Decorate the Battleon Tree!
  • A star burning bright
  • Some fluff to keep it warm
  • Strings of lights to shine in the night
  • Orbs of decorating power

  • Hunt with Robina's help - Robina the Hood will now battle by your side!
  • Hunt by yourself

    «Once you select one of the two options above:»

    Robina: Click on the name of an ingredient to go hunting for it! Stay wary of the creatures that lurk around these snowy lands!

    «Each item to be collected on the list can now be clicked on. The option to request for Robina's help is also available. For each item in the list you search for, you go through the following battles.»Luck Check!
    The snow is deeper than you thought! It's going to take some luck to find the decorations buried under all this snow!
    Difficulty: 74
    Stat Used: Luck

    «If you fail the roll, you return to the list of items to select again which item to hunt for. Succeeding the roll gives you a message, and the item is checked off the list. Either way, you get a Full Heal before proceeding on.»

    Item Found
  • You found a shiny star!
  • You found a pile of fluff!
  • You found powerful lights!
  • You found the orbs of decorating power!

    Clicking on checked item
  • The star you've already found shines like a beacon in the night!
  • You've already unburied the fluff!
  • You've already located the lights!
  • You've already obtained the orbs of decorating power!

    «Once you obtain all the items in the list, you return to the tree, which is now beautifully decorated!»

    Robina: Oh my, the tree looks beautiful! The whole town feels so warm and festive now thanks to you!
    «You»: Thanks Robina! It does give the town a warm glow about it.
    Robina: Yulgar won't believe his eyes! Now let's get you some rewards for all your hard wor-
  • Great!

    «Zorbak, holding something in his hands, scoots across the screen.»

    Robina: Was that Zorbak?!
    «You»: It was! He's always trying to ruin the season - let's follow him!

    «The scene fades to black. You catch up to Zorbak. Zorbak's carrying a stack of paper in his hands. From off-screen you holler:»

    «You»: Stop right there, Zorbak!

    «You enter the scene with Robina. Zorbak turns to face you.»

    «You»: Whatever scheme you're planning, it ends NOW!
    Zorbak: Yep, I guess it does.
    «You»: ...
    «You»: Uh, really? That's it?
    Zorbak: Mhm.
    «You»: That's... odd. Usually you have us fight a huge war, and then unleash some uber-hulking undead for me to kill. And then you yell at me to go eat a wreath while I chase you out of town.
    Zorbak: Well, that won't be happening any more. I'm retiring from those shenanigans.
    «You»: I-- re...retiring? What?
    Zorbak: R-E-T-I-R-I-N-G. Retiring. It means that I won't be hosting any more parties like that. (Or "War Crimes", or whatever you call my fun.)
    Zorbak: I'm not gonna have any more time for being the 100% EBIL mastermind you're used to, 'cause I'm restructuring EbilCorp into an investment banking corporation.
    «You»: A what?
    Zorbak: It means that this time next year, I'll be SWIMMING in gold! I've got my papers right here to finish cutting through the legal red tape.
    «You»: You're joking. Sham is the one who abandons his principles for a bit of gold, not you.
    Zorbak: Does it look like I'm joking?
    «You»: No, which is why this feels wrong-- and why you're not leaving until I get a good explanation!
    Zorbak: Ugh, really? There's just no pleasing you. You're all "BLAH BLAH BLAH Explain Explain Explain". Isn't there some Frostval nonsense about miracles?
    «You»: Bzzt. That it doesn't apply when the guy usually ruining Frostval is also out performing "miracles".
    «You»: Now start talking, or Robina will have you singing "Oh Holey Night".
    Zorbak: *Groan*

    «The scene zooms in on a sad Zorbak. Aww! :(»

    Zorbak: If you MUST know, then... well, it's been tough getting my necromancy back, after those whiny paladins nuked my ley lines.
    Zorbak: I'm working on a new way of making undead - a kinda Necromancy 2.0 - but I've hit a few bugs that I can't work out. I've been stuck for months with no progress.
    Zorbak: And we've got a baby on the way, so we kinda need the cash. Looting from massive battles and selling my creations to kiddo villains only really works when I HAVE an army of undead to support it.
    Zorbak: I'll be getting a more stable paycheck, and I won't have to deal with you mucking things up every other week.
    Zorbak: So yeah, I'm hanging up my villain hat, 'cause it's the best move for me and my family.

    «The scene zooms back out.»

    «You»: Oh, I'm so sorry. But look on the bright side: I'm sure you'll find a new job where you can help people to--
    Zorbak: "Help people"? Pfft! I'll leave the people-helping to squares like you. I'm just in this for the money.
    «You»: But it's still a step forward, and for that I'm grateful! Thanks, Zorbak!
    Zorbak: *Groans* Don't make me barf.
    «You»: (hehe) You've made my Frostval! Happy Frostval to you too!
    Zorbak: Oh, go eat a wreath.

    «Zorbak leaves the scene.»

    Robina: Well, that was unexpected. I guess Frostval miracles do happen!
    Robina: Let's get you some rewards for all your hard work!

    «The scene fades to black and the Frostval Tree Decoration shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Special Cutscene!
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Frostval Tree Decoration

  • Coal Maul [L. 7, 27, 47, 67, 87, 107, 127 | 42 G, 147 G]
  • Cold Sore [L. 7, 27, 67, 87, 127]
  • Rock Thrower [L. 7, 27, 67, 87, 127]
  • Wreath Wrath [L. 7, 27, 47, 67, 87, 127]
  • Wreath Wrath G [L. 19 G, L. 147 G]
  • Cold Sore G [L. 47 G, L. 147 G]
  • Rock Thrower G [L. 47 G, L. 147 G]
  • Cold Sore Z [L. 107 Z]
  • Rock Thrower Z [L. 107 Z]
  • Wreath Wrath Z [L. 107 Z]

  • Broken Ornament [L. 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 85 Z, 143 Z | 51 G, 150 G]

  • Frostbite [L. 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135]
  • Frostbite G [L. 28 G, L. 150 G]
  • Frostbite Z [L. 85 Z, 135 Z]

    Corrections thanks to Archlist.

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    1/20/2015 13:54:51   
    Times Silent Keeper

    Decorate the Battleon Tree - Special Cutscene

    «Scene: Yulgar's Inn»

    Hans: Wow, this mognog is great! You really should--
    ???: «You»! Come quick!
    «You»: Uh-oh, that sounds like Sage Uldor. Hopefully he just wants a mug.

    «You go to see Sage Uldor.»

    «You»: Hey Uldor! What's up?
    Uldor: I have just had a vision! A horrible omen from the future! We must act NOW before it is too late!
    «You»: Oh, good timing! Turns out I'll have a lot of free time on my hands. Zorbak just retired!
    Uldor: What? No! NO!! By the Elemental Lords, NO!!!
    «You»: Huh?
    Uldor: This is what my vision warned of! «You», for the good of all of Lore...

    «The scene zooms in on Uldor against a red background for dramatic effect.»

    Uldor: ...we have to stop Zorbak from retiring!


    «You return to Battleon.»

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    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 2
    1/20/2015 14:01:07   
    Times Silent Keeper

    Frostval 2014
    It's a Wonderful Life of Crime

    Location: Frostval '14: It's a Wonderful Life of Crime » It's a Wonderful Life of Crime

    «Scene: Yulgar's Inn, Lounge. The cutscene continues off from where Uldor speaks to you of his vision.»

    Sage Uldor: «You», for the good of all of Lore...

    «The scene zooms in on Uldor against a red background for dramatic effect.»

    Sage Uldor: ...we have to stop Zorbak from retiring!
    «You»: You've lost me.
    Sage Uldor: The vision was crystal clear: Zorbak, for all his misgivings, is a force of GOOD in this world! Without him, Lore would quickly descend into chaos!
    «You»: ... I'm pretty sure that you've got that backwards. He's constantly stirring up trouble and wars and... like, he even murdered an entire village and turned them undead once!
    Sage Uldor: I understand, but you must see the forest through the trees: he causes a tremendous amount of good that, on the whole, outweighs his occasional sin.
    «You»: "Occasional"? That's ALL he does!
    «You»: I mean, you probably can't even name three things that he's done that remotely resemble "good"!
    Sage Uldor: If that's the proof you need, then let's start with the leprechauns....
      «A flashback begins, returning to one of the Leprechaun wars where Zorbak was present.»

      Sage Uldor: Leprechauns are extremely intelligent, and have won many battles to amass their gold hoards.
      Sage Uldor: Their one weakness is their pride. And Zorbak is an expert at exploiting this.
      Zorbak: You lepre-chumps are dressed in puke-green again? If it's some military tactic to gross me out, then you're doin' it right!
      Zorbak: Too bad for your soldiers, though. I don't care how much gold you have, you couldn't pay me enough to wear THAT!

      «The general sentiment of D:< surrounds the Leprechauns. Uncle sham is fuming, red-faced with steam coming from his ears.»

      Sage Uldor: Without Zorbak putting their pride on the line...

      «Zorbak vanishes, and the Leprechauns exit the scene.»

      Sage Uldor: ...they'd have enough presence of mind to properly fight and defeat us soundly.

      «A GO-LD Walker suddenly appears and stomps the group of Rhubarb, Mercuria and Robina, still hanging around the scene. The flashback abruptly ends.»
    Sage Uldor: Although certainly not as soundly as Nightbane would!
      «The next flashback begins, this time on the events surrounding Nightbane. A black chest can be seen, lying on Darkovian soil.»

      Sage Uldor: If you recall, Zorbak led us straight to Darklaw - the legendary sword we used to defeat Nightbane.

      «Zorbak enters the scene, leading the way for Cyrus, Galanoth and E. The black chest on the ground opens, revealing the Darklaw.»

      Sage Uldor: Darklaw is the only thing that can harm Dracopyres. Without Zorbak, we would have had no hopes of finding it...

      «Zorbak vanishes from the scene, and the chest containing Darklaw does so shortly after. Nightbane enters the scene, unleashing a roar to the skies.»

      Sage Uldor: ...and no hopes of defeating Nightbane.

      «Nightbane unleashes a massive beam towards Cyrus, Galanoth and E. The flashback ends in a flash.»
    «You»: Yeesh. Okay, so Darkovia and most of Greenguard would be down, but at least Battleon would be safe?
    Sage Uldor: Alas, far from it! Remember the great pyromancer who burnt Battleon to the ground? The one who Zorbak helped us defeat?
    «You»: Oh no, you mean...!
    Sage Uldor: Drakonnan.
      «The flashback to The Great Fire War begins. A swarm of fire monsters can be seen, fighting against Battleon's own army. Zorbak enters from behind enemy lines, stomping on a Firezard's head. The impact leaves the Firezard flipped over, lying on its head.»

      Sage Uldor: Zorbak lent his army of undead to help us fight Drakonnan's forces. His aid was *essential* in our survival.

      «Zorbak raises his staff and his undead army rushes across the scene, striking all the fire mobs away from the scene. Amazingly, the Firezard that Zorbak struck beforehand survives the impact.»

      Sage Uldor: And then he brought down the force field guarding Drakonnan's domain, allowing us to finally defeat the pyromancer.
      Sage Uldor: A barrier generated by the Prime Fire Orb itself... few mages are capable of countering such powerful magic!

      «Zorbak fires dark bolts at the remaining Firezard. It gets struck off-screen. The attack also destroys the force field surrounding Drakonnan's lair.»

      «You»: That force field isn't really important if without him we wouldn't have survived in the first place!
      Sage Uldor: Precisely.

      «Zorbak vanishes from the scene once again. Drakonnan, commanding his fire army, exits his lair. A red beam blasts from Drakonnan's hand toward the Battleon army, ending the flashback.»
    Sage Uldor: Drakonnan would have reduced the continent of Battleonia to ashes...
    «You»: Okay, I get it now. We have to stop Zorbak or else the next Drakonnan will get us.
    Sage Uldor: *ahem* Drakonnan WOULD have reduced the continent of Battleonia to ashes, were it not for the ultimate threat that Zorbak is keeping at bay.
    Sage Uldor: Zorbak is keeping in check a threat so powerful that it could take down all of the aforementioned enemies at once.
    Sage Uldor: A threat of unparalleled evil that, once unleashed, will mean the death of us all...
    Sage Uldor: Kabroz.
    «You»: ....
    «You»: Kabroz?
    Sage Uldor: Kabroz.
    «You»: Kabroz.
    Sage Uldor: Kabroz.
    «You»: Marco?
    Sage Uldor: Polo. I mean-- Kabroz!
    «You»: Heh. Okay, yeah, you need to explain this one too. Kabroz is a D-list villain on a good week. There's no way he can be a threat to anything more than our sense of decency.
    Sage Uldor: That is only because Kabroz loves his brother. He is willing to put aside his evil ambitions in order to help out Zorbak's ebil schemes.
    Sage Uldor: Luckily, Zorbak always has something in the works, so Kabroz is constantly kept busy.

    «The scene changes to a view of Lore from space. A huge Kabroz rises from behind Lore.»

    Sage Uldor: Left to his own devices, Kabroz would inevitably perfect his zombification magic. He would take control of Battleonia, with only small pockets of life surviving his horde.
    Sage Uldor: The infection would spread, taking down all civilization, leaving Lore a barren zombie wasteland!

    «Lore, under the influence of Kabroz, slowly dulls and turns grey. The scene fades to black and switches back to your conversation with Uldor.»

    «You»: I... don't know what to say. A zombie apocalypse is... well, I've only heard about it from crazy people before.
    Sage Uldor: I am far from crazy. You know as well as I do that my visions are never wrong.
    Sage Uldor: You must believe me, «You»! You must stop Zorbak from retiring!
    «You»: But, like... can't we just deal with Kabroz instead? Throw him into the Guardian Tower jail and forget about him?
    Sage Uldor: You know how fate works. Were we to deal with Kabroz, someone else - someone much more threatening - would take his place.
    Sage Uldor: We need an ally we can work with. Someone who thinks like a villain, but is willing to help us out when things get serious.
    «You»: Someone ebil. *sigh*
    «You»: Okay, I'll... see what I can do, I guess.
    Sage Uldor: Godspeed, «You». The fate of the world rests in your hands!

    «The scene fades to black. You proceed to look for Zorbak at his home.»

    «You»: (thinking) Well, this is Zorbak's home. Seems to be unguar...
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «You enter Zorbak's home. Zorbak is at his work desk, sorting through paperwork.»

    Zorbak: A1... A1... A1... Mer? Oh, bleh, it's you. How'd that wreath taste?
    «You»: Oh, it was--
    «You»: (thinking) Whoa, slow down. If I'm going to talk some "sense" into him, then I should tone down the snark.
    «You»: --fine, thank you. How're you doing?
    Zorbak: Oh, I'm fiiiine. I'm looking over loan applicants right now. *rolls eyes* Tons of fun!
    «You»: Would you really be happy running a bank? I mean, we all know that you're 100% EBIL, and I'm not sure what you can get up to with boring bank stuff.
    Zorbak: You're right! Hey, maybe I should have you look over these. If you start your own bank, then you can LEAVE ME A LOAN.
    «You»: C'mon Zorbak, I'm worried. Retiring like this isn't like you. Are you sure that you wouldn't be happier working on more crazy undead?
    Zorbak: ... Why do you care?
    «You»: Well, we're friends, right?
    Zorbak: ....
    «You»: Acquaintances?
    Zorbak: .........
    «You»: Like, you wouldn't want to see me dead, right?
    Zorbak: ......................
    «You»: Dead by someone else's hand?
    Zorbak: Hm. I guess so.
    Zorbak: But that doesn't give me any reason to listen to you. Can't you just go celebrate Frostval and go somewhere else to act all sickeningly sweet? Ugh.
    Zorbak: I'm gonna have to get used to this, aren't I?
    «You»: Huh? Get used to what?
    Zorbak: You -- everyone -- acting like Little Mister Sunshine Pants! Without me, everything will be rainbows and flowers and sugary GOODNESS!
    Zorbak: Without me, all of you are probably going to declare world peace and start being all lovey-dovey. It makes me wanna puke.
    «You»: (thinking) He... he has no idea, does he? Huh. Maybe if I tone up the snark....
    «You»: Yeah, and knowing you, it'd drive you CRAZY. You'd crack.
    Zorbak: Psh. I can take it.
    «You»: No, you'd be in a nut house two weeks in. There's no way that you, Zorbak, the very definition of EBIL, can live with every day being Snugglefest. You can't even stand Frostval!
    Zorbak: I can take it! I've taken all these years of dealing with you, so I can definitely live in a world devoid of my EBIL presence!
    «You»: A world without you would be.... huh. Maybe...?
    «You»: Hang on. This gives me an idea.

    «You take Zorbak outside his home, and call for Uldor. Uldor can be seen holding a swirling crystal ball in his hand.»

    Zorbak: So let me get this straight.... Mr. Boring In Beige is gonna show me what the world would look like without me.
    «You»: Right! And it'll be 100% accurate, which means everything's rainbows and unicorns. Right, Uldor?
    Sage Uldor: Uh... correct, «You».
    Zorbak: If I can take it, then you'll be my personal servant. And if I can't take it, then...?
    «You»: (thinking) Tone down the snark, and play dumb. He already thinks that you're an idiot.
    «You»: Then you'll be happy! And Frostval is all about making people happy, which means that I've done my job as a hero!
    Zorbak: Ha! You hero types are so STUPID. You know that I'll win this.
    «You»: Maybe, but as a hero, I have to TRY!
    Zorbak: Mehehehe! Then let's do this!

    «Peering into the crystal ball, both you and Zorbak are taken into a world of sunshine and rainbows. Even the sun smiles at you! Everything is so bright, colorful and cheery.»

    Zorbak: Ugh, the colors! Did the Beige Mage turn up the brightness too high or something?!
    «You»: Nope! This is what your hideout would look like if you weren't constantly necrotizing every living thing around you.
    Zorbak: Seriously? It looks like someone puked this up after a paint-drinking contest!
    «You»: We can give up now if you want...?
    Zorbak: No way, I can take it! Let's go.

    «Zorbak comes across a rainbow. Leprechauns carrying a pot of gold slide down the rainbow and strike Zorbak right as he's passing the rainbow! For the remaining battles in this quest, you fight as Zorbak, with most of your inventory adjusted. Each battle that follows after this does not yield any exp nor gold.»
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battle #2
    Leprechaun #1: Oi! What was that fo'?!
    Zorbak: For bumping into me, you--
    «You»: Zoooorbaaaak, that's not very nice! Especially considering all the good they're doing for Battleon!
    Zorbak: Come again?
    «You»: Well, without you to constantly start wars with them, we were able to reach a peace deal with the leprechauns.
    Leprechaun #1: Aye! 'tis been eight blissful years of peace!
    Leprechaun #2: We've got a cushy job lookin' o'er Battleon's finances. In fact, we're just deliv'rin' a shipment o' gold t' them!
    Leprechaun #1: Aye, we should be headin' on our way. Ta-ta!

    «The leprechauns leave the scene, carrying their pot of gold.»

    Zorbak: The runts... are WILLINGLY giving away their gold?!?
    «You»: Yep! Leprechauns and humans are living in harmony!
    Zorbak: No way! That ham Sham would never agree to this!
    «You»: Are you sure? Have you ever tried talking to him?
    Zorbak: Erm. Not really...?
    «You»: Exactly. And as long as you're around, we can never really sit down and talk out our differences.
    Zorbak: I-- *groan* I feel dizzy. This doesn't make any sense!
    «You»: We could head back, if you want?
    Zorbak: Meh! No way! This is nothing!

    «Zorbak moves onward, while you stay behind for a short while. After Zorbak leaves the scene, Uldor appears.»

    Sage Uldor: This feels... wrong.
    «You»: What, lying to Zorbak and telling him that things'll be just peachy, when really we're trying to prevent a zombie apocalypse?
    Sage Uldor: Precisely! I understand the gravity of the situation, but I DO have a reputation to uphold. If it gets around that I'm actively deceiving people....
    «You»: Don't worry. I won't say a thing, and Zorbak hasn't clued in yet. We're in the clear.
    Sage Uldor: Thank you, «You». *sigh* Now you should hurry on before Zorbak gets into more trouble.

    «The next place Zorbak visits is Battleon itself. Walls built around town, everything looks really bright and cheery. Zorbak ends up at the entrance to the Guardian Tower, where two red-plated knights stand.»

    Knight #1: Hiya! Welcome to Battleon!
    Zorbak: Mer? Who are you?
    Knight #2: We are the Knights of King Konnan the Repentant! We are sworn to defend Battleon!
    Zorbak: Konnan? That... sounds....
    Zorbak: Wait-- Konnan as in DRAKONNAN?!
    Knight #1: Oof. Looks like you've only heard about our king's bad side. Yeah, he used to be a big villain years ago.
    Knight #2: But he has repented! He has done much good, and restored the land to peace and harmony!
    Knight #2: No one dares attack the innocent peoples of Battleon while our king wields the power of the Fire Orb!
    Knight #1: Yep. Word is that he was burning down a town, and saw a young man trying to pull his family from their flaming house.
    Knight #2: He saw himself mirrored in this youth - much as Akriloth razed his town, he is now demolishing this boy's! He was HORRIFIED!
    Knight #2: From that day forward, he swore to protect the innocent from monsters like what he had become!
    Knight #1: And he's been doing a REALLY good job of it. Even the people who still hold a grudge against him say that he's good at king-ing.
    Both Knights: All hail King Konnan!
    «You»: Remember, Drakonnan was originally a good guy. He just lost it a little when Akriloth killed his family. He only needed some time to grieve.

    «Zorbak turns to face you.»

    Zorbak: I don't-- so-- like-- I mean--
    Zorbak: 'Cause, when I helped you guys nuke Drak's army and off him--
    Knight #1: Ehh? Whatcha talking about?
    Zorbak: Grr. Right, this isn't real.

    «Zorbak turns around to face the knights.»

    Zorbak: So you guys have no idea who I am? Never seen me before?
    Knight #1: Nope. First time.
    Zorbak: Y'don't know my story? Who I work for? Who my family is?
    Knight #2: Alas, no. Should we?
    Zorbak: Nope, 'cause this way you won't be able to tattle on who kicked your sorry butts!
      2 BATTLES: Knight of the Fire Orb
      Full Heal after battle #2
    Zorbak: Mehehe!
    «You»: ZORBAK!
    Zorbak: Oh, lighten up. They're just illusions. What're they gonna do?
    Knight #1: Security breach on the west wall! Send reinforcements! Open fire!

    «A volley of fire arrows flies in from behind you.»

    «You»: RUN!!

    «Escaping Battleon, you find yourself in Darkovia.»

    «You»: *huff* *huff* I think-- think we lost-- them.
    Zorbak: Mehehe! Worth it!
    «You»: They may be-- *whew* illusions, but they can still HURT us! Uldor's illusions are THAT powerful!
    «You»: Now we can't enter Battleon and-- *huff*-- where-- are we, anyway?
    Zorbak: Looks like Darkovia?
    Zorbak: Heh. Still as dank and gloomy as ever! I guess that even you guys couldn't clean up the place!
    «You»: Are you suuuuure?

    «A Vampire Lord and an Alpha Were enter the scene.»

    Zorbak: Mehehe! I'm sure that these guys will assure you--
    Vampire: Hello, friends!
    Werewolf: Sorry, but this part of the woods is rather dangerous. We're from the Alliance - do you need some help getting through?
    Zorbak: ... Gawha?
    «You»: No thanks, we should be find. *grins* Although could you tell us about your Alliance?
    Werewolf: Oh, you must be new to the area. We're from HULA - the Human-Undead-Lycan Alliance.
    Vampire: We are dedicated to helping protect all the innocent peoples of Darkovia!
    Zorbak: You guys are WORKING TOGETHER?! You usually hate each other!
    Vampire: True, our people used to be at war, but we had to put aside our differences to fight the dreaded Nightbane the Dracopyre!
    Werewolf: After we offed him... well, it turns out that working together isn't such a bad idea. We get a LOT more done together!
    Zorbak: NIGHTBANE?! No way! There's NO. POSSIBLE. WAY. That you could defeat him without my help!
    Vampire: It cost many lives, but in the end the powers of unity and friendship won out!
    «You»: Huh. Looks like that whole "only Darklaw can harm dracopyres" was just an old wives' tale.
    Zorbak: Look, melon-head, I don't know what third-rate con told you that, but--
    «You»: Hey, don't shoot the messenger! I'm just saying what Uldor is showing us.
    Zorbak: I CAN SHOOT WHOEVER I LIKE! HEY! Tweedledee and Tweedledum! Get over here!
      1 BATTLE: Alpha Werewolf
      1 BATTLE: Vampire Lord

      Full Heal after battle #2
    Zorbak: ARRRRGGH! I've had enough of this!!
    «You»: So, you're giving up on our little bet?
    Zorbak: GRRRrrrhhhh... No, I'm... fine. This is... manageable. I can learn to live with this.
    «You»: Good! Then let's head north, to Frostvale!
    Zorbak: ... Have I mentioned lately how much I hate you?
    «You»: Eleven times in the past hour, actually.

    «Scene: Frostvale. Everything's decorated for Frostval, with lights and candy cane everywhere.»

    «You»: Yep! Just imagine this happening every year!
    Zorbak: BAH! NO! NO NO NO!

    «Zorbak fires dark bolts at a tree.»

    ???: Careful there! You almost broke it!
    Zorbak: That voice! It can't be--!
    Santa Kabby: It's a bit scuffed, but it's okay! Oh, ho ho ho! These things are a LOT hardier than when I was younger!
    Zorbak: KABROZ?!
    Santa Kabby: That's me! Although people around here call me 'Santa Kabby'. It's a silly name, I know! Oh, ho ho ho!
    Zorbak: What happened to you?! You used to be the second-best necromancer out there!
    Santa Kabby: Ohh? Sorry, friend, but I think you have me confused with someone else.
    Santa Kabby: I'm an inventor - a toymaker! I make toys for all the good girls and boys all year round!
    Zorbak: You're... GOOD?!
    Santa Kabby: One of the goodest! And if you're good too, then you'll get a nice gift from me this Frostval!
    «You»: Remember, Zorbak, YOU were the one who introduced him to necromancy. Without you--
    Zorbak: --without me he becomes a big idiot do-gooder!
    Santa Kabby: Ohh, you shouldn't say such things! Bad moglins won't get any gifts from me!
    Zorbak: Yeah? Well, sissies like you get your butts kicked!
      1 BATTLE: Santa Kabby
      Full Heal
    Santa Kabby: Ugggghh...
    Zorbak: Mehehehe! For the first time in this little adventure, I'm having fun!
    «You»: Hey! He's your brother!
    Zorbak: Psh. Like you've never gotten in a fight with your brother. And like always, I'm actually WINNING!
    Zorbak: Mehehehe... y'know, this isn't so bad. I can take this festive garbage if I can vent my spleen like this.
    «You»: !!!
    «You»: (thinking) Uldor, if you have a trump card, now's the time!
    Zorbak: I'm done here. If this is the worst you got, then--
    ???: Kabby? Oh, my Kabby!
    Mu-Glen: He's hurt! Someone call a cleric!
    Zorbak: Mu-Glen?! What are you doing?!

    «Zorbak approaches Mu-Glen. The scene zooms in on the two.»

    Mu-Glen: Helping my husband, you big brute!
    Zorbak: HUSBAND?! No, I'M your husband! You love ME!
    Mu-Glen: I could never love someone who hurt my Kabby like that! I HATE you!
    Zorbak: NO! Sweetums, just listen--

    «Zorbak tries to get closer to Mu-Glen, but is taken aback when Mu-Glen slaps him with her fan!»

    Mu-Glen: Don't you "Sweetums" me! Get away from me!
    Mu-Glen: Come on, Kabby, I'll get you help!

    «Mu-Glen moves to Kabby and takes the injured Kabby away from the scene to seek medical help.»

    Zorbak: ....
    «You»: I guess that without you being your 100% EBIL self, Mu-Glen falls in love with Kabroz!

    «Zorbak turns to face you.»

    Zorbak: .... *twitch*
    «You»: So, you can take this?
    Zorbak: *twitch* *twitch*
    «You»: I mean, it really looks like Mu-Glen there is really IN LUUUUUUV with Kabroz.
    Zorbak: *twitchtwitch* *twitchtwitchtwitch*
    «You»: Zorbak?

    «Zorbak jumps up in a fit of rage and starts yelling at the top of his lungs!»


    «Enraged, Zorbak shakes in anger. The anger diverts into magic building up within his staff, as he fires a dark bolt toward a tree, incinerating it in an instant. He then proceeds to fire his next shot toward you, instantly killing you. The last shot is fired toward the screen itself, which shatters. Zorbak walks towards the now broken screen, with rage filling his mind...»

    «The scene fades to black and the Frostval: IAWLOC shop opens. After leaving the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Frostval: IAWLOC

  • Solid Gold Guardian Blade [L. 1 G, 21 G, 41 G, 61 G, 81 G, 101 G, 121 G, 131 G, 141 G]

  • Knight of the Fire Orb [L. 1, 21, 41, 61, 81, 101, 121, 131 | 141 G]

  • HULA Hoop [L. 1, 21, 41, 61, 81, 101, 121, 131 | 141 G]

    Corrections thanks to Archlist.

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    Times Silent Keeper

    Frostval 2014
    It's a Wonderful Life of Crime
    Killing Spree Ending

    Location: Frostval '14: It's a Wonderful Life of Crime » Killing Spree Ending

    «You can skip the following cutscene at any time.»

    «Scene: Simulacrum of the cheery Frostvale without Zorbak. The town is completely destroyed from Zorbak's rage. Following the events of the previous installment, Uldor finds and heals you. Zorbak is nowhere to be found.»

    «You»: Ugh... did someone get the number of that carriage?
    Sage Uldor: «You»! Thank the Lords! My healing magic is not so potent, so it took me a while to heal your wounds.
    «You»: Thanks, Uldor. What ha-- oh no! Frostvale's under attack!
    Sage Uldor: True. Zorbak's gone berserk, and is destroying everything in sight!
    «You»: We have to stop him!
    Sage Uldor: Why?

    «An explosion off-screen sends some rubble flying in.»

    «You»: Because of THAT!
    Sage Uldor: You mean the simulacra?
    «You»: Yes, the-- what?
    Sage Uldor: Simulacra. Illusions. Holograms. Magical constructs.
    Sage Uldor: Remember: this is a dream world. Nothing here is real. No one is being killed. No one is feeling any pain.

    «Another rumble shakes the screen.»

    Zorbak: Mercy is for the weak!
    «You»: -_-
    Sage Uldor: They're incredibly realistic simulacra. They can mimic emotions, intelligence, and yes, even pain.
    «You»: Okay... I guess that makes sense. Dream world, and whatnot.
    «You»: So, what do we do now?
    Sage Uldor: Well, Zorbak seems to be enjoying himself.
    «You»: So he's enjoying being ebil? That's great! Maybe this'll show him that he should stay a villain!
    «You»: All we have to do is wait for him to burn down the place, and he'll be all "Durhurhur, this is great! I'ma go back to villaining!"
    Sage Uldor: Unlikely. He's bound to run out of mana eventually. He can't take on a whole town - especially one the size of Frostvale - by himself.
    «You»: Tsk. Can't you just shrink the town? This IS your illusion, after all!
    Sage Uldor: Alas, no. At least, not without removing you and Zorbak from this vision. And re-entering a second vision would require Zorbak's consent...

    «One more explosion from off-screen!»

    Moglin: Urk... I think I... survived....
    Zorbak: NO ONE SURVIVES!

    «Another explosion!»

    «You»: Yeah, that's not really an option.
    Sage Uldor: I suppose that you could help him?
    «You»: You mean... you want me to beat up innocent Frostvalers?!
    Sage Uldor: Illusions of Frostvalers, yes.
    «You»: Well... I guess. If they're just illusions, I guess I can help him along. Yeah, I can beat up a few illusions.
    Sage Uldor: I could even let more people into this world to help you along?
    «You»: Oh, I definitely know a few people who'd love to get a piece of this.

    «The scene fades to black...»

    It's A Wonderful Life Of Crime:
    Killing Spree Ending!

    For the greater good, we can't let Zorbak retire! And because he seems to be enjoying destroying this hologram of Frostvale, we need to do everything in our power to help him. So for the first time in your life, it's up to you to ruin Frostval!
  • Fight!
      How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Five

      «If you select any other than ENDLESS: You will now fight «» wave(s) before returning to camp!»
      «If you select ENDLESS: You will now fight waves endlessly until you flee from battle!»
  • Guests
    • With Sandy Claws
    • With WolfWing
    • With Twig
    • With Mercuria
    • By yourself
  • Explore Camp
  • Return to Town

  • Potion Bag - Refills potions if you have less than 4 health potions on hand (Guardian Only).
  • Twig - Twig was pwomised fish and ice cweam!
  • Mercuria - Mercuria isn't evil - she's just here to help give some extra firepower!
  • Sandy Claws - The evil Clawg has been wanting to get his claws on Frostval for some time now!
  • WolfWing - Though it's a bit out of his way, WolfWing always loves to get a bite of tasty moglin!
  • Frostvale Moglins - +0.1 BTH per Moglin struck down. Max of +20.0 BTH (200 Moglins).

    To Battle!
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battle #2

      «This ends one wave. Depending on the option you selected above, you will go through that many waves.»
    «After 100% of Frostvale's army was defeated, several Moglins riding adorable little creatures enter the scene.»

    Frost Moglin: We represent... THE LOLLIPOP GUILD!
    «You»: The Lollipop Guild?
    Frost Moglin: The Lollipop Guild! We represent the Lollipop Guild!
    Frost Moglin: And in the name of the Lollipop Guild, we're here to give you a swift execution!
    «You»: *sigh* Just try it, you munchkins.
      2 BATTLES: Frostvale Avenger (2)
      Full Heal after each battle
    «Post-war, Frostvale is nothing but ruins, with Frost Moglin corpses lying everywhere.»

    Zorbak: WHO'S NEXT?!?!
    «You»: I don't think that anyone's left. I think you finally destroyed Frostvale.
    Zorbak: You mean... I finally did it?! I finally ruined Frostval?!
    ???: And it'll be the last thing you do, villain!

    «Konnan enters the scene!»

    «You»: Drakonnan?!
    King Konnan: That is King Konnan to you. And I don't know who you are, but I'm giving you one chance to surren--
    Zorbak: You don't know who I am?! I am ZORBAK! 100% EBIL! Necromancer extraordinaire! Ruiner of Frostval!
    King Konnan: If you surrender now, I'll be merci--
    Zorbak: No way! When I'm through with you, more than your armor'll be red!
    «You»: (thinking) Zorbak's probably out of mana, and he's taking on DRAKONNAN? I better stop this....
    «You»: Hey Red! I'm not gonna let you ruin our fun here!
      1 BATTLE: Konnan
      Full Heal (even if defeated)

        «If you succeeded in defeating Konnan, the simulacrum starts to disintegrate around you.»

        «You»: What's happening?!

        «The simulation flickers and vanishes, leaving back a standard blue screen of an operating system crash with the following white text against a grey background:»


        ERROR - a fatal error has occurred. Aborting...

        «The scene then changes to the outside of Zorbak's home.»
        «If you are defeated, the simulacrum abruptly comes to an end, and you find yourself back outside Zorbak's home.»

        «You»: Ow ow ow! What happened?
        Sage Uldor: I noticed that you were experiencing difficulties, so I ended the illusion. You're safe, and back on the real Lore.
    Zorbak: I did it! I DID IT! MeheheheHEHEHEHE!
    Zorbak: I finally ruined Frostval! And it felt... EBIL! It felt GOOD to be EBIL!
    «You»: So, you're going to stay ebil? Or are you going back to banking?
    Zorbak: Pfft, banking? That's for losers like you. Me? I haven't felt this ebil in a LONG time! There's no way I'd give this up!
    Zorbak: Besides, having you as a servant without doing anything ebil would be lame. Mehehe!
    Zorbak: See you LOSERS later! I have PLANS to make!

    «Zorbak leaves the scene.»

    Sage Uldor: «You», you did it! With Zorbak back to his ebil ways, our world is once again safe!
    «You»: Well, yeah, assuming that we can deal with Zorbak.
    «You»: Anyway, I'm off - I've got a job to do.
    Sage Uldor: Oh?
    «You»: Yeah, Frostvale's hired the Guardians to help deliver presents.
    Sage Uldor: Curious. I thought that they only did that when Frostvale is attacked, and they need the presents delivered quickly?
    «You»: Usually! But we did such a great job for the past dozen years, that they decided to just skip Plan A and hire us directly.
    Sage Uldor: That's.... quite practical, I must admit.

    «Zorbak peeks from behind his home. The scene zooms in on Zorbak.»

    Zorbak: Mehehe! And for my first act of ebil, I'm gonna RUIN THEIR GIFT DELIVERY!

    «The scene fades to black and the Frostval: IAWLOC: KSE shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Frostval: IAWLOC: KSE

  • Lollipop Mace [L. 7, 27, 47, 67, 87, 107, 127 | 137 G, 147 G]

  • Candy Cane Cataclysm [L. 7, 27, 47, 67, 87, 107, 127 | 137 G, 147 G]

  • Vampoglin Lord [L. 7, 27, 47, 67, 87, 107, 127 | 137 G, 147 G]

    Correction thanks to Archlist.

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    Times Silent Keeper

    Frostval 2014
    Gift Delivery!

    Location: Frostval '14: It's a Wonderful Life of Crime » Gift Delivery!

    Zorbak was going to give up on being a villain, but for the greater good we changed his mind! A trip through a dream world where he didn't exist was enough to show him that he's better off leading a life of crime! However, one final task remains: Delivering the gifts before the New Year to make sure that everyone has a happy Frostval!
  • Deliver a gift!
      How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Five

      «If you select any other than ENDLESS: You will now fight «» wave(s) before returning to camp!»
      «If you select ENDLESS: You will now fight waves endlessly until you flee from battle!»
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

    Twilly: Hiyas! It's time to deliver all the Frostval gifts! We only have until the end of the year to do it!!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please - Full Heal, continues with dialogue below
  • Let me handle this! - Ends dialogue
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

  • Potion Bag - Refills potions if you have less than 4 on hand (Guardian Only).
  • Background - Nighttime in Frostvale is the coldest time of all. Dress warmly!
  • Ice Moglins - The Ice Moglins hail you as a hero for saving Frostval! Time to deliver some presents!
  • Artix - Click on Artix's axe to have him join you in battle! He will replace any other guests.
  • Artix's Axe - Artix Krieger the Paladin will join you in battle!
  • Robina - Click on Robina's bow to have her join you in battle! She will replace any other guests.
  • Robina's Bow - Robina the Ranger will join you in battle!
  • Galanoth - Click on Galanoth's sword to have him join you in battle! He will replace any other guests.
  • Galanoth's Sword - Galanoth the Dragonslayer joins you in battle!
  • Warlic - Click on Warlic's staff to have him join you in battle! He will replace any other guests.
  • Warlic's Staff - Warlic will help you in battle!
  • Presents
    • This one is addressed to -- Xov Arakue?!?! Better deliver it last.
    • Oooooh, this present is going to the Guardian Tower. I wonder what's in it?
    • I wonder what's inside? *shake shake sha-- CRACK tink tink* ._.; You saw nothing.
    • This present is shaped like a toaster. Wait, what's a toaster?
    • This present looks like it was crushed in the war. Hopefully it wasn't too fragile.
    • Red, red gift. Go to my head, make me forget that I still need her so.
    • The wrapping is green. It's making you feel a little envious of whoever gets it.
    • Purple gift, purple gift. I only wanted to see you playing with the purple gift.
    • This one is surprisingly heavy. Hopefully it's not full of coal.
    • This gift may be blue, but whatever's inside definitely won't make you feel blue!
    • Is that... a bobcat in here? Who exactly packed this one?

    Gift Delivery!
    «You ride on a ReignDragon as you proceed to deliver a present through the woods. You obtain the ReignDragon Rider as an armor.»
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
    «You»: That was no problem! Now to deliver the gift!

    «You proceed to a random player's house. After three knocks...»

    !!!: Woah! Thank you so much! This is the best Frostval ever!
  • :-)

    «This concludes one wave. You repeat the above (skipping directly to battle) for the number of waves you selected before. Upon completion of the required number of waves, you return to the war camp. Once 100% of the gifts have been delivered...»

    «You»: We did it! All the gifts are delivered!
    Chilly: Not so fast! I checked the list a second time, and some presents didn't get delivered!
    «You»: But they're not here! Where would they be??

    «Robina enters the scene.»

    Robina: «You»! I found some tracks! It looks like someone's been stealing the gifts!
    «You»: Well, let's go get 'em! We're running out of time!

    «The scene fades to black. The tracks lead to Zorbak, standing atop a pile of gifts.»

    «You»: Stop right there, Zorbak!

    «You enter the scene.»

    «You»: Whatever scheme you're planning, it ends NOW!
    Zorbak: No way! Frostval's gonna be ruined! At least for the hundred or so people whose gifts I have here!
    «You»: Not on my watch!
      1 BATTLE: Zorbak
      Full Heal
    «You»: Now why couldn't we have just gotten this out of the way three weeks ago?
    Zorbak: Oof.... You might've beaten me, but there's no way that you'll deliver all these gifts in time!
    «You»: No way! I'll... actually, that IS a pretty big mountain....

    «Robina enters the scene.»

    Robina: Don't worry, I'll help! I'm an expert at these kinds of things!

    «Cyrus and Galanoth enter the scene.»

    Galanoth: My dragonslayers can help deliver gifts!
    Cyrus: While riding on my dragon soldiers, naturally!

    «Cenara enters the scene.»

    Cenara: I've got a whole underground network in Darkovia! You don't have to worry about presents there.

    «Warlic appears into the scene.»

    Warlic: I can teleport gifts directly into people's homes!

    «Rhubarb and Elizabeth enter the scene.»

    Elizabeth: My ninjas will deliver gifts as swift as the wind!
    Cap'n Rhubarb: Not as fast as me pirates! I'll race ya!

    «Kamui enters the scene.»

    Kamui: It should be trivial to reprogram my attack drones to deliver gifts!
    «You»: Uhh... are you sure that's such a good idea?
    Kamui: Of course! They're fully tested and everything! What could go wrong?
    «You»: Point. Okay, I think that we have enough people! Let's go!
    Zorbak: Wait!!!

    «Zorbak steps out from behind the crowd that has gathered around the gifts.»

    Zorbak: You all had to join together to stop me? Mehehe! That means that none of you losers could stop me by yourselves!
    Robina: That's right, but you'll always be a failure as long as we're friends!
    Zorbak: Bah, you'll see! One day I'll beat you all and destroy Frostvale!

    «Zorbak turns to face Robina.»

    Zorbak: Do you hear me?! I'll destroy you, Frostvale!

    «Zorbak escapes away from the scene and the scene fades to black. Zorbak goes to Darkovia...»

    Zorbak: I'll destroy you, Darkovia!


    Zorbak: I'll destroy you, Battleon!


    Zorbak: I'll destroy you, Greenguard!

    «...his own lair...»

    Zorbak: I'll destroy you, Zorbak's Lair!
    Kabroz: Oh, shut up, you pencil geek!
    Zorbak: Kabroz!

    «Zorbak enters his lair to find Kabroz in the midst of controlling a zombie.»

    Kabroz: Be quiet, brother! I'm on the verge of an amazing discovery!
    Zorbak: Well, drop it! We have... PLANS... to make!

    «Kabroz ceases control on the zombie which immediately flops to the ground and disappears. Crisis has yet again been averted!»

    Kabroz: Ooh! Does that mean that you've given up on that useless banking plan?
    Zorbak: Yep, and I've got a lot of time to make up for! Those simpletons in Battleon have no idea what's coming!
    Zorbak: (simultaneously) Mehehehe!
    Kabroz: (simultaneously) Mwahahaha!

    «The scene fades to black. Back at Frostvale, a treasure chest can be seen. Sage Uldor enters the scene.»

    Sage Uldor: Congratulations, «You»! You've restored the natural order and saved Frostval, all without anyone getting hurt!

    «Gifts suddenly fly across the scene and Kamui runs across, an attack drone chasing him. Kamui screams:»

    Kamui: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! Abort! Abort!
    Sage Uldor: ...all without anyone getting killed! I think it's time to open your well-earned presents!

    «The treasure chest opens and the Frostval 2014: Delivery shop opens. Once you leave the shop:»

    Sage Uldor: Happy Frostval to all, and may your wishes come true! Be sure to check your Gift Boxes when they open on New Year's Eve! Remember, you can get your Gift Boxes in the Guardian Tower ONLY until New Year's Eve!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Replay Intro
  • Replay Part 1
  • Replay Part 2
  • Back to Town
    Frostval 2014: Delivery

  • Melee Flaming Sword [L. 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135 | 145 G]
  • Magic Flaming Sword [L. 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135 | 145 G]
  • Throwing Halo [L. 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135 | 145 G]

  • Angelic Robes [L. 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135 | 145 G]

  • Harp [L. 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135 | 145 G]

  • Healing Wings [L. 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135 | 145 G]

  • Snow Angel [L. 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135 | 145 G]

  • Angel Bells [L. 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 145 G]

    House Items
  • Frostval '14: It's a Wonderful Life of Crime [L. 0 Z]

    Corrections thanks to Archlist.

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