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(AQ) The epic of Paul The First

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Paul started poor farmer in the kingdom of Rend who lived in small farming community who found life very boring but quite stable. Then one night everything changed a nest vampires who ran from Darkovia found the the small community and attacked. The villager including Paul knew how to fight since they had to protect their crops from all kinds of beasts and managed to put a good fight at first Paul himself managed to slay about 4 vampires but the nest was big and for every vampire slain 4 took its place he knew right then that this was the end of him and the community but in that moment he felt more alive then ever and griped his sword and with a smile on his face and with a feeling of excitment he went on the attack and managed to slay 7 more vampires and hurt a lot more of them slashing and trusting trough them like crazy.

The vampire nest felt threatened and was even pushed back by the ferocity Paul had until the nest leader made his appearance and in that moment Paul saw him he attacked but this was not a average vampire this was a vampire lord who with lighting reflexes grabbed the neck of the young farmer strangling him and hitting the ground with him. After half of hour of being beaten mercilessly the Vampire lord showed Paul the dead and drained bodies of his neighbors and then with one more hit on the ground Paul lost conscience.

A couple of hours later Paul woke up beaten and injured but alive for some reason the vampire lord spared him, an mistake he said to himself, the vampire will pay for this later as the injured former farmer raised himself up took his remaining possessions and went in the direction of Battleon the city of adventures and the best place for him to improve his skills.

Chapter 1:Training and weakness

4 months later Paul is training under Blackhawke the local fighter trainer in Battleon and according to rumors in town the strongest fighter in town and also the trainer of thousands of fighters until Paul.

"You really have no talent in fighting Paul, you are training under me for 3 months now, and you still lack form and precision, with only speed and strength you will not go far. I have to interrupt our training for now the best way for you to get out of this slump is with real life adventuring so I will recommend that you go to Darkovia and try to protect one of the villages there."
Paul watches him with a serious look and says " I will listen to your words teacher and promise I would become stronger when I'll be back."
"Damn BlackHawke who does he thinks he is telling me I have no talent when I will come back I will beat the hell out of him."

During his way towards Darkovia Paul heard a noise and when he turned he saw a yeti and immediately went in to his fighting stance with him on one knee with his shield in his left arm protecting most of his body and with his sword in his right prepared for trusting and stabbing all for engaging the creature in combat, at first he tried to stab it but he did not had the power to puncture the Yeti's tough hide and in that moment the creature with a backside hit of his arm hit Paul so hard that he flew several meters directly in a tree and almost lost consciousness and with blurry sight saw the yeti closing on him and knew that the beast will finish the job.
Paul terrified as the beast raised it arm and made a fist wished that he was stronger, wished he would have been strong enough to kill the beast to live and become even stronger to get his revenge to be strong enough to fight a god but that will not happen, he thought his end is near but he heard a sound and saw the Yeti cut in half and when his upper body fell down detached from his lower body he saw a man dressed in a golden armor.

"Who are you?" Paul said watching surprised

"My name is Artix the leader of the paladin order and I am here to help you"

"Why are you here to help me" Said Paul with a serious look.

"I was sent by Blackhawke he said you might need help and he was right"

-grunting-"Hitting someone who is down is not heroic you know" said Paul while taking Artix's hand to get up.

"So why did Blackhawke asked you to help me? I thought he left me on my own too become stronger"

"You just lost against a mediocre monster in Darkovia how would you survive on your own against a alfa werewolf or a vampire lord or a necromancer?"

"Vampire lord' the word that made Paul's blood boil noticing how far he was from defeating one.
"Can you help me Artix can you make me stronger can you train me to become more powerful then a Vampire lord?"

"I will see for you did not shown any potential but I will see what I can at the paladin temple"

On the road to the paladin temple a Artix while wondering what to do with the young fighter heard a sound and from the shadows of Darkovia, 5 vampires appeared ready to attack. Artix got his hand on his axe and was ready to finish the undead when he saw Paul going at them, and it was a sight, his attack speed was impressive he took 2 vampires down with 2 swings of his sword blocked the attacks of the 3 other vampires and then counterattacked with a stab in the heart of one of them and dodged the attack of another one the rolled got right behind him and with a lounge and slash decapitated him while the last one ran only to be killed by one of Artix's legendary slashes.

-grin- "I was wrong about you do have potential" Artix praised the young adventurer while remembering the times he went against millions of undead alone doing similar things.
"Do you wanna become a paladin?"
"Do you wanna be more powerful?"
"Do you wanna test your limits?"
"Do you wanna protect the innocents and destroy evil?"
"Do you wanna have true power?" Artix asked the young warrior.

Such questions while surprising also addressed his biggest desires and his answer was no doubt in it.
"I do I wanna become a paladin to be more powerful, to break my limits to protect innocents and to destroy evil to gain such power that I could challenge the powers of this world." Yelled Paul with a conviction he never had before.

"Then welcome to the paladin order" welcomed Artix the young warrior with a huge smile on his face.

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Chapter 2:Life in the paladin order

4 months passed in the paladin order and the training included more or less the same techniques Blackhawke teached him but with one difference there used in real combat. While Blackhake had quite a lot of mock fightings there where just mock fighting s he knew he will not die. But here trainees are sent every day to protect the villages of Darkovia and put the skills they learn to good use. His precision increased a lot his form also a lot and he knows that because he manged to kill a Yeti on his own he dodged all the beasts attacks and finished it with a well placed hit under its chin killing it instantly.

Among all of Artix students he was the second strongest overall but he was lacking in his magic training besides not having any talent he also had a lack of mana having a small mana pool he could not cast more then one low level spell before getting exhausted.

The other students looked up to Paul he was not as gifted as most of them but he surpassed most of them besides one single other trainee named Rick. Rick was born a noble and trained as a knight while not becoming one since he was a toddler, that being said Rick was not a better melee fighter then Paul but he was good enough to contend with him the difference was in magic he was able to use magic attacks specifically light magic attacks which gave him the edge.
Paul and Rick sparred about 30 times in their year long training and Paul always lost as he could not find a way to make up for the difference that magic gave Rick but everything changed after one adventure.

"Hey all its time to go on the field!!!" Yelled Artix
"Its time for you all to gain real experience. One of Darkovia's human villages is attacked and now its time for you to do what you where trained."

"Yay lets fight!!!" Yelled the trainees.

The journey to the village was meet with little resistance after all they were dozens of well trained warriors led by the most powerful paladin ever known and you could feel the confidence the trainees that until they reached the village.
In the village they saw the a small army of vampires numbering in the hundreds and all the villagers dead. This made the trainees mad and in spite of Artix telling them all to stop and stay in formation they attacked like beast but it was a mystake. The vampire where not weak and they where organized they quickly took advantage in the number superiority and ganged on the paladin trainees and slaughter ins sued. Most trainees where quickly killed many by having their blood drained others thanks to skill and/or luck they managed to form a formation delaying their death but 2 of them Rick and Paul stood their ground quickly disposing of the vampires that ganged up on them and began a ferocious attack on the vampire horde their skills where good enough that together they manged to slay dozens of vampires even making the horde considering retreat until a order was held.

"If any of you dare to retreat I will make you ghouls!!!" A vampire lord said threatening to the remaining army.

Hearing that the vampire army began an assault on the 2 brave paladins and while skilled the young paladins began to realize they are outmatched they could not overcome the numerical superiority of the vampires gathering injury after injury their parries started to be slower they counters even more slower which as a result gathered more injuries until they where put on their knees by pain waiting to be finished. When a vampire was about to finish Paul with swift cut with his blade on the neck of the young warrior suddenly he was hit by small orb of light but not only him the entire vampire army was hit by it making them ash upon contact. Such a powerful attack could have only been made by one single person Artix.
Closing in the injured trainees Artix said "Good job you bought needed time to charge this spell." While saying that tendrils of darkness grabbed Artix.

"Did you really think that it will kill me also it gave me ugly burns but it did not kill me I ma far above this minions but it took a while to gather such a army and for that you will be the first to my new army."

With speed that few could react the vampire lord quickly grabbed Artix head and prepared to bit him but in that moment Rick manged to interrupt the gruesome moment by making a attack on the vampire lord a thing that forced him to move from Artix. But it was only a small interruption as the vampire lord quickly closed the gap between him and Rick got him by his neck and started crushing it.

"Its clear that he used a spell to recover from his injuries so fast. But how can I help him if I force myself trough the injuries I might saved him for a moment but I will just delay this." thinked Paul. He found the solution while he can not use high level spells at all and low level ones more then a few times with potions he can use a spell he practiced hours upon hours called holy light. He began by craging light in his weapon the letting it flow in his body becoming one with it then a strike so fast so strong that it was impossible to react at it hit the vampire lord cutting him from his chest to his left shoulder. The vampire lord screamed in pain releasing Rick but then with a rage unseen before he began covering itself in darkness determined to use its full power on this 2 pests from his point a view but it was to late a slash and his head was cut from his body and his remains started to transform in ash above them standing Artix.

"Good job you 2 you make our order proud." Said Artix to the 2 inured but proud trainees.
"The rest of you are a shame!!!" Yelled Artix at the group that managed to regroup and stand his ground after which he took a scroll read it and light started covering the village resurrecting all the dead trainees.
"This was your graduation exam and many of you failed, the trainnes from the group that stood its ground without acting when your fellow trainees where getting killed you failed the ones that died you passed and you 2 passed with honors." Said Artix while looking with eyes full of pride at Rick and Paul.

"Why did we failed? We survived we where not killed by the vampires." said a trainee from the regrouping group

"You did but instead of going back to attack the vampires you cowered in that group, we paladins fight with our lives on the line each time we take no concern for it that is what it means at its core to be a paladin and that is why you failed and the one slayed passed." Yelled Artix at them and his message was understood if they want to became full fledged paladins they need to be braver.

On the road to the temple and home of the order Rick watched Paul and felt something something he hated that it was inside him jealousy he bested him in every fight but each time he knew that gap was getting closer and closer in spite of all his work to keep it as far as possible and he really did not want that to happen but for now he could just train harder.

At the temple the graduates got their paladin weapons it was either a sword, bow or an axe depending at what they where most proficient at. Rick got a sword and Paul got a axe. The paladin weapons where weapons made in magical light and they where quite deadly against dark based creatures like Vampires and most if not all undead.

After the graduation Artix called the 2 heroes of the battle to a discussion "Rick you have great potential as a paladin you can even surpass me at some point with experience and more advanced training that we can offer and we are gonna do it, Paul also great potential but your lack of mana will only hinder you here to become even stronger you need another kind of training and I know exactly what berserk training this help you improve a lot you mastered the basic martial skills now you must refine and master the advanced ones." Said to the 2 fledgling heroes.

Before Paul left he had one last duel with Rick the fight started with rick doing a sword slash at Paul's neck that was easily parried and folowed by a counterattack by Paul's axe trying a slash at his opponents belly which was blocked and countered by Rick with a stab in the abdomen the was deflected and followed with a slash at the feet that was dodged and followed by slash at the lower belly with this kind of dance going for minutes until Rick retreated several feet and used holy might a attack that Paul had no way to dodge and a hot that made a huge cut from the left side of his belly to his shoulders making him almost kneel in pain, but using all the willpower he could master and thanks to his immense endurance instead he made a roll forward for several meters turned around followed by a a immediate holy might attack that took Rick by surprise because he had not time to even even turn around after his magical attack resulting in a hit on his back side that madea diagonal cut forcing him to fall on the floor unable to move.
Shortly after Rick was healed but his pride was not and knew he was surpassed something that began to affect him from now on.

Several days later Paul took his new gear his axe and armor with his other belongings and went on the road to seek berserk training.

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Chapter 3:All hail the nemesis

Life in the vampire castle was strange, nest upon nests of vampire where living there, each under the rule of a vampire lord or worse a ancient vampire under a strict hierarchy and all of them answered to one vampire stronger then any of them Safiria. She was the most powerful vampire that ever lived and her mere presence demanded respect.

In the throne room all the ancient vampires and the strongest vampire lords gathered to discuss and decide important matters with Safiria presiding upon them, of course if she decided anything it will be followed but she did like to give her subjects the illusion of rights. The room was filled with arguments on what they should do about the werewolves, the paladins and the slayers, the ancient vampires wanted to focus on defense minding caution their strategy being as it was until now and the vampire lords wanted to focus on the offensive giving their all but both where cautious on what to do about the new threat werepyres hybrids between werewolves and vampires each of them with all the strengths but none of the weaknesses of these 2 powerful subraces and mutants.
While in a heated argument the door of the throne room where opened and a vampire lord came in.
"I see you still all argue like fools do you never get tired?" Said the new arrival.
"You do not belong here youngling." Said one of the ancient vampire.

Upon hearing these words the vampire lord transformed in to a could of darkness and with incredible speed soon appeared in front of the ancient vampire ready to take his heart but he was interrupted his hand stopped in a grip by none other then Safiria queen of vampires.

"Do you dare to spill blood in my throne room Lucian." Said the the angry queen.

Immediately kneeling Lucian said" I apologize my queen I forgot my place."

"Yes the place I decide, now welcome back in the fold my favorite." Said the queen with in a soothing voice.

"My queen I came and I am ready to heed your orders what do you want from your enforcer." Said Lucius with determination.

"I want you to investigate this werepyres and find out as much as you can about them and you are allowed to use your human form for this mission." Ordered the vampire sovereign.

"I will do as you command." Lucius gleefully said

Lucius was happy that he could use his human form again he hated his vampire lord form and could only use it if the queen gave permission it was a geas only she could lift. The hate came from the limitation that form had sure the strength, agility and speed where increased but it was rigid and the arms do not allow for good weapon griping and forces you to use any weapon like a club. But there was something else that made him happy the prospect of a worthy opponent, he was the strongest vampire after the queen few enemies where his match but this was not what he was looking for he wanted a worthy opponent someone who's eyes showed him his death. He saw that in the eyes of the farmer he spared a couple years ago and spared him with the hope that farmer will come back as his nemesis as his doom, he wanted to die but a death in battle against someone who outmatched him who saw his death as a goal.

He had many opponents who had those eyes but few where a challenge for him so he decided to create an challenge the reason for the farmer surviving.
He could piss Safiria enough and she would kill him but it will mean nothing she is far above him in every way and it will be like being squashed as a bug there is no goal in killing a bug there is no powerful desire to kill a bug you just kill it.

Among werepyres might be someone who could give him the kind of death he wanted and he could not hide his happiness at such a prospect. Death against a worthy opponent is his ultimate goal.

So is the wish of Lucius the enforcer of the queen.

On his way to the werepyres territory he had several encounters with different monsters a couple of undead Yeti whom he easily dispatched in his human form thanks to his master level swordsmanship his favorite tactic against them was when the Yeti tried a hit with their arms like a back hand hit or a gorilla smash he stabbed one of the arms and used the sword now stuck in the arm of the yeti to push himself in the air right above the undead yeti landing on his feet on the shoulders of the beast then proceeding with grabbing the head of the creature then ripping it out of the body of the undead creature. This where mere playthings that brought no real challenge but he liked to experiment on them new fighting methods.

He also met some werewolves most of them as as strong as regular vampires more or less so they where not a challenge also but he like to keep himself in shape so he played with them with his sword blocking and countering with them to keep his skills with the sword sharp and when he got bored he used his superior speed to get passed their guard ad take their heart out killing them. Of course he did meet stronger opponents like a Alpha Werewolf in large cause because he had to pass trough werewolf territory. Fighting the Alpha Werewolf was a challenge his speed and strength where a match for him and his huge regenerating ability was a problem but he developed ways to fight them what he used now was his favorite he parried and countered the hits of the werewolves for a while until he feigned a weakness or to be more specific a place to bite and when the werewolf lounged to bite he immediately got his dagger and stabbed the werewolf under his chin and trough to his upper jaws stunning him enough for him to make a decapitation strike with his sword.

This is why he liked his human form its had finesse that his vampire form was not capable of in that form it will have been mostly a brawl where the winner will be the one who can hit harder and faster.

Lucius remembered his days as a warlord bend on war and fighting ready to make his mark on history. It was hundreds of years ago he began as a adventurer and his renown and power gathered many followers until he had a army after which he had dreams of conquest and glory but mostly fighting and set its sights on Darkovia, Lucius army started a great campaihn in the dark forest reaching the castle of the queen of vampires and his army slaughtered thousands of vampires and he slaughtered hundreds of them himself. There Safiria showed herself and with her great powers over blood began killing most of his army but such a feat exhausted the Queen and gave Lucius the chance to engage her in a straight up fight. The Queen dodged every hit being far faster then him but Lucius was a experienced fighter and doing what he did best against faster opponents he let her get close centimeters from him and then used an fire bomb who Safiria dodged but Lucius dropped alchemist fire potions on the ground during the break and lead course of the battle where the potions where until Safiria steeped on one of them which exploded burning the Queen and stunning her just enough for him to make a slash at her neck, but it was to slow and only grazed the queen who dodged just fast enough for it to not cut any deeper. It was the last chance as blood started to boil in his body he kneel'ed in pain the queen got close and stuck her fangs inside his neck and began draining him of blood then just when he was at his last drop she force feed him her blood making him a vampire.

Its unknown to him what happened in the hours he was just transformed he can not remember but when he gained his sentience days after he found out most of his army was dead and the rest transformed in vampires.

He does not resent Safiria for making him a vampire its a great existence for him he is always in an constant blood lust and the hunts for as an vampire and enforcer makes him feel amazing, but he also feels limited and the geas became a burden for him. A few years ago when he was bored he killed a ancient vampire and a member of the council because he made a snide remark and was banished by Safiria together with his nest it was a short exile but full of hunts with whole villages destroyed and he realized these was short of the happiness he felt when fighting someone worthy in his eyes another reason he spared the farmer and kept an eye on him being quite thrilled when he heard he hurt a vampire lord some time ago knowing that the time when he will be a match for him will soon come.

On entering werepyre's territory he was attacked by one these beasts and was enjoying himself, the beast was faster and stronger then him to even stand a chance he was forced to use magic and he used it with great effect a sphere of darkness to blind the beast and decrease its accuracy, a shadow clone to disorient it, tendrils of darkness to restrain it and a darkness portal to appear in front of Lucius impaling the sword trough it so another portal opened behind the werepyre with the sword stabbing him right trough the heart killing the beast.

As his army said in the past all hail Lucius because he is the best.

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Chapter 4:The way of the berserk

The road to the berserk trainer was trough small villages located on small hills according to the villagers the biggest problem this small communities face are BURB which are basically big ugly rats as big as grown human and berserk destructive tribes of berserks. The only reason the small villages still stand is because there not in great numbers and they keep themselves mostly buzy by fighting each other. That being said when they do attack they bring terrible destruction. Of course all the villagers admit that its nothing compared to a BURB invasion. Paul remembers his days as a peasant and this something that will haunt all farmers dreams billions upon billions of rats eating all you worked your life to have an unstoppable sea of beasts. All peasants learn how to kill BURB since a young age they are learned exactly what to cut and where to cut as fast as they can its mostly a stab trough the head or a cut at the neck. In his former village he was the best of the best in killing these rats as his fellow villagers even told him its like he was dancing and wonders what would they think of him now with his far more polished skills. But even Paul admits even now at this level he has no chance when there is a BURB invasion he can only let it take its course.

"Where is Eselgee?" Asked Paul asked an villager.
"2 hills west of here. Great fighter that crazy bastard. " Answered a villager.

Knowing the destination of Eselgee Paul the young paladin and experienced fighter went towards him, the journey to him was no easy there where some dangers and that was none other then a pack of Zards. Zards where common creatures of Lore basically pets surpassed in their danger by the B.U.R.P. But they where not to be taken lightly they where capable of using small magic and there known for their speed and agility. In his training with Blackhawke there was a lesson on how to deal with Zards the technique was simple attack when they attack that way you overcome their speed advantage and you kill them as fast as possible giving you more time to deal with the rest and lower the chances to be overwhelmed by them. This was a lesson that Paul really followed and finished the Zards in quick succession littering an entire meadow with their bodies.

"Well done. You do know how to handle an axe." Said a small, scars full, and well built man.
"Are you Elsegee the crazy berseker?"
"Crazy its a lot said but the in flesh and bone." Said the berseker
"I challenge you to a fight I wanna see if you are worthy in training me." Said Paul
"Worthy?You are quite arrogant for an adventurer but I accept." Elsegee responded.

The fight began slowly the 2 combatants measuring each other doing probing thrusts to each other. This was normal for a duel where the 2 combatants do not know they other ones martial abilities as both knew caution is the best way. The thrusts with time became more and more common the 2 combatants starting to add slashes also to the mix of course with different results a slash from the axe of Paul was meant for cutting his opponent but a slash from Eselgee was meant to block his opponents weapon in mid slash a thing that when successful managed to repel Paul's axe staggering him and effect of him and his weapon not being able to match the force of Eselgee and his hammer leaving Paul open but because it was a hammer the hit was blunt attack usually by a thrust to his chest but something that did not bring him down tanks to his high endurance and his paladin armor. After the 5'th time suffering trough Elsegee technique Paul changed tactics letting Elsegee hit his axe again but instead of opposing the the force of the hammer he lets himself let himself go with it allowing a fast spin with his axe a move the surprised Elsegee and forced him to move back to avoid being cut by his opponent. Elsegee in that moment changed tactics usig his berseker skills he began increasing his speed and strength with each thrust and slash until he reached a point Paul could no longer dodge or block his hits and when the hits connected bones broke reducing the speed of the young fighter. Paul right then knew that if he was to win he needed a plan and while enduring the immense power of the bersker and his hammer Paul found a way. Using the last of his strength he rolled back and did a charge and slash attack forcing the berserk to redirect the axe again knowing another spin attack will come but this time it will not be fast enough but his warrior instinct while right about what was to come did not expect Paul in the moment of the spin to dissapear in a flash of light and to reaper with his axe at Elsegee's neck. Elsegee dropped his weapon and admitted defeat.

"You are an amazing warrior among the bets I saw." Said in a energetic voice the scarred berseker
"Only among the best?" Asked Paul
"There bigger geniuses then you in combat but you are still a genius. The training starts now be ready I will make you a better genius." Elsegee said in a scolding voice.

The training of Paul was mostly fight and fight and fight until you can not longer fight this at first started with Elsegee then was sent after Zards then Bandits, Bears, B.U.R.P the occasional undead all he had to do was fight until he can no longer fight each and every day. This kind of training took its tool on Paul his body became more and more covered in scars more and more until his body was full of them.
One day Paul in a rage attacked Elsegee because he believed he was made fun of with this so called "training" but he noticed something there he was faster he was more agile and certainly stronger. In that duel where swung his axe with speed that surpassed all his previous swings besides those powered by magic he not only put Elsegee on his back foot but he tired the grisly veteran warrior. Usually such an feat will result in Paul using his speed and the opening of his opponent to make a critical hit finishing his opponent. The problem was many of the hits where a miss mission to hit even the hammer of his opponent. He noticed he lacked accuracy the power and speed where to much for Paul and could not make variation to his axe to accommodate for his opponent sidesteps and dodges making swings in the air similar when he first trained with Blackhawke. This made Paul stop and asked
"What is this?Why are my hits so inaccurate?"
"Because you did not yet mastered being a warrior but you did went a step closer by gaining the ability to collect and use your rage. Well done!" Said Elsegee proudly.
"What is next?"
"What you gained is gained naturally in time for all warriors those scars you have made your skin tougher mostly because the scars where made by magical creatures so to heal your body used the magic of this planet to and increased its natural resistance. In time most people learn get this and can also learn to collect their rage to become stronger its a natural part of being a warrior. My training just speeds this up. But there is something I can of course teach you directly something the reason I am the Berseker trainer and you are ready for it."

The lesson started with an explanation from Elsegee about the technique he explained that there is a way to draw strangth from his acestors increasing his speed and strength usually by 3 or 4 time but some very rare individual can become 10 times stronger it basically depends on how strong your ancestors where. What was needed to get to this state called "the rage of the ancestors" was for the body of Paul to reach and to collect as much rage as possible and then in that moment Elsegee will open a path for his spirit to talk to all his ancestors.

The problem Paul faced is collecting as much rage as his body could handle because his previous training his pain tollerance and his skills have improved a lot and it was hard for him to find a worthy opponent until a invasion by tribe of berserk attacked a small settlemnt called Willow Creek and in that event rage took over him brought in part because to what happened to his village but mostly because the bersek tribe was tough his members where veteran warrios who will not as good as Paul where good enough to inflict injuries that while life threatening increased his rage so much that he blacked out on how he defeated the last of the tribe, but what was more important it was the level of rage needed and it allowed Elsegee who watched from a distance the battle, began the ritual. The ritual involved stunning Paul in that moment of required rage this time with potion of stun then writing certain runes on the back, chest and face then activating them with a infusion of magic in Elsegee case he poured a mana potion on Paul and Paul went to the real of Death.

Paul met there all his ancestors from his farmer ancestors who where many and who he did not had to try a lot to convince to give up their strength as they where almost all killed by someone or something but he meet some warriors among them who battled him first to see if he is worthy and he proved worthy until he meet the spirit of a sealed warrior certainly a ancestor of his but unable to convince him to help him and unable to battle him because of the seal.

"Please help me become stronger." Said Paul
"Only if you prove worthy to me in a battle."Said the spirit
"I can not you are sealed."
"Then break the seal!"
"How I can not just swing my axe and destroy it without cutting you, it printed right on you.
"Does not matter I can take the hit."

Paul swung his axes and cut the seal and the spirit of his ancestor. THe spirit while injured kept his promise and fought Paul. The fight however did not went the way Paul believed will work unlike his other warrior ancestors this one was good too good he blocked and dodged and blocked and dodged every swing Paul did until he did not he let himself get hit cached and with his far greater power broke it and with the broken handle stabbed Paul on his left side then took the handle out and prepared to decapitate the young warrior who warior his knees. But Paul will not have it using all his mana he infused his arm and the remains of he handle of his axe and trowed it with the speed of light a speed that the spirit warrior could not dodge and that hilt impaled itslef in the chest of the spirit. But it did not remained there the spirit grabbed the hilt and took it out.
"Well done you can have my strength." said the spirit.
"I lost why do you give me your strength?"
"I wanted to see if you are worthy not stronger then me I am at a whole different level then you but with my help and others you mkight get here someday." Said the spirit before he vanished.

After Paul came back from the spirit world where only his spirit went according to Elsegee he tested this new ability on a Behemoth that terrorized the hills for generations and while the Behemoth was a very powerful being that according to lore could match a dragon Paul matched the Behemoth in strength deflecting the paws of the beast with his axe time and time again until the beast tried to bite Paul which allowed the young warrior to strike the head of the beast and deliver a mortal blow. This was not 3-4 times stronger this was 10 times according to Elsegee telling him to activate his ability rarely and only for half an hour at most.
"Do I have to infuse the runes with magic every time to activate the ability?"
" No the runes are just for show you can activate it at will you have direct connection to your ancestors now no need for runes to open allow it." Said Elsegee
"Could there have not been another way for me to learn all this?" Said Paul
"Yes a easier way taught by my brother Eselgee but you wanted me and me you got." Elsegee said while pumping his chest.
Oh by the lords I misspelled the name and now I am full of scars.

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Chapter 5:Workings of the World

Paul finishing his training as an berserk went to Battleon hoping to get some hints on how to get stronger from Blackhawke or from other trainers. On his way he noticed something strange there was no monster attacking him, no bandit trying to robe him no challenge at all. Paul put this to luck and moved to Battleon.
Reaching Battleon he saw a great mass of people there each with different gear of different quality from what he could discern. Curious he went and asked one of the people there.

"What is happening here?" Asked Paul
"A great army of werewolves is attacking outside Darkovia and its coming for Battleon.We are here to protect it" The stranger with full plate armor and an heavily engraved sword.
"Can I help?" Asked Paul
Checking the well made and decently geared warrior
"Sure but you have to keep an rule in mind do not break formation.Its very important not to. You let the adventurers in front of the line take the initial brunt of the attack then you let the ones behind the line do their attack and so forth until you and your line is next. Very important not to break the line."Said the stranger
"I understand." Said Paul
"Good go trough the lines until you find an place."

Paul went and after some searching he found an place at the 5'th and last line. He took his place and waited and prepared his gear.
The werewolf army came hours later hundreds appeared, then thousands then tens of thousands them to many to estimate but one thing was certain they outnumbered the defender. This did not mattered the first attack was taken by the adventurers in the front line who easily broke slayed the first wave of werewolves, the the second wave came, then the thirds the the fourth the the fifth and finally the first line could not hold the werewolves back then the second line attacked pushing the fifth wave back and then holding the sixth wave and then the seventh until they also could not hold it back and it was the turn of the third line to keep them at bay and it did until the eight wave came and then the fourth line stepped in and pushed them back. But before the ninth wave came Paul decided to attack leaving an hole in the last line.
While his skills where good enough to kill an dozen werewolves when the ninth wave came they overwhelmed the fourth line and went past it with the fifth line taking the brunt of the attack and tried to push them back but here was an hole in the formations and attacking trough the mission piece the ninth wave being more numerous manged to encircle the fifth line and annihilate it and leaving Battleon open to attack while the other lines where busy keeping the rest of the waves in battle. The wave of werewolves went straight for Battleon but and huge barage of fire and ice killed the wave. It was Warlic the Archmage,
The battle went for hours and hours until the werewolf army engaged in the battle was annihilated. But then the news of the annihilated line came to the ears of the leaders of the adventurer army along with the circumstance.

"Who killed left the line. Who is the idiot who left the line?" Said one adventurer wearing an strange beautifully ornate weapon.
"I did." Said Paul regretfully.

Quite after he said the words the ground shook and spikes came and impaled Paul who in his last moments of breath looked at the caster the adventurer with the runed sword who let him participate in the war.

Paul felt as failing in darkness being consumed by it unable to do anything but being carried by the darkness that surrounds him then something appeared an skeleton in an robe on an boat.

"Fortunately for you, I have already filled my quota of souls today. So… I will let you go back. However, you owe me a favor… AGREED?" Said the skeleton
"I agree." Said Paul without hesitation not wanting his journey to end here.

The adventurers gathered to see the impaled body of the foo who brought the death of so many but something happened the body was covered in an dark ball and from it the impaled adventurer respawned as fully healed. with no sing of injury. Most adventurers where awestruck but the veteran ones knew what it was about and knew he was special.

"So you are favored by death. Well luck is on your side but do something as stupid as you did in this war and you will die again and I will kill you as many times as needed until you are no longer favored." Said the adventurer with the runed sword.
"What does it mean to be favored by death? Asked Paul
"I will tell you if you prove yourself in this war. Go and kill the alpha alone." Said the runed sword adventurer.

Paul hearing this immediately went to action took his paladin axe and began heading towards the werewolf camp who where trying to reorganise after their assault. Paul took the camp by surprise in the chaos that the failed assault brought. In an fast sequence of slashes he took down 10 werewolf warriors bfore the rest managed to mount and resistance which started to combat the young warrior as for every werewolf he killed and injury came to be payed as every attacked he did left him open to and werwolf attack at first he got an cut on his face, then on his shoulder, then on his chest then on his arm then on his gut then on his left foot then right foot until his body was covered by injuries but thanks to his bersek training his skin was tough as rock and the injuries where superficial. For Paul this was an small price to be payed for the amount of death he caused the werewolves and it was huge he manged to slay 90 werewolves.

"You are a warrior deserving of my attention." Said an huge werewolf more bulky and taller then any other seen

Paul realized then that its an alpha werewolf and ready his stance preparing an holy strike which was quickly followed cutting the alpha right at the neck hoping to finish him in one blow. The hit was succesful the cut happened and while blood exploded from the neck of the alpha the werewolf was not done. The cute started to heal very fast and the werewolf jumped with his claws at Paul who barely manged to doge but he could not dodge the follow up attack an elbow hit right in the face that send Paul flying. The young warrior realized that he is not match in speed and strength with the Alpha and he was not able to use paladin skills because of lack of mana so he started using the ultimate berserks skill but this required more rage. So Paul using his capable warriors skills managed to avoid hit in critical areas to gather rage and gathered rage he did after some ribs broken he was able to go in berserek stage. His speed and his strength increased 10 times and this time he was strong enough to mathc the werewolf leader blow to blow. Every hit that the werewolf manged to give was followed by another one received. But the tactic had an flaw while his endurance was quite it was not sustainable because of the werewolf alpha high regenerative abilities so Paul changed tactics. He let go of his paladin axe and grabbed the werewolves right paw and with and judo move putting him on the ground with his foot on the throat of the beast. Paul then took out his knife and stabbed the alpha werewolf in the head killing it.

The fight was followed by the smaller werewolves who respecting tradition stood out of the fight but after seeing their leader dead they all began to run in an chaotic way back to Darkovia.

"So you do know how to fight." The runed sword adventurer said coming towards the exhausted warrior.

"Can you tell me now what is an favorite of death and who are you?" Asked Paul
"Sure an promise in and promise my name is...."

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Chapter 6:The life of the second strongest vampire

Lucius sent by te vampire queen was deep in werepyre territory scouting and getting informations from werepyres he captured the executed. During is information gathering as hard to get as they where because of te resistance to pain werepyres had he found out an name mostly from their last breath Wolfwing.
Lucius theorized that this Wolfwing was the leader of this new threat an very big threat as by his estimations an all out war will wipe the vampires and the werewolves why do they not do it is unknown but they do not. In his search for more information he noticed an band of werepyres hurrying somewhere so he decided to follow them.

During the tailing of these enemies one he did quite well using an spell that made him one with shadows which was what Darkovia covered in he noticed more are more werepyres bands gathering forming an small army knowing in the back of his mind that if he revealed himself he will be ripped to shreds. Still the tailing continued until the small army stopped and an large figure bigger then any werepyre seen appeared an scaly and draconic figure even but werepyer or werelike in appearance started speaking to the small army.
"Welcome brothers and sisters welcome my future kin and subjects I am gonna offer you even greater power and even opportunities. You are now werepyers the strongest mutants in Darkovia but you can be even more. An bite from me can make you all 2 times more powerful and its just the beginning. I am Nightwing the strongest being in Darkovia and soon Lore.

Strongest being in Darkovia and soon Lore an statement that really amused Lucian as he knew even his queen had godlike powers and she was not top dog in Darkovia and certainly not on Lore an planet and plane called the Land of Rising Evil. Yet his formed warrior eye of eons old knew that Nightwing is strong very strong so much that he felt as an bug.

"I will prove to you all my power first my future subjects by killing an spy." Said Nightwing who with an blurring speed went to the spy and pierced the chest with his claws killing it.

"Look this abomination called an necromancer tried to spy on us and died very fast, this is an place of gathering for the strong not for the one who use te saows for subterfuge." Said Nigtwing.

Suddenly cries where heard some of pain but most where the cry of death. The gatering of werepyres was attacked and was in force another army of werepyres attacked all lead by Wolfwing. Lucian realized it was him fast the sheer power and speed with that he used for killing the rebelious werepyres could only be from on who is at the top in the power levels.

At the sheer force that Wolfwing and his army, the rebellious army lost morale and started to flee that was until Nightwing focused on the attacking army which suffered heavy casualties as the mutant started killing tem even faster then Wolfwing killed the rebellious army.His sheer ferocity and power almost put Wolfwing's army at the brink of defeat that was until Wolfing took Nightwing on. The battle between them was fierce the speed was equal but strength was Nightwing's friend here yet Wolfwing managed to keep up he avoided masterfully so any engagement that required an strength clash which meant no grablling of any kind no get hit and it tactic just dodge find an opening then cut or stab. Their speed being equal that meant that Wolfwing fought in this an equal with Nightwing bringing the fight in an deadlock which allowed Wolfwing's army to obliterate the rebellious werepyre.

During all that Lucian took note for his queen and made an tactical and very successful retreat towards the vampire castle.Lucian during the way back also tried to find an way to beat werepyres without the help of magic. While magic was common among vampires because they do not get as strong or fast as an werewolf when transformed as the speed and strength is fake they are faster an stronger as some limitation their body had to protect them is gone like pain to warn you that your muscles are tearing or your bones are breaking or ligament cut and does not force you to give up but they still break, tear and cut. Werewolves actually change their biology they get more muscles and tougher, stronger bones and ligaments. Werepyeres have what the werewolves have and the vampires lack of limitations.
To counter an Werepyre without magic Lucian knew he has to counter its speed first and it was difficult. An vampire lord or an ancient one could match the speed of an Werepyre as the mutations by that stage changed the biology to allow that, but there very few in the ranks of vampires as its very hard to reach the rank. Another solution will be to predict where the Werepyre hits but its an skill that can only be developed by some experience in fighting them except if an pattern exists for all of the Werepyres can only be found with more data.

"Time to hunt?" Said Lucian with an grin on his face.

Lucian knew that the best way to hunt was to hunt what remained of the rebellious army. So he started by coming in front of lone stragglers who could not find an group in te confusion of their retreat. Fighting stragglers Lucian noticed that the attacks are similar to alpha werewolves but with an whole dimension added because of their wings allowing them to do better dodging and high powered frontal attacks by taking altitude and lounging at their target this tactic was done few of the werepyres he saw.But there Lucian saw the weakness and remembered of his army during the war lording days and one formation that he favored the spear wall.

"I found the solution." Lucian said.
"It time to inform the queen."

The way back to the castle was uneventful as the remaining werepyres brought so much ravage in their attempt to escape that many of the denisens of Darkovia died standing in their way or ran away leaving an very easy path to traverse.
At the castle the council was in an hot debate with Safiria presiding over them among the most discussed topics where what to do with werepyres and with the slayers and paladins. Some proposed an purge mobilize the army and make an full scale assault on the territory and holdings of these factions others to strengthen the dfense of the castle an smaller holdings. While in hot debate the doors where slammed open and Lucian came in.

"My queen the missions was an succes I gathered the info and the weakness." Said Lucian to the annoyance of the vampire lords.

With an gesture to continue from the vampire queen Lucian detailed what he found out and the weakness of the werepyres in an war.

"Thank you my greatest enforcer now I have another job for you eliminate the paladin and slayer order." Said the Vampire Queen while using an geas on Lucian.

The geas started to transform Lucian in his vampire lord form and it meant one thing the Queen sent him to die.

"Finally I can die." Said Lucian with excitement.

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Chapter 7: Discipline

Paul started listening to the far stronger and more experienced adventurer who promised to informe him about what it means to be an favorite of death. The explanation was short it amounted to being more valuable alive then dead as alive you can send more souls to Death's realm. He also gave Paul some tips on how to improve himself. He explained to Paul that there usually 3 main path the warrior, the mage and the ranger. The warrior if going the pure route as most adventurers are an combination of the 3 is the second strongest of the path being far surpassed by the mage one as the ability to wield spells beings the adventurer to an whole new dimension.

Paul began taking interest in the warrior path and explained his training in as an fighter his training as an paladin and his training as an berserek doing quite well in the later and wanted to know what should he do next. The experienced adventurer explained that there are other orders that can add to his training like the dragonslayers and the knight orders but none of them will help him in his situation. He explained that he needs to refine his martial skills he needs discipline as his way of fighting is basically just raw offense without an adequate defense so he advised him to train in the martial arts way and gave him direction to such an temple.

The temple placed south east of Battleon was at the top of an mountain and the journey up the mountain was full of dangers all kinds of monsters where living there but the worst of them paled compared to the bandits in the area. They where mean and tough and made an living from robbing the settlements at the base and middle of the mountain. Paul of course was curious why there where such an huge number of them and the higher we went the more there where until he noticed that there where also fewer bandits and it clicked it was because of the safety the monastery gave them. Lore was an very dangerous place the village he grew up in was also attacked by bandits regularly of course the casualties among the villagers was minimal most of the time nobody being injured or dying as dead villagers do not grow food or buy valuables. In this mountain where there where scores of martial artists it was safer to settle and in exchange the villagers provided the temple with supplies.

After analyzing the place Paul during his climb he got to the temple and was stopped by one of the masters there.

"Stop young traveler if you wanna enter you must do something first." Said the master on an serious tone.
"You have to whipe out an bandit camp I will mark it on you map."

Paul nodded and went towards the bandit camp as fast as he could, it was mere hours until it found it and it was and huge camp with about 200 bandits. At his level of skill and experience Paul realized he could easily defeat about 50 of them and if lucky 100 but 200 at the same time was out of his league and there was still the bandit leader who without an doubt is more powerful then the rest of the camp. So Paul had to find an way to thin their numbers and found the best solution being guerrilla attacks. He started attacking patrols who were usually made of 3 bandits killing 2 patrols and day until the camp started sending larger and larger patrols of 5 people then 10 unti lmaking the young warriors life easier. After about an week the number of bandits in the camp dropped to 50 allowing Paul to storm it.
The fighting was fierce while he far outmached the bandits he was still outnumbered and to counter that he always fought with his back protected by an solid while object as to focus on dodging, blocking and countering every slash or stab towards him an tactic that after 30 minutes of fighting killed all besides one.
The bandit chief was an human of average height well built but not armed with anything and as Paul was not very honorable or above killing unarmed opponents rushed at the bandit chief who easily dodged and attapted slash and have Paul an uppercut that dased him followed by an round kick and another round kick in the face then an punch in the stomac followed by another upperkut which almost took Paul down almost, almost because in that moment Paul also managed an slash that cut the bandit leaders arm followed by one that decapitated him. with blood dirting his axe. Paul used the punches and kick to go into berserek mode allowing him an far bigger level of endurance and speed which allowed the young warrior to catch the bandit leader off guard and unable to do anything.

Going back to the temple Paul presented the head of the bandit leader surprising the martial master.

"Impressive the bandit leader was one of the more promising students of our temple you need at least the skill of an veteran student to defeat him." said the martial artist.

"In martial arts yes but I am skilled in other combat areas which where more then enough to kill him." Said Paul.

"What about the rest of the bandits, how did you avoided them? Question the martial master.

"I did not avoid them I slowly bet certainly killed them all." Boasted Paul

"You are as powerful as most of the masters in the temple if not stronger then some. To train you you will have to seal you other combat skill and focus only on martial arts.You will not use any skills from your other professions you will only use wht we teach you at your time at this temple. If you do not agree with the rules you will be kicked out. Do you agree? Said the martial master.

"I agree." said Paul

The training started was in Crouching forgzard style and it consisted in repeating the same move thousands of times every day. It first started with the move claw slash which was an move repeated 5000 times every single day for one month it was an move that mimicked the claw attack of an frogzard . Then it was the move leaping strike which was repeated the same number of times every day adding to the previous moves practice time for another month. Then later it an defensive stance was added to the mix which you had to do after performing an single claw slash and an single leaping strike the continue to do so for each repetition for each move which where 5000 times each every day for one month.
Later another move was added to the daily training chi blast but because it required an huge amount of mana to repeat the move thousands or even hundreds of times mana that Paul lacked it was added to be used in he once every time Paul repeated an move 500 times after the defensive stance turn. This was done for 3 months. Last the move zard's bite consisting of 2 fast consecutive leaping strikes was added to be practiced also 5000 times each day added to the other training of the other moves done for the months at the temple each day. In total Paul practiced an total of 25300 moves an day combined for for each move for 5 months but it was not over for the last month Paul had to train the normal 25300 moves and added to that an 5000 repeating sequence move of all 5 moves starting with claw slash followed by leaping strike followed by zard's bite then an defensive stance and after repeating the move 500 times after defensive stance an chi strike was added to the sequence which was done for an total of 5 more months.
At the end of his training Paul stayed in the temple 11 months repeating the same moves tens of thousands of times until at the end of the eleventh month the master said his training was done.

"Master Akai do you think it made me stronger it seemd it was an waste of time for me I was already at your level." Said Paul

"Yes when you first came at our temple you where at he level of an master but now you are above us." Said Akai


"Now you have an small but powerful number of moves that allow you more versatility better defense and offense and more important you do not have to think to use them. There ingrained in your mind and body like walking is to you." Said Akai

"Thank you master for making me stronger I needed to be to defeat an great evil an enemy of the world and me. Goodbye master."

So after months of training Paul went to finally finish his greatest enemy and strongest monster he ever saw Lucian.

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Chapter 8:The hunt

"Grandmaster Artix things are dire 10 more paladins have been slain for some we did not reach on time to resurrect them. The vampire is wreaking havoc among us and he keeps avoiding our elites." Said an random paladin to the leader of the paladin order.
"I know and the same thing is happening in the slayer order he killed dozens of their order also and keeps avoiding E. This is an dangerous opponent he is stronger then our average member and avoids the strongest among us. We need to set an trap its clear the vampire knows who should be avoided so we need an paladin that is not among our best officaly but he is in reality. Call Paul." Said Artix.

Paul after training in martial arts began honing his skills in doing various adventuring jobs like killing nest of zards or huge rats an wyhern here an wyhern there some bandit camps and lot of undead he even fought an lightbringer but lost against it. He remembers clearly where he went wrong the lightbringer used powerful lght attacks that where impossible to dodge and while Paul could tank some of them and hit the lightbringer in return the problem was her ability to her wounds way faster then Paul could which went in an battle of attrition that he lost. But because of his effective immortality he came back and ready to learn more and become stronger. So Paul decided its time to take on tougher challenges an behemonts an creature so strong that even dragons avoid it. Paul took down in the past one of them but he was pumped by using the final ability of the berserk class. This time Paul decided to kill without resorting to such an overpowered ability.

So the young warrior investigated on where he could find such an creature. Mostly they lived in caves but caves often had other powerful creatures like earth dragons beings that are hard to kill. Some are way more powerful then him and he knew that. So Paul decided to take all in strides.

Paul easily found an Behemont by asking in villages so he went to kill it. The main problem of course was it was in an cave and that meant an logistical problem he can not see there so he was to find an way to be able to fight in darkness. One way was using an lantern but that will require an restriction of movement. Another way was using an light weapon but that was not efficient as Behemonts are not especially weak to light and their skin is hard to pierce or slash. Paul knew if he had an way of winning without using berserek rage was with an wind weapon. But Paul was an smart warrior and found the solution and light shield it will limit defense but but will not hinder.

During the journey to kill the Behemonth an being of huge size and power with 4 arms each able to make an hole in an mountain an teeth that can cut trough rock, Paul had to defeat all kinds of smaller creature from rats to zards to earth elementals. While the Zards and Rats where no challenge the earth elementals where as they where powerful beings with huge defense and strength and where nice training as they where similar with the Behemonth.
Yet this was no where near the challenge the Behemonth was. The being dwarfed Paul his attack range was higher and the hits where far stronger. Of course Paul could dodge the hits but at an very close margin not allowing any counters. Paul knew if he had any chance of winning it was to tank an hit an counter then, and so he did the hit was powerful the shield was not efficient breaking on impact blinding the warrior in the dark cave an the armor while it resisted and took most of the damage it an lot still passed an broke his ribs, yet Paul got his opportunity he used his wind axe to cut the Behemonth's arm which greatly pained the Behementh allowing for another window of opportunity which Paul used to plant his axe in the skull of the Behemonth killing him.
The hunt was over and Paul knew he was now ready to take the fight to his nemesis.

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