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Twilly Kidnapped!

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3/8/2015 3:08:03   
Times Silent Keeper

Twilly Kidnapped!

Location: Travel Map » Eclipsus Cult » Bonus: Return to Barenford

~ A monocled owl appears carrying a message from the village of Barenford. One of the villagers found Werewolf tracks near the Darkovian border. They desperately need your help before the Werewolves discover their village!

«Scene: Barenford»

Murof: Ah, «You»! I see you must have received that missive we sent you.
«You»: Certainly did, but did you HAVE to send it through a Monocled Owl?
«You»: It kept going on about the primal groundings of ParaElemental Amalgamations. It took the better part of an hour to chase it off.
«You»: Anyway, you mentioned something about Werewolves?
Murof: Yes. You see, about a week ago, one of the villagers found tracks of a Werewolf pack at the borders of Greenguard Forest and Darkovia nearest our village.
Genira: We didn't think much of it at first, but in the days that followed we began to find their tracks deeper in Greenguard and nearing our village.
Murof: We are afraid they may have picked up on an old scent or trails of ours from our previous Basillia Berry pickings.
Murof: They are getting distressingly closer, «You». They may even know about the village already. Could you help us?
«You»: Show a bunch of overgrown puppies that my bite is worse than their bark? Any day.

«Murof's eyes glow yellow. The scene zooms in on him against a green backdrop.»


«Someone takes a loaf of Basillia bread and whacks Murof's head from behind. Murof returns to his senses and the scene goes back to normal, revealing the holder of the bread to be Genira.»

Murof: Thank you, my dear.
«You»: ...Are you all right?
Murof: Fine, fine. I just have this slight twitch from time to time.
«You»: And didn't you stop eating Basillia bread?
Genira: This is the last loaf remaining, actually.
«You»: It looks... pretty stale as well.
Genira: And quite sturdy.
Murof: Genira has taken a liking to using it to... help the occasional twitch. She's right. That loaf hurts.
«You»: Well, as long as you aren't eating it, I suppose. I'll deal with the Werewolves. Don't worry.
Murof: Many thanks, «You».

«You proceed to find the Werewolves, only to be intercepted by other monsters along the way!»
    Optional Full Heal by Twilly after battle #2
«You»: (thinking) Well, I've made it all the way to Darkovia and no signs of those Werewolves. Best I backtrack, I guess.
«You»: Although I should take a break before I run into monsters again.

«Twilly enters the scene.»

Twilly: Twillys can help with that!

«Twilly raises his staff and magical sparkles surround you, giving you a Full Heal.»

«You»: Much better! Thanks again, Twilly.
Twilly: No proble--

«Several Werewolf Warriors enter the scene. One of them picks Twilly off the ground.»

«You»: Unhand that Moglin, monster!
    2 BATTLES: Werewolf Warrior
    Full Heal
«After battle, you find the remaining Werewolf Warrior kneeling on the ground.»

«You»: All right. Hand over the Moglin!
Werewolf Warrior: Too late, human. While you were busy dispatching the other two of my brethren, I was ambushed by a pack of Ice monsters and the Moglin was taken from me.
Werewolf Warrior: They fled in the direction of the Northlands.
«You»: Sounds like I'll need to bring a jacket...

«Reaching the Northlands, you encounter more monsters blocking your way.»
«You arrive at Frostvale.»

Chilly: Heyas, «You»! What brings you to Frostvale at this time of year?
«You»: Bad stuff, I'm afraid. Some monsters took Twilly and ran off with him!
Chilly: Oh noes!! Someone kidnapped Twilly?! Let me help you, «You».

«Chilly raises his arm and a blue glow surrounds him. You receive a Full Heal.»

Chilly: I'm always ready to help a friend.

«A pirate suddenly runs into the scene and crashes into you in his hurry.»

«You»: Oof!
Pirate: Arr! Sorry.
«You»: Say, did you see a bunch of Ice monsters go by carrying a furry red Moglin by any chance?

«The pirate raises his weapon and points towards the left.»

Pirate: Arr. They, uh, went that way.

«Another Pirate suddenly rushes in from the left, holding Twilly above him. The two pirates swiftly escape from the scene.»

«You»: HEY!

«Chilly turns to the right.»

Chilly: There they go!
«You»: But wait... If they have Twilly, then where did the Ice monsters go?

«A Tundra Reaver ambushes you from behind!»
    Full Heal
«Back at Barenford...»

Genira: It's been a while since «You» left. Where is he?
Murof: Now dear, I'm certain «You» is handling things just fine.

«HOOOOWWWWWLLLLLL!!! fills the atmosphere... Back to your search for Twilly, you chase the captors to a clearing.»
    Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
«You»: Wait, there's a clearing coming up.
«You»: I can hear voices talking.
Chilly: Hmm... I'm thinking something else is up, but I can't remember...
«You»: You can remember later, Chilly. This is Twilly we're talking about. The longer we wait the more danger he'll be in.

«Barging into the source of the voices, you find... balloons? The Werewolf Warrior, Pirate and Tundra Reaver are all wearing a cone hat. Twilly is here with a cone hat too!»

Twilly: «You»!! You came to Twilly's birthday party too!
«You»: Wait, wait... Birthday party? These monsters kidnapped you!
Chilly: *chuckles* Oh, I remember now. Today is Twilly's birthday!
Twilly: Kidnapping? Oh noes, «You».
Twilly: Silly friends kept fighting over who got to take me to parties they made for me.
«You»: Friends?
Twilly: Of course! Twilly makes friends everywhere!
Twilly: So sillies... Twillys told them they could all have party together! Then all of Twilly's friends can celebrate with Twilly!
«You»: Oh... Well uh, in that case: Happy Birthday Twilly!
Twilly: Thankies «You»!
«You»: I... guess I might as well join in to the festivities. I'm guessing you are too, Chilly?
Chilly: Aye! Today turned out not to be such a bad day after all.
«You»: Yeah. Although, speaking of forgetting, I can't help but feel like I'm forgetting something myself...

«Back at Barenford, Thrasher has brought some of his loyal pups to confront the villagers!»

Thrasher: *growls* We have finally found your village, humans, and claim it in the name of the Pack!
Murof: You cannot claim this village! We are under the protection of «You»!
Thrasher: Oh?
Murof: That's right! We called on him to get rid of you filthy mongrels. He should be coming around here any second now!


Murof: Any minute now...


Murof: ..Nice doggie?
Thrasher: Hehe... Sorry, but these spiked shoulders and bracelets aren't just for show.
Thrasher: Now that your little masquerade's done, I think it's time we inspected our livestock. They should be well in season...
Thrasher: Soldiers!
Werewolves: Boss!

«Genira takes out the stale loaf of Basillia bread.»

Genira: No!! I won't stand by and let us be rounded up like cattle!
Murof: Genira, dear! Don't!
Thrasher: Haha... Better listen to your father, little girl.
Genira: Bite on this, hairy mutt!

«Genira rushes forward and shoves the bread into Thrasher's mouth.»

Thrasher: Ugh... That's the most dreadful bread I've ever chewed on.
Thrasher: Anyway, prepare to be--

«Thrasher's eyes suddenly bulge, his paws over his mouth.»

Thrasher: *Gulp*

«Thrasher puts down his paws, his eyes still bulging.»

Thrasher: ...
Werewolf: Hey, Boss. You all right?
Genira: You don't need to inspect us.
Thrasher: We... don't need to inspect you.
Werewolf: What?! What are you talking about, Boss?
Genira: These aren't the villagers you are looking for.
Thrasher: ...These aren't the villagers we are looking for.
Genira: You can go.
Thrasher: Let's go.

«Thrasher walks away from the scene, leaving behind his minions. One of his subordinates turns toward the direction where he headed.»

Werewolf: Boss? Boss, wait up!

«The Werewolves leave the scene.»

Werewolf: But Boss! They were right there!
Thrasher: Let's go... Let's go.
Murof: ...We need to stock up on Basillia bread.
Genira: I think that's forcing it, Daddy.
Murof: Well, maybe we just might make some more then. Just might.

«The scene fades to black and the Twilly Kidnapped! shop opens. Once you exit the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Twilly Kidnapped!

  • Staff of Twilly [L. 5, 25, 45, 65, 85, 105, 125, 135]
  • Staff of Twilly G [L. 25 G, 105 G, 145 G]

  • Moldy Basilia Bread [L. 5, 25, 45, 65, 85, 105, 125 | 145 G]

    Corrections thanks to Archlist.

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