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3/31/2015 8:32:29   

(Oaklore Keep - Falconreach)

Access Point: Oaklore Keep -> Right, Falconreach -> 3 Left
Requirements: Completion of The Black Dragon Box (Books 1 and 2); Select 'I think that's enough.' option from Maya in Oaklore Keep (Book 3) (Book 3)
Release Date: October 6th, 2006

Quests Available
Books 1 and 2
Ambush in the Bushes
Hydra Boss (Books 1 and 2)
The Hydra's Lair
Zorbak's Prank

Book 3
Hydra Boss (Book 3)
Life's A Beach
Oaklore Forest

Sir Pent


Books 1 and 2

Before completion of Hydra Boss (Books 1 and 2):
Sir Pent: Hail! I am Sir Pent, and I was sent here to guard this bridge! Apparently, there's been sightings of a giant hydra nearby!
Sir Pent: ...But I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. I certainly haven't seen any hint of it!

After completion of Hydra Boss (Books 1 and 2):
Sir Pent: That hydra was... it was magnificent! While you were um, busy, I managed to find its lair! Say... do you want to see a hydra's lair?

Upon entering the bridge where you defeated the Hydra:
  • Fight The Hydra Again! - begins Hydra Boss (Books 1 and 2) quest.
    Book 3

    Sir Pent: Hail! I am Sir Pent, and I was sent here to guard this bridge! If you want some adventure experience I could use your help...
    • Hail Hydra!
      Sir Pent: So, I was supposed to go and take care of a little infestation in one of the caves ages ago.... Anyways, want to see a Hydra's Lair?
    • Life's A Beach
      Sir Pent: There's vicious crustaceans on the beach! Could you take care of my crab problem?

    Other information
  • To gain access to Falconreach, the following quests must be completed:
  • Sir Pent's dialogue on Books 1 and 2 version of this zone was updated on June 1st, 2024; any retired content has been archived here.

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  • DF AQW  Post #: 1
    3/31/2015 8:32:59   

    (Oaklore Keep - Sunbreeze Grove)

    Access Point: Oaklore Keep -> Outside the gate -> Right -> Down, Sunbreeze Grove -> Baffet -> Let's go!
    Level/Quest/Items required: Level 3, Completion of The Black Dragon Box (Books 1 and 2)
    Release Date: July 12th, 2010

    Quests Available
    The VurrMen Ruins

    Book 3
    Ruin of Darkness


    Book 3
    Loremaster Oruni


    Books 1 and 2 Path/Common

    Sparkleberry: WOOOOOWW! That gwyphon is made out of metal!

  • Ruins
    Sparkleberry: The ruins are very dangerous. Pwease be careful, even some of the knights are scared of this place.

  • Sparkling Sand
    <Character>: I found some sparkling sand in the ruins, is there any place I can trade it?
    Sparkleberry: I am pwetty sure that one of the Oaklore Knights collect it.

    Before completing Hydra Boss (Books 1 and 2) / Hydra Boss (Book 3):
    Zookfoodle: Sorry, the mechagryphon is out of commission right now. I'm waiting on a parts delivery from Popsprocket.

    After completing Hydra Boss (Books 1 and 2) / Hydra Boss (Book 3):
    Zookfoodle: Heya, needs a ride to Popsprocket?

  • Popsprocket?
    Zookfoodle: Yeah, it's a gnome city. I always get stuck working this job though... I'd rather be up there.
    <Character>: Up where?
    Zookfoodle: You'll see. So, wanna go?

  • Talk
    <Character>: Is your name really Zookfoodle?
    Zookfoodle: Yes.
    <Character>: ...Really?
    Zookfoodle: Really-really.

  • Let's go!
    Takes you to Popsprocket

    Before completing Hydra Boss (Books 1 and 2) / Hydra Boss (Book 3):
    Baffet: zZzzzzz

    After completing Hydra Boss (Books 1 and 2) / Hydra Boss (Book 3):
    Baffet: Lemme know if you need anythin'.

  • Talk
    Baffet: I can tell by the look on yer face you're wonderin' what I'm doin' here.
    <Character>: Hah. Yes.
    Baffet: I'm Baffet. I run this here ferry back n' forth to Sunbreeze Grove so folks like you don't get yer gear all soggy. Heh.
    <Character>: Oh, I see. So Sunbreeze Grove is West from here?
    Baffet: Aye. I can take ya if ya want, no charge.
    <Character>: Thank you, I appreciate that.
    Baffet: Eh, the Priestess pays m' wages, so I get by.
    • Priestess?
      Baffet: Aye. She's a kind soul, I'm sure she'd like to meet you.

    Book 3 Path

    Regensberg: Who goes there? Another trainee from Oaklore?

  • Ruins
    Regensberg: The ruins are very dangerous. They've been sending recruits in to clear it out.

  • Sparkling Sand
    <Character>: I found some sparkling sand in the ruins, is there any place I can trade it?
    Regensberg: Hmm, some of the foolish knights back in Oaklore might collect it. I have no need of it.

    Loremaster Oruni: I been waiting' fer ye.
  • Quest! - Starts Ruin of Darkness quest.
  • Stay here...

    Other information
    1. You can only access to Sunbreeze Grove after completing Hydra Boss (Books 1 and 2) or Hydra Boss (Book 3).


    Click on the rope at the right side of the bridge, walk into the cave and click on the gem. Radiant Pearl will be added to your temporary items backpack.

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  • DF AQW  Post #: 2
    3/31/2015 8:33:33   

    Doomwood Path (Books 1 and 2)
    (That A'Way - Amityvale - Hunter's Paradise - The Necropolis)

    Access Point: That A'Way! -> Right -> Up Right -> Down -> Right -> Down Left,
    Access Point: Amityvale (Books 1 and 2) -> Down,
    Access Point: Hunter's Paradise -> Down,
    Access Point: The Necropolis -> Down
    Requirements: None
    Release Date: August 11th, 2010

    Quests Available
    Red Riding Hood




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    DF AQW  Post #: 3
    3/31/2015 8:34:32   

    Deep Root Path

    Access Point: Hunter's Paradise -> Left -> Up (enter the forest)
    Requirements: None
    Release Date: August 1st, 2011

    Quests Available
    Blackwyn Tomb



    <Character>: It's... some sort of magic seal.

  • Break the seal!
  • Do nothing

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  • DF AQW  Post #: 4
    3/31/2015 8:34:45   

    (Falconreach Book 3 - Betrubung Swamp - Swordhaven Border)

    Access Point: Falconreach (Book 3) -> 2 Down -> Down Right -> Right -> Down, Betrubung Swamp -> Left, Swordhaven Border -> Rose Guard
    Requirements: None
    Release Date: January 18th, 2013

    Quests Available
    Potion Help
    Proof of Innocence
    The Dola
    Keep Up

    Rose Guard


    Fence labeled 'Betrubung Swamp':
  • Climb Over! - enters Betrubung Swamp.

    Rose Guard

    Rose Guard: Another adventurer looking to enter the capitol, eh?


    Gingkage: Ah, the Frozen One. I had hoped to meet you eventually. I could use your help.

  • Talk
    Gingkage: Greetings, <Character>.
    • Who are you?
      Gingkage: My name is Gingkage. I'm a wolf rider as well as a mage.
      Blaze: Grrrrr....
      Gingkage: Hmm?

      Gingkage: Oh, of course. This is Blaze.
      Gingkage: Don't touch him. He bites.

    • Wolf Rider?
      Gingkage: As the name suggests, I ride Blaze, both for transportation and into combat.
      Gingkage: He is my best friend and closest companion. He chose me as a cub as his human and we've forged a life-long bond.

    • The Rose?
      Gingkage: The Rose?
      Gingkage: That's a harder question to answer than you would think.
      Gingkage: While I can't condone their closed-minded stance on magic, I also can't deny they've done a lot of good.
      Gingkage: Largely, so long as they leave Blaze and myself alone, I am willing to keep my distance from them, neither aiding them nor fighting them.
  • Quests!
    Gingkage: I am Gingkage, the Wolf Rider. This is Blaze.

    • Potion Help
      Gingkage: I'm glad to see you, <Character>! I'm running low on potions.
      Gingkage: I can make more, but I could use your help to gather the reagents for me.
      Gingkage: Something has spooked the creatures in the woods and I don't want to send Blaze in after it until I'm ready to hunt.
      Gingkage: Will you go for me while I go through my spells?

    • Innocent
      Gingkage: <Character>, the situation has become dire.
      Gingkage: Several farms have been... pillaged and Blaze stands accused.
      Gingkage: I know he couldn't have... wouldn't have attacked these farmers and their families.
      Gingkage: I need to stay and keep him safe...
      Blaze: Grrrrr....
      Gingkage: ...and make sure those who would try to take him... retain all their limbs.
      Gingkage: Please, go into the woods and try to find evidence to prove Blaze innocent!

    • The Dola
      Gingkage: Something that... mimics voices? White fur, broken antlers, and... carrots?
      Gingkage: Oh no...

      Gingkage: Be very careful, <Character>.
      Gingkage: A Dola stalks through the woods. Hunt for it on the edge of Betrubung Swamp.
      Gingkage: Don't let your last words be used to lure it's next victim.

    • The Letter - accessible after completion of The Dola.
      If you have not completed Tomix Saga's Epilogue:

      No Letter has Arrived...
      Gingkage hasn't received word from anyone... yet. If you continue questing in Book 3 Ravenloss she should get mail soon.

      If you have completed Tomix Saga's Epilogue and The Dola:
      Gingkage: Thank you so much for your help, <Character>. Unfortunately, there's no time for celebration.
      Gingkage: I need to find my friends.

      *A letter is shown.*

    • Keep Up
      Gingkage: This... this is...
      • Start Quest! - begins Keep Up quest.
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

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  • DF AQW  Post #: 5
    4/9/2015 2:15:14   

    (Swordhaven Border - Swordhaven Book 3 - Helm's Harbor)

    Access Point: Swordhaven Border -> Rose Guard, Swordhaven (Book 3) -> Down
    Requirements: None
    Release Date: January 18th, 2013

    Quests Available

    Lil' William
    Noma Knight
    Rose Soldier(s)
    Swordhaven Guard


    Outside Swordhaven Border

    Rose Soldier: Move along, <Class>.

    Path to Swordhaven

    Vitra: Don't mind me, just catching my breath before hunting down some more magical creatures. The capitol's lining my pockets well these days!

    Lil' William: Daddy, why does the Rose have to take your farm?
    Buck: Well son, they found some magic beasts on our land. They're outlawed now.
    Lil' William: But why?
    Buck: Oh, well... I'm not certain what is going on at the castle these days... But don't you worry, we'll get by. I can hunt as well as I can farm.

    Rose Soldier: Hmph, criminals. They got what they deserved for harbouring contraband items.

    Rose Soldier (1): Hah, I can't believe you got 100 gold out of that old geezer!
    Rose Soldier (2): Hehe, he was so scared he'd probably have given me more! I didn't have the heart to tax him out of house and home though.
    Rose Soldier (2): THIS TIME!
    Rose Soldier (1): HAAAhahaha!, Rose Soldier (2): Ahhahahaha!

    Outside Helm's Harbor

    Guard: Halt. By order of the King, Helm's Harbour is off-limits to civilians. What business would you have with the King's goods anyhow?

    Noma Knight: Welcome to Helm's Harbor, now open to the public! Please be advised that we don't tolerate any troublemakers!

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    DF AQW  Post #: 6
    9/1/2018 10:20:39   

    Tkaanie Path
    (First Halo - Edelia - The Shore)

    Access Point: First Halo -> Down, Edelia -> Down, The Shore -> Explore
    Requirements: Completion of Culture Shock
    Release Date: August 31st, 2018

    Quests Available

    Tkaanie Villager(s)


    Path to Mortem, Edelia and First Halo

    Villager: Excuse me, you look like a decent fellow. I was supposed to deliver borowiks to the capitol, but they broke out. Could you get them for me?

    At the intersection towards Mortem and Edelia

    Villager: Were you going to Mortem as well, traveler? I'm afraid we're out of luck. Mortem is under quarantine. Affliction of the soul, they said.

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    DF AQW  Post #: 7
    11/12/2022 16:48:26   

    ArchKnight DragonFable

    Sandsea Path
    (That A'Way! Book 3 - The Sandsea Book 3)

    Access Point: That A'Way! (Book 3) -> Right -> Up Right -> Right, The Sandsea (Book 3) -> Down
    Requirements: None
    Release Date: November 11th, 2022

    Quests Available
    Injured Merchant
    Desert Thug Camp

    Glass Lair
    The Forgotten Dragon

    Arguing and Frustrated Moglins
    The Sandwitch Shop

    Arguing Moglin
    Friendly Farmer
    Frustrated Moglin
    Injured Merchant
    Rose Researcher
    Rose Soldier
    Strange Merchant
    Tired Rose Soldier
    Wandering Moglin
    Wary Farmer

    Belt of Golden Sand (Shop)

    Rose Soldiers

    Tired Rose Soldier: It's... a long way to Duat, isn't it?
    Rose Soldier: They're still trying to build the road to extend the supply lines.
    Tired Rose Soldier: You'd think the citizens of Duat would help and start building from their end too!
    Rose Soldier: You can tell that to their faces after we make it.

    Wandering Moglin

    Wandering Moglin: Hello!

    Wandering Moglin: Remember to stay hydrated!

  • Accept Water - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • You too!

    Injured Merchant

    Injured Merchant: Oh dear, oh my...
    <Character>: What happened? Do you need help?
    Injured Merchant: Oh, I'll be alright. It's my merchandise I worry about!
    Injured Merchant: You see, I was delivering my items to Duat, and out of nowhere I was attacked by bandits!
    Injured Merchant: Can you believe it?! Literally out of nowhere! They emerged from out of the sand!
    Injured Merchant: I tried to fight them off, but I'm no fighter!
    Injured Merchant: Oh my... and so, they took all my items and hid in that abandoned port you can see over there...
    <Character>: Say no more. I will deal with them!
    Injured Merchant: Oh wow, you will!?
    Injured Merchant: I... I can't thank you enough! If... if you see anything that you like among my goods that you like, feel free to help yourself!
    Injured Merchant: May the Avatars guide you!
  • Quest! - begins Desert Thug Camp quest.

    Strange Merchant

    Strange Merchant: Hello there, stranger. If I were you, I would not venture any further.
    Strange Merchant: These dunes hide terrible secrets! Terrible, I tell you! Have you seen it? In the sky? The radiant beast?!
    Strange Merchant: Legends say that it resides past the ruins of the golden people, in its lair made of glass and sand!!
    Strange Merchant: BEWARE!
    <Character>: Umm...
    Strange Merchant: ... Would you like to buy a scorpion?

    Golden Ruins

    If you approach the chest:
  • Pick Lock - begins Lockpick minigame; see other information for solution.

    After completing the Lockpick minigame:
  • Open Chest - opens Belt of Golden Sand (Shop).

    Cacti Farmers

    Friendly Farmer: Hello there, traveler!
    Wary Farmer: You best be clearin' on outta here soon as possible.
    Wary Farmer: The cacti are rearing up to be mighty rowdy, and we don't want you caught up in it.

  • What are you doing here?
    Friendly Farmer: We're herding our flock of free-range spineless cacti, of course!
    Friendly Farmer: Poor things can't really take care of themselves, what with no spines.
    Wary Farmer: Yup. But they're just itchin' to migrate, any day now. Best you don't get run over by the stampede!
    Friendly Farmer: Don't you worry, we'll keep them off the roads and out of the dunes!
    Wary Farmer: You take care now!
    • Take care!
  • Goodbye, then.

    Arguing and Frustrated Moglins

    Arguing Moglin: You do it!
    Frustrated Moglin: No, you do it!
    Arguing Moglin: NO, YOU!
    Frustrated Moglin: YOU!!
    Arguing Moglin: Wait, an idea just approached!
    Arguing Moglin: Hey there, big fella. Say, are you a supporter of the arts?
    <Character>: Uhh... sure, I suppose!
    Arguing Moglin: Perfect, splendid, marvelous!
    Arguing Moglin: You see, we are the writers of the esteemed cooking book "Cooking Yaga"!
    Arguing Moglin: We travel around the Lore in search of witchy cuisine!
    Arguing Moglin: Say, would you like to be included in our newest chapter?
    <Character>: Um, why?
    Arguing Moglin: Awesome, that's just awesome!
    Arguing Moglin: We'd be eternally grateful if you could venture into the tomb that is behind me...
    Arguing Moglin: ... and acquire the perfect sandwich from one of the Sand Witches in the region!
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: Sure, why not.
    Arguing Moglin: Exquisite! Off you go now!
  • Quest! - begins The Sandwitch Shop quest.

    Rose Researcher

    Rose Researcher: Watch your step, wanderer.
    Rose Researcher: We're currently excavating some ruins from under the dunes.
    Rose Researcher: You would do well not to disturb the sands.

  • What kind of ruins are these?
    Rose Researcher: We're not sure. The locals think they're from before even Sek-Duat.
    Rose Researcher: To them, it's just some rubble, but...
    Rose Researcher: We've been tasked with finding anything we can about the history of magic in Greenguard.
    Rose Researcher: These ruins may have once been an outpost of ancient mages.
    • Are the ruins dangerous?
      Rose Researcher: Ha! If they were, it wouldn't just be us out here in the sand.
      Rose Researcher: Besides, if there was power here, Sek-Duat would have claimed it long ago.
      Rose Researcher: No, we're just looking for scraps of history. At least the architecture is nice!
      • I see...
  • Good luck...

    Other information
  • Combination for picking the chest:

    Nick, Jab, Nick, Tap, Wiggle, Tap

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    5/11/2024 1:22:59   

    ArchKnight DragonFable

    Doomwood Path (Book 3)
    (That A'Way! Book 3 - Castle Valtrith - Amityvale Book 3)

    Access Point: That A'Way! (Book 3) -> Right -> Up Right -> Down -> Down Right -> Down Left,
    Access Point: Amityvale (Book 3) -> Down,
    Access Point: Castle Valtrith -> Leave
    Requirements: None
    Release Date: May 10th, 2024

    Quests Available
    Lost Graveyard
    Sir Koffagus Sarcophagus

    Rose Soldier



    Rose Soldier: Please be careful on your way to Amityvale!

    Body Examination

    Rose Soldier: Hmm... yes, it appears that this person might have died.

    Outside the Household

    Rose Soldier: Yikes... this abandoned household is giving me the creeps.
    Rose Soldier: I hate it in here... I just wanna go home…


    If you're in this location for 30 seconds in real-time:
    Ghost: Umm... you're really starting to creep me out, rummaging around my house. Just... leave me to my peaceful haunting, please...

    Outside the Necropolis

    Rose Soldier: Halt! Access to the Necropolis is strictly prohibited!
    Rose Soldier: ...
    Rose Soldier: As soon as we deal with the crazied paladin threat.


    Rose Soldier: Hush! I'm on the lookout for any signs of vampires! Did you know that they can transform into other animals?
    Rose Soldier: My pet bat here is helping me sniff 'em out!
    Bat...?: Uhhh... *bat noises!*

    Outside Amityvale

    Rose Soldier (1): Got orders from the Magus. We are to investigate the ruins to the south for suspected werewolf activity.
    Rose Soldier (2): I love it when you talk all serious-like!
    Rose Soldier (1): What?
    Rose Soldier (2): What?

    Rose Soldier (1): You know guys... whenever I look at this moon here, I have a feeling, like, it's sad, you know?
    Rose Soldier (2): Maybe it's just going through a phase?
    Rose Soldier (3): Ugh...

    Rose Soldier (1): You're still hung up on that?
    Rose Soldier (2): YES! I swear I saw a spectral apple! And that's dangerous!
    Rose Soldier (1): I think you should leave it alone... it might be repelling ghastly clerics.
    Rose Soldier (2): Oh har har!!

    Other information
  • Pop-up headlines in the area:

  • It's the smallest violin I've ever seen.
  • Closet closet.
  • A gentle chill is present here.

  • Aww, a minature sacrifical site for the fairies! How nice!

    Crossroads -> Down
  • Deadly mushrooms! Mushy tiny fiends!

    Outside Hunter's Paradise
  • Looks like this tree has some unfinished business and is blocking the path to Hunter's Paradise.

    Outside Hunter's Paradise -> Right
  • That's one sharp rose...

    Outside Lost Graveyard
  • A huge skeleton key... could open any lock... nah, I don't need it.

    Outside Lost Graveyard -> Right
  • It's the hidestone.

    Outside Sir Koffagus Sarcophagus
  • Good thing I just applied moonscreen. Moonburns are no joke!
  • On-hover text throughout the zone:

  • Doomwood's enchanted moon.
  • Mun.
  • Moo.
  • Oon.
  • Very comfy bed!
  • What a huge crow! No, a raven! Wait... what's the difference again?
  • Moun.
  • Mooooooooooooooooon.
  • Noom.
  • Moooon.
  • That's a lot of supplies. I wonder what is The Rose planning...

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