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5/15/2015 6:48:53   


Location: March of the Shadowscythe -> Missions -> EndGame
Objective: N/A
Requirements: Completion of Artix Helps
Release Date: July 26th, 2013

  • Gorillaphant
  • Lord Valoth

  • Artix
  • Computer
  • Dragon
  • Priestess
  • Robina
  • Ship
  • Tek
  • Twilly
  • Valoth
  • Warlic
  • Zorbak

    *As you landed your starship on the main Shadowscythe base, Valoth pressed a command button that keep your SS stranded*

    Valoth: Ah, yes. I wondered how someone could have made it through my armada and I should have expected it to be you.
    Valoth: It doesn't matter. You are in my domain now and I will end you.
    <You>: He's not wrong. If I don't think of something quick, I'm toast!

    You remember Tek saying...

    Tek: You'll find the activation button on your dashboard.
    Tek: Save it for when you really need the firepower.
    <You>: Well, I guess it's now or never. I hope Tek knew what she was talking about.

    Once you pressed the button...

    Ship: Starship Transformation Initiated

    Valoth: What's this!?
    <You>: Wow! This is amazing!
    Valoth: Your plan is to attack me with a soup can?
    Valoth: You couldn't dream up the amount of power I possess.
    <You>: Your power has no control of me and my friends.
    Valoth: The fates of your friends would beg to differ. I will make you suffer as they did!

    Battle Valoth

    If you're defeated:
    Valoth: Gyahahaha!! The universe is now mine!
    Valoth: Now, darkness shall reign eternal!

    If you defeat Lord Valoth, the entire Shadowscythe domain will begin to destroy. ( System failure message )

    <You>: Looks like I've got to get out of here!

    You landed on what seems like Planet Loreon

    <You>: Look! There's Valoth's ship!

    The entire Valoth's starship crashed. Credits rolled... and soon after, the screen appears with "You Have Already Lost."

    ???: URGENT NOTIFICATION: Dooms Day Device Activated in....

    <You>: Impossible.....
    <You>: I saved this entire Galaxy.
    <You>: Is there any way to stop this?
    <You>: ..... never!
    Valoth: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! YOU MOTHER.....

    You are instantly teleported. At this time, the entire Galaxy was destroyed and 80,000 stars were instantly wiped out.

    As far as human space explorers have ever traveled... there is only nothingness and emptiness

    Well, except for one thing...

    <You>: What.. just happened.... where am I!?

    *You're onboard a starship traveling in an empty space*

    <You>: ....
    Warlic: If you are seeing this, then the Universe has been already been destroyed.
    Warlic: You are aboard my personal Starship, the Mage.
    Warlic: This vessel was created in secret over the past several years for this very situation.
    Warlic: Upon detecting a galaxy-wide implosion the ship automatically teleported you here and entered a protective stasis field.
    Warlic: Like the other Starships, this vessel has a secret special feature.
    <You>: I hope it's a cappuccino maker... I could use a pick-me-up after destroying the universe.
    Warlic: If the person viewing this message is Artix, Braddock, or <You>...
    Warlic: ...then you probably just made some wise-crack about the special feature being a cappuccino machine.
    Warlic: So, I took the liberty of adding one just for you.

    *A cup of freshly-brewed coffee just appears in front of you*

    <You>: Woah. Alright, Warlic is truly a genius! You have my attention.
    Warlic: The Mage is only a starship in name. It is actually a storage device designed to.... BACKUP THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE
    <You>: How the heck do you backup an entire universe?!
    Warlic: You are probably wondering how I backed up the universe.
    Warlic: I would explain it in detail, but the ship only has enough power to sustain the stasis field for about 20 more seconds.
    Warlic: Which reminds me, you'll find your GEARS Diploma in the glove compartment.
    <You>: Alright! I can't wait to hang it on my wall. Wait... I don't have a wall anymore.
    Warlic: On second thought, that cappuccino probably drained the battery reserves. Make that 5 seconds.
    Warlic: Press the giant red button to begin: Mechrosoft Windows (TM) Universe Restore version 1.0.
    Computer: 5...
    <You>: So, I just push this button and the entire universe will be restored back to exactly how it was?
    Computer: 4...
    Warlic: If everything works perfectly, there is almost a 0.01% chance of success.
    Computer: 3...
    <You>: Hah, I have beaten worse odds than that....
    Computer: 2...

    *You quickly place your finger on the button but accidentally spilled your coffee cup*

    Computer: Foreign chemical breach detected. Data corruption probability, 42%
    <You>: Who the frack put the coffee cup holder right next to the universe backup data!?!?!?!

    Loads cutscene depicting what happens next, after the data corruption. Merging the files, you arrived in... DragonFable.

    <You>: It's the perfect day for adventure. Great things are coming my way... I can just feel it!

    *A red dragon flew past right above your head, and landed in front of you*

    <You>: A Dragon?!
    <You> (thinking): I thought level <your current Level> characters were supposed to start off fighting rats or something easy!

    *The Dragon roars*

    <You> (thinking): Here it comes... the Dragon is about to attack! Time to test my skills as a <Class, depends on your House. House Wolfblade=Warrior, House Runehawk=Mage, House Mystraven=Rogue>!

    *The Dragon lowered its head on the cliff, while a Moglin and Priestess walks out*

    Twilly: Hiyas!
    Twilly: The path is clear, Priestess!
    Priestess: Please pardon us friend, we are just passing through.
    <You> (thinking): ???
    Dragon (thinking): GRRRRR.... BUT SHE DID MAKE ME PROMISE.
    Dragon (thinking): SEE YOU IN ABOUT 30 LEVELS... HA HA HA HA HA HA!
    <You>: What was all that about!? (And do I at least get experience points for sitting through this?)

    * EXP Message*

    <You>: Woah... thanks!

    Along the path you can find a bag of gold. Defeat Gorillaphant.

    <You>: Woah... Oh boy. Someone please tell me everything is really back to normal and you guys are part of some Renaissance fair.
    Warlic: We have been expecting you.
    <You>: Warlic!? Is that you? What in the world did you do to your hair? It got all... emo. Wait! Artix? Robina? Safiria? Is that.... Captain Sys-Zero?
    Everyone: ...
    <You>: Alright, enough fooling around. What planet are we on? Where's my starship?
    Everyone: ...
    <You>: Can someone please explain to me what is going on?
    Zorbak: Meh heh heh... yeah. And I can't wait to see the expression on your face when Twilly tells you.
    Twilly: You saved us. You saved the entire universe. We get a fresh start!
    <You>: You mean... this IS REAL?!
    Twilly: Yup! Only those of us gathered here have fuzzy memories of how things were before the Great Reset happened 5,000 years ago.
    Zorbak: Meh. Soon your memories, and theirs, will fade forever.
    Zorbak: It will seem to you that this reality is full of magic, dragons, and adventure is all that ever was or will be.
    <You>: That's simply impossible! ...Wait... How can you even know this?!
    Twilly: Um, we're moglins. Being magical, we notice things... like when reality suddenly changes and tastes a little bit like cappuccino.
    <You>: That's simply impossible! ...Wait... How can you even know this?!
    Zorbak: Meh, you blew up Lord Valoth real good. But the Shadowscythe come from a different dimension.
    Zorbak: So they weren't affected by the Great Reset that happened in ours.
    Zorbak: They've already chosen a new Lord of Darkness and are trying again.
    Zorbak: (My money is on him, for the record. I mean, he even has his own action figure.)
    Artix: This is why we are hoping you will choose to stay, <You>. Fight alongside us to save this new world.
    Robina: Yes! This world offers so much hope. Please stay and fight!
    <You>: Wait... Artix said "choose to stay." Do I have a choice?
    Warlic: Yes. In fact, you have already been here several times. Each time, you've asked me to send you back.
    <You> (thinking): Wait... Artix said "choose to stay." Do I have a choice?
    Warlic: This is what you call a "fixed moment in time". It can never be changed. Never be altered. You will always make this choice.
    Warlic: It was always your destiny to save the universe and return the Dragons. (Although no one expected you would do it like this!)
    Warlic: Make your choice, Hero. What do you want to do?

    Make a selection:
    <You> (thinking): I will continue in your story at www.DragonFable.com
    <You> (thinking): Will you send me back in time, before magic and dragons, to a universe filled with mecha and lasers?
    <You> (thinking): Yeah, um... People in this world have not even invented electric toilets with the three seashells yet. I'm heading back.
    <You> (thinking): Send me back!
    <You> (thinking): I have some unfinished business, but know I will return one day to help you in this world.

    Zorbak: Hah! Called it. Twilly, you owe me 5 gold.
    <You>: You say this is some sort of fixed moment in time that can't be altered... but even if there is a 0.00001% chance, you know I'll do it.
    Everyone: Thank you, <You>!

    Warlic casts a spell

    Warlic: In this time, or any... we will always be with you.
    Everyone: BATTLE ON!

    You teleported back in time. Loads credits of the AE Team for helping with the entire MechQuest finale releases.

    * EndGame message*

    Rewards Shop:
  • March of the Shadowscythe Mecha Shop
  • March of the Shadowscythe Souvenirs

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