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All You Need to Know about Guardian Class

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5/16/2015 6:16:03   
Mystical Warrior

Guardian Class

By: Mystical Warrior

Previously Owned By: Resolute, Troy Darksword

For easier navigation through the guide, please refer to the code of each section, to make use of it just press Ctrl + F, copy the section enclosed in [ ] and paste it in the find bar, press enter, and you will be directed to that particular section instantly


[GC001] Introduction
[GC002] Skill Overview and Analysis
[GC003] Class Training Overview
[GC004] Guardian Class Stat Builds
[GC005] Basic skill strategy/use for normal/boss battles
[GC006] Recommended Trinkets
[GC007] Recommended Equips
[GC008] Recommended Items for Char Page Look
[GC009] Frequently Asked Questions
[GC010] Changelog and Credits



Guardians are known to be the very first defenders in the AE universe, Guardians originated from the game Adventure Quest in which they then make an appearance in the timeline of Dragonfable. Guardians are one of the primary defenders of every town that has a Guardian Tower which serves as the headquarters of all Guardians assigned in each area. The Guardians are known to be one of the best hybrid type of class as they utilize their skills for both offense and defense with amazing synergy to each other.

Now let's have an overview of the class itself:

Class Statistics

Class Name: Guardian
Trainer: Guardian Trainer Eckhard

Default Weapon: Longsword

Base Offense: Melee: 5, Pierce: 5, Magic: 5, Parry: 0, Dodge: 0, Block: 0
Base Defense: Crit: 5 , Bonus: 0, Boost: 0%
Base Resistance: Light +5 , Darkness +5

Pros and Cons

  • All offensive skills have a 100% damage modifier or more
  • Reliable defensive and offensive skills
  • Reliable stun skill being 3 hits, with each hit attempting to stun
  • Can theoretically defeat all opponents with its Awethur's Fury skill (1% chance of happening)
  • Has a series of debuffs that can ease difficult fights
  • On-Hit Specials (e.g Moglin Healing, BLoD/SRoD DoT) benefit most from Guardian Rage's 14 hits
  • Has HP and MP sustainability skills

  • Most skills are element locked.
  • Guardian Rage is unpredictable with its random element selection each time you use it
  • Awethur's Fury is only single target, so if PWD triggers on a multi-mob fight, only 1 monster is killed instantly
  • Has some Mana consuming skills
  • Skills need to be properly looped/used to make full use of class potential


    Skill Overview and Analysis

    Now that we have an idea of what the class can do, lets proceed on the analysis of each skill of the Guardian class, the analysis of the skills are not done in any particular order. I will also include some notes and tips on using each skill.


    MP Cost: None
    Cooldown: None
    Element: Same as Weapon
    Skill Type: Same as Weapon
    Skill Effect: Performs 1 hit of 120% damage

    Notes and Tips:
  • Your standard attack move. Use this when all of your skills are in CD or a finisher in battles to conserve MP

    Limkragg's Breath

    MP Cost: 14
    Cooldown: 3
    Element: Fire
    Skill Type: Same as Weapon
    Skill Effect: Performs 2 hits of 55% Fire damage, for 110% total damage. If at least one hit connects, it applies a Magic, Fire DoT dealing 50% Weapon Damage for 3 turns

    Note and Tips:
  • A skill that can do a total of 260% potential damage.
  • Spam this skill as much as possible as it is a great skill to utilize
  • DoT seems to double in damage when enemy has weakness to fire, making the skill more attractive

    Guardian Shield

    MP Cost: 15
    Cooldown: 5
    Element: None
    Skill Type: None
    Skill Effect: Raises your Melee/Pierce/Magic Def by 125 for 2 turns

    Note and Tips:
  • Your standard defensive skill, you only pretty much use this against tougher boss battles.
  • Great starter for Multi-Monster fights to mitigate damage received by alot

    Mega Shock

    MP Cost: 18
    Cooldown: 4
    Element: Energy
    Skill Type: Same as Weapon
    Skill Effect: Attacks all enemies with an energy wave for 150% Energy damage

    Note and Tips:
  • This is your multi-mob skill, use against multi-monster packs
  • Its damage is greater compared to your normal attack which has a 120% damage modifier, use this skill if you want to do greater damage.
  • Pair it with Vortex and you can do damage upwards to 187.5% to each enemy

    Ray of Light

    MP Cost: 20
    Cooldown: 5
    Element: Light
    Skill Type: Same as Weapon
    Skill Effect: You fire a ray of light from your shield for 3 hits of 50% Light damage, for 150% total damage. If at least one hit connects, the target's Bonus is lowered by 50 for 5 turns

    Note and Tips:
  • A good defensive/offensive skill. -50 to Bonus practically makes your opponent miss all the time, assuming you have equipment that is up-to-date
  • 150% total damage potential, you can use this instead of your normal attack.

    Spiral Carve

    MP Cost: 20
    Cooldown: 13
    Element: Same as Weapon
    Skill Type: Same as Weapon
    Skill Effect: Slashes the target for 3 hits of 40% damage, for 120% total damage. If at least one hit connects, the enemy is stunned for 3 turns

    Note and Tips:
  • Another great defensive/offensive skill. Each hit attempts to stun the opponent for 3 turns
  • Even if the opponent has Immobility resistance up to 60%, the skill can still reliably stun them.
  • Has a high cooldown, start with this if you are on boss fights.
  • When low on HP and MP, use the stun and use your drain moves to recover yourself.

    Mana Drain

    MP Cost: 0
    Cooldown: 7
    Element: Same as Weapon
    Skill Type: Same as Weapon
    Skill Effect: Attacks the target's MP for 100% damage, and recovers 10% of your MP after

    Note and Tips:
  • Standard MP draining skill, helps you maintain your mana up since some of the class skills have high MP cost

    Keen Edge

    MP Cost: 28
    Cooldown: 12
    Element: Same as Weapon
    Skill Type: Same as Weapon
    Skill Effect: Performs 1 hit of 170% damage with 100% chance to crit, for 340% total damage

    Note and Tips:
  • 340% total damage, what's not to like? Use this as much as possible.
  • Has a bit of a high cooldown, you may want to start with this skill every fight.
  • Use in conjunction with Vortex for even greater results

    Guardian Heroes

    MP Cost: 25
    Cooldown: 9
    Element: Darkness
    Skill Type: Same as Weapon
    Skill Effect: Summons ghosts of fallen guardians to attack the target 3 times for 140% Darkness damage. If at least one hit connects, the target's Boost is lowered by 30 for 5 turns

    Note and Tips:
  • Stronger than your normal attack, use this skill for greater damage.
  • -30 Boost is very useful against hard hitting bosses.
  • Do not use this after Ray of Light since the opponent will be most likely missing when they attack you. If you want to be on the safe side, then feel free to use it.

    Nightbane's Fury

    MP Cost: 18
    Cooldown: 5
    Element: Evil
    Skill Type: Same as Weapon
    Skill Effect: Performs 1 hit of 150% Evil damage. If it connects, the enemy is applied with Nightbane's Venom, a Magic, Curse-elemental DoT dealing 20% Weapon Damage for 5 turns

    Note and Tips:
  • 250% total potential damage, spam this skill as much as possible
  • Evil-element locked doesn't hamper you too much since very few enemies resist it, few enemies also have the "All" resistance.

    Health Drain

    MP Cost: 35
    Cooldown: 9
    Element: Same as Weapon
    Skill Type: Same as Weapon
    Skill Effect: Recovers 10% HP and attacks the target for 100% damage

    Note and Tips:
  • Pretty much a defensive skill rather than offensive one
  • High MP cost, so don't overuse the skill outside of boss battles especially on long quests.
  • You can use it as a finisher on normal battles if you have low health


    MP Cost: 22
    Cooldown: 6
    Element: None
    Skill Type: None
    Skill Effect: Raises your Parry by 250 for this turn and raises your Boost by 25% for 4 turns

    Note and Tips:
  • This is your bread and butter in boss battles. Always start with this before proceeding with your offensive tactics
  • Depending on your preference, you can use this before using Spiral Carve for it to do more damage, or use this if Spiral Carve didn't stun the Boss
  • Always use this skill when you can, as to achieve the highest damage potential of the class throughout the battle.

    Guardian Rage

    MP Cost: 20
    Cooldown: 10
    Element: Random (Light, Darkness, Water, Ice, Wind, Stone, Nature, Energy, Fire, Metal or Bacon)
    Skill Type: Same as Weapon
    Skill Effect: Slashes the target 14 times with a random element for 20% damage per hit, for a total of 280% damage

    Note and Tips:
  • 280% total potential damage, 560% total potential damage if all hits are critical.
  • Contrary to its great damage potential, you may need to be a bit discrete on using this as it can hit your opponent with an element that has resistance or absorbs
  • On-Hit specials of weapons benefit mostly on this skill due to it being 14 hits.
  • Do not use this if you know the RNG hates you lol ;)

    Awethur's Power

    MP Cost: 30
    Cooldown: 15
    Element: Same as Weapon
    Skill Type: Same as Weapon
    Skill Effect: 1% chance to Insta Kill the target. Otherwise, performs 1 hit of 150-250% damage

    Note and Tips:
  • Power Word Die? Use this all the time, and who knows? You might get lucky and trigger the insta-kill move
  • Element being based on your weapon is another plus since even without the PWD triggering, you can still use this move for great damage upwards to 500% total damage when it is a crit

    Guardian Dragon

    MP Cost: 45
    Cooldown: 12
    Element: Bacon
    Skill Type: Same as Weapon
    Skill Effect: Attack the target for 4 hits of 75% Bacon damage, for a total of 300% damage

    Note and Tips:
  • One of your nuke moves, use this if you want to be entertained with the Dragon's taglines
  • High MP cost, use this only on Boss battles since you are better off using other skills on normal fights with lower MP cost
  • Bacon Element locked, not much of a problem since few monsters have Bacon resistance, however, when you are doing any Rose related storyline, avoid using as most Rose soldiers if not all have Bacon resistance


    Class Training Overview

    Note: I will only put a quick overview of the class training since there's already a pedia entry with more complete details of the class training. Complete Class Training Pedia Entry

    Before starting the class training, I suggest that you gather the materials that will be needed in some of the quests, namely:

  • 10 Defender Medals - Obtain them through ongoing wars, otherwise the only other place is Fires Over Oaklore
  • Guardian Blade - With the revamp it is unsure which version is needed, so get both the unstable and static version of the blade from Race to the KeyGems
  • 10 Scrap Metal - Obtain them from You Need More Iron In Your Diet
  • 5 Pouch of Sparkling Sand - Obtain them from The VurrMen Ruins
  • 10 Ahzhite Ore - Obtain them from Bungle in the Jungle
  • 10 Moonglow - Obtain them from The Pumpkin Patch
  • 3 Aeris PvP Trophy - Obtain them from Aeris Battlespire in Book 1 and 2
  • Wings of the Hundred Flames - Obtain the item from 100 Rooms of Fiery Doom!

    Once you have obtained all this items, all that's left is to train the class, although some quests will need you to finish certain quests. Although it won't hamper your time in finishing the class since most of the class skill quests requires the items you have obtained beforehand, fully training the class will take about 10-30min depending on how fast you finish the other class training quests that needs you to finish certain quests.


    Guardian Class Stat Builds

    Now that we have an idea of each skill of the class, let us tackle the different stat builds that can help maximize the potential of the Guardian Class. After the revamp of the Guardian class, the stat build will be less complicated than it was before since all base classes will be able to use the full potential of the class.

    Note: Do bear in mind that the stat builds that will be presented here are those of personal preferences, suggestions or theoretical. You are not in any way, forced to follow these stat builds, you are free to experiment and create one of your own.

    True Guardian
    The Guardian class build that has balanced offense and defense, truly devoted to its name of a True Guardian build, this stat build is based on how the Guardian class is perceived as a hybrid class utilizing offense and defense equally

    	Lvl 10	lvl20	lvl30	lvl40	lvl50	lvl60	lvl70	lvl80
    Main 	20	60	100	150	200	200	200	200
    End	0	0	0	0	0	25	25	25
    Cha	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0
    Wis	25	35	45	45	45	50	50	50
    Luk	0	0	0	0	0	20	70	120

    Explanation: This stat distribution utilizes the Guardian's Hybrid classification, the Luk is for added offense and defense. While the End and Wis amount ensure survivability and prevention of MP shortage.

    Annihilator Guardian
    The Guardian build that abandons survivability and puts it all on offense, this build will achieve its full damage potential without reliance on pets or guests.

    	Lvl 10	lvl20	lvl30	lvl40	lvl50	lvl60	lvl70	lvl80
    Main 	40	80	130	160	190	200	200	200
    End	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0
    Cha	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0
    Wis	5	15	15	15	15	15	15	15
    Luk	0	0	0	20	40	80	130	180

    Explanation: This build practically dumps all stats to ones that will help achieve the highest personal damage. Although ironically with how Luk works now, you are also increasing your own avoidance ability so you are not really completely abandoning your defense, only your survivability though.

    Beast Guardian
    The Guardian that relies on his pets and comrades to take down any foe they face, the Beast Guardians reach their full potential when they fight together with their companions, friends, comrades and sometimes even with the previous enemies.

    	Lvl 10	lvl20	lvl30	lvl40	lvl50	lvl60	lvl70	lvl80
    Main 	40	80	130	160	190	200	200	200
    End	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0
    Cha	0	10	10	30	50	90	140	190
    Wis	5	5	5	5	5	5	5	5
    Luk	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0

    Explanation: This Guardian build utilize his/her guests and pets to dish out damage to their opponents. This build won't reach his full potential if he doesn't fight at least with a pet.

    Tank Guardian
    Guardians that dedicated their training to survivability, Tank Guardians can last longer on fights due to their extensive training in endurance. While they lack the power the other Guardian builds has, they make up for it by lasting a lot longer in battle.

    	Lvl 10	lvl20	lvl30	lvl40	lvl50	lvl60	lvl70	lvl80
    Main 	40	80	130	160	190	200	200	200
    End	5	15	15	35	55	95	145	195
    Cha	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0
    Wis	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0
    Luk	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0

    Explanation: This build shines the most when facing hard-hitting bosses that the other builds can't. With some of the defensive skills the Guardian class has, this build is actually viable especially against hard-hitting bosses or bosses that don't miss since this build can soak in more damage than the other builds


    Basic skill strategy/use for Normal/Boss battles

    Now that you have an idea on each skill of the Guardian class, a build of your own or your own preference. Its now time to talk about some basic strategies on using the Guardian class. This section will help you on how to use Guardian on different kinds of battles. This is also to help you conserve your mana in long quests.

    Note: Do bear in mind that the tactics that will be placed here are only generalized ones, you are not forced to follow these tactics as each monster/boss you face are unique in one way or another.

    Single Monster Battle

    Weak Monster: Either use "Keen Edge" or "Guardian Rage", if you have surplus or alot of MP to spare you can also go for "Awethur's Power"
    Moderate Monster: Either use "Keen Edge" or "Guardian Rage", if you have surplus or alot of MP to spare you can also go for "Awethur's Power"
    Strong Monster: Start by either using "Spiral Carve" or "Ray of Light" then proceed with "Guardian Rage" or "Keen Edge" and then "Awethur's Power"

    Multiple Monster Battle
    Note: If the monsters have Energy resistance 30 or more, you are forced to take them down one by one since your muti-monster skill is Energy Element locked.

    Weak Monster: Start with "Mega Shock", this should be enough to take them all down especially if you crit, if some are still standing just use "Attack" to conserve MP
    Moderate Monster: Start with "Vortex" then "Mega Shock" hopefully it crits which takes them out 90% of the time. If not, take them down one by one with "Attack" to conserve MP
    Strong Monster: Start with "Vortex" then "Spiral Carve" to lessen incoming damage. Use "Ray of Light" or "Guardian Heroes" on one of the monster that isn't stunned, to lessen incoming damage some more. Finally use "Mega Shock" to take down the enemies if they are weak enough, hopefully this will kill all of them at the same time.

    Boss Battle
    Note: The strategy that will be listed here is for general boss battles only, meaning for bosses that doesn't have any resistance to the elemental locked skills of Guardian, has no stun immunity, has normal bonus, and such. You are also not forced to follow the skill strategy here to the letter as bosses can act differently.

    Start with either "Spiral Carve" or "Vortex", proceed to using "Awethur's Power" and hope the PWD triggers. If not, use "Ray of Light" or "Guardian Shield" or "Guardian Heroes", now spam any of these skills: "Limkragg's Breath", "Nightbane's Fury", "Guardian Rage", "Guardian Dragon", "Keen Edge" or "Mega Shock". You can choose any those skills, whichever will do better damage. If your HP or MP is running low use "Health Drain" or "Mana Drain" or potions whichever is more needed. When the CD of one of your initial skills are down use them again.

    If you guys couldn't follow that, here's a listed form of using the skills:
  • Spiral Carve | Vortex
  • Awethur's Power
  • Ray of Light | Guardian Shield | Guardian Heroes
  • Limkragg's Breath | Nightbane's Fury | Guardian Rage | Guardian Dragon | Keen Edge | Mega Shock (There's no particular order, just use them until the CD of the previous skills are done)
  • Health Drain | Mana Drain | Potions
  • Ray of Light | Guardian Shield | Guardian Heroes (Whichever you didn't use before, to put up some defense)
  • Rinse and Repeat


    Recommended Trinkets

    Trinkets that will help complete the potential of the Guardian Class

    Note: This section will help fill the gap that Guardian misses in its offense/defense or if possible, both of them. I didn't include rare Trinkets as it is more probable for newer players to use this guide and they will also most likely don't have those rare Trinkets

    Defensive Trinkets: If you have used the Guardian class enough times, you will notice that there's a 1-2 turns that you are left defenseless, no matter how hard you try to loop the defensive skills of Guardian. These Trinkets will somehow help mitigate those dead turn/s, so that you have a complete defensive loop that can possibly help you avoid damage.

    Not-So-Tiny Bubbles: This Trinket will certainly fill up the dead turn/s you will get if you are trying to loop a defensive play. The blind is as powerful as "Ray of Light" which will make the opponent miss often if you have high enough defenses also.

    Summon Gem - Illumina: The blind from this is alot more powerful than "Ray of Light" or "Tiny Bubbles" aside from that it also damages the opponent. The downside though is that the debuff only lasts 2 turns and it is only good for one loop since the CD of the Trinket is quite long.

    Soul Purifier: It has a very nice 10% HP heal which can help the class tank better during boss battles, it also provides a +30 M/P/M for 2 turns which can help especially if you have a defensive setup. The CD isn't that long either as you will mostly be able to use it again if you loop your skills well

    Offensive Trinkets: Guardian class' offensive capability isn't really lacking as it has at least 3 skills that can be considered as nukes. If you prefer to have some more firepower rather than filling the defensive gap, here are some Trinkets that can help with that.

    Defender Cannon: The stats from the Trinket itself is pretty good, not to mention the skill that comes with it that can do a whopping 400% damage. If you want to add another nuke move to your arsenal then definitely get this, although you will have to become very active in wars to farm those Defender Medals, as you will need a total of 9500 Defender Medals to get the highest level version of this Trinket.

    Spiked Leather Gauntlet: This Trinket is mainly obtained for its stats. If you don't have the DM for Defender Cannon yet, this is a good substitute.

    Elemental Unity: Stats galore, If you can spare the money I highly suggest obtaining this item as it gives really great bonus stats. Not to mention that it also comes with a skill that is also helpful in boss fights.

    Chi Blast: A skill that can damage up to 50% of the enemy HP, although its a gamble. You can still try your luck.

    Runestone: It has some good stats although its only on M. Def, the skill is quite powerful also, so this is worth to use.

    Skull Crusher Blaster: The skill is pretty nice, although the debuff takes a while before it takes effect. It has some stats that can help offensively but not that much.


    Recommended Equips

    Now that we are done with filling the gaps in Guardian's Offense/Defense, we will now tackle equipments that benefit from Guardian's skills.

    Weapons: In general, we will have to consider using weapons that have "On-Hit" specials, wherein "On-Hit" means that it is a special/feature of the weapon that activates whenever you hit a monster, either with your Attack button, or skills. Meaning we will make full use of this feature with the "Guardian Rage" skill's 14-hits, even with low-proc "On-Hit" special, surely it will trigger at least once on those 14-hits unless the RNG hates you. Now without further ado, here are weapons that we should consider:

    Blade of Awe - HP and MP heal
    Ice Scythe - Ice Resist Debuff
    Shadowfire Axe - Fire DoT
    Irismancer's Staff - BTH Buff
    Twilly's Staff - HoT Buff
    Zorbak's Staff - Ebil DoT
    Battle-Worn Doomblade (Rare) - Damage Debuff
    Judgement Wheel (Rare) - Evil DoT
    Warlic's Staff (Rare) - MP Heal
    Dragon Head Blade/ Staff/ Knife (Seasonal) - HP Heal
    ShadowReaper/ SkullStaff/ Twin Blades of Doom - Darkness DoT
    Twin Blades/ DragonStaff/ Blinding Light of Destiny - Light DoT
    Freedom/ Liberty/ Independence (Rare) - Water, Fire and Ice DoT

    Pets: Now let's move on to pets, there are some pets that can help Guardian fill up its lack in defense of even bolster its offense to greater heights. Now here they are:

    Draco (Baby Dragon Pet) - Obviously our own Pet dragon is the first one with its wide variety of skills.
    PoeLala - Stat increase throughout the whole battle, unless removed during battle.
    Cheshire Twilly - Heals 10% of health
    Stan the ScanOrb - Debuff reduces "All" resistance by -15, which in turn doubles all your DoT damage, very nice combo with Guardian's DoT skills along with On-Hit weapons that inflicts DoT damage.


    Recommended Items for Char Page Look

    Now that we are done with the most important parts, its time to know items that will help with your Role-Playing needs.

    Note: Do bear in mind that the items here aren't meant to fully maximize your offensive/defensive potential as some items will look good on the class but has inferior stats or doesn't match your character level.


    Guardian Blade
    Ornate Guardian Blade


    Closed Guardian Armet
    Guardian Armet

    Cape or Back Items:

    Guardian Cloak

    Note: The thing about the Guardian Class is that it is Color Custom to your Base and Trim colors, so you have the complete freedom to customize your look the way you want that will suit your Role-Playing needs. The ones that I included in the list are ones that will always go well with the class regardless of your Color Custom preferences. I didn't put alot of items since pretty much all items in Dragonfable will fit the class if you match the colors with it.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I unlock/obtain the Guardian Class?
    Firstly, you will need to verify your Dragonfable account with a Guardianized account from Adventure Quest. Here's the Verification Link. After verifying your Dragonfable account, go to Trainer Eckhard to unlock and train the class.

    2. How do I get the Guardian Armet/Cloak?
    You will first need to fully train your Guardian Class before Trainer Eckhard gives you access to the Guardian equipments.

    3. I don't have a Dragon Amulet, can I save Guardian as a starting class?
    Yes you can, with the recent revamp of the class, the staff also made it possible for Non-DA owners to save the class as their starting class everytime they login. To do this just go to Trainer Eckhard as he gives the option to do so.

    4. Where can I get the Guardian Blade?
    You can get the blade by going to this Quest: Race To the KeyGems. There are two version of the blade, one version has the unstable damage range and uses the old Guardian Blade art, while the other one has static damage which uses the new Guardian Blade art.

    5. How can I change the colors of the Guardian Class?
    For this, you have to be a DA owner, if you are not one, then your only chance to customize your Guardian class color is during the initial character creation. Although you can still change the abdomen part of the class a little since it is somehow tied to your hair color. If you are a DA owner, then just simply go to the Armor Paint room and customize it. If you want to use the colors that is closest to the original Guardian Colors use this:

    Base= #80849F
    Trim= #E3B13E

    6. I can't get to the Guardian Tower, am I locked from getting the Guardian Class?
    No, you are not locked from it or anything, you most likely started with Book 3, the only way to obtain the Guardian Class and some of its equips is by accessing them from Book 1 or 2 since the Guardian Tower is blocked in Book 3 until the storyline allows us to access it in Book 3.

    7. I see other players having a better art for the Guardian Blade, what is it and where do I get it?
    The Ornate Guardian Blade is the newest addition for Guardian Verified players, you will get a new option from Trainer Eckhard once you finish training the class, this option allows you to fight a stronger version of the Guardian Dragon battle, once you win, the Guardian Dragon will give you access to the weapons shop to buy it.


    Changelog and Credits

    v1.0 Initial Creation and approval of the Guide
    v1.1 Minor grammar correction, additional content for Matching Equipment section, additional FAQ
    v1.2 Added the Trinket section for the guide
    v1.3 Added "Recommended Equips" section

  • Ash and Cronix for creating and revamping the class
  • To the DF Pedia ArchKnights for the well kept pedia entries
  • To the DF Guide ArchKnights for approving the guide
  • Resolute and Troy Darksword for starting and creating the initial guide
  • Azan, crabpeople, and Hopeful Guy for helpful comments and corrections
  • Shadow Morgenstern for the original Guardian Class colors

    Found any corrections or useful comments? Just send me a

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