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Index of Mecha Mods (Alphabetical)

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5/20/2015 3:41:29   

DragonFable & MechQuest


NG - Nova Gem purchase required.
(Rare) - this has been removed from the game or soon to be removed.
SC - Star Captain only.
SOffer - Special Offer, only obtainable via purchases outside of the game.

10 dB NG NG (Rare)
10-Star Battle Chip (Rare) SC
15-Star Battle Chip (Rare) SC
20 dB NG NG (Rare)
20-Star Battle Chip (Rare) SC
25-Star Battle Chip (Rare) SC
30 dB NG NG (Rare)
30-Star Battle Chip (Rare) SC
35-Star Battle Chip (Rare) SC
40 dB NG NG (Rare)
40-Star Battle Chip (Rare) SC
45 dB NG NG (Rare)
45-Star Battle Chip (Rare) SC
50-Star Battle Chip (Rare) SC
5-Day-Old Salmon Badge SC
5-Star Battle Chip (Rare) SC

A-Head of Schedule NG (Rare) SOffer
Acetosella (Rare) SC
Adoring Motherboard NG (Rare)
Advanced Mana Drive GG12 (Rare)
Advanced Mana Drive GG18 (Rare)
Advanced Mana Drive GG24 (Rare)
Advanced Mana Drive GG30 (Rare)
Advanced Mana Drive GG36 (Rare)
Advanced Mana Drive GG42 (Rare)
Advanced Mana Drive GG48 (Rare)
Advanced Mana Drive GG6 (Rare)
Advanced Mana Star-Drive 10 (Rare) SC
Advanced Mana Star-Drive 15 (Rare) SC
Advanced Mana Star-Drive 20 (Rare) SC
Advanced Mana Star-Drive 25 (Rare) SC
Advanced Mana Star-Drive 30 (Rare) SC
Advanced Mana Star-Drive 35 (Rare) SC
Advanced Mana Star-Drive 40 (Rare) SC
Advanced Mana Star-Drive 45 (Rare) SC
Advanced Mana Star-Drive 5 (Rare) SC
Advanced Mana Star-Drive 50 (Rare) SC
AI Software Engine
Andesite SC
Aquamarine Candle
Arc-en-Ciel NG (Rare)
Arcobaleno NG (Rare)
Argillite NG
Armor Scraps SC
Attentive Motherboard (Rare)
Azure Candle

Badge of Boldness
Badge of Bravery
Badge of Courage
Badge of Gallantry
Badge of Glory
Badge of Heroism
Badge of Honor
Badge of Prowess
Badge of Renown
Badge of Valor
Basalt SC
Bat Sonar NG
Battle Chip GG12 (Rare)
Battle Chip GG18 (Rare)
Battle Chip GG24 (Rare)
Battle Chip GG30 (Rare)
Battle Chip GG36 (Rare)
Battle Chip GG42 (Rare)
Battle Chip GG48 (Rare)
Battle Chip GG6 (Rare)
Bionic Boonck NG
Bloodrock Bloodshard
Blue Button (Rare)
Blue Diamond (Rare)
Blue Rabbid Foot NG (Rare)
Blue Star (Rare) SC
Blue Vulkhar Feather NG (Rare)
Breccia NG
Bright Candle SC
Brilliant Candle SC
Bucky-Ball Bearings
Bulk Generator SC
Bunzilla Foot NG (Rare)

Cap'n RhuBarb Nametag (NG) NG (Rare)
Cap'n RhubArb Nametag (NSC) (Rare)
Cap'n RhUbarb Nametag (SC) (Rare) SC
Carbonanite SC
Caring Motherboard (1) (Rare) SC
Caring Motherboard (2) (Rare) SC
Carnation Candle
Carnelian Candle
CDB Warp Core SC
Central Power Unit
Chartreuse Candle
Cherished Motherboard NG (Rare)
Chimney Sweep (Rare)
Chip Log NG
Chivalrous Escort SC
Cloak of Shadows GG12 (Rare)
Cloak of Shadows GG18 (Rare)
Cloak of Shadows GG24 (Rare)
Cloak of Shadows GG30 (Rare)
Cloak of Shadows GG36 (Rare)
Cloak of Shadows GG42 (Rare)
Cloak of Shadows GG48 (Rare)
Cloak of Shadows GG6 (Rare)
Clover Field (Rare) SC
Coquina NG
Cor-Demi Tech Powercell SC
Courageous Escort SC
Cricket (Rare)
Crystal Storage Unit
Cursed Tape NG (Rare)

Dacite SC
Darling Motherboard (Rare) SC
Dear Motherboard (Rare)
Devoted Motherboard (Rare)
Diatomite NG
Dirty Sock Revolver NG
Doting Motherboard (Rare)
Dual Tri-Mega-Bus NG

EbilCorp Booster Mk I (Rare)
EbilCorp Booster Mk II (Rare)
EbilCorp Booster Mk III (Rare)
EbilCorp Booster Mk IV (Rare)
EbilCorp Booster Mk V (Rare)
EbilCorp Enhancer Mk I (Rare) SC
EbilCorp Enhancer Mk II (Rare) SC
EbilCorp Enhancer Mk III (Rare) SC
EbilCorp Enhancer Mk IV (Rare) SC
EbilCorp Enhancer Mk V (Rare) SC
EbilCorp Multiplier Mk I NG (Rare)
EbilCorp Multiplier Mk II NG (Rare)
EbilCorp Multiplier Mk III NG (Rare)
EbilCorp Multiplier Mk IV NG (Rare)
EbilCorp Multiplier Mk V NG (Rare)
EC Proto-Resistor SC
Emblem of The Horseman NG (Rare)
Equin Shoe NG (Rare)
Equin Sweat Badge NG
Essexite SC
Estrella (Rare) SC
Etoile (Rare) SC
Exterminator's License NG

Falling Star (Rare) SC
Fangor Bloodshard
Feather SC
Fiery Candle SC
Flaming Candle SC
Flawed Bloodstone
Flawless Bloodstone
Foidolite SC
Foul Guano Badge NG

Gabbro SC
Gark Herb SC
Gecko Halitosis Badge SC
Gleaming Candle SC
Gleaming Ember SC
Glimmering Candle SC
Glowing Candle SC
Glowing Ember SC
Glueckscredit (Rare)
Gold Equin Shoe NG (Rare)
Gold Vulkhar Feather NG (Rare)
Goldenrod Candle
Gravitronic Rotator SC
Green 4-Leaf (Rare) SC
Green Equin Shoe NG (Rare)
Green Seaweed SC
Green Vulkhar Feather NG (Rare)

Handful of Sand SC
Harzburgite SC
Heroic Escort SC
High-Gloss Polish NG (Rare)
Hot New Anniversary Chip NG SOffer
Hulky BunBun Foot NG (Rare)

Impervious Couplings SC
Insignia of Boldness SC
Insignia of Bravery SC
Insignia of Courage SC
Insignia of Gallantry SC
Insignia of Glory SC
Insignia of Heroism SC
Insignia of Honor SC
Insignia of Prowess SC
Insignia of Renown SC
Insignia of Valor SC
Invisible Poultice S NG
Invisible Poultice T NG
Invisible Poultice U NG

Jump Starter NG

Kamal NG
Klaver (Rare) SC
Kleeblatt (Rare) SC
Komeet (Rare) SC

LG Collection Box NG
Limburger Badge
Loving Motherboard (Rare) SC
Lucky Credit (Rare)
Lucky Star (Rare) SC

Magenta Candle
Maize Candle
Mark of The Horseman NG (Rare)
Maroon Candle
Matrix of Courage SC
Mauve Candle
MD Collection Box NG
Medal of Boldness (Rare)
Medal of Bravery (Rare)
Medal of Courage (Rare)
Medal of Gallantry (Rare)
Medal of Glory (Rare)
Medal of Heroism (Rare)
Medal of Prowess (Rare)
Medal of Renown (Rare)
Medal of Valor (Rare)
Mildewed Shoe Badge
Morrowood Bloodshard
Mortis Cog (Rare)
Mortis Gearwheel (Rare)
Mortis Pinion (Rare)
Mortis Sprocket (Rare)
Mortis Spurwheel (Rare)
Mulberry Candle
Multiplier Circuit
Mutagenic Conduit SC
Mysterious Key Card NG

Nano-RAM chip
Necryptos Bloodcrystal
Neural Transmutator
Nova Amplifier NG (Rare)
Nova Overclock Chip 24 NG
Nova Overclock Chip 29 NG
Nova Overclock Chip 33 NG
Nova Protector NG
NSC dB10 (Rare)
NSC dB13 (Rare)
NSC dB16 (Rare)
NSC dB19 (Rare)
NSC dB22 (Rare)
NSC dB25 (Rare)
NSC dB28 (Rare)
NSC dB31 (Rare)
NSC dB34 (Rare)
NSC dB37 (Rare)
NSC dB40 (Rare)
NSC dB43 (Rare)
NSC dB7 (Rare)
Number Seven (Rare)

Opti-P 10mg SC
Opti-P 15mg SC
Opti-P 20mg SC
Opti-P 25mg SC
Opti-P 30mg SC
Opti-P 35mg SC
Opti-P 40mg SC
Opti-P 45mg SC
Opti-P w/A 10mg NG
Opti-P w/A 20mg NG
Opti-P w/A 30mg NG
Opti-P w/A 40mg NG
Orange Star (Rare) SC
Overclock Chip
Overclock Chip 24
Overclock Chip 29
Overclock Chip 33

Pelorus NG
Periwinkle Candle
Pink Heart (Rare)
Pot of Gold (Rare)
Power Boost NG
Power Pack NG
Power Rush NG
Praising Motherboard NG (Rare)
Precious Motherboard NG (Rare)
Pulse Overdrive
Pulse Overdrive (SC) SC
Purple Button
Purple Equin Shoe NG (Rare)
Purple Seaweed SC
Purple Star SC
Putrid Sock Badge

Quickflash Nitro Boost

Rabbid Foot NG (Rare)
Rainbow NG (Rare)
Red Balloons (Rare)
Red Giant Candle NG
Regenbogen NG (Rare)
River Rock SC
Rotten Egg Badge SC

Sand Glass NG
SC dB 10 (Rare) SC
SC dB 15 (Rare) SC
SC dB 20 (Rare) SC
SC dB 25 (Rare) SC
SC dB 30 (Rare) SC
SC dB 35 (Rare) SC
SC dB 40 (Rare) SC
SC dB 45 (Rare) SC
SC dB 5 (Rare) SC
Schoorsteenveger (Rare)
Schornsteinfegar (Rare)
Seal of The Horseman (10) NG (Rare)
Seal of The Horseman (40) NG (Rare)
Sekali Bloodshard
Sepia Candle
Sham Rocks (Rare) SC
Shimmering Candle SC
Shining Candle SC
Shooting Star (Rare) SC
Skunk Spray Badge SC
SM Collection Box NG
Sonic Enhancement Program Mk I (Rare) SC
Sonic Enhancement Program Mk II (Rare) SC
Sonic Enhancement Program Mk III (Rare) SC
Sonic Enhancement Program Mk IV (Rare) SC
Sonic Enhancement Program Mk V (Rare) SC
Sour Milk Badge NG
Spoiled Chickencowroast Badge NG
Stalwart Bodyguard
Star Amplifier (Rare) SC
Star Glass SC
Star Line SC
Star Log SC
Star of Boldness (Rare) SC
Star of Bravery (Rare) SC
Star of Courage (Rare) SC
Star of Gallantry (Rare) SC
Star of Glory (Rare) SC
Star of Heroism (Rare) SC
Star of Prowess (Rare) SC
Star of Renown (Rare) SC
Star of Valor (Rare) SC
Star Overclock Chip 24 SC
Star Overclock Chip 29 SC
Star Overclock Chip 33 SC
Star Powerup SC
Star Ring SC
Star-Class Motherboard (Rare) SC
Starcloak of Shadows 10 (Rare) SC
Starcloak of Shadows 15 (Rare) SC
Starcloak of Shadows 20 (Rare) SC
Starcloak of Shadows 25 (Rare) SC
Starcloak of Shadows 30 (Rare) SC
Starcloak of Shadows 35 (Rare) SC
Starcloak of Shadows 40 (Rare) SC
Starcloak of Shadows 45 (Rare) SC
Starcloak of Shadows 5 (Rare) SC
Starcloak of Shadows 50 (Rare) SC
Starlight Candle SC
Starshine Polish (Rare) SC
Staunch Bodyguard
Stella di Caduta (Rare) SC
Stinkin' Armpit Badge SC
Supercharged Pistons
Supernova Candle NG
Sweet Motherboard (Rare)
Sweetest Motherboard (Rare) SC
Symbol of Ability NG
Symbol of Adherence
Symbol of Boldness SC
Symbol of Bravery SC
Symbol of Capability NG
Symbol of Commitment
Symbol of Courage SC
Symbol of Daring SC
Symbol of Dedication
Symbol of Devotion
Symbol of Fearlessness SC
Symbol of Loyalty
Symbol of Potential NG
Symbol of Skill NG
Symbol of Talent NG

T-Flan 2
T-Flan 4
T-Flan 6
T-Flan 8
Tangerine Candle
Teal Candle
Tenacious Bodyguard
Tf'lan'la NG
Tinsel (Rare) SC
Token of The Horseman NG (Rare)
Tough Bodyguard
Trebol (Rare) SC
Trefoil (Rare) SC
Trog Plasma NG
Trog Twitch
Trog Vision SC

Universo Codex SC
Unshakable Bodyguard

Valorous Escort SC
Veenmol (Rare)
Venerating Motherboard NG (Rare)
Violet Candle
Vitamin P 18mg
Vitamin P 24mg
Vitamin P 27mg
Vitamin P 33mg
Vitamin P 36mg
Vitamin P 39mg
Vitamin P 42mg
Volt-a-Bolts SC
Vulkhar Feather NG (Rare)



Yellow Moon (Rare)
YourZelf (Rare) SC


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