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Dark Energy

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6/9/2015 8:19:10   

DragonFable & MechQuest

Dark Energy

Location: Soluna City -> Trouble on Zargon, Planet Zargon -> Up -> Selina -> Missions -> Entropy
Objective: You have shut down the machine and everything looks to be alright. Hopefully this teaches them not to mess with things they do not fully understand.
Requirements: None
Release Date: June 5th, 2015

  • Entropy

  • Selina
  • Thunderhammer

    Selina: <You>, something has happened that I need your help with.
    <You>: It has to be bad if you need my help. What's wrong?
    Selina: Some of our scientists have been working on a way to return everyone's powers.
    Selina: While the suits everyone is wearing now are useful, they can't give each person their original powers back.
    Selina: The scientists were experimenting with both Dark Matter and a stable Quantum Singularity.
    Selina: They used these, along with energy pulled directly from Subspace, to try and create a device that would re-energize the heroes cells.
    <You>: That sounds amazing but, you wouldn't have told me there was trouble if everything went according to plan.
    Selina: Indeed. The scientist's lost containment of the Dark Matter and it interacted directly with the Singularity in an uncontrolled reaction.
    Selina: Something was pulled through. The scientist's escaped the facility but whatever it is has begun to multiply.
    Selina: I attempted to step in and stop whatever it was but they seemed to just feed off of my powers.
    <You>: Are you alright?
    Selina: Yes, I was able to get away before they did any permanent damage. The bigger issue is that they will not stay contained much longer.
    Selina: If they manage to get out they will overrun the planet and then spread offworld.
    Selina: They don't seem to be able to drain Mecha's as quickly as they did me and those few who still use them are standing guard.
    Selina: While you're making sure they won't escape I will work with the scientist's to find a way to return whatever it is back where it came from.
    <You>: Alright, I'll head over there now.

    Thunderhammer: <You>! I'm glad you're here. My Mecha is almost totally drained from holding those things off.
    Thunderhammer: Starstorm filled you in on everything, right?
    <You>: Everything that I needed to know, yes. I'm supposed to help you hold them off while they figure out how to fix this.
    ???: swoooooooosh
    Thunderhammer: I need to get recharged. Hold them off till I get back!

  • Fight!

    Fight six Entropy. After the battle:

    Dr. Bryce Benner: Ah, <You>. Starstorm sent me.
    Dr. Bryce Benner: We have found a way to use the equipment in the lab to send the creature back to where it came from.
    Dr. Bryce Benner: I'm sending you the information you need. I'll hold off the creatures it spawns while you send it back.
    <You>: Yeah, about that. Why am I heading into the building where these things are spewing out without my mecha?
    Dr. Bryce Benner: They only form and emerge every 42 minutes. If you hurry you'll make it before the next group appears.
    <You>: If they spawn that slowly why are you the one standing guard?
    Dr. Bryce Benner: Starstorm said that you were the one who was best able to do it as you do dangerous things all the time.
    <You>: Ah, right. Saving the universe and all that.
    Dr. Bryce Benner: 39 minutes and counting...
    <You>: Yeah, yeah. I get the idea.

    <You>: Oh wow.
    ???: He......lp......hur......ts...............w...ant..........hom......e...
    <You>: You can speak? You said you're hurt... You're not trying to hurt anyone are you?
    ???: N....oooo........se....n....d........h....om...e........pl...e.....a.........se
    <You>: I'll send you back. No one here knew what was going on. We didn't mean to hurt you.
    ???: I....un...der....st..........a...nd......tha....n.....k.......y.....ou.....

    <You>: It was scared and in pain from being ripped out of its home. I know the scientists didn't mean to do it but they need to be more careful.
    <You>: If I learned anything in Quantum Mechanics 5200 it's that Dark Matter and Singularity objects don't mix.

  • Back to Selina

    Selina: I have passed along what you found out to the scientists. Dr. Benner in particular was very upset at what happened.
    Selina: From checking the various readouts before the incident it appears as though they broke a Quantum Barrier.
    Selina: The being was from a somewhat angular plane of existence. Entering ours caused it to warp and change.
    Selina: While they want to study this new dimension in more detail I've convinced them that doing so is far too dangerous to both sides.
    <You>: Good. Nothing should ever have to go through that much pain.
    Selina: Indeed not. Dr. Benner was not happy that one of his scientists might end up on the other side next time.
    Selina: He and Thunderhammer have also agreed to let you have one of their spare mecha in thanks for your efforts.
    Selina: While I don't like that a being was in pain from this event I am thankful that it's resolved and no one was permanently hurt.
    Selina: Sadly they won't be able to use those more powerful energies in combination any longer which may slow down possible recovery of their powers.
    <You>: This planet has some of the smartest minds in the galaxy. I'm sure they'll figure it out.
    Selina: Very true.

  • Reward!/Complete!

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