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1/14/2016 20:15:50   
Possibly anonymous

Why isn't there a legion necromancer? After all dage is a necromancer. And if they do add it it should require necromancer class( obviously)

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1/17/2016 12:28:09   
Swat Officer

This class was made for Dage's bday but i dont think it will make it. if i does I WILL BE SOOO HAPPY!!
Dread Assassin

Warrior class type

Weapon damage: 120% 2.0 speed

Mana Regen: Gains mana back when striking an enemy in combat (especially on crits) and when struck by an enemy in combat
Stats (Must equal 347 at the end)
Str: 100


Auto Attack: Dreaded Slash
An attack that applies Vital Wound if Dread is applied.
Vital Wound Causes a DoT. Stacks 10 times.

Rank 1: Dread Strike 5 second cooldown 10 mana Physical
You take a Strike at your opponent causing them to dread you next attack. Applies Dread which reduces haste by 5% for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.
Deals 225% damage but cannot critically strike.

Rank 2: Pure Fear 10 second cooldown 15 mana Physical
Deal moderate damage use your stacks of Dread to Heal yourself and give yourself a HoT.
Heal and HoT increased by stacks of Dread. Consumes stacks.

Rank 3: Slice’n Dice 5 second cooldown 20 mana Physical
You slice your opponent into little pieces causing moderate damage. You also consume your Vital Wound stacks to increase your damage output by 50% for 10 seconds.

Rank 4: (passives)
2 SWORDS!: Increase your critical strike chance by 20%
Sharp Sword: Attackpower is increased by 15%

Rank 5: X-Retsu 20 second cooldown 40 mana Physical
You slice your opponent in an X shape causing Huge damage.
(can crit up to 15k under the right conditions)

Rank 10 passive:Dread Harvest: Every time you crit with Dread applied you regain 20% more mana than usual!
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1/22/2016 22:51:47   

Class 1

Class name: Judge of a Thousand Worlds
Price: 2000 ACs OR 3.5 million gold requiring rank 10 Good and rank 10 Evil.
Note: All abilities are magically based.


Wrath of a Thousand Kings(Rank 1)
Mana cost: 0
CDT: 2.0 seconds
Description: Unleash your fury! You have the wrath of a thousand kings allowing you to destroy your opponent more easily!
Note: Increases damage by 1% every hit. Stacks up to 50. Displays as Wrath.

Godspeed (Rank 1)
Mana cost: 10
CDT: 5 seconds
Description: Your speed is greatly increased. You and anyone in your room also gain this ability!
Note: Increases your dodge by 25% and ally's dodge by 10%

Beam of the Arbiter (Rank 2)
Mana cost: 20
CDT: 7 seconds
Description: You gather all your strength into your weapon and fire it into one large strike. It destroys their will, allowing them to believe that they will never win the trial.
Note: Deals medium damage. Stuns you for a second. Decreases all stats by 10%. Heals you also.

Trial by Fire (Rank 3)
Mana cost: 13
CDT: 6 seconds
Description: You literally set your opponent ablaze. Based on their crimes, the damage will increase.
Note: Deals no immediate damage. Deals DoT depending on how stacked Wrath of a Thousand Kings is.

Habeas Corpus and Prosecution (Rank 4) (Passives)
Increases damage by 15% and dodge by 15%

Glorious Execution (Rank 5)
Mana cost: 30
CDT: 14
Description: You have finally deemed your opponent guilty! You will execute your opponent going through all defenses. It nullifies all buffs and debuffs only for this attack.
Note: Deals very high damage. Goes through all defensive abilities and buffs and debuffs (Burning Ward, Temporal Insanity, Shiny Mirror Shield, etc.)

Ultra-Axe (Rank 10) (Passive)
You temporarily gain the executioner's axe, quadruppling all damage and decreasing all cool down times by 50%.
Note: Lasts for 5 seconds.


Class 2

Class name: Beast of the World
Price: 2 Million gold. Also requires Rank 10 BOA, Pet Tamer, and Loremaster

Auto Attack (Rank 1)
Mana cost: 0
CDT: 2 seconds
Description: A basic attack taught to all adventurers
Note: None
Type: Physical

Bite of Might (Rank 1)
Mana cost: 10
CDT: 6 seconds
Description: You crush your opponent with a bite so powerful it handicaps them.
Note: Deals medium damage. Decreases opponent's haste and dodge by 10%
Type: Physical

Tornado Tail Whip (Rank 2)
Mana cost: 15
CDT: 5 seconds
Description: Slash your tail at them repeatedly like a tornado!
Note: Does 6 consecutive attack. Each attack is 50% weaker than your normal attack.
Type: Physical

Insanely Insane Hunter (Rank 3)
Mana cost: 25
CDT: 10
Description: You go insane releasing all defensive maneuvers but increasing your offensive potential to absurd amounts.
Note: All damage increases 30% for 6 seconds.
Type: Physical

Apex Predator and King of Animals (Rank 4) (Passive)
Increases Haste and Strength by 20%

Roar that Shakes the World (Rank 5)
Mana cost: 40
CDT: 20
Description: You unleash a roar so powerful it shakes the Earth.
Note: Deals massive damage and stuns for 10 seconds
Type: Physical

Bio-Enhancer (Rank 10) (Passive)
Your genes have been enhanced through bio-engineering. You are now stronger, faster, and tougher than ever before.
Note: Increases damage by 15%, increases dodge by 15%, and increases durability by 20%

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1/24/2016 21:16:43   
Doom Spectrum

Evolved Love Caster
Auto Attack: Love Hurts
Rank Needed: 0
Cooldown: 2 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Love is a basic human emotion, and sometimes it can hurt people.

Skill #1: Love Struck:
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 30
Cooldown: 7 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: Pierce your opponent's heart, dealing moderate physical damage, having a slight chance to stun.
Note: Stun lasts for 3 seconds. Stun is a 15% chance.

Skill #2: Love Leech:
Rank Needed: 2
Mana Cost: 25
Cooldown: 8 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Recall the knowledge that Dage has taught you about stealing life force from an opponent in battle and leech some health from your target.
Note: Health gained is 40% of damage you attacked your target for.

Skill #3: Drowning in Love
Rank Needed: 3
Mana Cost: 30
Cooldown 13 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Drown your target with love and don't let them escape. Applies a 4 second stun.

Rank 4 Passive #1: The Heart Needs
Rank Needed: 4
Type: Passive Ability
Description: Increase critical strike damage by 25%

Rank 4 Passive #2: Full of Love
Rank Needed: 4
Type: Passive Ability
Description: Increase Int by 15%

Skill #4: Heart Broken
Rank Needed: 5
Mana Cost: 45
Cooldown: 40 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Shatter your target's heart and cause them to suffer. Does MASSIVE damage and applies a reasonable DoT.
Note: DoT is based on your Damage done in the past 5 seconds. (20% of damage done in past 5 seconds.)

Rank 10 Passive: Pure Love
Rank Needed: 10
Type: Passive Ability
Description: Your heart flows like a river, giving you a small chance to increase the damage of you and all the players around you.
Note: Damage Increased by 35% for you and all players in range of you.

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AQW  Post #: 154
1/28/2016 2:52:21   

Easter Enforcer

Price: 2,000ACs / 100,000 Gold (At Easter Event)

Rank 1 - Auto Attack
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown Time: 2 seconds
A basic attack to all adventurers.

Rank 1 - Chocolate Splash
Mana Cost: 10
Cooldown Time: 6 seconds
Splash chocolate on up to 4 monsters dealing a guaranteed moderate AoE crit.

Rank 2 - Egg Hurl
Mana Cost: 25
Cooldown Time: 10
Colorful Eggs of Doom are hurled to your target, stunning them for 3 - 7 seconds.

Rank 3 - Egg Treat
Mana Cost: 5
Cooldown Time: 4 seconds
The chocolaty goodness applies a small HoT. Stacks up to 15 times and lasts for 20 seconds.

Rank 4 Passive - Basket
Egg Treats are slightly more efficient.

Rank 4 Passive - Bunny Ears
Bunny Ears give you faster reflexes. Evasive ability increased by 20%.

Rank 5 - Easter Bunny Summon
Mana Cost: 40
Cooldown Time: 30 seconds
Summons a temporary easter bunny battle pet for 15 seconds, dealing triple the amount of your damage. Stacks of Egg Treats will slightly strengthen the bunny's attacks.


Strategy 1: Soloing
Start with Egg Hurl, then repeatedly use Egg Treat. If you have over 70MP, repeat what I just said. Once boss is under half HP, use Easter Bunny Summon and keep using Egg Treats.

Strategy 2: Farming
Use Chocolate Splash, then keep using Egg Treat which will avoid having to /rest . Then repeat.



* Class outfit looks like Enforcer, but more easter-ish.
* Egg Treats don't apply to Easter Bunny Summon before using Easter Bunny Summon ability
* Character's crit rate applies to Easter Bunny
* Best Enhancements:
Armor - Wizard/Lucky
Cape - Wizard
Helm - Wizard
Weapon - Wizard

* This class MIGHT be a little OP.

Font Size reduced. The font size limit is 3. -Laos

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1/28/2016 5:17:09   

Practicioners of necromancy are bound to be frail, the proximity with death or the dead made them so. But some found a way to augment themselves with physical prowess by making their minions a part of them.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Taking Hits
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical, If under 'Minion' damage dealt is reduced by 25%
1*Summon Skull | Bone Shield: (m.b.s|p)Deals slight damage, absorbs 3 hits or from one 999+ damage hit landed on you & +Haste 'Minion' for 12.0s, stacks up to 2 | (p)Stun(3.5s) attack, 8.0s CD
2*Skeletal Spear: (m/p)Deals damage with +(25%)Crit chance, if target have 'Bleeding' will reduce it's EVA 'Tied Down' for 6.0s
3*Blood Sacrifice | Spinal Sword: (m.d|p.d)Deals damage and causes DoT 'Bleeding', increases 'Minion' stack limit by 1 'Blood Price' and maxxing it at 8 | (p)Crit attack, chance to 'Bleeding', 12.0s CD
4*Boneheads: +INT *Necro Frailty: +RES but -DEF
5*Lord of Bones: (b)Boosts ATK & DEF by the number of 'Minion' stacked 'Skull Armour' for 15.0s, Consumes 'Minion', Switches to 2nd mode of skill 1 and 3, doubling their CD time
10*Crypt Keeper: Chance to trigger on normal attacks, adds 'Minion' up to the current stacked capacity

In the barren deserts of Sandsea, a group of bandits terrorize and robbed passing merchants, using what little they had and what's bountiful to them, their craftiness and the sand itself.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Dodging(Recovers HP as well)
N*Auto-attack: 1.5s CD, Physical
1*Grappling Hook: (p.d)Deals minor damage, reduces Haste and EVA 'Tied Down' stacks up to 3
2*Iron Claw: (p.d)Deals damage and applies minor DoT, if target has 'Blinded' deals more Damage
3*Sand Cloud: (b.d)Causes target to -ACC 'Blinded', Caster gains +Crit Chance & EVA 'Hidden'
4*Sidewinder: +ATK & DEX
5*Withdraw | Pull Away: (p.b.d)+EVA, if target has 'Tied Down' will deal damage and DoT based on the number of 'Tied Down' stacked
10*Dusty Sleeves: Chance to -ACC 'Blinded' on normal attacks

Advance Drakel science gives life to mechanical automatons that transforms to suit the needs of their creator.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Taking Hits
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
1*Activate Automaton | Switch Modes: (b.s)Summons Automaton, gains +DEF and chance to Block 'Defend' for 14.0s, if caster already had 'Defend', will gain +ATK and Haste 'Attack' for 14.0s instead and vice-versa.
2*Left Arm Strike: (p.d|m.d)Deals damage and applies 'Provoked' for 6.0s, if caster has 'Attack' the target gets -ATK Speed & EVA 'Shocked' for 6.0s instead
3*Rectifier: (b)Caster gets HoT but -DEF 'Repair'
4*Improved Frame: +END & Haste *Advanced Tracking System: +ACC & Crit Chance
5*Right Arm Strike: (p|m)Does a Stun(2.5s) Attack, if caster has 'Attack' will do a 200% of DPS on up to 3 targets at melee range instead. Extends the duration of 'Defend' or Attack' when used.
10*Command Module: +DMG & EVA

There's a myth about men born from dragons or coming out of a dragon's egg and is said to be able to draw out their power from within, displaying feats of the majestic beast. Though it could just be another hearsay.
Mana Gain: Attacking
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
1*Leap Attack | Soaring Drake: (p.b)Immobile but gains +EVA 'Leap' for 3.0s then damages target | No Immo, deals damage then gains EVA & Haste 'Flight' for 8.0s
2*Dragon Cry | Wyvern Roar: (d)Applies -ATK & Haste 'Weaken' for 6.0s | (m)Deals moderate damage
3*Sweep Attack | Wyrm Slam: (p.d)Deals damage and -EVA 'Off-Balanced' | Stun(3.0s) attack
4*Dragonkin: +STR & RES *Mythical: +SPL
5*Dragon Force: (b)Gains dragon traits; +DEF & RES 'Dragon Scales' for 15.0s, Switches to 2nd mode the skill 1, 2 and 3 but CD is prolonged by 30% 'Dragon Force' for 15.0s
10*Awakening: (b)Chance to cast a stronger form of Dragon Force, +DMG & without the CD penalty 'Awakening' for 10.0s

What's worse than a lycan's bite? Well the one that's rabid, if you manage to survive those rows and rows of canines the rabies will finish you off or if under the right circumstances, you'll find yourself in a very hairy situation.
Mana Gain: Attacking
N*Rabid: 2.0s CD, Physical, Chance to apply DoT & -SPL 'Rabies'
1*Head Bite: (p.d)Crit Attack, applies 'Rabies'
2*Ravage: (p.d)Deals 200% of DPS & Stun for 3.0s, Chance to apply 'Rabies'
3*Marked Scent: (d)Reduces target's EVA & ACC 'Stink Mark'
4*Hightened Senses: +ACC & EVA *Big Bad One: +ATK
5*Bestial Fury: (b)+ATK & Haste but reduces EVA
10*Full Moon: (b.d)5% chance to trigger, Applies to caster and target(if 'Rabies' is present), both leaks mana fast and target gets an ATK boost while caster skills' cost becomes 0 ' Full Moon' for 10.0s

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AQW Epic  Post #: 156
1/28/2016 18:43:48   

Class 3 (continued from last post)

Ghost of the Legion
Price: 500,000 Gold + 5k Legion Tokens OR 2k ACs
Description: Your body is decomposed, you are pitted to join either Nulgath or Dage to be their general because of your power. You have chosen Dage.

Auto Attack (Rank 1)
Mana cost: 0
CDT: 2 seconds
Description: A basic attack taught to all adventurers
Notes: None
Type: Physical

Paragon Blast (Rank 1)
Mana cost: 10
CDT: 5 seconds
Description: Dage temporarily takes over your body allowing him to create a blast once.
Notes: Deals medium damage and a moderate DoT.
Type: Magical

Infinite Arsenal (Rank 2)
Mana cost: 20
CDT: 7 seconds
Description: Your ties with the Legion allows you to access the full arsenal of the Legion.
Notes: Attacks your opponent 5 times in a row, each dealing low-moderate damage.
Type: Magical

Fire of the Legion (Rank 3)
Mana cost: 30
CDT: 12
Description: Your rage for your opponent and your burning loyalty is increased for a short period of time, increasing your stats to crazy amounts!
Notes: Increases damage by 65%, haste by 25%, and dodge for 25%. Gives a heal over time.
Type: Physical/Magical

Dage's Empowerment and Wrath of Dage (Passives)
Increase in your physical stats by 20% and your intellect by 20%

Army of the Legion (Rank 5)
Mana cost: 50
CDT: 45 seconds
Description: Your call upon the strength of the Legion and summon hundreds of soldiers at your disposal. You strained your body far too much causing it to be destroyed.
Notes: Does massive damage, causes a 10 second stun, and decreases your health by 50%.
Type: Magical

Arsenal of Doom (Passive)
When using Infinite Arsenal, you have a 5% chance to summon the Caladablog which will do a 15 second stun along with massive damage.


Class 2

Cost: 500k gold + 3 Unidentified 13s + 100 Essences of Nulgath + OverFiend Blade OR 2k ACs
Description: Your body is decomposed, you are pitted to join either Nulgath or Dage to be their general because of your power. You have chosen Nulgath

Auto Attack (Rank 1)
Mana cost: 0
CDT: 2.0 Seconds
Description: A basic attack taught to all adventurers
Notes: None
Type: Physical

Unidentified Slash (Rank 1)
Mana cost: 15
CDT: 7
Description: You get a random effect for a slash that can help you or your opponent!
Notes: Can either: Deal high damage, deal moderate damage, deal low damage, deal no damage, deal a high DoT, deal a moderate DoT, deal a low DoT, stun your opponent, stun yourself, or heal 10% of opponent's health.
Type: Physical/Magical

Blood of the Fallen (Rank 2)
Mana cost: 20
CDT: 10
Description: Drown your opponent in a massive pool of blood causing mass destruction upon them!
Notes: Stuns your opponent for 3 seconds but deals no damage.
Type: Magical

Destroy the Legion! (Rank 3)
Mana cost: 30
CDT: 15
Description: You get a massive hype and go crazy because the Legion still exists.
Notes: Your attack speed increases by 200%. If your opponent has any Legion item equipped, your damage also increases by 20%.
Type: Physical

Contract of the Dead and Grave (Rank 4) (Passive)
Increases your damage by 25% and increases dodge by 10%

Abyssal Thunder (Rank 5)
Mana cost: 40
CDT: 20 seconds
Description: You clap with all your might causing light to fall out of the Earth for a temporary amount of time.
Notes: Deals High damage and stuns for 5 seconds.
Type: Physical/Magical

Post #: 157
1/31/2016 20:15:11   

AC Item

Class Name: Champion of the Rainbows

Class Description: Unleash the power of the Rainbows!

Class Overview: You are the Rainbow’s champion! Smite foes with blinding colors. With each enemy you defeat, you grow stronger.

Mana regeneration tips: Champion of the Rainbows regenerate mana when they land hits in combat, especially on crits. They have a chance to heal 5% of all incoming damage.

Skill One: Auto Attack - Made of pure Rainbow Energy, dealing 150% normal damage and uses the power of the rainbows to heal you for a moderate amount (50% chance)

Skill Two: Rainbow Blade - 6 mana, 2 second cooldown Magical Call upon the Rainbow, increasing your auto attack’s damage by 10% for 2 seconds. This skill stacks up to 3 times

Skill Three: Rainbow Saber - 10 mana, 15 second cooldown Magical Summon a mighty blade made of pure rainbow energy! Deals x3 normal damage if Rainbow Blade is activated.

Skill Four: Barrage - 23 mana, 3 second cooldown Magical Use the Rainbow forces to enhance your luck, increasing your crit chance and crit damage, and dodge for 5 seconds

Passive 1: Increases Wisdom by 50%

Passive 2: Increases Dodge by 50%

Skill Five: Ultimate Rainbow Warrior - 40 mana, 20 second cooldown Magical Use the Rainbow to obliterate your foes, dealing 300% magical damage. Also applies a powerful HoT on you and inflicts a DoT on the target.

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AQ AQW  Post #: 158
2/5/2016 21:28:59   

I've made two classes awhile ago and wanted to share them as a suggestion. Also, I have an updated version of the last class I posted here, the Knightmare class. These links should allow you to comment on them so I can get other suggestions. Thank you!

Void Shifter

Draconic Warlord

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 159
2/9/2016 3:29:47   

A swordsman equipped with a set of swords crafted from a material that was literally heaven sent. Each sword has its own specialty and properties that in the right hands these versatility will make the swordsman a powerhouse in combat.
Mana Gain: Attacking
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
1*Heavy Sword, Rigel: (p.d)Deals 150% of DPS and reduces EVA 'Off-Balanced' for 6.0s, 25% chance to Stun the target
2*Flying Sword, Vega: (p)A ranged Hi-Hit(150%) attack dealing 75% of DPS, if target has 'Off-Balanced' this attack does Critical damage
3*Swift Swords, Altair: (b)+Haste when successfully evading attacks 'Tailwind' for 8.0s, self-stacking, stacks up to 5
4*Swords from the Stars: +ATK and Crit Chance *
5*Searing Sword, Sirius: (m.d)Deals slight damage that is improved by the stack of 'Tailwind', applies DOT & -ACC 'Scorched' for 6.0s
10*The Sixth Sword: (p)1% chance to trigger on normal attacks, deals massive damage and applies +ATK and Crit chance 'Sixth Sword' for 4.0s

Witch Doctors' are master of curses and rituals that have been passed from generation to generation becoming more potent with time.
Mana Gain: Attacking
N*Mumbo Jumbo: 2.5s CD, Magical, Every 3rd hit gains extra Mana
1*Hex Shackles: (d)-ATK, DEF & RES 'Hex Shackles'
2*Shrunken Head: (m)Deals moderate damage and absorbs 10% of damage dealt as HP
3*Chain Bonds: (d)Marks up to 4 targets reducing their Haste and skills the caster directed to an enemy will also be applied to the others 'Shared Link'
4*Hex Charm: +RES
5*Voodoo Doll: (m.d)Deals 0 damage but if target has 'Shared Link' will deal damage that intensify every use 'Punctured' for 8.0s
10*Age-Old Curses: +SPL Damage and SPL Crit Chance

For every band of thieves, brigands and outlaws there's always a head honcho, someone calling the shots and most likely came from the bottom and climbed to the top through gaining respect and instating fear.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Taking Hits
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
1*Barrage: (m/p)3-Hit Attack but has receeding accuracy (increments of 10)
2*Beatdown: (p.d)Deals 150% of DPS and applies 'Off-Balanced', +DMG based on the percentage of the target's HP lost
3*Choke: (m.d)Immobilizes and deals DoT, if target has 'Off-Balanced' the caster gains mana
4*Rise to the Top: +INT & STR
5*Dispose: (m/p)Deals massive damage but the chance to hit is based on the percentage of the target's HP lost
10*The Big Boss: (d)Chance to to trigger on normal attacks, reduce targets outgoing damage 'Intimidated' for 8.0s

In the western part of Sandsea, if you took up arms in their case a gun, they will categorize individuals in two; the quick and the dead.
Mana Gain: Attacking, Dodging(Recovers HP as well) & Desperado
N*Auto-attack: 1.5s CD, Ranged
1*Triple Tap: (p)Deals 75% of DPS on a 3-Hit attack, if caster has 'Gun Katah', deals 90% of DPS
2*Dead Shot: (p)Caster gets 2.5s immobilization then does a Hi-ACC(+100%) & Hi-Crit(+50% Chance) Attack, if caster has 'Gun Katah', does Stun for 3.0s
3*Curved Bullets: (p)Hits up to 3 targets dealing 125% of DPS, if caster has 'Gun Katah', gains +(125%)Hit chance
4*Hitman's Resolve: -DEF but +ATK & DEX
5*Gun Katah: (b)+EVA, Haste & Crit Chance 'Gun Katah' lasts for 5.0s
10*Desperado: (b)Chance to trigger on attacks when HP is 15% or below, gains full MP, ATK Speed and doubles the duration of Gun Katah 'Desperado'

From a form of entertainment and now a tool of war, with the puppeteer out of harms way these weaponized puppets knows no fear nor pain.
Mana Gain: Attacking
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
1*Summon Puppet | Concealed Weapons: (b.s)+Haste 'Minion' for 20.0s | If under 'Minion', Switches to Mode 2 the skills 2,3 and 5 'Concealed Weapons' for 5.0s
2*Charge | Spike Blade: (p)2-Hit attack of 90% of DPS | Hi-Crit(+30% Chance) attacks
3*Re-Attach | Shield Arm: (b)Heals self after 3.0s 'Repair' | Chance to Block(-60% DMG Taken) attacks 'Defend'
4*Marionette: +END *More Hidden Weapons: +Crit Chance
5*Latch On | Poison Needle: (p.d)Immobilize target and -EVA 'Tied Down' for 3.0s | -ATK & DoT 'Poisoned' for 6.0s
10*Body Double: (b)Chance to trigger when HP is 75% and below, Restores up to 50% of max HP

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AQW Epic  Post #: 160
2/13/2016 19:22:08   

Shadow fallen Rogue class has Stat confusion and inversion like blood titan (rogue build works with recommended caster skills)
Has shadow fallen cape as default class cape
Shadowy armor like the cape in doomwood (IDK the name of it though) Shadow on your back or something
This is a Nulgath based class not Dage. Nulgath affiliate class in Shadow Fall. Stationed to keep Shadow Fall Characters under surveillance for Nulgath

Shadow Fallen Rogue
Description: Uses darkness and cunning to endure and evade in midst of battles
Mana Regen: Shadow Fallen Rogues gain mana from crits, hits landed in battle and from evading enemy blows
Hp gained when a blow is avoided

Auto Attack (Rank 1)
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Type: Physical
Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

Darkness Assault (Rank 1)
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 50
Cooldown: 17 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Darkness surrounds you and fights on your behalf
Hits 3 targets with high damage (animation similar to weaken on 3 targets)

Receding Shadow (Rank 2)
Rank Needed: 2
Mana Cost: 22
Cooldown: 18 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: You run and hide amongst the shadows
Increases evasion by 40% for 18 seconds, also applies a small hot (which is equal to your character level)

Umbral Phoenix (Rank 3)
Rank Needed: 3
Mana Cost: 10
Cooldown:15 Seconds
Description: An inner dark power raises your damage each power level attained
Stacks up to 5 times, on 6th stack increase one power level raises crit % by 7% per power level with infinite stacks up to 999 times

Oblivious (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: Increases evasion by 18%.

Dark Advantage (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: Reduces damage taken by 15%.

Screaming Darkness (Rank 5)
Rank Needed: 5
Mana Cost: 25
Cooldown: 25 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Hits 3 targets with moderate damage


Oblivion Blade (Rank 5)
Rank Needed: 5
Mana Cost: 20
Cooldown: 25 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Summons Oblivion to fight a target at your side(as a wielder of this class Oblivion returns you a favor) aiding you in battle. Deals low-huge damage

Rank 10 Passive
(Oblivion Steps aside)
Betrayal Blade Rage(Summons Betrayal Blades to attack all targets simultaneously adding on to your attack damage on multi targets)

If chosen may I be the first to test and get it for free?


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2/15/2016 8:40:40   

Earth worshippers blessed by the Earth Lord, granting them power to manipulate earth and develop the lands without harming nature.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Taking Hits
N*Craggy Fist: 2.5s CD, Physical, Chance to stun(2.0s) target on normal attacks
1*Ground and Pound: (p)2-Hit, both attacks have a 30% chance to stun for 1.5s
2*Boulder Bash: (m/p)Stun for 2.5s hitting multiple targets at close range.
3*Rock Armor: (b)+DEF & minor HoT 'Rock Armor'
4*Earth Affinity: Reduce damage taken & +END
5*Terraform: (m/p.b.d)+DMG & HP by 25% on the caster 'Rock Form', deals minor damage to multiple enemies and forces them to attack caster 'Provoked', instantly removes 'Tied Down' on caster if present.
10*Eternal Guardian: (b)Chance to trigger when attacked, -(75%)DMG taken & the stun you cause is increased by 1.5s 'Earth Form' for 6.0s

Offsprings of the Water Lord, inherently capable of controlling water and draw strength from it.
Mana Gain: Attacking & High Tide
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Magical
1*Surging Torrent: (m)Deals moderate damage with a 35% chance to stun for 3.0s
2*Blue Prison: (m.d)Silences the target, -EVA and applies minor DoT with increasing damage 'Drowned', if caster under 'Soaked' hits multiple enemies
3*High Tide: Applies 'Soaked' to caster and enemies, caster gets +SPL ACC & MoT, while enemies gets -EVA
4*Water Affinity: +INT and increases mana gain
5*Tidal Wave: (m.d)Deals high damage to enemies and applies 'Drowned', 'Drowned' stacks up to 2 and doubling the DoT effect
10*Liquid Form: (b)Chance to become immune to ATK 'Liquid Form' for 6.0s, also gains 'Soaked'

The cursed clan of wind worshippers, transformed into humanoid birds for attempting to reach the domain of Light. Pitied by the Wind Lord, they were granted the force of the winds.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Dodging(Recover HP as well)
N*Air Blades: 1.5s CD, Physical, Reduced damage but Cuts through enemy DEF dealing magical damage
1*Wind Slash: (m.d)Deals 125% of DPS damage & causes DoT 'Bleeding' for 4.0s
2*Gale Force: (m.d)Deals minor damage and applies -ATK Speed, movement & +skill CD 'Headwind'
3*Tornado: (m.b.d)Immobile for 3.0s then deals 3-Hit attack -(15%)DEF 'Punctured' for 5.0s, caster then gains +Haste, if caster have 'Flight' Immobility is removed
4*Off the Ground: +EVA *Air Flow: +Block(-60% DMG Taken) Chance
5*Sky Step: (b)+Haste & EVA, reduces skills CD by 50% 'Flight' for 6.0s
10*Whirlwind Barrier: (b)Chance to trigger the ability to return incoming attacks/spells 'Whirlwind' for 4.0s

Mages from the north focused their study on perfecting their Ice elemental magic, by permanently severing their link with the other elements.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Freezing Aura
N*Cold Touch: 2.0s CD, Magical, -Haste for 3.5s
1*Ice Shards | Frozen Blades: (m)Hits multiple enemies, can deal crit damage on 'Frozen' target then taking extra damage for 3.0s 'Shattered' | (p/m.d)2-Hit attack, chance to 'Shattered' on hit
2*Frost Bite | Ice Hammer: (m.d)Deals damage and chance to immobilize and stops skill CD 'Frozen' | (m/p)Deals damage and applies 'Shattered'
3*Freeze Wall | Frozen Gauntlet: (m.d)Deals minimal damage and applies 'Frozen' to multiple targets | (m/p)Deals damage and applies 'Frozen' to one target
4*Ice Affinity: +INT & HP *Close Quarters: +STR
5*Freezing Aura | Arctic Armament: (b.d)% of damage taken is turned into mana and reduces enemies Haste & ATK 'Freezing Aura' | (b)Gains +ATK & doubles mana gain, Switches to 2nd mode the skill 1-3 & halves their CD 'Armament', the CD of this skill is tripled
10*Freezing Touch: (b)Chance to trigger on normal attacks, applies 'Frozen'

Geomancers who managed to directly tap on the world's energy granting them an almost unlimited control over it's gravity.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Event Horizon
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
1*Heavy Impact: (p)Deals 150% of DPS as damage, if under 'Weightless' does Critical damage
2*Zero G: (b.d)+EVA to caster, -ATK & EVA to multiple enemies 'Weightless'
3*Gravity Bind: (m.d)Minor DoT, -Haste & +skill CD 'Gravity Bind'
4*Polarity Field: -(10%)DMG Taken *Focused Point: +ATK
5*Gravity Force: Black Hole: (m.d)Caster and targets become immobile, Massive DoT & Mana Leak(10MP/sec) to multiple enemies 'Black Hole' for 5.0s
10*Event Horizon: (b)10% Chance to trigger when using Black Hole, becomes invulnerable & recovers 15MP/sec 'Event Horizon' for 5.0s

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Dwarven Bladesmith

Dwarven Bladesmiths were known to forge only the best blades which are wielded by Dragonlords

Auto Attack (Rank 1)
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Type: Physical
Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

Empowered Blade (Rank 1)
Mana Cost: 12
Cooldown: 17 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Deals huge damage

Furious Resonance (Rank 2)
Mana Cost: 30
Cooldown: 18 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Damage increase by 10% and crit by 7% for 3 stacks

Reviving Cover (Rank 3)
Mana Cost: 20
Cooldown:15 Seconds
Description: Shields you and lowers damage while healing you with a strong HOT

Quicken Forge (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: Haste increases by 15%

Control under Heat (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: Reduces damage taken by 15%.

Sharpen (Rank 5)
Mana Cost: 45
Cooldown: 20 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Ally damage and crit increases by 10% But Dragonlord damage increases up to 50%

Rank 10 passive

Restore MP

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Curses and rituals are a great source of power which passed generation to generation. With the Witch Aquamorph's guidance, the heroes who choose this path became both the masters of arcane arts and skilled manipulators in the battlefield as the great Witch Magus.

Witch Magus gains mana from all hits landed in combat, and especially on crits. The amount depends on damage relative to *their own* HP total.

Strength: 30
Intellect: 139
Endurance: 115
Dexterity: 25
Wisdom: 139
Luck: 50

1. Jinx
Type: Magical
Mana Cost: 0 mana
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Damage: %100 Spell DPS
Instead of autoattacking, the Witch Magus prefers bombarding the enemies with powerful jinxes which apply ''Jinxed'' to the enemy which deals DoT damage. (This attack has a magic animation.)
-Jinxed: Damage is %400 Spell DPS over 8 seconds.

2. Witch Fire
Type: Magical
Mana Cost: 15 mana
Cooldown: 3 seconds
Damage: None
The Witch Magus calls down a bewitched blue and purple fire infused with arcane energies. Fire deals more damage with each stack and makes the enemy deal less damage for the duration.
-Witch Fire: Enemy takes %300 of Spell DPS over 10 seconds with each stack up to %1500 of Spell DPS at 5 stacks.
-Hexed: Makes the enemy deal %8 less damage with each stack up to %40 at 5 stacks.

3. Murder of Crows
Type: Magical
Mana Cost: 25 mana
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Damage: None
The Witch Magus conjures a murder of crows to cripple the enemy. The enemy suffers from a large DoT and also a blinding curse for a short time.
-Murder of Crows: The enemy takes %1000 of Spell DPS over 10 seconds.
-Cursed: Enemy hit chance is reduced by %40 for 6 seconds.

4. Bewitch
Type: Magical
Mana Cost: 30 mana
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Damage: None
Bewitches the enemy. The enemy is unable to do anything but to gaze the Witch Magus with unparalelled love for 4 seconds. If the enemy is Hexed, the enemy is affected by ''Evil Eye'' which completely negates its critical and evasion chances for 8 seconds. If the enemy is Cursed, applies ''Aging'' which slows the enemy down by %90 for 8 seconds.
-Bewitched: Stuns for 4 seconds.
-Evil Eye: Negates dodge and critical chance for 12 seconds.
-Aging: Slows the enemy down by %90 for 8 seconds.

5. Fatal Curse
Type: Magical
Mana Cost: 35 mana
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Damage: None
Curses the enemy for a huge damage over time. The Witch is affected by ''Schadenfreude'' if the enemy is Hexed and affected by ''Carrion Ravens'' if the enemy is affected by Murder of Crows.
-Fatal Curse: Deals %2000 Spell DPS over 20 seconds.
-Schadenfreude: Restores 200 mana over 20 seconds.
-Carrion Ravens: Restores %1000 of Spell DPS as health over 20 seconds.


-Master of Charms (Rank 4)
DoT damage is increased by %30.

-Sharp Tongue (Rank 4)
Intelligence is increased by %20.
Spell Damage is increased by %20.

-Extreme Witchery (Rank 10)
Wisdom is increased by %20.

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The kind of ghost that does not only send chills to your spine but will actually break it. Their strong emotions helps them take form and physically harm their victims.
Mana Gain: Ectoplasm & Dodging(Recovers HP as well)
N*Ghost Hand: 2.0s CD, Magical, chance to make target unable to attack 'Spooked' for 3.0s
1*Haunting: (m.d)Lose HP, deals moderate damage and -SPL 'Weaken', if 'Cursed' is present the DoT is renewed
2*Possession: (m.b.d)Becomes immobile and invulnerable both caster and target, the caster drains HP equal to 100% of DPS from target, and both loses 15 MP/s, the spell ends when caster's MP is 0 or after 8.0s
3*Ectoplasm: (m)Restores 60% MP at the cost of 30% of current HP
4*Ethereal Form: +EVA and DEF but -RES
5*Malevolence: (m.d)Hits multiple enemies, applies -(25%)ATK Speed & DOT with power based on caster's HP lost 'Cursed' for 8.0s
10*Frozen in Fear: (d)5% Chance to trigger, reduces ATK speed by 50% & move speed by 95% 'Frozen in Fear' for 6.0s

Servants of the Vampire Lords who weild powerful blood magic to protect their masters while they slumber.
Mana Gain: Taking Damage(Extra MP on Crits)
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
1*Tainted Flow: (m.d)Applies -(30%)SPL & moderate DoT 'Tainted Flow' for 10.0s. Costs HP.
2*Crimson Lash: (m/p.d)Deals moderate damage, 40% chance to apply -(30%)RES 'Bloated'. If under 'Minion' will recover HP as well.
3*Rupture: (m.d)Deals minor damage, applies -(20%)ATK & minor DoT 'Blood Loss' for 10.0s. If target has 'Bloated' the initial damage will be a crit and prevents recovering HP 'Open Wounds' for 8.0s, will remove 'Bloated' from target.
4*Bloodstone: +INT & Crit Chance
5*Ritual of Blood - Hemonculus: (b.s)All normal attacks can return HP, improves DEF & RES 'Minion'. Costs 50% of Caster's current HP.
10*Blood Lust: +ATK Speed

Death personally handpicks individuals whom made contract with him. Given a fraction of Death's powers they are tasked to collect souls and running errands until one meet his qouta and be freed.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Soul Reaper
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
1*Grim Slash | Grim Wave: (m/p)Deals moderate damage on target(near) | (m)Hits multiple targets(far)
2*Death Pact: (b.d)Targets an ally or foe, grants HoT but becomes prone to Crit damage 'Death's Favor', if target attacks the caster, HoT is removed and applies 'Death Pact'
3*Conjure Deathscythe: (b)+DMG & ACC 'Reaper', switches to 2nd mode the skill 1 for 10.0s
4*Shroud of the Grim Reaper: +EVA and RES
5*Soul Reaper: (m/p)Stuns for 2.5s dealing crit damage and absorbs 10% of damage dealt into HP and 20 MP from target, if 'Death Pact' is present; the effects is doubled
10*Grim Powers: +DMG to skills 1 & 5

Music lifts the spirit and brings joy to the heart, but there are those who chose to cause harm and destruction.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Rapid Tempo
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Magical
1*Vibratto: (m.d)Deals moderate damage, & applies +(25%)DMG taken 'Punctured' to 3 targets for 8.0s
2*Concierto: (m)Multi-Hit attack that may do up to 4 hits. Targets multiple enemies
3*Rapid Tempo: (b)Applies to self or an ally +MoT and cuts CD by 50% 'Rapid Tempo' for 6.0s
4*Rhythm: +EVA and SPL Hit chance
5*Requiem:The Last Song: (b.d)Immobilizes caster but gains +RES and targets' gets DoT, -(25%)DMG dealt and vulnerability to Crit attacks 'Requiem' for 9.0s. Hits multiple targets.
10*Lethal Musical: All skills have +DMG & a higher chance to hit (+100%)

Taken over by their primal instincts and bestial urges, these lycans are superior in strength and their ability to recover wounds is remarkable.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Taking Damage(Extra MP on Crits)
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s, Physical
1*Berserker Barrage: (p)Hits from 2 to 4 times, with increasing damage, 125%-150%-175%-200%
2*Fang & Claw: (p.d)Deals damage and stuns for 2.0s to 4.0s, also makes target prone to attacks -EVA 'Off-Balanced'
3*Regenerate: (b)HoT, HP recovered is based on the current HP remaining, Higher HP means more HP gain 'Regeneration' for 8.0s
4*Blinding Rage: -ACC but +Crit Chance *Berserk: +Haste and ATK but -EVA
5*Howl: (b.d)+ACC and EVA to caster 'Hightened Senses', causes target to attack the caster but reduce their Crit chance 'Provoked' for 5.0s
10*Fatal Recovery: 5% chance to trigger when HP is 10% and below, becomes immobile but recovers 10% of max HP per second 'Brink Regeneration' for 4.0s

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Hydromaster Class

Hydromasters are keen casters adept in the aquatic arts

Auto Attack (Rank 1)
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Type: Physical
Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

Hydrophobia (Rank 1)
Mana Cost: 30
Cooldown: 5 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Applies a HOT to the caster

Acidic Downpour (Rank 2)
Mana Cost:5
Cooldown: 2 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Applies a DOT to opponents and regenerates some mana

Primordial Deluge (Rank 3)
Mana Cost: 60
Cooldown:20 Seconds
Description: The caster taps into ancient power and wreaks judgment on targets

Sublimate (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: evasion increases by 15%

Jetstream (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: haste increases by 15%.

Turbulence (Rank 5)
Mana Cost: 5
Cooldown: 3 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Stacks 6 times, stacks fade after Primordial Deluge is used, also if a stack is present you are shielded as long as one stack is available. Shield is full strength on six stacks

Rank 10 Passive
Refreshing Mist
Applies a HOT which cannot be negated

Chrono Nomad Class

Chrono Nomads use temporal advantages to manipulate tough situations

Auto Attack (Rank 1)
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Type: Physical
Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

Wander (Rank 1)
Mana Cost: 10
Cooldown: 3 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: You roam in and out of dimensional rifts Evasion increases by 40%. HP lowers from abrupt change in extreme environments. Causes a small DOT from abrupt changes and all DOTs received from enemies are lessened significantly

Fountain (Rank 2)
Mana Cost: 45
Cooldown: 12 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Applies Full HP restoration (Rejuvenate), and a strong HOT

Time Attack (Rank 3)
Mana Cost: 24
Cooldown:20 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: Activates Speed Run. You leap in and out of time rifts slashing multiple opponents before they see you which deals very high damage

Time Pause (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: You cannot be stunned

Time Crunch (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: haste increases by 15%.

Vantage Point (Rank 5)
Mana Cost: 10
Cooldown: 37 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Stacks infinitely, you see everything that is to occur before it happens. Critical increases and increases damage significantly

Rank 10 Passive

Sudden Lapse
All enemies suddenly slowdown while you speed up significantly

-D Dash Elite

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Water sorcerer

I designed this class as nothing but a solo class, that works towards one point, at which this class deals a huge amount of damage, then it recovers from that big hit and works towards it again. I think it can also be used to farm a bit.

On a faraway island, there lives a secret order of water sorcerers. They have bound their selves to the endless water and live in harmony with it. Water is theirs to control, and nobody who has ever found the island survived. What many people don’t know, it that the island is situated at the centre of the Bermuda triangle…

Skill 1: Auto Attack: 2 seconds cooldown, 100% weapon damage

Skill 2: Soak: 10 mana, 4 seconds cooldown. Stacks up to 5 times, lowers defense with 5% for every stack, hits up to 3 enemies.
‘You hit your enemies with cold water, lowering their defense and giving a stackable DoT.

This is basically a cheap attack that makes your enemies take more damage, and also gives them a nice DoT. But that’s not all. The real power of this skill comes later on…just wait for it.

Skill 3: Water veil: 30 mana, 15 seconds cooldown. Heals for a moderate amount, moderate HoT for 6 seconds.

‘As a water sorcerer, you have found the true healing potential of water. Heals for a moderate amount and adds a HoT that lasts for 6 seconds.’

Every solo class needs a heal. That’s obvious. This one might not be as cheap as the first skill, but the heal is big enough, and it surely will keep you alive. However, you should watch the cooldown, as it is rather long.

Skill 4: Calmth before storm: 10 mana, 20 seconds cooldown, reduces incoming damage by 50% for 8 seconds , reduces outgoing damage by 25% for 8 seconds, gives 50 mana. Increases the power of the next skill. If that is soak, the DoT is increased by 200%, if it is water veil, both the healing and HoT are increased by 50%, if it is tsunami(see next part), damage is increased by 100%.

‘Before water unleashes its devastating power, it is always quiet. Reduces incoming damage as well as outgoing damage, and gives you some mana. This skill also greatly powers up the power of the next skill you use.’

This is probably the most awesome skill of this class; you take less damage, you get free mana and your next skill becomes a super skill. However, the price you pay for this is that your damage will also be lowered. Also, this skill can be used for your needs: if you are farming and you need the DoT on your enemies, you can use this before your 2nd skill. If you are running low on health, just use your healing after this, and if you want to see incredible high damage, you should use this with the skill below.

Rank 4 Passives:
Refreshing wave: Increases haste by 5%
Deadly storm: increases outgoing damage by 10%

Always useful to get some bigger and faster damage going.

Skill 5: Tsunami: 60 mana, 30% of the total health, 50 seconds cooldown, does 100% weapon damage, plus 40% for every stack on ‘soak’, stuns yourself for 3 seconds. Hits up to 2 targets, cannot miss.

‘What is a water sorcerer without a devastating tsunami? Nothing. This skill does massive damage, that is increased by the number of ‘soak’ stacks, but stuns you afterwards.’

Why not? A tsunami is the most devastating water can get. Throughout your solo you are fighting towards using this skill, and here is where the true power of ‘soak’ comes in. But you should really watch when you use it: it might be able to 1-hit everything that is not a boss, but a boss can survive this. You lose 30% of your health when using this, and you are completely vulnerable when you get stunned for 3 seconds afterwards. So you should really decide if this nuke is worth the risk. But to convince you, I will do some math: this skill does 100% damage, plus 5 times 40% if you have stacked ‘soak’, another 25% comes from the 'soak' debuff, plus 100% if you use this right after ‘water veil’. That makes it a grand total of 425%(!) damage. Not bad, is it?

Final thoughts: This class can do massive damage when soloing, but even without using that nuke you can fight a lot of bosses. Also, this class can farm quite well. However, I think this class might not be for pvp use, because of the building up idea. This class is more for thinkers, as you actively have to watch your health and mana.

Dark angel

This class is made for pvp, to cover up the previous class, but it can also be used for almost everything else. It’s really straightforward, so only few will have a hard time mastering this class.

Dage, the dark lord, sought many years for the perfect soldier, made out of pure hate, despair and decay. He wanted them to be the elite of his army, able to avenge every fallen soldier in battle, and that faster than anything else could. But it also had to be the counterpart of the symbol of good, the angels. The primary mission of these soldiers is to hunt down and destroy as many angels as possible, and kill them in cold blood. The dark angels were born

Skill 1: Auto attack: 1.75 seconds cooldown, 100% weapon damage
‘fast and insane as you are, you hit your enemy in rapid succession.

A normal auto attack that is just a little bit faster than normal.

Skill 2: Health leech: 20 mana, 4 seconds cooldown, 150% weapon damage, heals for 10% damage dealt.

‘any dark creature should be able to leech health. And so can you. This skill does moderate damage and heals you for a small percentage of the damage dealt.’

Great skill that you have to spam to keep yourself alive. The damage is useful, but the heal is even better. That’s all there is to say for this skill.

Skill 3: Judgement: 20 mana, 7 seconds cooldown, 50% stun chance, stuns for 3 seconds, 50% chance for moderate DoT

‘Your judgment is final, and you choose whether your enemy has to suffer or to become locked in time’

Another awesome skill, that has a decent chance to stun your enemy, but I don’t see why you wouldn’t want the DoT, so either way, the effect is useful. Also does some decent damage anyway.

Skill 4: Decay: 30% total health, 5 seconds cooldown, fully restores mana.

‘As a dark angel, hate is your most powerful emotion. While destroying a part of yourself, you grow even more insane, and you are fueled by your anger.’

Déjà-vu. Necromancers can also use a skill similar to this, only this skill fully restores your mana. But don’t spam this one, or you will kill yourself.

Rank 4 passives:
Legion blood: increases total health by 20%
Dark matter: increases damage taken by 10%

More health, more damage taken. The point of this will become clear when you see the next skill.

Skill 5: Destiny bond: 30 mana, 30 seconds cooldown, your enemy takes as much damage as you do.

(For this, I would like that this class can’t only reflect normal damage, but also DoT. I don’t know if that is possible in your systems though. If it isn’t possible to do so, just make it 150% reflection damage to balance it a bit)

‘You can do the most horrible thing possible: you can bind someone’s very own soul to you, giving them back any damage you take.’

This is so awesome. It works like the Burning ward skill from a Pyromancer, or the Temporal insanity from a Thief of Hours, only, you still receive any damage you would normally do, there is no defense buff. The extra damage taken becomes useful here: you have more health to take that extra damage; your enemy doesn't. What is awesome about this one, is that it also reflects enemy DoT, which is useful, because many classes use DoT in pvp, and they will be worthless if you can reflect that too./ deals 150% damage to your enemy, so he always takes more damage than you. This is what makes it a true pvp class. Nulgath can’t be killed with this class however, because he can kill you first. But hey, who cares about Nulgath if a lot of players just 1-hit theirselves?


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Mindless drones consumed by chaos, robbed with their sanity they were turned into weapons to further spread chaos.
Mana Gain: Attacking
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
1*Tentacle Lash: (p)Hits up to 4 enemies, Deals 120% of DPS, may apply +(3%)RES 'Chaos Blight' on self | (p)Deals 150% of DPS & applies 'Chaos Blight' to self
2*Tentacle Bind: (p.d)Hits up to 4 enemies, Low DoT, -Haste and EVA 'Tentacle Bind', may apply 'Chaos Blight' on self | (p)Hits 1 and now applies moderate DoT, -Haste and EVA 'Tentacle Bind' to target while applying 'Chaos Blight' to self
3*Chaos Coil: (b)+Crit Chance and switches skills 1 and 2 to hit 1 target only but effects improved 'Chaos Coil', Applies 2 stacks of 'Chaos Blight' to self, nearby allies and enemies
4*Eye of Chaos: +ACC & EVA
5*Feed on Chaorruption: (b)Consumes 'Chaos Blight', gains HoT boosting ATK per stack of it 'Power of Chaos' lasts for 8.0s
10*Spawn of Chaos: Chance to apply 'Chaos Blight' to self on normal attacks

A town reached fame and fortune producing cloth befitting royalty, their craftmanship in weaving is marvelous. But when bandits started attacking, these weavers learned to use their skills in a different way.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Taking Hits
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s, Physical
1*Snare: (d)Applies -(8%)Haste and (5%)ATK to target 'Tied Down' for 8.0s, stacks up to 4| (p.d)Deals DoT with intensity based on target's Haste, the faster the more damage done 'Bleeding' for 8.0s
2*String Whip: (p.d)Deals 125% of DPS, 35% chance to immobilize for 3.0s | (p)Deals 200% of DPS
3*Web: (b)+Block chance 'Defend' and gives self and allies +EVA 'Alert' | (b)Will now cause 25% Return Damage
4*String Bound: +END *Tensile Strength: -(15%)DMG Taken
5*Razor Line: (b)+ATK and triggers the Secondary effect of skills 1, 2 and 3 'Razor Line'. Removes 'Razor Line' if casted again.
10*Spider Web: Chance to trigger on normal attacks, applies a full stack of 'Tied-Down' for 6.0s

With Drakel's advanced lazer weaponry, one can equip self with a weapon capable of decimating an army with extreme firepower and rule the battlefield.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Taking Damage
N*Auto-Cannon: 2.5s CD, Ranged/Magical
1*Explosive Blast: (m/p)Does an AoE attack hitting up to 4 enemies
2*Suppressive Fire: (m/p.d)Hits up to 3 enemies dealing minor damage and applies -Haste 'Slowed'
3*Deploy Scope: (b)+ACC and Crit chance but reduces EVA and increases skills CD. If under 'Limiter Removal'; +Block(-75% DMG Taken) 'Barrier' for 5.0s
4*Heavy Weapons: +DMG but -ATK speed *Specialist: +Crit damage and skill hit chance
5*Hyper Beam | Hyper Beam Buster: (m/p.d)Hits an enemy and any enemies in that direction, reduces DEF 'Punctured' | Deals massive damage
10*Tactical Threat Gauge Limiter: Chance to trigger on normal attacks when HP is 25% or below, ability to fire a powerful version of Hyper Beam 'Limiter Removal' for 5.0s.

Akiban holy men who went on a pilgrimage to learn to confront evil entities, yokais and and lost souls to grant them peace and spiritual ascension or banishment with the use of sacred relics called, Vajras.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Taking Hits
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
1*Ofuda[Sealing Talisman]: (m/d)Deals moderate damage and stun(1.0s), applies -(10%)RES 'Seal' which increases per stack
2*Vajra:Garjana[Thunderbolt]: (m)Applies DoT that damages and stuns(1.5s) every 3.0s 'Thunderbolt' for 9.0s
3*Vajra:Azira[Diamond]: (b)Caster cannot attack but gains -(50%)DMG Taken & protects from Critical Hits 'Diamond' and applies -(25%)DMG Taken 'Defend' to up to 4 allies costs 5MP/sec. Can be toggled csting it again ends the spell
4*Zen Spirit: +INT & RES *Banish Evil: Deals more damage to Undead and Spirits
5*Nembutsu[Exorcise]: (d)Caster cannot attack 'Chanting' and slowly drains away multiple target's HP, ATK & SPL (Undeads and Spirits will be immobilized) based on 'Seal' stacked 'Nembutsu' for 8.0s
10*Vajra:Hoken[Purifying Sword]: (m)5% Chance to trigger on normal attacks, damages and destroys target's mana while caster recovers MP

Akiban swordsmen born in nobility, they are trained in the way of the sword since youth and lives in a strict code of honor.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Dodging(Recovers HP as well)
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
1*Nukitsuke Baizou: (p)2 Hit attack
2*Iai Batsu: (p)Deals 150% of DPS if under 'Defend' applies -DMG Dealt 'Disarmed' for 5.0s.
3*Muso-Shinden Ryu: (b)-EVA but +Parry & ACC 'Defend' for 8.0s, with successful parry; boosts Crit(+50%) Damage 'Empowered' for 10.0s, stacks up to 5
4*Seigan no Kamae: +Parry(-80% DMG Taken) Chance "Defensive Stance" *Kenjutsu: +Crit Chance
5*Shinkou Mitsurugi Ryuu: (p)Hi-Hit(150%) Critical Attack with a 30% chance to immobilize for 3.0s & DoT 'Decapitate' for 6.0s. If under 'Defend', becomes 60% chance to 'Decapitate'
10*Iaido: +ATK & DEX "Powerful and Fluid Movement"

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Scorpioid Class(must have archfiend wings +5) and (note from nulgath) together OR a (vampire blade of nulgath) and a (phoenix blade) together to obtain this Nulgath affiliated Sandsea Class with at least rank 5 and class will be rare only true followers of Nulgath would have his permission to wield such a treacherous fiendish power against the Dage’s Legion

Scorpioids use treacherous and fiendish tactics to defeat opponents

Auto Attack (Rank 1)
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Type: Physical
Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

Fangs (Rank 1)
Mana Cost: 25
Cooldown: 3 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: The tip of your fangs apply a DOT (venom) of weak strength and you absorb some power from your enemy which activates your protective outer layer lowering all damage significantly

Double Bite (Rank 2)
Mana Cost: 10
Cooldown: 12 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: You bite once and recover some HP based on damage given in the bite then the second bite activates a HOT and stacks twice until it fades

Fiendish Revealing (Rank 3)
Mana Cost: 15
Cooldown:20 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: The enemy is paralyzed from fear and aimlessly tries to attack you while the enemy is not stunned hit % decreases severely

Fiendish Resistance (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: All Healing, HOT negating spells, and evasion negating spells are void

Fleetish Fiend (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: evasion increases by 17%.

Dorsal Stinger (Rank 5)
Mana Cost: 10
Cooldown:30 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: You get enraged and become eager to bridle the Legion and all other adversaries
Deals huge damage

Rank 10 Passive
Final Nerve
You become a monstrous size and lash out your stinger at targets simultaneously, haste increases by 40% and all Legion adversaries are dealt with even more very excessive and grim damage

--D Dash Elite

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Abyss General Class

After seeing Archfiend being so weak, I think Nation deserves another class. Abyss General should be a very hard class to get, probably with requirements of all 10 juggernauts + all Nulgath farm items to max stacks.
I dont know how whether this is possible or not but I think skills should go as follows:

1st skill: Blood of Nulgath - replaces all 4 skills with Blood of Nulgath skillset
2nd skill: Hex of Nulgath - replaces all 4 skills with Hex of Nulgath skillset
3rd skill: Shadow of Nulgath - replaces all 4 skills with shadow of Nulgath skillset
4rth skill: Fiend of Nulgath - replaces all 4 skills with fiend of Nulgath skillset.

^This all probably doesnt make any sense so I want to explain it with an example: Imagine a class like UltimateStarter, with four skills called rogue, warrior, mage and healer. After pressing "rogue" skill the class skills will change to rogue skills, after "rogue" runs out, you can press "warrior" for instance and skillset will change into "warrior" Class skillset and so on.

So basically we get a class with 16 unique skills maybe this would allow 1 class to be good at PvP, PvE, solos and farming, sounds OP but thats why it should be VERY hard to get, ranking it up to max will also take 4x more time than with normal class. Such class doesnt exist in AQW yet, but would be awesome to see. Hope I made at least some sense.

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Alchemy, the magic of creation, the constructs of alchemy is created by sacrificing precious materials inside a ritual circle. The more valuable the tributes, the powerful the construct becomes.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Reclaim
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
1*Assemble: (m.b)Deals slight damage, converts the tribute into Constructs; with 12.0s duration & CD:3.0s
Bronze = +ATK 'Sword'
Iron = +SPL & Slows Target 'Chains'
Silver = +DEF/RES & Block(-70% DMG Taken) chance 'Shield'
2*Tribute: (d)Sacrifices(in order) DEF/RES 'Bronze'-> ATK/Haste 'Iron'-> Mana(Mana Leak) 'Silver'. 5 MC, CD:3.0s
3*Reclaim: (m) Removes Buffs/Debuffs, recovers 10MP & 50HP per tribute as well as 20MP & 100HP per Construct. If enemy is under 'Gold', deals massive damage and refills 40% of caster's max HP and MP. 0 MC, CD:15.0s
4*Elixir: +END *Memento: +ATK & SPL
5*Transmute: Deals moderate damage and combines Constructs and consumes them;
(Sword+Chains)Bow & Arrow = HiCrit Attack[far],
(Sword+Shield)Gauntlet = +DMG -ATK 'Disarmed'[close],
(Chains+Shield)Flail = Stun attack[mid],
(Sword+Chains+Shield)Midas Hand = Immobilize target but +DEF 'Gold'[close].
10*Philosopher's Stone: +INT & Crit Chance

The ancient totem magic allows borrowing the forms of any Beasts, with it they imbue themselves the raw strength, agility and resilience of whichever form they manifest.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Taking damage
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
1*Savage: (p.d) Deals 125% of DPS and adds effects based on Morph used:
Hunt(Shred) = Bleed DoT
Toughness(Whip) = Applies 'Focus' to nearby enemies
Might(Swipe) = HiCrit(+150%) Attack
2*Totem of the Hunt(Jackal,Cheetah) | Chase: (b)Gains +Haste & ACC 'Hunt', if already present, +ATK SPD & EVA 'Haste', Morph buff replaces one another
3*Toughness Totem(Dillo,Gator) | Brace: (b.d)Gains +DEF/RES but -EVA 'Tough', if already present, Return Damage 'Defend'
4*Primal Instinct: +EVA *Bestial Oath: +STR but -ATK Vs Beastkind
5*Totem of Might(Bear,Lion) | Roar: (b.d)Gains +ATK but -Haste 'Might', if already present, +Crit Chance 'Empowered'
10*Vitality: (b)+END and a chance to trigger HoT 'Natural Healing' for 6.0s when using Skills 2, 3 & 5

Plants nourished with mana grew into hostile abominations, then again nature wasn't always pansies and daisies to begin with. And for a Floramancer, it's just another garden variety.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Bad Seed
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
1*Red Bloom | Night Weed: (m.d)Deals minor damage, if 'Parasitic Bud' is present, +DMG dealt per stack and damaging nearby enemies on the target applying 'Parasitic Bud' to them. If 'Seeded' is present, -EVA & Mana Leak(5MP/s) 'Night Weed' for 6.0s
2*Stranglethorn Vine: (m.d) Deals minor damage & Immobilizes for 3.0s then Slowed for another 4.0s
3*Parasitic Bud: (m.d)Applies DoT & -ATK on target which improves per stack and HoT on caster 'Parasitic Bud' for 6.0s
4*Chlorophyll: +INT & Haste
5*Carnivo-Rose: (m) Deals massive damage and will stun for 3.0s if it does critical
10*Bad Seed: (b)Chance to apply 'Seeded' on normal attacks

A lifetime's worth of training, a vigilant follower of their teachings and surpassing the hands that taught them, that is when a student becomes a master, a monk becomes Tao.
Mana Regain: Attacking & Taking Hits
N*Fist Fight: 1.25s CD, Physical
1*Palm Strikes: (p.d)Deals 70% of DPS on a 3-Hit attack with bonus effects based on the Tai Chi buff, applies 'Yang' to self for 8.0s;
'Tai Chi - Yang' = +(25%)DMG and applies -ACC 'Dazed' for 5.0s to each hit.
'Tai Chi - Yin' = +(30%)Crit chance to each hit.
'Tai Chi' = recovers HP with each hit.
2*Yin Aura: (b)+ACC & ATK Speed 'Yin' for 8.0s, if under 'Tai Chi' +ATK & Reduce Damage Taken instead
3*Tai Chi Stance : (p.b)Stuns multiple targets for 2.0s & gains Return Damage 'Tai Chi' for 4.5s. Gains bonus effects based on the Tai Chi buff;
'Yin' = +ATK Speed, ACC & -(30%)DMG Taken 'Tai Chi - Yin' instead.
'Yang' = +ATK & (15%)Crit chance 'Tai Chi - Yang' for 10.0s
4*Blade Grasp: Chance to Block normal attacks *Chi Kung: +Haste & EVA
5*Taoist Palm: Deals 250% of DPS and stuns for 2.0s to an enemy and dealing lesser damage to enemies nearby with bonus effects based on the Tai Chi buff;
'Tai Chi' = recovers HP based on damage done.
'Tai Chi - Yang' = +(100%)DMG and applies -EVA 'Off-Balanced' for 5.0s.
'Tai Chi - Yin' = +(3.0s)stun
10*Chi Overflow: (b)Chance to trigger +MoT & DMG dealt 'Yin & Yang' to self & allies

Selfless knights who took the Crusader's Oath, the promise to devote everything to the path of the righteous and for the Order of Light.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Taking Damage
N*Frontal Attack: 2.0s CD, Physical, If under 'Devotion', applies 'Focus' forcing target to attack the caster for 3.5s
1*Crux Malus: (m/p)Deals 150% of DPS with stun duration based on caster's HP lost(+0.5sec/10% HP lost)
2*Prayer: (b)Applies HoT & halves the duration of most debuffs to self and up to 4 allies 'Prayer'
3*Devotion: (b)Caster gets -DMG Taken by 20% 'Devotion' and applies +DEF(30%) to up to 4 allies 'Devotion Aura'
4*Defiance: +END but -EVA *Shield Mastery: +Block(-60% DMG Taken) Chance
5*Sword of the Saint: (m/p)Deals 200% of DPS to an enemy, +DMG based on the percentage of Caster's HP lost
10*Divine Intervention: (b)Chance to trigger when HP is 10% and below, caster becomes invulnerable 'Divine Intervention' for 6.0s

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Lyrical Jester

Lyrical Jesters use humiliating and abrasive words to inflict their enemies with pain

Auto Attack (Rank 1)
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Type: Physical
Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

/dance format (Bard auto attack)

Harmonic Humor (Rank 1)
Mana Cost: 25
Cooldown: 15 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Your comedic prowess causes an outburst of laughter disorienting your foes. Enemy haste increases and hit chance severely decrease

Riot (Rank 2)
Mana Cost: 45
Cooldown: 12 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Applies Dissonance on enemies slowing enemy haste while they are frenzied in laughter


Mockery (Rank 3)
Mana Cost: 15
Cooldown:12 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Your taunting inflicts moderate damage on enemies and applies abashed (which increases damage on enemies while it is active)

Class Clown (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: Critical increases 30%

Obnoxious (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: Damage increases 10%

Jeer (Rank 5)
Mana Cost: 10
Cooldown: 17 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Activates Jeer on all allies. Damage increases by 5% per party member and critical by 7%
Deals Massive damage

/laugh animation

--D Dash Elite

Armordillo Assassin Class

Armordillo Assassins use haste and heavily armored metal plates to absorb damage

Auto Attack (Rank 1)
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Type: Physical
Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

Tuck In (Rank 1)
Mana Cost: 12
Cooldown: 15 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: All damage is greatly reduced

Peril (Rank 2)
Mana Cost: 35
Cooldown: 12 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: Activates roll haste increase 5%, evasion increase 20%, and all damage is further reduced

Unsheath (Rank 3)
Mana Cost: 30
Cooldown:12 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: Activates concealed blades deals moderate damage on 2 targets

Hurry (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: Haste increase 20%

Ossify (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: Damage received decrease 20%

Blade Evolve (Rank 5)
Mana Cost: 10
Cooldown: 37 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Your concealed blades grow into Katanas magically all defenses are momentarily lowered so you can strike 2 enemies with massive damage of your piercing katanas must unsheathe first
Massive damage

--D Dash Elite

Desolator Class

Desolators are wickedly dark manipulative invokers of death and destructive forces .

Auto Attack (Rank 1)
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Type: Physical
Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

Deadly Hint (Rank 1)
Mana Cost: 12
Cooldown: 9 Seconds
Type: Physical/Magical
Description: Something about you slows enemies’ haste out of caution

Dark Chance (Rank 2)
Mana Cost: 35
Cooldown: 12 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: 50/50 Noxious Wave/Deadly Invocation a noxious wave plagues area with deadly consequences/Darkness controls you, and ails you lowering your health but tripling damage as hp lowers

Dark Recovery (Rank 3)
Mana Cost: 30
Cooldown:12 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Using dark arts your health insidiously recovers a portion when enemy is tapped once when enemy is tapped 2 or more times the Heal becomes a HOT without inflicting damage on enemy which lasts until tap fades

Rancor (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: Damage increase 50%

Hatred (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: Critical increase 15%

Tragedy (Rank 5)
Mana Cost: 10
Cooldown: 25 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Most of all enemies, or all enemies are dealt with deadly and immense blows from chaotic darkness
Massive damage

Malevolent Sympathizers
All allies damage increase 30%, hit increase 10%, critical increase 5%, haste increase 10%,

Posts merged. Please refrain from posting more than once consecutively in the future. -Laos

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With bow in hand, an Archer picks off enemies from a distance with lethal precision.
Mana Gain: Attacking
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Ranged
1*Crippling Arrow: (p.d)Deals 90% of DPS and applies a random debuff; -Haste 'Slowed', -ATK 'Crippled', -ACC 'Blinded' lasting for 5.0s
2*Multi-Shot: (p)Deals 75% of DPS to up to 3 enemies
3*Fleet of Foot: (b)Caster gets +EVA but -ATK 'Fleet of Foot'
4*Marksmanship: +(15%)ACC & (10%)Crit Chance *Armor-Piercing: Chance to -DEF 'Punctured' on normal attacks
5*Ballista: (p)Immobile for 2.5s then deals a Hi-Hit(150%) 200% of DPS
10*Bullseye: 20% of DEX boosts skill DMG

The battlefield may not be the place for a Blacksmith but for the dwarves a first-hand view of their forged weapons and armors in use, will be crucial to smithing better ones.
Mana Gain: Attacking(Extra MP against stunned enemies)
N*Bash: 2.5s CD, Physical, Chance to Stun for 2.0s
1*Shattering Blow: (p.d)Deals 80% of DPS and reduces target's ATK by 30% 'Disarmed'
2*Dismantling Blow: (p.d)Deals 80% of DPS and reduces target's DEF by 10% and RES by 5% 'Exposed', stacks up to 6
3*Reforge: (b)Immobile for 3.0s then Boosts +(15%)ATK and DEF of Allies 'Reinforced' for 8.0s, stacks up to 3
4*Manual Labour: +STR & END *Repetition: +Haste
5*Hammer Time: (p.b)Deals 100% of DPS to enemies nearby, then doubles the damage of Skills 1 & 2 as well as removing the immobilization effect of Skill 3 'Hammer Time' for 3.0s
10*Hephaestus’ Hammer: Skills 1, 2 & 5 can stun enemies for 1.5s and when using Reforge there's a 25% chance for one of your ally to get +(30)Crit Chance 'Epic Weapon' for 10.0s

Warrior tribesmen that when fighting their movement is a dance as offering to their gods. Their weapons ladened with lethal toxins from venomous beast, adding it to their movement mixes up into a very deadly performance.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Deadly Dervish
N*Piercing Attack: 2.5s CD, Physical, Hits 2 enemies
1*Viper Dance-1st Fang: (m/p.d)Deals 125% of DPS, applies DOT & -Haste 'Viper Strike' for 8.0s. If target already have 'Viper Strike' will not reset but extends its duration by 50% 'Venom Toxin' which stacks maxxes for 40 ticks
2*Viper Dance-2nd Fang: (p.d)Deals 75% of DPS and applies -RES 'Exposed' for 6.0s but if target has 'Viper Strike' or 'Venom Toxin', will apply a stack or another stack of 'Venom Toxin' instead
3*Deadly Dervish: (b)Gains +(30%)EVA, (50%)Skill ACC & MoT(10MP/2sec), but -ATK Speed 'Viper Dance' for 16.0s
4*Weapon Mastery: +ATK & Parry(-80% DMG Taken) Chance *Quick Step: +EVA
5*Viper Dance-The Fang Finale: (p)Deals 150% of DPS and forces 'Viper Strike' to end causing the remaining ticks of the DoT to explode in one go.
10*Blades of Venom: (d)Increases DoT damage

With the use of a catalyst, a Summoner is able to conjure and command legendary beings called Eidolons. These Eidolons are powerful but they require the summoner's mana to maintain corporeal form and use their powers.
Mana Gain: Attacking, Taking Hits & Will of the Summons
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical, Causes effects depending on the Summon used
1*Summon Vulcan | Fiery Rage: (p.b.d.s)Summons Elemental Avatar(Red), applies DOT 'Scorched' on normal attacks 'Vulcan' | if 'Vulcan' is present, +ATK 'Empowered', extends 'Vulcan'
2*Summon Skadi | Frost Barrier: (b.d.s)Summons Elemental Avatar(Blue), applies -Haste 'Iced' on normal attacks 'Skadi' | if 'Skadi' is present, +RES & DEF 'Barrier',extends 'Skadi'
3*Summon Rakios | Lightning Charge: (b.d.s)Summons Elemental Avatar(Yellow), applies -ATK 'Shocked' on normal attacks 'Rakios' | if 'Rakios' is present, +SPL 'Charged', extends 'Rakios'
4*Legendary Avatars: +END & Crit Chance
5*Eidolon's Wrath: (m/p.d)Deals moderate damage & adds effects based on the summoned Eidolon;
Vulcan = Bonus damage with +(25%)Crit Chance
Skadi = Applies immobilize and stops skill CD 'Frozen' for 3.0s
Rakios = Hit arcs to multiple targets
10*Will of the Summons: Recovers 15% of max HP when summoning and when a summon fades will recover 30MP
Note: The Temporary Battle Pet changes color into red, blue or yellow when clicked at certain spots. But Battle Pet version of each Eidolons may be purchaseable.

By mastering the Prime Elements, Time and the Arcane, one reaches the pinnacle of being a Mage and is now deemed rightful for the title, Arch Wizard.
Mana Gain: Attacking
N*Magic Missile: 2.0s CD, Magical
1*Energy Beam: (m.d)Cannot attack but deals an increasing(+8%/sec) SPL damage on a target, applies -ATK Speed 'Slowed', continuously drains 8MP/sec until another skill is used or is interrupted by an enemy skill(eg.stun,immobilization)
2*Fire & Ice: (m.d)Deals moderate damage applies DoT & -Haste 'Fire & Ice' for 7.0s
3*Time Field: (b)Evades all incoming attacks for 4.5s and Improves Skills;
Energy Beam = Reduces MP cost by 2MP/sec,
Fire & Ice = Triggers Critical(Meteor animation) or immobilize and stops skill CD 'Frozen'(Ice meteor animation)
Time Field = Hit Multiple targets 'Time Field'
4*Master Mage: +SPL *Time Force: +EVA & ACC
5*Arcane Sword: (m.d)Deals massive damage and applies -RES 'Arcane Weakness'
10*Genius Level Intellect: +INT, Gains more MP on skills

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Sorry about post merges
Excuse me but is this a no copycatting forum

Anyways i established Dwarven class it was blacksmith but anyways page

Chaos Djinn Class

Chaos Djinns are volatile and destructive beings of Sandsea with caliber magical attacks

Auto Attack (Rank 1)
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Type: Physical
Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

Sudden Volatility (Rank 1)
Mana Cost: 25
Cooldown: 15 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Going berserk increases haste by 20% and increases hit chance

Fade Out (Rank 2)
Mana Cost: 10
Cooldown: 12 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: All damage is either reduced and avoided causing you to (fade) or damage is returned back to the enemy added on to the casters next hit which cannot be avoided applies (rue)

Disturbance (Rank 3)
Mana Cost: 15
Cooldown: 3 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Activates (Chaotic Restoration) A sudden surge of rage and malice causes the caster to activate a strong HOT which cannot be negated

Notorious Temper (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: Damage increase 40%

Unforgiving (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: Critical increase 25%

Single Slash (Rank 5)
Mana Cost: 5
Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: All opponents are struck with huge damage in one hit

Rank 10
Magic Carpet
All damage is negated while behind a magic carpet, you become an immense adversary and afflict all enemies from behind the carpet with your arms outstretched afflicting all enemies with unnatural damage

--D Dash Elite

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Class Idea: Augurist:

This class is a hybrid, animal and divine based class that can become from tank to farm to DD to buffer quite easily and is EXTREMELY reliable on his auto-attacks, can counter everything but requires alot of skill to play with. Restores mana from damage (and more from critical-hits), DoTs, and dodging (restores HP as well).

Auto-Attack) Animal's fist: An auto-attack that does weak damage on its own (like Necromancer or Horc Evader when they don't have pets on) but gets amplified by which animal form the user takes.

2) Leopard's paw: Amplifies auto-attack to increase attack speed significantly and makes your auto-attack hit multiple targets while increasing your dealt damage by +50%, but also increasing the damage you take by +50%. 1 sec CD, 100 mana.

3) Snake's fangs: Amplifies auto-attack to make your auto attacks cause damage over time, but making your attacks never critting. (DoTs don't stack). Increases dodge chance significantly but if you ever get hit from an enemy procced with a DoT: the DoT gets removed from him and get transferred to you with a new duration. While under the effect of transferred proc the user can not dodge any attacks and cannot deal DoTs but gets critical back until the duration of transferred proc ends. 1 sec CD, 100 mana.

4) Turtle's shield: Amplifies auto-attack to make your auto attack deal 90% of weapon damage and attack really slow but restoring your health with damage dealt. Also significantly increases your damage resistance. If your HP gets maxed out with Turtle's shield active, you transfer the damage you deal as HP for your teammates while transferring your already high damage resistance to them as well until their HP is complete (which transfers it to another user) or until your HP gets lower than max which instantly transfers the high damage resistance back to you with the healing auto-attack ability. 1 sec CD, 100 mana.

Passive) Elephant's strength: All damage dealt increased by 10%

Passive) Rabbit's cunning (don't know what to call this yet so I went with this name for now): Luck increased by 10%

5) Eagle's eyes: Amplifies auto-attack to make your attack speed significantly slower but cause it to have significantly more accuracy, deal damage that pierces damage resistance and have a high critical chance. But upon missing or getting dodged deals 60% of the supposedly dealt damage to yourself. Heals self with a considerable amount each target killed. 1 sec CD, 100 mana.

Rank 10 Passive) God's anger: Rarely, while changing animal forms there's a small chance to have a double animal form, which removes all the negatives from both forms and merges all their good together, but while having double animal form there's a significantly rare chance to get triple animal form, and while in triple animal form there's much much rarer chance to get quadruple animal form (making quadruple animal form near impossible to get). While in quadruple animal form all your stats get maxed out, your skills cant be used anymore, and you increase all of your stats by +100% per auto-attack until your target and/or your attackers die.

How you like my idea, it's an idea I've had in an instant but it was hard for me to develop to make it balanced.

Also I don't know anything about stats but it would be good if he has equal stats in everything. And that he has 100% damage and 2.0 speed. And if the class has something that's broken, then please point it out because that helps a lot.

Cheers! (P.S. Username in AQWorlds is XX_B_XX). Kudos to GenJuhru for suggesting some of the names of the skills.

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