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3/13/2016 12:09:50   

They say being a jester is the easiest way to infiltrate and assasinate royalty, but things could go differently when a loyal Court Jester is skilled enough to protect their King.
Mana Regain: Atacking & Dodging(Recovers HP as well)
N*Auto-attack: 1.5s CD, Physical
1*Throwing Aces: (p)4-Hit attack dealing 50% of DPS each
2*Jack-ersault: (p.b)+EVA for 2.5s 'Aerial' then deals 125% of DPS
3*Queen's Juggle: (b)+ACC & Crit Chance, +Block(60% DMG Reduction) chance 'Juggling', is removed if another skill is used
4*Acrobat: +EVA and Haste *A Joker's Luck: +LUK
5*King Roulette: (p.d)Randomly deals 50% to 500% of DPS, with effects based on the damage %;
50 to 199%, Knives = DoT 'Bleeding' for 8.0s
200 to 399%, Swords = -Haste & EVA 'Tied Down' for 6.0s
400% & Up, Mallet = 3.0s Stun
10*The Last Laugh: Increases skill 5's minimum damage to 70% and maximum damage to 700% of DPS, additionally damage of 600%-Up Scythes = 2.0s stun with moderate DoT 'Decapitate' for 7.0s

It is simple fact that some are born to lead, some to follow, others to build, others to destroy and there are those born to love and there are those who exist only to make WAR.
Mana Regain: Attacking & Taking Damage
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
1*Blade Dance(F) / Spinning Blades(M): (p.b)Deals 150% of DPS to nearby enemies, Caster gains Parry(80% DMG Reduction) for 2.5s
2*Flying Chakram(F) / Axe Throw(M): (p.d)Deals 120% of DPS to up to 2 enemies, applies -ATK 'Crippled'
3*Warcry: (b)Caster gains +(25%)Crit Chance while allies gains +ATK 'Warcry' for 10.0s CD: 8.0s
4*Battle Born: +STR & EVA
5*War Path: (p.b)Deals 175% of DPS to a target and applies -(30%)EVA & prone to critical attacks 'War Shocked' for 15.0s, Caster gets +(15%)Haste 'War Path' for 12.0s, stacks up to 6, which is extended/stacked when Warcry is used. CD:30s
10*Whirlwind Edge: (p.b)Chance to trigger on normal attacks, deal 250% of DPS to nearby enemies, Caster gains Parry(80% Reduction) 'Whirlwind' for 2.5s

Men of the cloth who appear on great battles, they cannot rest as long as there are souls to save and evil to banish.
Mana Regain: Attacking & Blessed Instruments
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
1*Holy Bolt: (m)Deals moderate damage on a target
2*Sacred Light: (m.b)Deals moderate damage to multiple enemies, as well as healing self & allies with a 30% chance to remove debuffs
3*Blessed Instruments: (b)Caster gains MoT and skill costs are reduced 'Blessed Instrument' for 8.0s. Costs 30% of current HP to cast.
4*Decalog's Gift: +END & WIS *Holy Sacrament: +RES
5*Divine Halo: (b)Applies HoT to self & allies based on caster's % HP lost, also applies +RES(25%) 'Divine Halo' for 6.0s
10*Last Rites: Skills 1 & 2 gains +DMG Vs Undead

Thieves are lowly outlaws but if one manages to amass a portfolio of amazing feats including "acquiring" a treasure from a Dragon's hoard, by gaining such fame or infamy that people will grant the title, Master Thief.
Mana Regain: Attacking & Dodging(Recovers HP as well)
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
1*Sleight of Hand: (p.b)Deals 75% of DPS, applies +(100%)Crit DMG and 5% Parry(80% DMG Reduction) Chance 'Sleight of Hand' for 6.0s, up to 3 stacks
2*Double-Cross | Backstab: (p)2-Hit Attack of 100% of DPS, if under 'Sneak' will hit only once but have +(40%)Crit Chance
3*Sneak: (b.d)Gains +(60%)EVA but -(50%)ATK Speed 'Sneak' for 10.0s, an enemy gets 'Mark' for 6.0s, which will randomly trigger -EVA(300%) 'Off-Guard' for 2.0s, CD:6.0s
4*Swag: +Haste & EVA *Check Pocket: Boosts gold recieved
5*Steal: (p.d)Deals 75% of DPS and recieves gold = damage dealt but has 10% hit chance, if target has 'Off-Guard' will do a Crit Attack and trigger a debuff lasting for 12.0s with CD:5s;(triggers in order as well as resetting the previous applied debuffs)
1st = -Haste/+CD 'Slowed'
2nd = -DEF/RES 'Exposed'
3rd = -ATK/SPL 'Disarmed',
10*Misdirection: +Skill ACC & Crit Chance

Offering tributes and paying respect to the Nature Spirits, grants favor from these illusive yet powerful beings. Power they will share without reservations to those who are proven; a True Ally of Nature.
Mana Regain: Attacking
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
1*Faerie Fire: (m.d.b)Deals damage and applies -ACC 'Blinded' for 6.0s to target while caster & 3 allies gets gets +(25%)Crit Chance 'Guided' for 6.0s
2*Sprite Wave: (m.d)Deals damage and applies -RES 'Exposed' for 4.0s, after 4.0s caster recovers 250HP 'Sprites'
3*Mountain Deity: (m.b.d)Blocks all incoming attacks to self & 3 allies 'Defend' for 4.0s then slightly damage and stuns up to 4 enemies for 3.0s
4*Glowing Guide: +ACC & EVA *Forest Dweller: -(10%)DMG Taken
5*Gaea Force: (b.d)Caster cannot attack but gradually increases SPL(+20%/s) for the next skill used 'Gaea Force', may last up to 8.0s or when a skill is used
10*Nature's Blessing: +SPL & WIS

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AQW Epic  Post #: 176
3/14/2016 18:01:38   

Requires Doom tentacle cape or hydra battle pet

Octoviathan Overlord Class

Octoviathan Overlords are the vilest creatures of aquatic territories

Auto Attack (Rank 1)
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Type: Physical
Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

Jaws (Rank 1)
Mana Cost: 40
Cooldown: 15 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: 50/50 chance of breathing fire or lightning applies shadow smoke or dry lightning upon all enemies with a moderate DOT and Deals High damage

Suction (Rank 2)
Mana Cost: 10
Cooldown: 1 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Applies a strong HOT to caster while all enemies are stunned(struggle) for 1 sec and haste slowed by 20 % for 1 sec

Toughened Skin(Rank 3)
Mana Cost: 5 mana
Cooldown: 3 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Activates Callous You are shielded as your skin toughens significantly reducing all incoming damage and regenerates some mana

Kin Resistance (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: Haste cannot be reduced

Solid Core (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: Received damage reduced by 30%

Abattoir (Rank 5)
Mana Cost: 35
Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Activates Slaughter. As if in a frenzy, all of your powerful tentacles reach out and inflict damage on your opponents. If suction is active you have an increased chance to strike yourself with damage due to gripping your opponent while in a mindless rage. If callous is active, damage to yourself decreases greatly.
Massive damage

Darkness from the Depths
Darkness encompasses you and exponentially increases the effects of all skills


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3/16/2016 8:18:59   

Dark Lord

I was thinking allot about classes and i played allot of games and i tried to combine some of the extra abilities and other stuff and i come to this idea which i think would be prety cool!

Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 2 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

Rage Shout:
Mana Cost: 25
Cooldown: 15 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: If a player drop below 70% of their HP. This ability gives you + 30% melee damage,10% life steal per critical,20% less damage taken.

Dark sword:
Mana Cost: 30
Cooldown: 10
Type: Psyhical
Description: Strike all monsters in one area,dealing 30% dark damage and stunting the monster/player for over 4 seconds,in that period melee damage increase for 20%

Dark Orb
Mana Cost: 25
Cooldown: 15 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Shot out an Dark Orb dealing 200% Dark damage. If monster/player got crit with this ability,they also get stunned and player gets 10% melee damage.

Dark Storm
Mana Cost: 50
Cooldown: 60 secconds
Type: Magical
Description: Player deal 320% dark magical damage,player stunts in place,cant move for 6 seconds. THis ability also stacks on ammound critical damage you deal to an player. For each critical strike made by normal auto atack increase ability damage by 5%. Stacks up to 10 times.

Requirement for this is a quest! Lets call it: Dark Lord Rise
Make an 1 room area named : DarkRise
Boss: Dark Lord
HP: 600 000
Lvl: 45, 3 stars
Quest location: DarkRise
NPC name: Unknow spirit
Quest rewards: 100000 gold,6000 exp,3000 evil exp, Dark Lord class

This quest can only be done once and cannot be done once again.

I think its a good suggestion and class would be realy good :)
Post #: 178
3/16/2016 18:56:46   

Devolved Leprechaun class
Requires any Leprechaun class version
Devolved Leprechauns carry on the same traits as other Leprechauns but are more brutish and physically adaptable in a battle

Auto Attack (Rank 1)
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Type: Physical
Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

Reproportion (Rank 1)
Mana Cost: 50
Cooldown: 15 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: 50/50 chance Shrink/Grow Enemy hit chance decreases as you shrink down/Growing allows your hit chance to increase while damage increases 50%

Sheer Luck (Rank 2)
Mana Cost: 9
Cooldown: 12 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: You strike a blow to two targets in battle the main target is afflicted massive damage as the other is indirectly hit with high damage

Lucky Streak (Rank 3)
Mana Cost: 5
Cooldown: 3 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description Lucky streak activates all damage on enemy increases, and your hits are strongest when enemy hp below 40%

Double Rainbows (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: Haste increase 20%

Greed (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: critical increases 30%

Ceili (Rank 5)
Mana Cost: 35
Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Ceili activates with shrink active Haste and dodge increase by 30% with grow active you are shielded causing damage to lower and activates a small HOT

Rank 10
Eireen Go Brasche
All damage quadruples


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Post #: 179
3/19/2016 8:03:25   
Mr Chimp

Class name:Executioner

Executioners gain mana when they strike an enemy(more effective on crits)
Are struck by an enemy

Weapon dmg:170%,2.5 speed

Auto Attack(rank 1)
Cooldown:2.5 seconds
Description:A strong attack known only to disciplined fighters

Breaker(rank 1)
Cooldown:10 seconds
Mana cost:15
Description:Deals DPS as damage and reduces opponents damage output and increases damage received by 20% for 10 seconds

Adrenaline Rush(rank 2)
Mana cost:25
Cooldown:25 seconds
Description:Your blood pumps in your veins at increased speeds, gaining 25% Damage output and haste. Any attacks landed under Adrenaline Rush's effect heal you for 50% of the damage done.

Vile Wounds(rank 3)
Mana cost:8
Cooldown 3 seconds
Description:You swing your blade wildly at your enemy, applying a DoT which stacks up to 10 dealing increased damage per stack.For each stack of Vile Wounds,your enemy's haste and damage output is reduced by 3% and damage taken is increased by 5%

Sharpened Blade(rank 4 passive)
Description:Damage output and DoT damage increased by 15%

Resolute(rank 4 passive)
Description:Damage taken reduced by 15%

Execute(rank 5)
Mana cost:30
Description:You swing your weapon at your enemy with great force,dealing 700% weapon damage and stunning them for 2 seconds, while you become exhausted, preventing you from acting for the same amount of time. Activating Adrenaline Rush consumes Exhaust but applies a small DoT on yourself.

Fatal Blow(rank 10 passive)
Description:There's a small chance you execute your enemy,dealing massive damage which is increased by 1% for every 1% of your enemy's missing health.(the lower on health your enemy is,the harder you hit)
Chance to activate is 5% on auto attack
Deals 900% weapon damage

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AQW  Post #: 180
3/20/2016 19:22:49   

Hey guys just posting out a new class idea.
anyone else realize the lack of tanks in this game? Shouldn't an mmo be built upon multiple classes (rogue, mage, warrior, healer) each with their own pros and cons? This encourages more party development as well as a more fun game.
rouge is basically an unhittable buffer (healer) as seen in leprechaun or an unhittable nuker (warrior/mage)
both of these positions should be going to mage and healers. I don't know why a rogue needs to have a nuke when the point is to slowly poison your enemies and weaken them so they miss more. Perhaps make it so you deal more damage on debuffed enemies. Really liked ranger and dragon shinobi but both kinda suck for general use so yeah :\. There needs to be better ranged classes.
Mage is all about Nukes and High numbers. Forget everything else. Just go for the high numbers and consistent damage. Mage even takes over warriors role of a tank in elemental dracomancer and stone crusher (talk about monopoly)
Healer is only existing because of oracle but is still pretty much dead because most mages have their own built in heal such as necromancer's weaken that is more efficient. Now I don't disapprove of each class having their own heal because there are many solo circumstances, I just want the healers heal to be more special. Perhaps make it so the healer consistently uses mana to heal a teammate like a soul-linking ability. Or make the healer able to do cooler things such as summon angel pets that smite enemies and etc.
Warrior is dead. Sometimes they appear but the most notable warrior classes like blood titan are undeniably dead.
THAT IS WHY I AM SUGGESTING deviating from all casters and developing a new warrior type theme of classes or perhaps revamping previous classes

Of course all types physical

Auto attack(rank 1)
Make it heavier hitting but attack slower. You can also give it a chance to stun for a second or debuff the target that is just extra

(rank 1)
Needs an ability that will buff himself and his team. Perhaps make an aoe taunt (if it works in pvp such as all ranged spells will be redirected at him, that would be even better) that forces all enemies to attack him and he gets a shield lets say 15% dmg reduction per enemy taunted (up to so and so target cap)

(rank 2)
This is more like a free spot because we already covered the taunt, this could be his spammable skill or perhaps his debuff on enemy. I kinda like the idea of intimidating opponents so this ability could reduce haste on enemies. This spot can also be saved for a heal. In this case we want players to go full warrior enchants for the most hp so make it a 20% max health heal. I still like blood titans lifesteal so I think it should heal you based on how low you are

(rank 3)
Warriors needs some source of damage right? maybe add in something that does damage the lower health you are. Or maybe even make it do more dmg at high health. They all work.

(rank 4 passive)
Description: IMPORTANT increases hp gained from heals (includes his own heal makes parties uber important) by 50%

(rank 4 passive)
Description: Increases endurance (hp) by 20%

Unyielding Spirit(rank 5) (liked the title so put it in)
This is the CRITICAL ability of a tank class. This ability will DOUBLE your max hp for a while so if you have 2000 hp it will be increased to 4000. Of course this is op in pvp so just make the doubling apply before medals. If you have 2000 hp then it becomes 4000 plus a 2000 medal makes a total of 6000. Doubling your hp will leave you at your current health but a heal should restore you to your max. If the duration ends then your health cap will return. Any extra health will be lost. This ability SHOULD ALSO CAP DAMAGE DONE TO YOU. By that I mean that all hits should be capped at a set value like 1000 dmg. That way enemies cannot nuke you from 100->0 and your team can support you. Dots go through this shield so don't stupidly attack a pyromancer with it.
Post #: 181
3/20/2016 20:43:10   

Magnified Lightcleric class
Magnified Lightclerics use the powers of light to battle and aid allies

Auto Attack (Rank 1)
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Type: Physical
Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

Blinding Barrier (Rank 1)
Mana Cost: 32
Cooldown: 20 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Activates Glare All enemies are blinded by light, activates a strong HOT and shields caster as enemies hit% decreases

Concentrated Light (Rank 2)
Mana Cost: 20
Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Light inflicts moderate damage with a rapid burning DOT

Cleansing Light (Rank 3)
Mana Cost: 5
Cooldown: 3 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description Activates Cleanse and heals all allies

Brilliance (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: Intellect increase 30%

Radiance (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: Haste increases 5%

Light Wave (Rank 5)
Mana Cost: 20
Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Deals massive damage

Rank 10 passive Enlighten
All allies hit chance is certain activates paragon on allies momentarily and hits are unavoidable


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3/23/2016 13:03:17   
suhail abtu

Please click on the name of the ability to see the skill icon, and click on the link bellow the ability to see how it looks in game. Ive created all of these to show exactly how I imagine the class in game, hope you enjoy!

Witch Doctor Class

Action bar looks like this


Mana Regen:

-Strike an enemy in combat (more effective on crits)
-Are struck by and enemy in combat

Auto Attack:
A basic attack, taught to all adventurers

Mana: 30
Cooldown: 4s

Deal 50% spellpower as damage to your opponent and apply Hex! a DoT that deals 100% spellpower as damage over 10 seconds. This skill also applies 1 Plague stack, an effect that stacks to infinity. Hex! lasts 10 seconds, Plague! lasts 20s.

Animation can be found here

NOTE: dot is caused by hex, plague stacks do nothing to the target. Recasting Hex will only refresh Hex and apply an other stack of Plague.

Mana: 0
Cooldown: 2s
Summon a Voodoo Doll pet to stand by your side. Casting this ability deals 10% spellpower as damage to your self and applies 1 stack of Voodoo for every 20 mana you are missing. Each stack of Voodoo increases the damage you deal by 5% and increases the damage you take by 2.5%, stacking up to 20 times. Stacks last 10 seconds.

This skill summons a voodoo doll. Recasting while you have more than 80 mana does nothing. This skill is a double edged sword, with 20 stacks, you will deal 3x the damage you would normally deal but will also take 2x more damage from all sources. Each time you get a stack you take 10% of your spellpower as damage, so casting this ability at 0 mana gives you 5 stacks and deals 50% of your spellpower as damage to yourself (almost 550 at lvl 60), making this ability a risk to use if you spam recklessly.

NOTE: Voodoo doll is not a battle pet.

Leeching Ghouls
Mana: 20
Cooldown: 5s
You call upon your army of ghouls underground to assault your opponent, dealing 75% of your spellpower as damage to the enemy and restoring 1% of your HP for every 1 MP missing (Max 40% HP). If you have at least 5 stacks of Voodoo, restores 60 MP as a bonus.

Animation can be found here

This skill is what will keep you surviving while you have the voodoo debuff on you. You will be taking lots of damage during the fight by and need a very powerfull heal to survive. Having 5 or more voodoo stacks returnes 60 mana, meaning you will have gotten 40 mana back in total. This is the cheapest attack.


1) Voodoo presence: You have 50% more spellpower when Voodoo Doll pet is equipped.
2) Haste increased by 10%

Plague Burn
Mana: 40
Cooldown: 12s
Consumes all plague stacks on the target and deals 50% spellpower for every stack consumed.

Animation can be found here

This is your nuke. It only deals worthwhile damage if you have quite a few plague stacks on the target. This skill may have a short cooldown but using it evey 12 seconds will deal small damage compared to it's mana cost.

Rank 10: Each AA has a 10% chance of applying a plague stack.

NOTE: This might seem OP at first but it could have easily been a 10% damage increase, this only effects the last ability, so it has no effect on any other aspect of the class, making it a rather limited rank 10, but still a good bonus to have.

Strategies and rationale:

This class has a very overpriced first skill at 30 MP, which easily deserves 20 or lower. The reason for this is because the witch doctor prefers to fight at low mana despite being a mage type class. The reason Leeching Ghouls restores MP at 5+ stacks of Voodoo is because the class does need a way to regenerate mana effectively after having spent so much of it stacking plagues and setting up for your nuke. Having 5+ stacks of Voodoo either means you have lost so much of your mana that you need to restore some in order to continue fighting, or the fight has taken some time, and you need some mana to continue. Either way without restoring 60 MP, the class looses steam way too fast to be effective in any scenario. At rank 4, having Voodoo Doll equipped gives you an increase in spellpower, drastically increasing your damage output but also increasing the damage you take from casting Voodoo. It takes skill to master this class as I see it, it can be overly risky if you overuse Voodoo and can easily spiral out of control and cause your to kill yourself, but with effective MP management and a wise use of Voodoo, this class can become a killer against bosses and can compete in PVP (to an extent).
Post #: 183
3/23/2016 17:07:11   

Arcane Deathkeeper class

Arcane Deathkeepers are the Archfiendís mediators with Death and are very grim an all ways against any enemy of Nulgath including Dageís Legion

Auto Attack (Rank 1)
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Type: Physical
Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

Heavy Stealth (Rank 1)
Mana Cost: 10
Cooldown: 20 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Activates Heavy Stealth. Only your knowledge of arcane matters allow you and your heavy armor to go unnoticed, enemies cannot hit you, but rarely graze you once in a while as you are shielded and unseen

Soul Grab (Rank 2)
Mana Cost: 10
Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Outstretching you ghostly hand at your enemyís soul allows a taste of the soul activating a strong HOT

Noxious Barrier (Rank 3)
Mana Cost: 40
Cooldown: 3 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description Activates Deadly Boundary and lowers caster health slightly each use, intensifying Dots that enemies are inflicted with and consumes enemy hp as they hit you they are inflicted with DOTs
which work like super taster

Deathís Gaze (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: Wisdom increase 40%

Cerberusí Gate (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: Damage increases 35%

Accursed Door (Rank 5)
Mana Cost: 6
Cooldown: 20 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Applies Unbinded Blaze upon enemies and unleashes a chaotic inferno upon all enemies

Deals massive damage and applies a DOT

Rank 10 passive Death Knell


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Post #: 184
3/23/2016 21:12:11   
sifter cin

Ive always wanted an evolved necromancer class... I imagined it looking like the drogonfable necromacer. I always wanted it to be stronger than original necro so its harder to get...
my aqwolds name is sifter cin, and u can find me on the safiria server

Signature removed. Please do not use your signature in this forum, as per the =AQW= Suggestions Forum Rules. ~Rickyb20

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AQW  Post #: 185
3/24/2016 11:26:17   

The use of crystals in magic is an old trade, imbuing precious stones with the power of the elements. As it is done beforehand, the jewel caster can unleash magical attacks with minimal mana use.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Taking Hits
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
1*Rubi de Bombas: (m.d)3-Hit attack of minor damage each, if 'Choking Smoke' is present, will consume it and applies a stronger DoT 'Scorched' for 6.0s
2*Esmeralda Toxica: (m.d)Applies -ATK & DoT 'Choking Smoke' for 8.0s, if 'Scorched' is present, will reset itís duration instead
3*Topaz Tempesta: (m)Hi-Crit(+35% Chance) Attack, if 'Defend' is present this attack will hit up to 4 targets but the damage is reduced.
4*Pristine Cut: +SPL & RES
5*Diamante la Guardia: (b)Gains -(80%)DMG taken and incoming spells/skills are blocked 'Diamond' for 5.0s
10*Gem Collector: +END & reduces skills CD

Pirates who struck a bargain with the Sea Witch, to grant them water magic in exchange for something that soon she will reveal.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Dodging(Recovers HP as well)
N*Auto-attack: 1.75s CD, Physical
1*Swordfish: (m/p.d)Deals 150% of DPS, applies -(5%)RES/DEF, stacks up to 5 'Swordfish' for 8.0s
2*Boot-Leg: (p.b.d)Deals slight damage, but stuns target for 3.0s while caster gains +(7%)EVA & Crit Chance which increases when successfully dodging, self-stacking that stacks up to 5 'Boot-Leg' for 10.0s
3*Pirate Talk: (d)Applies -(15%)DMG & ACC to a target 'Weaken' for 8.0s but has a 15% chance to apply +(50%)ATK Speed 'Flurry' for 6.0s
4*Swordplay: +(10%)EVA and ACC
5*Riptide: (m.d)Deals moderate damage and forces target to attack caster 'Provoked' for 5.0s also applies 'Soaked' for 3.0s
10*Fast Learner: +SPL & Skill ACC

Lavishly outfitted with decorated armour and fine cloth, they are seen on ceremonies & royal gatherings, but they are in fact seasoned warriors handpicked from various Orders that protect the kingdom.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Metria Lance
N*Pierce: 2.5s CD, Physical, Hits 2 enemies in melee range
1*Dragia Lance | Wyrmslayer: (p)Deals 200% of DPS | Does Crit Damage Vs Dragonkind, consumes 'Royal Order'
2*Metria Lance | Magislayer: (p|p.d))Deals 125% of DPS, target loses 25MP while caster gains 20MP | Lock skills 'Silence' for 6.0s, consumes 'Royal Order'
3*Gravia Lance | Orcslayer: (p/m.d)Deals 150% of DPS and applies -ATK & Haste 'Crippled' for 4.0s | Target cannot attack 'Disarmed' for 6.0s, consumes 'Royal Order'
4*Strike Fast & Strong: +(10%)Haste & ATK *Resolute: -(10%)DMG taken
5*Royal Order: (b)Recovers HP, triggers the secondary effect of Skills 1 to 3 'Royal Order' for 4.0s, CD:12.0s
10*Glorious Charge: +(5%)DMG & Skills 1, 2 & 3 hits up to 2 targets

With the war spreading, kennel masters were forced to outfit their dogs with battle armour and prepares them for the chaos on the battlefield.
Mana Gain: Attacking & Taking Damage
N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
1*Sic 'Em!: (b.s)Summons Battledog, +ATK Speed & Crit Chance 'Frenzy' for 10.0s
2*Chain Whip: (p.d)Deals 150% of DPS, 50% Chance to -Haste & EVA 'Tied-Down' for 6.0s
3*Lick Wounds: (b)Caster gets -ATK(20%) but gains HoT(200HP/s) for 5.0s, does nothing without a battle pet.
4*Supersleuth: +ACC *Dog Whisperer: STR & WIS
5*Warhound: (b)+DEF, ATK & Crit Damage 'Dogs of War' for 8.0s, does nothing without a battle pet.
10*Relentless: (d)+Haste & a chance to stun target for 1.5s on normal attacks

Elite combatants trained to be deployed to battle in the shortest possible time with great combat effectiveness.
Mana Gain: Strikes First & Attacking
N*Focus-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical, Applies -(3%)EVA 'Mark' for 5.0s, stacks indefinitely
1*Blitz: (p.d)Hi-Hit(150%) attack dealing 125% of DPS & forces target to attack the caster 'Provoked' for 6.0s, 25% chance to stun for 2.5s, CD:8.0s
2*Buster Attack: (p.d)Deals 150% of DPS, 50% chance to apply -DEF & RES for 6.0s 'Exposed', CD:5s
3*Power Break: (p.d)Deals 110% of DPS and reduces target's ATK & SPL by 35% for 5.0s with a chance to remove their buff(s) associated with increasing damage, CD:8s
4*Tactical: +Crit Chance & EVA *Hard Edge: +(10%)ATK
5*Limit EXceed: (b.d)Gains +(25%)ATK, reduces skill CD(-2s) and mana costs as well as minor HoT but +(25%)DMG taken 'Limit Exceed' for 8.0s
10*Annihiliate: (p)Deals a considerable damage to a target with 20 'Mark' stacked, consumes 'Mark'

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suhail abtu

Please click of the ability name to see the skill icon.

Hitman Class

How to acquire: This can be a tier 2 class, you will need to merge Rogue or Renegade rank 10, Ninja or Assassin rank 10, and rank 10 of whatever faction comes with this class.

Class skill bar looks like this

Rogue based class.
Deals 100% weapon damage with AA.
Hitman gain mana when they:
Strike an enemy in combat (more effective on crits)
Dodge any attack (restores HP as well)

Auto Attack:
Mana: 0
Cooldown: 1.5

A rapid attack studied only by a reclusive few.

Dagger Throw:
Mana: 5
Cooldown: 2s

Throw a sharp dagger at the enemy, dealing 50% weapon damage and applies Bleed! a DoT that deals 100% weapon damage over 8 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times. After stacking 3 times, reapplying this ability will refresh the three stacks and applies Deep Wound! for 12 seconds.

This is the core of the class. It's a basic stackable DoT. 4th stack applies a new effect called Deep Wound! This effect does nothing to the target.

Crippling Poison
Mana: 10
Cooldown: 5 seconds

You stab your opponent with a poison tipped blade, dealing 100% weapon damage. If Deep Wound is applied to the target, deals 175% weapon damage instead, consumes Deep Wound and applies Crippling Poison!, reducing the target's damage and haste by 25% for 4 seconds.

This is an upgrade to your first skill. After stacking successfully 4 times, you can apply crippling poison, which does not consume the DoT but adds a debuff to the target. You will need to keep applying the first ability and occasionally using this one for debuff and extra damage output.

Mana: 20
Cooldown: 15s

Increases you're dodge chance and haste by 40% and for 10 seconds.

This is you're survivability/mana regain move. The increased AA speed and dodge will allow you to regain mana if needed, though it does consume 20 mana at the beggining. Dodge chance also plays a big role in the next ability.

Rank 4 Passives:
Opportunity : 10% chance to apply Opportunity upon dodging for 1 second.
Ambush: Increases you're crit chance by 10%.

Mana: 25
Cooldown: 30s

Deals 100% weapon damage for every 2.5% of the target's HP is missing. Deals 30% more damage if the target has Crippling poison applied. Damage is doubled if you have Opportunity.

This is your nuke, though it needs to be used at the right time in order to deal huge amounts of damage. It is still worthwhile damage even without opportunity. But this does become a killer once the target is crippled below 50% HP.

Side note: The reason you get an opportunity when you dodge is because you successfuly dodged the enemy's attack and now he is wide open for a strong hit. Just and interesting mechanic with a nice theme behind it XD

Rank 10 Passive:
Dodge chance increased by 20%.
This will help the class survive and gain mana (obviously) but will also increase the chance of you getting opportunity.

Final thoughts and Rationale:
This is intended to be a solo/PVP class. The reason I think AQW needs this class is because I always thought that the existing rouge classes were all dodge/DPS classes, not the traditional view of rouge. This class requires timing and quick use of you'r opportunity in order to thrive. This is not a passive class as it does require you to continuously stack the first skill and apply the second skill throughout the fight in case an opportunity arrives (hah!) and you can deal massive damage, lowering his HP and setting him up for the next opportunity strike, which will only become stronger. the rank 4 passive which gives 10% chance to get oppertunity can be considered high and can be considered low but it only occurs upon dodging, so fighting higher level enemies will give you less opportunities (which makes sense), but the class' damage does depend on this passive, so it needs to come frequently enough. Overall this is an interesting class and certainly would be fun to use especial in boss solos. Hope you enjoyed!
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Aeromancer Class

Description: The destructive force of the wind is yours to control! Use this power wisely.

Mana Gain: Deliver damage
Receive damage

Skills: Auto Attack- do I really need to explain this one?- unlocked at rank 1 physical

Gust- Mana cost:10
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Lightly damages your enemy and increases haste of allies and decrease haste of enemies for 5 seconds
unlocked at rank 1

This is your initial skill and much like Cryomancer's Freeze and Pyromancer's Scorch latter skills are strengthened via Gust

Jetstream- Mana cost:20
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Summon a strong wind to strike a foe repeatedly for 7 seconds. Lowers haste for 10 seconds when Gust is applied
unlocked at rank 2
Note: Initial hit deals 200% of weapon damage DoT is 50%

A powerful skill with Gust in play and increases survivability slightly

Tornado Barrier- Mana cost: 45
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Create a tornado to act as a barrier around you for 20 seconds reducing damage taken by 50% and deals 5% of damage taken back to the foe when gust is applied
unlocked at rank 3

This is a strong defense and defends the user suitably for the duration. This skill will help against monsters or players who can land powerful strikes

Rank 4 Passives- Breeze: increased chance to dodge by 5%
Monsoon: Critical chance increased by 5%

Hurricane Strike: Mana cost:50
Cooldown: 60
Type: Magical
Description: Call forth the power of a hurricane on those around you and obliterate them. Deals 500% weapon damage and with gust applied inflicts the user with a Damage over Time
unlocked at rank 5

A gamble that if survived will end you. The basis is that if you have to use this whatever you were fighting would kill you anyway.

Rank 10 Passive: Whirlwind- Slight chance to double haste for a short period of time

Counter Strategy: Apply a DoT early on and since this has no HoT Hurricane Strike may end up being a suicidal strike. Alternatively anything that can heal itself or withstand the punishment of the class will win.

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Abyssal Vampire Class

Abyssal Vampires exist in lowly and desolate places of the underworld serving under Nulgathís orders and are highly lethal predators
Auto Attack (Rank 1)
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Type: Physical
Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

Silence (Rank 1)
Mana Cost: 18
Cooldown: 22 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: 50/50 chance to Apply Shudder/Activates Hide. Enemiesí haste decreases out of complete distress/ Hide activates as you become an obscure shadow and hide along walls and other places. Caster haste increases 9% while you are shielded all damage is drastically reduced and evasion increase 25%(light based attacks if landed are highly effective)

Encircle (Rank 2)
Mana Cost: 9
Cooldown: 11 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Your vampire powers originating from the abyss allow you to become a dark shadow terrorizing all enemies and disintegrating them, rarely enemies escape your clutches alive. Deals Massive damage

Bloodfiendís Taste (Rank 3)
Mana Cost: 3
Cooldown: 17 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description Activates Sip. You inflict low damage on an enemy with a unending DOT as your enemy bleeds out and activates a strong HOT to the caster which applies Drain on enemy weakening enemy damage

Unrivaled (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: Critical increase 50%

Dismal (Rank 4 Passive)
Description: Damage increases 37%

Blood Lust (Rank 5)
Mana Cost: 20 Cooldown: 4 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Activates Blood Lust Haste increases 11% and damage 7% for infinite stacks

Rank 10 Smell Blood


This is for real Nulgath supporters this class canít be equipped with Dage items Must have a Nulgath Item or Archfiend wings +5 to I prefer peeps with Dage items Purchased or farmed cant obtain it but eh, how can I possibly do that p.s phoenix blades of any kind work as class requirement hopefully a rare
Hopefully Nulgath considers this

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Since Sky Tower and the Aegis Faction has been released, might as well.. Divine Angels are, well, supports and they are SO useful when there are players around fighting the evil bad boss. They don't function well when they are alone. and they kinda deal damage though their HOLINESS but other than that, I might as well just create a Good-based-heaven type class fitting for Sky Tower/Aegis.
REQUIRES RANK 10 AEGIS, RANK 10 ORACLE/HEALER (let's give healer some love okay? <3 ,) RANK 10 GOOD

Divine Angel

Angels are divine creatures sent from the heavens tasked to destroy the Evil. Angels ally themselves to the Good because they believe in everything that is Good and will send punishment to those who follow the path of Evil.
Angels gain mana by:
  • Striking an opponent
  • Getting hit
    (I can't think of anyways of how this class should regain mana, besides the classic hit and get hit method.)

    Auto Attack (Rank 1)
    Mana Cost: 0
    Cooldown: 2
    Type: Magical
    Description: Divine Angels use basic holy magic for damaging all the evil.

    Divine Light (Rank 1)
    Mana Cost: 20
    Cooldown: 10 seconds
    Type: Magical
    Description: Angels use the power of Light to help and heal their allies. Divine Light heals up to 4 targets including yourself (so 5 targets) (based on weapon damage) and applies Divinity which does a HoT to the targets (again depending on the heal)

    Hand of the Good (Rank 2)
    Mana Cost: 15
    Cooldown: 8 seconds
    Type: Magical
    Description: The Hand of the Good will always be there to intervene against Evil! Hand of the Good deals damage depending on how many people are affected by Divinity. (High Damage if 5 targets are healed. Moderate if 2-4, Low if 1)

    Zephyrus Wings (Rank 3)
    Mana Cost: 20
    Cooldown: 15 seconds
    Type: Magical
    Description: Angel wings create powerful gales when taking off or landing, but they also create this special wind which will affect allies and increases their speed. Applies Zephyr (affects 4 targets) which increases Haste by 30% and increases evasion 10% for 7 seconds

    Light Speed & Divine Punishment (Rank 4 passives)
    Description: Increases Haste by 10% and increases damage output by 10%

    Luminance Blaze (Rank 5)
    Mana Cost: 30
    Cooldown: 25 seconds
    Type: Magical
    Description: Angels use holy flames to purge and purify the Evil. Applies Flames of Luminance to the target which does damage depending on how many allies are affected by Divinity (Massive Damage when 5 targets, 2-4 - Moderate-High, 1 - Moderate) and applies a DoT which gets stronger if the target is hit by an ally affected by Zephyr (Does not stack, you're wondering why Zephyr? Well, fire needs air to blaze hard too)

    God's Punishment (Rank 10)
    Description: Angels pray hard for God to punish the Evil and eliminating them, this applies God's Punishment which increases the damage of your allies (including yourself) by 500%. Lasts for 9 seconds. Very low percent chance of occurring. (1% or lower.)

    Overall: Class is for supporting allies and VERY IMPORTANT when fighting against hard bosses and when a Divine Angel is there, you'll be praying (hurrhurr) that he/she will help you against fighting the boss. Enhancements are wizard.

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    Dwelling in dark underground cities, the enigmatic Drows have adapted to the darkness, developing an affinity to it that their archers fashioned techniques for combat.
    Mana Gain: Attacking, Dodging(Recovers HP as well) & Shadow Shot
    N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
    1*Black Arrow: (p.d)Deals 125% of DPS and applies -ACC & Haste 'Black Arrow', stacks up to 4
    2*Shadow Shot: (p.d)Deals 50% of DPS, target gets -EVA & cannot move 'Shadow Hold' for 2.5s. If caster under 'Cover of Darkness' will recover mana.
    3*Cover of Darkness: (b)+ATK & EVA 'Cover of Darkness' for 6.0s
    4*Unnatural Resistance: +RES
    5*Dark Strafe: (p)3-Hit 100% of DPS with +30% Crit chance each. If caster under 'Cover of Darkness', Crit chance is +50%
    10*Eyes in the Shadows: +ACC & Crit Chance

    Color magic is a technique used by individuals to cast higher level spells or a specific one, bypassing the prerequisites of said spells through the less complicated process of Color Magic.
    Mana Gain: Attacking & Raging Red
    N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
    1*Raging Red[Combat]: (p)Deals DMG & gains MP if a color is present, applies 'Red' to target, if combined with 'Yellow' = Blazing Orange[Fire]: (p/m.d)Moderate DoT 'Burn'
    2*Flashy Yellow[Lightning]: (m.d)Deals DMG & -ATK 'Yellow' to target, if combined with 'Blue' = Gripping Green[Nature]: (d)-Haste
    3*Buffing Blue[Water]: (b)-DMG Taken 'Defend', applies 'Blue' to target, if combined with 'Red' = Violent Violet[Chaos]: (d)Damage Self 'Confuse'
    4*Indigo-Go: +ATK Speed *Synesthesia: +ACC
    5*Fusion Spectrum: (p/m.d)Deals moderate damage and randomly applies +DMG Taken 'Black' or Immobilize & stops skills CD 'White' fr 5.0s
    10*Color Enchantment: Normal attacks does bonus magical damage(+10% of DPS)

    What's a bird-lover to do when he also loves fighting?... Simple, train your beloved birds to fight. And the best bird for the task is the wisest as well as an ominous looking one, the Raven.
    Mana Gain: Attacking & Taking Hits
    N*Auto-attack: 1.5s CD, Physical
    1*Raven Call: (b.s)Summons Ravens, gains +(10%)Haste & -(5%)DMG Taken 'Minion' for 8.0s, stacks up to 3
    2*Aerial Rave: (p)Multi-Hit attack(+1 Hit/stack) dealing 80% of DPS each, based on 'Minion' stacked
    3*Dark Double: (b)recovers 15% of max HP & completely negates the next attack taken 'Dark Double' for 3.0s, consumes 1 stack of 'Minion'
    4*Angry Blackbirds: +DMG & Crit Chance *Eye in the Sky: +ACC
    5*Black Sky: (p.d)Deals moderate damage, applies +(15%)DMG Taken & DoT based on 'Minion' stacked and consumes it 'Black Sky' for 6.0s which ticks every 2 seconds
    10*Pecking Order: (d)Chance to apply -ACC & EVA 'Blinded' for 4.0s when using offensive skills

    A more powerful form of energy derived from basking on the rays of the celestial bodies, Cosmic Energy. Though knowledge on cosmic energy is minimal at best, but the destructive potential is very apparent. So for now, the battlefield will be the place to witness the power of the Cosmos.
    Mana Gain: Attacking
    N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
    1*Pulsar Arrow: (p.d)Deals 110% of DPS, target gets +(5%)DMG taken 'Exposed' for 6.0s, stacks up to 10
    2*Starfall: (p/m)Targets up to 6 enemies after 3.0s deals moderate damage and a 1.5s stun 'Starfall'
    3*Supernova: (b)+DMG & Crit(+50%) chance to the next offensive skill as well as an (8MP/sec)MoT 'Supernova' last for 4.0s
    4*Light of the North Star: +ACC & EVA
    5*Big Bang Impact: (p/m)Deals high damage to a target and moderate DMG to other enemies
    10*The Power Cosmic: (b)Chance to trigger on normal attacks, does Crit on all attacks 'Power Cosmic' for 5.0s

    Stumbling upon a cute talking animal, who claims to have the power to unlock your true potential and be the heroine you're destined to become. But there's one catch, can you handle changing in public?
    Mana Gain: Attacking & Mystical Aide
    N*Auto-attack: 2.0s CD, Physical
    1*Mesmerizing Magic Attack: (m.b)Deals moderate damage, applies debuff depending on target's HP left; 70% & above: -ACC 'Blinded', 36-69%: -DEF 'Punctured', 35% & Below: -RES 'Exposed', lasts for 12.0s
    2*Pretty Karate: (p)2-Hit attack
    3*Mystical Aide: (m/p.d)Deals damage to target while caster recovers some MP with 30% chance to gain +(25%)DMG Dealt & Crit Chance 'Magical Weapon' for 6.0s
    4*Guidance: +WIS & ACC *Power of Youth: +STR & EVA
    5*Bedazzling Outfit Change: (b.d)Immobilizes nearby enemies 'Awestruck' for 3.0s, gains buff based on caster's HP left; (Applies 'Sailor Outfit' for 20.0s)
    70% & above = +ATK & ATK Speed
    36-69% = +ATK & DEF
    35% & Below = +SPL & DEF
    10*Tailor-Mage: Recovers 10% of max HP when using Skill 5.

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    Treasure Maniac

    How to get it: Opening Treasure Chests with Twilly in /join battleon.

    Focus: One target, solo, survivability.

    Details: All its skills effects would depend on luck (not the stat). E.g. one skill can increase your haste slightly, moderately or drastically. No negative skill effects, only slightly-increase ones.

    Purpose: There are so many swords, armos, helms, and even house items. I think its time to add a class to those Treasure Chests too.
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    Illusions. Conjuring them creates... possibilities. It creates chaos, love, hate, fear, anger, happiness, mourning, and all feelings you can create with one simple illusion.

    Illusionist of Hell

    Illusionists of Hell are master conjurers of... false happenings. They create these illusions to trick their opponent but seemingly, these illusions are so powerful, it convinces the enemy to accept these illusions. Illusionists that cast illusions are at the same time.. hell mages that burns their opponents to crisp.

    Illusionists of Hell gain mana by:
  • Striking an enemy
  • Are struck by an enemy

    Auto Attack (Rank 1)
    Cooldown: 2 seconds
    Mana Cost: 0
    Type: Magical
    Description: A simple spell of trickery that harms the opponent.

    Burning Fear (Rank 1)
    Cooldown: 15 seconds
    Mana Cost: 12
    Type: Magical
    Description: Fear leads to the inability to fight. Applies Fear to opponent which lowers their damage by 15% and hit chance by 20% and deals moderate damage.

    The Love and The Happiness (Rank 2)
    Cooldown: 25 seconds
    Mana Cost: 20
    Type: Physical/Magical
    Description: Love and happiness makes the prey vulnerable. Has a chance to apply one of the two effects, Love and Happiness. If Love is applied, the target is stunned/attracted for 5 seconds, if Happiness is applied, the opponent gets a small HoT but you're crit chance is raised by 20%

    Hellfire (Rank 3)
    Cooldown: 8 seconds
    Mana Cost: 10
    Type: Magical
    Description: These hell mages conjure immense heat that match the ones in Hell. Hellfire deals high damage and applies Hella Hot which does a high DoT. Hella' Hot stacks and for every Hellfire spell cast, it increases the damage of Hellfire and the DoT.

    Hell is Stronger & Smart Tricks (Rank 4)
    Increases damage output and DoT damage by 20% & increases Intellect by 50%.

    Pyromaniac (Rank 5)
    Cooldown: 30 seconds
    Mana Cost: 25
    Type: Magical
    Description: All the flames and the illusions you have conjured have maddened the enemy, he is now fighting himself! Applies Pyromaniac to the opponent which does a moderate DoT depending on the enemy's weapon damage.
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    I have an idea for a solo class, called Juggernaut. I made this class with Warrior in mind, so it look like a buffed Warrior, and that's fine.

    Weapon Damage: 150%

    Description: Juggernauts are consistent powerhouses that can render any enemy helpless in a matter of seconds.

    Special Effect: Juggernauts gain mana when they: ◾Strike a enemy in combat (more effective on crits)
    ◾Are struck by an enemy in combat

    Skill 1: Aggression(Auto Attack)

    Mana Cost: 10

    Cooldown: 5 seconds

    Does 150% Weapon damage and can do up to 5 stacks of Intimidation, and each stack lowers enemy's haste by 2% with a max of 5 stacks.

    Skill 2: Furious Barrage

    Mana Cost: 20

    Cooldown: 3 Seconds

    Does 130% Weapon damage, and increases haste by 3% with each stack of Rage (Max 5 stacks)

    Skill 3: Dominance

    Mana Cost: 0

    Cooldown: 10 Seconds

    Heals the Juggernaut by 30% of their HP and 20 MP

    Rank 4 Passives:

    Fury: Increases Strength by 25%

    Tank: Increases Endurance by 15%

    Skill 5: Overload

    Mana Cost: 45

    Cooldown: 20 Seconds

    Does 20000% Weapon Damage, gives a DoT of 15% Weapon Damage, and reduces haste by 20%. Applies Overdrive, which negates all stacks of Rage.

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    suhail abtu

    Please click the skill names to see the skill icon I have created. I also created a depiction of what the class looks like and how the abilities look in game the way I imagined it. Enjoy :)

    Soulweaver Class

    NOTE: Now I do realize that the devs were planing to make this class but had to replace it with chaos shaper, but soulweaver has always been my dream AQW class and I feel great having to design an idea for it. The devs have come a long way since then so I think it would be nice to try again.

    How to obtain: This can be anything, special offer, tier 2 class, merge, but preferably not rare.

    Weapon Damage: 90%, 2.0 speed
    Description: Soulweavers have mastered the art of manipulating the enemy's soul, giving you absolute control over any fight. But do you have what it takes to control such power?
    Special Effects: Soulweavers gain mana from all hits landed in combat, and especially on crits. The amount depends on damage relative to *their own* HP total.
    Same overall template as mage.

    Class skill bar looks like this
    This class is very complex and requis time to fully understand and master. It isn't your average class. It's complexity allows it to thrive in many situations and adapt to many different play styles, but requires thought and understanding to play. Not to mention the time it took me to plan this XD

    Auto Attack
    A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

    Soul Aegis

    mana: 15
    cooldown: 6s
    Draw energy from your target's soul, dealing 75% spelldamage and healing you for the same amount. Damage 100% spell damage if the target has Soul Burst applied. If the target has Retribution applied, reduces the damage you take by 25% for 5 seconds.

    This is your survivebility move. It only surves the purpose of helping you survive but does get buffed by other abilities.

    Soul Burst
    mana: 25
    cooldown: 4s
    Burn your target's soul, dealing 100% spelldamage and applying a DoT that deals 200% spelldamage over 12s. Replaces both Retribution and Soul Pierce. Cast looks like this, and fire looks like this.

    This is the simplest ability. The fact that it replaces those two effects will be explained later. But here is where the class starts getting interesting. The visual only indicates the animation, please ignore the 2k crit,

    Valour Impact
    mana: 10
    cooldown: 3s
    Deals 15% spelldamage for every second the target has spent under the effect of Soul Burst. Refreshing Soul burst restarts the timer of this skill. If Retribution is applied to the target, deals 50% spelldamage and stuns the target for 2 seconds, consumes Retribution. If Soul Pierce is applied to the target, deals 120% spelldamage and replaces Soul Pierce with Valour Impact for 10 seconds. Skill looks like this

    This skill can function in 3 ways. It can either be used as an opertunity strike type ability for damage output, it can stun the target, or build up towards the nuke combo. Using this skill without any of the 3 debuffs on the target will deal 0 damage. Valour impact does nothing.

    Rank 4 Passives:
    Soul Synch: Increase damage output by 10%
    Concentration: Increases crit chance by 10%

    These are regular passives, the focus is on damage though since the class should have enough survivebility with Soul Aegis.

    mana: 20
    cooldown: 8s
    Deals 125% spelldamage and applies Retribution, reducing the target's hit chance by 30% for 12 seconds. If Soul Burst is applied to the target, consumes Soul Burst and applies Soul Pierce for 6 seconds. If Valour Impact is applied to the target, deals 10x the normal damage and comsumes Valour Impact. Looks like this.

    This is the alternative to Soul Burst. Soul Burst and Retribution can always be swapped. Casting Soul Burst while retribution is active will consume Retribution and apply Soul Burst. Casting Retribution after Soul Burst applies Soul Pierce for 6 seconds, so by the time this skill is off cooldown you will be able to reapply Retribution. The nuke combo goes as follows: Soul Burst - Retribution - Valour Impact - Retribution. I added this combo not only to allow the user to perform a nuke, but for the aesthetic value of the DF combo: Soul Pierce, Valour Impact, Retribution.

    Rank 10: Soul Slice
    5% chance on Hit to instantly kill your target if it is below 15% HP.

    This is a boss killer, but has a small chance of occurring because 15% HP is a small amount of HP for most targets. It kills your target in the form of a 1million damage DoT.

    Strategies and Rationale:

    This class can play many different play styles and serve any purpose other than farming, but it trades in simplicity for flexibility. All skills cost low mana and have short cooldowns because this class uses combos rather than burst. You can only have 1 debuff on the target, whether it is DoT, lower hit chance, or ultimate combo effects. Here are the general uses for the class:

    Boss Solo:
    Beginning: Cast Retribution to increase the likelihood of the target missing by 30%. You will also take 25% less damage from all hits successfully landed if combined with Soul Aegis. This will help slow down the process of loosing HP. If the boss isnt immune to stuns, you can occasionally stun the target.

    Mid - End: As time goes on, the heal from the first skill will not be enough to last you. So you can switch over to Soul Burst, making your Soul Aegis deal more damage and heal more. Keep using Valour Impact for extra damage, mimicking Rouge's Opportunity strike. This is your damage mode, you deal more damage with Soul Burst than you do with Retribution. As the Boss nears his death, you can always pull off your Nuke Combo or if you are rank 10, pray for the passive to kick in and execute the target.

    Use Retribution to reduce hit chance, when the Retribution is about to fade, use Valour Impact to stun the target. Then do the nuke combo: Flame Burst - Retribution - Valour Impact - Retribution. Low likely hood of your opponent to survive that.

    Nuke Combo:
    The nuke combo deals 100% + 125% + 120% +1200% = 1545% weapon damage in total, excluding any damage from the DoT. This Combo requires 75 mana in total. NOTE: This combo requires 4 successful hits, therefore your chance of pulling it off depends on your accuracy. So don't even think about using this combo against a dodge class in PVP.

    The purple hit animations are only for the skills, your AA doesn't have a distinct look. Soul Aegis does a regular cast animation, similar to Artifact Hunter's Supreme Arcane Staff skill.
    Overall, this class seems pretty fun to me. It can be used for DPS or burst depending on how you want to settle the fight. The skills can be used in so many different ways that the class stays interesting for an extended period of time, unlike simpler classes which are only enjoyable for the first few days. I hope you enjoyed reading my suggestion.

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    4/4/2016 15:22:42   

    Um yes I would like to suggest an idea for the new nulgath classes, like the 1st skill does a eff which makes your opponent scared to hit you its called Scream fear, the 2nd skill gives you a HoT that last for 10 seconds called dark regain,the 3rd skill is a boost that gives you 50% for crit and strength called void power, the final skill is called Deadly Strike it would do a deadly blow to your opponent that causes a dot making them burn in the void if you could reply to this I would appreciate it thank you from:Deathslinger
    Post #: 196
    4/5/2016 21:48:21   

    Well, if we pay attention, we can find elemental classes without difficult. We have Pyromancer(fire), Cryomancer(ice/water), Elemental Warrior(fire,ice,water,light...), Evolved/Shaman(fire, lightning, ice), Stone crusher(earth), DBStormKing(lightning) etc. But, analizing all these classes, we have no WIND Based Elemental Class. So I have and Idea for it.

    -Typhoon ArchMage Class

    -Description: after years of meditation and training, you finally came in harmony with the element that marks greater presence in the world. The air.
    -Mana Regen: Typhoon ArchMages gain mana when they:
    -Strike an enemy in combat (more effective on crits)
    -Are struck by an enemy in combat

    -Auto Attack (Rank 1)
    -Mana Cost: 0
    -Cooldown: 2 Seconds
    -Type: Magical
    -Description: As the power of the wind comes from basically everywhere, your power increase with every succesful hit applying "Tempest Cloud" on yourself. "Tempest Cloud" can be stacked.

    -Compressed air (Rank 1)
    -Mana Cost: 15
    -Cooldown: 6 Seconds
    -Description: You concentrate the power of the wind around your fists and hit your enemy dealing Magical DMG based on how much "Tempest Cloud" counters you have stacked. Also apply "Compressed air", increasing your all your damage by 15% for 8 seconds.

    -Whirlwind (Rank 2)
    -Mana Cost: 25
    -Cooldown: 10 Seconds
    -Description: Release a demonstration of how the wind can become destructive. Deals moderate Magical DMG up to 3 enemies. Damage increased by "Tempest Cloud" counters.

    -Iner Storm (Rank 3)
    -Mana Cost: 30
    -Cooldown: 20 Seconds
    -Description: Your breath charges the power of the wind into your lungs making them true storms. Gives you a HoT based on the number of "Tempest Cloud" counters you have stacked for 10 Seconds and also decrease every damage you TAKE by 25% for 4 Seconds. (This skill does not consume your "Tempest Cloud" counters)

    -Stormy Manipulation (Rank 4 Passive)
    -Description: Increases INT by 15%

    -Can't touch this Wind (Rank 4 Passive)
    -Description: Reduces damage taken by 20%

    -Giant Hurricane (Rank 5)
    -Mana Cost: 75
    -Cooldown: 30 Seconds
    -Description: After pilling all the power of a storm within your body, you devastates your enemy releasing a Giant Hurricane dealing MASSIVE DMG. This skill's damage increases with every "Tempest Cloud" counters you stacked, consuming all of them. This skill is also a granted CRIT and HIT.

    -Accumulating Storm (Rank 10 Passive)
    -Description: For every succesful Auto Attack you have 25% chance of gaining one Extra "Tempest Cloud" counter.

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    4/6/2016 2:41:48   
    Addicon Shinohoskai

    Draconic Death Knight
    During Empress Gravelyn's Assault on the Embersea to return her Father's Spirit, many loyal Death Knight's were slain, the few who survived returned forever changed by the Dragon Fire. Continue to serve the Shadowscythe and it's Empress as the new Draconic DeathKnight. Long Unlive the Shadowscythe!

    Draconic Death Knight's regain Mana from Dealing Damage to enemies (Crits Regain More Mana) and Damage recieved from enemies.

    Auto Attack
    -2 second cooldown
    An attack known to all adventurers.

    Death's Grasp-Skill 1
    -2 second cooldown 10 Mana Cost
    Strike your enemies to their very Soul dealing 125% Weapon Damage. Applies Death's Hand dealing a Damage Over Time that grows stronger with each stack. Stacks up to 5 times.
    Death's Grasp is your main skill tho it cannot crit. it does provide stacks of Death's Hand to empower your other skills.

    Dragon's Defense-Skill 2
    -20 second cooldown 25 Mana Cost
    Defend against even the most powerful attacks with the newly acquired scales of fallen dragon's. Reduce Incoming Damage from enemies by 50% for 8 Seconds, if Death's Hand is present creates a Heal Over Time which grows Stronger with each stack of Death's Hand. Stacks of Death's Hand do not vanish.
    Stay in the fight longer with this defense buff and heal over time skill, combine it with a party class such as the Bard or Stonecrusher.

    Knight's Challenge-Skill 3
    -15 second cooldown 30 Mana Cost
    Challenge your enemies to One on One combat to test your new skills. Applies Focus on target causing them to attack you for 8 seconds, each stack of Death's Hand adds one second to focus duration. Number of enemies targeting you reduce damage taken. example if 6 enemies were targeting player they gain a max of plus 60% armor.
    Stacks of Death's Hand do not vanish.

    Forged in Fire
    Rank 4 Passive
    Increase Endurance by 25%

    Dragon's Strength
    Rank 4 Passive
    Increase Damage output by 15% and Crit. Chance by 8%

    Dragon's Rioting-Skill 4
    -25 second cooldown 50 Mana Cost
    Sacrifice your defense to rend you opponents Armor and deal more Damage. Must have at least one stack of Death's Hand to activate. Deals 250% Weapon Damage + an additional 50% damage per stack of Death's Hand max 5 and doubles damage to both you and your enemy for 15 seconds.
    Your all or nothing skill, cause massive 500% max weapon damage to your opponent while as it said double the damage taken much like the Aracnomancer class.

    Rank 10 Passive
    The mighty Dracolich Fluffy lends you a claw against your enemies dealing massive Damage.
    .5% Chance to Activate deals 100,000% Weapon Damage.

    Requires Rank 10 Shadowscythe and rank 10 Embersea, along with the Death Knight Class and Embersea Token.(whatever was used to make the blazebinder class)

    Build-Tank, Boss solo Class
    Weapon-Awe enhc Luck Spiral Carve or Health Vamp
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    4/7/2016 18:17:05   

    I've an Idea maybe You'll find it Nesesary in game,
    On the past dodge classes was the best on PVP (1vs1) later Vindicator Of They was released and that begins to chance

    I think NOW in 1vs1 the BEST on pvp is STUN/PETRIFY for example Evolved Shaman and Elemental draco (If you know how to use them) you'll stun so much and the enemy won't have so much chances to hit you...

    I was thinking on What is the best idea.. AND I know that Un-Buff that classes is not a good idea for instead I think on a Anti-Stun/petrify skill It can be like these...

    Form 1: Dodge Any Stun/Petrify during ("Insert Number") Seconds
    (It can Be with a ℅ )

    Form 2: when you are Stunned/petrified you can use this skill to UnStun / Unpetrify yourself

    Form 3: A Shield That Reflects Any Stun / Petrify

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    4/13/2016 10:47:24   

    I would suggest the formation of the awe class, a tier 2 class that can be forges by combining the 4 base classes (warrior, mage, rogue, healer) rank 10 and the blade of awe,
    this would be a lovely addition to the awe faction and an awesome upgrade for the starter classes.

    since there are 2 kinds of the starter classes (regular and rare) i thought it would be an amazing opportunity to reward the old players and the members, allow me to elaborate.
    i would use this to form 2 awe classes, the king of awe and the master of awe class. these would be alike except the royal awe class would also have a battle pet (the blade of awe), an extra passive an some better tweaks to it. they would be ac but not buyable with ac's


    how to obtain: forge the warrior class (rank 10)
    the mage class (rank 10)
    the rouge class (rank 10)
    the healer class (rank 10)
    the blade of awe

    stats: weapon damage 200% , speed 2.0

    description: you've slain numerous monsters and beasts, helped dynasty's rise and fall , you've even saved the universe many times! and while doing so you've mastered the first classes
    know by every hero. you are truly a master of awe!

    special effects: you gain mana with every crit. hit (1 mp untill rank 8: 10 mp)
    you gain health with every dodge (100HP) or monster slain (200HP)

    skills: -auto attack 0 mana
    2 sec cooldown
    an improved basic attack move mastered only by followers of awe

    -viper strike 15 mana (rank 1)
    5 sec cooldown
    a powerful strike dealing 150% weapon damage and applies a poison dealing 200% WDPS for 10 sec

    -cold heartbeat 15 mana (rank 2)
    5 sec cooldown
    deals 15% of current HP combined witha powerful blast of ice which slows the target, lowers his damage and makes it more vulnerable to crit. strikes for 15 sec

    -explosive healing 35 mana (rank 3)
    25 sec cooldown
    you hit you're enemy with a concentrated ray of sunlight, healing yourself for a large amount extracted from you're enemy's HP while increasing you're dodge by 50%
    and gaining mana from every hit you take for 20 sec. this also heals up to 3 friendly targets for a smaller amount and stuns the target for 10 sec

    -concentrated power passive (rank 4)
    increases you're healing, magical damage and dodge by 20%

    -the power of awe 35 mana (rank 5)
    40 sec cooldown
    you summon the power of awe to grant you its power, this results in a powerful shield which reduces all incoming attack damage for 50% while gaining mana from
    all incoming attacks and boosting you're damage by 50%, the shield is also capable of returning 20% of the incoming damage to the attacker.
    the shield lasts for 15 sec

    -the defense of the blade passive (rank 8)
    reduces all incoming damage by 25%
    you gain 1 mp for every hit delivered and 10 mp for every crit.
    accuracy increased by 30%


    how to obtain: forge the warrior class (rare) (rank 10)
    the mage class (rare) (rank 10)
    the rouge class (rare) (rank 10)
    the healer class (rare) (rank 10)
    the blade of awe

    note on how to obtain: -valencia would have 4 extra quests for members only where they would be able to trade in their base class (any rank) and 100k and get as quest reward
    the same base class but rare.
    -when merged you also receive the blade of awe pet

    stats: weapon damage 250% , speed 2.0

    description: you've slain numerous monsters and kings, helped empires rise and fall , you've even saved the universe many times! and while doing so you've mastered the first classes
    know by every hero. you are truly a king of awe!

    special effects: you gain mana with every crit. hit delivered yourself or you're pet blade of awe (1 mp untill rank 8: 10 mp)
    you gain health with every dodge (100HP) or monster slain (200HP)
    the class is infused with the awe health and mana vamp
    the class cannot be enhanced by the awe enhancements

    skills: -auto attack 0 mana
    2 sec cooldown
    an improved basic attack move mastered only by followers of awe

    -viper strike 15 mana (rank 1)
    5 sec cooldown
    a powerful strike dealing 150% weapon damage and applies a poison dealing 200% WDPS for 10 sec

    -cold heartbeat 15 mana (rank 2)
    5 sec cooldown
    deals 15% of current HP combined witha powerful blast of ice which slows the target, lowers his damage and makes it more vulnerable to crit. strikes for 15 sec

    -explosive healing 35 mana (rank 3)
    20 sec cooldown
    you hit you're enemy with a concentrated ray of sunlight, healing yourself for a large amount extracted from you're enemy's HP while increasing you're dodge by 50%
    and gaining mana from every hit you take for 25 sec. this also heals up to 3 friendly targets for a smaller amount and stuns the target for 10 sec

    -concentrated power passive (rank 4)
    increases you're healing, magical damage and dodge by 20%
    turns the blade of awe pet in a battle pet

    -the power of awe 35 mana (rank 5)
    35 sec cooldown
    you summon the power of awe to grant you its power, this results in a powerful shield which reduces all incoming attack damage for 50% while gaining mana from
    all incoming attacks and boosting you're damage by 50%, the shield is also capable of returning 25% of the incoming damage to the attacker.
    the shield lasts for 15 sec

    -the defense of the blade passive (rank 8)
    reduces all incoming damage by 25%
    you gain 1 mp for every hit delivered and 10 mp for every crit.
    accuracy increased by 30%
    increases damage dealt by 10% when you have equipped the blade pet

    -the royal power of awe passive (rank 10)
    the blade of awe pet has a 10% change to apply the effect of awe blast or spiral carve on you, and a 0.02% change on applying the powerword DIE on you

    thank you for you're time
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