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Omega Distress Call

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7/19/2015 5:11:13   

Omega Distress Call

Location: Soluna City -> Omega Distress
Objective: Mr. Z has quite a bit of explaining to do.
Requirements: None
Release Date: July 18th, 2015

  • Corrupted EbilCorp Scientist

  • Egglehart
  • Ventesh

    Egglehart: This is an Omega Level Distress Call!
    Egglehart: To anyone who can hear me, my name is Doctor Egglehart.
    Egglehart: The entire facility has become compromised and we need help! The specimens were NOT dormant as we thought!
    Egglehart: Most of my team has already been corrupted. The rest of us don't know how much longer we'll have before they find us.
    Egglehart: If anyone is out there we are following Containment Procedure Gamma, so only approach from the south entrance!
    Egglehart: Hurry! I can hear them outside the door! We're going to try and use the vents to get to the next area directed in the containment plan.
    Egglehart: Hurry up and get that grate off! We have to move!

    <You>: Well, this is it.
    <You>: I don't know if the power is off or that's just part of the lockdown.
    <You>: I'd better be careful either way.
    <You>: Not only did that distress call sound urgent, that was an EbilCorp uniform he was wearing ... so, who knows what's going on here.

    Once you've found Egglehart:
    Egglehart: Are you alright?
    <You>: A bit confused at what you were actually doing here based on everything I found.
    Egglehart: Since you've seen everything anyway you already know part of what's happening.
    Egglehart: Mr. Z had this facility created to try and reverse engineer Shadowscythe technology.
    Egglehart: Their technology is some of the most advanced in the galaxy and has applications we can only begin to dream of!
    Egglehart: We only found the problem after it was too late.
    <You>: The fact that it corrupted people who were in prolonged contact with it.
    Egglehart: Yes. We thought we had taken enough precautions but apparently not.
    Egglehart: It took months for the issues to appear. Initially the only things reported were headaches by those directly in contact with the specimens.
    Egglehart: After a few weeks those scientists started acting strangely. Odd devices started showing up in other areas, and more people got headaches.
    Egglehart: Even with all the progress we made and the few prototypes based on their technology that we were successful in creating...
    Egglehart: Everything just fell apart four days ago. The two of us never had any direct contact with any of the recovered specimens.
    Ventesh: There was no way I was going to mess with any of that tech. It looked evil. I'm happy with my paperwork.
    Egglehart: That's probably what saved us. Everyone else has had at least some contact with the recovered items.
    Egglehart: They all just stopped working and began trying to assemble...something.
    Egglehart: The initial containment protocol was able to eject it, and the majority of the infected, out into space. A sad, but necessary, act.
    Egglehart: We headed directly into the designated protection zones and slowly made our way here. All data from the project was stored here.
    Egglehart: There is also a self-destruct initiation protocol that can be activated from here.
    <You>: So we can blow this place up and prevent any of that data from getting to Mr. Z.
    Egglehart: You must be joking. The knowledge we gained will advance shielding and self-repair protocols decades ahead of where they currently are!
    Egglehart: Not to mention the health benefits! We have data on a new type of cellular regeneration technique that could save billions of lives!
    Egglehart: We can't just throw all that away!
    <You>: You can save the data on one condition.
    <You>: You only take the files which are for things that are not offense related. That means no weapon research.
    Egglehart: Thank you. Most of what we found wasn't weapon related anyway. Mr. Z didn't like that fact.
    Egglehart: The only prototypes are located near the hangar where you arrived. If we hurry, I'll entrust you with the only weapons that our project created.
    Egglehart: Mr. Z may not approve, but I'll tell him they were all destroyed. The medical and defense data is worth far more anyway.
    <You>: Let's get out of here then. I'll take you to the EbilCorp building on Loreon.
    Egglehart: Thank you. Let's hurry. I don't like leaving these people here but there's not much more we can do for them.
    <You>: We cured someone who was under the same type of infection. We might be able to cure these people.
    Egglehart: I don't think you understand. The virus is directly from the Shadowscythe tech. This isn't like the modified version they used before.
    Egglehart: The people here can't even speak and no longer know what's going on. The few that managed to find us lacked even basic language.
    Egglehart: I don't like this any more than you do. These were my friends. I worked with them for years on other projects.
    Egglehart: There's nothing left of the people I knew or cared about anymore.
    <You>: You can't know that for sure though. There must be something...
    Ventesh: Tell him what happened. he won't believe it any other way.
    Egglehart: The original infected member of the group was fully infected weeks ago.
    Egglehart: We contained him and tried everything we could to cure what had happened. Nothing worked.
    Egglehart: My best friend was the first to be infected and was among those that were ejected during the containment protocol.
    Egglehart: We wouldn't have had time to save anyone else though. By the time we knew he was infected and it had fully taken over everyone else...
    Egglehart: ...everyone else was infected as well.
    <You>: Then ... how do I know you two aren't infected?
    Egglehart: The computer would have tried to seal the room we were in. The doors you came in wouldn't have opened if we were infected.
    Egglehart: I don't...I don't want to let my friends' sacrifice be in vain if this data can be used to save others. I owe them that much...
    <You>: Let's just get out of here. Mr. Z and I have a few things we need to discuss.

  • Reward!

    Popup dialogs during the quest:

    These boxes are all marked as "EbilCorp Specimen" and a number...
    There's banging coming from behind this door. Let's not open that.
    These crates seem to be empty. They're marked as "Active - priority for study"...
    The Shadowscythe! The same thing that happened to Sys-Zero, happened here!

    Rewards Shop:
  • Omega Distress Call Reward Shop

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