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RE: =AQW= Item Set Suggestions

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12/25/2016 5:15:35   
Rare Rarity


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AQW  Post #: 76
12/27/2016 16:27:23   

The Exalted Warrior set:
There was a time when you fought against trainee orcs and sewer rats with great difficulty. Since then you have slain the greatest threats throughout Lore at this day and age, FIGHT FOREVER!

Armor (M):

Armor (F):

Mr. Platinum:

Mr.Platinum is quite upset that your using his shiny face to smash your opponents face.
AQW  Post #: 77
12/28/2016 10:45:15   

BackBlades Betrayals and Oblivion Suggestion
BackBlades : http://imgur.com/a/UWpDt
I suggest that the BackBlade be obtained in Quest and one of the requirements is to have your respective sword.

I also suggest some runes, for the nation:
Runes : http://imgur.com/a/fU9FQ
Suggestion for Birthday.
Upgrade in Avenger of the Nation Set : http://imgur.com/a/4aln1

Suggestion for Nulgath Birthday:

The brief history of this armor:
"... the fury of emptiness to avenge the nation was so great, that he ended up waking the the fury of Nulgath himself ..."

Avenger of the Nation Set : http://imgur.com/a/CXfbC

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AQW Epic  Post #: 78
12/31/2016 9:40:51   

Friday the 13th-themed Unlucky Bard set items:

Unlucky Bard: https://twitter.com/HeroViolatorFer/status/815203927306039296
Defected Radio of the Berated (cape): https://twitter.com/HeroViolatorFer/status/815204338146521088
Unluckiest Black Cat Headphone-er: https://twitter.com/HeroViolatorFer/status/815205069050126337
Unluckiest Black Cat Headphone-tte: https://twitter.com/HeroViolatorFer/status/815205338571935748

Please tweet to @HeroViolatorFer if you have any queries, thanks!
AQW Epic  Post #: 79
1/2/2017 17:08:12   

Lord Gatihl and the Princess_Knight:
One armor with two different outfits.

Armor (M):
Lord Gathils Face morph:

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AQW  Post #: 80
1/4/2017 15:14:12   
Laohg Almighty

These are 3 helms were made to better the berserker class and beta berserker class sets
Laohg's Berserker Helm
Price: 5,000 Gold non-member
Laohg's Bearded Berserker Helm
Price: 5,000 Gold non-member
Laohg's Berserk Fighter Helm
Price: 5,000 Gold non-member
My username is Laohg SHaddai
Post #: 81
1/29/2017 6:41:39   

can you make prime blade of awe available for non-member? because I have full set AoA, but not single weapon matches the whole set.
at least give access to prime blade for player who has full AoA set
Post #: 82
2/6/2017 2:56:25   

2 Nulgath themed sets:

Crimson Reaper armor, helmet and wep

Void Berzerker and its wep (helm probably not included as its just a revamp of vestige of nulgath)

AQW Character page: http://www.aq.com/character.asp?id=tesco

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AQW  Post #: 83
2/6/2017 16:47:30   

Eastern Dark Sun set



Eternal Flame of the East*

*Request to make it as unstable as deaths bright blade.
AQW  Post #: 84
2/6/2017 21:24:38   
Super Shadab

Is it possible to merge these two into "Scar-Karot Hair"? Color-custom-to-hair/skin.

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AQW  Post #: 85
2/11/2017 0:35:36   

Yet to be named: https://twitter.com/Bigmeat_AQW/status/831622104768446466

Caster Scarf: https://twitter.com/Bigmeat_AQW/status/830113608055005185

Fiend Katana: https://twitter.com/Bigmeat_AQW/status/831309054404337666

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AQW  Post #: 86
2/11/2017 17:29:59   

Genderbent Wizard set:

There isn't enough magical girl costumes, so i made this here.

Bewitched Sorceress Dress:
http://imgur.com/a/C8U9Y or http://i.imgur.com/QBjLCWZ.png
'A thin, scantily clad dress once worn by a master of magic. It was cursed upon her death so that anyone who attempts to be like her becomes her.'

Oversized Sorceress Hat:
http://imgur.com/a/378xB or http://i.imgur.com/mcushA7.png
'An modestly oversized pointed hat that looks a lot like a witches hat, everyone had got to start somewhere.'

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AQW  Post #: 87
2/12/2017 7:30:47   
Rare Rarity


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AQW  Post #: 88
2/19/2017 2:53:22   

SwordHaven Steampunk Armor, SwordHaven Steampunk Locks, and SwordHaven Steampunk Hat: https://twitter.com/HeroRenegadeFer/status/833222157463285760

Please tweet to @HeroRenegadeFer if you have any queries, thanks!
AQW Epic  Post #: 89
2/26/2017 3:55:21   

Savior/Ascended Savior Set
AQW  Post #: 90
2/26/2017 18:03:41   

Can we please get more Oversoul characters in game such as Void Rebirth,Paladin Master,(undeadknightvarianttoo!)Rainbowtheus,. Oversoul has really unique and cool monsters and knights im surprised these arnt in AQW already. also for Easter you guys could release the hunter berserk and Bunnytheus. The Unique Helmet of the Omniknight would be a neat addition to complete the phoenix plate. I think people would really enjoy these armors in AQW because they are new original sets. and they were apart of Nulgaths own game!People love it when armor he made is added as long as they are a reasonable armor price such as 1,000acs or you could make the farmable to speck some new life into nation members in yulgar. Oh and an idea for their descriptions would be using their controlled/enemy quotes.And lastly a cool rune floor cape would be cool to add like the one in oversoul it would be a redesign of the pirate glyph cape http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/pirate-glyph-cape but have the design of the sapphire and ruby rune capes. So please consider my Suggestion i just want the rest of fan favorite Oversoul sets in AQW since oversoul community has been diminishing. here is a collage i made http://imgur.com/a/1cBG2 ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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Post #: 91
3/3/2017 4:47:08   

Hey , there i have i nice idea of new set , what do you say about Mirror Realm Legion Titan (with Reversed colors of it's original) and Mirror Realm Undead Legend? In game there to less good armors (if they are , mostly not good) , and those armors are awsome TOTALLY so seeing them in Mirror Realm version (good) would super idea , if you want i can make some drawbyhand to show what i mean .
Hopefully this idea will so good that yoou do that armors :)

P.S. I forget to say about Nulgath Legion Titan version ;) , and 1 wish i'd have can you make blood titan armor(for ac or merge not-mem) cuz it's nice armor but to use i need to use class and i prefer other classes than this

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MQ AQW  Post #: 92
3/4/2017 20:08:33   

İnfinity Void Set img.

İnfinity Void Set orb Animation

Post #: 93
3/6/2017 1:32:38   
Rare Rarity


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AQW  Post #: 94
4/1/2017 21:56:58   
Super Shadab

I'm shocked that these items don't make it into the game. I wish they'd bring back Kakarroting Zombie Halo and Kakarroting No-Zombie Hair. Even better, make a new Super Vegito set based on the Dragon Ball Super series; new series, new transformations, new items. Would be awesome, a whole map for it would be EVEN BETTER. But things like that rarely happen.
AQW  Post #: 95
4/2/2017 12:54:01   
Rare Rarity


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AQW  Post #: 96
4/8/2017 2:55:36   

That 70s Zombie Hairstyle - would be pretty cool to see this afro as an actual hairstyle; perhaps similar to the way the current afro hairstyles Fro1 and Fro2 are handled, or a separate item. If anything, it better represents the typical afro =p

Unfortunately I'm a little late, but April 11th is National 8 Track Day and I noticed AQW celebrated it once - very early on. Would be pretty cool to see some of that content come back updated and what not. Perhaps an evolved " Manly Disco Doo" as the 70s Zombie hair hairstyle linked above - Ya know, with actual texture haha. An evolved 8 track flashback armour or something would be pretty neat as well.

Tl;dr: AFRO!

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Post #: 97
4/10/2017 23:28:17   

Can we get a Alpha Pirate helm, Weapon and back item. Just to finish it please
AQ DF MQ Epic  Post #: 98
4/14/2017 20:13:32   

Not a big suggestion, but could the new Beastborn Locks/Hair be color custom for more customization? I'm not a fan of the white colored hair. The set is really nice and I would like to be able to use the helmet for the set. There is already too much white/silver hair helms being released recently, ie (ProtoBlaster Locks/hair).


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Post #: 99
4/22/2017 13:37:08   
Rare Rarity


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AQW  Post #: 100
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