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5/9/2017 10:25:54   

Void Arachnomancer of Nulgath set:

Void Arachnomancer of Nulgath: https://twitter.com/HeroRenegadeFer/status/861862909852344321
Arachnid Mutant Cape of Nulgath: https://twitter.com/HeroRenegadeFer/status/861863502591311872
Arachnid Visor of Nulgath: https://twitter.com/HeroRenegadeFer/status/861863892473040897

DeathKnight Neo of Nulgath set:

Void Goliath Blade of Nulgath: https://twitter.com/HeroRenegadeFer/status/834409027882749952
Neo Goliath Blade of Nulgath: https://twitter.com/HeroRenegadeFer/status/835060697801228289
DeathKnight Neo of Nulgath: https://twitter.com/HeroRenegadeFer/status/861859463954706432
Vulnios' Wrap of Death: https://twitter.com/HeroRenegadeFer/status/861859969980747776
(in respective order, left to right) Wrapped Neo DeathKnight Void Casque, Neo DeathKnight Void Casque, Vulnios' helm, Neo DeathKnight Casque, DeathKnight Helm of Nulgath: https://twitter.com/HeroRenegadeFer/status/861860941050269696

Nulgath ManSlayer Set:

Nulgath ManSlayer: https://twitter.com/HeroRenegadeFer/status/861853764029775875
(in respective order, left to right) Blood Vestige of Nulgath, Blood Vestige Hood, Blood Void Hood, Blood Skull Hood of Nulgath, Skull Face of Nulgath, Void Blood Ninja Mask, Blood Mask of Nulgath, Horned ManSlayer Mask of Nulgath, ManSlayer Mask of Nulgath, ManSlayer Locks of Nulgath, Horned ManSlayer Locks of Nulgath, Horned ManSlayer Hair of Nulgath, ManSlayer Hair of Nulgath, ManSlayer Hair F, ManSlayer Hair M: https://twitter.com/HeroRenegadeFer/status/861854254193037312

(in respective order, left to right) Sinful Wrath of Nulgath, Sinful Gluttony of Nulgath, Sinful Pride of Nulgath, Sinful Greed of Nulgath, Sinful Lust of Nulgath, Sinful Sloth of Nulgath, Sinful Envy of Nulgath, (top right) Deathly Sin of Nulgath (changes into 7 different versions by clicking the weapon, example here): https://twitter.com/HeroRenegadeFer/status/861855083876589568

New Juggernaut Items!

StarStrike Reavers of Nulgath: https://twitter.com/HeroRenegadeFer/status/861855569828655105
Nobunaga's VoidBuster of Nulgath: https://twitter.com/HeroRenegadeFer/status/861855850721181697

Do tweet your queries to @HeroRenegadeFer in Twitter!
AQW Epic  Post #: 101
5/9/2017 19:51:41   

Sword Of Alran. (https://twitter.com/Bigmeat_AQW/status/842156704787755008)

(Animation: https://twitter.com/Bigmeat_AQW/status/842484530242109440)

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AQW  Post #: 102
5/12/2017 11:03:13   
Rare Rarity


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AQW  Post #: 103
5/16/2017 22:03:51   
Uchiha Laecio

Hey, guys! I suggest these Samurai sets for the game:

Kinkaku Samurai Legacy

Kinkaku WarSaker Legacy

Original twitter post HERE!


Kinkaku GoldFang

Kinkaku GoldLetter

Original twitter post HERE!
Post #: 104
5/17/2017 11:47:39   

Here are some of my item suggestions. I don't have any names for them, but I hope that isn't too much of an issue!
In Game Name: Danlos

Crimson Bonelord set (co-created by Shadowslayer Rei) https://twitter.com/Evanmakesart/status/832675830740443137

Collage Pic: https://twitter.com/Evanmakesart/status/861676623120261120

Ruby Knight: https://twitter.com/Evanmakesart/status/897664938277302272

https://twitter.com/Evanmakesart/status/811405773095993344 (set armor I designed for it too https://twitter.com/Evanmakesart/status/815590729602990080)


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AQW  Post #: 105
6/6/2017 21:58:07   
Uchiha Laecio

Dark Assassin Elf Set

Sword and Bow

Capes and Daggers

Hope you all like it!
Post #: 106
6/13/2017 7:26:06   

https://twitter.com/Bigmeat_AQW/status/876626156119896064: Sword of Ondomiel

https://twitter.com/Bigmeat_AQW/status/876005726279356416: Reavers of Alran(Now Ondomiel).

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AQW  Post #: 107
6/23/2017 22:27:23   


I don't have any armor to add, but I want you to convert them into a set adding what's missing: cloak, armor, weapon, helmets.

I will put here the links to have an idea of the set that want to show:

Warlord of Nulgath, this needs a cape, helm, and a weapon.

Arcane of Nulgath, this needs a cape, helm, and a weapon.

Alchemage Armor, this needs a cape, helm or hair, and a weapon.

Evolved Shaman Armor (Non-AC), this needs a cape, helm, and a weapon.

Shaman Armor, this needs a cape, helm, and a weapon.

Dark FrostSpawn Mage, this needs a cape, helm, and a weapon.

Hashashin Armor, this needs a cape, helm, and a weapon.

These are the ones I'm more or less interested in becoming a set, and there are many more armors, coats, helmets and/or weapons, from which you can get a good set.

Thanks for watching the idea.
AQW  Post #: 108
6/24/2017 8:23:49   

We recently got this awesome armor called Void Monk but no helmet to go with it... Void Monks head looks cool so why not make that a helmet?
AQW  Post #: 109
6/30/2017 16:35:57   

You could bring this set as a new package to the game?
AQW  Post #: 110
7/6/2017 9:07:04   

DragonLord Paladin set (In respective order): https://twitter.com/HeroRenegadeFer/status/882936206111031297

Photo 1: DragonLord Paladin
Photo 2: DragoPaladin Cloak
Photo 3: Draconian's Benediction
Photo 4: How the set looks like

Seraph Helm Rider set (In respective order): https://twitter.com/HeroRenegadeFer/status/882937586896875521

Photo 1: Seraph Helm Rider
Photo 2: Blessed Helm of Justice
Photo 3: HelmRider's Muffler
Photo 4: How the set looks like

*This set is a parody of Kamen Rider.

Legion Puppeteer (In respective order): https://twitter.com/HeroRenegadeFer/status/882939441823731714

Photo 1: Legion Puppeteer
Photo 2: Legion Puppeteer Jest Cutie (top), Legion Puppeteer Locks (left), Legion Puppeteer Hair (right)
Photo 3: Tendrils of the Legion Puppeteer
Photo 4: How the set looks like

Forgotten Pirate Captain of Vokun (In respective order):

Link 1: https://twitter.com/HeroRenegadeFer/status/882942873317941249

Photo 1: Forgotten Pirate Captain of Vokun
Photo 2: Candle Blaster of Enmity (top), Vokun's Fury (left), Scimitar of Vokun (right)
Photo 3: Forgotten Pirate helms (you guys can do the naming, it's quite a lot... ;-;)

Link 2: https://twitter.com/HeroRenegadeFer/status/882944854392578048

Photo 1: Vokun's Rear Fury (left), Competition Ender of Vokun (top), Dual Scimitars of Vokun (down)
Photo 2: Undyng UltraPirate Hat of Vokun
Photo 3: How the set looks like

Do tweet your queries to @HeroRenegadeFer in Twitter!
AQW Epic  Post #: 111
7/10/2017 13:11:00   

Evolved Frost Drake Morph - Helm

Frost Drake Sword - Weapon
-> A frigid version of the Water Draconian Sword. The blade is formed by ice coloured in low saturated blue and gives off a similar glow in that of the Water Draconian Sword, with edges curved instead. The hilt, instead of being seperate, ie attached to the blade.

AQW  Post #: 112
7/13/2017 19:44:21   

Druid Samarian

Different variants of the same armour (any can be used; extremely zoom-able): http://i.imgur.com/G2bRdXw.png
Each piece of the set (also greatly zoom-able): http://i.imgur.com/6Xd5vY8.png
Example set put together: http://i.imgur.com/2jyLUis.png
Dagger: http://imgur.com/5TKZ0Nq
Helmets: http://imgur.com/rCSRmlC
Capes: http://imgur.com/unture6

AQW username: Polearm
Thank you!

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AQW  Post #: 113
7/18/2017 16:09:43   


Hello, my name is Asthur! I have worked on this set for a few months (trying to make it look as perfect as I am able to), but it seems I'll have to stop playing for a while and to put a stop to this project of mine, sadly.

At first I wanted to make this set a reality if I won the Custom Weapon raffle, but I have bad luck so I doubt I'll ever win hahahaha *cries*. Anyways, this was supposed to be a "personal" armor or a limited quantity one at least (I know, a bit selfish, sorry :C), but because of the small chance of that actually happening, I'd rather just post it here before it gets lost and I eventually forget about it. I based the set around King Arthur's theme, specially Lancelot (my favorite knight, his feats are a nice read).

The whole set is the armor (2 versions), a sword (with animations or if you are not able to animate it, then separate it into two different weapons, that would make me sad though), a cape* (which is the model of the sword "sheathed"), and the helmets to go with each armor. The armor includes two versions, a golden one and a dark one.

*Note: While I list the sword as a separate cape too, the armor itself includes the weapon sheathed (no need to buy it). Sorta like Dark Matter Knight also has swords included in the armor. However I do want the sword as a separate cape too, just to give other players the freedom to equip it on their favorite armors if they want to, without having to sacrifice the cape slot when actually wearing my armor.

The Whole Set Preview


Knight of Vier (The armor for all)

Description: Standard armor issued to most members of the Knights of Vier, this one was worn by Asthur himself after obtaining the sword Dawnbringer. They were known as the elites of the elites among knights and fought bravely on the battlefield. Each of the knights swore fealty to the House of Vier, a House long-forgotten but that once had a great standing among the nobles of the Kingdom of Swordhaven. To this day the whereabouts of the House of Vier's members is unknown.

Royal Guard of Vier (The version I was planning for myself, rip me)

Description: Royal Guard armor issued to only the Elite of the Elite among the members of the Knights of Vier, this one was worn by Asthur himself after becoming one of the Royal Guards of the House of Vier. They were known as the elites of the elites among knights and fought bravely on the battlefield. Each of the knights swore fealty to the House of Vier, a House long-forgotten but that once had a great standing among the nobles of the Kingdom of Swordhaven. To this day the whereabouts of the House of Vier's members is unknown.



Description: One of the two legendary swords used by a Hero Knight whose name was once known across all the lands but now remains forgotten by time. He was unmatched on the battlefield, but one day every member of the House of Vier mysteriously disappeared, including the Hero Knight. Legend says the swords radiated with such holy power it could turn the night into day. Inscription on the sword reads: "Sayeth mine own nameth and alloweth the lighteth englut all" Which translates to "Say my name and allow the light to engulf all."

Animations: Okay, the sword consists of pulse-like animations. The light beams can be either click-toggled or fade-in fade-out, they should come from the handle towards the tip of the sword, think of a lightsaber animation. The light beams also have a permanent animation which is the same Ragnarok has on its blade (which is like a stroke pulsing out of it) and the light beams themselves should have an animation like OG Vindicator of They Blade or Ultima Thermos. Same thing for the energy pommel. If you look closely the sword has a big oval glow that goes from the handle all the way to the tip of the blade, the glow should be a bit "unstable" and the the yellowish part should transition from the handle towards the tip, leaving the white/light base color of the glow ever present on the blade. Other glows on the blade are just still gradients and need not be animated. The edges of the blade should be like OG Vindicator of They Blade, but less exaggerated. And that's a all. I'm no expert on animating, heck not even a novice so I don't know how hard it is to make it like that (I think it's very hard), so if it's really impossible or would lag the game too much even if toned down a bit, you can separate the sword into 2 versions, one with the light beams and the other without the light beams.

Separate Versions if Animation doesn't work or you can't include it: With Light Beams (I refer to it as "Still Version"), Without Light Beams ("Standard Version").

Notes: If you have extra time, make the non-animated (Without Light Beams) a dual-wield version. I'm a fan of dual-wielding, even though it doesn't work well in real life. Font used for inscription: Angled. I actually wanted to make the animation myself, but I couldn't do it in the end, sadly. This is is heavily inspired by Excalibur, hence the description and theme. My dream would be a dual version of the animated sword or it being added to Yulgar's Dual-Wield Merge, but I might be asking for too much there (I've been asking too much for a while now xd).

All versions Image


Issued Helm of Knights

Description: Standard helm worn by the most Elites of the Knights of Vier.

Issued Helm of Royal Guards

Description: Helm issued to the Royal Guards of Vier. Only a selected few of the Elites ever gets their hand on one.


Lightbringer Sheathed

Description: One of the two legendary twin swords used by a Hero Knight whose name was once known across all the lands but now remains forgotten by time. He was unmatched on the battlefield, but one day every member of the House of Vier mysteriously disappeared, including the Hero Knight. Legend says the swords radiated with such holy power it could turn the night into day. Inscription on the sword reads: "Sayeth mine own nameth and alloweth the lighteth englut all" Which translates to "Say my name and allow the light to engulf all." (Cape Version)

Full Model

The set concept is finished, however I was planning to make it resemble more like AQW's art style. But due to personal reasons I no longer have time to work on it, at least not for a big while... So this is the best I could manage. I... don't know how to use Flash or Adobe Animate, so I had to make everything on Illustrator. If the images are not good quality or if you need the original files, I'm more than happy to send them. I added descriptions but feel free to change/use them as you see fit.

AQW username: Asthur

Thanks for hearing me out and I know I might be asking for a lot here, but that's just me being as detailed as I can to make the set work as I imagined and getting one of my swords/sets was always a dream of mine ever since I began playing AQW 8 years ago. I know I don't have a say on it, but I would like it if this set remains non-member (it's ok with it being an ac item, I would pay for it), that's just my personal wish. Now that I think about it, I kinda feel sorry for the one who will work on this if it gets accepted. I sincerely apologize!

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 114
7/24/2017 11:33:23   

Arcane Gunslinger Set
Where swords can't speak words, you sling your guns, etching yours into their bodies. The only word that they will see that lies before them, is doom.

Detailed armor pieces-

Arcane gunslinger spikes (helm-male)
Sometimes, one eye is enough to see your victims...before you press the trigger

Arcane Gunslinger Locks (Helm-female)
(Same description as the spikes)

Dark Gunslinger (Armor)
Where darkness is your only ally, you rely on it more than your own guns. They mark your target for you.

Enlightened Gunslinger (armor)
Where light is your only ally, you rely on it more than your own guns. They mark your target for you.

Silver Gunslinger (armor)
What do you like your enemy to see before they rest in peace? How about a Walking silver enemy as the new reaper.

Thin dark Gunslinger cape (cape)
You wander with a cape that simply flaps in the wind. Who needs to be a hero when you can be a vigilant anti-hero?

Thin Enlightened Gunslinger cape (cape)
(same description as the dark cape)

Lost soul (cape)
A soul? Perhaps this used to be yours, before it decided to leave your body, leaving you as a walking death machine.
Post #: 115
7/24/2017 18:51:17   

Character Page: http://www.aq.com/character.asp?id=antisam

I am Antisam in AQW and on Twitter.

--Plague Knight--

Banner of the Whole set:

Plague Knight (Male and Female) & Weapons:

Plague Reaper (Polearm/Spear ):

AQW  Post #: 116
7/26/2017 8:18:49   

[DarkBlood Cannibal set]

(Pictures in link are respectively named.)

DarkBlood Cannibal
Female DarkBlood Cannibal's Bite, Male DarkBlood Cannibal's Bite
DarkBlood Cannibal SawMace
DarkBlood Cannibal War Cloak

How the set looks like: https://twitter.com/HeroRenegadeFer/status/890180306451415042

[Savage Berserker set]
(Pictures in link are respectively named.)

Savage Berserker
Savage Berserker Hair, Savage Berserker Helm
Impaled Swords
How the set looks like

Please tweet to @HeroRenegadeFer if you have any queries.
AQW Epic  Post #: 117
7/29/2017 6:33:42   

I was wondering if it was possible to re do this or revamp this set into aqw
to turn this into a set of something with more variations maybe more wepons and pet and including different variations of helmets
if you wanted to name this into something else suggrstions could be
avatar of darkness
avatar of the shadows
Mr Eventide
Myserious Twillight Set SMH
http://media.artix.com/encyc/AQ/AQPedia/Armours/TwilightsMantlearmor.jpg -armor

http://media.artix.com/encyc/AQ/AQPedia/Shields/TwilightsRegaliashield.jpg - shield

http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130519222445/aqwikia/images/thumb/d/d5/Twilight_Raven.png/130px-0%2C650%2C9%2C584-Twilight_Raven.png - Pet

http://media.artix.com/encyc/AQ/AQPedia/Weapons/TwilightsDreadweapon.jpg - wepon
Post #: 118
7/31/2017 10:15:18   

Arcade Pirate Captain set items (in respective order): https://twitter.com/HeroRenegadeFer/status/892024871999258624

Arcade Pirate Captain
Gamer Girl's Tricorn, Gamer Boy's Tricorn
Gaming Flintlock

Please tweet to @HerroRenegadeFer in Twitter, if you have any queries!
AQW Epic  Post #: 119
8/23/2017 0:28:26   
Uchiha Laecio

VoidShogun of Nulgath set.

VoidShogun Armor Male: https://twitter.com/Yo_Lae/status/897597957314359297

VoidShogun Armor Female: https://twitter.com/Yo_Lae/status/897643044572475392

VoidShogun Helmet: https://twitter.com/Yo_Lae/status/898286752556662784

VoidShogun Banner: https://twitter.com/Yo_Lae/status/898355071464992768

VoidShogun Katanas: https://twitter.com/Yo_Lae/status/898390473613557760

VoidShogun of Nulgath items: https://twitter.com/Yo_Lae/status/900208149948493824

Hope you all like it! :::)
Post #: 120
8/23/2017 9:23:30   

Paradox of Nulgath (Gran Diximus) set

Link 1: Armor, weapons, helm

Link 2: Capes, exclusive weapons

Link 3: Quest pet and armor set preview

ProtoRenegade ShadowSlayer

Link 1: Armor, helms

Renegade ShadowSlayer (this version is designed to be colour-custom)

Link 1: Armor, helms, weapon, and armor set preview

SoulEater Hunter

Link 1: Armor, helm, weapon, armor set preview

Darkovia Naval Commander

Link 1: Armor, helms, weapons

Link 2: Armor set preview
AQW Epic  Post #: 121
8/31/2017 10:35:58   
Zero deathw0lf

I introduce you, the derpy Twilly set: https://sta.sh/02clmfu5rdvw
Post #: 122
9/8/2017 19:50:24   
Uchiha Laecio

Pumpkin Fiend of Nulgath

I'm suggesting this for Mogloween.

Post #: 123
9/17/2017 4:02:07   

Mogloween/Friday the 13th suggested sets:

Dage/Nulgath SnapBook Hair/Locks:

(This is a parody of the camera app, Snapchat.)

Neko Safari Hair/Locks, Excited Neko Locks

Nekomancer set

Nekomancer Hair/Locks
Nekomancer Male/Female Shroud
How the set looks:

Toxicmancer (This set is a parody of Kamen Rider Necrom)

Toxicmancer Uniform

Toxicmancer/Toxicmantress Gas Mask
Toxicmancer/Toxicmantress Decayed Face
Toxicmancer/Toxicmantress Hood

Toxicmancer's Terror Blast
Toxicmancer's Terror Blasts

How the set looks:

Toxicmancer B9 (This is the non-CC version of the actual Toxicmancer set)

Toxicmancer B9

Toxicmancer/Toxicmantress B9 Gas Mask
Toxicmancer/Toxicmantress B9 Face
B9 Toxicmancer/B9 Toxicmantress Hood

Toxicmancer's B9 Blast
Toxicmancer's B9 Blasts

How the set looks:
AQW Epic  Post #: 124
9/24/2017 2:36:15   

[Skeletal Battler Ge Set]

[Skeletal Ganking Ge's Armor]
Description: This is Ge's formation forged body armor in the underground of a city with bones and misc. items that Ge forgot to gather a lot from above and elsewhere.
36 Frogzard skeletons
36 Wolf skeletons
2 Grizzly Bear skeletons
36 Wyvern skeletons
16 Leatherwing skeletons
36 Frogdrake skeletons
36 Swamp Lurker skeletons
36 Jungle Vulture skeletons
36 Jungle Tigriff skeletons
36 Mutated Leech skeletons
36 Frask skeletons
144 Green Rat Skeletons
8 Bonemuncher bodies
8 Rhino Beetles Shells
8 Golden Scarab Shells
8 Fishwing Skeletons
5 Mercury (2)
10 Frozen Tower Merge Token
10 Ice Crystals
20 Metal Bits
20 Meta Pieces
15 Pieces of Glass
10 Slime (Misc)
25 Corundum Gem
35 Torture Darkness Gem
60 Ultimate Darkness Gem
60 Necrotic Darkness Gem
35 Malignant Darkness Gem
30 Rhison Blood
30 Ice Vapor
30 Dried Slime
120 Dark Palace Token
120 Infernal Token
120 Mirror Token
120 Thirdspell Token
25 Molten Core
240 Grime Token
60 Totems from each side of Bloodtusk War
60 Envy Medals
60 Dwobo Coins
30 Dark Heart Medals
120 Chaos War Medals
120 Combat Trophies
30 Bonecastle Amulet
60 Bonecastle Token
250 Rising Star Token
30 Forge Token
50 Grove Seal
50 Cronus Gems
360 Cavern Celestite

Some skeletons with a few alchemy reagents along with misc. items.

[Skeletal Ge's Brazen Helmet]

Description: This Ge's crazy helmet to go along with Ge's set with the big and long material item list.
12 Frogzard skeletons
12 Wolf skeletons
2 Grizzly bear skeletons
144 Green rat skeletons
24 Wyvern skeletons
36 Swamp lurker skeletons
36 Frogdrake skeletons
20 Fishwing skeletons
10 Slime (Misc.)
180 Grime Token
20 Forge Tokens
60 Bonecastle Token
60 General Badge
60 Major Badge
30 Rhison Blood
30 Ice Vapor
30 Dried Slime
60 Knight Badge
60 Solider Badge
120 Combat Trophy
3 Potent Malice Potion
3 Unstable Power Tonic
3 Unstable Velocity Elixir
3 Unstable Might Tonic
3 Unstable Battle Exlixir
3 Unstable Brawn Tonic
3 Unstable Brute Tonic
3 Unstable Malevolence Elixir
3 Unstable Brave Tonic
3 Potent Eradication Elixir
3 Potent Destruction Elixir
3 Basic Battle Elixir
3 Basic Finesse Tonic
3 Basic Brute Tonic
3 Basic Courage Tonic
3 Battle Elixir
3 Destruction Elixir

[Skeletal Ge's Reckless Glyph Jetpack Wings]
Description: Ge's random alternate forged set of wings when Ge got the third set of this big material item list.
36 Frogdrake skeletons
36 Leatherwing skeletons
180 Combat Trophy
250 Rising Star Token
60 Scout Badge
60 Blazebinder Badge
30 Ice Vapor
60 Forge Token
60 Totems each from Bloodtusk War

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