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RE: =AQ3D= Feedback Thread

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9/21/2016 10:09:53   

After playing for quite a lot over the past few days, I feel that this game isn't ready to be launch to the public yet at its current state(as stated by the posts above me) There are a lot of bugs and problems in its current state, which would require quite sometime to fix/change.

Firstly, I feel that at this games current state, it feels too much like AQW3D instead, from how the quests work and how the classes have only four skills. I feel that this is quite a problem because in this case, combat is only clicking those buttons and chances to hit/crit are random. This really takes the 3D feeling out of the game as it doesn't utilize the 3D environment. It would be great if combat is based more on skills rather than RNG, like you can try and dodge the monsters attacks by clicking something.

As others have stated, the game currently is too grind oriented, meaning people who don't spend a lot of time playing/casuals will have a tough time in the game. One has to kill the same monsters hundreds of times to level up or do dungeons a lot. The drop rates being pretty low also doesn't help with it. It would be better if the drop rates of craft items are lowered/EXP for leveling up is decreased.

Seeing that how this game is called AQ3D, it would be REALLY great if the devs could implement more features to the game based on the original Adventure Quest. For example having SP. A player starts off with 0 SP and as they fight, they will gain it and once they have enough SP, they can use it for a stronger attack/special skill based on the class equipped. Another idea: Different monsters should have different attacking elements and the player can equip the correct equipment to get the necessary resistances against them. I actually have A LOT of ideas but I will post it at the suggestion thread when I have time.

It seems like armors don't have any use other than being a cosmetic. I don't know how other people feel about this but I think armors should have stats as well to prevent this being just a dress up.

Also, I wasn't around when Artix Ent. launched their other games(like AQ, DF, AQW) so I am not sure if the current content in the game is enough for it to be called a complete, newly launched game. I feel that the current content is not enough for it to be launched. Maybe it is fine for their other games as they get updated weekly AND it is easier to create new things for 2D games. 3D games are WAY harder so the necessary preparations should be made before launching it to the public. I might be wrong because they have been creating more things like Mogloween, the Tower at Shatterskull Bridge, a Dragon's Lair (and maybe the introduction of Dragonslayer Class) but I believe there are other issues that needed to be attended to first.

I feel that making this game multi platform is what limits most these features being implemented because the specs of a mobile is not as good as a PCs one and it is also pretty small, but I believe that that doesn't stop this game from being successful.

I am sure I have more to say but I can't really think of it right now.

Lastly, the few posts above me have suggested the staff NOT to release the game at its current state(which I agree) but I think there is a reason to why they want to probably release it next month.

Things aren't going so well for AE since last year. The player base is decreasing steadily and something needs to be done. For the past 14 years, AE has released a new game every few years and this increases the player base by quite a lot. I feel like the player base decreases after a few years for a game and it is the new game created helps to keep the company continue running until now. This can be seen from AQW, which I remember at one point had over 36000 players online back in 2011. The HIGHEST number of players I have seen in recent weeks in AQW was just over 8300 only and that is during TLAPD a few days ago. There are also times on a day where it has less than 4000 players online only, something I find VERY shocking because just about 15 months ago, the lowest population of a day is maybe around 8000 to 10000.

Due to that, revenue is probably much lesser and something has to be done to keep the company alive. They are also understaffed(in games such as AQ and DF) due to this. I think the reason why they wanted to release the game next month is because it serves as a way to bring in more new players. This is like a last resort and it HAS to be successful to keep the company running. I am guessing it is like a gamble which might or might NOT pay off.

Well, I hope I didn't say anything wrong. I apologize if I did and feel free to edit out what is bad.
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9/21/2016 19:27:26   
orc orc orc

According to the DNs, the main reason for the launch is to follow the AdventureQuest tradition of releasing the game in October. I personally think launching the game in October is dangerous when the game is at this current state; changes are being made, but without player testing, we don't know whether they'll be improvements. Moreover, they have said very little in the DNs about fixing the game's issues since the AdventureDarkSouls post. As a result, the game may not be ready even after the update. Even if the update fixes a few of the problems, some may persist. It's a risk to start Open Beta at this point of time. They need to let players test the game; it's been almost two months since the last big patch.

While I understand there may be financial reasons behind the Open Beta, I still don't think they should launch it this early. There's a possibility for the game to be dead at release. I don't want it to be another Hero Smash and OverSoul. As it can be a detriment to AE, I just don't think launching the game in a few weeks is the answer.

Once the game is launched, it's open to the world. If it is incomplete and not entertaining, it's heading for a rough start. Especially since there are complete MMOs to compete out there, some of them being on mobile. The multi-platform gimmick may not suffice.
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9/23/2016 21:05:10   

Beta testing is still a testing phase, just more testers. The wider the testing sample, the better and faster bugs and other issues can be fixed.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 503
9/24/2016 8:56:36   
orc orc orc

@above While that is a fair point, Open Beta is almost pretty much launching the game; the game is exposed to the world. There are reasons why a number of us do not wish Open Beta to come this early. The game's core basics that could've been worked on during Alpha, namely combat, are highly underdeveloped. The game is insufficient to support itself at this state. If it does not convince new players, not many would want to bother playing the game and test. Releasing Open Beta is a risk as a result.

Right now, a large portion of the players are long-time AE players, a sizable chunk of us (myself included) have joined since the very beginning. We may be more understanding of the game than newcomers and stick around. This may not be the same to the strangers who may expect the core basics of the game to be established by Beta. If the game can't even win the hearts of dedicated fans, how will it stand a chance with the general public? This makes Open Beta unsafe at this point of time, it gives the game a rough start than anything. That's a grave situation for AE which is already in a struggle.

Look at both Hero Smash and OverSoul. Both had their Open Betas released too early and subsequently failed. Hero Smash in particular never even got out of Beta phase. If AQ3D follows their footsteps, its chances of survival are likely futile.

I'm not saying it's impossible for the game to succeed. Open Beta is just a risk at this point of time. With a significant part the basic gameplay lacking, it's would be a miracle for the game to stand out, even with its multi-platform status. I hope the devs think twice, even thrice, before opening the game's doors to the world. October may be an iconic month for AE, but gimmicks should not be a priority over the state of the game itself. I don't think the game is ready yet.

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9/24/2016 17:50:42   
Aura Knight


Look at both Hero Smash and OverSoul. Both had their Open Betas released too early and subsequently failed. Hero Smash in particular never even got out of Beta phase. If AQ3D follows their footsteps, its chances of survival are likely futile.

Because of this potential risk of the game ending up being a failure, it might be a good idea to postpone the beta. While beta is also a testing phase, if the problems found during alpha aren't corrected prior to that stage, and because there would be more issues found in beta testing, it would really slow down the full release of the game. Once issues from alpha are fixed, the game should then go into its beta stages. If people that have been playing AE games for a long time are saying they don't think the game is ready for beta, it would be wise to listen to them. If you can't get the approval of those who already support the other games, what hope would you have at convincing random strangers? It's not as if AE is considered the greatest gaming company of all time. It has many flaws and as bad as it is to say, going through with beta release already could turn out to be horrible for the rest of the game. But, this is a worst case scenario. Who knows, maybe the game would become something amazing.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 505
9/24/2016 18:51:16   

The game does have many things in its favor, and I believe it can become something very special.
I honestly feel it has amazing, beautifully textured and original item models. It has gorgeous maps and dungeons, spot on atmospheric lighting that makes each place feel so unique.
The monsters have such awesome designs, and animations full of personality. The art side in the game is strong. With a simple but efficient style, it is headed in a great direction!

Unfortunately, none of the good things it does have relate to the combat/gameplay itself.
Combat is boring, quests are for the most part... horrid. I don't mean the story of the quests, I mean the quest objectives, pacing and flow of the zones. The following review sums this pretty well:
The story of the quests themselves are not bad, but could be better. Its obviously hard to invent reasons for the quest objectives when there is so little variety to work with.

Sure, Its still beta, but combat is super basic and has zero distinguishable features. It feels like an experiment to have something working, and not the full thing. It works, for the most part. But when the best tactic versus a boss is running in circles around the room spamming auto-attack, something is not right.
We have to ask. Is the current gameplay... fun? The most important thing? Sure, we can sugarcoat the game with tons of cool items, classes, pets, and beautiful art, but its not the same as good gameplay.
Doing art for the game doesn't necessarily consume time and resources from the other aspects of the game such as coding, programming, of course. But it can't be the only strong aspect of it.

...Making a game sure is tough. All the features that would add extra depth to the game cost time and resources. Doing new combat mechanics and inventive quest objectives requires way more work than most of us can even imagine.
They nailed the foundations, that's for sure. Big, green, solid checkmark there. It can only get better from here as things are added! But they need to be added as a priority. (I'm talking about combat here)
Its not like the Devs are not aware of all this stuff. I hope they are working on finding the solutions. (You really have something special in your hands, you can do it!)
Epic  Post #: 506
10/4/2016 10:53:04   
orc orc orc

This is a reply to a post from the Q&A Thread, but I feel it's more appropriate for me to post here.

I think making shop items weaker is not a good idea. They should be an alternative, so make then as good as non-dungeon craft items. We do not need a lot of shop items, we can have them for specific level ranges like 5, 10, 15. Just make their prices fair, so a player cannot buy a full set once he hits a certain level but may buy 1 or 2 items instead of crafting.

Well, crafting does take time and generally more effort, so it should be fair that craft items stronger than vendor items. However, that doesn't mean vendor items should be weak. They should still offer sufficient stats that allow the player to catch up with the level curve.

Since crafting is going to be a bulk of the game, I like the idea of vendor items being starting gear. I also like your idea of vendor items being separated by a specific level range. It would be great when the level curve is less drastic and crafting becomes more manageable. Crafting would stand out more while not making it necessary for a player to catch up in stats. However, it's not suited for the current level curve and crafting system but when the game improves it's something that may help. It's just my thoughts, though.
Post #: 507
10/20/2016 1:19:17   

im get items like Macgyved gloves and grampyīs leather boots you donīt get money for sell it, maybe for items what you can buy for 8 gold can sell for the half or less of half.

EDIT: im put this in the theard of suggestion but im canīt delet the post.

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Your best friend or worst enemy, you can choose what you want of me
Post #: 508
10/20/2016 9:56:09   

Okay, so first of all, credit where credit is due. I appreciate seeing Oshii around these parts of the forums and I'm glad she sometimes replies to things in this section. Good job and more of that please. And I know that despite few replies the forums are read by testers and other members of staff who relay the fedback here. So good job/shoutout to them.

Having said that... I always feel like there is not a lot of love for these forums.

One of the best parts of the DF or AQW section of the forum is seeing staff members and other team members (like Tomix and Verly and especialy Geo before she left) interact with the community. I enjoy the debates with them (even if they can occasionaly get out of hand) and I enjoy finding out bits about the world from them. I like being told of progress in game development and I like them just hanging out and being friendly.

Now, I get that staff of all areas, testers, devs, ETC are always busy. And I get that sometimes they want to chill, or do so in another place. I don't want themto come here if they don't really want to. But if they do I'd like to see them a bit more.

PS: I'm kinda annoyed this place is not on the AQ3D website under community. Please fix this.
DF  Post #: 509
10/20/2016 10:34:02   

I guess even though this is their official forum, it's easier to just read small opinions/suggestions/general talk from a Twitter feed or a somment section of a post, but it would certainly be productive to have communication here as well.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 510
10/20/2016 11:09:16   

tbh they really should come here more often

when you go to twitter all you are gonna get is


and when the actual gameplay is talked about..

Post #: 511
10/20/2016 17:11:57   

Just started playing, so far having some fun. Few things that really stand out for me as PC player. Please note these are based on A: not knowing if these are already planned on implementing, and B: skimming some of the longer posts in this thread as they just seemed like a few people arguing with each other. Most of my points are on making the game more streamlined in it's play.

1) I understand that there is a drive for a global configuration that works across all platforms. However, if we have keybinds in game like we currently do, then we should also have an option to change those keybinds. If this is already planned, then disregard! :) But it's a very big issue for me, as I use a very custom key setup, and to have one out of the dozens of games that I use force me to use their key setup doesn't work well. It can honestly mean the difference between me playing the game and me not playing. This also includes some default key settings to make menu's faster, such as Esc to exit menu's, or to back out one menu level. This could be simple to add and work intuitively with the touch screen ready interface you already have set up in game.

2) Make Quest Icons more active and intuitive: currently it seems like all characters with the "Possibility" of a qeust have a generic Icon above their head. It makes it really difficutl to tell if they actually have a quest or not, or what stages it's in. Make it more interactive and intuitive. Example would be the ! for a quest available, the ? if you have a quest to turn in, etc. NO icon if they have no quests please. saves having to run over to someone and click on them to see if they have a quest or not. or you could just change the quest icon color if that works. red for available quest, green for quest that you can turn in, blue for a repeatable quest, etc. either way, the generic Quest icon needs to go, it does no good other then point out that at some point, this NPC had a quest.

3) This is a second for an active character screen, with stats and places to put gear. having a single list of items on the right side will get very clumsy later in the game when you have a hundred items..having to search for the ones you have equipped is simply bad design, and DATED. Another idea if the character screen won't work: just have a second pop up list available for "Equippeed" gear, and list the group of slots available. if you have nothing in that slot, grey it out. If it's not usable as a slot yet (as an example, if rings aren't available till lvl 10 or something like that), put a big red X in the field. it will keep things simple, list oriented, and fit with the theme. My vote is for the character screen tho :)

4) Cut scenes are fun and interesting...I love the humor! Load times are interestingly long though....I say interesting as I'm not sure how it's designed, but I play many games with cutscenes, and for scenes as simple as these, load times feel a bit long. perhaps find a way to pre-load them?

last point is a more general concept. Be careful that you do not sacrifice smooth, solid, and interesting gameplay for the simple sake of having it accessible on as many platforms as possible. Players nowadays have multiple platforms that they play games on: the days of a player only playing on one platform are gone. so trying to add one more platform when the average player already has 2 or 3 that can play the game is simple overkill. spend that time instead of making the game fun to play! of the player likes the game, they will play it on one of the platforms they have. not on 3 or 4 or 5 of them. so I think it's better to make the game good on less platforms then average or boring on more platforms.

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Post #: 512
10/21/2016 5:10:31   

My biggest critique of the game at the moment is mainly the Inventory UI. It at least needs tabs to filter through the different item types, instead of just a list of whatever. Also, make junk, quest. and crafting items not take up any inventory space. That'll free up a lot of space for stuff that matters.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 513
10/21/2016 10:10:28   

Now that Open Beta is here, I'm gonna have another feedback.
Even though I have been playing AE games for a long time. I'm not gonna fanboy like this is the best game ever. Now that is out of the way.

My main concerns are;
>Exp rates are too low or at least lessen the required Exp to reach the next level. I'm still in Limestone(or something like that) cavern and I was stuck for about 4 hours (in 2 days) because I came there as level 5 and I'm currently level 7. Players are too underleveled because the exp rates are too low. This is just the beginning of the game (levels 5-7). What about in the near future (level 60+) are we gonna spend months just to get a fraction of the exp bar?

>As a result of the above, this results to the game being a grindfest. I'm still gonna call this GrindQuest because of the absurd amount of time you need to do for repetitive farming. exp gains are too low and you're gonna stockpile gold because you're going to be stuck in the same area for a long time killing the same mob and getting the same materials because the exp gains from kills and quests are too low.

>Crafting basically replaces gold and requires a lot of time. But doesn't replace the same notion of grinding.
"You want new gloves? Grind for these materials! Now you got to wait for it and don't worry, you'll be here for a long time."
Multiply that for all the crafting items. Too repetitive.

>User Interface. It's too messy. Stats shouldn't be written horizontally. Make it arranged vertically so that people can easily pinpoint the stats instead of skimming over the whole "sentence" of stats. Also, will it be possible to have the item shown readily instead of clicking the preview button? Inventory is also a mess. We should be able to sort our items or at least group similar items.

>Combat is also too repetitive. I'm not sure if it's going to have more depth.

The first one (exp gains) is really the punch in the gut for me regarding the game. It's hard to enjoy the game if you're just killing the same thing over and over again. Too repetitive. Most of the difficulties in the game are just artificial difficulties. Right now, it feels like I'm playing AQW in 3D and not the original AQ. Maybe go back to the roots?

Also, one of the good things, so far and yes I'm still in one of the early maps, is that drop rates aren't too low. I just hope that this doesn't become AQW with 1% drops.

Apparently, the game is having "mixed" reviews in Steam. So, there's a lot of room for improvement.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 514
10/21/2016 13:22:28   

I can tell you one thing: Drop rates were, before open beta, very, very low compared to what they are now. It sometimes feels its now too easy to get all the drops you need.

However, the exp requirements didn't change. Before, they were balanced with the amount of time you would spend farming crafting ingredients. It took longer to acquire the items, and sometimes, you would even end up over-leveled by the time you crafted something.
Now, the drops rates are so high that its exp that falls behind instead. Before, players almost never complained about exp grind, they complained about the crafting grind.

Perhaps they need to adjust the exp requirements? They certainly do not match the speed at which you get ingredients and gear up now.

In my opinion, the drop rate buff was overdone. I feel like the drop% buff could have been 40% less intense. Now, It actually started to feel tiring to have to constantly click on these MANY loot bags!
Epic  Post #: 515
10/21/2016 13:47:17   

Yeah they need to change or lower the exp requirements. We're still in open beta and the level cap is still at 15 and it's already a slog to reach that cap.


They certainly do not match the speed at which you get ingredients and gear up now.

This is certainly one of the biggest problems right now. I have finished the Limestone cavern along with all the quests and I'm still level 7 and halfway to level 8. Also consider that I, along with the other players, grinded mobs before completing quests because neither provided good source of exp in a short amount of time (we're still in the beginning areas which people should just breeze through)

I also like to add that Dungeons are really broken. Ideally, they should provide as an alternative source of exp but with how the things are handled, you can waste a dungeon key because
1. The dungeon was almost finished by the time you entered it.
2. You can end up with not such a good party.
3. You can also fall through the boss map which you can only get out by logging out of the game
4. Dungeon keys take a long time to refill.
It seems like these dungeons are like small rooms instead of being separated instances like in any other MMOs. And dungeons can only contain 3 people.
For now, I'm avoiding dungeons because of those things.

Update: added bugs in dungeon

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 516
10/21/2016 17:21:00   

Playing the tutorial right now.

The dialogue feels a bit ... Idk how to put it ... cringe-worthy? cheesy? weird?

You seem to randomly stumble upon an undead invasion (whereas in closed beta you actually fought in the battle), people are dying left and right and suddenly giant speech bubble comic book style shows up with "tutorial", "what level" kinda ruins the immersion

"that's mean" srsly?

And previously you actually have a proper reason to go to Battleon with what is basically a premise of a long story, now you touch a crystal and hear random voice...
Idk, I just feel that the previous tutorial was better story-wise

Haven't seen most of the updated stuff so not sure if the rest of the cutscenes/dialogue are the same or this one is a special case though.

DF AQW Epic  Post #: 517
10/21/2016 21:15:43   

I would also like to note that Artix Entertainment has a bad tendency of releasing not just AQ3D(imo) but other games too soon despite community input. Oversoul was stated by Artix himself to be released too early. When AQ3D first went into the Kickstarter, I was sadden to hear the first installment of the game was shelved for technical issues out of their control. But I still dropped $25 to support the new AQ3D because I trust AE for making my childhood gaming pretty entertaining, thinking (despite them being relatively new to the 3D aspect of gaming) that they be able to pull off a great game (maybe not the best tho). I'm much too busy nowadays so I was just donating more as a means to support them. However, the content and combat elements that the game currently bestows is probably and unfortunately far far less than what I was expecting/hoping for.

I have no idea what they are thinking right now but perhaps they should use some references from gaming history to pinpoint what elements they should have in their game at their current state. What they have right now is NOT good by any means at all. I can't seems to find even one aspect that either good or unique for AQ3D.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 518
10/22/2016 1:56:47   

Hey MegaKyle777 I see what you mean but you do have to understand that open beta has not even been out for a week yet. I'm pretty sure this will be added to the community page once they can get some spare time. But like you said, the developers are I most likely extremely busy at this point trying to squash those bugs in-game while preparing for this new Mogloween event. So I do feel like things like what you stated above in the future will come with time but as a developer you need to prioritize certain things before you add the extras.
Post #: 519
10/22/2016 3:54:26   

I also agree with Twitter having all those kind of comments.
But here in the forum is where the real debate is going on and since they have added Steam into the mix, people are going to get more critical unlike in Twitter.

It's kind of hard to give them a slack since they're already around 10 years in the business. Yeah, they're full on Indie game developers but that's no excuse.
So far, AQ3D is a whole lot of AQW just in 3D with Crafting that is just basically farming.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 520
10/22/2016 4:00:14   

I also would like to comment on how humor is handle in AQ3D and probably by extension AQW. Yes, it's still in Beta.

Please avoid breaking the fourth wall too much and especially referencing current events or celebrities. AQ and DF can set the humor in their own setting and not resorting into similar things like AQW.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 521
10/22/2016 7:36:47   

For some reason, the game has no audio/sound on my samsung tablet. Also, there should be a marker on what mobs you need to kill for your quest. The Greenguard forest shouldn't probably have aggresive monsters since it's a beginner's area. They might get mobbed unintentionally.
AQW  Post #: 522
10/22/2016 10:45:38   


Steam is going to be a huge wake-up call to AE if they don't improve the actual gameplay.
Steam players are actual game enthusiasts and they take this business pretty seriously, if it's not entertaining they won't try to sugarcoat their complaints.
Post #: 523
10/22/2016 10:50:37   

Remove the timed keys, but perhaps save that system for a different type of special content or special dungeon

Make keys a drop from monsters in the dungeon's area. For example, All Heartwood dungeons's keys would drop from Heartwood monsters and so on.
Each dungeon would have its own respective key required to enter.
Keys would be stackable, and consumed upon entering a dungeon. (also, they would be stored in a 'keyring' inventory that would not waste bag space).

They should not have low drops. They should be common enough for you to stumble upon them when questing, and if you need more keys, it shouldn't take much effort.
Something like 7-10% drop, but they could be made rarer for specific or unique dungeons.
Doing Main quests should provide you with enough keys to run through the content a few times.

This system would make you able to run any dungeon any time, and not worry about using up keys that could be used in another dungeon of higher interest.

The main reason I brought this up:
They already said they are not happy with the current key system, even stating they could remove the key requirements, except for certain ones.
But just removing the key requirements doesn't solve a common problem:
-Players do not KNOW certain dungeons exist at all. By showing them that these dungeons exist via key drops, players will even WANT to make use of them to go there, rather than just doing the main quests. Players are skipping dungeons and reaching high level zones on doomwood while undergeared and underleveled.

(Maybe... it could make sense that new content would always have some timed requirement, but losing that requirement once newer content comes around)
Epic  Post #: 524
10/22/2016 10:59:40   


To further add onto your feedback, I honestly think the problem, throughout all of AE' games, are that the writers are constantly changing.

Every game had the main development team at launch, Artix, Cysero, Beleen etc and you could easily see their influences within the dialogue, characters, background, the lot.

Then when they started brainstorming for other ideas and games, they have to switch over to a whole new team of developers to take care of the previous games.

This is why DF is so good when it comes to story-telling, they have a dedicated team for the game that are likely there to stay.

AQ3D will inevitably be given to another team in it's later years who will have new writing styles and ideas for character development, which breaks all consistency in the storyline.

Previously, the concept for AQ3D's story was to be similar to DF, for older audiences but currently it's similar to AQW's random and slightly childish non-linear structure.

What AE isn't thinking about at the moment is what will happen to the story in the long term, which is bad for several reasons.

For example, what happens if you introduce a plot-device earlier in the timeline and you forget about it, then when you face a problem that can be solved using that plot-device, you don't use it? The player will be thinking, "hey, wait a minute this doesn't make sense" and it breaks immersion.

Another example would be AE's notorious inconsistency with it's own lore and worldbuilding, which is self-explanatory if you're a long-time player
Post #: 525
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