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=AQ3D= Staff Information Thread

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8/5/2015 17:33:33   

Have any news from an AQ3D Staff Member? News on a bug fix? Progress on versions for other devices? Well, this thread is for you, then! Here you can link from Twitter, post information and discuss with your fellow AQ3D players about the latest happenings!


1. =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules and =AQ3D= General Discussion Forum Rules.

2. You may post/quote tweets while the others can comment and discuss on it. ALL comments are to be constructive when replying to another forum user or staff's tweet. IF your comment is not useful or has nothing to contribute to the discussion, please DO NOT post at all; this includes trolling or flaming.

3. You must always provide the LINK as well as the name of the staff member when posting the tweets, to verify the information to be genuine. If you don't know how to do this, simply click on the tweet and then click Details. This will provide you with the individual tweet's link.

Sometimes linking a picture from Twitter can be tricky! Below is a simple guideline to ensure that you are able to post a picture correctly:

This tweet will result in the following: pic.twitter.com/KUG5dp0YDj
The correct, and working, link for this image is https://twitter.com/Alina_AE/status/357268702808383488/photo/1 as found by clicking on the link in the tweet. Please make sure you link it back to the quote to make it easier for others. As an example:
[url=https://twitter.com/Alina_AE/status/357268702808383488/photo/1] pic.twitter.com/KUG5dp0YDj [/url]

4. Please be aware that any news taken from non-legal sources are not allowed to be posted. Unofficial websites might give non-genuine information considered untrue.

AdventureQuest 3D Staff Social Media List

AdventureQuest 3D Facebook

Artix von Krieger - Game Lead - Twitter / Facebook
Yergen - Project Lead - Twitter
Zhoom - Lead Coder
Cysero - Writer - Twitter / Facebook
Dage the Evil - Artist - Twitter
Gjappy - Forum Liaison / Lead Tester - Twitter / Facebook
Oishii - Artist
Korin - Animator/Artist - Twitter
Llussion - Coder
Stratos - Player Support Liaison - Twitter
Xero - Modeler - Twitter

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AQ DF  Post #: 1
8/5/2015 18:22:53   

@ArtixKrieger: Cysero just posted an AQ3D Alpha controls tutorial and Doomwood area preview video! http://youtu.be/FFmn9Zz9txM?a Great video!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
8/11/2015 16:27:30   


@Cysero AQ3D Sneak Peek: Xero's remodeled Mix-n-Match Sneevil and all of his accessories. https://t.co/KxfsOUurVh

I always liked this sort of content creation. Allows the developers easier content creation while giving the player variety.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 3
8/13/2015 16:56:50   


@Alina If this post gets 1000 shares on Facebook, everyone gets a free pet in AQW! https://twitter.com/Alina_AE/status/631914487264755712

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
8/13/2015 17:07:57   


@LZKorin Preview shot of the new and improved Greenguard North coming soon to http://www.aq3d.com looks amazing! https://twitter.com/LZKorin/status/631930790696325120/photo/1

Looks great. Way better than the current version. A lot more open. I love the statues.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 5
8/13/2015 22:57:39   
Gorillo Titan

Cysero is lead writer.
Post #: 6
8/15/2015 12:09:33   


Do you still plan on doing that whole "Cities and stuff can change based on player action" thing for AQ3D?

Yes... I *REALLY* want that feature NOW. Like you, I have to patiently bite my lip until the core is complete.

DF  Post #: 7
8/19/2015 0:53:51   

Well well well, fancy shmancy shenanigans happening over on Dage's Twitter.

Check this out!
AQ AQW  Post #: 8
8/19/2015 3:36:08   

Here's to hoping they can manage good cape/cloth physics. Even AAA games like Destiny sometimes lack in those areas.

I'm probably more interested in what the armor add-ons look like.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 9
8/19/2015 12:44:53   

But i dont think aq3d
and also
oh nice

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 10
8/20/2015 0:34:09   


@DageTheEvil So I was lookin at this clawg for awhile, and I thought possibly this? https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/634210604690108416

Clawgmurai. I dig it.


@DageTheEvil Clawmurai armor in progress https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/634439067946627072


@DageTheEvil heres some big shoulders for yah :P https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/634587390254915584

More progress on the Clawmurai set. Starting to feel like it resembles any number of the Char-clones iconic Mobile Suits from the Gundam series. Which is awesome.


@DageTheEvil moar shoulderz. might have to do some more aq3d work over the weekend, im having to much fun with this https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/634850296561274880

The more armor options, the better. Really digging this. Can't wait for the rest of the set.


@DageTheEvil Death knight helm and gem added >:P https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/634967706991742976

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 11
8/31/2015 8:12:38   

Isn't Xero 3D artist?
AQW  Post #: 12
9/2/2015 22:40:11   

Big update dump. (Would help if the thread was more active.)


@DageTheEvil possible shadow wolf slayer? https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/634796339742797825

Would be great if this was something we craft. Slay shadow wolves, collect their pelts, craft them into a Shadow Wolf Slayer set.


@DageTheEvil Death knight helm and gem added >:P https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/634967706991742976

Can't wait for this to be in game.

@DageTheEvil for the ladies :3 https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/634892237143416832

A tad on the thin side, imo, but that's an issue of the female model itself.


@DageTheEvil possible flying eye armor XD https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/636295232984883200

Silly, but then again, would be cool if this is something we craft also.


@DageTheEvil Simple rogue armor for aq3d. I find that simple armors are much harder to come up with >,< https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/637018924689805314


@ArtixKrieger The evolution process of 2D to 3D is really exciting! http://www.AQ3D.com is speeding up. https://twitter.com/ArtixKrieger/status/637820889942368256

Rogue armors like these sway me away from the way of the warriors.


@ArtixKrieger O_O !!!!! https://twitter.com/ArtixKrieger/status/638783016056287232

O_O !!!!! indeed. But I get the feeling Alpha Pirate won't translate well into AQ3D. Looks a little too skin-tight around the arms/top. We'll see.

@DageTheEvil Beta Berserker in the works >:D https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/639205824347414529

BB is one of my favorite armors in AQW, so this got me really happy. Could be a little bit bulkier, though. One of the few armors that have a decent bulk balance. Can't wait for this to be in-game also.


@DageTheEvil Beta Beserker !. Shoulders and gloves have been sized up. Concept of how i hope we can make the armor look https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/639264646113964032

Looks better already. Actual chest armor would help with adding depth and definition to bulky armors like this.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 13
9/14/2015 20:07:00   

A few updates from various devs!


@Cysero Looks like #AQ3D will have A FEW Founder packages starting at only a few bucks. Higher $ packages get more, better titles, Alpha Pirate, etc https://twitter.com/Cysero/status/643523042203844608


@DageTheEvil little upgrade for the alpha pirate in progress https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/643535644120227840


@ArtixKrieger Little Aidan gets a http://www.AQ3D.com character? https://twitter.com/ArtixKrieger/status/643532650066653188


@ArtixKrieger At Starbucks “working.” This counts as work, right? https://twitter.com/ArtixKrieger/status/643135930908471303

EDIT: More updates from various devs!


@Faith_AE Retweeted Tana (@Tana_Pyre):

More shots of @Faith_AE. #AQ3D https://twitter.com/Faith_AE/status/643761905140543489


@DageTheEvil still deciding left or right. right seems to be a little more accurate. i need different cuffs >,< https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/643635107413270528

EDIT #2: Even more updates from Dage on Alpha Pirate, and another tweet from Artix.


@ArtixKrieger Miko just added commenting to http://www.AQ3D.com design notes posts! Cheer it on! https://twitter.com/ArtixKrieger/status/644542655708405760


@DageTheEvil latest alpha pirate for AQ3D https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/643851937327251456


@DageTheEvil Aight last little preview for awhile. Im pretty happy with this :P https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/643859464077082626


@DageTheEvil early look at the female aplha pirate, no where near final https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/643868371893792768


@DageTheEvil who dah most ballin in the land https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/644259953385996288


@DageTheEvil Turns out I didnt like dah red :P https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/644536135780274176


@DageTheEvil which is your favorite?! https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/644960706715103232


@DageTheEvil looks like black and silver is taking the lead. i think its my fav as well https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/644975579515760640


@DageTheEvil So I think silver and black will be the 1st to come out then the Red and gold later for a special event :P https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/645012889682710529

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Post #: 14
9/20/2015 13:24:57   
Gorillo Titan

Cysero said the top two founder classes will be the only ones with the guardian class.
Post #: 15
9/20/2015 23:59:27   

@above: And then he contradicted himself by saying the Guardian Class would always be available. So how can it be exclusive to a Founder package (which by it's very name is available for a limited time) and also be permanently available? Something is fishy.
Post #: 16
9/21/2015 0:38:33   

Reading a few of the comments " Only way to get it." seems to mean it's not a normal class bought in a shop or a drop. It also sounds like Founder is going to replaced by Guardian status for the purpose of the Guardian class after founder is done.

edit: it's not really a contradiction rather it was a comment with more than one interpretation.
If you want rare things you will seek them out even where they don't exist. (I am joking with you)

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 17
9/21/2015 12:18:14   

No, Cysero contradicts himself a lot, this would be another time.
Post #: 18
9/23/2015 21:27:02   

More tweets from Artix! Also, Cysero and Gjappy want new AQ3D testers!


@ArtixKrieger Working on character pages for http://www.AQ3D.com today... here is my completely logical mockup. https://twitter.com/ArtixKrieger/status/646716709915742209


@ArtixKrieger Thought you might enjoy this concept for the http://www.AQ3D.com character page ... getting there! https://twitter.com/ArtixKrieger/status/646727859864772608


@ArtixKrieger I am pretty anxious for the PC version of http://www.AQ3d.com with Oculus Rift support... make time go faster! https://twitter.com/ArtixKrieger/status/646809349495648259


@ArtixKrieger Artists @DageTheEvil and @Thyton_AE working on http://www.AQ3D.com stuff. #videogames https://twitter.com/ArtixKrieger/status/646810534030016512


@Cysero #AQ3D needs new testers. Apply now. (link to Gjappy's tweet) https://twitter.com/Cysero/status/646749890081619970


@Gjappy The Adventurequest 3D: Legend of LORE team needs more testers! read: http://www.artix.com/designNotes/post/30328/Open-Call-For-New-AQ3D-Testers https://twitter.com/Gjappy/status/646749157286354946
Post #: 19
9/29/2015 16:19:10   
  Sora To Hoshi
AQW Head Moderator
Time Mage


@Cysero Hey @SoraToHoshi, guess who's shop this is #AQ3D #workinprogress https://twitter.com/Cysero/status/648946810271199233

As Warlic's #1 fan I'm thrilled to see this!!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
9/29/2015 17:17:13   

Above: Looks great. Definitely interesting. (the person who answered this made me giggle xD)

Ooh, and more tweets and Facebook posts from the staff while we're at it!


@Cysero The spirit of the long dead paladin, Heath, forever keeping the undead of Shatterskull Tower in their place. https://twitter.com/Cysero/status/648574131420721152

Looks good. I guess we'll get to fight a dead paladin in DoomWood!


@Cysero Writing a stupid trolluk warlord is really fun! I shouldn't be giggling this much at my own stuff. https://twitter.com/Cysero/status/648937450614689792


@ArtixKrieger Jimmy the Eye. https://twitter.com/ArtixKrieger/status/648914307229478912


Artix von Krieger (Facebook) A www.AQ3D.com character page update for you! https://www.facebook.com/ArtixKrieger/videos/vb.153338458268/10153231472108269/?type=2&theater


@DageTheEvil 1st look at the new guardian armor. still gots some work left to do on it. https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/648956843843264512

I really think it's awesome that the art for this is inspired by the actual armor from AdventureQuest (not by the AQW art).
Post #: 21
9/29/2015 18:52:23   
Lord Noonien Soong

good job guys! keep it up
DF  Post #: 22
9/30/2015 21:06:52   

Yup! Even more tweets from staff.


@ArtixKrieger "This is GREAT! But, how about we do one more versoin and beef him up. Feed him 10,000 hamburgers... or..." - Artix https://twitter.com/ArtixKrieger/status/649335640887324672


@Cysero Photobombing Jimmy The Eye #AQ3D #Selfieswithfamousmonsters https://twitter.com/Cysero/status/649320976610689024


@DageTheEvil just got in the new pieces to paint for guardian. this is what the unpainted models look like before they get painted https://twitter.com/DageTheEvil/status/649324065778454528


@ArtixKrieger Can you check out (Translated: Help Test) this AdventureQuest 3D character page for me? http://aq3d.com/character/?charName=Artix https://twitter.com/ArtixKrieger/status/649247948828712960
Post #: 23
10/27/2015 21:56:05   

So if any of you have been watching Cysero's twitter, he announced that AQW can no longer support AQ3D in terms of money.


AQW can no longer support AQ3D's development. We've stretched the $ as far as possible. What do you guys think about an AQ3D Kickstarter?

So how do you all feel about an AQ3D Kickstarter, I honestly think it's a good idea to do a kickstarter if they no longer have the funds to support/grow the game. I'll try not to delve to far into it as I suspect a design notes post will
soon be made for the situation. People have been wondering for a while, and there are even posts in the Ae General Discussion about the financial stability of the company and if they've run themselves dry. I may not be able to donate to the cause but I will surely support it 100%

Also a question for kickstarters, Does all the money gained have to be poured into the game itself or could some be fed back into the others as well, maybe to hire more staff and bring games like Herosmash and Oversoul back from the dead?
AQW  Post #: 24
10/27/2015 22:49:12   
G Man

Ok, going to level/ be a bit of a cynic (cause that's just what I am):
1: MANY Kickstarters fail.
2: The cost of the game will (possibly) outweigh what the main audience can give, which will in-turn cause a failure.
3: Even if the game succeeds, the game still could face major problems as more and more browsers drop plug-in supports.
4: Even if we get past these, whose to say (enough) people will (continue) to support the game via in game purchases, or other methods?
5: We also have to remember the cost to have dedicated servers for this kind of game.

And to answer your question @EmbraceTheDarkness; No, they cannot do that. Funds meant for AQ3D HAVE and MUST go to AQ3D.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 25
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