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=ED= 18th of September - MyBioBeasts Twitter Contest

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9/18/2015 15:42:26   
Therril Oreb
Legendary AdventureGuide!


September 18, 2015
MyBioBeasts Twitter Contest

MyBioBeast Twitter Contest Official Rules
Are you excited about BioBeasts? Would you like to win 10,000 Artix Points?

The Contest:
No purchase necessary, simply answer the following question on Twitter:
"If you were a BioBeast, held captive by an army of robotic guards, what special power, mutation, weapon, tool, gadget, or otherwise would you use to escape?"

Entry Requirements:

1. You must tweet your answer to @BioBeasts on Twitter and include the hashtag #MyBioBeast
2. Your entry must be original and created by you! We strongly recommend tagging any visual attachments in your entry with your twitter name (ex: @Titan_EpicDuel)
3. Be creative! You can write a sentence, draft a story, draw a picture, build it with Legos, sculpt clay, record a video, carve it in a pumpkin, show us with popsicle sticks. Anything goes!
4. Entries must be tasteful and appropriate for all ages
5. You are welcome to post multiple entries, but each must be unique
6. Spamming will result in instant disqualification
7. Your Artix account must be in good standing (not banned or in dispute) to qualify for a prize
8. Entries must be received before October 11, 2015 11:59pm EST

Example Entries:

@BioBeasts #MyBioBeast will sneak attack and bite you at your ankles! Rawr!

@BioBeasts #MyBioBeast would just evolve into Nightwraith, the master of escaping!

@BioBeasts #MyBioBeast would be quite fancy; the robots would be overwhelmed by my monocle, tophat, and cane

Winner Selection:
Winners will be selected by the BioBeast developers based on the following criteria:
1. Adhering to the official rules
2. Creativity
3. Humor
Winners will be contacted via a private twitter message from @BioBeasts and prizes will be manually awarded by the devs! Maximum one prize per person.

10 (Ten) - 10,000 Artix Point Packages will be awarded on Artix Entertainment's 13th Anniversary (October 13, 2015).

Winners will be announced in a blog post at www.BioBeasts.com on Artix Entertainment's 13th Anniversary (October 13, 2015).

Good luck and we can't wait to see your entries!
Titan, Nightwraith, Charfade, Rabblefroth and the rest of the ED team

Tags: Titan

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
9/18/2015 15:55:16   
Lord Machaar

Hope they don't use the "Home Decoration Contest" judges.
MQ Epic  Post #: 2
9/18/2015 16:35:09   
  Battle Elf
has ten 1v1 wins

In all my years of playing ED, I can't remember a contest where TEN 10,000 Artix Points packages were prizes. Good luck guys!
AQW Epic  Post #: 3
9/18/2015 16:41:40   
Lord Machaar

Well too bad it's 10k Artix points not 10k var, therefore we will have a fierce competition with other AE games players .

< Message edited by Lord Machaar -- 9/20/2015 11:35:02 >
MQ Epic  Post #: 4
9/20/2015 10:45:03   
SouL Prisoner

Too much competition. Not sure if it's even worth trying. So far i haven't been lucky in any AE competition.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 5
9/20/2015 11:44:36   

If I was a biobeast and needed to escape the army of robotic guards, I would try to make water fall from above on them and make them rust? Aldo I think that would take some time...

Or maybe I would try to hack their system and get them under my command? :>

And no, this is not my entry for the contest. Mabe I will participate, but I'm sure from so many people some will pull crazy art skills and will be hard to win, but doesn't hurt if I try.

< Message edited by Darkwing -- 9/20/2015 11:49:47 >
Post #: 6
9/20/2015 13:43:01   

Titan and his amazing artistic skills... lol
Epic  Post #: 7
9/20/2015 17:06:07   
Daph Duck

I Would enter but these contests are 90% rigged for players who suck up to AE mods and staff.
AQW Epic  Post #: 8
9/20/2015 17:20:59   
  Battle Elf
has ten 1v1 wins

@Daph Duck

As someone who has participated in the judging process, I can tell you that you're mistaken. Just because you don't agree with the results doesn't mean a contest is "rigged".
AQW Epic  Post #: 9
9/20/2015 17:51:21   
Lord Machaar

^ Well I recall that the last "home decoration" contest didn't go so well. I hope more judges will be used, since this will be an AE contest not an ED one.
MQ Epic  Post #: 10
9/20/2015 18:26:04   

Often, people feel that their entries are much better than others. For example, during the screenshot contest for the ED website. I thought that 5+ of my screen shots would be picked because I thought they were much better then some of the others. (in the end, only one was picked, while 10+ were picked from basicball and smackie el frog...) -.-
Epic  Post #: 11
9/21/2015 2:44:45   
SouL Prisoner


True. And these players where heavy spenders of varium. (cough*) And if i were to ignore that fact and talk about their entries. It was nothing special/creative. Taking a snap of your inventory and what's new page isn't exactly very creative you know.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 12
9/21/2015 9:54:22   
Daph Duck

I am a very nice person and dont want anyone to feel bad about themselves but I know for a fact some persons did not put effort into their entry and won for a sole reason that they had certain personelle conections to a judge.
AQW Epic  Post #: 13
9/21/2015 11:25:23   
SouL Prisoner

Neither was the screenshot competition properly judged nor the house contest. Only if dev's at least looked at the final entries... maybe.. it could have had cahnages.. Anyway..i do non't wanna go off topic, but since it's another competition we hope that at least this time we get a fair judgment. Which can only be done by some Dev that's not working with ED/AE(directly) or neither is familiar with the people in ed/ae.

How about Artix???
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 14
9/21/2015 12:08:16   


And if i were to ignore that fact and talk about their entries. It was nothing special/creative. Taking a snap of your inventory and what's new page isn't exactly very creative you know.

Yeah, that is exactly what I thought too. They even took screenshots of cutscenes...

And since we are also on the topic of the home decorating contest. In my opinion, they should have given achievement (on all home decorating contests) to all valid entries (with at least decently decorated home, meaning that they have 8+ items in each room of the house) and give home item trophy and varium rewards (I don't remember if there were any varium rewards) to the winners.

Edit: At least the pumpkin competition was nice. I knew I had high chances there, since they were going to choose 10 winners and there were only like 15 valid entries. :P

< Message edited by 8x -- 9/21/2015 12:10:16 >
Epic  Post #: 15
9/21/2015 13:29:57   
One Winged Angel1357

I don't want to rag on Artix but basically every Paladin beat would win the contest if he was the judge. That man has a love to his archetype that no one could hope to understand.

About the screenshot contest I have no clue what went down I wasn't there. The house decorating contest was something like 400 players brought down to a final ten. So did some houses more deserving of others possible fall to the wayside? Probably, but it wasn't because a judge went I don't like you so I won't vote for you as we had 20+ other judges also voting.

So I could have actively voted against 8x by not voting his house up but the other judges could have voted for his stuff bringing him to victory round after round of voting. On the other hand 8x could have put four items in his house but because he is my best bro I voted for him but he isn't the best bro of the other judges or the other judges voted off of merit so 8x ended up losing. Now I used 8x not because I went back to the contest to see if he won but because I know he won't hold any strong feelings against me because it's just an example.

You couldn't get that many people to decide on what kind of food to order let alone all agree that someone most of them probably don't know or hold any attachment to should win over someone else. Couple that with all conversation of valid entries was banned from chat so if you wanted to try and influence other judges you would have to DM them.

I know this isn't going to put anything to rest and people who want to cry foul are still going to but Skype is down so I am currently safe from any possible backlash for saying too much
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 16
9/21/2015 16:41:58   

Oh wow, the last home decorating contest really had 400 entries? I was only around for the first one and I don't think there were as many entries for that one. Never mind what I said in my previous post about the home decorating contest, having to manually give 400 people achievements would be way too much.
Epic  Post #: 17
9/21/2015 17:18:21   

For the screenshot contest if I can remember right, ( its been a long time ) we disqualified anyone who didn't met the submission guidelines. I mean, those people weren't even considered for judging. With so many entries to go through 400+ sometimes its just a matter of did they or didn't. Then we looked at quality of the submission, higher resolutions and a variety of interesting shots that showcased ED's effects etc took priority. We weren't just willy nilly looking for screenshots, but selectively chose images that would show a new player what EpicDuel was about. Screenshots needed to fill in all map background areas cores etc, not just favorites. That's why some some of the cut scenes were included.

I took part monitoring most of EpicDuels contests so far. And I got to say the number one reason for disqualification was because they didn't read submission guidelines. I also judged some DeviantArt contests and same thing their as well. There was actually a really awesome artwork we all wanted to at least get a honorable mention, but because they didn't upload and submit in the format given they didn't win. So always read contest rules and guidelines carefully. I can't emphasize that enough.

I know there seems to be a "playing favoritism" feeling when it comes to judging. But I really didn't seen it when we judged any of the contests. I would be the first to harp on judges if I did catch wind of it and call for a re vote of the round. And yes we vote in rounds. You would have to constantly win all 6 rounds of voting to have won the home decorating contests. It was the only way to vote on so many entries. Any judge caught playing favoritism would be removed from judging and possibly the team. Not only their reputation ruined but also their future with the company, kind of a high cost for doing something that really doesn't benefit them personally. just looking at it logically there.

If you didn't win, sadly your entrie was just not good enough or like I said above didn't adhere to submission guidelines/contest rules. Its easy to feel salty about that. I've been in contests where I haven't won and suspected foul play, but honestly after looking back and I can go "well they were just looking for something different then what I had entered." It's as simple as that.

To answer an earlier questions, yes judges are different this time around.

< Message edited by Charfade -- 9/21/2015 17:54:23 >
MQ Epic  Post #: 18
9/21/2015 17:31:46   

exactly as @ Daph duck said ! this was fixed up contest and i can name few of the winners that there entry was to laugh about and yet they won cause they know some of the judges :) . but am not a bad person after rather keep that a secret ^_^ .
AQW Epic  Post #: 19
9/21/2015 18:05:39   
Lord Machaar


To answer an earlier questions, yes judges are different this time around.

Thanks for the answer, finally .
MQ Epic  Post #: 20
9/21/2015 19:33:20   
  Exploding Penguin

games are cool I guess

To do a slight correction, certain users (myself included) had screenshot(s) selected even though they weren't following submission guidelines (forgot to turn quality from medium back to high...).

However, the premises for this were that if the screenshot was basically creative enough that it should be implemented as a winner despite not following guidelines.
Epic  Post #: 21
9/21/2015 19:37:24   

OMG fency burd beest iz excalibur frem sool eeter, repot 3 coupy write
Post #: 22
9/22/2015 11:17:42   
SouL Prisoner


Favoritism was hardly the problem with the judging. The whole contest seemed unfair and obvious to the fact that it was based on favoritism the moment we discovered that it was judged by the people playing the game!!(Mods, artists etc) Why not just ask the players to judge their own entries. lol.

If it was judged by some Dev's, i doubt not that many people would have felt that way.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 23
9/22/2015 13:05:06   
Lord Machaar

^ I mean tell me about it, if you talking truth about game, you ain't winning. Better stay away from the forums while participating &/or expressing your opinion.

< Message edited by Lord Machaar -- 9/22/2015 13:07:09 >
MQ Epic  Post #: 24
9/22/2015 15:38:01   
One Winged Angel1357

@Lord Machaar believing something to be true does not make it true. Example being your belief that the AQW team is the AQ3D team which is false as Korin pointed out in his knowledge bomb

Edit: Saving an AK some time

< Message edited by One Winged Angel1357 -- 9/22/2015 15:39:28 >
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 25
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