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RE: =OS= Beta Release Thread 156 - Read the first post!

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10/16/2017 9:55:46   
Dr Disrespect

Going to start playing OverSoul again tomorrow onwards. I'm not sure why, my interest in the game has been rekindled of late. Been hopping in the game occasionally over the past month. So far the only forumite I've recently met in game is Corn Flakes.

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Post #: 451
10/24/2017 7:20:37   

I wasn't quite a fan of card-based gameplay, but Oversoul was quite amusing. I haven't played in years and am disappointed that the last design notes was 2 years ago.

I expected OS to be a mobile game a year ago. Seemed like a neat idea at the time. But with all staff still working on AQ3D, I guess it won't happen.
AQW  Post #: 452
10/27/2017 5:32:35   

This game had the best art out of all the AE games. It should be a massive hit on mobile
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 453
10/27/2017 13:19:00   
the warden

Todays my bday, nah nah nah naaa na nah nah!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 454
10/27/2017 19:50:20   

Happy Birthday Warden!

If I remember correctly. With the mobile platform games. Oversoul was one of the games being consider for mobile treatment. That was long time ago and given the focus they been doing on AQ3D. I'm not sure where its on the list right now with lets convert web games to mobile games. I would assume we have aqworlds as mobile game before oversoul. So lets hope thing do well since I would love to have this as a mobile game myself.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 455
11/7/2017 16:54:33   

I wonder how much it would take to buy the rights to Oversoul? Hmm

Anyway, I'm in game if anyone wants to duel lol


AQW  Post #: 456
11/7/2017 20:28:06   
Dr Disrespect

I'm curious about that too. AE hasn't even renewed OverSoul's copyright.
Post #: 457
11/8/2017 0:05:23   

It's almost certain that it just slipped past them and they need a reminder to renew it.
DF  Post #: 458
7/28/2018 14:19:39   
Dr Disrespect


I managed to get a drawn out encounter with Treasure Chest and took note of all its moves for 33 turns.
1: Charge (7)
2: Petrify (3)
3: Charge (6)
4: Stonewall (3)
5: Charge (7)
6: Earth Poison (5)
7: Charge (10)
8: 500, Petrify (5)
9: Charge (10)
10: 500, Crush (11)
11: Earth Poison (10)
12: 500 (11)
13: Mountain Strike (10)
14: Charge (15)
15: 200, Mountain Strike (12)
16: Petrify (11)
17: Mountain Strike (10)
18: Stone Strike (9)
19: Charge (14)
20: Stonewall, 200, 200 (9)
21: Charge (14)
22: 500, Earth Poison (9)
23: Charge (14)
24: Stone Strike, 500 (9)
25: 500 (10)
26: Stonewall (9)
27: 200 (12)
28: Charge (17)
29: Earth Poison, Earth Poison (10)
30: 200, 500 (9)
31: Crush (14)
32: Charge (19)
33: Petrify, Mountain Strike (12)
Based on this and cross-analysis with other Treasure Chest encounters on YouTube I am fairly certain that the Treasure Chest has a 20 card deck that looks like this:
200 x3
500 x4
Stone Strike x1
Crush x1
Stonewall x2
Petrify x3
Mountain Strike x3
Poison x3 (uses Earth energy)

Information courtesy OverSoul player Dylligraphy (The Finnish Phoenix).

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Post #: 459
7/29/2018 0:21:01   
The Finnish Phoenix

My apologies but as it turns out Asuka has confirmed that my approximation of Treasure Chest's deck is "wrong". I don't know the extent to which it's off (Treasure Chest's current AI deck is something Asuka may take with him to his grave), but things I can confirm are that:

-Treasure Chest used 3 copies of Petrify against me in its first 13 cards. From what I have seen from AI characters with possessable decks, they do not discard cards and will use each card.
-Treasure Chest used 3 copies of Mountain Strike against me in its first 14 cards.
-Treasure Chest used 4 copies of 5 Attack (now 500 Attack) in its first 6 cards against a player on a video I'd seen (Quietube isn't working for me but the video is entitled "Treasure Chest Trap Compilation" by OniBladeMaster with the relevant encounter being from 4:22 to 5:23 of the video.) None of these attacks were Crush as the Treasure Chest didn't have shields up at any point during that particular fight. In my encounter with it, Treasure Chest's fourth 500 attack was its 19th card used together with Poison, so I'm fairly certain that however many cards Treasure Chest has, it's larger than a standard 15 card deck.
-Treasure Chest definitely uses 200, 500, Crush, Stone Strike, Stonewall, Poison, Petrify, and Mountain Strike, it's just a question of how many copies of each card it uses.
-The quantity I was most unsure of was Poison, but it did use 3 against me in 20 cards and 5 against me total by the time it had used 27 cards within a single encounter so I don't think it can be less than 3. Even if it had a 15 card deck, it wouldn't be able to use 5 Poisons before 30 cards without having at least 3 so I reasoned that it had 3.

My approximation of Treasure Chest's deck is likely close, but I can't be sure. Predicting an unknown deck from the cards it uses within a certain number of usages is not an exact science and there can be strange in-battle bugs or other complications such as cards not loading.

I will try to do more tests later on to better infer Treasure Chest's deck, though even if I were to find the correct list I wouldn't receive any confirmation from Asuka or he would've put it on the Wikia already. He is withholding the information and to be sure I'd have to either find it out from someone else with access to Treasure Chest's data or mathematically deduce it beyond a shadow of a doubt somehow, which is complicated by the fact that it probably has more than 15 cards in its decklist and probably fewer than 10 trillion but other than that it's hard to get a handle on just how many cards it could possibly have.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 460
7/30/2018 17:33:04   
Gorillo Titan

*cough* *cough*
Post #: 461
7/30/2018 21:14:17   
The Finnish Phoenix

Welcome Gorillo nice to see ya!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 462
8/1/2018 14:21:23   
How We Roll Winner

Wow, it's actually been years since I last visited. Thought I'd pop in to say hello all, I'm still alive and well
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 463
8/1/2018 19:53:31   
The Jop

Hello, Gorillo and ChaosRipjaw! Glad to see you're both still alive!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 464
8/1/2018 21:40:49   

*smiles* Glad to see familiar faces are back.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 465
8/2/2018 16:34:44   

Logged on into the forums after leaving this account in the dust. Forgot I even made a forums account kek.

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AQW  Post #: 466
8/5/2018 1:07:51   
Dr Disrespect

Nice to see you back Gorillo!
Post #: 467
8/5/2018 9:39:53   
How We Roll Winner

Hey guys, I've hacked Oversoul and put in my own characters! All uncolored and still in pencil form of course. I've managed to find a Tri-Tailed Scorpion Rider in the Nightmare Dungeon!

Remember that feeling when we'd go hunting for new characters every release? Same
Cheers and have a good laugh

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 468
8/5/2018 10:04:53   
Gorillo Titan

I posted so many character ideas the scorpion rider was so awesome. Three tails one for attacking 2 for blocking attacks one pincer for stabbing and the other for crushing while the rider on top controls it using music. 😂
Post #: 469
8/5/2018 21:10:27   

*Screams of agony echo throughout the boards* HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I am here mortals! Hide your children and archfiends. Did you miss the darkness? I certainly missed you all. I hope you've had fun, because its all over! After That wimpy archfiend abandoned the Overworld, I took over as its new ruler! Fear not... I am much kinder than that foolish demon... My power is absolute! There is no request I cannot fulfill for mortals!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 470
8/5/2018 21:18:24   

What do you guys think about a playable TC and it's deck? I think he could be good and be up their with tyrant moose, pumpking, Minotaur and both Taurus's.
AQW  Post #: 471
8/5/2018 22:07:16   
How We Roll Winner

The summoning ritual at the Four Pillars has worked! A hidden character can now be found! Rise Darklore!

Darklore: "Foolish mortal! Or should I say, Oversoul? I see the true controller of that body! You fool, that light phoenix spell will not work on me, the darkness itself!"

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 472
8/6/2018 19:45:15   

You forgot the capital L... And check your Twitter for a surprise!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 473
8/9/2018 14:04:13   
Gorillo Titan

Gorillo Titan would of easily destroyed Darklore.
Post #: 474
8/14/2018 15:51:22   
The Finnish Phoenix

Alina has said that if we can remain active between now and December there will be new character updates including a playable version of Treasure Chest. :)

Speaking of Treasure Chest, Enchanted Breeze and I continued to research Treasure Chest's deck and found that there was a 1 card variance between the first 20 cards with whatever card was missing from our general ratios always being in the fifth hand (I found that AI characters do use "hands" through testing against other irregularly-sized deck's like Earth Nomad's 13 card deck where it may use cards from its next deck's cycle in its third hand rather than finishing its first deck from 1-13 as AI characters with 15 card decks do because they're divisible by 5 card hands), with the rest of the cards in its 5th hand being extra copies of cards it already had, signaling a 21-card deck. Testing through cards in the hundreds we found that it doesn't currently have Crush at all, it just doesn't play it. I had previously been running under the assumption that it had one due to the Wiki and its update history, so filled it in instead of a 500 where I thought it must have been, but through more testing we arrived at this assumed list:

200 x3
500 x5
Stone Strike x2
Stonewall x2
Petrify x3
Mountain Strike x3
Poison x3 (uses Earth energy)

This list is very similar to my previous hypothesis but with the 500 I'd misattributed to Crush intact as well as Stone Strike being the 21st card as it often appears twice in the first 20 cards and will appear at least 4 times over say, 45 cards.

These aren't necessarily the first 21 cards an AI Treasure Chest will play, but the first 20 cards it plays will always include these and in its 21st through 25th cards it will always have played whatever card is missing to achieve these ratios.

Enchanted Breeze also found these ratios to be consistent in his tests and these ratios were never exceeded or contradicted by any existing videos. When I asked Asuka about this deck he didn't respond so unless contradicted by staff privy to AI Treasure Chest's information or someone tests and finds contrary results I'll make the tentative assumption that this is correct.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 475
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