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=OS= Tenth PvP Tournament Void Wars: Sign Up Here!

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11/5/2015 23:03:07   

Welcome everybody to the Tenth Oversoul Tournament for the Battleon forums, The Void Wars! The Void Wars is very special tournament were doing for all the loyal fans of Oversoul. Where were pulling out all the stops to give Oversoul that one last Big hoorah you all deserve!

As always, we try our best to keep our tournaments fun and competetive at the same time. With that being said, we will have a new set of bans that will be necessary to keep everything running ever so smoothly. Given that this is an all out war. We are not doing any CC restrictions.

Permitted characters players must use in the tournament.
The Void Wars represent rebellion within the ranks of Nulgath's army. Where their is an internal power struggle bewteen Nulgaths minion who feel they should be in charge instead of Nulgath's Shadow in the world of Oversoul. Players will be permitted to use any character that is know minion of Nulgath from Oversoul and AQWorlds thats in the game. Basically any character that is consider a Void, Fiend, or Minion of Nulgath. Sadly Name characters will not be allowed.

Allowed Characters

Abyssal Priest aka Abyssal Priest of Nulgath
Alpha Void (Female)
Alpha Void (Male)
Beta Void (Female)
Beta Void (Male)
Blood Fiend aka Blood Void
Blood Fiend (Master)
Blood Ranger
Cyber Void
Degore aka Deathfiend of Nulgath
DragonFiend Rider (Female)
DragonFiend Rider (Male)
Dread Fiend
Dread Hound
Fiend Blade
Flesh Void
Frost Void
Grimlord aka Grimlord of Nulgath
Hanzo Void
Hex Void
Infernal Fiend
Overfiend Blade
Shadow Void
Vampire Knight aka Vampire of Nulgath
Vampire Lord aka Vampire of Nulgath
Void Archmage
Void Awakening
Void Champion
Void Cowboy
Void Cowgirl
Void Incarnate (Female)
Void Incarnate (Male)
Void Knight
Void Mage
Void of Nulgath aka Blood Void
Void Reaper
Void Rebirth aka 1st Upholder Void
Xmas Fiend
Updated 11/15
Dark Incarnate
Shadow Pikeman
Shadow Pikeman (Master)
Skexis Fiend
Skexis Brood
Skexis Mantis

-- Banned Characters - Drakath Fiend, Fiend of Vergill, Fiend of Vergill Boss, Nulgath, Nulgath's Shadow, Seraphim of Ver, Skexis Fiend, and Templar.
Updated 11/15 - Battle Cat, Darkon, Darkon Drago, Orge Mage, Thrak, Taro(Not a Minion of Nulgath), Xmas Dark Elf, Xmas Elf, all Orcs(Their not Nulgath's Minions people), all Orges(their not Nulgath's Minions people) and all Drakath characters/forms. Skexis Fiend is no longer ban.
-- Banned CC - No banned CC

What about Revontheus and all his variations?
The Staff has omitted them from tournament proper. So we can use them against you with the Revontheus Resistance.

What about Black Dragon?
With the allowed/banned update. The staff has decided to omitted the character from the tournament proper. So the staff can use him as part of the boss fight event.


  • PVP Single Elimination Tournament. Duel invitation only, so players will have to challenge each other via the "Duel" option for each fight, one after the other. This will be new style tournament for Oversoul users. Given that its single elmination tournament other wise known as a sudden death tournament. Players no longer have the luxury of secondary bracket if they lose since the secondary bracket has been removed. To advance in the tournament you most win your match against your opponent. The players who wins their match move on to the next round and so on. If you lose your match, you're officially out of the tournament. This process of advance and elmination will continue until were down to our final two players. Where the two remaining players in the tournament will have the final match of the tournament. The player who wins the final match wins the tournament proper.
  • A match is a series of 3 duels with the same opponent. If you lose your match, you are out of the tournament!
  • You must win the best out of 3 battles to defeat your opponent! The higher level player should allow the lower level player to go first; if you are both the same level, decide who gets to be the most courteous and allow their opponent the initiative! In the case of a tie (1 win each), continue dueling until someone wins 2 matches in a row. Alternate who goes first between matches.
  • Duelists must use only characters listed for the tournament's theme . In this case, this means Voids, Fiends, and Minions of Nulgath characters. If your character is listed above here it qualifies for this tournament!
  • No level restrictions. Duelists can use any level character. (Disclaimer: Participating in the tournament could mean having to face a level 20 opponent, so be prepared!).
  • Drakath Fiend, Fiend of Vergill, Fiend of Vergill Boss, Nulgath, Nulgath's Shadow, Seraphim of Ver, Skexis Fiend, and Templar characters are banned! Despite these three characters, you may use any character listed above.

  • Seven day period for players to sign up, starting from the time stamp shown in the first post of the sign-up thread.
  • For a valid sign-up, players must make a post including their in-game name as well as your (roughly) Timezone! If you do not know what time zone you are in, just a general continent would be helpful (exp; Europe, Australia, Central US, Land of Purple Doom, etc.) Please do not post your actual address or zip code or even state! We only need to know enough for match-making, nothing else.
  • After the 7 days sign-up period the thread will be locked and you can't sign up anymore (this may change depending on the amount of people who sign up!).

  • It is very resourceful to check the forums regularly when the tournament has begun. This will make it a lot easier for both your opponent as well as yourself when it comes to arranging duel times.
  • If you must drop out for whatever reason, please post your forfeit in the tournament thread, AND also PM me or Axel459 so they know to update the bracket and battles list!
  • To ensure that everyone has a fair chance, ArchKnights will PM you (via Battleon Forums) to indicate that your match timer has begun.
  • When the tournament starts, players will be responsible for contacting each other (either through posts in the tournament thread or through PM's) to arrange duel times.
  • If no contact is held from a participant for over 48 hours, they will be disqualified! Remember, no-shows = forfeit!
  • For arrange duels. If an arrange duel is schedule outside the 48 hour set up time period. Please notify Kiyone by private message or posting in tournament discussion thread. So we know whats going on. If its deem that a duel is being unrealistically schedule too far and will slow the tournament down or being use as an excuse to stall. The forum staff reserves to make a judgement call on propose match if need be.

  • Make sure you post in the tournament discussion thread so we all know the results of your duel! Remember to be courteous in victory or in defeat. Post evidence of your match if you can. We all want to see! (Please read this if you don't know how to take a screenshot and upload it to a site).

  • Given that this tournament is being provided with prize support. We are going to be very strict about the rules to be fair to all participants.
  • Prizes for first place: 40 Soul Gems, a statue added in game of the character you used in tournament with your in game handle under it, and permission to participate in the special Boss Fight event
  • Prizes for Second Place: 20 Soul Gems.
  • All Artix Entertainment Forum Rules and Oversoul General Discussion Forum Rules apply in the tournament forum threads.

    Once again, this tournament's is Voids, Fiends, and Minions of Nulgath. So get ready to dual you way to the finals!

    [b]In Game Username:[/b]

    Updated Allowed/Ban List, and added explanations on omitted characters. ~Kiyone

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  • DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
    11/11/2015 18:37:09   

    IGN:Under soul
    Time zone: CST

    < Message edited by First20 -- 11/11/2015 19:52:33 >
    AQW  Post #: 2
    11/11/2015 18:39:03   

    IGN: Ovsersoul

    Timezone :UTC+10:00(AEST)

    < Message edited by Archfiend -- 11/17/2015 20:11:43 >
    Post #: 3
    11/11/2015 18:41:25   
    The Jop

    Let's do this!

    In Game Username: The Jop
    Timezone: EST
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
    11/11/2015 18:45:04   
    the warden

    IGN: the warden
    timezone: MTZ
    Above you guys need to put your timezones as well
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 5
    11/11/2015 19:05:59   
    Bionic Bear

    Well, the highest one of the allowed characters I have is level 9. I'll sign up anyway and do some powerleveling before the tournament begins (hopefully).

    IGN: Funksaurus
    Timezone: EST
    Post #: 6
    11/11/2015 19:40:24   

    IGN : Swan Raiger
    Timezone : WIB (GMT +7)
    i will do the best for it xD

    < Message edited by almarofq -- 11/12/2015 8:58:47 >
    AQW  Post #: 7
    11/11/2015 19:47:01   

    UserName: MK

    Timezone: UTC
    AQW  Post #: 8
    11/11/2015 19:48:02   

    Came back after a looooooooong hiatus and this is the first thing I see, good luck everone ~

    IGN: solomi123
    Timezone: ICT
    DF AQW Epic  Post #: 9
    11/11/2015 19:54:19   

    IGN:Biggxkiddzzz Timezone:EST wooooot
    Post #: 10
    11/11/2015 19:55:11   

    IGN: DarkLore
    Timezone: Pacific Time

    Too bad I'm out of everyone's league level wise! I wanted to slay Nulgath and take his wretched body! ME!
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 11
    11/11/2015 19:55:39   
    Marshal D. Dragon

    IGN: Raimon
    Timezone: EST
    Epic  Post #: 12
    11/11/2015 20:23:00   
    AQW Supporter

    IGN: Tirbo Killer

    < Message edited by AQW Supporter -- 11/12/2015 1:24:53 >
    AQW Epic  Post #: 13
    11/11/2015 20:32:30   

    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 14
    11/11/2015 20:56:40   

    IGN: Clinton

    Timezone: EST

    This should be interesting!
    Post #: 15
    11/11/2015 21:05:40   

    IGN: Xeris
    Good luck everyone!
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 16
    11/11/2015 22:00:32   
    cross my heart

    IGN: cross my heart

    Time Zone: EST
    Post #: 17
    11/11/2015 23:06:53   
    Edolon xD

    I would like to enter the oversoul tournament username: void of Omar the character that im going to use is the Void mage my timezone is GMT

    < Message edited by Edolon xD -- 11/12/2015 10:43:21 >
    Post #: 18
    11/11/2015 23:56:46   
    Gol Acheron

    IGN: The Void of Miltonius
    Timezone: UTC (GMT +10)

    Well I sure hope my Hanzo will be ready in time xD

    < Message edited by Gol Acheron -- 11/12/2015 0:03:49 >
    Post #: 19
    11/12/2015 0:13:18   

    IGN: Illidan's Minion
    Timezone: UTC +10
    Post #: 20
    11/12/2015 1:46:28   

    IGN: Void Blader

    Timezone: PST
    Post #: 21
    11/12/2015 2:25:18   
    The Power of Light

    IGN: The Power of Light
    Timezone: PST (UTC+8)

    Guys im sorry but im leaving this game the reason is i need to know god more than playing games..
    Sorry dusken rain and my other friends i will miss u all ;-;

    < Message edited by The Power of Light -- 11/14/2015 19:45:40 >
    Post #: 22
    11/12/2015 3:34:51   

    IGN: Davel
    Timezone: UTC + 05:30
    Post #: 23
    11/12/2015 4:52:56   
    Dusken Rainef

    IGN : Dusken Rain

    Timezone : Philippine Timezone

    Sorry, I wasn't aware, but anyways, good luck!

    < Message edited by Dusken Rainef -- 11/13/2015 4:26:59 >
    Post #: 24
    11/12/2015 5:42:32   
    Saber Tooth Dragon

    IGN : Saber Tooth Dragon

    Timezone : UTC+05:30
    GMT 05:30
    AQW  Post #: 25
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