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RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules

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1/20/2017 18:10:15   

In those types of games, you HAVE to use it as your main form of movement.
This is different, because you can completely ignore it with no impact at all, as that command isn't used for anything anyways.

For the time I played WoW, I barely used the 'right-click' form of movement. The only times I would, though, was when I would be walking a lengthy enough distance, and wanted to keep my hands free to view quests, inventory, chat, etc.

However, the maps in our game are quite small in comparison, so its not so useful. And we already kinda have an automatic form of movement, with the auto-run. But if I remember right, if you move the mouse you change direction.
Epic  Post #: 401
1/27/2017 19:42:37   
Dark Sonic

There is a way to see my ping?, i feel some delay in my actions
Ups Wrong section, delete this post

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Post #: 402
1/27/2017 20:49:14   

Similar to how accounts created during Alpha get the Alpha Knight Set in their shop and Beta accounts get the Beta Blade in their shop for lifetime access, accounts that kickstarted $1 or more have the ability to upgrade their kickstarter support whenever they are able on account management, tonight if they wanted. Someone who kickstarted $1 could buy legendary founder a year later after the kickstarter ended. Suggestion: many accounts created during the Kickstarter did not know they could give $1 during the kickstarter and upgrade to Legendary Founder at a later time if they were having financial troubles at the time of the Kickstarter. If accounts created during the Kickstarter were given the option to support the game, rather than missing out entirely because they did not know they could give $1 and save for later, AE would be greatly funded. Accounts would likely then be more motivated to buy upcoming merchandise; like to be completionists.

I swing both ways, want to know what people think, happy to go with the majority and help AE the best way possible through this
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 403
2/4/2017 12:10:53   

1.) I would like to see gear masking cause i would stick with the blood armor from the Friday the 13th event but also i hate seeing such cool gear getting dumped because they are very weak *Guardian blade*!

2.) More weapon types such as Claws, Knuckles, Shields, and so on! Claws and Knuckle weapons looks like they would fit the game greatly with hook attacks and punch attacks while shields would be a cool way to look sturdy!

3.) I was hoping to be able to make a 2nd character on the same account but i would also like to make my own following character/npc like the pawns from Dragons Dogma,
they follow you and fight along side you and you can customize them!
this would be great in some cases where you cant find anyone to play with or if you want to fight without relying on another player. (that's why i use Dual AQW characters to fight forgotten bosses and tough quests)

I hope these are reasonable suggestions.
AQW  Post #: 404
2/18/2017 15:11:09   

Here are a couple of suggestions regarding cutscenes in AQ3D:

1. It would be nice if we could replay the cutscenes in the Guardian Tower. The problem is that some people will skip the cutscenes and play through the quests first, and then watch the cutscenes later. As the Guardian Tower cutscenes are for Guardians only, it wouldn't help much to create a new character. My suggestion is that these cutscenes be replayable by speaking to the NPCs in the Guardian Tower after completing their quests that trigger their cutscenes.

2. My second suggestion is about the cutscene that appears after the Necroknight battle which appears every time you defeat the Necroknight. This cutscene can make the player miss out on the Necroknight's drop or even the final battle, if the cutscene loads for too long, which has happened to me a couple of times. It would be nice if this cutscene was similar to the "The Ruse" cutscene in Heartwood Forest where the cutscene only triggers during a quest and then becomes replayable after completing the quest. For example, the "The Ruse" cutscene triggers upon encountering the monster Ghost Dog during the "Ghost Dog" quest and then this cutscene becomes replayable after completing that quest. My suggestion is that the Necroknight cutscene only get triggered during the "The Tower's Keeper" quest and then become replayable by speaking to Artix at Shadowskull Tower after completing the quest.
AQW  Post #: 405
2/18/2017 22:28:03   
Dual Thrusters

Please make it so that using your mouse to move the camera doesn't snap it back to its original position when your character is moving.
MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 406
2/25/2017 9:51:25   

I really really enjoyed the Nightlocke dungeons! They are probably your most immersive area yet! I really like the creepy atmosphere coupled with the roaming ghosts and zombies, its just so great.
I also liked the little interactions with the levers, fountains and the spider thing going on.

But I really hoped that you guys will use darker colors, I know that AE is known for using bright and happy colors but this time it would really be great if you guys made more dark and 'evil' looking areas. And also put up some dungeons with very little lighting (maybe a functionality that requires players to bring a lamp to see inside the dungeon).

Immersion is a very important aspect in 3d MMOs, that feeling you get when you go into the area is very crucial. I really think that you guys are moving in the right direction especially since you are working on improving the monster AI (roaming mobs and hard to find bosses).
2nd Edit:

Allowing players to rename their items would add greatly to the aesthetic feeling in the game. It adds a bit more flair to items especially when player shops get released and when the community gets larger.
The Dage Challenge was amazing! I hope you would make more of these dark and evil atmosphere in some areas in the future.
3rd Edit:

First part of 1.4 has just been released! Well done AE!
Now that private dungeons are released I would like to suggest adding record times in dungeons for when guilds are released. Guilds will be fighting to be in the leader boards for certain dungeons (particularly the harder ones) and to be in the leader boards the guild should have one of the fastest times to beat the dungeon and by doing so, their names will display in front of the dungeon entrance.
4th Edit:

As some players have already discussed, the pacing in the game is not that satisfying. I think it has something to do with the quests. The current quest flow has too much quests per area/npc, it just feels "tiring" or something to have so much quests to do in one area, a good solution would be is to make fewer quests but make them a bit harder, maybe with a bit more "objective" feeling like searching for an NPC/s and suddenly monsters spawn from all sides and attack you (like the ones in doomwood tower, that was cool).

I like how you lessened the amount of gear you can get per area and I do hope it stays that way. But about the quest items, I know maybe you guys are already thinking putting some art into each quest item but I think you should soon. The game just looks dull if you just get bags for every quest item.

One more, and probably the most important.. You guys should lessen the amount of monsters in some areas where they are "cramped". Basically, less monsters per area and make them roam the area for a certain distance and the same go for minor bosses. Maybe leave the Doomwood bridge as it is. I also liked how some spawns can either have the boss or a different monster, though you should make the spawn area for the boss a little wider (maybe the 3 closest spawns can spawn the boss too) to add a little variety.
5th Edit:

You guys should add areas with no quests in them and just let the players explore to have that free open-world feel and add some mystery into them to get the players intrigued and stuff. Soon when the game encourages you to walk through areas to travel (and not use the current travel option to teleport) this will very much come to detail and even better if you make monsters roam. The open areas in the game (like greenguard) are the best! Everything is just so good to see, its as if you're walking through the area yourself and experiencing it personally, I can't wait for when the game is complete.


6th Edit:

Boss hunting! So currently, most of the bosses in the game spawn in the same place or near the same spawns (Im not talking about dungeons). It would be better if you made us 'hunt' bosses, in a way that some bosses are quite rare to spawn and those bosses spawn in multiple different places in the area so we would have to kill a lot of monsters and walk around the area a lot as a party before getting the boss to spawn. These hard to find bosses should be those special ones with nice drops and all that good stuff. And add some sounds to the monsters too, the bosses should have loud big footsteps or something that makes them stand out and give chills to the players.

MORE CLIFFS! I really enjoyed the new area in Ashfall 2 near the Guardian Tower. It would be nice if we had a whole mountain area with a lot of pathing and climbing places.


7th Edit:

Sooo.. Going back to Battleon and early game, the crafting shops and maybe some quests in Greenguard should be moved to Battleon close to the entrance into Greenguard. It would be nice to have that feel of transitioning from the town area to the first monster area where there are shops and NPCs with quests around the gate to get you ready for your leaving the safety of Battleon into the dangers of monsters lurking outside, that feel is very important to get the players immersed into the game and not just do quests as it follows just like every other area. Maybe add a little path going into Greenguard from Battleon.

Dont make too much items in the game. It lessens their uniqueness and some of them just loses their relevance. Lesser items in craft shops and more into gold shops and monster drops. Every area just has this generic feel, there's always an NPC that has the items right for your level and this almost always makes the same low level players look alike, there should be better or at least good enough items in Battleon so not every equipment that is right for your level is only found in the areas where your level is appropriate, it just feels bland when the way/flow of getting equipment is like this. Mix it up a little.

Edit (June 8, 2017):
Thank you AE for the Battleon town update!


8th Edit:

Just saw the random adventures today and it was nice! That was a nice throw back to the classic AQ and oh boy do I feel nostalgic. I wish you guys get the Blade of Awe thing that has an encounter chance of some sort going in there as well, now that would be just perfect. Don't forget that thing where you can meet Death himself with the hourglass thing as well! Ah, that moment when you can suddenly control your character's movement in the dark while he's holding up a torch was really one of the best memories I have of classic AQ, it was creepy and definitely adventurey! I can't even begin to imagine how would that feel like in 3d...

Keep up the good work!

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AQW  Post #: 407
3/1/2017 17:53:42   

So, I've really been enjoying the game so far. The only thing that's really getting on my nerves is the way dungeons work.

I've gone into dungeons before, feeling really excited to tackle all the enemies and quests in it, only to find that someone who is about 10 levels higher than me has already stolen all the fun from me. And if i really want to experience that dungeon, I just have to wait for it to be empty.

Would it be possible to make it so that I can go in alone? Maybe make it so people can choose friend parties to go with them, and then each party that goes in has a separate version of the dungeon?

Sorry if this has already been suggested in this thread. I didn't really feel like reading through all 17 pages

Edit: Never mind, I just read that this was going to be implemented in the full version. I look forward to it .

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DF  Post #: 408
3/20/2017 21:57:58   
PH CareNoLaifu

I am requesting to make the 2D fur in cape be 3D.
Please make this happen AE.
I hope this request in not difficult.
Thank you all for reading my request and god bless you all.

Moved to suggestions thread. ~WhiteTiger

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Post #: 409
3/21/2017 10:18:17   

Scale Slayer Gauntlets need to be buffed.
It's the only piece of the Scale Slayer set that only adds to 2 stats while all the other pieces of the set gives 3 stats and a Bonus.

I suggest adding HP and +5 bonus to Hit.
Post #: 410
3/22/2017 0:12:33   

Please add a function for Mobile AQ3D to have a D-Pad for camera controls, in the options menu players could either choose the between Swipe movements control scheme to a D-Pad to easily adjust the camera control. With how its setup right its unbearable and annoying to look around (atleast for my experience) while also controling the character.
AQW  Post #: 411
3/26/2017 10:52:17   

Wish there was a way to rearrange the order of items in our inventory that sticks permanently.
There's a way to do it temporarily using the bank but it resets whenever you log out.
Post #: 412
3/28/2017 7:04:14   

Completely AGREE!

I would *LOVE* to be able to move my stuff around in my inventory AND in my bank. Put them where I want them.
Post #: 413
4/5/2017 23:31:10   

A couple of suggestions.
First, auto-looting and/or area looting. It's a bit tiresome clicking on all of those drops.

Secondly, since gathering so many crafting ingredients is required to get good gear in the game it would be nice if it could be stored in a separate (preferably limitless) inventory from my armor and weapons and such.
Post #: 414
4/7/2017 11:28:19   

Roaming monsters feature should be added soon (almost every monster), roaming as in walking distances (running when it encounters a player, as always). Its just boring to have them stand still where they spawn AQW style.
AQW  Post #: 415
4/8/2017 10:43:44   

About houses: It maybe awesome if our houses are in village-style so we can visit our friend's house by walking.

< Message edited by Azalithen -- 4/11/2017 8:13:07 >
Post #: 416
4/14/2017 22:15:49   

Controller support would be a nice addition, the triggers on the controller could be used as modifiers for using moves and maybe item quick slots.
Post #: 417
4/14/2017 22:19:00   

So I haven't really seen many item suggestions around so I thought I'd throw something in:
I've never worked with 3d modelling before so I thought I'd practice by trying one of my favorite swords in any AE game!
I was gonna do the EB too but I realized that its wings'd take me forever to model
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 418
4/17/2017 12:46:56   

AQ3D is way to much pay 2 play, with all these dragon crystals needed for so much to progress further.

You started making us paying for crafting and I have to wait 3 hours for my goddamn staff to craft and I have to pay 2k thats not like our beloved AQW :(
And these mana potions for dragon crystals.

Please remove the waiting time on crafiing items its just annoying,.
AQW  Post #: 419
4/17/2017 23:02:43   

I don't see how it's pay2play, you don't HAVE to use dragon crystals to do anything and on the subject of wait timers: If you want to use the item SO BAD that you resort to using real money on the game then why not take a break instead of wasting money? No one's forcing you to use the dragon crystals but you, and aqw is pretty much the same microtransaction-wise with more than half the library of available items in the game being ac tagged. That means you either have to pay real money or run outta inventory space (of which[just in case you forgot] nonpaying players have only a measly 30, while also having ZERO bank spaces)and have to get rid of items you MAY actually want.

Also this game isnt aqw, its MEANT to be something new and different from what they've already made. I personally love the way the game's been set up, my only gripe being that the scale slayer set is completely worthless and will most likely become obsolete with part 2 which will most likely have much cheaper, higher-tier, gear because scale slayer (along with everything in both senna's shops and the chests in the tent) was MEANT to drain coin purses and nothing more.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 420
4/18/2017 3:40:17   

Visual indicators on item drops would be nice. When mass farming or just rushing dungeons, there would be many items on the floor and it's hard to tell if anything good drops without checking everything.

White materials would be the current bag.
Green materials would be a green bag/glow.
Blue materials would be a blue bag/glow.
Purple and beyond could follow the same design or the bag could get progressively fancier.

White equipment would be a very generic and simple box.
Green equipment would be a version of the common treasure chest.
Blue equipment would be a version of the uncommon treasure chest.
Purple equipment would be a version of the rare treasure chest.
Anything beyond can have something much fancier.

If there's a mix of rarities in one drop, just show the highest version. For example, 1 blue and 2 green materials would just look like a blue bag.
If a combination of material and equipment drops, it could be a mixed visual. For example, a green item and a blue material would look like a blue glowing treasure chest.
Post #: 421
4/27/2017 9:16:14   

It would be great if Mana Shield absorbed damage then lashed it out once it a certain damage limit is reached or its time runs out instead of being a simple defense buff.
Kinda like the Royal Battlemage's Explosive Shield skill in AQW or Abaddon's Aphotic Shield ability in DoTA.
Post #: 422
4/27/2017 13:07:12   

[Update 13]

so where is the suggestion forum?/sub-forum?, i guess im doing it here then, as not to get warned or banned.

Some Random Suggestions.

put stats on armor, they should be more then just looks. *****P.S. A lot of people are agreeing with this when i ask ingame.

Magic damage is also attack damage?, if so then maybe add it's own stat(*****gives more uniqueness to staffs and magic gear).

[Deleted section]

i noticed that the weapon and armor icons are not all based on the items purpose(magic, range, melee), so i guess accurate icons would be nice.

we differently need more skills as fighting 1v1 gets very boring and 1v2+ is more of the MMO way, at least at some point on our adventure,
Example being that when facing a red lettered enemy, we can die if not careful, but also have a change at winning strategy, this being same for 1v2+,
at a certain point in our character's development, we find ourselfs able to come up with a working plan that allows us to face off against 2+ enemies at once,
with new and upgraded skills and better gear(including armor with stats), we can achieve MMO standards, well at least that is the norm.

Skill menu/tree, upgrading skills(based on level), new skills in general, debuffs, buffs, single target attacks, AOE attacks,
elemental based unless the weapons we use assign the elements.

[Deleted Section]
*****[Edit} Potions enable an animation cooldown on skills, this is not ideal when in a fight, best to just remove the potion animation, to prevent skills gaining an anim-cooldown.

No more exclusives, or at the very least, put them in a dragon crystal shop some time after promo/giveaway/etc,
i understand the point to them but they are no longer needed as exclusive(lost forever) after a certain amount of time.(a month, 3 months....6? QQ)
(excluding beta tester/founder items ofc)
*****better to get it know for free then to buy it months later with money right?, keep both the items and the purpose of "promo/giveaway/etc",
even if its limited to guardians, at least give them a chance.

Skill slots, also skills should be assignable to any slot chosen(when more are added ofc), place to put potions and other consumable items for quick use.

being able to PM a friend that is online as well as sending party request(unless they are on another server ofc)

The ability to exchange dragon crystals for gold, or buy gold like DC, because gold farming is painful, some seem ok with it....

always have a selling price for items, anything but 1 gold each, it's hard enough to get money as is, at least it is now, idk how people got millions early on(hacks maybe).
better to have money then to not have at all.(then again, we don't want inflation....)

How about quest dedicated to making gold, bounty hunting, what ever else, locked based on level and recent quests completed on each list.
the higher the level quest the more gold you make, repeatable quests, unless it's partnered with a storyline i guess, im sure you wouldn't want someone getting 10k per quest,
but sooner or later, as more things are added(levels, classes, items, areas, etc), the more that will be needed.

A list of cosmetics for us to choose from, i know we can just click the "Costume" button if we want the looks of a weapon without having to equip it,
but i would rather not have to keep them in my inventory or bank, taking up slots, eventually people will run out of space and have to get rid of some,
there is a good amount already that look good, but they are taking up space, i wish i could save the cosmetics of the weapon/armor/cape/etc to a list,
this list would would have a sub-category(weapons, helm, armor, shoulders, belt?, gloves, boots, cape), click one and it shows a list of all the saved
item looks(cosmetics) for the selected category, then simple click and choose to preview or equip("Costume").
*****Better idea!, or easier, why not just have a "Costume" button in bank, that way we can store them and use them, rather then up inventory space,
i think some use a mix of set items to create a unique look while keeping stats from their current gear, that would take up twice the room.

When it comes to drops, there are a few issues,
1: people or monsters can block us form clicking on the bags.
2: bags stay until all items are removed(thats good unless you have an item at its max in stack size)
3: the bags on the ground don't seem to last long enough, but that might differ from mob or map, idk some seem to disappear sooner.

Suggestion: have the bags last longer, but!, not without preventing items from dropping that we already have a max stack of, also if are inventory is full, prevent drops completely,
this should allow us the time needed to get the items we need or at the very least, something that we can sell, without wasting floor space, i have had bags spawn right on top of each other,
kept getting the same bag with an item i already have maxed, and going to the store and running back seems to make the bag disappear(distance i guess).

[Ill edit this with ***** between added section as i think of more.]

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Post #: 423
4/27/2017 13:17:29   
Iron Volvametal

^ You're looking at it. ^
AQW  Post #: 424
4/28/2017 6:12:23   

Godmarin - the entire combat system is being overhauled so just give it a little time and we'll see what they have planned. That said, damage is damage. Doesnt matter if its 'magic' or 'physical'. Its all the same. Also, there are no "ranged" weapons in the game. Again, weapons are just weapons. You say you dont want any cooldowns but you want to wait until the animation is done? THAT....is a cooldown. lol.
Post #: 425
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