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RE: Uskius' Beastiary and Armory

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3/15/2016 22:29:11   

Void Talon I remembered that strange chunk of metal I found in the Void, and after all the things I forged with it, I never made a spear. So I set off back into the Deep Void, searching for another load of the metal, and after facing a few too many mind-bending tentacled abomination, I decided regular old steel would do just fine. I forged the head from a high-carbon steel I'd traded for a few months back- I wanted something hard that would stand up to a lot of wear and tear. As for many of my other weapons, I heated the steel in the heart of a star, using wards like for the Solar Incinerator spell. The hammering took a long time but it went well, and I got the blade out to this sort of rounded triangle shape that I wanted. I also cast a pommel, and forged a few spikes to place at the base of the blade so the spear would be able to catch another weapon between themselves and the blade. For the shaft, I used a length of ironwood from the Skraeling Desert. That stuff is incredibly hard, almost as hard as some metals. After truing up the shaft and making space for the hardware I got everything ground and polished, and assembled it. The spikes formed a sort of X shape behind the head, with the lower spikes and pommel there to help out when I couldn't thrust with the blade.

It was a plain weapon, but though I knew it would be effective it still felt incomplete. I remembered hunting through the Deep Void for more metal, and decided to give the spear a connection to the otherworldly energies of the Void. I'm familiar with the Void and un-elemental damage, even having a couple weapons that use that power. I first tested imbuing the Void's power on a couple butter knives(I basically have the world's most dangerous butter knives ever), and when I performed the magicks on the spear, it underwent an unnerving transformation. The ironwood shifted into a dark hide, the spikes and pommel becoming claws and horns. The blade became bone-like, the flat of taking on a fleshy, sinewy look. Though it took some focus, I was able to shift the spear's affinity from its natural Earth to the energy of the Void. Before, the spear looked hard and purposeful. After, it looked hungry and alive.

AQ Epic  Post #: 51
3/22/2016 19:20:06   

Battle ToadZard This recent conflict with Uncle Sham and the Zardmaster and their LepreZards has reminded me of the days I spent in the Frogzard Challenge, where I came across Frogzard Defenders. The narrator states they trained at the War Academy of Zardology, so I decided it was time to pay this academy a visit. I shape shifted into a Frogzard, and enrolled. The first thing that surprised me is how advanced it was. The place was run by SmartZard professors, and various SuperZards were assistant instructors. But, presiding over the battle instruction classes were large ToadZards about three fourths the size of a MotherZard, and they had short little arms and tails and horns. These titans were known as the Battle ToadZards, the umost zenith of the Zard Master's ToadZard experiments. They were harsh teachers, and expected great results. Some of the other students whispered of stories that said the Battle ToadZard instructors had never been defeated.

After I'd learned what I had come to the War Academy of Zardology for, I decided to test out those rumors. During battle training I pressed myself as hard as I could. I found that the Battle ToadZard had great resistance to any element I attacked it with, and toxic saliva. All of its attacks were able to poison me, whether they were bites or pummeling me by shooting out its long tongue- which it could manage to do more frequently than a normal ToadZard. I managed to last a good while against the Battle ToadZard, but as the fight wore on and I damaged it more, it built up a rage and became even stronger than it already was, and with one last tongue lashing I had to admit defeat.

AQ Epic  Post #: 52
7/19/2016 19:31:03   

Hexifix Since I'm technically a dark wizard, I decided to make something for me to help keep the rumors circulating. I decided to start with bones. I took a risk and went deep into Darkovia to get some, finding a femur without much trouble. But, trouble was soon upon me- I had the luck(or lack thereof) to run into a lich and its undead servitors. Though unnerving, I managed to out do the lich, scattering its body with a mighty blow. I saw the opportunity, and took the lich's skull and some of its fingers, and headed home to construct my dark magical object.

Pretty quickly, I bonded the skull together and then to the femur. Next I magicked the finger bones into a circle and set them behind the skull, slowly rotating clockwise. I wrapped a bit of dark leather around the middle of the femur for a grip. After it was assembled, I decided to set dark magics in it- I was reminded of the Unholy Water that Warlic sells, and wanted to do something similar. After trial and LOTS of error(who knew so much could go wrong practicing un-luck magic?) I found the spell I was looking for. It interacted with the latent magic of the lich's skull, amplifying the aura of the curse. It allowed me to call on the wand's magic to send out a pulse of darkness, easily. The aura of fear that radiated from it made it difficult for both me and the test subjects to resist any effects of spells or items, such as blindness or burning, etc.

AQ Epic  Post #: 53
7/19/2016 20:16:00   

Crownguard Since I'm technically a warrior of the light, I wanted to craft a weapon to reinforce that image. I used the ancient description of the Sunflash weapons as my guide. First came finding pure crystal from the Light Realm. As always, the Elemental Realms do not take too kindly to uninvited guests, so this was the longest part of the process. Next, while still in the realm, I collected the essence of a few Sunrays, and got the Heck out so I could go home and forge the weapon.

Instead of a blade, I decided I wanted the weapon to be a spear, and so I did some alchemy to remove the faults and strengthen the crystal's structure and then consolidated all my crystal into a shaft. It may have just bee me, but it felt a tad lighter than before the alchemy. Then, according to the Sunflash legends, I refined the gold in the heart of a star. I went at this longer and longer, until the gold was totally pure and clear. I cast it and let it sit for a bit, then got to forging out the ingots. I worked the two T-shaped ones to have an edge on the top, and curve in slightly. I took the third to my lathe, bringing bottom of it into a pointed cone, and the top to a cylinder that fit with the shaft. I did the preliminary polishing, and set the gold pieces aside.

Next, I tuned the light so that it was a light golden yellow. Furthermore, I aligned it into a structure similar to the way I did for the crystal shaft, bringing it to an incredibly sharp edge, and just to make sure, I magically hardened the whole spearhead. I did the final polishings on the metal, and got the spear assembled. It seemed just a bit was missing, so i took a bit of gauze and fixed it to the golden blades, decorating the edges with some of the spare light I had left over. The tip glowed, causing the pommel and blades to take on gold's normal color.

The spear was light(literally, ha) and well balanced. Its accuracy was incredible: as long as I was actually aiming at something, not once did it fail to connect, dealing elemental Light damage.

AQ Epic  Post #: 54
7/21/2016 18:28:44   

Kree Blade During the Summer months you have to deal with a lot more Fire monsters than normal, so I was looking for a weapon cool down all the blazing enemies. I went far up into the Northlands to find what I was looking for: Kree Ice. The stuff is incredibly hard and cold, a form of permafrost as strong as steel. Mining it is also pretty difficult, due to it forming on a deep sea bottom in darkness and freezing temperatures. After a tough time getting a few shards to work with, I surfaced and began to get to work.

The Vikkar have a particular way of working Kree Ice, slowly grinding it in a ceremonial and almost meditative manner, a process normally reserved for their shamans. There were special powders used to aid the process, as well. As I was the one who harvested it, after learning the techniques I was allowed to work the ice on my own. I decided to go with a blade, working the guard and pommel into a snowflake design. After many hours of grinding, I had my blade finished, but it needed just a bit more. I took a bit of hide and bound it around the handle for the grip, so my sweat wouldn't freeze my hand to the sword.

When testing the blade it was fairly well-balanced, dealing Ice damage as I'd hoped. I also found it could call forth a burst of freezing wind, scouring the target with a flurry of snow.

AQ Epic  Post #: 55
7/21/2016 18:48:00   

Blood Boiler When you're up in the Northlands there are a lot of Ice monsters you come up against that you'd rather not get close to, so I set about to make a weapon to keep them at range. After I completely accidentally came across some Blood Crystals, I decided I would use them in this weapon- a spear. For the rest of it, I did some alchemy to consolidate a bit of my flame obsidian stock into a simple staff. I cut and ground the largest Blood Crystal, then polished it and bonded it to the end of the staff, and around the same time cut and polished the others I would use. Next I forged a couple gold pieces: a band to go around the middle of the staff, and a rounded-diamond-thingumabob to house the spearhead. The band was done first; afterwards, I set more Blood Crystals in it and set it in place. It took longer to get the curves of the other piece done, and to get the fittings all aligned. I screwed it onto the staff, and set a large Blood Crystal on the flat of each side.

For the spearhead, I conjured and froze elemental fire. I condensed, reshaped and sharpened it, and bonded it in place. After the finishing touches, I began testing. The magical presences of the flame obsidian and Blood Crystals seemed to feed off of each other, and strengthen whatever flames were in the area: a pet or a guest in battle, my spells, skills- any Fire attack. The spear could also call up a roaring stream of fire to wash over the target. All in all, I'd say the spear is pretty lit.

AQ Epic  Post #: 56
7/22/2016 17:08:00   

Carnafex Guard After fighting Carnafex and taking a spear modeled after his blade, I thought it would be good to have a shield with the same capabilities and the same essence. First was some magical study of the Carnafex weapon, and how it resonated with two realities. Once I had that broken down and analyzed, I set off for the materials of my shield- a sacragon. After diving and exploring around the ruins of Talados, I came across a young sacragon. Almost on instinct(long story) I began to fight it, and soon defeated it, my mind shaken. It was tough to bring something that large back up with me. Once I surfaced I skinned it, and headed to camp to make the shield.

I found sacragon hide becomes brittle when using conventional tanning methods, so instead I just dried it and cut it to shape, making a few creases and hardening it with magic. I bonded the sacragon's chintacles(is that what they're called? I just made that word up) to the bottom of the shield, and then got on forging the settings for the eyes. The eyes were a key part of the construction, due to how a sacragon's eyes function; they would make it easier to anchor the trans-dimensional magic to the shield. Fairly quickly I got the gold settings forged and polished, and carefully put in the eyes. They were tight, but over time sacragon eyes become crystalline instead of rotting, so this was for when the eyes dried. I went back to the forge and worked up the rest of the gold for the trim, slowly checking the fit as I went before putting it on and getting everything polished. Then came the magic. As I'm familiar with sacragons and their ilk and having studied the Carnafex Spear, it was done without any trouble. Afterwards, the shield somehow felt more solid and real.

When testing, I found the shield defended equally well against Ice and Fire. It had a good defense against magic, but fairly mediocre defense against Melee and Ranged attacks. I also found that it still held the magic of the sacragon eyes, and with a bit of focus, could use them to peer through space and time to prepare for attacks and read where the target's defenses were weakest.

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8/31/2016 17:35:15   

Qarnar As I plan to one day head out West across the great desert to search for the other copies of The Dark Waltz, I thought to go on an excursion to the area to get a feel for traveling it. It's not as hot as the Skraeling, but it's even drier. I was busy keeping notes of the weather and wildlife most of my time there. Halfway through my trip, I began to suspect I was being followed by a large animal. One night, I set out a few of the desert rats I had caught(when you're in the desert you take what food you can get) for it, hoping to catch it. Sure enough, I saw it approaching. At first it looked canine, but it had a set of curved horns, like a ram's. It was difficult to tell at night, but the beast seemed to be at least waist height, maybe even up to my armpit. Its long tail swished back and forth as it ate.

Near the end of my trip, I happened upon an oasis and a small village nearby. I still remembered the large beast that had been following me, and asked one of the village elders about it. They said it was called a qarnar, a beast that wandered far and wide scavenging; once it chose a target, there was nothing that could turn it away, save perhaps the dreaded ramleon. The qarnar had a crushing bite and fearful claws. After the elder's tale the contrarian in me rose up and decided to capture and tame the qarnar that had been following me.

It was like it had been expecting me. The beast was as dangerous as advertised, the qarnar fighting even fiercer as the battle went on. After a long struggle, I managed to subdue it. The first few days were tense, as I could tell the beast was snappy. As I left the desert and made my way back to my estate in Greenguard, I began to hunt with it, and I think that was how I began to gain its trust. When I fought with it, I noted it had an affinity for the Fire element, and it became more ferocious the more I was injured. It is still very much a predator, though, one fully aware of how dangerous it is.

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9/8/2016 7:07:22   

Mastodon's Heart Though it's still warm in Battleon, I thought to plan ahead for the cold months coming soon, and make a shield to help defend against the elements. I decided to start with a wooden shield, taking stock from my lumber yard. I cut several beams down to two by four lengths, then got started on mortis and tenon joints. that went fairly quickly. I got them glued and fit together, then clamped them and set them aside for a while. Next, I took a few large trunk sections and carved them down. I was aiming for a sort of elephant/mastodon-esque shape, but not too detailed; it only took a few shapes. I carved and sanded the outer planks of the shield into a curve, and sanded down the back of the elephant carving to fit. With those done, I treated them with the same solution I used for Cloudbreaker.

While I was waiting for the wood to cure I cut and treated some Steppe Mastodon hide to back the shield. Given that the shield would be large and heavy, being in close proximity to it would help defend against the cold. I also took the tips of two tusks from the same mastodon and sanded down the bases until they were even. Finally, after the wood and hide were finished curing, I got to assemble the shield. I bonded the elephant plate to the body of the shield, and drill holes for the brace and grip. A normal handle wouldn't have worked for something this large and cumbersome, so I took part of an old forearm bracer I used for sword practice and screwed it in place before installing the handle next to it; this would help distribute the shield's weight evenly. I took two iron ingots and roughly forged them into shape, tempering them so they had a slight blue tint, and bonded those over the screw holes to act as eyes for the elephant plate. I bonded the tusks into place on the front, fixed the hide onto the back, and that was it. The things was almost as tall as me, and provided great defense against melee and ranged attacks. It protected equally well against the Earth and Ice elements, and was so durable it occasionally cut the damage I took in half.

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9/13/2016 14:08:36   

Lunaala When I heard there was going to be a zard training class in Battleon, I was excited- I've owned a few pet frogzards. Even more of a surprise, they had a number of zards there to adopt and take through the training with you. The one that stood out to me was an albino zard a little bit away from the others. It was a younger zard that looked lonely. As we went training in the swaps, I discovered she had excellent night vision and reflexes. It shouldn't have come as much of a surprise when, during our training with Robina, she sprouted a tuft of feathers from her rear. Her cunning and tenacity in battle reminded me of a darkness dragon, so I decided to help Warlic craft a fire-breath potion for her to drink.

Swift and loyal, she is easily the sweetest frogzard I've ever known. I look forwards to training and adventuring with her even more.

AQ Epic  Post #: 60
9/14/2016 5:06:06   

ULTIMATE Ultimate Destroyer Since the last handful of weapons I'd made were light and maneuverable, I wanted to forge the heaviest, gnarliest weapon I could. I remembered several years ago I'd had an Ultimate Destroyer, and decided to use that as my goal and design. First, I started by alchemagically analyzing Kree Ice to see what made it so durable. It turns out it's not completely water, and as such had a different molecular makeup and crystallizing structure. I then began to develop magical forging techniques to hammer and work the metal; it took several days, but I developed a hammering spell that was a quick simulation of being hundreds of feet underwater.

I took a few bars of high-carbon steel and stacked them and forged them together, folding them over and over countless times. The hammering spell was elemental, and the brief impact also had the useful side effect of blasting scale right off the bar. Many hours later I began to flatten out the bars, curving and hot cutting them roughly to shape. During the heat treating and tempering I forged the staff and a cylindrical pommel, and set them aside for later. I had compared Kree Ice to steel while developing the hammering spell, and found it had a compact molecular structure that allowed it to withstand absurd amounts of force. I used some alchemy to realign the blade's structure to that of Kree Ice, and found it had shrunk down some. It was heavier, and made the grinding and polishing process excruciatingly slow. I welded it to the staff, and set about assembling everything. I still had wood left over from making Mastodon's Heart, and cut a small block off of two planks, then grinding out semi-circles to match the staff. I made some threading on the end of the staff and inside of the pommel, then bonded the wood on the staff and bound it tightly with leather, and finally screwed the pommel on. I decorated the pommel with some coral beads and blue enamel filigree to finish things off.

As I'd hoped, the weapon was phenomenally heavy- around Face Hammer of Smashing and Magna Blade levels of weight. Though, it was decently balanced, and only slightly inaccurate. During testing I found it had an affinity for the Ice element, and was able to crush and slice through my sturdiest practice targets, dealing more and more damage over time. It seems the hammering spell had an effect on it, too: like the original Ultimate Destroyer, it could call forth a glowing sphere of blue energy to bombard the target, randomly dealing either Water or Ice damage.

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9/18/2016 13:18:45   

Really nice gallery, I enjoy all the story to your art
AQ  Post #: 62
9/21/2016 12:15:57   

^Thanks! I enjoy writing the little stories, too.
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10/8/2016 1:43:38   

Knoll I've discovered that I greatly enjoy partaking in that time-honored tradition of wizards that is meddling with nature. As I'm most familiar with dragons, I decided to magically fuse one with another, more mundane animal. One morning as I was in my estate's orchard, I saw an anthill. Anthill, molehill, mole.

My work began by magically enlarging the mole(by the way, dragon-sized moles are absolutely terrifying). So that its nature wouldn't clash too much with its dragon counterpart, I chose an Earth Dragon. My plans were for the creature to in large part have the mole's frame, and the dragon's musculature and head. The dragon's muscles were too robust to fit with a mole skeleton structure. Their makeup was changed slightly, and their length shortened. The dragon's horns were another problem. They would have hindered its burrowing, so I rearranged their makeup and transformed them into scales along its lower back and tail.

After creating another, I found that they were indeed able to reproduce- and the results were terrifying. Perhaps it was a side effect of enlarging the mole, but the offspring of the first two creatures were even larger. They had absurd, unearthly endurance, and incredible strength and quickness, being only slightly slower than normal Earth Dragons. They retained the hide of their forebears, and I discovered they had a habit similar to hermit crabs: magically sticking soil and rocks to the hide on their back, forming a shell. Without the shell, there was something vaguely weaselly about them, but after forming shells, they resembled tortoises. In battle they were cautious, digging under the surface then peeking up and dipping back down into the burrow; they attacked with a fast claw swipe or lunging bite. At rest, they would dig a small crater and sleep on their stomachs.

So, if you're on the plains outside Battleon, beware. The hills have eyes... and claws... and jaws large enough to swallow you whole...

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11/11/2016 4:16:07   

Magman I realized that for a wizard that likes to blow things up, my knowledge of elemental fire and the Fire Realm isn't as deep as it should be. So, making use of an elemental gate much like the one for the time I studied Zarlath, I departed for the Fire Realm.

It's quite the astonishing place. I was just expecting a volcano here and there, but there are magma clouds and rivers, deserts, hills and mountains of minerals fused into glass. Thankfully, the heat was dry- humid heat of that temperature is an instant no-no for me. Despite sweating profusely, I was actually beginning to enjoy my trip through the unearthly landscape- then everything changed when the Fire Realm attacked.

The FireZards were the only part of the initial wave I saw coming. With no warning whatsoever, they attacked along with Molten Beasts and Magmen. As the battle became more heated, I saw a Magman drop down from a magma cloud, and another rise up out of a magma river. Long after the other monsters were quelled, the Magmen were still there. They were able to reform whenever a part of them was severed, even intentionally dropping chunks of themselves behind that could combine with other discarded limbs(even from other Magmen!) to form more Magmen. Right as I had dispersed the last of the pack, I knew I was close to a heat stroke, and opened up the gate to the mortal world. Even more than before, I have a respect for the elemental realms and the loyalty of a Magman.

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4/13/2017 18:03:35   

Li'l Painless
I'm a big fan of large and heavy weapons. With the rise of Fire monsters that come during the Summer months, I decided to do a take on a blade I've always loved: Ol' Painless, the massive weapon of the Orcish warrior Culak. I started with two of the largest bars of high-carbon steel I had, getting them forge welded together, and then slowly drawing them out. When I had the main blade roughly to length, I worked on hot cutting and curving out the star-shaped points of the lower half of the blade, separating them and then getting the bevels trued up. Next was the heat treating, so that the blade could toughen up. I had to alternate between having the long blade in and just the star points in because this thing was so huge. With the heat treating done and the blade cool, I used a bit of alchemy similar to how I did for the ULTIMATE Ultimate Destroyer: rearranging the structure of the steel to be more similar to Kree Ice. This made the blade slightly denser and smaller, and it made grinding terribly hard and slow. It took ages to smooth everything up and getthe edge profiles as straight and narrow as possible.

So, with the blade done, I began work on the handle. I took a branch from my Lumber Yard cut it down to size, carving it into a slight curve. I tightly wove some dark leather over it to finish that, and began doing the work on the gold ornaments. It was similar to the work on the star points of the blade, but thankfully, I didn't have nearly as much material to manhandle. In the points I made settings for gems, into which I set some sapphires. I magically bonded on the ornamentation, and then magically hardened and bonded the handle in place.

When I tested it out, it did pretty solid damage of the Ice element, as intended. Though it was inaccurate due to being so heavy, its slashes had tremendous power- and sometimes the blade passed through so cleanly I couldn't even tell the target had been cut, until later.

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5/9/2020 6:34:05   

Adapted Void Dragon
After mastering the dark magic known as the necrobump, I found myself at The Last Bastion, the station of brave and heroic guardians inside the Void. There was a surprising war to quell void dragons going on. I of course knew that void dragons were created when void energies twisted young dragons... but I thought, what if those young dragons adapted to the Void instead of getting consumed by it? So I put on my "A Wizard Did It" hat and got to work.

My first two dragons had to be watched very carefully, by eye and also inside a pen where there would be diagnostic magics monitoring them. What first caught my attention is that all elemental magic warps and dissipates after prolonged contact with Void energies. Since Lorian dragons are strongly elementally aligned, the osmotic process has drastic changes on them. With that figured out my job was to strengthen my young dragons and slow down their morphing. These two things were key to my success: my dragons still underwent physical changes, but weren't disfigured and still appeared whole. They had eyes still, but their bodies did become more slender like a more typical void dragon.

They grew into merciless, swift, and nimble hunters. The Void metamorphosis went down to a DNA level, too, because their children appeared very similar to them. They also grew up strong. The dragons displayed the usual void dragon trait of shifting slivers of life force into Void energy, and were also able to draw on Void energy to empower their other attributes, gaining greater precision, power, tenacity, or durability briefly. But most worrying of all was their energy breath: it was not unaligned or extraplanar, it was ethereal and harrowing Death element. And when the third generation spawned, I knew it was time to step back and return to Lore.

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10/16/2021 23:12:49   

Chicken of Salvation Armor
After dusting off my manual and performing another necrobump ritual, I decided to get back to work on an armor. Since the beginning of my adventuring career, I've been fascinated by flight, and have wanted a shiny golden armor with feathery white wings. Since I still haven't been able to find anything quite like what I was looking for from Yulgar, I figured I would just make it myself.

The first thing that came to mind was my Sacred Chicken pet, Samma. Her breastplate would work nicely, and I figured I would create a copy of it. After analyzing it I saw it didn't contain any innate magic, which would thankfully make producing a duplicate with alchemy pretty easy. So, I made a copy and scaled it up in size, then looked for armor to pair it with. After scrolling through a big catalogue I settled on the Salvation Armor. Just seeing it brought back a lot of memories, and I could feel that it would be the right choice. My analysis, though, revealed a lot of inherent magic. This would mean I'd have to poke around more to see what could be modified without the whole thing blowing up or falling apart. That process took a while, but I did it, and then proceeded to make a copy with alchemy. After that, I made a few adjustments to the straps and fit on the new breastplate, then sewed up some new fabric to match.

Now, while I couldn't copy the magic associated with the parts, without any blessings or magic of its own, the armor just felt incomplete. When I thought of what would be appropriate, my mind went back to Samma, and of a strong warrior bursting with good health. So, I thought of my paladin training, and enchanted the armor to occasionally heal the wearer after attacking. I added another enchantment that would break off any burning or bleeding or poison or disease effects of the wearer, for free the first time, but subsequent uses would take a little skill. While I wanted to just make it the best armor I could, the strong magic of the cleansing enchantment already had a negative effect on the armor's defenses, so reluctantly I decided that would be enough. In testing, I found the armor had nice and equal resistances to Light and Wind element damage, and a nice amount of mobility that allowed for strong offense. While it normally didn't allow me to hit super hard, about half of the time I found I could muster up my strength for a much larger attack, similar to my Revenant armor. Doing this was a nice test of my alchemy skills, which I hadn't used in a long time. I stayed away from SWF-type alchemy and used another method that combined taking a magical snapshot of the armor's properties with using the ancient MS Paint method of magical forging. Pictured is an old Guardian colleague of mine called UltraGuy, taken in front of a green screen, which I use for tracking the visual coding of a spell.

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10/17/2021 18:46:05   
Lv 1000

I really like your design for the Chicken of Salvation Armor! I love the general look of the salvation armor and have always wanted it to have wings!
Post #: 69
10/19/2021 18:46:14   

Thanks! I wasn't sure how it would end up, so I'm glad you liked it.
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