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RE: =OS= Void Wars Boss Fight

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12/22/2015 8:24:20   
Gorillo Titan

Seeing as the tournament would of have no real effect on the game and the player who won already had sgs of course it wouldn't matter. The only real prize is a couple sgs and a statue that barely anyone is going to care about. A prize with actual in game content would of been a good motivator. 12 sgs can only get you 2 or 3 rank ups at most and one good sgs character that you could still not have enough sgs to rank up.
Post #: 51
12/22/2015 8:35:53   

What can I get some soul gems
Post #: 52
12/22/2015 9:42:36   

Let me clarify hopefully - it's not too late. From what I heard of Kiyone and Elite Tuga, Kiyone and staff seemed fine with the first arrangement and I specifically just told The Jop I was trying to keep it simple. I would have been fine with the full 52 by all means, but I just thought if possible why not share. This isn't like "I don't want 12 because 40 is enough." It's just that why not share since as I said I am already preparing and planning on making more money for AE so sharing with others would help them more than me. If you would like to keep this tournament reward strictly to victors here on out by all means. I am sorry if this just got too complicated. Lastly, this was all hypothetical to begin with and being disapproved is all right at least to me. @Gorillo many people appreciate as many sgs they can get their hands on and not so much the story. I do appreciate a statue for what its worth.

We could
1. 52 to me -original
2. 40 to me 12 to Jop -approved
3. 40 to me 2 to Jop and 10 to DarkLore-not approved

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AQ AQW  Post #: 53
12/22/2015 9:55:01   

I know I'm an evil shadow, but I feel responsible for this uproar. In any case, I'll be fine if the third option is not approved. Why should I get SG's anyway? I was eliminated when I lost against only my first opponent. My guess is that Voice of Fate was merely trying to be charitable since the holidays are right around the corner.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 54
12/22/2015 16:39:15   
The Jop

I don't want to cause any problem. If only the first two options Darkblazer mentioned are possible I'm okay with it. I dunno what I'm going to do with the extra 11 soul gems but clearly splitting them further seems to be an issue. What I would have liked is something like splitting among the top 4 (3 each?) or top 8 (2 each for the top 4 and 1 for the others?) but since splitting them between Darklore and I is a problem, I won't force it. I'm happy with whatever is possible; I'm extremely grateful to get just 1 SG since that's the only way I'll ever possess Time Apprentice.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 55
12/23/2015 5:32:09   
Therril Oreb
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Sorry to burst the bubble for everyone here but prizes cannot be gifted towards one another.
It does not matter if you don't need them or if you want to be noble. The winner and the runner-up gets their earned prizes and that is it.
No sharing the spoils or distributing the prizes because someone needs them. It is the way contests are held.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 56
12/23/2015 5:43:01   
The Jop

Does that mean I can't get the 12 SGs? I thought Kiyone already approved that.

Come on, this game is never going to be updated again! Can I really not get one soul gem to possess to character with a 1% chance to be encountered plus a 1% chance to be possessed?

And you guys make the contests, saying the contests were designed to only give SGs to second and first place doesn't make any sense. You can do anything you want with the results if the winners want to do something else. The SGs are theirs to do with as they wish aren't they? Why are you restricting them from helping someone?

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 57
12/23/2015 7:46:36   
Gorillo Titan

Well people kept talking about it just a matter of time before a higher up saw it and did what he/she had to do.

Oreb is higher than kiyone and mrthria if im correct so thats final say on this matter.

Also since the game wont get updated again you have more time than needed to get apprentice which is good.

< Message edited by Gorillo Titan -- 12/23/2015 8:18:44 >
Post #: 58
12/23/2015 8:00:37   

Wow! I came on here again at a bad time. I am so sorry Jop. I'll let myself out... *Flies away sadly.*
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 59
12/23/2015 17:44:53   

I am so sorry Jop. You had 2 players who were willing to fight for you. Unfortunately - well at least I am happy - I already got the 52 sgs. Thank you Kiyone and everyone else for doing all your work and I am still curious as to where the game will go from here. I shall spend them wisely and do my best to spend one on the time apprentice. I finally watched first three of the twitch and yes I was having technical difficulties. Every time I got on solace-1234 I saw no one so I immediately went back. I found it a little funny that you guys must have been excited to see me only for me to disappear again. Great streams though just don't stream on high quality. I play on low-quality and it runs much better. I also was practicing with Real Deal and Lichtz as Black Dragon and Drakath. Great time, hope to see many in next tournament with or without rewards. Because we only kept rewards to victors, I see that Kiyone's warning should not be a problem as long as we do not make a big deal about it anymore.

You did great for as long as you could The Jop. You put in far more time than me and possibly more than I will into this and AQ3D combined. Great work and sorry you had to leave on a sad note.

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AQ AQW  Post #: 60
12/23/2015 21:09:41   

Darkblazer49, they given us sgs yet? I don't have mine yet :O

Warlic, my IGN: Ovsersoul

@Darkblazer49: sorry, I don't usually correct players so it is partly my fault.

Still waiting on my soul gems. I understand that its Christmas so it might be busy so I can wait. Anyways, Merry Christmas.

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Post #: 61
12/23/2015 21:46:51   

I thought it is Oversoul cause I have seen u in game and making sure u get your sgs.

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AQ AQW  Post #: 62
12/24/2015 0:26:56   
The Finnish Phoenix


Sorry to burst the bubble for everyone here but prizes cannot be gifted towards one another.


Nothing to put you in the holiday spirit like your hopes continually being built up so it can hurt all the more when they're crushed. Merry Christmas.

R.I.P. Oversoul. And now there is not a single reason to ever play it again. I tried for a year to get Time Apprentice, I think I put enough time into it so I'm done. Bye everyone. If this was the last hurrah of Oversoul I'm not staying. Shame to leave when I've had faith in the game since Beta began, but the staff has abandoned it a while ago so I should follow suit.

NOPE. Noooope, NOPE, Nope, nOPE, NOPE.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 63
12/24/2015 8:13:24   
The Jop

Nevermind, TFP did something very generous so I take what I said back. Thank you, Dylligraphy! I don't know what there is to do if the game is never updated but I guess I can still be around for future tournaments with our little player base.

Also, YES, Darklore, Kiyone confirmed that it was asking to give you soul gems that made giving me soul gems go from approved to unapproved. Though I was the one who wanted to give them out originally and it worked out so I'm fine with it.

Merry Christmas in the sincere way in not the sarcastic way like in my last post!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 64
12/24/2015 9:31:38   

I hope Therril Oreb doesn't hate me for this, but what a scrooge! Yes I understand gifting SG's ruins the point of the tournament, but as one person pointed out (Who I believe was Kiyone or Voice of Fate.) the people that actually won them don't really care for the amount they got. Plus its almost Christmas! Once again, no disrespect intended Therril Oreb.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 65
12/24/2015 9:49:26   

Kiyone was saying in a threatening manner in that if we put up any more fuss, there will be no sgs, which I and Jop shall not it appears. Great jop TFP. U saved the day. Xmas Nulgath would be proud.

@Darklore it appears they would like it a secret but I have my guesses.

< Message edited by DarkBlazer49 -- 12/24/2015 10:58:23 >
AQ AQW  Post #: 66
12/24/2015 10:56:47   

??? I'm still confused as to what TFP did to "Save the day"?
I hope those "guesses" means what I think it means... Either way, Happy Soulmas! Eve Mortals! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

< Message edited by DarkLore -- 12/24/2015 11:01:06 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 67
12/24/2015 12:13:47   
Bionic Bear

Well, I've no clue what TFP did, but I'm glad he could do it. Expected nothing less from our resident 5 time champion!
A happy ending was found after all. It would have been a shame to see the Jop leave.
Post #: 68
12/24/2015 12:35:33   

Well said Bionic. TFP is possibly the best overall and losing to the Jop 2 tourneys in a row must have been tough, but giving him the saving gift is most impressive. This the true Christmas spirit.
AQ AQW  Post #: 69
12/24/2015 19:23:28   
Therril Oreb
Legendary AdventureGuide!


I hope Therril Oreb doesn't hate me for this, but what a scrooge! Yes I understand gifting SG's ruins the point of the tournament, but as one person pointed out (Who I believe was Kiyone or Voice of Fate.) the people that actually won them don't really care for the amount they got. Plus its almost Christmas! Once again, no disrespect intended Therril Oreb.

No offense taken DarkLore. Just doing my job. A merry Christmas to everyone!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 70
12/24/2015 20:34:06   

Whoever rewarded me (ty) forgot about Ovsersoul. Yes there are 2 s's.
I last talked to him about an hour ago.

@Below. I suppose it is clever but the holiday is Christmas after all, although Artix has tried to rename it as well but just saying. Someone had told me "I have no problem admitting others' holidays, but specifically December 25 is Christmas despite the controversy." So ya Merry Christmas to all even if you don't believe in its origin, the spirit of hope and giving is worth keeping.

< Message edited by DarkBlazer49 -- 12/25/2015 22:40:53 >
AQ AQW  Post #: 71
12/25/2015 0:45:11   

Merry Soulmas Oversouls! Like the name? I rather like calling it Soulmas!

< Message edited by DarkLore -- 12/25/2015 10:21:17 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 72
12/25/2015 21:32:21   
Voltaggia 1551

I reckon it's pretty obvious what TFP did for The Jop and I agree, it is rather generous. Since you guys don't want to state what it was outright I'll stay silent too.

It's a little late but Merry Christmas every one!

AQ AQW  Post #: 73
12/26/2015 0:51:01   
Elite Tuga

Hey all, came back to just say a few things.

It's very unfortunate to watch 'Voice of Fate' having gone so far (becoming the Void Champion in the Tourney) to then see him lose in the end against the evil S.Nulgath (was hoping for his end, storywise). At least you tried VoF, that's what matters and we are proud of you for all your efforts. Look at the bright side, your still the top player and second to none in the Void Wars, soon to have a statue engraved with your IGN. Well-done!

Regarding the gifting issue, it genuinely disgusts me to see that the 'gifting idea' I originally had (and was initially accepted by Kiyone and Mritha through PM), eventually got complicated among players and Staff, which then obviously made higher Staff in power result in deciding to rebuke the generous demand. I was happy to 'file a complaint' (as this was completely unjustified) but since we have a saviour by the name of 'The Finish Phoenix' I guess I do not need to go further into this matter as my wishful outcome has been accomplished. TFP, your the purest among many for what you did, glad to see a humanitarian person still around setting an example of a pure heart. A happy ending for The Jop is a happy ending for me. Thanks a lot TFP!

Again, well done all for participating regardless of your outcome and thanks to those who worked really hard to make this happen (you know who you are) and hope to see more competitions in the future, to keep this community somewhat alive and breathing.

Last and certainly not least: "I hope you all had a Merry good Christmas, I now wish you all a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!" :)
Epic  Post #: 74
12/26/2015 5:34:08   

TFP, I don't know what you did but thank you for saving Oversoul Christmas.
DF  Post #: 75
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